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tv   Today  NBC  July 10, 2020 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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the fog. >> has its own twitter handle and everything. cierra. happy friday. >> have a great day. a live look at downtown redwood city. have a great weekend. good morning. pause the process. with coronavirus cases hitting another daily record in the u.s., dr. anthony fauci says it's time for some states to slow their reopenings. >> shutting down to opening up in a way that essentially skipped over all the guideposts. that's not the way to go. >> in california the new surge causing new shutdowns. in texas first responders pushed to the brink. in florida cases skyrocketing, but disney world set to reopen this weekend. so where do things really stand? we're live across the nation's newest hot spots. split decision. the supreme court clears the way for prosecutors to access president trump's financial
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records. but for now blocked congress from seeing them. the president's fiery response to the rulings and the potential impact on the election. breaking overnight. tragic accident. "glee" star naya rivera presumed dead after a search and now recovery effort. >> we have to go where the boat was found initially and work our way out from there. >> just ahead, the new video of rivera setting off on a boat with her young son. fay on the way. a tropical storm warning in new york city and other parts of the northeast as a powerful system bears down trenching rains and strong winds for tens of millions on the east coast. while a scorching heat wave intensifies nationwide. we'll have the full forecast coming up. all that plus, the king holds court. lebron james the nba's biggest
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star enters the league's bubble overnight. basketball's return kicking into high gear. "today," friday, july 10th, 2020. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody. welcome to "today." so happy you're joining us. you made it. it is friday morning. savannah will be back next week. and when lebron comes to the show, that means the party's really starting. >> and rocking the fanny pack too. did you see that? we'll have more on the nba's return in a moment. it is a busy friday morning. a lot to get to. take a look at this image. the "uss roosevelt" and its crew spent ten weeks quarantining in guam. >> and by the way, they are arriving home to that new surge in cases. here in the u.s. nearly 60,000
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yesterday. we have team coverage across the nation's hot spots. california, texas, and florida. we are going to begin with nbc's sam brock in miami where hospitals are straining under an influx of new patients. hey, sam. good morning. >> reporter: hoda, good morning. that's right. florida has emerged as one of the global leaders in coronavirus cases for the first time on thursday morning more than one in five people tested statewide were positive for covid-19. over my shoulder, this is even scarier. not all the people who need tests right now are actually getting them. this line of cars wrapped around the block hours before testing started at the convention center. all too common in florida. this morning florida in free fall. >> every day it seems like another record. >> reporter: 120 deaths reported thursday, a new daily high pushing florida's fatalities beyond 4,000 from covid-19. icu bed capacity in miami-dade county, the epicenter of the nation's new epicenter now at
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nearly 92% of rising. >> we're full. if you come through the e.r. right now, somebody has to figure where the bed is going to be. >> reporter: florida's governor down playing a potential hospital crisis. >> if you look at kind of what's going on, they have a lot of capacity in terms of beds. but particularly in some parts of the state, they have seasonally less staff now. >> reporter: state data shows half of florida's intensive care units are 90% full. as testing lines bend around blocks and the nation's top infectious disease expert highlights a fact. >> when you look at california, arizona, texas, and florida they're accounting for 50% of the new infections. >> reporter: with that oversized piece of the covid pie, disney world is set to reopen saturday after a four-month shutdown. mixed reactions over that
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decision. annual pass holders allowed inside the park on thursday for a preview. popular characters keeping their distance. temperature screenings, face coverings, and social distancing now all part of the most magical place on earth. back now at this miami beach testing site there's a narrative that most of the people dying in florida are older. but miami's mayor says a third of the city's deaths right now are people under the age of 60. guys, back to you. >> that's a staggering statistic. sam brock for us in miami, thank you. >> from florida now to california and arizona where it's a similar situation on the other side of the country. daily records being shattered. hospitals pushed to the brink. miguel almaguer joins us. >> reporter: california and arizona have taken different approaches in efforts to contain the virus, but this morning they account for some of the worst numbers in the country.
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their leaders tasked with how to keep people safe and flatten the curve in a hurry. from california, the first state to issue a stay-at-home order, to arizona among the first to relax those orders, these western states are breaking new records for coronavirus cases almost daily. >> it's a spectacularly transmissible virus. >> reporter: the golden state home to 40 million people soaring to the staggering benchmark of 300,000 cases. second only to new york. california setting its record for the deadliest single day this week. 26 counties on the state watch list being closely monitored including yolo county where they've run out of all icu beds. los angeles county alone, home to more infections than 44 states. >> our positivity rates are up. our hospitalization rates are up. and our death rates up. >> reporter: this 32-year-old beat the odds leaving the hospital after a 93-day battle
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with covid. a stark reminder that the virus ravages victims of all ages. but in arizona a community and a school are mourning the death of kim bird, a first grade teacher who contracted the disease while teaching virtual summer school with two other instructors who also got sick. the state registering the highest positivity rate in the country with one in three residents testing positive for the disease. icu beds at 90%. 28-year-old robert young thought he had beat covid-19 when he was released from the hospital. but after getting sick again, he was readmitted and later died. >> if i could see him one more time, i told him before they took him to the hospital that i love him. i love him so much. >> reporter: here in los angeles county after months of a lockdown, old restrictions could become new again if the infection numbers here continue to rise. craig? >> all right. miguel for us in l.a. thank you. let's move east now to texas where the governor is now warning that another shutdown may be needed to slow the
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spread. nbc's garrett haake is in ft. worth for us this morning. good morning. >> reporter: hey, hoda. good morning. for many coronavirus patients, before they see a doctor or nurse, they meet a paramedic. but now those front line first responders are struggling to keep up. across the state of texas, the calls for help keep coming. >> i've never seen anything like this before. >> fear is the biggest part of this disease. >> reporter: paramedics in ft. worth stretched to their limits. >> so to us everybody that we come in contact with, we automatically treat as if they're covid positive. >> reporter: i just think that sounds exhausting. >> it is. the days are longer. the weeks are longer. >> reporter: texas recorded 105 covid-19 deaths on thursday. the state's deadliest day so far. more than 9600 people are
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hospitalized state wide. governor greg abbott warning next week's numbers will be worse ordering the suspension of elective surgeries in dozens of counties and reminding texans to follow his statewide mask order or risk another shutdown. >> the only way we can prevent texas from being shut down is for everybody to adopt this practice of wearing a face mask. >> reporter: the surge in cases could also delay the reopening of schools in august by at least a month. >> reporter: for those on the front lines, fighting the virus comes at a personal cost paramedic jason reed spends his own money to stay at a hotel so he won't infect his teenage son. >> even when i'm home, me and my son used to be really close. we'd sit close to each other and since this whole covid thing has been going on, i make sure we stay decent amount of distance from each other. just because i'm afraid that i
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would potentially give it to him if i bring it home with me >> reporter: he's got to be so proud of what you're doing >> i'd like to think so. >> well, garrett, we heard there the governor was talking about possibly shutting down the place again. so things are getting worse, obviously. so what would a shutdown look like >> reporter: well, the governor has said a broad statewide shutdown would be a last resort. he's already closed bars and there's been some pressure from local officials in places like dallas and houston to go a little bit further and close indoor dining and maybe also gyms essentially any place where you are inside and can't wear your mask at all times. >> all right garrett haake for us in texas. thank you. now to those key supreme court rulings on president trump's financial records and tax returns. the justices declaring new york's chief prosecutor can see them but not congress for now. we're going to break that down with pete williams in a momentnt pete williams in a moment. but first pete but first peter alexander joins us from the white house. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. the court ruling the president's financial records must be handed over to a new york grand jury but congress has more work to do
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to make its case the president as you know has resisted releasing his tax returns since his campaign the only modern presidential candidate not to make them public and these rulings will extend that political battle and likely end the chances of americans seeing his taxes before the election fresh off the supreme court's rulings that the president's not legally off limits when it comes to his tax returns president trump's claiming a partial victory while declaring he's also a victim the likes of which nobody's ever seen before. it's a pure witch hunt >> this is a political witch hunt the likes of which nobody's ever seen before. it's a pure witch hunt it's a hoax. >> reporter: overnight telling fox news it's a distraction. >> a president should get protection from thousands of prosecutors out there. thousands all over the country they could go after you and you're supposed to be running the country. >> reporter: the ruling sending both cases back to the lower courts on the house democrats' efforts to access the president's personal financial documents, the court ruling the subpoena was too broad.
