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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  June 9, 2020 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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here in the bay area, people are promising to take action. not just protests and demonstration, but meaningful reform. in oakland, you see a black lives matter vigil at the green lining institute on 14th street. what are you seeing here is a sit-in, right here on the street. and some people are asking why keep protesting? well, former president barack obama pointed out last week, protesting works. historically, it works it puts uncomfortable pressure on civic leaders and prompts change. in downtown san jose, this evening, people are starting to gather at the plaza, these people plan to be here until 10:00 p.m. >> not enough to change the rules, time to ban the tools. that was the cry at several supervisors. as they call for a ban on chemical weapons and tear gas. the police union said that the ban would not change much in the
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city. >> power to the people! >> reporter: speaking your mind versus staying safe. >> black lives matter! >> reporter: it's a delic ampde decision they must weigh. >> mace, tear gas. it doesn't do any good. you know, what we really need is reform. >> reporter: after police used chemicals to disperse crowds in at least four bay area cities. san jose, walnut creek, santa rosa and oakland, where jennifer lee was hit with a flash bang. >> the next day, it blistered over, you could see the sparks went off of my back. >> reporter: today the san francisco council announced the right to demonstrate -- >> chemical agents that should not be used in war time, where it's banned or on our own population. >> reporter: now the call to ban the use of tear gas gained traction when doctors began
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speaking out saying it using it on protesters during a pandemic could enduce coughing and relisa new wave of covid-19. >> if you want to go ahead and ban it, that is fine. let it be known, we didn't use any of it in san francisco. >> reporter: tracy mccray said that front line officers do not carry tear gas and only tactical units can use it if they are called in. >> we will retreat. we will try and go had in and safely, and try to detain that person. >> reporter: supervisors say if the ban passes it will take a few weeks to go in to affect. until then, they are calling on governor newsome, to take immediate action by way of executive order. in san francisco, lele tan, nbc bay area news. >> well, san jose's mayor and police chief got an earful about how they handled the protest.
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the people denounced the police. you may have watched those protests live on the air. police say they were responding to people throwing rocks and bottles and attacking them. while the chef chief -- while t defends his officers, making limit on when they can use rubber bullets, they are examining all tactics after they do after every situation. >> did we do everything perfect? absolutely not. is there better training we can have? yes. >> chief said that he reached out to community leaders and groups to help continue to conversation can. today's hearing will continue on friday when the city council will be asking the chief questions. >> george floyd's private funeral was in houston today. but it was watched and streamed live to a worldwide audience. in oakland, they celebrated his life in true oakland style. nbc bay area is there with the
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details. melissa? >> well, raj, that vigil for george floyd here in downtown oakland has wrapped up and earlier there was a sprawling vibrant community alter for george floyd, i want to show you what that alter looks like right now. you see it there, there are flowers and candles lit for george floyd, it's not just him. you see there, there's photos of breonna taylor and ahmad arbery. they were googling for black live matter events to take their young children to. the reason they chose this event to bring their little ones to. this was a celebration of george floyd's life. and more than 100 people took part in today's vigil, organized by the green lining 360 center and an advocacy group that focuses on racial and economic justice. and there was an alterer that was covered in flowers that was dedicated to unarmed men and women who died at the hands of
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police. and organizers with the latino equity project explained the significance of the alter. >> they are people who are honored by a alter. it's about expressing our love and solidarity to our black brothers and sisters. >> it's community empowerment. what makes it special. people from all walks of life are here from children to elder. >> and people are being encouraged to leave flowers, photos, messages of hope at this community alter right here on 14th and franklin and there was live music. there was live dancing and moments of, it felt like a cultural festival even. and some of the speakers included one of the most prominent speaker, former black panther and political activist was here speaking to the community and telling what she feels from what has been seen
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happening in the country you ve. oakland mayor libby shaff is signing on to having police reform. she signed president barack obama's reform pledge. it calls for oversight bodies to address police use of force policies. to read what each bay area mayor had to say on police reform, go to our website. and we have put together a page where you can read the statements and see what each mayor stands for. a policy change in san francisco, the city will help any victim of police violence. today, district attorney announced both victims and witnesses of police brutality will be eligible to pay for funeral expenses, and counciling. it makes sense that victims of police violence receive the same financial help that any other crime victim will receive.
