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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 18, 2020 3:30am-4:00am PDT

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we want the get sports back. we miss sports we need sports in terms of the psyche, the psyche of our country. and that's what we're doing. >> the president promoting the return of sports as sunday delivered some we haven't seen in a long time, new live televised sporting events. >> today all 50 states will experience some form of reopening, including many beaches and parks, but not everyone is keeping their distance as advised. new national data is showing that almost 19% of u.s. latinos are now unemployed, more than anhn group a number that's quadrupled since
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the pandemic began and from some flash flooding in the midwest to tornadoes in the south and a tropical storm off the u.s. east coast, a very busy weather day ahead to kick off your week. "early today" starts right now good monday morning. i'm phillip mena. >> and i'm cori coffin as lockdowns are lifted in nearly the entire country, more americans emerge from their homes, we enter a new phase in the pandemic here are the latest numbers. nearly 1.5 million americans are now infected with covid-19 now according to johns hopkins university, over 272,000 have recovered, but more than 90,000 people have died >> in a push for more covid-19 testing, governor andrew cuomo was tested during a live press briefing new york has doubled testing capacity, reaching 40,000 new yorkers per day. well, thousands of people packed the jersey shore this weekend. some new yorkers may not be so
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lucky. mayor bill de blasio announced beaches in city will be closed for the weekend. state beaches and lakes will open may 22nd. apple is opening 25 more stores this week the stores will impose social distancing rules and perform temperature checks on customers. face coffers will be mandatory, and masks will be provided if customers don't have one elvis presley's graceland mansion will be back in business starting on thursday tours of just 25% capacity will be allowed at the home of the king of rock 'n roll visitors and staff must wear face covers. staff will also undergo temperature checks. as the weather warms up, people are anxious to get outside of crowding public space, in some cases, ignoring social distancing rules. kathy park has more from new york. >> reporter: phillip, good morning. quarantine fatigue is setting in across the country we saw large crowds at beaches and parks. as more states continue to loosen up restrictions, not everyone is following the rules.
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quarantine fatigue forcing people outside and on to beaches from coast-to-coast. in los angeles, masks are mandatory, but not everyone is putting one on >> i think it's a little disappointing and scary when we're some of the only people wearing masks. >> reporter: some new jersey beaches launched a soft reopening with restrictions, be thaw doesn't stop these crowds eager for a taste of summer. >> everybody is staying in their own groups, and the people that are wearing mask, that's for their -- that's what they want to do. >> reporter: the weekend warm-up also putting new york parks to the test as they filled up this brooklyn park creatively enforcing social distance with circles while police handed out masks. >> trying to find ways to still enjoy the outdoors mile whooil making sure that we're trying to be safe and take care of each other. i think it's important i think it's a really good idea. >> reporter: when rules aren't followed, hawaii is cracking down hard, arresting a new york tourist who allegedly broke the
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mandatory 14-day quarantine and was caught after posting photos of his trip on graham. in ohio, governor mike dewine addressed these images of packed bars from the weekend. >> all of this is a work in progress we thought it was huge risk not to open, but we also know it's a huge risk in opening >> reporter: in chicago, some churches welcome back worshiper, defying illinois's stay-at-home order. and a church in northern california broke reopening rules and may have exposed nearly 200 people to the virus. health officials say someone tested positive for covid-19 after attending a mother's day service. >> and that's where we're now in this point of friction, and a lot of frustration >> reporter: more people bending the rules as states reopen while the nation continues to flatten the curve. here in new york city, beaches will stay closed through the memorial day weekend, but the mayor did say that he could potentially lift the ban later
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on this summer for now, people are still allowed to walk on the beach as well as the boardwalk, but police are standing by to make sure folks are social distancing phillip? >> all right, kathy, thank you president trump fires back at his predecessor after former president barack obama took a dig at mr. trump during a virtual commencement speech, criticizing his handling of the pandemic here is hans nichols >> reporter: returning from a camp david weekend, president donald trump sounded a positive note on coronavirus. >> tremendous progress is being made on many fronts, including coming up with a cure for this horrible plague. >> reporter: before offering a darker assessment of his predecessor. >> he was an incompetent president, that's all i can say. grossly incompetent. >> reporter: trump responding to comments from former president barack obama in a virtual graduation ceremony, where he accused the government of a real world failing on coronavirus >> this pandemic is fully finally torn back the curtain on
