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tv   ABC15 News at 10PM  ABC  August 14, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm MST

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drowning call. at 10:00, a family faces heartbreak as their two-year- old twins fight for every breath. the kids pulled from a hot tub earlier today. this happened at a home on priest and warner. the children are now at war in medical center. raquel cervantes has an update
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condition. >> reporter: the twins are extremely critical being treated here. they tell us in this case, there was no barrier around the hot tub where the twins were found. meanwhile, firefighters are reminding people how to keep children safe around water. twin toddlers rushed to the hospital after nearly drowning. police say the two-year-old, -- two-year-old, a boy and a girl, got into the backyard bathtub. >> we believe the away for just a few seconds and that's when the toddlers were able to go into the hot tub. >> reporter: both parents were at home at the time and called 911 when they found their toddlers in the water. paramedics performed cpr until they got to the hospital. >> what happened is the mother of the children was taking the child for a walk. >> reporter: any water 18 inches
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or more and 8 feet wide must have a barrier. they contained water just needs to be 18 inches deep and outdoors to require a barrier. >> the thing is, these kind of situations happen. >> reporter: firefighters reminding people it's not just swimming pools that pose a danger. >> any bottle -- any body of water, bathtubs, buckets. here we have a hot tub. >> investigating the near drowning. the requirements for barriers can vary by each city. we posted some of that information on our website at >> we are really hoping they pull through. we have learned the name of the man who drowned in the salt river. he was 28-year-old emmanuel
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he was seen struggling and was under water for a few minutes before being pulled out. at other drowning to tell you about. firefighters say a 30-year-old man was found at the bottom of a pool. he died at the hospital today in paradise valley at 68 and mcdonald. a spokesperson with the phoenix to fire -- phoenix fire department say alcohol was involved. buckeye police, mcso and fbi are all still continuing their search for a chelsea wilson. volunteers are now being asked to no longer help in the search because buckeye police fear this may turn into a recovery operation meaning a body could be found. they did say today that buckeye police still have hope that jesse wilson can be found safely. we did speak with neighbors not to long ago and not too far
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you can hear what they have to say about the ongoing search for jesse. this weekend, hot, sunny and dry. laura thomas tracking your most accurate forecast. what are we seeing? >> marja and dry weather with thunderstorm chances in our forecast. that's coming up in just a couple minutes. all of us sitting in the 90s after topping out at 1060 today. 880 right now in cave creek. very warm in good here at 970. overnight lows back in the 80s so in the warm start tomorrow morn high clouds. we will not see rain chances overnight as we keep those wind speeds light out of the east southeast around 5-10 miles per hour. by 8:00, upper 80s to low 90s. near 1000 for phoenix, mesa and glendale. sunny skies through the afternoon. a little bit warmer and we will climb 2 to 3 0 higher than we
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more coming up in a minute. a woman is shot in the north -- west valley. it happened at 100 -- west valley. it happened at 107th and indian school. detectives believe the woman knew the man. they have not released a suspect description. we have called to learn more about the woman's current condition. an mcso k-9 is recovering after he was hurt in a s.w.a.t. situation. a man was accused of shooting at his girlfriend. she was not hurt hour standoff. tear gas and rubber bullets were used on the suspect before he was taken into custody. markoe, the police dog emma was attacked by dogs inside the home. marco needs stitches and rest. clashes between police and protesters in milwaukee for a second night in a row after a deadly police shooting. milwaukee police say both the man killed and the officer who shot him are black. the police chief also says the
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arrest record. after news of the shooting, protesters confronted police and several businesses were set on fire. today, smith's father was out with dozens of volunteers cleaning up after the protests. he says he partially blames himself for what happened to his son. >> i just got out of jail two months ago. the scene -- they seem these things. they look up to me. >> the milwaukee police chief says the officer's body shows smith had a gun in his hand when he was shot. investigators in georgia say they are searching for rahim deeds. they say he killed an officer last night. that officer has been identified as tim smith. deeds shot smith when he got out of his cruiser to investigate. officials say deeds is armed and dangerous we are tracking a busy day in arizona courts tomorrow as a
