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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  May 17, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. being careful doesn't necessarily mean being locked up. >> you have the real risk. >> it's going to take a while for us to get back to normal. >> this is a parent's worst nightmare. >> the class of 2020, bravo. >> good morning and welcome to "sunday today" on this may 17th. i'm willie geist. president trump spent a great deal of time and attention on the administration of his predecessor, president obama. on saturday during an address to graduating students, former
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president obama pushed back. in a virtual commencement ceremony, the 44th president saying, this pandemic finally has pulled back the curtain on the idea that people in charge know what they're doing. this as the number of coronavirus cases in the united states has reached nearly 1.5 million with almost 90,000 deaths. we'll have a live report and get into it with chuck todd. plus, we'll have the latest on breaking news overnight from los angeles where nearly a dozen firefighters were severely injured after a massive fire and explosion. we are life on the scene. all that plus the first named storm of what is expected to be a very busy hurricane season just ahead. and later, in our sunday spotlight, we take you inside one of the world's most famous casinos as it sits eerily dark and quiet. in our "sunday closer" couples getting married any way
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they can right now, even in the parking lot of a hockey arena. later, another favorite "sunday sitdown" wfany haddish e difficulties that brought her from a difficult childhood to comedy stardom. >> it kind of escaped from the trouble and to get rid of the darkness, you got to turn on the light, you know. i feel like i am the light. >> a "sunday sitdown" with tiffany haddish and another life well lived all later in the show. let's begin with the unusual public criticism from former president barack obama of his successor's handling of the coronavirus pandemic. hans nichols is at the white house. >> reporter: former president barack obama is breaking his public silence of the trump administration's handling of the coronavirus. the former president didn't mention the current president by
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name but his criticism and the implication was clear. in a virtual commencement ceremony, former president barack obama delivering a real world criticism of the trump administration's response to coronavirus. >> this pandemic is fully finally torn back the curtain on the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they're doing. >> reporter: obama's comments mark his first public rebuke of president donald trump's handling of the pandemic. >> a lot of them aren't even pretending to be in charge. >> reporter: the white house dismissing the criticism saying in a statement, president trump's unprecedented coronavirus response has saved lives. president trump, who has repeatedly blamed president obama for his pandemic preparation -- >> the cup board was bare. >> reporter: -- honed in on the world failed and must be held accountable. >> reporter: sugge what we have
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been paying, matching much lower china payments. as states begin to gradually reopen with andrew cuomo announcing all new york state beaches will be open for memorial day, president trump retweeting a video showing protesters spewing hate hat a rally saying they're, quote, great people. >> you stop airing the trump briefings and you keep airing cuomo briefings. >> reporter: now, president trump has hunkered down at camp david with house gop leaders but he did fire a shot across the bow telling mitch mcconnell he needs to investigate democrats for their investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election, telling mitch mcconnell on twitter that time is running out. willie? >> hans nichols starting us off at the white house. thank you very much. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press." good to see you. a lot going on between president obama and president trump.
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of course, president trump spent the week going after the obama administration. president obama responding in his own way during that address, but obviously all of this is tied into the election. as joe biden would like to tie himself to president obama, it looks like so, too, would president trump. >> reporter: he would. sometimes i think the shiny metal object we're following, there's a method to the madness here. he's trying to make biden's most effective weapon, which is barack obama, a little less effective. this is not an accident he's trying to soften up obama, trying to make him polarizing, trying to sort of reignite some sort of partisan and polarizing view of barack obama as if he's still in office. and, again, as a political tactic, you get it, right? the best case joe biden can make
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is, hey, we've done this before. the obama/biden folks came in at the start of a recession, did it once, did it again. i see the long-term political strategy here by the president. but i think this risk his obsession with obama has always been a distraction. i think some of the biggest unforced errors he's made politically when he goes down these rabbit holes all involving barack obama. go back to 2011 with birtherism. this is a dangerous moment for the president because if it looks like he's obsessed with obama and not focused on the recovery. >> it will be interesting to see how much he participates in the back and forth of the campaign. i want to talk about the firing of the state department general, four inspector generals have been fired, three on friday night. a lot of people wondering how much influence president trump has pushing these people out. what's your read on that?