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the idea that so many of the folks in charge know what they're doing. >> reporter: obama's comments mark his first public rebuke of president trump's handling of the pandemic >> a lot of them aren't even pretending to be in charge. >> reporter: president trump resorting to his preferred medium to return fire, tweeting the obama administration is turning out to be one of the most corrupt and incompetent in u.s. history with hhs secretary alex azar clarifying president trump's suggestion on friday that his so-called operation warp speed could produce a vaccine by the end of the year. >> it's not a pledge it's a goal. >> reporter: meanwhile, democrats are planning to investigate the firing of the inspector general at the state department after secretary mike pompeo recommended that the president dismiss him. steve linick was looking into allegations according to a democratic aide that pompeo improperly used a political appointee to perform personal taxes for him and his wife. >> the president has the right the fire any federal employee, but the fact is if it looks like it's in retaliation for
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something that the ig, the inspector general is doing, that could be unlawful. >> reporter: and according to two congressional officials, the ig was looking into whether pompeo made a member of his staff, a political appointee walk his dog, pick up his dry-cleaning and make reservations for the secretary and his wife cori >> okay, hans, thank you it was liftoff for u.s. space force military space plane. it was launched remotely without a crew, taking off from cape canaveral. space force officials are keeping some mission details confidential, but they dedicated the launch to victims of covid-19 as well as frontline workers. well, sports leagues have been plotting their return since the coronavirus pandemic shut down seasons, and on sunday, two major sport, nascar and professional golf made their comeback with new safety measures and rules in place. nbc's morgan chesky has this
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report >> green flag, nascar is back! >> reporter: the return came with a roar. the nascar race a turning point for all sports their seasons cut off by covid-19 at darlington raceway, a glimpse of the new normal. grandstands empty to keep fans safe on a typical race day, tammy robinson makes vacation money turning her front yard into a parking lot. today it's empty. >> our town is a race town that's what we are we love our fans well love the sound of the noise in the background. >> reporter: now everyone is having to adjust for those at the track, that means temperature checks skeleton pit crews to limit exposure, and drivers masking up if they're not behind the wheel. >> i think anybody that comes back first is going to be under a microscope i do, however, i'm very confident in all the things nascar has done. >> reporter: in florida, drivers of a different kind. pro golf back in action with a charity match. the sport's biggest names carrying their own bags and keeping their distance to raise money for health care workers.
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the president himself calling in to emphasize the importance of bringing sports back. >> we're getting it back, and it's going to be fast. we'll start off with small crowds, if any >> reporter: other pro leagues racing to adapt, after facing billions in losses in baseball, nbc news confirmed a draft proposal for coronavirus rules. the mlb would test all player, coaches and umpires. and force social distancing even in the dugout. and forget about sunflower seeds or tobacco spitting would be strictly prohibited the nfl not far behind commissioner roger goodell announcing practice facilities will reopen tuesday as long as state and local governments allow it back in darlington, the familiar sounds a small victory for those who depend on it >> i know this is still far from normal, but does the race give you at least a little hope >> yes it does. it makes me feel like if we can all look at life a little
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differently maybe and not take for granted what was our normal before, and maybe take time to enjoy the moments more >> reporter: and this morning nascar making it very clear that these are not recommendations but very much rules. in fact, should any driver or member of their crew break them, they could be facing up to a $50,000 fine cori we'll send it back to you. >> it could be serious thanks, morgan let's turn now to the extreme weather that we are tracking this morning. a possible tornado touched down in southern louisiana. at least six people were hurt and families have been displaced from their homes meanwhile a warning was issued for major flash flooding in chicago overnight roads have been closed and people are asked not to travel if possible. at least six people have been rescued from flood zones and tracking tropical storm arthur's path. nbc meteorologist janessa webb with us this morning germany, janessa >> good morning, you two