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>> the bottom line is that people should not have to rely on a go fund me page to pay for a funeral of their son or daughter when they have been killed by law enforcement. >> the president of the san francisco police officers association agrees that all crime victims should receive support. but called today's move a political ploy by the da. >> governor newsome visited oakland, and tried to learn more as the businesses try to reopen. he went to a caribbean restaurant in downtown oakland. he listened to the concerns facing small businesses. he addressed the possibility that a spike in covid-19 cases may happen. but he said that california is ready. >> we have made it clear that we anticipate an increase in total number of positive cases. we also made it clear that concur ant recognition and commitment that we are in a substantially different place than we were, 90 days ago. >> governor adds that every day, they look at the number of positive cases as of now, they
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continue to be very similar to the past three weeks. he said that the state continues to allow can counties to determine individually when each county thinks it's safe to reopen. >> well, a message from b.a.r.t. tonight. warning riders about an employee who just tested positive for covid-19. b.a.r.t. said that the employee last worked on sunday and spent the did i on stati-- and spent stations and trains throughout the season. the video shows that he on masks and gloves and had no contact with the riders but did come in contact with other employees. those employees have been quarantined. this is the first employee that has tested positive for coronavirus on b.a.r.t. >> the biggest spike in coronavirus cases, this coming as they start to ease restrictions and open businesses. not just big businesses, kids returning to public schools and summer camps are in full swing. it may look like any june
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day in 2019, at the diablo creek golf course, if not nor the covid-19 signage. >> the people have taken on a new attitude. they have been cooperator in what they are requiring. >> daily tee times are up. 300 golfers a day over the last month. the facility hosting a first youth camp of the season for those who are ready to participate. >> some of the parents are more can considerate about getting back involved, they decided to wait for another session. >> the parents may take notice from this graphic published today, showing 65 new coronavirus cases on monday. the highest single day total since the pandemic began. what is unclear is whether the spike is because businesses have reopened or just the results of increased testing. the county health spokesman saying they are still investigating. either way, everyone is trying to figure out how to balance the new normal with these old pastimes. >> the masks may be one step too
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far for the tennis courts specifically. when i was trying to teach with a mask on, couldn't breathe. >> those at the community pool are getting ready to open. they have the green light, but the manager said the week from monday is the goal. the facility is still ironing on out the new practice and waiting on a shipment of ppe for employees. the new standard equipment in a post covid world. one of the most anticipated reopenings concerned hair salons here in contra costa county. that is set to start with masks required. nbc bay area news. tom, thank you and we are keeping track of the restrictions that are easing across the bay area. it is confusing but we laid it out for you. visit our website, nbc bay to see the full list of what is open and what remains closed. >> some of your favorite stores are no more shut down caused by the covid-19 pandemic. it led to thousands of retailers to permanently shut their doors.
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j.c. penney and pier 1 imports are the first to file for bankruptcy. that number could reach as hyatt 25,000 retail stores by the end of 2020. up next, are you ready for outdoor dining? when you will be able to sit down and eat in san francisco. >> plus the addressing diversity where there's little. a sharks player drops the hockey stick and picks up the megaphone to take on racial injustice. >> tracking the heat for tomorrow. we will update you on the state resevoirs is, you may like what we have coming our way. that is coming up in about eight minutes.
