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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 16, 2020 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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right now at 5:00, rain on the way. clouds rolling in, even bringing a chance of thunderstorms. we're tracking the wet forecast. plus a very different graduation for the class of 2020. the unique ways family and friends honor graduates across the bay area today. but first they are fed up, and they're ready to reopen. a call for action in the east bay as many businesses remain closed. the news at 5:00 starts right now. good evening, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. it's a polarizing debate that's boiling over in some communities. when can all businesses reopen? some owners say they can do it safely now, and they took their message to the streets.
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we'll get to that in about 30 seconds. right now, across the bay area, a mixed bag as far as which counties are reopening and in which phase they're in. most of the counties will begin phase two this monday or sometime this week. that involves curbside pick zwrpickup and other loosening of restrictions. the one holdout, santa clara county, is still in phase one. in downtown livermore today, chants of "open up" filled the area. dozens rallied to support struggling businesses not yet able to open because of covid-19. christie smith reports. >> reporter: there were dozens of people out here at the rally today, and many we spoke with believe they could take steps to safely reopen much sooner. [ horn honking ] in downtown livermore, a group gathered carrying signs that read "all business is essential" nancy runs mimosa salon.
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>> i want to open. i just want to survive for my family. i have two kids. >> reporter: she says she has plans for social distance and sanitizing but nail salons are considered a high risk business, and when any will open in the bay area is unclear. the same goes for this couple who runs a yoga stoudio. >> we can accommodate in multiple ways but we're not even allowed to try. >> there's a conviction in our heart that it's time. it's time. it's time to open up. it's time to do it responsibly. it's just time. >> reporter: we observed little social distancing today among those who came out. alameda county could possibly begin early stage two allowing certain limited operations, including curbside pickup next time next week, but exactly when is unclear. the scene in livermore has played out across the country as frustration builds. the city's mayor weighed in. >> demonstrations like today, that's not the way to convince the county that livermore is ready to open. >> reporter: as far as when more
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businesses can reopen -- >> the governor and the public health department because we're driven by data. and when the data show that it's safe to open, we will have the guidelines in place. >> reporter: in livermore, christie smith, nbc bay area news. in napa, much the same scene. people gathering for what was billed as a freedom rally to open not just the city but the county. the demonstration took place in front of the courthouse. organizers say people are tired of the shutdown and don't think it's necessary. the county has some of the lowest numbers of coronavirus cases in the bay area. they argue businesses and the public should be given the freedom to make their own choices. >> we flattened the curve. we've met all their mandates. there's no reason to continue to keep us closed down. >> we were all on board. it's like we need to be careful. we want to see where this happens. but after a couple of weeks and our hospitals are empty, it's like come on. come on already. >> several at today's rally say they plan to protest at the state capitol next weekend.
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under ordinary circumstances if you own a restaurant, you want a line out the door, but these are not ordinary times we are living in. a popular bar in san francisco drew police attention and public concern this weekend. this is what the line looked like last night outside howell's in the marina district, again, san francisco. not a lot of people wearing masks. folks were not standing six feet apart. someone called the cops. officers responded to the restaurant and warned owners, and they warned the customers. new video into the newsroom taken this evening show police back outside there tonight to make sure there is no repeat. covid-19 cases here in the bay area continue to climb. here in santa clara county we have seen 15 new cases overnight. now there's a total of 2,418. san francisco with 28 new cases. contra costa county with 21. overall we now have 10,722 total cases in the bay area. about 390 people have died because of the virus. covid-19 cases in the u.s. continue to grow. there are close to 1.5 million
