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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  August 29, 2020 12:36am-1:37am PDT

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♪ >> jimmy: thank you so much for watching stay safe out there. wash your hands. don't touch your face. we'll see you tomorrow goodnight everybody. ♪ ♪
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>> announcer: tonight on "late night with seth meyers." tracee ellis ross. chat and music from luke bryan an all new "closer look. featuring the 8g band with fred armisen ♪ and now, seth meyers >> seth: welcome to "late night" everybody. i hope you all had a good weekend. my wife and i got nostalgic for the good old days. so we watched "tiger king" and mamade sourdough simpler times. let's s get to thehe news. accordining to a newew report publisished in thehe "new yorkrk times," " white housuse aides a the governoror of south h dakota about the process of adding additional presidentnts to mount
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rushmore asas for when n they askeded, i guessing right after they hung up with the governor of north dakota "sorry, wrong number sorry. you guys, there are two dakotas. i don't know where the other one is get an atlas, dan. president trump told a crowd in ohio last week that former vice president joe biden wants to, quote, "take away your guns, destroy your second amendment, no religion, no anything, hurt the bible, hurt god. man, he is grasping for answers like your aunt during pictionary "no religion, no bible, hurt god. "aunt carol, it was 'surfboard.' the word was 'surfboard.'" after president trump signed an executive order over the weekend that requires $400 in extra unemployment benefits, republican senator ben sasse called it, quote, "unconstitutional slop." ooh, you just got sassed better watch it, mr. president, you would not like him when he is angry or when he's happy or anytime really you see, the problem is, you don't really like people and he's not that likeable infectious disease expert dr anthony fauci said in an interview last week that he and his family have had a security
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detail since april after being harassed and receiving death threats over his role in the coronavirus response and also, that he has a pretty good idea who, quote, "president x is." according to a new report, the record -- a record number of people have given up their u.s. citizenship this year. it's kind a like when we all threw out our blockbuster video card it was a good idea for a while, and then suddenly it was just very clear they were going out of business. nasa announced last week that it will no longer refer to planets and galaxies by offensive nicknames. that's right, uranus will now just be called "your butthole. ally hord for the win. according to a new report, psychics and fortune tellers in new york city have seen a large uptick in business amid the coronavirus. so, if you are willingly letting someone read your palm right now, i, too, can tell you what your future looks like cheetos has released a new line of mac and cheese products so now, fauci is doing daily briefings on that too. "you know, it's too early to tell how delicious it is, but we'll try it." "and do you think it would be good with hyroxychloroquine?
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a 103-year-old woman in michigan got a tattoo last week to check it off her bucket list well, i just hope she doesn't regret it when she gets older. and finally, a jewelry company in israel said recently they are making a gold diamond-encrusted facemask that will be the most expensive face covering in the world worth $1.5 million and oh, my god, you're wearing it wrong that was a monologue hello, and welcome back to the captain's quarters last week was an exciting one here as our beloved/reviled sea captain was joined by a new character, ira the prospect park duck we posted a twitter poll asking if you wanted more duck or less duck, and more duck won in a landslide. now, if you are wondering what would happen this time had "other" won, you would have been treated to a friendship between the sea captain and a street artist's drawing of my wife from when she was kid >> hello, little girl! >> wait, what is this? >> a bit that's gone on too long >> seth: but the duck won, so expect to hear a good deal more
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from him hey, how was your weekend? >> eh, not great a lady in the park yelled at me for not wearing a mask and i was like, "excuse me, you have ever tried getting one of those over a bill? look, it's a stressful time, but let's try to be nice, okay >> seth: well, that's good advice >> not to mention, i went to dinner the other night and geget this, duduring the eé i said, "d"does anyone know if these pellets are gluten-free? and everybody looked at me like i was crazy. it's like, oh, i'm sorry, i happen to have a very delicate system, okay quack. >> oh, this guy is brutal. >> seth: and speaking of brutal, double-team segue. the president announced a bunch of meaningless and blatantly unconstitutional executive orders in a pr stunt at his golf course for more it's time for "a closer look." ♪ >> seth: this weekend really distilled just how desperate president trump is as he continues to trail joe biden in the polls. he announced a bunch of empty executive orders at his golf course instead of negotiating with congress. he said he would permanently cut the payroll taxes that fund social security and medicare if
