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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  July 10, 2020 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now at 4:30, breaking news. a fast-moving fire shuts down a major east bay highway overnight. we're live on the scene with how the fire started and why everyone should be on alert around the bay area going into the weekend. plus, more breaking news in the east bay where deputies shot and killed a suspect after an all new this morning what investigators say started the ordeal that left deputies injured. this is "today in the bay." good friday morning to you. i'm cierra johnson. >> and i'm kris sanchez. marcus and laura enjoying time off.
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before we get to kari and mike, that breaking news out of livermore. lanes of 580 in the altamont pass are open once again this morning after that fast-moving vegetation fire closed the highway in both directions for nearly 4 1/2 hours. video from the scene shows the char scar there. our sharon katsuda joins us by phone. what are you seeing once you get there? >> reporter:ry, kris. i pulled off at grant line road and i'm stepping aside because a fire truck is pulling up in the area. luckily they tackled the fire and it is out now. right now i am seeing a lot of traffic heading westbound on highway 580 at grant line road. when i arrived close to about 3:45, i was sitting in all of the traffic going eastbound, but then they opened it up around 3:45, 4:00. so traffic is slowing smoothly if you're heading eastbound on
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580. but westbound still looks really bad. back to you. >> bad this early. to meteorologist kari hall. kari, we know that we've been expecting some hot weather, and that's not the conditions we like to see with a fire. no, and we know we just have very dry vegetation at this point. and it's always windy coming through the altamont pass as the air funnels through parts of the bay area. so those winds kind of fanning those flames. good to know they're getting a handle on that. let's head over to walnut creek as we start out this morning with a mostly clear morning and our temperatures are in the upper 50s to low 60s as we go throughout today. we know it's going to be another hot day at 11:00. 80 degrees. low to mid-90s for this afternoon. and for the interior sections of the bay area it will be hot, but at least we do have our cool coastal temperatures. we'll talk more about this and what's ahead in the forecast coming up in a few minutes.
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how is it looking for other areas around the bay? you talk about the area with the fire, the altamont pass. we'll start with that. it is still a traffic alert. as sharon reported the eastbound lanes have reopened. toward 205 traffic jammed up in the westbound direction, we still have three lanes that opened. two lanes are still blocked. around grant line road is where things opened up and that does mean more traffic. the rest of the bay, once you get past grant line road is smooth. the arrow shows you where the early start may not be so early, a, because it's friday, and b, people are held up in the altamont pass. the rest of the bay is looking clear. >> thank you, mike. more breaking news on this friday. two contra county sheriff's deputies are recovering this morning, hurt in a deadly overnight shoot-out with a barricaded suspect in knightsen near brentwood. officials say it started when a
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woman said she was being held hostage. a s.w.a.t. team was called in just before 1:00 in the afternoon. at 9:00 in the evening officials say the suspect came out, firing a shotgun at members of the s.w.a.t. team. three of the s.w.a.t. team members were hit. the deputies did return fire at the man who was then pronounced dead at the scene. two of the three deputies were sent to the hospital for their injuries. and developing now a disturbing discovery in the south bay. human remains found on some farmland in south san jose. santa clara county sheriff's deputies say human bones were found near a tent or homeless encampment. investigators have not been able to figure out whether the remains are those of a woman or a man. crime scene investigators spent a couple hours collecting evidence yesterday. the sheriff's department says this is an ongoing investigation. overnight california marked a new milestone in this pandemic. confirmed cases have surpassed
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300,000, the second highest in the nation only behind new york. the state is also setting daily records in confirmed cases and deaths and now a shortage of testing kits, and labs can't keep up with the processing. places like los angeles are back to only testing people with symptoms and several sites closed earlier this week because they ran out of testing kits. bad news for local businesses in sonoma county. it is expected to be added to the state's watch list today. that means the restrictions could be tighter. "the press democrat" reports starting monday indoor dining, drinking at restaurants, bars, and tasting rooms will shut down for at least three weeks. that decision is because of the county's rise in covid-19 cases and hospitalizations. county supervisors plan to discuss ways to crack down on anyone that's not following the rules. don't let your guard down. a troubling message from expert dr. anthony fauci. he says the country is still in a challenging period when it
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comes to the coronavirus response. fauci making that statement at the hill's future of health care summit. his comments come as the states across the south and the western u.s. are experiencing massive outbreaks we've been telling you about. >> hopefully we'll have scientific advances in the form of therapies and vaccines to complement successful public health endeavors. >> the bay area is at the forefront. gilead science is in foster city is involved in clinical trial of remdesivir. a recent california lawsuit graduates are stuck in a legal pickle tied to medicine more than to justice. how to go ahead with this year's bar exam. the in-person exam typically determines the fate of a person's legal career. they now are on hold and the state supreme court is figuring out how to move forward. one idea would allow diploma privilege where graduates would
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be automatically licensed. other states are considering the same idea. but for now the exam has been delayed from later this month to early september. in advance of a big civil rights protest planned for martinez this weekend some businesses are boarding ups afr and others may cause trouble. two local groups inspired by the black lives matter movement expect thousands to march with them. police say white supremacy groups have indicated they'll show up as well. last weekend a black lives matter street mural in downtown martinez was defaced sparking several heated confrontations. the two vandals are charged with a misdemeanor hate crime. on the peninsula new details on a growing movement to remove a black lives matter mural in palo alto. according to "the mercury news" the national police association is demanding that the city remove that art project. the mural features a black liberation army member who escaped prison after being convicted of killing a new jersey police officer.