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cases nationwide. nearly 90,000 people have died. this comes as most states are allowing some businesses to start reopening. nbc's chris pollone has more on how these business owners try to balance safety with service. >> i'm serious now. >> reporter: in phoenix, larry white sr. of the iconic mrs. white's golden rule cafe has strong thoughts about the state allowing their restaurants to reopen their dining rooms to customers. >> all the money is gone. >> reporter: it's a dilemma business owners across the country are wrestling with. just because they can open up again, should they? by the end of this weekend, 48 states will have been easing restrictions even though nine states have reached recommended testing levels to reopen. >> those states are really playing with fire. they might have big outbreaks, and in the worst case scenario,
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may have to shut down again. >> the name of the game is definitely adapt, adapt, adapt. and it does get hard, every day, every week, to have to be figuring it out. >> reporter: some cities closing streets and letting businesses set up outside. >> that allows us to have the space necessary to do what's required, which is distancing. >> reporter: the cdc predicts the number of dead from coronavirus will reach 100,000 by june 1st, but it's clear cooped up americans are eager to get out and business owners want to stop the financial bleeding. >> as a small business owner here, it's my duty to not only put food on the table of my own family, but onto the tables of my 230 employees as well. >> reporter: restarting the economy too soon or not soon enough. more uncertainty in the age of covid-19. chris pollone, nbc news, new york. covid-19 could be responsible for nearly 30,000 californians ending up homeless. that's according to a new report by a columbia university
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economics professor. the report puts california at risk of a 19% spike in people living in shelters or on the street. that report also shows the number of homeless could surge by as much as 45% nationwide. the report's author says he based his projections on an analysis of increases in homelessness during the last recession. homelessness is, of course, tied to unemployment. the state expects to see the unemployment rate peak at 25%, which is twice the rate than during the great recession. it's the new normal for the class of 2020. normally uc berkeley would be packed with graduates and their loved ones for a huge graduation ceremony. but this is what the campus looked like today, nearly empty. only a few graduates posing for photos, taking photos. all the pomp and circumstance happened virtually. in just a few minutes we're going to show you how berkeley students created their own graduation ceremony and in true cal fashion, the ceremony was just as innovative as the students. we guarantee you will agree. even if they didn't have large ceremonies, some graduates can say former president barack
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obama gave them a commencement speech. it was part of the "show me your walk" event for graduating students at historical black universities. >> congratulations to hbcu class of 2020. michelle and i are so proud of you. graduating from college is a big achievement under any circumstances, and so many of you overcame a lot to get here. you navigated challenging classes and challenges outside the classroom. >> california senator kamala harris also addressed the students, as did basketball star chris paul, comedian kevin hart, and others. it was an all-star cast, and former president obama will also speak at the "graduate together" event later tonight. the event is hosted by the lebron james family foundation. you can watch that right here on nbc. it starts at 8:00 tonight. take you out to emeryville right now. a really nice day and then the
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clouds started rolling in. we've got rain on the way. some parts of the bay area could get some thunder too. rob mayeda joining us now with a look at how much rain we might expect from all this. looking behind you, it doesn't look like any is coming at all. looks nice right now. >> yeah. you know, it's maybe hard to believe. we had 70s and 80s for highs outside, but you probably notice the winds are picking up right now around the bay area and clouds on the increase as we look off towards san francisco out to the west. the clouds starting to thicken up, going from those high level clouds to mid level clouds, which will eventually bring us some rain. the biggest totals likely to be in the north bay hills and santa cruz mountains. that through 11:00 tomorrow night. late tomorrow night into monday, we're talking sierra snow. four inches or more above 6,000 feet. it's an interesting mix of weather. some mountain locations could see more than an inch of rain coming down over the next two days. and as you mentioned, a chance of some thunder showers and possibly some hail. we'll take a closer look at hour
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by hour forecast in terms of how much rain is going to come down for your sunday and how long this pattern is going to last. coming up, new demands from some people in fremont. the reason why they want tesla ceo elon musk arrested. and one napa woman doing something good, helping businesses survive the pandemic. the idea in the north bay that involves fashion and charity.
