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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  May 14, 2020 12:36am-1:36am PDT

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go first tell me when i can hit it. hit it >> okay! >> jimmy: ahh! hit it down the down the slide slide. >> winnie, you can't go straight - ♪ ♪ >> announcer: tonight, on "late night with "late night with seth meyers." governor andrew cuomo. actress and activist glenn close. an all new "closer look. featuring the 8g band with fred armisen ♪ and now, seth meyers ♪ >> seth: welcome to "late night," everybody. we are now two months into quarantine but don't worry -- all we have to do is sit tight for another period of months of indeterminate length and then we >> seth: i want to thank my may or may not be out of this thing. guests governor andrew cuomo and glenn close. i want to thank fred armisen and the 8g band. stay tuned for "lilly singh. so cheer up and let's get to the news stay safe, wash your hands we love you. former vice president joe biden ♪ appeared on "good morning
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america" yesterday, and frankly, it was a little embarrassing in a new interview, former vice president joe biden said that president trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic has been incompetent said trump, "why don't you say that to my face with no mask on? say it real loud, so you really spray those particles. after refusing to change his schedule on monday after learning his press secretary tested positive for the coronavirus, the white house confirmed yesterday that vice president mike pence will distance himself from president trump. pence apparently decided to take precautions after noticing his temperature was a little higher than his normal 25 degrees hotter than a frozen chicken white house senior adviser and president trump's son-in-law jared kushner said yesterday that he was not sure if the coronavirus pandemic would delay the general election in november which is a little weird, because the question was, "sir, how did you get in here? oprah announced, yesterday, she will launch a four-week virtual wellness experience that will be [ cheers and applause ♪ available for free >> lilly: tonight on "a little late with lilly singh.
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huh. i'm going to break down superheroes like my name is maybe she's trying to make the joker. amends for something what's his name? spider-man broadway producers announced yesterday that theaters will [ laughter ] and how did he become spider-man remain closed through at leastcc a spider bit a man [ laughter ] then after that, they're going to keep crowds small with shows then we're going to hold a like "an evening with funeral for all of the seth meyers. industries that millennials have killed oh, come on. we're really expensive and come on writing staff, you're beautiful, but you didn't really do anything. going to burn me remotely like that you're kind of like an instagram model. that's just cruel. [ laughter ] and then i'm going to sit down executives from mgm resorts with the delightful and yesterday unveiled a seven-point hilarious phoebe robinson and safety plan to reopen its hotels we'll put our dancing skills to and casinos. the test just seven [ laughter ] their entire business model is seniors touching the same slot a gopher [ laughter ] machine, blowing on dice, and [ applause ] ignoring the sneeze guard at the buffet mgm's safety plan should look >> running away. hiding like "infinite jest. that's writer mike scollins wanting you to know he read "infinite jest." let's show a picture of mike so, yeah, you get it a new law in utah went into effect yesterday that reduces the punishment for bigamy to essentially a traffic ticket, which, as you know, is about $120 and one furious wife.
