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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  July 9, 2020 11:00pm-11:34pm PDT

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order now with no contact delivery. get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery. right now at 11:00, we have breaking news in contra costa county. two sheriff's deputies shot and a suspect dead after an all-day standoff. it happened in unincorporated brentwood at kite hawk lane and green acres. >> a lot of questions as to how this standoff escalated and turned deadly.
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nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is at the scene for us with some answers. cheryl, what do we know? >> reporter: well, deputies are still on the scene, and they're still arriving. it seems as though they're going to be here for a long time processing the area. the shooting where it happened is right down the road. this is a very small town and a very rural area. let's roll the videotape from earlier today. this is what we know. deputies were called to this home at around 12:30. when they got here, they saw a man shouldering a shotgun, a beer, and a knife. that's when the standoff began. sheriff's deputies tried to engage the man for about nine hours. we don't have many details about that. we don't know if he was in the home alone or not, and we have no idea why police were even called. but sudden at around 9:20, a volley of bullets rang out. two deputies injured. suspect shot and killed. another deputy treated at the scene and released.
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so we still don't have a lot of information here tonight, but we do know that deputies will be here on the scene. one suspect is now dead. we're still gathering information. we'll of course have an update on this story on our morning newscast "today in the bay" at 4:30. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> we will stay on the story. since this all broke, we started tweeting updates. our twitter feed is a very good resource for breaking news. you can follow us. our handle @nbc bay area. now to a developing story in the north bay. concern spreading tonight about a racist message. that message is being broadcast on the primary radio frequency used by both the napa county sheriff's office and the napa police department. the sheriff's office posted this picture to facebook tonight saying the source of the broadcast is being actively investigated. the broadcast has happened repeatedly by an unauthorized and unknown person.
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the fcc has also been advised. after decades of denial, a prestigious all-girls catholic school is apologizing. for years, students who spoke about sexual abuse at presentation high were ignored. now the catholic school in san jose is confirming most of the allegations. this is a story we started to uncover three years ago. nbc bay area's jean elle has the inside details. >> i'm overwhelmed with emotion. it's a devastating read. >> reporter: presentation high school graduate katherine lee hayne has been waiting for her alma mater to face its troubled past for decades. she is one of several students who told high school staff about sexual abuse and misconduct on campus starting in the early 1980s until 2013. but administrators didn't act until last year when new school leadership hired an outside investigator to look into the claims. the findings released today document alleged sexual
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misconduct ors and one former coach and details the failure of former school leadership to act. lee hayne was the first to speak publicly mabout the abuse she endured. >> you feel a combination of reliving some of the trauma but also this amazing relief that your story is being heard and that people know the truth. >> reporter: nbc bay area's investigative unit first uncovered the story three years ago. now presentation high school says it's handing the new report over to the san jose police department and it's removing the names of two former leaders who are accused of failing to adequately deal with the reports of sexual abuse from public spaces at the all-girls school. leehane says having the painful truth revealed will help victims heal. >> what is happening here is absolutely the right thing. they're demonstrating accountability, transparency, compassion. they're offering support for the
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survivors. >> reporter: survivors presentation high school is now apologizing to for failing to protect them and then failing to take them seriously. jean elle, nbc bay area news. >> to watch our series of reports, go to and click on the investigations tab right there at the top. new at 11:00, a disturbing discovery in the south bay. human remains found on some farmland in south san jose. sheriff's deputies say human bones were found near a tent or homeless encampment off richman avenue at santa theresa boulevard. investigators haven't figured out if the remains are from a male or female. investigators spent a couple of hours collecting evidence. the sheriff's department says this is an ongoing investigation. as we head towards the weekend, more updates about the coronavirus. new numbers late tonight. the bay area added cases, bringing the total number of local cases 31,000 people. santa clara, alameda, and contra
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costa counties are seeing the highest number of new cases. statewide, more than 7,000 new cases within the last 24 hours. the seven-day average is up to 8,000 daily cases. a key data point to watch here, the statewide hospitalization rights. unfortunately, they are climbing. take a look at the last four months. the blue is non-icu cases. the yellow you see on your screen is the icu cases. april, may, and june were largely steady at around 3,000 people in the hospital. but in these last three weeks, a different story. you see that spike there. well past 6,000 in this month alone. 6,000 people in the hospital. tonight the chair of ucsf's department of medicine says too many people let their guard down when many businesses reopened. >> i think it's fine that we opened up. i think it was a reasonable thing for us to do given how well we were doing. but i think too many people saw that as the starting gun for not