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>> not only does he have influence on this, what's interesting is the white house is embracing the power the president has with this and says he's perfectly within his -- within his power to do this. that it is not unreasonable. he's starting to continue to get pushback on capitol hill. it's semi-muted. and also chuck grassley doesn't like this. look, i don't think it's going to percolate to the point where you have a slew of republicans publicly pushing back on the president but i think privately many of these republicans are not interested in engaging in his partisan wars because of this bad look when it comes to firing these inspectors general. >> as he said, he's been a lonely man in his criticism. chuck todd, thank you very much. we'll look for much more this morning on "meet the press" when chuck talks about a split screen
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nation divided on when and how to reopen. breaking news from los angeles where 11 firefighters were seriously injured after a terrifying scene downtown in the city. the firefighters caught in a massive explosion. >> reporter: good morning. morning 200 firefighters responded to the scene. there's a collective sigh of relief everyone made it out alive. >> we have massive explosion. >> reporter: firefighters responding to an explosion rocking downtown los angeles late saturday, were then forced to run for their lives. >> everybody off the roof! >> reporter: a burning two-story smoke shop warehouse packed floor to ceiling with materials including highly flammable butane canisters. >> they went interior.
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the pressure was increasing. >> reporter: the building exploded, sending dark clouds high into the sky. some firefighters barely making it out. >> firefighters came down the aerial ladder from the roof with turnout coats on fire. >> reporter: debris raining down on bystanders. >> things were flying out of the sky. >> it was a big jolt. >> reporter: all 11 firefighters taken, two to the icu, two put on ventilators. fortunately, doctors expect all of them to pull through. >> we've been saying for the last two months, even more than usual, how much we appreciate our medical personnel and our first responders. and tonight i'm doubly and deeply grateful for both of them. >> reporter: as you can see, the area is completely cordoned off, firetrucks parked outside. a criminal investigation is under way.
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willie? >> the country certainly rooting for those firefighters. erin mclaughlin in los angeles, thank you. today is a big day for racing fans and a milestone for sports because nascar is back. the first major sport to return. nascar's top drivers will be behind the wheel at darlington raceway in south carolina. nbc's morgan is there. >> reporter: good morning. an exciting day in south carolina. folks here telling me they're counting down to the sound of those engines and smell of exhaust, but not one person will actually be able to watch this race take place, at least not in person. all part of pro sports trying to figure out how this strange new normal. this morning music to the ears of nascar fans and sports lovers. more than two months after their last race, drivers are hitting the track in darlington, south carolina. >> we're bringing sports back. we'll be the first to do it. >> reporter: one of the 47,000
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fans who won't be packing grandstands, tuning into live tv coverage instead. >> that fan interaction and energy is not going to be there. it's going to be the weirdest experience they've ever had as drivers. >> reporter: one driver who can't wait to get back on the track, ryan newman, who suffered a terrifying crash at the daytona 500 in february. the father of two walking out of a hospital days later. >> when i'm in the race car, i couldn't tell you if there was one or a million people sitting in the grandstands. >> reporter: every driver and heir skeleton pit crew, now screened before and after the race, with leagues worldwide facing billions in lost revenue, nascar's return marking a turning point, like maybe getting back to normal. you can't sit in the stands just yet but come tomorrow, does that even matter for you? >> no, no. i'm glad sports are back. i think most people are. there's going to be some naysayers out there but most people are glad sports are back. nascar's back, baby. it's going to be awesome.
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>> reporter: nascar fans not the only ones rejoicing today. live golf also making a televised return. taylormade is hosting a charity match with mcilroy and dustin johnson facing off, with a much quieter option than what it will be rolling out here in a few hours. >> a busy sports day by today's standards. by the way, you can catch that taylormade driving relief skins match for covid-19 charities right here on nbc today starting at 2:00 p.m. eastern. we learned on saturday of a big loss in the world of comedy as hollywood favorite fred willard died. willard made us laugh in countless movies like "best in show." >> let me ask you this, if you're going to put him on a football team, which would be your wide receiver, your tight end? >> dogs who play football. >> more recently willard played
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on the hit show "modern family." steve carell who appeared with him in "anchorman" tweeted willard is the funniest person he's ever worked with. fred willard died on friday of natural causes. he was 86 years old and funny in everything he was ever in. this morning the national hurricane center issued a warning to residents of north carolina's outer banks after a weather system strengthened overnight into the first named storm of the season, tropical storm arthur. forecasters expect this to be a very busy hurricane season and it doesn't even we will be kicking off our sunday with some light shower activity throughout portions of the bay area. we can expect to see that through the afternoon with some heavier rain expected later tonight into monday. your daytime highs for the afternoon will be in the upper 60s. we will be seeing cooler temperatures throughout.