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and finally authorities in canada recently caught a teenager driving his father's car at 191 miles-per-hour on a highway. though honestly, i'm more impressed by the officer who pulled him over. mountie joke that's the monologue we've got a great show for you tonight. he's the governor of the great state of new york and a very busy man, but we're glad he made time for us. governor andrew cuomo will join us and the fantastic glenn close will also be here. we'll be right back with "a closer look. ♪ ♪ happy birthday! so, it goes... ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> seth: hello everyone and welcome back to the attic. last week my dog frisbee sat in that tiny chair back there many of you instagrammed it, justifying an otherwise pointless purchase of a chair too small for an adult and too boring for a child well, now that the chair has been used on tv, my accountant informs me that it is a tax write-off, which is great. unfortunately, my accountant is also a wasp. so i'm not sure how much he knows about human finance. he spent most of his time at the accounting firm ernst and stun and you can tell he's an accountant because he wrote that joke and speaking of jokes -- [ ding ] the president is reeling politically from his deadly incompetence during the coronavirus pandemic, and now he and his sycophants on state tv are trying to distract from that by obsessively spinning wild conspiracy theories about barack obama for more on this, it's time for
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"a closer look." ♪ >> seth: well, it's just another day in the rolling nightmare that is the trump era. i wish i could just walk out of his presidency the way he walked out of that press conference on monday when reporters dared to ask him even mildly challenging questions. >> okay, anybody else? please, go ahead in the back, please. >> i have two questions. >> no, it's okay >> but you pointed to me i have two questions, mr. president. >> next, next, please. >> but you called on me. >> i did, and you didn't respond. and i'm calling on - >> sorry, i just wanted to - >> -- the young lady in the back please >> i just wanted to let my colleague finish, but can i ask -- >> ladies and gentlemen, thank you very much. appreciate it. >> but you called on me. >> thank you very much >> seth: you know, it's a lot less dramatic when you try to storm out of your own press conference and in front of the cameras, no less it's like trying to walk out of a meeting on zoom and forgetting where your door is "all right, you know what, this is ridiculous. i quit good-bye, everybody. good-bye
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had it with you. also could you guys log out? i need this zoom room for my dog's birthday party in like 10 minutes." yeah, i wear pants not shoes, but pants also, dude, you can't just walk out. you left all your props on the table. >> this major commitment is possible because of the massive mobilization of american industry, including puritan medical products, u.s. cotton, abbott labs, and thermo fisher some of these incredible companies produced and produced rapidly for us, and their products are here with us this afternoon. these are all different products that were literally just developed. and if you can imagine that, and these are the best machines and best equipment anywhere in the world. >> seth: oh cool, it's like qvc if the "c" stood for coronavirus. where have i seen trump pull that move before >> there's the water company i mean, we sell water. trump steaks, where are the steaks do we have steaks? we have trump steaks
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and by the way, if you want to take one, we'll charge you about, what? 50 bucks a steak no, i won't. and it's the magazine, it's great. anybody want one here, take one and by the way, the winery, you see the wine we make the finest wine, as good a wine as you can get anywhere in the world and i know the press is extremely honest, so i won't offer them any but if they want the can take a bottle of wine home. >> seth: his timing on the free wine was four years too early. he could be raking it in right now. also, wine he should be handing out tequila shots at your press conference "everyone get blackout drunk 'cause i'd love if we all forgot this ever happened." the president pulled the same move for coronavirus tests that he previously used for his crappy steaks and wine if the pattern holds we'll be back here in four years with trump selling steaks, nose swabs, and zombie repellant. living through this presidency means living in a constant state of being both shocked and numb at the same time in fact, that's what they're counting on. one adviser to the white house coronavirus task force told the "washington post," "the question is, will people become anesthetized to it?" well, i'm pretty sure trump has been anesthetized since day one.
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his presidency has been like one long youtube video of a kid coming home from the dentist "is this real life?" and trump's face is always frozen in that dead-eyed grimace, like he wears a night cream made of novocain which incidentally you can find on the goop store under "moon powders. of course, the reality is, the americans are not anesthetized to it. the vast majority of americans overwhelmingly support social distancing measures and say public health is more important than prematurely reopening the economy. and in a new poll out yesterday, 54% of americans continue to say the u.s. government is doing a poor job of preventing the spread of covid-19, and only 36% say they consider trump a trusted source of information about the outbreak wow, that is shocking. i mean, how could you not trust the guy who said heat would kill the coronavirus, that cases would go down to zero, that it will go away in april, that a vaccine would come out soon, that hydroxychloroquine could be a gift from heaven, and that it could be cured by eating lysol wipes out of a salad bowl with a fork and a knife "and for a little flavor, throw in some croutons and some