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being as careful as they needed to be, not wearing masks. >> dr. walk ter says if things do not improve, we could end up backsliding and sheltering at home once again. san francisco mayor london breed has tested negative for covid-19. the mayor took the test after learning she may have been exposed at an event. she says she won't be attending events for ten days as a precaution and will take another test next week. supervisor shamann walton was at that same event. he took a test as well, and it came back negative. don't let your guard down. a message from dr. anthony fauci. he says the country is still in a challenging period when it comes to its coronavirus response and when it comes to treatment and a vaccine, the bay area is helping to lead the way. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd has more. >> it really is the perfect storm. >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci making that statement at the
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hills future of health care summit today. his comments come as states across the south and western u.s. are experiencing massive outbreaks, california included. he worries about covid's transmission rate. >> the efficiency with which this transmits is really striking. >> reporter: striking because he says people can walk around with no symptoms while others get sick and die. >> hopefully we'll have scientific advances in the form of therapies and vaccines to complement successful public health endeavors. >> reporter: the bay area is at the forefront of those endeavors. gilead sciences in foster city is involved in the clinical trial of remdesivir, the first drug to show promise in the treating of covid patients. >> most studies require hundreds if not thousands of people to be tested before a vaccine is approved. >> reporter: dr. yvonne maldonado is a professor of pediatrics with a focus of
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infectious diseases at stanford. she says three of her colleagues are advising the federal government on vaccine development. >> and so what we are doing is really working on the laboratory side to understand the laboratory values, the way the cells will respond to the vaccine. >> reporter: clinical trials for a vaccine are on a fast track. experts are hoping a vaccine could become a reality sometime next year. cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. tonight, santa clara county released new guidelines for reopening public swimming pools. pools can reopen on monday. swimmers must reserve a time slot. pools will have a limited capacity. you got to stay at least six feet away from others, wear a mask when you're not swimming, and bring your own towels. gyms aext monday, but are there too many restrictions? after reading through the fine print, many gym owners are wondering if they can meet all of the new rules without losing
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even more money and ultimately going out of business. rules for reopening include no indoor cardio, limited capacity, and clients have to make an appointment to work out. the owner of the camp transformation center is worried about these mandates. >> yes, they're very severe. i saw them last night, and i couldn't sleep because i was thinking of, you know, what if this, what if that. >> david lopez says he plans to reopen on july 20th with maybe half the number of members inside. he says, though, he's not going down without a fight. up next, what happened to naya rivera. new video of the actress and her son at a boat dock in southern california the day she disappeared. we investigate how covid-19 will impact the 2020 election and make it unlike any in history. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. i'll take a look at widespread temperatures tomor
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new video tonight in the disappearance of actress naya rivera. a security camera at the boat launch in ventura county captured when rivera and her 4-year-old son arrived to rent a pontoon boat at like piru. the video shows them getting out of their car and later heading to the dock. search and rescue crews were back in the water today looking for any signs of missing actress. authorities now believe rivera of the hit show "glee" drowned. rivera failed to return a rented boat. searchers found the boat with her son asleep on board. he told rescuers his mother went swimming and never came back to the boat. naya's brother michael rivera played for the raiders a few years back. new at 11:00, skateboarders hitting the streets of san francisco for racial equality. a handful of skaters climbed
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twin peaks, the second highest hill in the city to bring awareness of racism within the skate community. one of the organizers said he wanted to bring the community together to listen to black skaters and push for change. in advance of a big protest planned for martinez this weekend, some businesses you can see there are boarding up their storefronts. they're afraid anarchists and other fringe groups may cause a lot of trouble. the protest was organized by two local groups inspired by the black lives matter movement, and they expect thousands to march with them. police say white supremacy groups indicate they will also show up. last weekend a black lives matter street mural in downtown martinez was defaced, sparking several heated confrontations. the two vandals, you can see them there in the red shirts, are charged with a misdemeanor hate crime. the presidential election is less than four months away and experts predict long lines and days of delays to find out who won. >> for the first time in california history, all counties