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70 degrees in san jose. taking a look at satellite radar you can see that activity off the coast. we do have our storm ranger up and scanning. i'll have your full forecast at 7:00 a.m. straight ahead, the highs and lows of the week, including the zoom nuptials that had a recreation of one of the most famous wedding scenes in tv history for the surprise reunion of the cast of "the office". and restaurants getting creative and, sure, a little creepy to fill their dining rooms under the rules of reopening for business. later, a trip to vegas for a look inside one of the strip's iconic casinos like no one has seen it before. >> it's very eerie and very sad. to think it operated nonstop for 54 years and comes to a screeching halt. it's all coming up on "sunday today." as we head to break, our "photo of the week," a sign of
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we're living on teams. it's as simple as that. it is time for the highs and lows of the week. we're again going with all highs. our first high goes to the joy that actor john krasinski is spreading on his homemade youtube show "some good news." this week he featured a couple who are huge fans of "the office" where john starred for nine years. john and susan used the show as the model for their proposal. with their wedding plans on hold, krasinski decided to surprise the couple with their friends and family for a virtual zoom wedding, but that was just the beginning. krasinski mentioned the famous wedding scene from "the office" where the entire cast dances down the aisle at jim and pam's
6:20 am
ceremony, and then he asked some old friends to come on down the aisle of the zoom wedding. >> ladies and gentlemen, the cast of "the office"! >> oh, my god! ♪ >> oh, my gosh! ♪ ♪ you and me moving at the speed of light into eternity ♪ he entire cast of "the office" recreating the wedding dance scene from their homes for john and susan. it is really hard as you look at that to say which character in the collection you love the most. congratulations to you, john and susan. that is a pretty good gift from john. our next high goes to 99-year-old max, world war ii veteran, recipient of the purple heart and now coronavirus survivor. after more than three weeks of
6:21 am
fighting the virus, max finally was discharged from a rehab center in kansas city. [ applause ] >> max was admitted to the hospital in mid-april and later moved to ignite medical resorts where you see him leaving to cheers to celebrate his recovery. friends, family and health care workers gathered outside the facility for a sendoff. local police officer, firefighters, even a marine color guard unit showed up to salute the hero. he enlisted in the marines after attack on pearl harbor, earned two purple heart for his action in world war ii. upon his discharge from the medical facility, he was honored another medal that reads "i beat covid-19 in 2020". >> expected maybe a friend or two, but to have all this and to
6:22 am
get these, i don't know how to describe it. i'm just more blessed than anyone deserves. >> 99 years old. max said, i am a warrior, not a worrier. the coronavirus never had a chance. our final high goes to an absolute "a" for effort in ingenuity for some restaurants trying to pack their dining rooms even when the rules don't allow them. in south carolina, as all states that have reopened their restaurants, the leaving tables empty. how do you create that feel of a bustling space. this is the restaurant in south carolina. paula says he wasn't about to put caution tape over the unused booths to make it look like a crime scene. she got blowup dolls, gave them props and wigs and it was a full
6:23 am
dining room. she was quick to point out, they have no obscene body parts. i like your style. now we drift into creepy territory with seat fillers at the inn in little washington, a famous michelin starred restaurant. when diners return, the tables will be occupied by, yes, mannequins dressed in 1940's attire. the chef and restaurant owner jokes, we're all craving to gather and see people right now. they don't necessarily need to be real people. look, if it helps save a business, i'll eat next to 1940's mannequin and deal with the night terrors. coming you may not see them, but your itchy eyes know they're out there. thousands of allergens in each cubic yard of air. no wonder you rub your eyes hundreds of times a day. but now, relief is just one drop away. introducing pataday® full prescription strength pataday works right in your eyes. right on the cells that make them itch.