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balsamic disinfectant. and if you compare trump's approval rating to governors and foreign leaders who've handled the outbreak competently, they look even worse. like new zealand's prime minister jacinda ardern, whose handling has won more than 80% public approval, well above any leader in the group of seven wealthy democracies. or the popularity of governors who have responded much more aggressively to the crisis on both sides of the aisle. >> in massachusetts, 84% approve of how republican governor charlie baker has handled the coronavirus outbreak, according to a new poll out this week. california's democratic governor gavin newsom hit 83% approval of his performance last month, nearly double his pre-coronavirus numbers. jay inslee in washington also is also way up. he received a 75% positive approval rating in another poll. >> seth: 83% do you know what donald trump would do for an 83% approval rating i don't think he's that high among trumps ages 30 to 60 and trump is clearly aware that governors are much more popular than he is, because he sees their numbers and wants credit for them
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on tuesday he tweeted, "remember this, every governor who has sky high approval on their handling of the coronavirus, and i am happy for them all, could in no way have gotten those numbers or had that success without me and the federal government's help. from ventilators to testing, we made it happen." also, hillary only won the popular vote because people hated me so, you're welcome and no, you didn't make it happen you can't tell states to get lost when they want help then claim credit when they succeed this isn't don jr.'s sixth grade science project. "idiot, you're not supposed to pour baking soda in the volcano, you're supposed to pour it in your mouth to clean out the germs. also, if you get an a tell the teacher it was my idea but anything else -- anything lower, you're on your own. when states came to you desperate for help with ventilators and testing, you and your doltergeist son in law told them over and over again they were on their own. >> it's going to be up to the states to use that capability. the states have local points where they can go. the governor can call the mayors and the mayors can call representatives. and everything is perfect. and that's the way it should work, and always should work
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we have almost 10,000 in our stockpile. and we've been building it and we've been supplying it. but the states should be building we're a backup, we're not an ordering clerk we're a backup >> the notion of the federal stockpile was it's supposed to be our stockpile it's not supposed to be states' stockpiles that they then use. the states should know how many ventilators they have in their states and by the way, some governors you speak to, or senators, and they don't know what's in their state. you know, some governors i'll speak to, and they will know to the number how many ventilators they have in their state because that's the first thing a good manager will do >> seth: how would you know what a good manager is supposed to do you're less qualified for your job than that the one production assistant on a movie set who's only there because their dad runs the studio. you know, the one who shows up three hours late in a fedora and sandals and says he was busy taking photos of graffiti down by the 405 "tyler, can you just hold the slate? "nah, man, i'm going to go grab a coconut water and take a nap in mr. hanks' trailer. also, the job is clearly wearing on you, bud, because this is what you looked like four years ago. what happened, man did you get bit on the neck by stephen miller
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you used to look like an all american preppy, and now you look like you're going to dart out from a coral reef to snag a passing fish if you get any paler, you're going to start blending into the walls at the white house trump knows he's never going get good marks after his horrific handling of the coronavirus pandemic, which has left over 80,000 dead and the unemployment rate at its highest since the great depression just yesterday, the nation's top infectious disease expert, dr. anthony fauci, warned of needless suffering and death if states reopen too soon, and said that little spice of coronavirus could turn into full blown outbreaks. and yet instead of taking that danger seriously and correcting his mistakes, the porridge-brained adult toddler who's in charge of keeping us all safe, has spent the last few days obsessively rage-tweeting vague conspiracy theories about his predecessor. like when he tweeted out the words "obamagate" in all caps. and when he was asked to explain what the so-called obamagate scandal he keeps tweeting about actually was, he just couldn't >> mr. president, in one of your mother's day tweets you appear to accuse president obama of the biggest political crime in
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american history by far. those were your words. what crime exactly are you accusing president obama of committing, and do you believe the justice department should prosecute him? >> obamagate, it's been going on for a long time. it's been going on from before i even got elected and it's a disgrace that it happened and if you look at what's gone on and if you look at now all of this information that's being released, and from what i understand, that's only the beginning. some terrible things happened, and it should never be allowed to happen in our country again and you'll be seeing what's going on over the next -- over the coming weeks, but i -- and i wish you'd write honestly about it, but unfortunately, you choose not to do so. yeah, john, please >> what is the crime, exactly, that you're accusing him of? >> uh, you know what the crime is the crime is very obvious to everybody. >> seth: no, we don't. and apparently neither do you. trump's so lazy, he can't even be bothered to come up with the details of his own fake scandal any more "look, i came up with the name, okay how much do you want me to do? it's like a screenwriter who pitches a movie based on the title alone.