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re-elected there was a friday night massacre at the post office as part of trump's ongoing attempts to sabotage mail-in voting and we found out that his white house asked the governor of south dakota, "what's the process to add additional presidents to mount rushmore?" you guys know mount rushmore, the thing you saw when you were seven and then only in rental car commercials. and there is no process, because it's not a thing it's a national monument it's not the wing wall down at the wooden nickel. "the process is you got to eat 100 hot wings in 10 minutes. and you gotta bring your own picture. we're not a picture company here at the wooden nickel." that's like going up to a priest after mass and asking him, "so what's the process for adding someone to the trinity what if it was like the father, the son, the holy spirit, and the dan? actually, that does sounds like a pretty decent idea for an early 2000s screwball comedy starring owen wilson "i mean, how can i lead my flock when i can't even get my own apartment? it's weird." and if even if there was a
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process to get on mount rushmore, i am pretty sure presiding over the preventable deaths of 160,000 americans and the worst economic crash since the great depression would be disqualifying. that's like asking your boss at chipotle when you're getting your employee of the month plaque after you get caught stirring guacamole with your skateboard "you're never getting it brad. you're never going to get your name on a plaque." besides, i'm pretty sure the other presidents would be weirded out having trump next to them they'd all scooch over to one side of the mountain like passengers on the f-train after a dude takes a dump. "let's get off at the next stop. it's only, eh, 38 blocks to the park." the only upside of putting trump on mount rushmore would be picking the photo to use so we could all remember him accurately would it be this photo of trump coming back from his tulsa rally looking like he just got fired from his job as a door-to-door vacuum salesman? or maybe one these photos where he's screaming like a rabid possum or how about that one from the gop debate where he looks like he is farting and getting kicked in the [ bleep ] at the same time did he fart because he got kicked in the [ bleep ]? or did he get kicked in the
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[ bleep ] because he farted? [ laughter ] trump wants to get on mount rushmore, but first he has to get past joe biden, who he's trailing badly in the polls. and you can tell trump is desperate. last week for example, he once again pretended he was doing a bunch of official events, but as always, turned them into campaign speeches. and at one point, trump, the twice-divorced serial adulterer, who doesn't go to church, thought second corinthians was called "two corinthians. and who probably uses a bible to hide his "playboys," still said this about devout catholic joe biden. >> he's going to do things that nobody ever would ever think even possible because he's following the radical left agenda take away your guns, destroy your second amendment, no religion, no anything, hurt the bible, hurt god. he's against god he's against guns. he's against energy, our kind of energy >> seth: my god, why does he always talk like an injured
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superhero in a comic book? "losing -- consciousness -- must stop luthor he's against god." trying to make trump's syntax make sense is like trying to solve an ancient sumerian riddle if man can hurt god than is he not more powerful than god and if man is more powerful than god, then would that not mean that god is man and man is god sounds like a dude who downed one too many tequila shots singing john lennon's "imagine" at karaoke ♪ no religion no anything hurt the bible hurt god ♪ i know that was all out of tune, but i wanted to make sure we didn't have to pay-- also, biden's against energy what are you talking about the dude was literally out in the sun biking over the weekend. biden's like one of those grandpas you worry about because they're always doing too much. "grandpa, it's 6:00 a.m., where are you going with an axe? "you can never have too much firewood, kiddo. you, on the other hand, have all the energy of a beanbag chair low on beans so, trump's obviously very desperate, on top of being
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historically unpopular he also had no accomplishment to tout, aside from shoveling $2 trillion worth of tax cuts into the pockets of big corporations and the wealthy, claiming it will boost the economy. and i just want to say, mission accomplished, bud. those crappy little bonuses companies handed out in 2017 as pr for the corporate tax cut really came in handy when 50 million people lost their jobs and everyone was racing to buy toilet paper "good news, honey, we can afford an extra pack of charmin thanks to that one-time check we got three years ago. if you need me, i'll be in line at the food bank for the next six hours. even before the pandemic and economic crash trump had accomplished very little so instead, he decided to start taking credit for his predecessor's accomplishments. for example, trump has falsely claimed more than 150 times that he signed the veterans choice program into law, even though it was barack obama who signed it in 2014. again, he has repeated this lie, according to cnn, more than 150 times, which is just a level of dedication of lying that i can't even comprehend