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there has to be a balance between the two political blanches to keep congress from abusing the process. and that it must serve a legitimate legislative purpose house speaker nancy pelosi insists it's not good news for the president. >> we have a path that the supreme court has laid out that we certainly will not ignore and we will never stop our oversight. >> reporter: the vote in both cases 7-2 with both of president trump's nominees joining the majority opinion against him with chief justice john roberts. the court ruling in the second case that the president is not immune from having to turn over records to new york prosecutor cy vance but even if they do get the taxes, it's unlikely voters would see anything before the november election. former vice president joe biden campaigning thursday in pennsylvania with a buy american economic plan. >> this is the united states of america. also lashing out at the president on twitter resharing
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this video from last fall. >> mr. president, even richard nixon released his tax returns mr. president, release your tax returns or shut up >> reporter: and president trump today travels to florida one of those coronavirus hot spots for a pair of events not focused on the pandemic as well as a fund raiser tomorrow he returns to the campaign trail with a rally in new hampshire after last month's gathering in oklahoma where the arena was less than half full. this time it is an open air venue, an airport hangar masks will be strongly encouraged but not required. a campaign official tells us, quote, we can't have a repeat of tulsa. >> peter alexander from the white house. thank you. let's now bring in pete williams you described these decisions yesterday as landmark. walk us through what these rulings mean and perhaps how the court arrived at them. >> reporter: well, they've never confronted these questions before in the new york ruling the court said in criminal cases the
7:14 am
public is entitled to every person's evidence. so even presidents are required to respond to a grand jury conducting an investigation. that's a big win for the new york prosecutor. a mixed win for congress because the court said the subpoenas from house democrats were too broad and congress doesn't have unlimited power to demand whatever it wants from the president. the court said congress and the white house are equal branches so it has to be focused and tieg >> a to need for writing laws >> as peter pointed out a main headline is that chief justice john roberts along with neil gorsuch, brett kavanaugh, they ruled against him. how much of a surprise was that, pete and what, if anything, does it say about this court's independence >> reporter: well, in the vance case, he didn't just lose them he lost the whole court. it was actually 9-0 in rejecting the president's claims because a sitting president can't be indicted then he's immune from any part of the criminal process including subpoenas from a grand jury
7:15 am
and his claim that unleashes state prosecutors could result in political harassment which he repeated again last night. but justices often surprise people by voting against the interest of the president who put them on the court. bill clinton's nominees voted against him, for example, when the court ruled he could be sued while in office, craig >> our justice correspondent pete williams on this friday morning. thank you. we have a lot more to get to including high-rise drama caught on camera. it happened in boston. two workers were power washing a building when their scaffolding malfunctioned. one was left hanging by his safety harness 13 stories up his partner still attached to the tilted scaffold. firefighters pulled the first man to safety through a small window then they had to break the glass on another window to rescue the second man they were both checked out at the hospital both were okay and released. wow. >> that would have been my last day at work there. it's a busy day in the weather
7:16 am
department dylan in for al is tracking a tropical storm and that brutal heat wave. but we're starting with fay, right? >> yes we are starting with fay you know, this is the earliest that fay has developed the "f" storm for the season, typically we normally get to the sixth storm of the season by september 8th. so we are way ahead of schedule. but there it is. tropical storm fay it is sitting 65 miles south/southeast of ocean city, maryland but look at all of that rain that is falling on the northern side of this storm it's a fast-moving storm by the time you get into this afternoon, it's just along the southern tip of new jersey and then by saturday morning at 2:00 a.m., it's already past new york city. and then continues to make its way up into canada so we are dealing right now already with the risk of rip currents from long island stretching down into the coast of the carolinas and georgia we are going to see dangerous conditions at the beaches. temperatures warming up and
7:17 am
staying that way so it is going to be very dangerous if you are going into the water. we also have tropical storm warnings and flash flood watches in effect for the mid-atlantic region it's been four years since new york city has been under a tropical storm warning so that is certainly kind of a big deal when you consider the fact it's been a long time since we've had a tropical storm pass through this area. we could see as much as 4 to 5 inches of rain much needed rain but winds could also get gusty especially down into southern new jersey today that's a look at the weather across the country we'll get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds now is the time to support the places you love. spend 10 dollars or more at a participating small business and get 5 dollars back, up to 10 times with american express.
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enroll now at good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we get a look at our live view in san francisco we have fog rolling over the city and that's going to keep it cool and even more fog in the forecast for the weekend. we're only looking at highs in the upper 60s here. you head across to oakland, highs in the mid-70s. inland valleys will be hot reaching into the mid-90s. we'll see more weather like that throughout the weekend. my range in temperatures, a slight cooldown next week. >> and that's your latest forecast >> and that's your latest forecast back to you guys >> dylan, your kitchen is immaculate i was noticing behind you. >> you should see the edges. there's stuff. >> all right thanks, dylan. still ahead, the new images of "glee" star naya rivera with her young son on the day she disappeared on a lake. we'll have the very latest on
7:19 am
that investigation also ahead this morning as the controversy grows over what to do with schools in the fall we [u'rpbeat music] ♪ today was the day that i put everything in perspective. ♪ ♪ i fell asleep but when i woke up. ♪ (boy) hi, do you want to share my sandwich? (vo) good feeds our connections. good feeds us all. hormel natural choice lunch meats.
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coming up, the nba's return entering a new phase players hitting the court together for the first time in months kerry sanders is going to have a live report from the league's temporary home down in florida we'll have that for you in just a moment but first your local news and some weather ♪ come on in, we're open. ♪ all we do is hand you the bag. simple. done. we adapt and we change.