12:53 am
"all right, you guys, ready? it's called 'death train.' action movie starring vin diesel. "oh, that's great, what's it about? "it's got like explosions. tons of explosions." "okay cool, you know, and then what happens?" "like, lots of, like, fast -- super fast cars. "yeah, yeah, but like, what's -- what's the plot? "it's vin diesel, buddy. it's just -- you don't need any of that. trump says obamagate like he's playing a version of taboo where the only words that aren't forbidden are obama and gate "so it's like he's obama, so it's obamagate and -- it's obama -- all the information out -- it's obamagate. come on, yeah, it's obamagate. it's obamagate it was bull[ bleep ] the answer was bull[ bleep ]." and now the president's allies in the gop and right wing media are actually calling on the department of justice to prosecute obama officials, and possibly even obama himself, or whatever the hell obamagate is supposed to be >> bill barr has found them out. and they are developing, along with john durham, bill barr is, a massive conspiracy case against a host of people in the
12:54 am
obama, the fbi and doj what obama did in that office was sedition on that day there's a conspiracy indictment coming down the track. >> it's time we asked, what did obama and biden know and when did they know it? people are constantly phoning our offices wanting to know when all the people that did the injustice to flynn were going to be prosecuted. and i think they ought to be prosecuted >> seth: oh, yeah? people are constantly phoning your offices wanting to know when obama will be prosecuted? who are these people "yeah, hello, my name is mr., uh -- flag desk phone, i'm a farm person. i'm from whatever state you're from -- and i want you to prosecute obama for whatever it is he did. you know what it is. also, i'm glad to hear joe digenova is back on the airwaves do you remember this guy i'm sure you don't, unless you're confusing him with the "time to make the donuts" guy. he's a right wing lunatic who used to be on fox news a lot,
12:55 am
and who was on trump's legal team for like a second before trump, i'm guessing, saw his moustache and told him he looks like an extra from "boogie nights." digenova doesn't have an office, he just keeps all his papers in the back of a taxi cab if you, you know, want to reach him, you probably have to call a butcher shop in seacaucus and wait a few hours until he's back from the otb it looks like he got kicked out of studio 54 for eating meatballs on the dance floor "i warned you once already, joe. people can't dance when they're slipping on the sauce. they can't dance the disco, joe. anyway, digenova is unfortunately someone the president listens to, and he, along with gop senators and other trump allies, are now calling for the president's political opponents, including possibly even obama himself to be prosecuted. which is crazy because obama wasn't even in office when any of the cases in the russia investigation were brought they've already blamed obama for not stopping coronavirus three years before it happened what else do we they want to blame obama for? "obama is the one who flushed the toilet during that supreme court hearing. >> and what the fcc has said is that when the subject matter - [ toilet flushing -- of the call ranges to the topics, then the call is transformed.
12:56 am
>> seth: "don't get me wrong, i don't blame him. i mean, i think it's probably all that roughage michelle makes him eat. there's honestly so much happening right now, that it's impossible not to think the very survival of our system of government is at stake the attorney general is shredding the rule of law to protect the president's political allies and target his enemies. the president's favorite tv channels are pushing deranged propaganda about both the origins of the coronavirus pandemic and the russia investigation. senate republicans are standing in lockstep behind the president as he spreads conspiracy theories and tries to use americans as cannon fodder to prematurely reopen the economy and just yesterday the president's lawyers were arguing that he is above the law in front of the supreme court that includes four conservative justices appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote. our government is like the "cats" movie to make it work, we're going to have to get rid of all the dicks. and even then, it's, you know -- not going to be great. in fact, yesterday in front of the supreme court, trump's lawyers argued that banks shouldn't have to produce trump's tax returns as required by law, and that he should be
12:57 am
granted temporary presidential immunity trump's lawyer jay sekulow told the court, "the president is not to be treated as an ordinary citizen. well, i mean in a way, i agree that this president shouldn't be treated as an ordinary citizen but i mean it more like how you'd say godzilla shouldn't be treated as an ordinary lizard. and yeah, i know there are some of you out there who think "so what if he's a radioactive sea monster? he'd still make a good pet for the kids." so amid a horrific public health emergency that most voters agree he's basically mishandled, the president is looking to prosecute his political opponents and elevate himself above the law. that's because he knows the coronavirus pandemic and the cratering economy threaten his political survival so he and his allies on state tv are casting about for anyone else to blame, and now they're obsessing, as they have for years, over obama. >> what did obama know and when did he know it also, documents revealing bombshell new information on what barack obama knew about deep state spying.