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good morning to everyone as you said, a lot going on weather-wise across the country. the flash flood watches, they're starting to move out of the chicago area and now are continues for our first tropical system of the year, arthur, that currently impacting the carolina coast. now we have tropical storm warnings in place throughout the afternoon that we're going to continue to watch for these coastal areas. sustained winds right now up to 45 miles per hour. this storm system is going to push to the northeast well offshore by this afternoon but those coastal concerns will be in temperatures are well above average, even the heat building for the deep south to the southeast
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so we're also watching flood concerns for the ohio valley i'll have more of that coming up >> all right sounds good, janessa, thank you. on the heels of the documentary "the last dance," the legend of michael jordan is only growing larger. a pair of autographed game worn sneakers sold at auction over the weekend for $560,000 the shoes were laced up during jordan's rookie year in 1985 and the first model in jordan's signature sneaker line with nike's, the iconic jordan ones so uncomfortable so clean, though. >> but so perfect. just ahead, we're looking at og hardest hits group facina tollf the coronavirus. and a tragedy flyover to tell you about (upbeat music) that's why febreze plug has two alternating scents and eliminate odors for 1200 hours. ♪breathe happy febreze... ♪la la la la la. mucinex cold & flu all-in-one. fights... oh no. no-no-no.
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achoo! your sneezes turn heads? ♪ try zyrtec... ...zyrtec starts working hard at hour one... and works twice as hard when you take it again the next day. zyrtec muddle no more. and try children's zyrtec for consistently powerful relief of your kid's allergies. ♪ ♪all strength ♪we ain't stoppin' believe me♪ ♪go straight till the morning look like we♪ ♪won't wait♪ ♪we're taking everything we wanted♪ ♪we can do it ♪all strength, no sweat leading the news, a canadian air force jet crashed in kamloops, british columbia during a flyover that was intend as a tribute to canadians. one of the jets soared into the
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air before rolling over and crashing into a house. at least one person on the snowbirds team has died and the pilot sustained injuries that are not consider life-threatening authorities are investigating what might have caused the crash. now to the staggering economic toll of the coronavirus hit one group especially hard, latinos. the number of latinos out of work is skyrocketing, and many who are working feel they're putting their lives at risk to do so. here is nbc's morgan radford >> reporter: at this restaurant, just days before she was forced to shut down because of the coronavirus in phoenix >> i found mysel a number that
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has quadrupled >> we're trying to survive out here >> reporter: chicago resident vanessa garcia works for the city's transit system. she is considered an essential worker garcia says she is worried about health risk, but needs her job to support her family. >> we're out there just like working because yes we have to make ends meet. >> reporter: a recent study found only 16% of latinos were in jobs that allowed them to work at home in your line of work is it possible for you to work at home [ speaking spanish ] it is not possible >> reporter: this is a home care aid in new york. she was granted asylum thisyea and says she is one of the lucky ones an estimated 21% of latinos living in the u.s. are undocumented, meaning they're ineligible for unemployment.
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what's happening here with the community with respect to coronavirus? there is a huge portion of people who are undocumented. so what happened is they do the jobs that other people don't want to do >> reporter: in charlotte, small business owner juan cruise runs a janitorial cleaning service. he had to let go more than a third of his staff crews canruz can't pay them but tries to help out where i he can. >> i am buying food to feed these guys >> reporter: cruz hopes when business is better he can rehire his workers, but for now he tries to give hope in these uncertain times. >> don't get down. don't bet lett this get to you don't give up. >> reporter: morgan radford, nbc news, new york. >> that was an important report there. coming up, the stars that are filming scenes for the newest movie right from their home and concerts are starting to look a ltle ffenitdiert mid pandemic keith urban's secret performance, coming up
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god bless the u.s. god bless the health care workers. thank you so much. ♪ >> well, keith urban put on a secret show for health care workers in a nashville drive-in theater. passes were handed out to doctors, nurses and other staff at vanderbilt medical center urban says it's a way to show gratitude for the sacrifices frontline workers have been making for months.