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the case is back before a judge before a pretrial conference. marino is accused of killing jorge vargas in 2013. he was just 15 at the time of the shooting and has pleaded not all day. two people facing second- degree murder charges and child abuse charges in the death of a two-year-old girl tomorrow. the toddler died in 2012. the autopsy of the little girl, savannah, showed she was physically abused and exposed to drugs at the time of her death. do you remember this high- speed chase? joshua monigold allegedly led officers across the valley on a big chase and even tried to steal a man's motorcycle during the chase. this man will return to court tomorrow for a pretrial conference hearing. he is facing several charges including theft and robbery. a safety reminder from buckeye police telling everyone
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don't leave anything valuable inside the car. the warning comes after tyler fillmore and jonathan hardy were arrested for breaking into a car, stealing a wallet and police say the two racked up debit card charges. to an update we are happy to pass along to people taking action to help an arizona officer whose baby daughter just had emergency surgery here in phoenix. this is an update to a story we first told you about last night. officers steve farber with the police department for about two years. last night, he went home to his baby girl, who was severely sick. her stomach and intestines were inside out. she was flown to phoenix children's hospital. coworkers set up a donation page for the family. just incredible. in the past 24 hours, donations up to more than $13,000. we have a link on our website if you are interested at
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leaving the comforts of the air- conditioning inside university of phoenix stadium to practice outdoors as they get ready to travel to san diego for a week of practice in southern california. the cards will have two joint practices with the chargers, a joint practice open to the public and an afternoon practice on wednesday. before we talk too much about san diego, how does the team feel about having outdoor practice? >> it felt more like training camp. a nice breeze all day so it wasn't bad. >> it was fun being outside. it was nice weather. because the weather was nice and it felt good to have that breeze, it's nice to be out there competing. >> they didn't even say it was hot. how do they deal with that? >> i think they all just had a great time.
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they are going to get sunshine again in san diego. >> cardinals preseason roles on as the cards take on the chargers in san diego. watch the game right here on acb15. the game starts at 5:30 pm with kickoff at 6:00. our live coverage starts at 4:00 right here on acb15. during up to cast your vote in november? before we get there, two major decisions will impact what you have a chance to vote for in our state. cont continuing to grow. the latest on a wildfire raging to our westbrook only on acb15, a father who
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happening tomorrow, two big decisions could affect your november ballot. a judge will determine if there are enough valid signatures for
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arizona minimum wage. opponents claim the signatures were not collected properly. the measure wants to raise the minimum wage to $10 in january and up to $12 by 2020. legalizing recreational marijuana also in jeopardy tonight. supporters across -- of prop 205 got enough signatures but opponents filed a lawsuit, arguing the revenue from a 15% proposed estate tax will not measure up to the potential cost for public health and safety. tomorrow is a big day at as and society. that's the new home of sandra day o'connor school of law. in invitation only gallo will be held with the kickoff in celebration. senator john mccain, greg stanton, and justice o'connor all expected to be there. in the race for the white house, donald trump says he's not really running against hillary clinton. instead, the nominee says he is running against the media,
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poll numbers. he tweeted today that if his words were not given false meaning, he would be leading by 20%. his running mate mike pence doing some damage control, reaching out to republicans like john mccain and jeb bush. members of congress will be granted access to notes taken during hillary clinton's three- hour fbi interview. director james comey says she put sensitive information at risk with her private email server, but no criminal charges were ever filed. several republican lawmakers have requested more information. california on wildfire watch with fast-moving flames threatening dozens of homes in the northern part of the state. the blaze burning in lake county. the area had a huge fire last year. evacuation orders have been released forcing people to leave their homes. the containment lines say several -- the containment line expanded and several houses
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this one now 60% contained and fewer crew members are needed to fight the flames. the fire has burned or than ,000 acres. this one was started by an illegal campfire. nature's flames are not the only way she is showing her power. tornadoes ripping through the philippines. the time lapse video taken from the 39th floor of an apartment building. in louisiana, a state of emergency declared flooding. look at all this. the governor says more than 20,000 people have been rescued from those rising floodwaters. three people have been killed and experts are now warning about more flooding as overflowing rivers drain toward the gulf of mexico. they are dealing with about a month of rain in three days. >> incredible flooding there. it's been dry across the valley. those things will be changing for us in the coming days. for the next couple days, dry and hot.