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people came together today to honor the young surfer who was attacked and killed by a shark last weekend in santa cruz county. you see it right there. they built this memorial for ben kelly, 26 years old when he was attacked by a great white last weekend. it happened -- this ceremony happened earlier today at sand dollar beach in santa cruz county. family and friends sitting on the beach and remembering the young surfer. bold demands from protesters in fremont this afternoon. they want tesla owner elon musk racist arrested for violating. the protest outside tesla's factory today organized by two labor units. they say the plant a opening not only violates the law but puts profitor workers' live. musk says the risk is low. cal/osha is not making physical inspections because of covid-19
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restrictions. two cities are in running for the new plant, austin, texas, and tulsa, oklahoma are the finalists for the new company, which is said to be the biggest so far. musk says he wants to be in the middle of the country to be closer to a variety of markets. earlier this week musk threatened to move his fremont plant out of california because of coronavirus restrictions. that does not appear likely after a deal was reached with alameda county. a lot of people eager to show their support for businesses shut down where they live. in napa, one struggling business owner is taking action to meet both the needs of businesses and the enthusiasm of customers. kathy becker, who owns calamity jane's, started a fund-raiser called "we are napa." the idea is supporters can order a special t-shirt with the napa logo. it costs just $20. half of that goes to help businesses struggling. any business or nonprofit in napa county can sign up to get the help. >> i own my own business so
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seeing what myself and others were going through, it was kind of a no-brainer just to say, hey, can we bring that to napa? and so it took us a couple weeks to get it together, and then we launched last friday. >> we are napa. the fund-raiser goes for three more weeks. we have a link to the website shop on our website, part of our coronavirus live blog. more slow streets coming to san francisco. the program shuts down residential streets to traffic so people can freely walk on them or ride their bikes while social distancing. this map shows already slow streets in place. the red lines and proposed slow streets in blues. well, today, the sfmta updated its list of streets involved, and they include golden gate avenue from masonic to divisadero, and 20th street from valencia to potrero. a special message for the class of 2020 with governor newsom and first partner
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jennifer see bolt newsom had to say to new grads as they begin a new chapter in their lives.
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they're trying to figure out if dogs can sniff out covid-19. british researchers are testing this. they're looking at dogs' ability to sniff out whether people are infected with the virus before even showing symptoms. the goal is to develop a fast, non-invasive means of detecting the disease. >> in this study, we aim to determine whether people who have covid-19 have a distinctive
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body odor and then train dogs to detect it. >> this is based on prior studies. in other cases, researchers were able to train dogs to detect a case with high accuracy. some normal recreational activity is coming back to a popular lake in napa county. starting today, lake berryessa opening access to its boat launches in some areas like markly cove and pleasure cove. on monday, self-contained rv camping will be open at markly. on tuesday, ca pell cove boat launch will be open. more graduation messages now. this one for college students in california from the governor and the first partner. >> we know that this isn't what you imagined this day would look like and feel like, but you're here. you did it. we're so proud of you. >> and no one can take it away from you. i know a lot of us are filled with a little bit of fear, a little bit of anxiety about this being the new normal. it is not the new normal.
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we'll get through this. we have to get through it together. >> very uncertain time for the graduates. as we told you earlier, uc berkeley students celebrated graduation in a very different way today. they created a video game simulation of their campus. take a look. they did a good job. they created this virtual world called blockly university, a recreation of the berkeley campus, using the popular game mindcraft. the event included speeches from the school's chancellor, tech ceos, and students. and, man, that is creative, and that is well done. speaking of someone who does a job well done every single time, it's rob mayeda. he's enjoying what's left of a very nice weekend. >> yeah, and i liked in mindcraft there or cal berkeley or blockly. they had blue skies, so they had good weather there too virtually. today in the tri-valley, some
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increasing high clouds and the wind starting to pick up around the bay area. let's take you to san francisco where it's 65 degrees. winds at 16 miles per hour. we'll show you into san jose where you have mostly sunny skies. currently 75 degrees. winds at close to 12 miles per hour. and into walnut creek, 71 degrees. but look at the gusts. up to 25 miles per hour. so it doesn't look a lot like rain just yet but ahead of the storm the wind is picking up. but we just managed one more day of some warm temperatures. still 82 degrees around morgan hill. you'll notice the wind speeds out towards fairfield out of the southwest at 25. these winds are increasing with our storm just on the doorstep now of sonoma county. so watch as we head towards tomorrow morning. the temperatures are going to be interesting. muggy outside. mid to upper 50s to start the day as the rain starts to develop and move from north to south. highs tomorrow will be trending cooler with some sunny breaks at times and a few scattered. highs in the low seefts from san jose south out towards the