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hopeful brave and safe? well, there is, and always has been. walgreens. everyone's place, for healthy and safe. good morning to you. it's 7:26. i'm kris sanchez. here are today's top stories including one out of contra costa county where three deputies were shot after a gun battle at the end of a long standoff. >> reporter: pete suratos here in knightsen where we continue to follow developments in a deadly officer involved shooting in the area that sent two sheriff's deputies to a hospital. now we know according to contra costa county sheriff's department they arrived on the scene here yesterday in knightsen for a domestic violence incident. after being barricaded several hours the suspect came out of the home firing his shotgun at members of the s.w.a.t. team, striking three of them. the deputies returned fire at the man, who was pronounced dead
7:27 am
at the scene. the case is still under investigation. >> reporter: i'm sharon katsuda. interstate 580 where you can see a fire jumped both directions of interstate 580. it was contained, fortunately, to about 150 acres. the fire is now out, but it caused a traffic nightmare this morning setting interstate 580 to be closed in both directions. no injuries. we did see wind was a factor in the altamont pass, wind turbines were going this morning, kari. they're going pretty much 24/7/365. it's always windy in that area, so any flames will spread quickly. we do have to be really careful this weekend because vegetation is still dry. as we take a live look outside in san jose it's a clear start to the day and it will be a hot afternoon. some of our inland temperatures in the mid-90s. kris? all right, thank you very much, kari. we will have more local news and weather in about a half hour. we hope that you are off to a
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♪ we're going to need a bigger boat. >> we're back at 7:30 on this friday morning with one of the most classic scenes in movie history. this, of course, from the original summer blockbuster "jaws." >> do you remember the music? still scary, man. believe it or not, it turned 45 -- older than you -- this
7:31 am
summer. so just ahead, we're going to celebrate the movie that still has scared us to go in the water. i remember how terrifying when that movie was out, it was so scary. now when you look at it now, it's not quite as scary because you can see the mechanics of it. but scary, nonetheless. >> one of al roker's all-time favorites. he picked a bad morning to be off. first your 7:30 headlines. just as more americans are returning to air travel, the tsa says 1,000 of its employees have tested positive for coronavirus. many had contact with travelers from around the world. the agency says it is putting new safety measures in place as a result. officers must now clean or change their gloves after each passenger interaction. and screens will be put up in areas where there's not enough room for social distancing. president trump's former personal attorney michael cohen is back in federal prison in new york. officials said cohen was taken into custody yesterday for violating the terms of his home confinement. but his legal adviser said it
7:32 am
was because cohen refused to sign an agreement barring him from talking to the press or publishing a tell-all book. he was released in may because of coronavirus after serving one year of a three-year sentence. and the chance to meet prince charles was a little overwhelming for a grocery worker in great britain. check this out. the prince and his wife were thanking employees at a food warehouse for keeping stores well stocked during the pandemic. that worker there begins to sway -- >> oh, gosh. >> and before long he crumples to the ground. he got quick medical attention and he was up and around in no time for his chance to chat with the heir to the royal throne. also this morning, the search for former "glee" star naya rivera is now a recovery measure. the victim of a potential drowning. >> reporter: overnight authorities released new video of what may be some of rivera's final moments alive as they work
7:33 am
to recover her body. we're learning new details about the day she went missing. new video released by authorities appears to show naya rivera and her 4-year-old son arriving at the dock wednesday morning for a boat trip that would soon turn tragic. rivera and her son are seen boarding a pontoon boat before pulling out on the lake. hours later rivera was reported missing after someone saw her son alone on the boat in a lake jacket. >> emergency is we have a missing person. >> reporter: the actress is presumed dead by authorities. the search now a recovery effort. these new photos from daily shows her young son back with his father, ryan dorsey. police say they spoke with the 4-year-old. >> he gave enough information to investigators to conclude that his mother never made it out of the water. >> reporter: police are continuing their search for rivera's remains using dive
7:34 am
teams, boats, and helicopters. >> we're going to do everything we can to find her. >> reporter: officials say there are no signs of foul play. >> we are assuming an accident happened. we're presuming she drowned in the lake. ♪ if i die young sink me in the river at dawn ♪ ♪ send me away with the words of a love song ♪ >> reporter: rivera was best known for her breakout role in the musical comedy "glee." ♪ sometimes i go out by myself and i look across the water ♪ >> reporter: costars, friends, and fans are sharing prayers and support on social media. ♪ i remember how it felt sitting by the water ♪ >> reporter: heather morris who played her cheerleading side kick on "glee" said in a statement she would remind me in moments like this that god has a plan for everything. adding we need to keep our chin up and stay strong. >> such a beautiful voice. such a tragic story on so many
7:35 am
levels. have officials said why it's been so difficult so far to find her? >> reporter: well, craig, investigators worked through the night. though divers are not able to go back into the water until this morning. a hundred personnel are searching for rivera and the search could take days because the manmade lake has very limited visibility. >> joe fryer there for us. thank you. coming up next, coronavirus and the classroom. we're taking you overseas for a look at school reopenings in other parts of the world. denmark started with younger kids in very small classes. how are they doing? a live report right after this. quickly to the cloud... or the city government going digital to keep critical services running.
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7:39 am
good morning that's right so you can't compare schools in a country like denmark which saw 16 new cases yesterday and schools in the u.s. which saw 60,000 new cases because it's not just about what happens in the classroom but there's some good news and some possible solutions from around the world it's the laughter, the noise you hear first >> welcome back. >> reporter: in recent weeks, hundreds of millions of students across the globe have returned to school and more than a billion kids including americans have not but almost every country and almost every school is doing it differently. some have imposed strict limitations on contact schools in denmark started out with pods of four or five kids south korean schools opened then closed then reopened with temperature checks, plastic askh dividers, and masks.
7:40 am
in china they paired masks with socially distant hat in israel when outbreaks swept through a dozen schools two weeks after opening, they were shut but the country's infection rate overall was also on the rise and that's key when we visited paris as their cases dropped, the city invited kids of essential workers and the most vulnerable students back first >> you have no ipad or laptop at the home, they can't make distance learning. >> reporter: at the end of april in denmark, they have chosen the youngest students to return first. hey, guys. hi so are you happy to be back? are you excited? >> yes >> reporter: the curve flattening and thankfully the weather cooperating. >> we have to do as much outside teaching as possible >> reporter: two and a half months later, it's still working out. no new spike in infections we met rian kim back in april. how has it been going?
7:41 am
has it been going well >> the first month was so smooth you could see the corona number was going down and none of the kids were getting sick >> reporter: it was methodical and clear, she says. the social distance now lowered to three feet and the older kids have now returned. >> i'm not going to lie, i was nervous. you know, the first thing you think about are your kids and whether they're going to be okay but then at some point, i think also let go quickly to do everything >> so the question is what can the united states, what can we learn from what they're doing overseas >> reporter: and that's, of course, the big question, hoda and the data is limited. now, the biggest takeaway is one size does not fit all. you can't apply things kind of in small towns and big cities the same way one of the reasons and i find this interesting that denmark was able to keep those pods and classes so small is they had assistant teachers, babysitters
7:42 am
supervising those pods was everyone doing math all day? no bu it was an easy way to keep these kids separate. >> you really got a get creative all right, molly thank you. let us turn once again to the weather. dylan in for al. again, we're looking at fay and we're looking at the heat, right? >> yes we've got a tropical storm and a heat wave all happening at the same time. let's take a look at the warmer temperatures that we've been dealing with for quite some time it's the heat and the humidity it's going to feel like it's nearly 110 in little rock again today. new orleans will feel like 105 tallahassee will feel like 104 same in charleston you go up to rochester, new york, it's going to feel like 101. chicago will feel like 91. it is exceptionally hot and will stay that way. we have the rain on the northern side of tropical storm fay continuing to produce torrential downpours into ocean city, maryland it's fairly fast moving so most of new jersey will be hit with this heavier rain today. same goes for pennsylvania, parts of new york, then
7:43 am
eventually upstate new york as we go into tomorrow. as a cold front finally pushes everything out to sea. we could see wind gusts as high as 50 miles per hour this keep in mind is an area that really needs some rain. we could end up with about 5 to 7 inches of rain as this storm moves through. so i guess that is the plus side to a tropical storm moving through. because the rain certainly is needed that good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we check out our east bay live camera checking out walnut creek, it's going to be a nice, cool start to the day. it's going to heat up fast so get out there early. as we look at our temperatures we're going to see some of our inland areas reaching into the low to mid-90s as we go through the forecast as we check out those numbers once again looking at that live view. we are going to see some 90s today throughout the weekend inland. >> and that's your latest
7:44 am
forecast back to you guys >> thank you, dylan. coming up next, lebron james makes his big arrival as teams work for the first time. kerry's got a look inside the league's bubble and how it's working coming up right after this ♪ well the names have all changed since you hung around ♪ ♪ but those dreams have remained and they've turned around ♪ ♪ who'd have thought they'd lead ya ♪ ♪ back here where we need ya welcome back, america. it sure is good to see you.