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he is the lance armstrong of lying, which is saying a lot since lance armstrong is also the lance armstrong of lying and in this election, joe biden is the lance armstrong of biking, but only because the only other choice is donald trump, who is the lance armstrong of not taking steroids and when trump was asked about this lie at his fake news conference at his new jersey golf course over the weekend with a bunch of his wealthy patrons cheering him on in the background, he got all pissy and walked away. >> you trying to set a new precedent that the president - >> no. no >> -- can go around congress and decide - >> you ever hear the word obstruction? they've obstructed congress has obstructed. the democrats have obstructed people from getting desperately needed money go ahead, please, right here no, no, you're finished. go ahead please. please [ cheers and applause >> go ahead. >> veteran's choice and -- >> okay, excuse me go ahead, please >> it was a false statement, sir. >> okay. thank you very much, everybody thank you very much. [ cheers and applause
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>> seth: just stormed off. such a petulant little man-toddler. it's like the kid who loses at halo and chucks his controller across the room. "you gave me the broken one. i'm telling mom. also, nothing says "man of the people" like doing a press conference at your $350,000 a year private golf club "every american who loses their job will get a free sleeve of titleist golf balls. they're repackaged from ones we found in the lake. trump is so desperate for affection he's bringing his own cheering section to the press conferences now. it's like watching a reboot of "married with children." at the debates with biden, he's going to pipe in his own studio audience [ cheers and applause so trump has spent virtually his entire term desperately trying to erase obama's accomplishment or take credit for them, like when republicans tried to repeal obamacare, including its protections for pre-existing conditions they even filed a brief with the supreme court in june -- june -- arguing that obamacare must fall, which would wipe out protections for people with pre-existing conditions in the middle of a pandemic
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and yet as all that was happening trump has repeatedly and brazenly lied about his position on health care, saying "i was the person who saved pre-existing conditions in your health care and i will always protect people with pre-existing conditions, always, always, always!" yikes, that is a truly psychotic use of all-caps. that is an ex-husband in a lifetime movie level of punctuation. normally when you get a note like that you realize the person who wrote is it standing right behind you so trump has spent months lying about his position on health care, and on friday his psychosis spun so far out of control, he actually tried to trick people into thinking he was issuing an executive order protecting pre-existing conditions, which is a thing that's already law thanks to obamacare -- the law he's currently in court trying to overturn >> over the next two weeks i will be pursuing a major executive order requiring health insurance companies to cover all pre-existing conditions for all customers. that's a big thing
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i've always been very strongly in favor we have to cover pre-existing conditions so we will be pursuing a major executive order requiring health insurance companies to cover all pre-existing conditions for all of its customers >> seth: oh yeah, what's next? are you going to issue an executive order requiring new hampshire and vermont to touch at all times "you two have to learn to share a border." this psycho genuinely thinks he can just get up in front of the cameras and repeat things obama already did and people are going believe him. next he's going to announce he's picking joe biden as his running mate "it's weird he's attacking me. we're on the same ticket." dude, no one's going to mistake you for barack obama all we have to do is look at the the two of you with your shirts unbuttoned obama looks like he's in an episode of "ballers. trump looks like a business ham. and then on saturday, trump signed a bunch of meaningless and unconstitutional executive orders rather than negotiate with congress, while tens of millions of americans face eviction and go without much needed unemployment benefits take, for example, trump's claim
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that he's supposedly extending the enhanced unemployment benefits first of all, he's cutting them from $600 to $400. second, he is forcing cash-strapped states to pay 25% of that amount, and if they can't, then their residents don't get the money. and third, even his own economic advisor, larry kudlow, didn't seem to know how any of this will work at all >> so when will people see their first checks >> i don't want to be as specific, 'cause you might hold me to it as you should, but i think it's going to be in a couple of weeks. and i think it's going to come to about $1,200 per person that's a huge wage increase. >> you keep saying $1,200 per person are you talking about in addition to the unemployment that they are already getting? >> oh, no, that's the -- >> where does that number come from >> payroll that -- i beg your pardon. the $1,200 will come from the payroll tax. it should be $800 bucks. i beg your pardon. it should be $800 bucks for the