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good sunday morning. it is may 17th. here is a live look outside. rainy as we look over dublin on this sunday morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our micro climate forecast. hi, vianey. good morning, kira. we've been tracking these showers since last night. sonoma county, the north bay area saw rain activity. we've seen some over santa cruz and now showers passing to the monterey county area and san francisco. a live look over san francisco. yo lens the rain starting to come down, so we will get that shower activity for the coastline really for the first half of the morning. as far as the south bay goes, going to fall into a rain shadow. not expecting as high rain totals as in the coastal mountains. satellite radar showcasing the rain we're tracking not just for today but heading into monday with a chance of seeing
6:27 am
thunderstorm activity for tomorrow, maybe even possibly an isolated chance tonight. our storm ranger up tracking the rain for you. i will have an hour by hour outlook on how we are tracking the rain coming up at 7:00 a.m. you at 7:00, vianey, thanks. we begin with a crackdown at a san francisco bar after crowds were seen gathering outside. we have a look at what the line looked like. this was friday night outside howell's in the marina. not a lot of people wearing masks or standing six feet apart. someone called police. they warned the owners and customers. yesterday a much different scene. police parked along chestnut street to make sure another group didn't gather. officers spoke with business owners about the crowds friday night and told people to disperse. the owner of howell's, one of the businesses where the crowds gathered, said he appreciates the quick action by police to help with the crowd. >> we can only control this
6:28 am
small square footage of space in front of us. so if someone is ten feet down the way and decide to stop and they're drinking a to-go margarita, i have no control over that. and so luckily the san francisco police department is around to disperse that. >> city leaders are now calling on the police department to expand enforcement if people continue violating the rules. and they are rallying to reopen. this is the scene yesterday as dozens of people gathered in napa for what was billed a freedom rally to open not just the city but the county. the demonstration took place in front of the courthouse. organizers told us more businesses are ready to reopen safely but can't because of health orders. they argue businesses and the public should be given the freedom to make their own choices. several who were at the rally say they plan to protest at the state capitol next weekend. just shy of 6:29. coming up on "today in the bay," graduating in the middle of a pandemic. we have the unique and creative
6:29 am
way students walked across the stage at cal just yesterday. we'll have that plus all your top stories and vianey's forecast coming up at 7:00. we hope to see you then. in the meantime back to "sunday today" with willie geist. the ya
6:30 am
carlos stanton could see me. i was hoping to distract him to drop that routine pop fly because he was too busy watching me be fly. you get to see me first. >> that' haddish co-hosting with billy crystal the feeding america comedy festival that raised money for the relief organization. haddish and crystal with co-star in an upcoming movie called "here today" directed by crystal. that's the latest stop on a life-altering three-year ride for tiffany that began a breakout hit "girls trip" and has continued with movies, television, commercials, the stand-up comedy special and an historic turn hosting "saturday night live." tiffany and i got together last
6:31 am
year for a "sunday sitdown" around the release of "the kitchen," a gangster film where she stars with melissa mccarthy and elisabeth moss. >> step off my business. >> baby, it's my business now. >> tiffany haddish knows how to handle her business, on screen and off. >> i've grown up around that type of environment. i know howove around those type of men, how you need toh them in order to demonstrate some sort of power. >> what do you wear to something like that? you get dressed up? >> when i found out melissa was on and elisabeth moss was on, i thought, oh, this is about to be super fun. mind you, i didn't know neither one of them and there was a small part of me was, what if they're like divas? i know how to deal with those. and get out of their way, right? >> what were you going to be like? >> and then get out of there. you don't talk to those people
6:32 am
too long. >> you didn't have to do that with them? >> i didn't have to do that with them at all. turns out they're weirdos just like me. we laughed a lot, we did a lot of online shopping. i got them to try things they never had before like pickles dipped in kool-aid powder. >> wait. pickles and kool-aid? >> have you never had that? >> no. >> they said it's hood stuff. >> the 40-year-old haddish grew up in south central los angeles. her childhood was marked by pain. tiffany's father left the family when she was 3. she was still a young girl when her mother suffered brain damage in a car accident and became abusive. i've heard a lot of comedians who had difficultt to make peop happy. >> i did it to try to we laughi hitting. >> where does this shine come from? how are you able to be full of energy and laughter and light
6:33 am