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well a long awaited taste of what is to come, san francisco's
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mayor announcing that restaurants in the city can begin seating guests outdoors as early as friday. that is way ahead of the previous time line. the today's surprise had foodies cheering and restaurants prepping. >> reporter: i'm here in north beach where they have outdoor seating and they are excited to once again seat tables. the owner of this restaurant hopes in a few days customers will be sitting under the umbrellas, enjoying dining outside. restaurants with permitted outdoor seating can serve customers at tables. starting friday. an option restaurants in santa clara a county began offering last friday. >> other parts of california reopened, and other cities and counties, people are already outside and dining and you know, we are a bit behind them, but we are getting there. so, i'm excited on to, you know,
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actually be a part of that. >> customers, many who spent the last 11 weeks eating out of the styrophome containers is ready for it. >> i'm ready for it. i'm sure they will keep the social distancing in place. i think people are aware enough. >> there's rules that come along, servers have to wear masks at all times and tables must be six feet apart. san francisco has more than 4,000 restaurants to choose from. but only a fraction will initially benefit from the new order. this seafood company restaurant has been around since 1937. like many other restaurants in the city, it has no outdoor seating. the owner said he is applied for a permit to allow a couple of tables you said s outside. >> i've been in the business all my life and it's a big change. so we just got to adapt. and start learning all over again. >> he said that no matter what
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happens with his permit, he sees allowing outdoor dining as the first course on the menu that will eventually include reopening all san francisco restaurants. >> in san francisco, nbc bay area news. >> okay, to san francisco is a go starting friday, where else can you sit down and have a meal in the bay area right now. you can see seven of the nine counties have reopened and alameda county, here in red, is the one that is not doing it. san francisco, we just showed you is joining them. alameda county holding strong and not allowing outdoor restaurants to start ep-- with social distancing and guidelines in place. contra costa county will allow them to open a week from tomorrow. all other counties in the ready have not announced a reopening day for salon, what about retail
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shopping. it's a mixed bag in the bay area. six counties in green saying you can come in. and others will allow it on june 15th. and only alameda county has no plans to let shoppers in retail stores. let's look at how the cases are going. santa clara county, reporting 46 new cases. it has over 3,000 cases overall. and contra costa county has 68 new cases and a total of almost 1800 cases. here you go, and of course the one that has still the most amount of cases is alameda, close to more than any other county. what is not clear yet is whether the small spikes we have seen are the result of easing restrictions or an increase of testing or if it's a combination of both. almost 500 people have died so far in the bay area because of the coronavirus. >> well, check the calendar, twitter and square are making
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june teeth a company holiday. it's on june 19th. it's the day many african-americans celebrate the emmancipation of slavery. the emancipation proclamation was read to after krican-americ. the nhl is not that diverse and one of player is wanting to change that. >> around to the corner. pavelski, throws it to the net, they score! >> san jose sharks evander kane is not just waiting for hockey to restart. he is trying to make hockey morin inclusive on the ice and in the stands. >> unfortunately hockey has taken on a narrative as an
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elitest sport. >> kane talked about the hockey diversity alliance. which he said is more necessary than ever given the current climate. >> we could just stand by, and allow these things to continue to happen. whether it's society or in our sports. >> so, kane and six other current and former nhl players want to broaden the appeal of hockey to all ages and backgrounds. >> we want to help create a more diverse game. more diverse fan base. and have everyone feel comfortable in their own skin. >> kane, shoots, scores! >> minority players make up 3% of the lead. he said that the sharks are supporting his push to change that. and colin kaepernick is too. >> in for the two-point conversion. >> he has been the leader of the whole movement. when he first took a knee.
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>> a movement now heading to the ice. >> in san jose, scott budman, nbc, bay area news. >> well the season is over for the warriors as we have seen for the last several weeks the players are still active. they gave a virtual congratulations to every graduating high school class acrosses the bay area. >> congratulations to the bay area class of 2020. you guys did it. and you did it under some pretty unique and uncertain circumstances to say the least. so, congratulations, now, it's time to go out and conquer the world. the last few months have taught everyone, expect the unexpected and be able to adapt, and don't let, anything, anything, stand in your way. >> good advice from steph curry. warriors head coach, steve kerr and klay thompson and oakland native, juan anderson addressed the class of of 2020. we will need their help, jessica. >> yeah, a lot of facial hair
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there from all the guys, right? >> are you noticing that around town, everyone is just kind of growing out the beard. >> the covid beard. >> jeff and i should get involved. >> hi, jeff it's warm for a beard. >> don't tell the bosses. i did did two days in a row, guys. >> whoa. >> i know. i know. not today. >> and we have been tracking the heat as jeff mentioned. any kind of long hair, facial beard, whatever you have going on there. definitely might get uncomfortable. let's take you to the micro climate forecast, we have been tracking a serious note, a fire. a relatively small fire that was down in independence high school. it seemed that they are getting a handle on it. i wanted to let folks know in that area, we still have wind gusts up to 20 miles an hour. any kind of smoke from the hot spot. it will be going off the to the south near independence high school. also down towards allen rock avenue.