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it currently is on hamilton avenue across from city hall. check it out for yourself. this week the city's mayor said he and other city officials do not plan to paint over that image. berkeley leaders are considering the unusual idea of taking traffic stops out of the hands of police officers. next tuesday councilmembers will consider this as one way to reduce police response to nonviolent crimes tied to reform and defunding. this is believed to be the first of its kind of idea anywhere unarmed public works agents would enforce traffic instead. across the state many people still dealing with unemployment issues waiting for benefits. still ahead on "today in the bay," the growing concerns about scammers now trying to also cash in on the issue and what you need to know to avoid having your information stolen. plus, the housing market that is the most vulnerable to the impact of covid-19. you're watching "today in the bay."
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right now at 4:41 as we check out our live view of san jose and head out the door this morning, we are going to see our temperatures nice and cool to start, a lot of sunshine. you'll notice it will be slightly warmer today as we go from the upper 50s to the mid-80s by noon. we'll talk more about this and the weekend forecast up next. good morning. i'm frank holland at cnbc headquarters. here are today's top business headlines. wall street is set to open up
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lower this morning. yesterday stocks ended largely in the red but closed off those lows as investors amid rising covid cases in states such as arizona and florida. the dow falling more than 350 points. walgreens reported some disappointing quarterly earnings. the nasdaq hitting another record high, however, its 26th of the year. in focus, data on producer prices or inflation at the wholesale level. a new report out today highlights the housing markets that are the most vulnerable to the impact of covid-19. the areas most at risk in the second quarter were on the east coast and northern illinois. higher levels for closure activity and mortgages that are under water were found more often in those at-risk regions. the west, however, had the fewest at-risk markets. ios 14 available to the version public to test out. it has several new features long requested by users including the ability to change your default email and browser apps and
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picture and picture while you use other apps. however, a big however, apple is warning people it's not ready for everyday use. there are bug that is could suddenly stop your phone from working, and you could potentially actually lose your data. kari hall, back over to you. frank, that's not good. outside in san francisco looks like a blank shot but it's a lot of fog that will help keep san francisco cool but not help us out in the valleys. we'll talk more about this coming up next. and we are also talking about that fire that continues to cause part of 580. your commute direction, unfortunately, to be closed down. we'll talk about why the configuration is like it is.
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just about 4:45. this beautiful picture over san francisco. love seeing the bay bridge in the distance. there's some of that fog that meteorologist kari hall was talking about. the question, as always, will it stick around, or will it burn off? let's see. good morning, kari. good morning. yes, we'll see that fog clearing out fairly quickly, but it will be right there along the coastline just offshore to keep it cool in san francisco. we can see it from this vantage point as well as it's draped over soma and our taller buildings hidden by the fog the. let's look at our
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be another hot day. we see our trend starting up towards late morning and into the afternoon as we get ready for highs that will reach into the 90s today. it'll be very much like yesterday afternoon as we reach up to 94 in livermore. in conco expect a high o degrees. those are some of our hotter al. san francisco mostly in the upper 60s. what's happening here, but then we shift our attention off towards the east for our east coast friends dealing with a tropical storm this morning. fay has developed and this will be moving up the atlantic coast, moving over to new york city. and this is going to have an impact as we go into tomorrow as well as sunday before it quickly moves out. so a wet weekend for our friends and family. make sure you give them a call in the area. as we look at what's going on here hot weather and temperatures that will reach into the 90s in the valleys, and
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it starts to ease off heading into early next week, but we are still looking at some well above normal temperatures as we get a look at our highs that will reach into the 90s today. i think slightly hotter on sunday. then it starts to back off looking at next week. it's feeling a little bit better with some upper 80s and even some mid-80s towards the middle of next week. san francisco is looking at mostly 60s throughout the next seven days. mike, what's the update for what's happening coming through the altamont pass? traffic is coming through the altamont pass and it's going to the altamont pass as well. eastbound, this way. westbound this way. overall the traffic flow around the bay is moving great right now. as you would expect on a friday the problem is westbound coming in going this way on our maps.
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the fire is between the east and westbound directions. westbound still has your middle lanes closed because between the two directions there's a wide swath of grass there. that was on fire. your right lanes are open as you travel out of the altamont pass. kris, if folks stay over to the right they'll do better. only the two right lanes are open. >> thanks for keeping us on track. authorities in southern california are confirming the second of two recent high-profile suicides. we don't generally report on suicides, but this happened in the midst of the protests. the bodies of two black men were found hanging in two separate trees in l.a. within ten days. security video later confirmed one of those hangings in victorville now investigators are confirming there was no foul play in the other death in palmdale. after family members called for further investigation authorities did determine that the person in this case bought the rope himself the month before and had previously tried to kill himself.