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can vote by mail, but are local election offices prepared to handle 15 million mail-in ballots. stephen stock took a look at the governor's proposed plan. >> reporter: vote by mail is already very familiar here in california, where 70% of voters use the mail or vote centers when they voted in record numbers for a presidential primary back in march. even so, the governor's bovote mailman date and the covid crisis will cost millions more in money and manpower come this november. for contra costa county's 660,000 registered voters, this year's presidential election will be unlike any other. >> the train's rolling, so we're prepared for worst case right now. >> reporter: it's a first for debbie cooper, who will supervise her first election as the new county clerk recorder and registrar. >> we realize there's going to be more ballots than in the
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past. so we have to process and it's going to take longer. >> reporter: longer to process and count, more vote by mail ballots. because of covid safety concerns, governor gavin newsom ordered all 58 california counties to send every voter a mail-in ballot whether the counties were prepared to do so or not. the order was meant to provide every registered california voter a safe alternative to showing up at the polls in person. >> it's going to be a new experience. >> reporter: -- >> i think you're going to have a significant risk of if not human error, at least human confusion because you're trying to staff up beyond your normal capacity. >> reporter: already 14 california counties including san mateo, napa, and santa clara are voter choice counties. in other words, they've done away with the traditional precinct systems and vote by mail or drop off ballots at vote centers. but covid will still cost those
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counties more in extra staffing, spacing to keep distance, and hardware like plexiglas installed in offices. >> we're going to have to work hard to make sure voters know to expect their ballot in the mail in advance of the election. >> reporter: california secretary of state alex padilla oversees the election process. his office estimates it will cost at least another $129 million statewide because of the coronavirus. >> we have the baseline infrastructure and capacity established in each county. we just need to ramp up whether it's additional sorting equipment. maybe it's additional staffing, and frankly voter education is going to be a key component here. >> reporter: as for the other 44 non-voters choice counties like alameda, san francisco, and contra costa, governor newsom's order means they have to send ballots by mail to all their registered voters but also locate and staff the usual voting precincts. >> so we're determining the staffing needs. we're trying to locate poll workers, which of course is a challenge. >> reporter: while the impact is
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likely to be minimal in contra costa, where about 75% of residents already vote by mail, it will still cost the county what cooper estimates to be another extra $1.8 million. >> it puts us in a situation of having to have 65 in-person voting locations, which we think at least right now during this pandemic is dangerous. >> reporter: similar orders have been issued by other governors in states across the country, meaning covid-19's impact on the election could be substantial. >> we really have no choice. we have to make this transition. >> reporter: this stanford law professor has studied american law for years. >> we need to prepare for this election like we would for a natural disaster, like an earthquake or a hurricane. >> reporter: he published this paper. >> i think this is a turning point for certain states. >> reporter: he warns that covid's impact make other
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threats like sicyber threats an misinformation all the more severe. >> the problem is the electoral environment is one that is particularly nerve-racking these days and characterized by polarization. so there's very little room for error. >> reporter: another likely impact that everyone we talked to for this story warned us about, delays in the results of the upcoming november election. because mail-in ballots have to be opened, sorted and counted, that can take a lot longer than in the past. so if the election is close, it could be several days or even a week or longer before a winner is named. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, stephen. if you have a story for our investigative unit, give us a call. 888-996-tips. you can also visit our website, janelle, one of the highlights of my week was jeff ranieri during our 6:00 newscast talking about the gopher problems he has in his garden eating away at some of your
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plants. you had us entertained, jeff. >> oh, man. you know, it was fun to share on-air, but those gophers, man, they go right for the roots. so as i said earlier, a little tip for those of you at home. the chicken wire does not work when you wrap the roots around it. you got to get that mesh wire, that super, super fine there so there's really no way the moles or gophers can get into those plants. i posted it on my instagram if you wanted to see it. let's get you into tomorrow's forecast. if you're doing some planting, maybe wrapping some new shrubs, trees, in wire to keep the gophers out, we got a great forecast for that. we're going to start off the morning with temperatures in the low to mid 60s. a little fog near the coast, also the bay to start. no nothing too major. 63 for the peninsula. east bay, 64 degrees. san francisco, patchy fog and 589. the north bay at 62.