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the fire was near may bury road and jackson avenue here off to the north. but the smoke would be blowing off towards the south for many hot spots as the firefighters will be closely monitoring that tonight. >> as you get the broader perspective, not much clearer. you can see, warmer upper 80s, and even san francisco at 70. as we move through tomorrow, we have numbers bumping up a couple more degrees. 81 in oakland, mid 70s in san francisco. a little hotter as we roll through tomorrow. notice that it's inincreased shower chances 35% possibility. i will have more on that, but i did also want to give you a quick look at the reservoirs, we are doing good. we did have a few strong storms this season and a healthy year last year. so a lot of southern california now 100% plus. northern california anywhere from 87 to 97% of normal. i don't think any water
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restrictions over the next 45 days. there's a bit of news. and we will talk about the rain chances ahead, coming up in 25 minutes. so, i did shave today for the record too. >> clean shaven, looks great. like a gillette commercial. >> the bay area going to add another street mural.
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we have seen caravans for graduatations and now it's for social justice. they are making their way from contra costa college, and ending in kennedy high school in richmond. drivers honking horns and holding signs out of the window to honor the life and memory of george floyd. >> and berkley will soon be like other cities who painted black lives matter on their streets. we showed you the past couple of days, berkley now planning its own version, which will be on the street in front of city
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hall. the details are being discussed and the goal is to have it finished by this week. >> regardless of the color of your skin, we are having the conversations about racial inequality andfor the african-american people this is not new. i think it's one thing that revealed to a lot of folks. at some point, they are going to come face to face with the reality of their blackness. >> if your friends are doing something, especially your white friends are doing something, you cannot do those same things, because in the police come up, you will be the one targeted. >> a very real conversation from both of them. roker said it's his job as a father to make sure his son finds balance. >> that is really powerful. >> up next at 6:30. rest in power. friends and family gather to grief to honor george floyd, the
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emotional moments this that had many people in tears. >> and also, local day-to-day business here. ready to reopen all offices, when your local dmv will be back in business.
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all over the world, george, they are marching with your name. >> right now, at 6:30, his death energized a movement today, george floyd was laid to rest. 15 days after he died, family and friends said their final
6:30 pm
farewe farewells. >> the service was invite only and streamed live worldwide. jay gray was there in houston. >> reporter: tonight, george floyd. ♪ >> is finally home. >> time for us to celebrate his life. we may weep, we may mourn. we will be comforted and find hope. great 10s of thousands acrosses the country and around the world, evident of his impact and legacy. >> we honor him today, when he took his next breath, the rest of us will now be able to breathe. ♪ ♪ god be with us >> for floyd's family, breath is difficult to gather right now. >> all i think about is when he was yelling for mama. >> their hearts heavy, their loss overwhelming. >> i love, i just want to say, i
6:31 pm
love you. and i thank god for giving me, giving me own personal superman. >> a super hero to so many here, who's message and mission does not end with his passing. >> out of his death has come a movement. a worldwide movement. >> but on this day, the most pauses if only for a few hours. to honor his memory. >> floyd's final resting place is in a family plot next to his mom, who witnesses say he was calling for just moments before he died. >> jay gray, nbc news. houston. >> thank you, jay. signs of action and response to george floyd's death, several cities addressed police reform. with nationwide protests still echoing, leaders are answering the calls for racial justice. new york state has banned the use of choke holds and is working to open police records
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of misconduct. arkansas reviewing police procedures and on capital hill, a careful balance as democrats push for national reform and they talk about redirecting police budgets to social services, like mental health or education. >> i do not agree with defunding the police. but what i absolutely agree with is that police officers should not be subjected to deal with all of the problems in society. >> the house juticiary committee is holding a hearing on police reform, and george floyd's brother is testifying. >> back to the pandemic. we want to clear up the mixed messages between the world health organization and the cdc, the w.h.o. is walking back the claim that patients who never develop symptoms rarely transmit the coronavirus. that directly contradicts the cdc that said the virus can spread from person to person, even if the carrier does not have symptoms.