7:45 am
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7:48 am
a new step towards the return. >> more players arrived late yesterday including lebron james and the l.a. lakers. that's the first full team workout since march. they're getting underway. kerry sanders is in kissimmee, florida, with a look inside the secret bubble. hey, kerry. good morning. >> reporter: the secret bubble, yeah, indeed. we're here at disney world. this is espn's wide world of sports where they are living inside a bubble. this is the sole place the games will be played. the players are living here, eating here, and getting routine checks for coronavirus. on thursday for the first time they got a chance to hit the courts together. the nba is just now weeks away from playing competitive ball again. and after months of speculation and preparation, team practice is tipping off thursday at disney's wide world of sports complex. overnight lebron james and the l.a. lakers made their highly
7:49 am
anticipated arrival joining other teams in the bubble where players are tested every day. >> can't go that way. >> reporter: terrence ross of the orlando magic giving fans a glimpse at the new secure setup. >> this is where we have to get tested every single day. >> reporter: philadelphia 76ers player making a statement about safety by arriving to orlando in a full hazmat suit. he's one of the players who has voiced concerns about the new setup. >> unfortunately i'm not a big fan of the idea, but then again, you know, going to do my job. >> reporter: in all, the league's top 22 teams qualified to play. and are all following strict safety protocols. >> there's still going to be daily nightly testing. every day they're going to have abide by social distancing policies. >> reporter: with just 20 days
7:50 am
left until the season restarts july 30th, teams are practicing together for the first time since the league shut down in march. >> just ready to be back. i was actually really excited to be back with the guys, all of us being on the court. >> reporter: while it was a welcome sight for many, coronavirus concerns throughout the nba are still very real. >> i know the nba is prepared for positive tests that occur. the hope is it won't turn into large amounts of players, an outbreak. that is what would burst this bubble. >> reporter: on the court, it's back to business as the nba attempts to finish up an unprecedented season. >> so kerry, i saw a couple of the players posting pictures of what they're eating there. what's life like inside the bubble for these guys? guys? considering they're going to be there for weeks and some of these guys perhaps several months >> reporter: exactly well, they are going to have -- take a look at the pictures
7:51 am
they've got a game room which some were making jokes about the thing most interesting was the tweets they put out on their first meals here joel embiid there saying i'm going to lose 50 pounds when you look at the food they got. that was just the first food on trays they're getting. they're going to have a pretty nice life here with catering, the restaurants that are here just for them. and then of course there's three golf courses here and disney's gone out of their way to make sure everybody gets a tee time it's not going to be what i would call a hardship. >> doesn't sound like a bubble going out to play golf thank you. send you to the bubble, huh? >> call my travel agent. get me in the bubble coming up, we've got harry smith. he's going to nashville. he gets to tee it up speaking of golf with darius rucker. >> music city. the show must go on. starting tonight and tomorrow night and the next night concerts in the parking lot. darius rucker in the next hour
7:52 am
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good morning. 7:56. i'm kris sanchez and here is what's happening now. >> reporter: pete suratos here in knightsen. we're following developments in a deadly officer involved shooting from overnight that september t sent two sheriff's deputies to the hospital. a s.w.a.t. team was called out to the 1700 block of green acres lane in knightsen for a domestic violence incident. the suspect came out of the home firing his shotgun at members of the s.w.a.t. team, striking three of them. the deputies did return fire on the man who was pronounced dead on the scene. and now this case is still under investigation. >> reporter: i'm jackie ward this morning talking about the west contra costa county school district trying to figure out how to keep its kids safe when resuming the school year. their intention is to keep the kids home when the next school year starts on august 17th and they outlined two different
7:57 am
phases of the framework plan. they plan to tell parents and families more about it at a virtual town hall meeting tonight. to meteorologist kari hall who has a look at your weekend forecast so that you can plan some fun. it's going to be hot for the inland areas. we're looking at highs that will reach up to the mid-90s for the east bay as well as the north bay. down to the south county. we'll see coastal counties in the 60s. a wide range in temperatures across the bay area. highs will reach into the mid-90s for some of our hottest temperatures with our temperatures up to 96 on sunday. next week it's still looking pretty warm. we do stay cool in san francisco with fog at times and highs in the upper 60s. kris? more local news coming up for you in just a half hour. hoping you are planning on a very nice weekend.