when you had so much trouble, difficulty? >> i was trying to escape from the trouble. i was trying to escape from the trouble and, you know, to get rid of the darkness, you have to turn on the light, you know. i feel like i am the light. >> tiffany was 12 when she and her siblings were placed into foster homes. she began to see that her light could take her places. >> i started working as an energy producer in high school. >> someone would pay you 50, 100 bucks to go to the party. >> we started out that low. they would pay me to go to a bar mitzvah or party and emcee, get people dancing. >> when tiffany was 16, her social worker gave me a choice. >> you can go to the laugh factory camp or psychiatric therapy because something is wrong with you child? i thought, you go to drugs if so
6:34 am
i went to comedy camp. here i am today, 20 some years later telling jokes. >> haddish eventually graduated from camp to the stand-up stage. but those early years of comedy were not always filled with laughs. tiffany was homeless, living out of her car, until a fellow future star named kevin hart helped to change her life. >> i would always pull up like five or ten minutes late so somebody could see my car because i had all my clothes, everything, suitcases all in the car. one day i pull up a little late and he was there like the same exact time. i like, what the hell going on in here? what's all this? you live in your car? he was like, you can't be sleeping in your car in the streets. i was like, i sleep in beverly hills. i'm doing just fine. the police wake me up every morning, okay? so, he was like, tiffany, no, no. he gave me 300 bucks and said, find yourself a place for the week. then write out a list of goals
6:35 am
of what you want to do and start accomplishing those goals. then i started attacking those goals. >> haddish began to land small roles on television shows like "who's got jokes?" >> yes! >> thank you! >> and "that's so raven". >> please exit through the gift shop as if you had a choice. >> in 2013 she played a recurring role on the b.e.t. series "real husbands of hollywood" starring kevin hart. >> look like more than just four yoen died. >> but tiffany's breakthrough came as scene-stealing role as dina in the 2017 movie "girls trip". >> i just to want say hi, that's all. >> no, no. >> what the hell is wrong with you? >> that fall another big moment as haddish hosted "saturday night live" in an historic performance that earned her an emmy fends tell me, tiffany, you are a star now, you big time, you balling out of
6:36 am
control and i'm looking at my bank account like, huh-uh. >> once it was all done, i was like, i made that history. i did that. because that was history. ifsz the first african-american female stand-up comedienne to host because i just knew whoopi goldberg did it but she just appeared in sketches. i called all the legends, the best of the best have had to have done this. i googled, ar kchives, looked a every episode. i'm literally about to make history. i always wanted to be the first black woman to do something. booyah. >> have you looked and said, the last two years have been insane? >> every morning i wake up praying and thankful. i try to find the good in things. some day sucks. i'm tired at hell right now but i look good. >> in a surprising twist,
6:37 am
haddish's skyrocketing career may be headed next for japan. [ speaking foreign language ] i just asked if you spoke japanese. >> where did you pick that up? >> i started watching japanese television and i thought it was entertaining, especially the soap operas. i didn't see any black people on the soap operas and i thought, oh, what if i'm the first african-american to be on a japanese soap opera. that would be dope as hell. so, when i came back to the states, i got japanese one-on-one and i started playing those disks in the car when i'm sitting in traffic. l.a. traffic you're sitting in the car for two, three hours at a time. >> what happened to the japanese soap opera idea? >> i'm just waiting for a call. >> how has the japanese soap opera not starring tiffany haddish not happened? we need it and need it now. catch tiffany haddish with tracy
6:38 am
morgan in "the last o.g." subscribe to the podcast to hear the full-length interview with tiffany haddish on apple podcasts or wherever you get yours. we told you we would have a new interview with ben stiller. on the morning we were scheduled to get together with ben, he announced to the world that his father, the legendary jerry stiller, died at the age of 92. so, next week ben stiller will join me to talk about his dad, who many of you know as george c 's dad on "seinfeld" but who started with his wife. he was a kind, wonderful man on and off the screen. we send our condolences to ben and his family and our gratitude he'll j get ready for a rainy and cloudy sunday ahead. we've already seen some showers
6:39 am
last night in the north bay. now we're getting some activity in through san francisco and santa cruz. a live look at our san francisco camera. you can see the rain on the lens, and we are expecting to keep that shower activity all day long, temperatures are going to be a lot cooler than yesterday in most spots. 65 in san francisco. low 70s for the interior valleys. we'll continue to track the rain and how this will impact your monday plans coming up. next on "sunday today," vegas like you've never seen it. we will give you a rare look inside one of the world's most famous casinos as it sits eerily quiet. we're back in 60 seconds. when you take align, you have the support of a probiotic and the gastroenterologists who developed it. align helps to soothe your occasional digestive upsets twenty-four seven. so where you go, the pro goes. go with align. the pros in digestive health. and if stress worsens your digestive issues, try new align digestive de-stress.