12:58 am
bullied a lot of people into pretending it wasn't >> barack obama's plan to derail his successor unfolded with very little opposition along the way. >> it's not about fbi misbehavior, it's about obama. >> president obama >> barack obama. >> obama >> obama >> obama >> obama >> this guy's got some nerve, barack obama >> seth: fox hosts say the name obama like it's their safe word. they're obsession with obama is akin to gossipy cheerleaders spreading rumors about the prom queen because they're mad she won't hang out with them "i heard jessica told jenna to trick donald into hanging out with vlad. so somebody should look into that, please." i think the gop and fox news would honestly rather live in an alternate universe where obama was president and not trump. then they could at least lie and tell themselves they were a ragtag band of rebels instead of the marketing department for the death star "first of all, i think we should change the name. yes, lisa, i know it was vader's idea, but i'm not afraid of darth vader. [ choking look, over 80,000 americans have died, another 33 million are out of work and these people are
12:59 am
still obsessed with barack obama we're dealing with a public health crisis, an economic crisis, and a crisis of democracy, and the rule of law and if we somehow make it through all of that intact what we're seeing now - >> should never be allowed to happen in our country again. >> seth: this has been "a closer look." ♪ please continue to give to city harvest. their work never stops as so many new yorkers turn to them to put food on their tables there's a website on your screen to donate. we'll be right back with governor andrew cuomo. ♪ >> announcer: for more of seth's "closer looks," be sure to subscribe to "late night" on youtube. looks like they picked the wrong getaway driver. they're going to be paying for this for a long time. they will, but with accident forgiveness allstate won't raise your rates just because of an accident, even if it's your fault. cut! sonny. was that good? line! the desert never lies.
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♪ >> seth: our first guest is the governor of new york
1:04 am
please welcome to the show governor andrew cuomo. thank you for making the time for us >> pleasure. >> seth: i'd like to start by asking you about this op-ed that you wrote in the "washington post" today, which talks about how you feel washington is making a mistake insofar as how they're bailing out corporations without protecting workers and this is a mistake that happened before in the last financial crisis can you talk about what mistake you feel is being made and why it's a mistake that continues to be repeated by congress in regards to bailouts? >> sure. thanks for having me, seth last financial difficulty for the country was the 2008 mortgage fraud and its aftermath. remember, banks too big to fail, et cetera. i was the attorney general of new york at the time and washington passed a bailout package, give the corporations money.naial markets. and what happened is these banks, these corporations got
1:05 am
large sums from the taxpayer, billions of dollars. they then turned around and used those funds to give themselves bonuses and golden parachutes and raise their stock price. and meanwhile, it was all paid by the american taxpayer we went through the mortgage scams, home values went down so, the taxpayer paid twice. they paid a corporate bailout, and they lost the equity in their homes. i think the same thing is going to happen here in a different version. these corporations are already saying they're going to lay off workers. they're going to use this pandemic to right size, to get lean they won't rehire the same number of workers. th they'll come back with fewer jobs they'll use that to boost their stock price. and then the taxpayer will have to pay the unemployment benefits
1:06 am
et cetera for the unemployed, laid off workers we've seen the movie if you've seen it before, don't do it again. and the solution is very simple. any corporation that gets bailout dollars from washington, through any of these programs, you must rehire the same number of workers, period if you don't, god bless you, but then you're not going to get bailed out by the taxpayer >> seth: are you disappointed that a democratic congress isn't putting in these protections with the bailout money thus far? >> well, i hope they do in this bill, right? what they will say is, well, they have to deal with the republicans and if the republicans don't agree, then they won't have a bill, so, they had to do this to get the bill i understand that. i was in washington for eight years, i know what it's like to get a piece of legislation i have the same situation in the state of new york. for many years we had a republican senate and a democratic assembly, and you