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tri-valley and cooler mid-60s near san francisco into oak lapd. as we show you the view on the satellite, you can see some of the rain there starting to approach mendocino county. this looks more like march. look at this system offshore. the first band coming through for sunday and the other that you see back there just behind the primary cloud band, that's going to sweep through on monday. rainfall projections we think will be highest around those north bay hills. some locations between now and 11:00 tomorrow night in the orange could be close to a half inch or more mount tam or up towards mount st. helena would be some good places to see that. as we head towards tomorrow morning, cloudy skies, rain mainly from san francisco northward. then for the second half of the day, looks like we'll begin to see that focus shift more towards the santa cruz mountains and parts of the south bay. as we get into monday morning, you see the red dots essentially. those could be the signs of thunder showers as we go through the day on monday as the
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atmosphere cools and becomes more unsettled monday into tuesday. the showers linger through about tuesday. then we begin to see clearing skies and a bit of a warm-up for the second half of the week as the storm track moves off to the north. interesting weather tomorrow. showers at times, rain at times. chance of thunder as we head into monday. while all this is going on here, snow in the sierra above 6,000 feet. so a sign of some cooler air moving in. good enough for some sierra snow and a chance of some thundershowers and maybe small hail in spots. while the evening right now is breezy around the bay area, plan on needing not just the umbrella we have here that is moving around quite a bit -- it's been hanging on here in our live shot doing weather. might need for rain drops come this time tomorrow. terry, back to you. >> if you follow rob on twitter, you can see how he puts this ole production thing together. well done, rob. you look fantastic. >> thank you. >> all right.
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still ahead, the tokyo olympics have been postponed. you knew that. but tonight new concerns are arising about how to make next year's games safe. the new details coming up.
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fred willard, the famous comedic actor, has passed away. the 86-year-old died peacefully in his sleep last night according to his daughter. the improv style actor was involved with the comedy scene for more than 50 years. he was well known for
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performances in films including anchorman, best in show, and you can never forget him in this is spinal tap. he was also a four-time emmy award nominee for roles in television shows like modern family, the bold and the beautiful, what's hot, what's not, and everybody loves raymond. the space force wanted to launch a secret space plane today but called it off because of bad weather. the new military branch says the secret space plane will orbit the earth for months carrying many classified military experiments. many details of the mission, including the plane itself, are classified. space force says it will try to launch again tomorrow. questions about safety continue to swirl ahead of next year's olympics in tokyo. the head of the world health organization says it's not going to be easy to make the games safe even if the pandemic is over. he talked about the concerns during a news conference today alongside the head of the international olympic committee. organizers are watching everything closely, but a lot is still up in the air. >> nobody can at this moment in
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time really give you a reliable answer on how the world will look like in july 2021. so we have to be vigilant. >> health experts are questioning how those games could go on before an effective global vaccine program is in place. we're back in two minutes. thanks for sharing your diy haircuts. thanks for sharing your savage moves, and especially your awkward ones. thanks for sharing your cute kids. and your adorable pets. now it's our turn to share... with the geico giveback. a 15% credit on car and motorcycle policies for both current and new customers.
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and because we're committed for the long haul, the credit lasts your full policy term. so thanks again. one good share deserves another.
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graduation is tonight. former president barack obama will also speak at the "graduate together" event later tonight. it's going to honor high school seniors, maybe not the same as walking up onstage and getting your diploma, but the former president is going to be there. the event is hosted among other parties by the lebron james
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family foundation, and you can watch that right here on nbc bay area. it starts at 8:00 tonight. again, a graduation ceremony of sorts for your senior. thanks very much for watching. "nightly news" is up next. see you again at 6:00. breaking news tonight, america reopening. all but two states now loosening restrictions beaches on both coasts open, and many more stories about the pandemic that is affecting life for every day americans. also the latest on the pandemic is it affecting our children we also begin tonight with breaking news. the centers for
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disease control is warning the death


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