7:58 am
7:59 am
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coming up, surging the u.s. sees another day of record breaking coronavirus cases as dr. anthony fauci urges states to press pause on reopening. >> when you look at california, arizona, texas, and florida, they're accounting for 50% of the new infections >> we're live with the latest. plus, honoring a hero. just months after joining the front lines in new york city, one of those incredible nurses is now fighting a battle of his own with an inspiring spirit. >> if i could be in texas or miami helping with the current
8:01 am
spike in cases next week, i would. >> we'll have this story just ahead. and using his voice. harry smith catching up with grammy winner darius rucker about his new music and taking a stand. >> here you are and for the first time in your life you're saying black lives matter. >> yeah. >> is there danger in that for you? >> sure. i'm sure there is. >> why the country superstar is speaking out now "today," friday, july 10th, 2020 ♪ >> we're the mcneils of virginia >> wishing our uncle >> dr. james hammond a happy birthday >> it's my 9th birthday. ♪ >> hi. we're the krouls from ft. washington, new york we're celebrating eva's 13th birthday today >> happy birthday, eva nothing like a little "rock me mama like a wagon wheel" from
8:02 am
darius rucker. it is friday morning just to remind you savannah has the day off if you're just waking up and having your hot cup of coffee, it is friday and we're happy that you joined us this morning. it's great to see you. >> you say friday, i say fri-yea. look at that crowd >> like 'em. >> special good morning to our friends on the my "today" plaza. >> we can't wait to go visit with them. it's one of our favorite parts of the day they get up super early for us >> first though, let's get a check of your news at 8:00 a record spike in coronavirus cases has led to a grim assessment from dr. anthony fauci. sam brock is in miami with the three things to watch today. good morning >> reporter: good morning. the united states has now broken its record of new daily covid cases six times in the last ten days that includes nearly 60,000 cases thursday alone
8:03 am
here in florida the state is in something of a free fall right now. over my shoulder you'll see a huge line of cars down the block. all those folks are waiting to be tested. for the first time on thursday, more than one in five people who were tested tested positive for covid-19 dr. anthony fauci right now becoming increasingly vocal about america's inability to contain this surge especially compared to our european counterparts >> how do you think the u.s. is doing right now if you're looking across the world what are your feelings about how we're doing right now? >> as a country, when you compare us to other countries, i don't think you can say we're doing great. we're just not >> reporter: the massive increase in cases right now largely being driven by states in the south and west that reopened first that includes right now florida where disney world is coming back online this weekend temperature checks and facial coverings will be part of the new and mandatory disney
8:04 am
experience there craig, let me send it back to you. >> all right sam brock there in miami thank you. now to audio first obtained by nbc news from investigators looking into the breonna taylor death. it reveals disturbing new details about the night she was shot and killed by police. nbc's morgan radford has more on this hey, morgan. good morning >> reporter: hoda, good morning. what's interesting is that investigators didn't actually interview the sergeant who led that raid until two weeks later. now that that audio has surfaced, it shows before going into breonna taylor's home, police were warned she would be very little threat if no threat at all which is raising new questions about how that fatal night was handled. louisville police sergeant jonathan mattingly who led the raid into the taylor apartment recounts those moments to investigators. >> i got four rounds off and it was like simultaneous boom, boom, boom, boom >> reporter: in new audio he was
8:05 am
insisting his team did knock >> knocked on the door banged on it we started announcing ourself. police, please come to the door. >> reporter: investigator who questioned him appears to sympathize >> initially you're returning fire >> reporter: taylor was shot dead inside her kentucky home in march when officers used a no-knock warrant to enter her home with a battering ram looking for drugs. even though taylor had no history of drug or criminal offenses startled, taylor's boyfriend kenneth walker first fired at police shooting mattingly in the leg allegedly. when interviewed that night, he said police never identified themselves and he believed there was an intruder. >> i didn't expect -- it scared me when the door got kicked and stuff. my only reaction was to do something to protect her >> reporter: police returned
8:06 am
several rounds of fire taylor was shot eight times. in newly released cell phone video, you can see walker backs out of the apartment complex with his hands in the air. >> we were just scared >> justice >> reporter: since taylor's killing, protests have called for the officers involved to be criminally charged mattingly and another officer have been placed on administrative leave a third officer was fired. walker was indicted for attempted murder of a police officer. that charge was later dismissed. during his interview with police, an investigator asked walker if he had any injuries. >> are you bruised what is it >> my heart. >> your heart? >> yeah. wish i had something for that, man. >> reporter: since breonna taylor's death, no-knock warrants have been banned in louisville nbc news has reached out to the
8:07 am
officers who were there that night, the mayor's department, the police department and all have not gotten back to us >> thank you it is 8:06 now i think we've got the news covered. how about a boost? >> i've got one for you. i think y'all will like it when a college student's family hit hard times, the young man did everything he could to make ends meet. rahan staten worked a full shift and then headed straight to class. staten kept up that grueling schedule for three years, graduating from the university of maryland. that young man gave the commencement speech at graduation and now the 24-year-old headed to harvard harvard law school is that crazy? >> wow that's a boost >> come on >> that's a boost. not where you start, it's where you finish >> yep up next, you've got another inspiring story to share >> oh, this is such an incredible guy a few months back we met this amazing nurse. he came to new york's front lines.
8:08 am
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enroll now at we are back with "on the front lines." we are back with "on the front lines. when new york city became the nation's hot spot for coronavirus, the epicenter, there was a call put out for help to doctors and nurses all over the country >> a young man ian youngblood answered that call he stayed here for 78 days battling right on the front lines until he discovered some life threatening news of his own. >> my name is ian youngblood living in phoenix, arizona now >> reporter: we first met ian youngblood back in april when he arrived back in new york city to help fight the covid-19 battle on the front lines >> you got providers breaking left and right but they're still
8:12 am
going out the next day and being strong for someone else. >> reporter: ian is known by his colleagues for not just being an incredible nurse, but having a heart of gold. >> when we first met ian, all i remember seeing was this huge smile. he had this bubbly personality and this huge, huge smile that you can't forget >> he's such a selfless person he loves to help people. and you could see that desire in him when he would go to work >> reporter: and even in the hardest times, ian can find joy. like swing dancing in the middle of times square. ian is also a former firefighter ♪ and tough as nails ♪ which is why, friends say, it was odd when he began claiming of excruciating headaches and nausea they convinced him to get an mri. the results came back with a devastating diagnosis. geoblas toe ma, an aggressive
8:13 am
form of brain cancer >> geoblastoma has been one of the hardest to treat cancers >> reporter: the brain tumor center in phoenix says there are patients who can survive this and their hopes is ian to be one of them. >> we want him to get back to work and be active and do things that are meaningful for him. >> reporter: ian has since had surgery to remove part of his brain tumor. and his friends have set up a gofundme account to help with the cost of his treatments ian is back home in phoenix getting ready to begin chemo hey, ian it's so good to see you. so just tell me how you're doing right now. >> i'm doing good. i'm just taking one day at a time the most i can do is just take a breath each day and go from there. you can see i have this nice zipper that goes all the way
8:14 am
across my head which is definitely strange. it was odd being in the bed rather than the person taking care of the person in the bed. >> reporter: i bet it seems like you are by nature a helper you were a firefighter you went to nursing after that is that sort of your -- in your dna? >> i remember back when i was a little kid just doing tiny things to help other people. it's funny when you look back at your past experiences and how it kind of draws you towards your current career and profession. >> reporter: there's a moment where anyone's life would change completely but when you heard the doctor say to you, ian, you have brain cancer, what did you think in that moment? >> i mean, first, no one ever expects at 29 you're going to get diagnosed with something that could potentially take your life in two years depending on what statistic you read.