1:07 am
have to compromise but, at one point the compromise isn't worth it, right? and if this is going to turn out to be another scandal, and another boondoggle like 2008, then forget it you know, at one point it's just not worth it, because you will betray the trust of the american people, right? they need government to work now. they want to believe in government again they need effective, competent government and if they pass a big washington package and in six months we hear about all this waste and fraud, forget it we'll set ourselves back >> seth: i know you've been asked about this a lot on sort of a lighter tone here, your brother and you have become stars of the moment we're living through. i am an older brother as well. and i just want to ask, is the interaction that we see between you and chris on cnn, is that a true reflection of your relationship or are you guys
1:08 am
playing it up a little bit in regard to the busting of the chops for the cameras? >> no, we're playing it down it's tempered. [ laughter ] it's the nice version. it's the "i'm biting my tongue" version. because he takes advantage of me in that situation, you know? >> seth: right, right. >> he has a certain amount of license. he can say what he wants to say. i have to be gubernatorial and respectful so he uses it. but look, i'm the older brother, and you know as an older brother, it's our familial and biological duty to assert dominance over the younger brother, to keep them humble, keep them in their place to assert intellectual dominance, physical dominance, athletic dominance, all of which happens to be true between me and my brother it's not just an age thing >> seth: yeah. >> i am superior in so many ways and he has to remain humble. and i'm dedicated to that proposition, out of love for him, seth. >> seth: of course, of course. that comes -- all of that comes across
1:09 am
you -- a lot of people like the matter of fact way that you have been giving your daily press conferences. one part that people seem to appreciate is the power point slide. i can tell you personally, i'm a big fan of the slide that it tells us what day it is. i find it informative, and i like that it cannot be questioned are you surprised, having a long career in politics that people have finally come around to appreciating the value of power point? >> yes, i think it's a little retro. i have been mocked for many years for my power points. that it's dated, it's boring but i always ascribe to the theory, some people process information by hearing it, some people need to see it. a power point, you get both. you get people who are visually oriented and they can watch the power point and people who want to hear it can hear it but, i think what's worked is, people want the facts, you know? this is a frightening situation.
1:10 am
it's probably the first time government has really been relevant in a generation or two generations, when you think about it and now, everything has such spin and politics to it that you get to a situation like this, and they want to say, "well, just tell me the facts first, right? i'm not that interested in your opinion. give me the facts so i have a basis to evaluate your opinion." and nobody was doing that. and i first lay out the facts. when i'm going to give my opinion, i say, you know, "warning, opinion. but here are the facts and i think that's -- that's essential for people to get grounded with where they are this is about you, and your life and your family. you want the facts to make your own decision from my point of view, you know, government can't really do anything of the things we're trying to do right now government doesn't have the power to make people stay at home the only way it works is if people understand the
1:11 am
information and then accept it and choose to follow it, right so, i say, here are the facts. and my opinion is, therefore, we should stay at home, close businesses, close schools, wear a mask and they have done it. the compliance is high because they heard the facts and they accepted it. but, if they didn't have the facts they could have just told me to pound sand, you know, or whatever the equivalent is >> seth: you don't strike me as someone who's coy with your opinions i'm wondering, when you're actually out right now, practicing social distancing, of course, do you share your opinion if you see someone who is not wearing a mask, not practicing a safe social distance >> yeah, well, this is new york, you know we all have an opinion and we all want to share it at different decibel levels yes, i feel the mask, for example -- i feel strongly about masks.