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the person that sparked the confusion, that said that those that get symptoms are a risk. and those who never show symptoms are more likely to transmit the virus. the confusion has created a mess. back in business, the dnv he had is a-- the dmv said all of field offices will be open on thursday and capacity will be limit sed so the dmv said use t online portal whenever you can. behind the wheel driving tests are still not available. the department said that it hopes to have all the services available by appointment within the next few weeks. >> okay, if you have been dreaming of going to a restaurant in san francisco and actually eating there, you will be able to do it in just three days. that is ahead of the city's initial time line. they are getting to use public spaces like parking spots for business. now the man behind that play book joins us now, rodney fong,
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he is the president of the san francisco chamber of commerce. super exciting. outdoor dining. really good news. but it may be complicated because not every place in the city has the space to do outdoor dining. >> that is right. you know, as we start to reopen here, and in measured steps. restaurants and outdoor dining will be open on june 15th. there's a shared seat program which the city has put on out. which allows neighborhood commercial districts, corridrid to put seats outside. we want the restaurants to begin to open back up. they were lucky here in san francisco. we have great weather year round, it's a great opportunity to thrive, maybe more so than other cities. >> let's talk about that shared space program that you kind of eluded to, this is not only just
6:35 pm
for restaurants but it's for retailers as well. you apply for a permit and then the city allows you to use the sidewalk or the street or another place? >> that's right. and so, much like the farmer's markets that are successful in san francisco, bringing in merchandise, and bringing out food, doing demonstrations, maybe some artful music. different services and so, you know, in the end here, jessica, temperatures are giving us a great opportunity to be creative. much of the pandemic is forcing design solutions and design challenges. in san francisco, we have great streets and allys, what better place to use them. we have to to be careful of the wind and how mother nature changes hourly here in san francisco. but there's great opportunities in all of the neighborhoods of san francisco. >> and one of the other things you talk about, a potential creativity is to use food trucks. food trucks that are individuals
6:36 pm
or with restaurants that can deliver food to other areas? >> brick and mortar restaurants are struggling. brick and mortar restaurants all over the country are struggling. there's priority preference that if you can choose a food truck or a stand, that is from a brick and mortar restaurant, all the better. we want to support our local businesses. i know everyone out there wants to support their local favorite spots. so, we will continue to do that. there are someplaces that are food deserts and so maybe a food truck is appropriate. bringing in some food near our parks and open spaces. >> i know i interviewed a woman who had two restaurants in the financial district. and like, unlike others that, there were other restaurants that were able to rely on neighborhoods for takeout, there was no one in the financial district. because a lot of the big companies are not bringing employees back, what is going to happen to those spaces?
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>> that's right, this is a new normal, jessica. the downtown corridor, we are hearing about companies having the advantage of working from home. we realized that we are doing this interview remotely, it works to a certain degree. for another piece, collaboration will be important. and gathering together to figure things out, it will be important. but, the downtown court will be quieter. at least initially. some of the restaurants will have a difficult time in serving restaurant lunch patrons, and the lunch crowd. it's so important right now that we focus on keeping big, medium and small businesses in san francisco. the big businesses and medium businesses provide the customers for all the sandwich shops that we are so familiar with in san francisco. and if we want to keep that small business going, we have to support all businesses at all levels and think about them as employers. right now, san francisco is looking at 20% unemployment,
6:38 pm
which is a record number. we have got to get those folks back to work, we have got to support all levels of business. big and small and get folks back on the street and feel the confidence. >> time to start getting back to business. and have people back to making their livelihood. thank you so much for being with us. >> thank you. >> up next, here at 6:00, helping help for struggling families. the move making a difference here in the bay area. the weather's perfect...
