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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 1, 2016 2:30pm-3:00pm MST

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>> it's an all new show today with great viral videos "right this minute" -- >> do you have any line of credit in your bank? >> no, i have nothing. my husband took all our money. >> a woman plays along with a phone scammer. >> but she never could have guessed what happened next. >> the wild twist leading to a weir >> the police aren't going to come here? >> no, no, no. nobody is going to come. it's video proof that -- >> dash cams catch some strange things. >> especially when you see what's going to fly out of that trailer. it's hard to make out what's stuck in that mine shaft. >> the rescue of a kangaroo who is all out of jumps. plus -- >> you ever taken a bigger order?
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and normally he is as happy as a clam, but today -- >> having a little bit of a temper tantrum. >> see what's behind these very bad moves. >> come on. >> you don't have money right now, right? >> no, i have nothing. >> it's one of those calls. someone is calling up. they left a message and said there's an arrest warrant out for you. you owed some money. you need to call us back. so the youtuber calls back, decided to see how much fun she could have. she has a lot. >> do you have any kind of line of credit in your bank? >> no, i have nothing. my husband took all our money and he is in jail right now because he had tax evasion and now he is going to get me in trouble. >> okay. so there's a lot of drama in her life, but this guy unfazed by this. >> is there anything that you can pawn?
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i only have my children and my pets. >> they're awful people. >> no way this guy -- he's a nice guy. >> can you pay the 10% of the total outstanding amount. >> pay 10% or cancel the warrant. we'll give you 20 days to give you the rest of the money, right? >> no. >> i don't have $50. i didn't have enough money to buy milk. i had to borrow $5 from my neighbor. >> you had to borrow $5 from yo >> you can just try to borrow $100 from someone. >> trying to escape this potential arrest, but the thing is, the scammer got to bottom of the page, turns it over and starts to get a bit threatening. >> make sure keep this thing in your mind what happens to your children after that. >> you better come up with something. >> my husband brought me here and made me come here from the united states and then he went to jail and now i'm by myself
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>> i'm not from canada or the states. >> all right, okay. fine. >> is there anyone who can send money from the united states who can help you out where you collect $100? >> i have no family. that's why i came here. for a new life with this husband and now he's in jail. >> if you had a million years, you never could have guessed what happened next. >> let me tell you one thing, no need to cry. whatever we told you, we have told you wrong. this is a we were just trying to get money out of you. >> he had a conscious. she finally broke through. >> she scammed the scammer. >> wow. >> well done. >> you just need to take care of them from now on, if you get any call from anybody asking you for money, make sure don't pay anything to them. >> dash cams catch strange things, this one phoenix,
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truck. just merged on to the onramp. this trump towing a trailer. watch what happens to the trailer. oh! >> kitty run. kitty run. kitty run. >> one of the nine lives down, i guess. >> now you see the trailer pulls off to the left immediately and sean says they had radio communications between the truck with the trailer and the car with the boat. they both pulled over and he says the cat don't worry. >> that is a lucky, lucky, lucky cat. >> now, from a lucky cat to a lucky dog and lucky truck driving dog. ever come down those mountain passes see the run away truck ramp, the escape lane? here is one in action. the trucker comes up to that right hand turn a little too quickly instead of trying to navigate the turn, potentially rolling his truck -- >> wow. it works. >> he made the split second
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yes, it does work. that gravel inside that escape lane doing its best to capture that truck and slow it down, bringing it to a halt. the driver appears to be okay. >> but i would have thought that i was convinced it was going to happen. >> now imagine running down the beach on the firm sand and then running into the soft drier sand. that's kind of what this is, that feeling that restriction is what keeps this truck basically in tact. >> check out this beautiful view. see the glider is enjoying it, just gliding along, having a gad time. >> but not for long because that's not what happens in this show. >> why? all the time. can't there just be a nice flight. >> it is a nice flight. check it out. >> he didn't clean his lens very well.
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>> if that were me, i would land. i would take off the harness and the canopy, everything, my clothes and just run into the ocean and go swim. >> you see his target, feet out. oh, wait. >> come on. now? what the heck just happened? >> it's like he stopped flying and just fell. it's like he got sucked in by the tree. >> he went from enjoying the view and loving the surroundings the middle of the surroundings. i don't know what happens. i don't paraglide. i know it's not supposed to happen like that. >> i'm going to call that a stall. australia, one of the best places you would want to go in the world because not just the animals and the landscape, the people because we like to say, it's like a country full of texans. like this guy.
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come on. >> that is a kangaroo, a small kangaroo. and it's stuck in a mine shaft right there. >> oh, there he is. >> so scared. >> they want to make sure it doesn't go further under there because they need to get at it. so, the guy decides to climb down. just behind me right there. >> not exactly the easiest thing to do because once you see him in there, you see shaft is not roomy. >> come on. don't go in there. >> he finally gets down there and he is able to grab it. definitely australian theatrics. >> i got him out. he's really happy. there's a mine shaft over there. release him. >> catch him by the tail -- catch a roo by the tail. but then once they let it go, they got to make sure it doesn't fall back in the hole.
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come on. come on. go for it. there you go. he's gone. you're welcome, mate. >> it's not done yet because once it leaves, hides under a nearby car. all is well that ends well and they rescued a roo. >> she's ?? he's been playing with his old pipes for a while. they reached the end of their useful life. >> hear what happens when he gets a new set of tubes. plus, sigi is throwing a major temper tantrum. see what has him so upset.