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unemployment >> $800 or $400? >> no, it should be four -- it should be $800 if the states step up, we're prepared to match. that should be -- come out, $400 federal, $400 states >> okay. we'll move on because i think this is -- that's not what the president said and it's a bit confusing. >> seth: man, even dana bash gave up. that was like watching her sort through the menu at a restaurant with her grandfather "you want the chicken? "no, i want the pollo. "pollo means chicken." "i thought it meant fish." "pesce is fish." "the actor?" "just bring him some french fries, please. how can he not know what his own policy does? he sounds like the substitute math teacher who spilled coffee on his lesson plan "okay, everybody, the answer is 1,200. nope, wait, i'm sorry. it's eight -- nope, i think it's 500. it's 5,000." "mr. kudlow, i think it's 400. "shut up, you little snot-nosed punk it's 800 now run to the teachers' lounge and get me another beer. "you're not allowed to drink beer, mr. kudlow."
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"well, don't you just sound like the superintendent who fired me from my last job." and then there's the executive order that supposedly extends the federal eviction moratorium, which it obviously does not do that's a lie all you have to do is read it, which apparently kudlow has not done >> a second key point was the eviction moratorium. because the democrats rejected various compromises at least twice, to my knowledge, the president felt he had to take action >> in fact, the president doesn't extend the federal eviction moratorium. i looked at the executive order. it doesn't do that it simply directs how to find a way to help people and identify federal funds. it doesn't include extending the federal eviction moratorium. >> well, look, it -- it -- that's not entirely true i mean, in there - >> well, it is true. i just read it >> seth: "ah, come on, george. that's not fair. if i haven't read it, you can't either." it's fun to imagine kudlow's aides shuttling him from interview to interview, watching him make a fool of himself and
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then hoping the next one goes better "all right boss, we have only one more interview left today. "where is it please say fox news. please, fox news." "it's axios. "oh, damn it now you better give me some of those loose papers that are fun to carry around and hard to read." and then there's trump's fake payroll tax cut. in reality, all he did was deferred payroll taxes until the end of the year, which means a lot of businesses will just save up the money to pay those taxes when they're due, rather than pass the savings on to workers trump said if he was re-elected he would make the cut permanent, which is even worse because payroll taxes fund social security and medicare. so if you cut payroll taxes without a replacement, you are cutting social security. and when he was asked about that last night, as usual, he just lied >> what we're doing is we reimburse through the general fund, not through social security this will have no impact on social security. we are going to impact -- we are going to -- through the general fund reimburse this will have zero impact on social security. >> seth: that's not how it
12:55 am
works. for one thing, only congress can appropriate money. for another, this isn't one of your businesses. you can't just move money around to cover your losses "i got it. we'll just -- we're gonna move money from the tax fund, to the casino fund, to the hotel fund, to the slush fund, to the porn star fund. boom, done." "but how do we pay our taxes?" "oh, that's easy we don't you guys should really -- you should really try tapping my head it's like silly putty. americans can see through this it's trump's usual shtick. he is desperate and unpopular, which is why he's signing empty executive orders and sabotaging the post office. he has no accomplishments, no policies >> no anything >> seth: this has been "a closer look." and this was the most stressful one i've done all summer, because my parents were sitting on a couch watching. [ sigh ] ♪ >> seth: we got a great show for you tonight. the fantastic tracee ellis ross will be here she's got a new movie out. and we will talk about her fourth emmy nomination
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plus, we're gonna to talk to country music star luke bryan, and he is also going to perform for us that is all happening tonight. i'm a verizon engineer, and i'm part of the team building the most powerful 5g experience for america. it's 5g ultra wideband, and it's already available in parts of select cities. like los angeles and in new york city. and it's rolling out in cities around the country. with massive capacity, it's like an eight lane highway compared to a two lane dirt road. 25x faster than today's 4g networks. in fact, it's the fastest 5g in the world. from the network more people rely on. this is 5g built right. only on verizon.