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it combines align's probiotic with ashwagandha to help soothe occasional digestive upsets, plus stress that can make them worse. and try align gummies with probiotics to help support digestive health. for two months now, one of the busiest, brightest faces on the earth has been a ghosttown in the desert as nonessential businesses, las vegas casinos were ordered to close in
6:41 am
mid-march, costing thousands of jobs and billions of dollars. this week cesar's entertainment announced, as soon as it gets the green light from the governor, the famed cesar's palace and hotel will open quickly. what will vegas look and feel like after the coronavirus? and what's it like inside those massive empty casinos right now? nbc's steve patterson takes us there in our "sunday spotlight." ♪ >> reporter: lured by the glitters lights to the vegas strip, every year more than 40 million people flood in from all over the world. some for the promise of a nonstop party, others with the dream of hitting it big. on the west end, the iconic ces cesar's palace proudly stands in its own golden glow, a temple of opulence. >> this hotel itself is the icon and it has such an incredible history. >> reporter: the historic casino
6:42 am
has been bursting with nonstop activity since 1966. it was here that larry holmes once famously battled muhammad ali where sings from sammy davis with old blue eyes and mariah carey and reba mcintyre were on the stage. as the coronavirus pandemic darkened the world, even the vegas strip went dim. the streets silent. cesar's entertainment ceo gave the order none before him had ever dreamed -- close the doors, turn off the lights, the party's over. >> it was very sad. to think it operated nonstop for 54 years and then comes to a screeching halt. >> reporter: inside what was once an echo chamber of success, today you can hear a chip drop. in the rows of once blaring machines and blacked blackjack
6:43 am
tables that framed movies like "the hangover" now vast empty rooms representing an economic disaster. nevada is losing an estimated $2 million in gaming tax revenue every day. >> there's no playbook to this. here's plan a, plan b, plan c. we don't have that. it's something this industry is dealing with right now and trying to get their arms around, what do they do next. >> reporter: industry leaders include cesar's have begun unveiling their plans for what unveiling a casino during a global crisis would like like, including strict guidelines on social distancing, limiting crowds and masks. while some casinos are experimenting with plexiglass barriers on gaming tables. he says there's too much at stake to get it wrong. >> rest assured, we're not going to reopen until we do everything we can and follow all the health guidelines, whether it's from local officials or the regulatory bodies that govern us in each of the jurisdictions.
6:44 am
>> reporter: for now the loudest sound is an ear eerie silence. those who know the soul of the strip say the chips are never down for good. vegas is probably one of the most resilient places on the planet. vegas will come back. there's no doubt in my mind. ♪ somewhere >> reporter: a second act waiting in the wings for sin city's return to form. for "sunday today," steve patterson, las vegas. >> just wild to see vegas like that. steve, thank you very much. next on "sunday today," with no hockey on the schedule, one nhl team is using its space to bring people together, till death do them part. >> this is how we got married and where we got married, in the parking lot. and later, a life well lived. one of the last of the famed monuments men and women who saved the world's great cultural
6:45 am
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national hockey league's conference final series are being played today in packed loud arenas where the winning teams are moving on to play for the stanley cup. back here in the real world, though, there is no hockey and the arenas are empty. but there is some exciting action out in the parking lot. nbc's joe fryer explains in our "sunday closer." >> reporter: at the honda center, home of the anaheim ducks -- >> out in front, they score! >> reporter: -- hockey is on ice. the only face-offs are happening just outside. >> you may now kiss. >> this is going to be -- this is how we got married and where we got married, in the parking lot. >> reporter: when the pandemic put wedding ceremonies in the penalty box, orange county got creative. >> i had to think outside the box. >> reporter: thinking outside the box meant getting a box, right? >> right. >> reporter: county clerk
6:49 am
recorder rounded up ticket booths from the fairgrounds and put them in the deserted honda center parking lot. with employees inside and couples outside, they could safely conduct marriages. >> do you take miguel to be your -- >> when we announced it, the first day we had almost 10,000 phone calls the first five minutes. >> reporter: they call it hitched at honda center, an idea so popular, this he had to double the number of booths from three to six. >> woo! >> reporter: we met anthony and pouring bubbly at 8:30 in the morning. >> we will never forget this, that's for sure. >> reporter: they actually had a big wedding in mexico exactly one year prior. >> we never turned in our documents to get it legalized -- >> so we're having two wedding. >> so we had a wedding today. it took the pressure off, that's for sure. >> are you ready?