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today topping out at 1060. that's far from the record set on this day. we will take 1060. the 90s outside litchfield park. glendale 990. satellite radar composite, passing clouds but look at all that rain across texas, slowly trying to move off to the north at this hour. they continue with that flooding threat. if you look at futurecast, if travels take yo potentially into texas or the midwest, check on those plans. for us, rain chances across the high country, late tomorrow afternoon. we stay dry in the valley and we will see another round of showers and thunderstorms across the high country tuesday but overall, for the valley, keeping rain chances out through at least wednesday where we introduce some very isolated rain chances wednesday, thursday and friday. a little monsoon moisture works
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increasing shower and thunderstorm chances. for the next couple days, it's going to be all about the heat. 1090 tomorrow, average high 1050. 1090 tuesday and moisture back in our forecast on wednesday. a couple 0 off the highs. 1070 with the normal dropping to 1040. here is what we have seen so far regarding 1100 plus temperatures so far this year. we are going to get close over the next couple so far, for 2016, we come in the number three spot. 28 days of 110 or higher with 33 days the most we've ever seen. we will track that the next couple days and throughout the summer. 740 in winslow, 760 show low, 810 sedona. overnight lows around 500. grand canyon, 80s. very hot air bullhead city, 1120 today.
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going to hit 1010. in the valley, 80s valley wide. a nice, warm start tomorrow morning. clear skies overnight, light winds and 820. apache junction, 1060 tomorrow. 1060 in tempe and levine. if you are heading to the diamondbacks game, the first pitch at 6:40 pm, 1050. breezes around 5-15 miles per overall, pretty quiet to start the work week. slight changes come into play wednesday. thursday, temperatures down just a little bit to 1040. still a very hot week. isolated showers and thunderstorms chances thursday and friday. a stray chance next weekend with morning lows in the 80s. not a fun way to wrap up a six-game road trip but boston, not nice to the diamondbacks. >> it was downright ugly. the diamondbacks probably feel
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let's just say it would have been a better weekend if they
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a really scary night for the u.s. olympic swim team. gold medalist ryan lochte and three other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint. the guys were in a taxi leaving a party when they were surrounded by men dressed as police officers. lochte says one of the robbers
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his for head. they took their cash and credit cards. at first, the international olympic committee tried to deny the crime but lochte tweeted today, thinking friends, family and fans for what he calls overwhelming support. the swimmer also says he has his eye on the 2020 olympics in tokyo. the arizona diamondbacks trying to avoid being swept by the red sox in boston, so they sent zack greinke to e rank he was 8-0 in his last 10 starts. he turns in one of his first outings as a professional, pitching just one and two thirds innings, giving up nine runs on 10 hits including three home runs. it's the second-most runs cranky has allowed in his 12 year career. the red sox right fielder mookie betts destroyed the d- backs. a career-best eight runs. dustin pedroia finishes with
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in. the d-backs get swept in boston and an embarrassment today 16-2 final. >> that's not a score. nobody ever wants to see that. do you think they were just feeling bad after a while? >> you could see them just get worse and worse. >> we are looking forward to football. that's what we need. dps responding after a dad on a road trip says a trooper the story you are going to see the story you are going to see on acb15 ? double down on your coffee and candy cravings with dunkin's new heath and almond joy flavored iced coffees. get any medium iced coffee for $1.49.
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some good news for your gas tank. prices keep dropping and experts believe they could fall be tell -- below two dollars a gallon by october and stay there through the winter. there is concern refineries have produced too much fuel. inventories are at the highest record this time of year helping keep prices down. hello are they? the national average is $2.12 per gallon for unleaded. in arizona, it's phoenix, just below that. several gas stations around town are at $1.69 a gallon. if you are still back to school shopping, you're not alone. this is the second busiest time of the year for retailers trending behind the holidays. a study from the national retail federation found households with children from kindergarten to 12th grade plan to spend $673 on clothing, and school supplies, up nearly 7%
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a lot of people are going back to the work week tomorrow. we are taking action to help you land that next job. hundreds of jobs up for grabs at the phoenix job fair tomorrow from 11 am to 2 pm. companies will be hiring on the spot. bring resumes and dress to impress. it's all happening at the hilton phoenix airport at the address on your screen. august is drowning prevention month and firefighters are taking action to help out. they were adopting their young grandchildren and needed a pool fence to keep them safe. they talked with the daisy mountains firefighters charity who raised money and presented the family with a brand-new check to install this fence so they could get it for those kids. they are ready for a fun, safe rest of the summer. a 10-year-old boy, jesse wilson, has been missing for over a month. buckeye police and fbi are
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one third of people in the u.s. are considered obese. and having water here requires careful planning at srp.