3:51 am
cars were honking and flashing their lights it's kind of like the new way of doing the lighter. >> or the phone light. >> that is the newer way great to see them doing all those things for the frontline workers. so well deserved there and production teams are also getting creative while filming movies so there is this new romantic comedy called "marry me. it's stars j. lo she was in miami she was in colombia. she took to instagram over the weekend to share the behind-the-scene look at the process of what looked to be a spa scene there along with a photo of production running the show i keep thinking about how they have to do this. think how barren the movie landscape is going to be in a year or two. nothing was happening. they weren't shooting anything >> got to get creative up next, janessa's got the start of your workweek forecast. and then class acts. the inspiring superstars
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i don't have to worry about that, do i?are irritated. harmful bacteria lurk just below the gum line. crest gum detoxify, voted product of the year. it works below the gum line to neutralize harmful plaque bacteria and help reverse early gum damage. gum detoxify, from crest. that's why i take osteo bi-flex, to keep me moving the way i was made to. it nourishes and strengthens my joints for the long term. osteo bi-flex. plus vitamin d for immune support. good morning, everyone we have a lot of rain that's going to be impacting the east coast, even for the pacific northwest. if you want a dry spot, texas is where it's going to be but the high heat and humidity will be in place throughout your midweek. we'll continue to watch storms through the east coast >> all right, thanks for the heads up up next, celebration and
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in today's top story, authorities in los angeles have launched a criminal probe into a warehouse explosion that injured at least 11 firefighters officials say it happened at a commercial building in the city's toy district that housed highly flammable butane. the status of those injured saying three firefighters have been released from the hospital. eight are still hospitalized but are expected to survive. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. now to the power of inspiration. with in-person graduations all across the country canceled, many, including former president barack obama this weekend stepped up to celebrate the
3:57 am
class of 2020. here is nbc's jose diaz-balart >> reporter: for a graduation weekend like no other, graduation speakers like never before the class of 2020 ushered into the future not just by oprah. >> the pandemic class that has the entire world striving to graduate with you. >> reporter: but also simone biles. >> congratulations to all the graduates out there. >> reporter: and cardi b >> congrats, congrats, congrats. >> reporter: all part of a virtual graduation put on by facebook friday, actress gina rodriguez and lu and kevin durant surprised one lucky graduate by dropping into his instagram. >> congrats, brother i appreciate all the love and support, man >> reporter: and it's not just the famous going above and beyond, but as often as the case, teachers too in plano, texas, the band
3:58 am
structures normally play at the big structure. this weekend they're playing on students' individual lawns. >> it's pretty cool they come down to play the fight song for me one last time. >> reporter: this band leader couldn't get the band together, so he recorded pomp and circumstance himself, playing every single part. ♪ for graduates of buckeye union high in arizona, a literally race to the future >> graduates, start your engines! >> reporter: the senior class taking over the phoenix raceway, circling the track in cars with their parents to fireworks and cheers just one of the many moments the class of 2020 will never forget. >> you know there may not be pomp because of our circumstances. never has a graduating class been called to step into the future with more purpose >> our thanks to jose for that report obviously feel bad for them that they didn't get to have a normal so to speak graduation
3:59 am
i don't even remember my graduation speakers. >> sami can't remember it. >> there is no way they're not going forget all the people who wished them well this year. >> we appreciate you watching today. i'm cori coffin. >> and i'll phillip
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from coast to coast, the reopening of america coupled with nice weather is pushing the limits of social distancing as nearly every state allows more businesses to open their doors a milestone live sports on a sunday as golf and nascar athletes took charge and let the competition even without the fans then to sin city, where the massive palace is getting ready to rise again and open the casino floors once again >> this morning the investigation into that massive explosion in l.a. that was so strong firefighters caught on


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