6:50 am
>> reporter: but many couples don't know when they'll have their big ceremonies. >> you can kiss. congratulations, you're married. >> reporter: mia and joa are aiming for june. with that still up in the air, they made an appointment at the honda center. >> at the end of the day it's two people celebrating their love. we don't need anything extravagant or extraordinary to share our love with each other. >> reporter: love -- >> you may now kiss. >> reporter: -- in the time of corona. joseph and grace had this ceremony in the parking lot followed by another at their church all while wearing matrimony-themed masks. not how they pictured this day, but that's okay. >> i'd trade all the ceremonies, all the decorations, all the guests in the world to be married to this guy. >> likewise. >> reporter: because right now at this hockey arena, love is the true goal. for "sunday today," joe fryer, anaheim, california. >> getting married any way you
6:51 am
can these days. joe, thank you very much. this week we highlight another "life well lived." a small group of american and british museum directors, art historians and architects known as the monuments men spent world war ii and its aftermath saving many of the world's great cultural treasures. they directed by george monuments men. >> time to put a team together and do our best to protect buildings, bridges and art before the nazis destroy everything. >> reporter: in europe, the monuments men helped to direct allied bombers away from cultural targets and smuggled works of art to safety. after the war, they returned some 4 million artifacts stolen by the nazis alone. but they were not just monuments men. the 345 members of the group
6:52 am
included 27 women. motoko fujishiro huwaite was one of them. born in boston to japanese immigrant parents, 14-year-old motoko was sent, along with her mother and brother, to tokyo in a government exchange after the bombing of pearl harbor. her father, a professor at harvard, was accused of espionage and sent to an internment camp in montana. he later joined his wife and children in japan where the family survived the american fire bombing of tokyo. because she spoke english and japanese, motoko was recruited after the war bit monuments men as they began to salvage and protect art in the pacific theater. she later returned home to attend radcliff college in cambridge, massachusetts. motoko became a teacher of everything from elementary to grad school and married a former united states navy officer named
6:53 am
william huwa tchite. in 2015 motoko received the congressional gold medal along with the five remaining monuments men and women. she also was a member of her local raging grannies, an organization of women who protest and sing for causes of social justice. robert edsel, who wrote the monuments men book, wrote of mo the lion within her. motoko fujishiro huwaite, the last of the famed monuments women died earlier this month in taylor, michigan, of coronavirus. she was 92 years old. humira patients,... ...this one's for you. you inspired us to make your humira experience even better... with humira citrate-free. it has the same effectiveness you know and trust, but we removed the citrate buffers, there's less liquid, and a thinner needle...
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it is time to look through your sunday mail as you tell us about the good you're seeing around you these days. let's start with patricia in st. ann, missouri. she writes, julius is busy delivering groceries for those who don't have family members with underlying issues and unable to get out himself. he's already made over 50 deliveries. way to go. steph tells us braden turned 8 yesterday and and instead of asking for gifts, he asked for a food drive delivering to a local fire station. way to go. brian in evansville, indiana, writes out, shout out to robin, a diabetic and cardiovascular nurse for organizing volunteers on a weekly basis to make 350 meals for the community. well done, robin. we have more of your "sunday today" mug shots this week. thank you, amanda and rachel in philadelphia. katherine and luke and south carolina. carson and pete in dayton, ohio.
6:58 am
lily in stamford, connecticut. and susan, a high school teacher in martinsberg, west virginia, who made the ground-breaking discovery that the "sunday today" mug is perfect for a pint of ice cream. teachers, man. send us a photo of you and your mug with the #sundaytoday and you might see yourself next week. remember, you can get the "sunday today" mug at the nbc online store. thank you so much for spending part of your morning with us. we will count on seeing you right back here next week on "sunday today."
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good morning. it is sunday, may 17th, 7:00 on
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the dot. a live look outside. cloudy skies over downtown san jose. saw a little bit of rain on my drive in this morning. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. vianey arana has a look at our micro climate forecast. hey, good morning, kira. the rain you saw is that shower activity that we've seen throughout the bay area. first into the north bay. you were some of the first to see


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