8:15 am
to answer your question, it's -- it just kind of, like, i'm 29. like, you know it kind of hits you kind of strange. >> reporter: what are they saying the prognosis is? i mean, i'm looking at you you look great you've got the optimism in the eyes what do we think going forward >> they are optimistic about where the tumor was growing. they're optimistic that the treatment plan that they're going with is going to be super aggressive against it. >> reporter: ian, a year from now are you going to be back in scrubs back at it? >> if i could be in texas or miami helping with the current spike in cases next week, i would. i want to be out in the field. i want to keep going, going, going and help where my specialty and my experience can be most beneficial >> reporter: and we wish the same thing for this young health care hero which he has given us in our darkest times, hope you guys, think about him for one second >> wow
8:16 am
that's heavy >> he said he would go back in a week if he could he said one of the most difficult things is while he was having surgery his mom wanted to fly in and be with him because it happened here in new york because of everything going on, she couldn't come to be with him. he was worried about her health which is just the kind of guy he is but picture a guy just like that when you think about the problems you have and what you're going through, you look at this guy and think to yourself, my stuff's not so bad. >> yeah. helping is clearly in his dna as well. >> yeah. >> if anybody can beat it, he looks like a good candidate. he looks like an athlete >> right he's healthy all he can do is eat right he said i'm doing all the things they'll let me do. he has aggressive chemo. he says he's going to do all the things the doctors say his only goal is to get back in hospitals to help other people >> it also seems like he possesses the perfect attitude too. as you pointed out, the optimism in the eyes there. thank you for that an extra boost on this friday
8:17 am
morning. let's turn now to dylan dreyer in for al roker al's taking friday off what are we looking at, friend >> good morning again, guys. we are keeping an eye on tropical storm fay this is the earliest the sixth named storm is occurring on record this is the "f" storm. it is fay. we are seeing the heaviest of the rain continue through southern new jersey and into ocean city, maryland we are going to see just torrential downpours on the northern side of this storm. winds are at 50 miles per hour right now. expect things to get really nasty in the next several hours down through atlantic city, down through cape may, new jersey by tomorrow morning it's already north of new york city then races up into canada by sunday at 2:00 a.m. but it does take with it a lot of rain. also the rip current risk. you know, with folks headed to the beaches because it is so warm outside, keep in mind that we have very dangerous swimming and surf conditions as those rip currents are really affecting
8:18 am
the entire east coast. we also have tropical storm warnings in effect from fennwick island through eastern long island we also have flash flood watches for 35 million people. and this is rain we really do need we could see up to 3 to 5 inches of rain. some areas could get closer to 7 inches of rain if you get stuck in those heavier bands that will be occurring today across new jersey, then tomorrow through new york again, this is an area that really hasn't seen a whole lot of rain recently, so we do need it it just comes in the form of a good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. let's check out high temperatures. it's going to be hot in the valleys, as we reach into the mid-90s, oakland stays comfortable with a high of 76 and cool in san francisco with some upper 60s. only 59 degrees today. our inland temperatures will stay in the mid-90s throughout
8:19 am
the weekend and some of our hottest times. we come down slightly to the 80s. san francisco stays in the 60s. >> and that's your latest forecast i'm missing you guys in the studio >> we miss you >> we're missing you, dilly-dilly. >> there's a chair over there for you. >> soon enough we'll be back together 8:19 now feels like a good time for pop start. >> we're going to start with bill nye the science guy 1993 hn since 1993 he's been teaching the science of everyday things while keeping topics light and fun. during a pandemic we need him more than ever that's why he's going viral right now on tiktok thanks to the help of the social media app, a candle, and some face masks. nye is showing how easily you can keep respiratory particles from escaping into the air of course he's doing it in a very bill nye way.
8:20 am
>> it's pretty effective so the reason we want you to wear a mask is to protect you, sure but the main reason we want you to wear a mask is to protect me from you and the particles from your respiratory system from getting into my respiratory system everybody, this is a matter of literally life and death so when you're out in public, please wear a mask thank you for joining me on consider the following >> getting fired up. borderline angry bill nye, good information there. >> effective good news for the fans of the show "the crown. netflix announcing the show would end after five seasons with the series creator saying he just felt the fifth season was the perfect time and place to stop. guess he's had a change of heart because netflix has confirmed there will be a sixth season of the show the creator saying when he and the writers started planning that final season, they realized they needed one more to do the
8:21 am
story justice. so that means claire foy who played queen elizabeth for two seasons. and emile will play in the final. it will feature princess diana as variety is reporting, the whole series is going to end in early 2000s which likely means no meghan markle story there it is friday so how about new rolling stones music for the weekend? >> what? >> the group surprising fans overnight with the release of "crisscross. it's not a new stones song it's an unreleased song recorded between '71 and '73. but now it's being released officially take a listen. ♪
8:22 am
♪ >> what do you think it's good. >> yeah. >> reminds me of brown sugar a little bit this is on this new reissued album. there are thre not new songs but unearthed songs. one is called "scarlet" with jimmy page from led zeppelin hoda's like, whatever. next story the etch-a-sketch is 60 years old today. no need to check your calendar it marks the day that the beloved toy was first sold and it's amazing how timeless this thing is it's billed as the toy that requires no battery, no wi-fi, just creativity and hopefully a sibling that won't shake the drawing you've worked on for hours. and they had christopher brown known as the amazing etch man create these portraits of all of us we have them
8:23 am
>> i got savannah's right here >> here's mine look at that >> carson. nice >> that's pretty good. you know how hard that is to do? >> i got savannah right here that's a good one. >> yeah, it is >> let's see yours, craig. >> here's mine >> don't shake it. >> if you're wondering where al roker's drawing is, you can head over to our instagram page where christopher's actually sketching al's portrait right now. >> i want to see yours, hoda >> i got savannah air time >> here's hoda's here too. >> that's incredible >> dylan's got one too >> oh, dylan how cute >> can you see mine? >> don't shake it. >> oh. you can't shake it >> shake proof >> are they shake proof? >> they took all the stuff out >> they did? i was like i'm not going to let you people mess it up. oh, yeah by the way, even the dials are nailed down. you can't do anything. >> that's great. >> thanks to brown for sketching those. >> thanks. just ahead here on a friday
8:24 am
morning, my trip to new haven, connecticut, to see how small businesses in this particular town, how they're adapting to s life in this new normal. harry! harry's got some fun he's also got a really meaningful interview to share. you got to hang with darius on the golf course? >> you know, a little leisure time, a little serious time with the one and only darius rucker you're going to hear him say and talk about some things you've never heard him talk about before and also talk about a brand new record just for summertime >> looking forward to all of it, harry. all right. we're going to have fun with harry and darius but first a look at your local news
8:25 am
8:26 am
good morning. it's 8:26. i'm cierra johnson. a scare this morning for some drivers on the interstate 580 through the altamont pass. that's where a spark started a grass fire that forced some drivers to go the wrongway to avoid flames. chp says a big rig or pickup truck struck the center divide and started the fire around midnight. windy conditions sent the flames jumping on both sides and the flames eventually burned more than 200 acres. it's now out. the fire also closed both directions for nearly 4 1/2 hours. a lot of folks wanted to enjoy the weekend with some of the warmer temperatures, kari. just how warm is it going to get? hot for the interior
8:27 am
valleys. still cool along the coastline as we get a look at san jose. sunny and a mild start to the day. in san francisco still foggy. that fog will clear up soon. we reach into the upper 60s there for the inland east bay as well as the north bay. we're looking at highs that will reach into the mid-90s and we're going to see more weather like this all throughout the weekend, cierra. sounds good. another local news update in about a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
we're back it's 8:30 and you better believe it, guys we've got the friday feel. you got it, carson >> got it! i got the feels. >> fri-yea weekend's here, baby just ahead with everything that's changed recently, what are small businesses doing to stay afloat? my trip to a tight knit community in connecticut that's really pulled together in a big way to help these businesses bounce back. >> looking forward to seeing that also, if you've had a second thought about maybe dipping your toes into the ocean, there's a very good solid chance that the movie "jaws" is to blame it's turns 45 this summer. we're going to share some things you may not know about the steven spielberg classic >> and we have a big and busy week coming up for you next week
8:31 am