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that hasas on the enenvironme. wewe have two o daughterss and i i want to dodo everythig i cacan to protetect the enenvironmentt so hopefully they can have a grereat future.e. ♪ >> seth: welcome back. we are so excited that fred armisen is back on drums again this week.
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and mark your calendars for fred's new movie "all together now," which premieres on netflix august 28th. welcome home, fred our first guest tonight just received her fourth emmy nomination for her work on the hit series "black-ish. she stars in "the high note," which is available to own on digital now and on blu-ray and dvd august 11th. here is my conversation with tracee ellis ross. >> seth: great to see you, tracee how are you holding up >> i'm hanging in here you know, still in one piece still in the same place. [ light laughter ] >> seth: you look fantastic, and part of what a lot of us have had to figure out is not only how to look fantastic on zoom calls, but how to actually do the zoom calls >> now i know how to set up lights i do hair, makeup, lights, production, tech, all of it. it's all - >> seth: you and me both you and me both. congratulations on the emmy nomination for "black-ish. there must be a little extra, i don't know, jump in your step? >> you know, i didn't even know the nominations were coming.
1:01 am
so i turned on my phone, and because of what we're in, and my nervous system being shot like everybody else's, i thought something really b bad had happened >> seth: sure. >> but it was a congngratulatio blowing up o on my phone so it's been -- it was -- it's really a treat it's like a really nice bright spot in the middle of this crazy. people are like, "what do you feel about not being able to do a red carpet and everything? i was like, "i just want people to vote. >> seth: yeah, there you go. >> not necessarily for the emmys. yes, i would love to win, blah, blah, blah really nice. i would like everybody to vote in the general election, and not just, for number one in terms of the president, but up and down the ballot >> seth: yes if anything, i think everyone in the academy, everyone -- emmy voting rights should use the emmy voting as their dry run for the general. >> absolutely. absolutely you could use it as a dry run, figure out how to fill out your census that's another one >> seth: that's another huge one. >> thahat's anotheher huge one
1:02 am
ten minutetes of your life affes the next ten years, seth what are you talking about >> seth: exactly there's very few ten-minute windows that will affect the next decade of representation as an electorate. >> yeah, that's correct. >> seth: you are coming into your seventh season of "black-ish." and i know you, like a lot of productions, are trying to figure out how to do the show in -- again, not to belabor the point, but you know, it is the time we are living in. how is it going so far >> all we've done is a table read i was a little nervous about it, actually, because i was like, "how is this going to go?" because, you know, our table reads are crazy. we talk over each other. there is so much joking and laughing so i am hoping it will feel safe i'm a little, you know, haven't been around people in a very long time, seth. >> seth: yeah, i know that feeling. i think the other feeling a lot of us have had is how prepared were we when this started, how prepared are we now. are you someone who can stock a house well in trying times >> yes i am generally a stock person.
1:03 am
>> seth: okay. >> like, i like a backlog of things i am a household that always has extra batteries, per se. so when the pandemic started, i was like, "i'm good. you know what i mean i knew everyone was freaking out about toilet paper but i was like, "i've got it, i'm fine." but i went on amazon, like one does, and i ordered what i thought was a nice roll of toilet paper and at first, it said it's not going to come for a month. i'm like, "no problem, i'm set for a month. and then, they were delays they were like, "your toilet paper is coming. it hasn't come yet, blah, blah, blah, but it's coming. finally, it arrived. seth, i discovered i am not great at ordering on amazon things both to scale and the amount of things you will be getting. this is what a regular toilet paper roll looks like, right >> seth: sure, yeah. >> i ordered a -- this is what i waited two and a half months for. this these -- [ light laughter ] look at the size of this >> seth: they're the shorties. [ laughter ] >> what is this going to do?