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the former usc gynecologist accused of sexually assaulting dozens if not hundreds of women dating back decades is facing new charges. six new felony counts against george tindle. he pleaded not guilty to the original charges last year. the charges date back to 2009. but victims have made accusations dating back to the 1980s. president trump heads to florida, a growing epicenter of the coronavirus. the trump administration is continuing to focus on reopening schools in the fall as covid-19 numbers surge across the u.s. "today in the bay's" alice barr has more on the push despite increasing number of infections. alice? >> reporter: president trump headed to florida today to meet with military leaders fighting the drug trade. but it will be hard to ignore the fight all around him against the surging coronavirus. florida now reporting more than
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4,000 deaths and nearly 10,000 new cases in a single day this week. >> we're seeing more a more concerns. >> reporter: anthony fauci urging states with soaring cases to pause their reopening plans and re-assess. >> we went from shutting down to opening up in a way thated overe guide posts. that's not the way to go. >> reporter: president trump claiming increased testing has become political ammunition, though critics argue he has politicized the pandemic. >> we are testing and creating. it's the greatest thing that ever happened for the opposite party. >> reporter: as the crisis grows, the president continuing to push schools to reopen as early as next month. >> open our schools. stop this nonsense. we open our schools. >> reporter: parents and teachers in some hot spots say they will not be going back if the numbers don't improve. >> i don't think schools should be opening up next month.
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the numbers here are crazy. >> i am not ready to go back, and i know a lot of my collea be willing to go back either. >> reporter: the cdc now saying it will offer more direction for schools to open safely but will not change its original guidelines that president trump called too tough and expensive. in washington, alice barr, nbc news. >> as doctors rush to find a covid-19 vaccine, one group is asking volunteers to willingly risk their lives to try to help find a cure. that group is asking healthy people to sign up and get injected with possible covid-19 vaccine. more than 30,000 people signed up for the human challenge trial. one san diego man said he got the call to be part of the human trials and is happy to contribute. >> basically you get injected with the vaccine, wait a couple weeks once the response is shown then you go to these locations and get injected with covid.
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>> the group says if it can speed up the vaccine process by even three months it could save about a half million heads-up tm the state's employment development department. if you receive a letter or a text message from them, pay attention. the letter asks for something called retroactive certification. it's working to confirm information that those who received benefits are indeed eligible to do so. the edd says this is not a scam. >> we wanted to move forward, get those payments made and come back and clean it up later. >> since the pandemic the edd processed 7 million unemployment claims totaling $37.5 billion. one of the most popular trends among top@leads suddenly brought to a halt. we're talking about jersey swapping after a game. the nfl is saying no way. why one well-known 49ers is throwing a flag on the whole situation. plus -- >> everybody out!
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get out! >> you're going to need a bigger boat. still ahead the major milestone for the blockbuster movie "jaws" and what one actor is revealing about the making of the film. and happening now one of key west's biggest parties is canceled because of the pandemic. 75,000 people go to the keys every year in october. the event has been around since 1979 and consists of parades and costumes and lots of parties. in 2019 fantasy fest celebrated its 40th anniversary. florida, though, as you probably know is one of the hot spots and seeing a covid-19 death every 15 minutes. (birds singing) (bouncy keyboard music)
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outspoken 49ers richard
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sherman is living up to his reputation when it comes to the nfl's new ban on jersey swapping. sensing some hypocrisy he tweeted, this is a perfect example of nfl thinking in a nutshell. players can go engage in a full contact game and do it safely, however, it is deemed unsafe for them to exchange jerseys after said game. sherman does bring up a valid point. there's definitely no risk of a concussion in the traditional shirt swap, but the league is doing what it can to keep the risk of covid spread down requiring postgame distancing. let's just hope maybe there's some football this year and that our favorite teams are in it. trending this morning, "jaws" celebrating its 45th anniversary this summer. >> 1975 a young steven spielberg would transform a best-selling novel into a movie that would haunt me and thrill our subconsciouses for years to come.
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>> you're going to need a bigger boat. >> nbc caught up with the young richard dreyfuss who played matt cooper. the famous jaws shark wasn't so easy to work with. >> on one of the few occasions the shark could actually rise up on its hydraulics and come out of the water -- >> it had to improvise as he went along. that's what helped make the movie epic. and breaking news, an overnight fire shuts down a busy bay area highway. next, a live report from the scene.
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breaking news out of livermore. a big rig and a live report on that overnight firefight coming up. plus, more breaking news, this time in contra costa county. an hours long standoff ends with the suspect dead and deputies injured. coming up all new details overnight on how it all started. we're live at the scene this morning. and high need students only. that is one bay area district's possible back-to-school plan. we'll ex palestinian hplain howk next. "today in the bay" continues right now. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm cierra johnson. it's going to be a hotter week,
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kari? slightly hotter for the


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