on "today. keir simmons is going to take us to africa for an up close look at the endangered cheetahs and an american working hard to save them also one week from "today," jot it on your calendars, the chicks formerly known as the dixie chicks are going to be here we'll chat with them and talk about that name change they'll be performing for us as well >> i like that before we get to all of that, how about one final check of that weekend forecast hey, dylan >> hey, craig. how about it let's show you what's coming up. we are still going to be feeling the heat i mean, temperatures are dangerous especially out in the southwest. roswell, new mexico, the record high is 108 degrees. and take a look at what we're forecasting today. 110. phoenix 112. and san antonio 101. temperatures will continue to stay hot as we go into tomorrow too. on saturday, tucson, arizona, the record high is 111
8:32 am
we're forecasting a high of 110. we'll see triple digits all through the southwest and over to texas going into next week, actual air temperatures are staying up around 110 degrees even up to 113 in las vegas and tucson on sunday so it is going to be exceptionally hot and very, very dangerous. we're also, of course, keeping an eye out for some severe storms across the northern plains also very humid through the south. tropical storm fay will continue to bring very heavy rain good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. as we check out our high temperatures we're looking at highs in the interior parts of the bay area reaching into the mid-90s. expect some 80s by the bay and some 70s in oakland while san francisco will be in the 60s today. we'll still see a wide range in temperatures across the bay area for the weekend with our seven-day forecast showing some highs in the mid-90s. we're still going to have some
8:33 am
high heat at least into the middle of next week. and that's your latest forecast back to you guys >> good, dilly-dilly how about a little virtual my "today" plaza >> light up the board. good morning, everybody. happy friday great the see you all. down in the lower left there, that's the lee family -- the law family from leesburg, virginia there's the law family good to see you guys this morning. got the kids you're waving. mom and dad both serving in the army national guard. thank you for your service monica, you spent a good portion overseas as a nurse practitioner thank you, thank you, thank you. i can only imagine how good it is to be with your family. >> you have no idea. and for a pandemic to hit while we were over in what was pretty much a routine deployment was something that we always prepare for but you're still surprised when it happens. and i just wanted to get back to
8:34 am
my kids. you can't imagine how it felt with the pandemic happening knowing that they were home. i knew they were in goods hands, but wanted to wrap my arms around them. >> you guys look great t.j., you've got to be proud to have her back. glad you're all safe and healthy. good to see you. thank you for your service and thank you to the kids too. it's not just about those serving. it's about the military families in general takes a little bit of everybody to make it happen. we appreciate you guys >> that's awesome. i also see, go hokie's in the back i'm onto you thank you. all right. we got a big week for the hillman family show us the hillmans >> hello >> we got mom and dad, twin daughters, granddaughter we got some celebrations dad william, 50 years old. >> happy birthday. >> and the twins, they
8:35 am
celebrated their sweet 16 this week >> oh, wow >> birthday girls. so we want to just say, you guys have a lot to celebrate. how have you guys been celebrating? >> oh, we were supposed to go -- we've been hanging out at home >> staying safe. >> staying safe and together >> we're sorry that you missed the cruise and we're happy that you all are home safe. and we want you to celebrate big-time you guys have a lot of milestones thank you for being on our plaza. >> happy birthday, guys! >> thank you >> all right good-bye, aidan. >> that's a good one 50 is a biggie and then 16. >> those are all milestones. let's look at our big board one more time and say hello. you guys, thank y'all for being with us today. we see another 50th birthday lots of parties, graduates aloha. >> happy 90th. >> happy graduation to you too >> thanks for hanging with us.
8:36 am
and you can hang out on the virtual plaza as well. if you're watching at home, go to the website you know the website it's on your screen. just ahead this friday morning, my first-hand look at how small businesses in one new england town are adapting to this new normal. but first this is "today" on nbc. this home is equipped with gig speed internet from xfinity. there's this game-time internetting room. so fun. and then there's this work-from-home internetting room. finally, the open-concept internetting room. this is not an open house. but your front door was open, so technically it is. get gig speeds and the most wifi coverage from xfinity. now that's simple, easy, awesome. enhance your online experience with even faster speed. choose from a range of fast, reliable options, up to a gig. click or call to learn more. not actors, who've got their eczema
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8:38 am
back to business is back to business is created by "today" with our sponsor american express now is the time to shop small and support the places you love. >> as parts of the country reopen, small business owners are having to adjust to a new normal and craig had a chance to see
8:39 am
those changes first hand >> i did i traveled to new haven, connecticut, this week and discovered a community that's really coming together lifting up its small businesses and supporting the business owners who are finding new ways to keep their doors open new haven, connecticut, a picturesque town lined with retail stores and shops and restaurants. some that have been around for decades. with many of the businesses forced to close their doors, summer is bringing hope. now many of these store fronts are opening back up with changes in place cheryl mcmahon owner of karma salon invested in protective gear and a sanitizing station for her employees. for customer safety, partitions are set between chairs how have your customers helped to support you >> they sent me checks without my asking or reaching out to pay for appointments that they missed
8:40 am
my birthday was during the shutdown and i had so many people send me flowers and cards. it was just really nice. >> reporter: they think a lot of karma. >> yeah. >> reporter: clearly she's not alone. >> mac and cheese, yams, meat loaf, and corn bread >> reporter: mama mary soul food, their business surviving thanks to takeout, delivery, and a loyal following. >> been blessed we didn't have to lay anybody off we've been here 12 years we're not going anywhere >> reporter: small businesses across the community forced to get creative hoping customers will return even if they can't gather inside like this bookstore turning its parking lot into a place for patrons to hang out >> it's a bring your own chair byoc because we can't sterilize after every use. >> reporter: hull's art supply has been a staple in the town since 1947 you used to come in when it was a hobby shop when aurp boy >> dad would bring me in to buy trains and planes and rockets.
8:41 am
>> reporter: now you own the place. when the shutdown first started, he put 15,000 products online and business boomed. things like paint, chalk, and clay flying off the shelves. >> we went from zero online to $10,000. >> reporter: you pivoted like that >> like that >> reporter: and not the only business adapting to this new normal clothing designer neville wisdom had to change his entire operation. >> this time of the year is usually our busier time because we do a lot of events and weddings and formal things that people need to have something unique to wear to. >> reporter: but not this year >> not this year nothing this year. >> reporter: so neville started making something new masks. selling them online and for in-store pickup. public officials and other business goers in the area ordering them by the hundreds.
8:42 am
your pivot to mask making has helped you stay afloat >> i dreamt of being a designer and making clothes mask making was never part of it >> reporter: suggesting business moving forward will look very different. >> i think some of the things that we used to do won't need to be done. i think custom work will still be something that people are interested in because now they're going to want a mask to match their dress. >> reporter: the main focus for many, keep a sense of community despite setbacks >> we do these kinds of things because these people matter to us these customers matter they're our family. >> i enjoyed new haven, by the way. i bought you some masks from neville. it's reversible. >> i like it. thank you for all you do. >> this is cool. also want to mention our sponsor american express is working to support small businesses when they need it. eligible and enrolled card members will get money back.
8:43 am
if you need more into on that, head to i'm about to put it on. >> i like your color too. coming up next, darius rucker tells harry smith about his new music and special performance in nashville this weekend. darius had some important thoughts on the movement in america. but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
series on "today" is proud by presented to you by citi. >> and this morning on our citi music series, grammy winner darius rucker. >> harry smith chatted with him and he joins us now from nashville. hey, harry. >> reporter: the music must go on in nashville. it is music city after all. brad paisley and then darius rucker on sunday. we had a chance to catch up with
8:46 am
the superstar. ♪ >> that was right where to hit it. >> reporter: no warm-up, no anything. >> i got my routine during the day. hit golf balls. >> reporter: darius rucker fans are ready for a show. how hungry are you to get back on stage? >> i love playing live music for people. i'm missing it so bad. >> reporter: do you have a little bit of butterflies? >> absolutely. especially now that i haven't played. i'm old now. i might forget the words to the songs. i mean, it's going to be -- and you're nervous. it's a different animal. going to try to change the set list and everything. i can't stop thinking about it, actually. ♪ beers and sunshine >> reporter: i heard your new song. >> it's fun. >> reporter: it's about b.s. >> we wrote that song during the quarantine.