1:04 am
this would last me - >> seth: i think that's for a doll's house those are dollhouse -- >> but i will tell you it says "the feeling of falling in love with you" and it's three-ply sheet bath tissue. >> seth: well, there you go. i mean, once you are a three-ply, it can be a lot smaller. >> no, it cannot >> seth: do you find holding it that you are falling in love with yourself even a little bit? >> no, i feel like - >> seth: probably because it's wrapped. >> what is this like, what -- this is like three uses? [ laughter ] >> seth: look, i am telling you, you are going to be blown away and again, i have a little -- i have a small investment in that company. but i promise you, when you feel three-ply, you are gonna -- the love affair you are going to have with tracee ellis ross. >> this is -- look at this >> seth: yeah, well, the other one, the one you have, that's like a giant -- that's like a one-ply. >> no! >> seth: look, they -- it has to be that big. >> i am taking it apart, seth. i bet you this is at least -- this is at least two-ply look at this this is two-ply. two-ply!
1:05 am
>> seth: yeah. all right. all right. [ laughter ] hey, obviously, we are showing you that we are both very good at business. but you actually have -- you have your own beauty line company. we talked about it last time you were on. pattern beauty, correct? how is that going? are you managing to get anything done >> honestly, yeah. it's gotten a lot more focused attention from me because usually i am doing so many other things and i'm on set. we launched our styling products, which was incredibly successful, and we were able to stay open during this whole thing because it's essential goods, shampoo and conditioner and we discovered that people are still willing to shop online people still need to condition their hair and i feel like hair products are one of the places that you continue to be able to feel like yourself and, like, honor yourself you can do a deep condition, seth do you know what i mean? [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> try a new hairstyle and feel
1:06 am
like you've done something extraordinary while just staying inside your home safely. >> seth: well, look, as my hair gets longer, a deep condition sosounds like something i never even would have thought of >> and you know what, seth you also might want to, when you get to the ponytail phase, you might want to do baby hairs. i am sure you've spoken to someone or seen someone with a baby hair scenario like exactly placed ramen >> seth: yeah. >> so you could have ramen noodles across your forehead >> seth: oh, so baby hair is that sort of like flat to the brow >> yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> the designs of -- you could make designs out of all the little bits, that -- you knonow, the shorter hairs on the front >> seth: yeah, the more yoyou tk about, this more this soundsds like me. hey, so congrats on n the film "the higigh note." obviously, this was -- youou kn, at another time this was going to come out in theaters. now it's on demand you play an iconic singer. what drew you to this? [ laughter ] tracee, what would ever would have made you want to play - >> it's a world i wanted to
1:07 am
explore. >> seth: sure. >> that i knew nothing about, that i have had no - [ laughter ] no, i was drawn to the role. i love the story, and this character, grace davis, although i understand that, like, an iconic superstar singer, makes people think of my mom but she's nothing like my mom. and i got to sing, seth! i got to sing! >> seth: well, that's the crazy thing. even though your mom was diana ross, you had never recorded songs before. >> well, my mom is still diana ross [ laughter ] >> seteth: she -- all right, i spoke to her earlier, anand she said, like, where -- she goes, "tracee is my acquaintance." [ laughter ] >> i just met my mom during this pandemic it's been amazing. she is so sweet. no yeah, i had never -- i didn't -- like, dabbled in the singing but i had never gone into the recording studio and i got to record four or five songs, and one of them, my first single, "love myself" -- did you hear what i said i'm going to say it again. my single.