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temperatures will be warm for the afternoon. there's no real big adjustments on the heat we expect. down here in the south bay we have 89 in san jose. that's from a little bit of a breeze off the bay. it should keep you out of the 90s. but look at east san jose, morgan hill and gilroy. you'll be in the low 90s tomorrow. hottest weather again as you get farther away from the ocean breeze. that's some of the usual suspects here of livermore, concord, pittsburg, also danville in the mid-90s. closer to the water, check it out. oakland at 76. real, real nice place to be. 85 in palo alto. and then let's go up into san francisco. here comes more 60s. the marina at 60. winds gusting out of the west at 19, so take your vakt if you're headed there. then down towards the mission, a little milder, 68 degrees. marin, napa, sonoma counties i have you up into the low 90s for napa, sonoma and novato. mill valley at 84. my extended forecast in san francisco continues with 60s the
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next seven days. we get a little bit of fog here and there but overall real beautiful weather. and for the inland valleys, we're going to the 90s here right into the weekend. then notice as we roll through early next midweek, we do have some 90s coming our way as temperatures will drop. right now no extended 100s coming back into the forecast, and that is the good news right now. raj and janelle, it means i have a lot of work to do tomorrow. i think i've got eight or ten plants. i've got some mesh wire i got online a while ago. i'm going to get busy on that. these gophers are not going to win. i'll tell you that. >> i hope bill murray is watching somewhere tonight. >> thanks, jeff. up next, a warning to new and expecting mothers. what scientists are discovering about possibly transmitting the coronavirus to their newborns. happening now, california is suing the trump administration. the lawsuit claims the federal government cannot require international students to take
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in-person classes in the fall amid this pandemic. the suit challenges the new rule that says international students have to change schools or possibly be deported if their university only offers online classes. we're back in a moment.
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a new study shows pregnant women who get infected with covid-19 can pass the virus to their babies. italian researchers studied 31 pregnant women who all were infected with the virus and later gave birth. they found the virus was present in several samples of umbilical cord blood, the placenta, and breast milk. they also detected antibodies in the breast milk. only two of the babies had
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tested positive for covid-19 at birth, but neither became ill. new numbers released today show more than a million people lost their jobs this week. small businesses are banking on a combination of adapting to the new normal and help from the state and feds to survive. now, one example, the prune yard cinemas in campbell. the owner set up outdoor dining to try to stay afloat and bring back employees. yep, you can eat right there at the movie theater. he says they laid off 118 people in march. right now they can only afford to bring back about a dozen of them. okay. we're back in a moment with an update from buster posey. why he might not join the giants this season. stay with us.
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the geico giveback. helping riders focus on the road ahead. the giants could be losing one of the most popular players in team history. it's still not clear if buster posey will choose to play this season. >> he missed practice again today, janelle. manager gabe kapler and general manager farhan zaidi saying buster is continuing to evaluate things. he might sit out because of the covid concerns. we also have a major decision in college football. the big ten conference is canceling all non-conference games and, yep, it impacts the bay area.
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san jose state was scheduled to play at penn state, a big 10 team, on september 19th. that's not going to happen now. no word yet from the pac-12 and if stanford and cal will be altering their schedules. here's a fight that steph curry will not win. he's having some fun today sparring with boxing champ canelo alvarez. they're gearing up for that big celebrity golf tournament which tees off tomorrow in south lake tahoe. among the celebs, that guy right there, super bowl mvp patrick mahomes, jerry rice, aaron rodgers, and charles barkley. this year as you can imagine, no big parties on the lake, and no fans on the course. we're back in a moment. hi. we're glad you came in. what's on your mind? can you help keep these guys protected online? easy. connect to the xfi gateway. what about wireless data options for the family? you can customize and save. what about internet speeds that can keep up with my gaming? let's hook you up with the fastest internet from xfinity. and now with our stores reopening,
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finally tonight, something good. a 6-year-old girl in the east bay has raised over $80,000 now for the oakland zoo in just one week. andie solar from castro valley started a facebook fund-raiser when she heard the zoo was at risk of closing down for good because the pandemic has caused the zoo to lose so much money. she started with $5 she got from the tooth fairy and a promise to make a bracelet for anyone who donated to her fund. donations started coming in from all around the country.
11:34 pm
>> we have a lot of $5, $10 donations and people sending notes saying, we love the zoo. this is all we can afford right now. >> andie should be proud of this for the rest of her life. >> that's the president of the zoo. the zoo is now asking the state to reclassify it as an outdoor museum so it can immediately reopen. >> we need andie here. can she work for us at nbc bay area? >> she's got to fight to save the zoo here, and then we'll have her join us. we hope it can reopen. >> that's a great story. thanks for joining us here on this thursday night. we've almost made it to friday, janelle. >> yes, we did. have a good night, folks. we'll see you tomorrow. >> good night. >> jimmy: welcome to "the tonight show" at home edition. my name is jimmy fallon, and
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