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find a stock basedtech. on your interests or what's trending. get real-time insights in your customized view of the market. it's smarter trading technology for smarter trading decisions. fidelity. well, now to the making it in the bay series, the new resource open today for struggling east bay families. it's called family matters, it's a new shelter. it's a former rec center that they were not using. took up to a year to round up the money needed to open the doors. structural race. is a driver of homelessness. and so, this moment should be
6:41 pm
seen as something that is very relevant to the larger context of the conversation and the demand for just ic that we are hearing. >> because of social distancing rules, ten families will be able to move in, but eventually it will accommodate 100 people. it's for people to stay a few months until they are on their feet. >> businesses continue to reopen, and others prepare to do the same. customers are cautiously returning. the restaurants are busy, not just cooking food, but taking various precautions to be able to host everyone. indoor dining will be allowed on july 1st. that could be a huge boost. >> i think we have all been a little bit sheltered. >> you want to come out and enjoy the scenery, and the outside on. get fresh air in. and just, just be around people, i guess. >> among the other businesses,
6:42 pm
allowed to reopen. the streets of contra costa county, bars, churches and gyms. >> our jeff has been open doing the weather since day one of all this. >> and it's busy, a lot of stories tell you guys. when we all get back together. right now, we are focusing on the heat. hotter tomorrow, we will talk about increasing rain chances. i will see you in seven minutes. we do battle with a rental car company and find a lesson for everyone. nbc bay area responds, next.
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nbc bay area responds to an oakland woman who rented a car prepandemic. they are steering her in the right direction. i get it. >> she was kind of stuck in neutral as it were.
6:45 pm
hi, jessica. here's the thing, alicia rented a car in chicago and got a $250 fee after that rental on top of the rental charges. it was listed as business services. so she asked budget, what does that mean? well budget said it was a cleaning fee for two different things. they said that there was a smoke smell in the car, and dirt. it was the smoke that really concerned alicia, because she said yeah, she returned the car clean, but she does not smoke. alicia asked for photos. budget provided this photo. the smoking gun as it were. this is the door frame. this is where the door is over there and this is the rub er gasket, the smoking gun is this white bit right here, supposedly that was a ash, and she didn't buy it, so she asked us to intervene, we asked budget about the fee, and they would not
6:46 pm
budget. we asked why it took so long for them to alicia to see the fee. budget says that they addresses fees as efficient as possible. here's the advice. she did the quick drop off, in the future, she will not do that. she will hang around and let them do the inspection and ideally get a zero balance bill on the spot before she leaves that car in their possession is. all right, if you are stuck, perhaps we can get the wheels turning. head to nbc bay and pull up the menu and click respond. you can give us a call, our number is 1-888-996-tips. i will park it back to you guys. pier 45, does it impact you? think seafood.
6:47 pm
we will show you how the city is trying to help. the commercial fisherman, cast your line to fate so nature will come through. for this crab fisherman. the entire, by then, it was burn out. >> the inferno at pier 45, you see on may 23rd, claimed miller's crab traps, all 400 of them. know each trap by name, to see them all in a pile of junk, it hurts me every day. >> they toured the twisted and crumpled ruins of the shed, where 30 fisherman lost some 6,000 crab and fishing traps. >> this is our area. this is what we have been able to isolate it down to. >> the fire department said they pinpointed the area where the fire started and still needs to get heavy had machinery in to the site to determine the cause.