1:12 am
i think it's disrespectful for people not to wear a mask. everybody's -- you see all these tv commercials now, we applaud our nurses, our doctors, our heroes okay, then wear a mask, right? then don't infect anyone else. then make their life easier, right? well, i can do whatever i want myself yes, god bless you you're an individual, this is america. but you don't have a right to infect me. you don't have a right to infect my daughter. so wear a mask and it's not that big a deal you can get a cool looking mask. you can get a fashion -- fashionable mask so, something like that, yes, i think it's just gratuitous and disrespectful not to wear a mask in this situation. it's also so irresponsible that, you know, it's -- it's -- yeah, it's annoying. >> seth: if you were -- if you've ever had to tell someone on the streets to put their mask on and you're wearing a mask, how quickly do they recognize that they're talking to the governor
1:13 am
or do you think they even do >> no, i think they do because my mask always has a large bulge in it, seth. because i can't really get one that handles my nose so, you can tell even with the mask who you're talking to >> seth: right well, we'll leave it at that that if you see someone with a large bulging mask telling you to put one on, you might be talking to the governor. [ light laughter ] thanks so much for making the time for us. we look forward to more updates, and we're certainly -- uh, cause for optimism, wouldn't you say >> yeah, i think if we're smart, we're over the worst of it we did what we had to do, which was change the curve, flatten the curve. we did that. we just now have to make sure we're smart enough to keep it up, and we don't go backwards. and that's what this whole dr. fauci, and don't open too soon, and don't allow the warm weather to change your behavior. that's what we have to watch but, we did what we needed to do
1:14 am
we just have to be disciplined and stay with it >> seth: all right, well, thank you so much for making time for us and we'll see you soon governor andrew cuomo, everyone. >> thanks. thanks for having me, seth ♪ new magnum ice cream.
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♪ >> seth: we are joined now by an award-winning actress. she's an icon. she is also the founder of the mental health initiative "bring change to mind." please welcome back to the show glenn close, everybody how are you, glenn >> i'm great, seth it's good to see you >> seth: it's good to see you too. we used to see each other a lot more often we were neighbors in the same building in new york city. >> i know. >> seth: while i miss seeing you, i especially miss seeing your dog pip how is pip >> there's pippy >> seth: oh she's here she's gonna be right on camera [ barking >> he knows not to raise his head he does not use his energy you know he's not -- yeah, he knows what's going on.
1:20 am
>> seth: pip is just a nickname. pip has a far more regal name that i was unaware of. >> pip, it's a he. he's registered name is sir pippin of beanfield. >> seth: oh, wow that wasn't taken? [ laughter ] >> no. i should have called him a lord at least or a duke. but he's a sir >> seth: yeah, well it gives him something to aspire to, over what will hopefully be a very, very long life and this is true, that pip saw "101 dalmatians. what was -- what was his reaction to it >> he got really into it, and he barked he got upset he was absolutely transfixed at the television >> seth: that's great. it's always nice when a loved one responds to your work. >> it is, and he's -- whose opinion who i really, really care about >> seth: i know you're in the countryside.e you're in montana right now, but you grew up in the countryside on the east coast. >> i did i grew up in connecticut, yeah >> seth: and were you a -- are you a lover -- i mean, i guess by montana that you are a lover
1:21 am
of the great outdoors. >> very much i mean, i was very lucky as a little kid to be able to run wild over this wonderful property that my grandfather moore had and spent all our time outside. in my memory, it was always summer my mom would, like, shoo us out of the house and she had this old coach horn that she would -- she would blow, and we'd all come from all different directions and have our campbell's tomato soup [ light laughter ] and then run out again >> seth: that -- that definitely seems like something from a painting the blowing of the coach horn to call the children in >> yes yes. >> seth: i grew up in new england as well. and it's interesting that you would say it was always summer, because my memory of growing up in new england was that it was always winter. so i think that might be why i'm a pessimist about the outdoors and you are an optimist about it >> that's really interesting >> seth: yeah. >> well, i have memories that it snowed the snow drifts were way above my head.