1:08 am
my first single. [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> sounds crazy. i am a charted artist. i made it onto the adult contemporary charts, and i made it all the way to number 14. >> seth: number 14 and look, i have been given the power to make you an offer we would love to license "love myself" for this three-ply toilet paper that we are using >> oh. >> seth: that makes you fall in love with yourself [ light laughter ] ♪ i forget when i was younger it was eas toilet paper was this size now it's small ♪ [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's s wonderful. all right, we'll just steal it -- we'll just rip it from that and use it in the next ad we cut hey, it is always such a pleasure to see you. congratulations on everything, tracee, and i look forward to the next time already. >> thank you it's so good to see you, seth. >> seth: we'll be right back with luke bryan. ♪ t-mobile a and sprint t have me.
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1:14 am
promoting it, is on the road in front of adoring fans, and yet here you are, zooming with me. [ laughter ] >> hey, that's as enjoyable. i mean, but we -- yeah, it's cra -- i mean, we originally had the album scheduled to come out in april. you know, we had all these tour -- you know, this bigig to that was going to set up the album. but, you know, obviously, as you know, a lot of stuff has changed. but, hey, you've got to -- when, you know, you've got to do - you've got to play the hand that's dealt but we're excited to have the album out. i've had a l lot of these songs completed for some time now. so i am tired of riding around listening to them in my truck. [ light laughter ] i am ready for the fans to hear them >> seth: well, one of the things you say, you know, you had to make do with the situation, the hand we're dealt you had dealt yourself acres and acres of farmland, and you actually - [ laughter ] -- planted sweet corn. is this the first time you've planted corn there >> i have had small little patches of sweet corn, but when i got -- when we started quarantine, i had my nephew, two of his buddies that were going to college with him, and then
1:15 am
two other boys that we w were quarantined with and i totally -- i was like the old dad that runs in on, like -- all right, boys, you're not laying around all day. let's start a garden so i told them, you know i got on the phone and i started ordering all of these, you know, tomato seeds, cantaloupe, watermelon, sweet corn, and we just -- i went and bought us a tractor. we started tearing up all this - you know, i've got some land around my house. i started -- we were out there working. the boys built this unbelievable greenhouse so we grow all this stuff. we plant the corn. the corn is like the prettiest patch of corn i have ever seen and then all of these boys go back to college, and they leave me [ light laughter ] they essentially abandoned me. they used me they used me, and, yeah, my -- you know, i left the farm to
1:16 am
chase music, and then i go back to the farm and now, yeah, i need to stick with music i could grow stuff now, marketing the corn and selling the corn is a whole different deal >> seth: this is very like you to involve your family in your endeavors. your music video for "one margarita" had the whole gang. we have a photo of your mom. whose idea was that? >> well, the funny thing is, so we're in -- you know, we filmed the video in mexico at crash my playa back in january. you know, my mom calls me that morning. you know, she's like, "oh, i'm under the weather. i'm tired. i don't want to come down here and do the video i'm tired. so she shows up, and when the lights, camera, action -- when the cameras roll, you know, she's dancing on barstools, tabletops. you know, getting on people's shoulders. i mean, so she knows how to turn on the charm >> seth: hey, i want to ask about this, as well, because the song "one margarita," it's a
1:17 am
little bit misleading, because it's about three margaritas and a shot >> right >> seth: when you write a number-one song like that, that has a drink order in it, and you are recognizable and you have fans, the kind of fans that you have, i imagine that this is -- and i have heard that this is a drink order that will be sent over to your table >> yeah. so, here in -- where we're from in south nashville, you know, the restaurants are open at half-capacity. so, you know, my wife and i, we'll roll out and sit at a little table, and then someone will send us three margaritas and a shot and they're like -- and then i'm like, "well, guys, i appreciate the sentiment and the gesture, but, you know, i mean, i don't -- i don't really need to black out here." >> seth: right >> -- - at me and my wifife's g restaurant they're like -- and then two - like, it's like becoming the thing where, yeah, i mean, people expect me to just down three margaritas and take a shot of tequila and just, you know, hop in the car and start, you know, ramming cars as i fly out