8:47 am
it's funny. we asked ourselves can we say b.s.? but the only b.s. i needed were beer and sunshine. that worked for me. >> reporter: us too. the song was recorded virtually. no studio session. >> i'm old school, man. i want to sit in the studio for 12 hours a day knocking this stuff out. i'm kind of scared because i don't want to go to that. i want to go back to the old way. >> reporter: but he realized his old way of responding to racism had to change. what has happened to you internally since george floyd's death that made you say i need to refocus? >> my kids. watching them go through this. wow. watching my kids go through this. they're at that age now where they have to look at it. i've lived with racism my whole life. i just can't keep living my life like everything's okay. because everything's not okay. >> reporter: it is no longer all
8:48 am
right for me to perpetuate the myth that things are okay. >> really you get to a point where you go, that's just -- you know, that's just how it is. when i was going to radio stations and you got guys telling me we're not going to play you because you're a black guy. okay. that's just the way it is. but i can't live like that anymore. i can't just go, it's okay, and go on with my life and let somebody say something i know they shouldn't say. >> reporter: you are in such an interesting business. >> yes. >> reporter: and it's a business that's very sensitive to image. >> yes. >> reporter: is that correct? >> yes. you know, one sentence could ruin -- end your career in country music. proven. look at the dixie chicks. they say one sentence, every station stops playing their music. that's the dumbest thing i've heard in my life. it wasn't about politics. it was about their music. >> reporter: here you are and for the first time in your life you're saying black lives matter. >> yeah. >> reporter: is there danger in that for you? >> sure. i'm sure there is. i'm sure i've already lost some fans. >> reporter: a star for decades, a fan favorite.
8:49 am
but success has its limits. >> you become a rich black man, you think racism goes away. it doesn't. i mean, there's people that hate you more because you're rich. >> reporter: have you had to have a conversation with your children about how to act? >> oh, absolutely. >> reporter: if you ever encounter a policeman. >> absolutely. my song is the youngest and he's about to start driving. we talk about it all the time. keep your hands on the wheel. don't do anything until he tells you. we've seen so many times things are as simple as a traffic stop and then somebody gets shot. i don't want it to happen to anybody. >> reporter: does it ever happen to you? >> sure. driving a nice car getting stopped. knowing you're not speeding. when they recognize me, everything's cool. why'd i get stopped? you were -- no, i wasn't. i know i wasn't doing that.
8:50 am
i got stopped because i was a black guy in an expensive car. okay. but it's happened a million times. >> reporter: it's just so not right. >> it's not. and the thing is it's not going to change until enough people say it's wrong. >> reporter: and says rucker, maybe that change is going to come. >> it seems like so much of the country really wants some kind of change. don't know what we're going to do or how to do it, but they want some change. for me it feels different and i hope i'm right. i'll play that one. >> reporter: we played a few holes at the troubadour golf and field club. how good is that? >> that's the best shot ever. >> reporter: had some laughs but for no other reason than to torment craig. and by the way, craig melvin is going to hate me. >> he's going to be pretty mad at you.
8:51 am
>> reporter: just for you, craig. >> and craig is pretty annoyed. i will say, harry. i've known darius for a long time. i've never seen or heard that side of him. that was revealing. >> reporter: complete response. he talked about it. it was all about his family. he can't -- he doesn't want to live in a world that his family has to go through so many of the things that he and so many other african-americans this country have gone through and continue to go through. >> wow. terrific interview. thank you so much. >> it was great. i love his laugh. >> come home, harry. come home now. >> stop playing golf. come home. play golf with us. thank you. thank you to darius. up next, we're celebrating 45 years of "jaws." that's right. the movie "jaws." oh, boy. you want to go to the beach this weekend? you might think twice. stick around but first this is ♪ menutaur get a load of my southwest cheddar cheeseburger. let menutaur make it a doubleeee, yeah! it's beautiful! say what? i said it's bea.... try my $5.99 southwest cheddar cheeseburger combo and make it a double for a buck more. order now with no contact delivery.
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the movie that still has a lot of folks afraid to go in the water. >> of course we're talking about "jaws" from a young steven spielberg that just turned 45.
8:54 am
here's gadi schwartz with more >> reporter: it started with that moon-lit swim and a summer of fear >> you're going to shut down the beaches on your own authority? >> reporter: just off the coast deep in the water, a score we would never forget >> we're going to need a bigger boat >> reporter: a bigger boat and as turned out a bigger box office the thriller chomping its way into history the first to bring in $100 million with steven spielberg at the helm "jaws" opened on an unheard of 450 screens. you know the term blockbuster we use? it literally described the lines around the block it was so big it gave us one of the first movie themed attractions here at universal studios, hollywood, and after all these years this is still one of the studio favorites. howdy, bruce that's right the shark was nicknamed bruce after
8:55 am
spielberg's lawyer and there's more about jaws you should know about. who better than matt hooper played by richard dreyfus? >> this is a movie that was started without a script, without a cast, and without a shark. >> reporter: and when they finally did get the mechanical shark in the water -- >> that's a 20 footer. >> 25. 3 tons of him. >> reporter: the shark that we built never worked and what you'd hear every day is, the shark is not working every day you heard that >> reporter: the result? spielberg had to improvise using the shark's absence to build suspense and he can describe the first time an audience watched them swim away. >> the applauded throughout the entire crawl then they quieted down they watched the end of the
8:56 am
crawl and then they did it again. >> reporter: and even now 45 years later, "jaws" still bringing thrills with that jagged grin. for "today," gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. >> i remember that and we also learned what blockbuster meant. wrapping around the block. >> never knew it we are going to be back with the third and fourth hours of "today." hope you guys have a great weekend. thank you for hanging with us this week. but first here's a look at your local news bye-bye! >> so long good morning. it's 8:56. i'm cierra johnson. three deputies are recovering after being shot in a gun battle at the end of a long standoff in eastern contra costa county. the shoot-out happened last night in knightsen near brentwood. the gunman was holding a woman hostage for 12 hours in a domestic dispute. around 9:00 p.m. fired his
8:57 am
shotgun at s.w.a.t. team members. deputies shot and killed the man at the scene. it's still unclear what kind of injuries the deputy suffered. two were taken to a hospital. happening now we're reaching out to the sheriff's office for an update. we'll have the latest in our midday newscast. we'll also post it to our twitter feed. west contra costa county is the latest now planning to continue distance learning when classes resume next month. but the district may take some exceptions especially for high needs students. head to our home page for the latest updates on school reopening plans across the bay area. bay area fairs are all on hold but starting about two hours from now one of it promises to offer the more popular food fair items. you won't even have to get out of your car to enjoy it. at midday we'll take you there.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza, this is the third hour of "today." >> and a good morning to you welcome to the third hour of "today" on this friday, july 10th fri-yay. craig melvin here in studio 1a sheinelle and dylan continue to work from home al's got the day off it's good to see you two again after a wild and crazy night >> i know. long time no see we had a virtual cocktail party yesterday. our entire third hour of "today" team we got together to play some games and share stories all via zoom it was a good time it was nice to see everybody in one place. i was doing it o


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