1:22 am
and it was always ice storms but of course i was little so of course they were above my head no, it was a magical place to grow up. and -- >> seth: and -- very pastoral. you had a -- you had a pony named brownie? >> i had a pony named brownie that my -- i didn't get the -- i didn't get that brown meant that he was brownie i mean brownie meant he was brown. just a cool name yeah, my mom rescued him from play land. he was a little pony that was going around in circles with kids on him. and my mom got him and he was a feisty little thing. >> seth: i bet -- i want to picture that by rescued your mom like went in the dark of night and just unhooked him from the merry-go-round and brought him home >> and put him in the back of the station wagon which we did do upon occasion [ laughter ] we brought him -- we brought him into the house, we were watching "the big top circus," and he was just standing there behind us. mom came home, of course you know [ light laughter ] >> seth: well, i mean, if there's anything a pony is going to want to watch, it's going to be a circus.
1:23 am
>> my dad was in medical school and they invited a couple to come and stay and they put them in -- it was a little house. they put them in the bedroom but they put brownie in the bedroom and just said, "your bedroom's down the -- you know the hall on the left." and when they went in their room there was a pony standing there. and they didn't know, you know, whether it was just something that usually done or not >> seth: that's a classic connecticut prank to put a pony in someone's bedroom [ laughter ] i want to talk about your wonderful mental health organization and if you give a little bit of the backstory, because i know this came from a family connection but -- >> yes >> seth: the organization is "bring change to mind. can you tell us a little bit about it >> "bring change to mind," co-founded it over ten years ago, which is amazing to think about, and when my sister jessie came to me and said, "i need help, i can't stop thinking about killing myself." and for me, it was, like -- i didn't know where that came from our family never talked about any kind of mental health issues at all
1:24 am
and even though her son had previously been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and had actually been in the hospital, jessie had been suffering -- i think since childhood now when you look back and we're just lucky that she's still here but they -- kayla and her son, and jessie -- said, the stigma around mental illness is just as bad as the disease themselves. they're learning how to deal with a chronic disease they aren't who -- they aren't their illness. and it's a lot to contend with, a lot -- they need a lot of support, and to have stigma on top of that? it's toxic and so we all decided to start something that basically would say "let's talk about it." five -- one in five of us has some sort of connection with mental health. it's part of being a human being, you know? so let's just start talking about it and here we are ten years later, we have 450 high school -- "bring change to mind" high school clubs and -- where kids
1:25 am
are talking, it's peer-led you know, we have national zoom, virtual town halls, and slowly creating a net across the country, and a lot of times with other wonderful organizations so that nobody falls through and gets lost. >> seth: it's mental health awareness month and you just released a psa called "not normal," i believe and -- >> #nonormal >> seth: "no normal. and because you believe the word "normal," certainly when we're discussing mental health, can in a way be detrimental >> oh, yes, and when you think about it, what's normal? i mean, what's normal to me, if i -- normal is what -- what? our culture puts on us what, in the '50s, something, you know, normal is different than what it's considered now. but i think because we're all so diverse, every one of us is so unique and different and we look out at the world with our own particular eyes
1:26 am
there is no normal and so i find it really comforting to think of that. and not to have to fit yourself into what you think is normal. which is usually what you think other people think you should say, talk, dress, whatever >> seth: well, thank you so much for big attention to that, and helping people have those conversations, because it only can improve what now more than ever is a difficult situation for everybody. and thank you so much for being here glenn close, everybody >> thanks so much. ♪ these are extraordinary times, and we want to thank the extraordinary people in the healthcare community, working to care for all of us. at novartis, we promise to do our part. as always, we're doing everything we can to help keep cosentyx accessible and affordable.
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♪ >> seth: we've got a great show for you tomorrow my friend amy schumer is married to another one of my friends, the amazing chef chris fisher. and they now have a food network show where they're stuck in quarantine, and chris is finally teaching amy how to cook it will be hilarious, and we will talk to them both and we'll talk to graham norton,
1:32 am
who has a huge talk show in the uk and here on bbc america he is one of the best and will hopefully be kind enough to give me some tips plus an all new "closer look." we'll be back with more "late night. ♪
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