1:18 am
of the parking lot so i've got to devel -- you need to help me develop a letdown line >> seth: yeah. >> we got to - >> seth: i think a letdown line is better, because my other idea was -- it just doesn't seem very country to record a song called like called "half a glass of pinot. [ laughter ] right? can't do that. >> half a glass of pinot full glass of pinot. one and a half glass of pinot. syrah, syrah [ laughter ] >> seth: there you go. you're getting there hey, last thing. this has been recirculating. this happened a while ago, right, because people throw things on stage. and here is video of you getting hit with a beer can. obviously, not in the most ideal place. when you saw it, did you remember when that happened? >> well, i remember it happening, and then i saw it somehow it got shared of me taking the beer can to the, uh -- to the privates. to the junk. [ light laughter ]
1:19 am
and, you know, it's like fans are -- you know, fans get caught up in the moment, you know but, yeah, i mean, throwing a beer can right at my crotch is -- and you can see my reaction it's -- i held it together though i just - >> seth: that's what i was going to say you had to walk a narrow line, and i was very impressed and, hey, i'm very excited -- you're going to stick around and do a song for us thanks so much it's always so great to see you, luke >> hey, thanks for having me thank you. >> seth: luke will be performing the title track off his new album, "born here, live here, die here," right after the break. ♪ (whispering) jake from state farmrm, i can'n't thank yoyou enough for gettining me thosese "sera savings"s" on my i insuranc. can i get t you 10 freree mins in thehe broth batath? (whisperering) sererena, with s state farm, everyoyone's offerered surprprisingly great t rates. (whisperering) yeah surure, how abobout a cocomplimentarary wet mossss? (whihispering)
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♪ >> seth: here to perform the title track of his just-released album, "born here, live here, die here," please welcome luke bryan ♪ ♪
1:25 am
♪ bunch of f buddie in john dedeere hats a little c crazy but ththey got my y back ♪ ♪ know evevery roll t through stop s sign like t the baback of my h han and everery bank whehere ♪ ♪ the f fish will b bit ststill like p putting a a smile on t the face ♪ ♪ o of a girl i i've know since the e second grarade got t a kiss thahat' sweeeet like lememonade ♪ ♪ she's eveverythin i'll ever r need anotother reasonon i'l never leavave ♪ ♪ born hehere live her die herere ♪ ♪ from the e root to t the boots to thehe lay me dodown suit ♪ ♪ yeaeah i'm gonnnna be proud toto be right t here jujust like mymy daddy anand his daddddy did too o ♪ ♪ w we ride thehe same roadad wowork the samame dirt go to the e same churcrc and drink k the same b beer ♪ ♪ bororn here live herer die here
1:26 am
yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ e everybody's's gotta finin ththeir plac some d dreams you u catc some dreamams you chasase ♪ ♪ s some peoplele run and sosome people e stay meme i'll alwaways be ♪ ♪ a bororn here lilive her die e here ♪ ♪ frorom the rootot to the boooots to t the lay me e down suit t ♪ ♪ yeaeah i'm gonnnna be proud d to be righght here just likike my daddydy and his dadaddy did totoo ♪ ♪ we riride the samame road work thehe same dirtrt go t to the sameme churc and drinink the sameme beer ♪ ♪ bororn here live her didie here
1:27 am
yeah ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm'm gonna raiaise one up in the e air tonighgh for r all the fofolks like m m here's to o the ♪ ♪ born herere live h her die herere ♪ ♪from thehe roots toto the bootsts toto the lay m me down suiuit ♪ ♪ yeah i'i'm gonna bebe proud d to be righght here just l like my dadaddy and d his daddy y did too ♪ ♪ we riride the samame road work t the same didirt go to the e same churcrc and drdrink the sasame beer ♪ ♪ bororn here live herer die hehere ♪ ♪ born herere liveve her die here ♪ ♪ born hehere live herer die herere
1:28 am
yeah ♪ ♪ b born here live h her die herere ♪ ♪ >> seth: luke bryan, everybody "born here, live here, die here" is out now we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ yeah,h, i'm thanknkful.
1:29 am
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♪ >> seth: i want to thank tracee ellis ross and luke bryan i want to thank fred armisen and the 8g band. stay tuned for "lilly singh. stay safe. wash your hands. wear a mask. we love you. ♪ ♪ ♪


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