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four years' worth of water underground. srp is always working to ensure our communities will have the precious water they need to thrive. discover the beauty of a reliable water supply
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happening now, a live look as police and protesters clash for a second night in milwaukee after a deadly officer involved shooting yesterday afternoon. protesters blocked intersections and even set a
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in tonight's protest, at least one person was shot. we are still trying to learn details about who the person was. police used armored vehicles to rush them to the hospital. the milwaukee police chief says the officer and the man killed our black. the police chief who said the man who was shot, civil smith, has a long arrest record. the officer's body camera gun in his hand when he was shot. four weeks and still no sign of jesse wilson. buckeye police say this searches now more likely a recovery operation. chris grow joins us in buckeye. there are changes happening. >> reporter: that's right. if you remember, volunteers have been helping law enforcement, fbi, and mco for about a month. if you haven't seen, here is a yellow ribbon in an effort to lead jesse home. they been helping law
10:32 pm
the one behind me in this desert area. starting tomorrow, volunteers will no longer be a part of this because of the likelihood of what they think they will find. buckeye pd announced they believe in this recovery option, the discovery of a body is likely but also say they still hope to find jesse alive. the post also stated stopping is not an option for police detectives, mcso and the fpi. earlier this week, we saw two massive searches but no jesse. we asked neighbors what they've heard and we tried to speak with jesse's mother but she wasn't home. neighbors help the boy will turn up soon. >> i can't believe he hasn't came back home. that's very scary for us. i hope that he comes home. i hope that boy is okay. hopefully, he's just scared.>> reporter: buckeye police have
10:33 pm
this case but that foul play hasn't been ruled out. a tip line is still very active. the number is 623-349-6411. call that number if you think you have information that will help in this case pick >> it's been one month. a father's facebook rant getting dps to speak up. he was on a road trip from califoia with his young daughter when he was pulled over in williams. we are learning more about why dps says they responded the way they did. megan thompson has a traffic mix up you will only see on acb15 reporter: 10 walton says he knew he didn't do anything wrong. so when he saw the flashing red and blue lights in his rearview, he didn't think much of it. >> i knew i didn't do anything once i didn't worry about it. >> reporter: but the trooper thought he was driving a stolen vehicle reported that way by
10:34 pm
>> there he was right in front of us. >> reporter: after fumbling with window controls, walton was directed out of the vehicle. >> i was terrified, trying to comply. out of the blue, he said get your hands out of your wrist. >>reporter: but the captain says the trooper only said that because walton reached for his waistband, something walton says never happened. the captain says the officer followed protocol since the vehicle was reported stolen. >> most of our traffic stops, we don't know if we have pullover mr. and mrs. jones or a guy who just murdered his wife. >> reporter: dps says if anyone's to blame, it's the rental car company. as for walton, he still thinks the officer went too far but made sure the experience didn't ruin his trip. >> i don't know if we will come
10:35 pm
arizona anytime soon. i'm still a little shellshocked. >> reporter: we reached out to the car rental company for comment. walton says they sent him a new car but he plans to follow up with them about sending him out in a vehicle reported stolen in the first place. switching gears to the weather. topping out at 1060. the average high at 1050. upper 90s in phoenix. i do 50 scottsdale and deer valley, 970 chandler. wind speeds much lighter as compared to last night. we have those outflow boundaries moving from the southeast to the northwest. calm winds in scottsdale and goodyear. through the overnight hours, clear and dry conditions and light winds tomorrow with a few breezes into the afternoon. those will not help us cooldown. 80s tonight, low 90s already in the forecast. by 8 am, mid-90s.