6:48 pm
in the meantime, city leaders are focused on getting relief to fisherman, who were in a race against time to replace crab gear, from the season opener. >> if you order them two months from now, by the time you get them, you cannot get them ready to go fishing in november. aaron said that the city plans to raise $500,000 to get each impacted fisherman $40,000 toward new gear. fisherman's wharf is linked to crab and fishing and it's part of the city's identity. it's like i spent so much money. >> the twisted debris of lost work. you have to believe. things will work out. high hopes, we wish them luck. >> all right, let's bring in jeff again. jeff, super warm, we expect it tomorrow? >> yes, so, i know you are going to be happy with the forecast. jess, we know punish love that
6:49 pm
heat. and so 90s coming our way, it will not be record setting or in the triple digits. as we bring out the high definition sky network. they sat up against our averages and we are normally in the upper 70s to low 80s. but you can see, 92 in santa rosa, 12 degrees above the average. 91 in concord and san jose, also reaches 90, which was 12 above the average. even san francisco, up to 74 degrees. so, let's go ahead and focus in on concord tonight and you will see right now, 89 degrees. it's going to be a slow drop off though, so if you don't have air condition canning, even in to 10:00 and 11:00, low 70s, your house will retain the heat, you may have a tough time sleeping. maybe think of putting all of your drinks on ice and maybe putting a cold towel in the freezer that can sometimes help you out. we will get a bit of relief for the early start of the day.
6:50 pm
we are looking at mid to upper 60s, mostly sunny skies across the south bay peninsula, and the tri-valley. specifically for the east bay. 69 degrees, san francisco, 66. but do notice, we have a bit of patchy coastal fog that will be coming back. so right up against the coast line, that will keep the coast from getting too hot tomorrow. down in the south bay tomorrow. it will be a bit warmer. warming up by 2 or 3 degrees. this will put us at 93. 90 over to los gat on tmpgatos, have the restaurants opening up with outdoor seating, it will be a warm day, but, good for outdoor eating. 94 here in concord, and head to oakland, it's a warm day for you, 81 as we have a breeze off the bay that will keep you from getting in to the 90s 90 in palo alto, and 69 in daly city and that was from the ocean breeze. more 60s in san francisco, and you head away from the breeze in
6:51 pm
to the mission and we will be in the mid 70s and for the north bay, we have it up as warm as 93 and you get some of the bay and the ocean breeze. so, you will be at 86, probably some of the best weather, rigom big day of the heat this week. it's a short spin for us. let's look at the broader weather picture and the thing that i really want to turn focus towards is the system developing out here by friday andsaturday. big -- drop in temporas it's a great way to see it and track it as we get closer to it. 35% chance of an evening shower friday. and a 35% chance of a morning shower on saturday. go down to cooler 60s in san francisco. for the inland valleys, we are going down to 75 on friday. a big, big drop. i have a few seconds on the clock, so i want to zoom out in the rain happen and you can see there by friday night, spotty showers and then, we could see
6:52 pm
that moving in to 11:30 at night. i'm not sold on the widespread rain chance yet. a slight chance of spotty showers for now, we will know more as we go lou the next day or so, and i will keep you up to date on that. so, jess, you have to get out tomorrow. >> i will. >> do your tiktok video in the warm weather. >> i think i'm just going to go for a hike. thanks, jeff. >> all right. >> okay, we have sports. the earthquakes give fans a new reason to cheer.
6:53 pm
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6:55 pm
welcome sight, for today, we saw one of our local -- >> restrictions easing in santa clara county, a lot of people excited just to see practice here. we will take you to the stadium and tell you the players showed up and they have to get their temperature taken before they were cleared to practice. you see this, it's going to be getting back to normal here. they were running the drills. here's the bottom line.
6:56 pm
restart the season. the 49ers plan to kick off training camp. the raiders as you might ar know, will hold their training camp in las vegas. and napa. >> that's a sad one. people were wanting that last camp. ending on something good. our nightly tribute to the class of 2020. >> this will be one of the most memorable classes in history. congratulations. ♪
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7:00 pm
another new development in the disappearance of madeleine mccann. >> >> the whole story, and where are they now? >> charlie, that really hurt! welcome to "access hollywood with. "get's let right to the headlines. geor


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