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1090 tomorrow. a little hotter as we get into tomorrow afternoon. that means the ozone high pollution advisory is going to continue through tomorrow. in that unhealthy for sensitive groups zone. the air becomes just a little more stagnant as the's temperatures climb so you will want to limit your time outside and if you can, carpool or ride the bus or the light rail to work as we continue with that high pollution advisory. more on this forecast coming up. york as police are trying to determine if a deadly shooting was a hate crime. a muslim koech and assistant were shot in the back of the heads as they left their mosque after prayers. surveillance video captured the gunman leaving the scene with that gun in hand. officials released a sketch of the suspect, hoping that somebody will recognize him and call police in kentucky, police say a son stabbed his father right before the altar at church.
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hospital, his condition unknown. church members say both men filled out first-time visitor cards and said they were visiting from arkansas. in alabama, six people were killed when a plane came crashing down. investigators say it came down across from the airport this afternoon. according to the faa, the plane sent out a distress signal and was having the air. three married couples were on board. this is the scene at a river in atlanta. hazmat crews cleaning up after a major chemical spill. 2300 gallons of automotive cleaning solvent spilled into the water. it came from a nearby chemical company. neighbors say it's an ongoing problem and it stinks. georgia is not the only state dealing with water problems. flint michigan water crisis still in chaos. high lead levels are still
10:38 pm
the system. that means the state will have to pay full cost for bottled water, filters and other supplies. the obesity crisis in our country, nearly 30 -- 30% -- 36% of americans considered obese. a new study shows lower income americans tend to have higher obesity rates. arizona ranks in the middle of the pack. northeastern arizona had the highest rate in the state. the to san diego tomorrow for two practices against the chargers. friday night, preseason game number two. the cards were outside prepping for their weeklong trip to southern california. getting out on the field early kept the temperatures down. here is what this week -- week's schedule looks like. they hold a joint practice with the chargers. that's open to the public and free of charge. that practice is scheduled from
10:39 pm
parking lots open at 4:00 and gates at 5:00. on wednesday, practice session at the chargers training facility. on friday night, preseason game number two. kickoff for 6:30 pm. coach arians says he has talked with head coach mike mccoy and he's excited about practicing against the other team. >> mike and i have talked a bunch of times but i wanted to do it together. the guys are tired of hitting on each other. tw someone else with different schemes, different players, watch your young players grow. put them on a different schedule so the morning, afternoon, night practices. it's a good change of pace. >> he's excited about going over there. he wants to practice against other teams. >> you have to know what you are up against. get the ultimate fan experience from acb15. we are giving away two tickets
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september 1. download the acb15 & look for the content entry for your chance to win. go to for rules and more information. sweet child of mine. guns n' roses ready to take the stage in phoenix. tips and reminders if you are
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in your entertainment news, tomorrow glendale becomes paradise city as guns n' roses comes to town. the night train rolls into the university of phoenix stadium. our crews were there as the stadium was getting transformed. a team of 250 people, were able to get everything ready in under 48 hours. the concert starts at 8 pm. if you are going, only clear bags or small clutches are
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the singer has two shows at talking stick arena. we did take action to check out tonight. there are over 600 tickets listed for both nights. on tuesday, tickets between $85 and $975. wednesday, you've got to dig even dip -- even deeper with tickets between $85 and $1700. that they dragon. >> disney's newest film pete's dragon reaches the number three spot at the box office but not without a touch of arizona. the movie's lead song was created by lindsay stirling who grew up in gilbert. she just announced a north american tour which will stop in phoenix in december. i sat down with larry
10:44 pm
cardinals topics but because he was pitching his eighth annual supper club, he had to put me for his upcoming event. >> let's cut into this. >> there you go. >> now we're talking. oh my gosh. this is like butter. >> that's what you're going to get on the 29th. >> this segment of in the ring is brought to you by sanderson ford. >> larry fitzger -- joining me right now. topic number one, the cardinals. how many wins do you think you will get? 13? 14? >> basically last year. i can't go below 13. >> you guys are easily at 7-1. >> that could be -- their deceiving.
10:45 pm
are you upset but tom brady isn't playing? >> oh yeah. i don't think he did anything wrong but this has been going back and forth. unfortunately, he has to serve the suspension. >> i know. they just need to win. nfc west, who wins? i have the cardinals first and the seahawks second. >> i like the cardinals first. i like what we are doing. i think san francisco and louis will be in the mix. >> they've got a good defense. >> they always play well. >> they don't have a facility in l.a. yet. >> they are banking on that. >> really? >> i'm not going to be fooled by that. >> are you looking forward to playing in l.a.? >> i don't care. i just wanted win. >> i go back to the schedule. i like the way it shapes up.
10:46 pm
at carolina. who does it come down to now? >> honestly, the way the packers are playing, with jordy nelson coming back, i really like the minnesota vikings. that's going to be a tough nfc north contest with the giants drafting the young kid out of oklahoma. that's going to be a really good team. >> you think? >> yeah. tony romo in dallas. i like the combo. that offense of line -- >> i know they are good. but tony romo hasn't been able to throw the ball and stay healthy. >> it's all contingent on that. >> i know. icy carolina, green bay, arizona, minnesota and seattle as my top five. >> those are solid. >> i can see the cardinals and i can -- i want houston in
10:47 pm
i don't want to be there with you middle-of-the-road. i want to participate. >> i want you at the podium. >> you see the cardinals having that ability? >> we have a great team and an unbelievable coach. two time coach of the year. an outstanding owner who is willing to do anything. he makes our organization better. we just have to go out there and do our job. >> i can't watch that part of the video without getting goosebumps. >> that moment. >> the overtime win was crazy. larry's event is august 29 and scott -- in scottsdale. >> i just kind of want to do some sports right now. >> that chocolate dessert is in front of us.
10:48 pm
back. >> chocolate cherries with cherries jubilee. >> is little ice cream. >> it was hot today. we talked about this the last couple days. the tan color indicates where we have dry air and moisture across parts of the high country. we had a few showers and thunderstorms this afternoon but it was very limited, especially compared to the past 5-7 days across northern arizona. futurecast is going to stay we are not going to be looking for much in the way of rain tomorrow. a slight chance across the higher terrain along the rim but overall, the valley is going to stay dry not only into monday but tuesday. we start to see rain chances in the forecast as we get into went a. clear skies at night tonight 0 right now. 1060 high officially at the airport today. tomorrow, 1090.
10:49 pm
forecasted for the highs as -- on monday and tuesday. we see monsoon moisture working its way in so we will take a couple 0 off wednesday. a very hot forecast ahead with a slight chance of showers and thunderstorms across the higher terrain all week long with a best -- with the best chance across northern arizona. thursday and friday, very isolated rain chances. in the valley, thursday and friday with lingering chances through saturday. we will keep you updated on that as we go into the next couple days. tomorrow is all about the average high. morning lows mild and form. fountain hills, 1050, 1060 gilbert, west valley looking for 80s for overnight lows. goodyear, avondale 1080. a quick peek at the state with temperatures in the 50s.
10:50 pm
770 in prescott and 1000 in bullhead city. 870 tonight, 880 courtside, those will be the hottest spots across arizona. lake havasu, bullhead city, yuma, gila bend and phoenix is at 1090. the most accurate forecast, 1070 wednesday and isolated storms midweek to the end of the work week. next weekend, a stray chance on saturday with chances in the former some devil and denver bronco brock osweiler making his first start for the
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
final-round action of the john deere classic. jordan spieth chooses not to defend his title because he didn't think it would be appropriate after skipping the olympics. after closes with a four underpar 67 to beat ben martin by two strokes. he finishes at -22, playing his final 46 holes without a single bogey and making one in 72 holes. it's morgan's first win since 2014. >> i was trying to make birdies come down the stretch. i was trying to stretch the margin but i couldn't get any to go.
10:54 pm
the last of the week, the houston texans with brock osweiler taking on the san francisco 49ers. osweiler signed a four-year $279 million deal with houston. he failed to lead the texans to any points. brock finishes four for seven for 27 yards and ended up being sacked once. colin kaepernick not playing at all, sitting out with soreness. 24-13. a quick reminder, the arizona cardinals will spend the week in san diego practicing against the charges before the friday night preseason game. tuesday night's practice is open to the public.
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we have ou
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alert. take a look at this adorable video. a new two-year-old black jack wire is playing in the water, swimming around. with the warm temperatures, this sounds good. >> the new jag wire exhibit features a waterfall and cliff dwellings for the jaguars. the space is located in the walk-through section of the park. it was nice going for a swim. down here but up there, a little cooler. 1090 tomorrow. i'm like when do we even need those? never. 100 and 0 tuesday, 1070 wednesday with a slight rain chance.
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