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ap closed captioning provided by -- whoo! i mean, whoo. it's one of the most recognizable and iconic geological formations around the world. as soon as you see it, you'll know where and what it is. australia. >> yes. >> bingo. you can't miss this. of a kind never before done legally, at least, drone footage. this all done on permit from the indigenous people agreeing to let the drone get up there and fly and give us this very unique perspective of approximately 600 million year old rock. >> here is the interesting thing. it's in the middle of nowhere. you go to australia, it's not just a day trip. it's nine hours driving if you don't use a helicopter or some type of flight to get there.
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seeing here is truly the tip of the iceberg. they believe that this rock continues below ground for about 16 to 19,000 feet. it's about two miles long, 1140 feet tall and 108 feet shorter than the empire state building just to give you some perspective of this spectacle that's been crafted by wind and water and time. >> that's it. crafted. it does look like it's been painted. it looks like y brush strokes on the side. the fact that you have the vivid red color. the sunsets, it's one of the things i haven't seen that i want to. >> mother nature at her finest. >> of course this video is asking people to come and visit, if you can't, maybe this will satisfy your curiosity. ?? ziggy is happy.
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>> little tail wagging. >> here is the cool thing about ziggy. he was supposed to be a teacup michg as you can see, this pig is probably the scale of 250 pounds. >> that's a keg pig. >> but kristen and ziggy's dad decides, we're going to keep this pig, so they bought ziggy a motor home instead of a dog house. he seems to be pretty happy. he does seem to be pretty happy. it will be really hard to get ziggy out of here, so they posted the video of ziggy having a little bit of a temper tantrum. >> don't work out. >> wait. they have ziggy on the leash with a harness? >> 250 pounds a little bigger than maybe most big dogs. >> it's a beautiful story to this family, though. they're ready to transfer out of the motor home and buy a
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they want to take in animals, promote a vegan lifestyle and spread the word about animal rights. >> check them out on their facebook page. ?? what does a pipe guy play? >> a pipe. >> different kinds of pipes, though. he's been playing these pipes for quite a while and they're can see. so he takes a moment right there in the middle of the street to thank the pipes. the pipes that have been with him for many many a time.
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like that? >> just tragic. you see that guy in the background, he is getting a little angry about what's going on. what's your problem, man? >> keep an eye on that guy. his entire demeanor is about to change. >> and then when he goes to play them, you do this. ?? >> huh? it's just amazing. he just goes in some live dance tech know type performance. there's the guy. goes for a high five but watch what he does. >> it's just an incredible performance. >> so he is just simply playing the pipes with his flip-flops. >> yep. this is a home depot instrument. >> right. the only other way for people to do this, get their computer, software really go to down.
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silliest, most ridiculous. >> i've been seeing people -- >> so stupid. >> well, is it? >> yes. >> maybe it's just tingly. a tingly bath. >> buckle up, fellas. he used 112 bottles of sriracha and then added water. >> oh, gosh. the fumes are >> that looks like a horror movie. imagine if you had any open sore or paper cut it would be brutal. >> he does mention the fumes as well. the person shooting the video is also being affected. >> can you for imagine the
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they never thought bewould take it here. >> i got dumber by the moment. you mentioned your tender bits. >> yeah. he is marinating his stuff in hot sauce. >> down there is getting hot and spicy. oh. i feel spicy here. oh, gosh. >> you don't say. >> it's sriracha. >> my whole body is spicy. >> he is in agonizing pain this point in fact video. >> i was putting my whole head down here but i don't think that's the smartest thing to do. >> nope. >> he's had enough. >> don't try this at all home for sure. it's not good. >> we agree. don't try this at home. >> yeah, don't. >> this is perhaps one of my favorite videos put out by the guys over at mode 100 years of shoes.
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point. >> point. i didn't know they had booties back then. >> oh, they did and they were cute. i love those white heels, stability and comfort while still looking good. >> '30s are cool. we're getting more flashy. that's the more art deco phase. the '50s are rad as well. getting a little creative with our straps. >> interesting because these are the '40s and you see all of that today. >> they also got a ton more colorful once you really got into the '60s. >> the '60s looked like they were a good time. apparently if you remember it you didn't enjoy it. >> the platforms make an appearance you can wear a high shoe and it makes it so much easier to walk. the 2000s, we have the pumps. this decade we're in now, we have the really valentinos
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going. look what they predict. >> 3d printed shoes. why not. >> you would have something to match every outfit. >> well done, mode. this is just part of the order. >> this is a $3,300 pizza order looks like. >> wow. stop by and deliver here. >> find out who this delivery is
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>> a wrench is >> this is what a 3,300 dollar pizza hut order looks like. >> stop by and deliver here. >> let me just say, that's just part of the order. >> so there is not one but four of these containers. how many does the tall one hold, josh? ten. there's 40 right there. there's 14 right there and
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five more bags. >> all for one person? >> matt stony could make his way through this so could the students at spartanberg community college in south carolina. they ordered it for outstanding students for a pizza hut. they said we need to order $3,300 wortover pizza. we can do that. then he decided to spread the sauce so to speak because they got four pizza huts in that regional area to make t so they could deliver it on time and hot. in the end, look how many cars showed up at the college to make the delivery. >> these cars are going to smell so good for so long. >> so good. >> these are all pizza hut people's cars. >> this convoy of pizzas. >> basically, yeah. >> this is the greatest day ever when you're a student. >> this has me thinking, they said they'll get your order there in half an hour. >> half an hour or it's free. >> can i have 75 pizzas, please. that's all i got from the
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restaurants had to start the night before to make sure they had all the supplies for the pizzas and start baking them and putting the boxes together. >> they had to call in extra cooks to make it happen. you can see tall pizzas they're laying down. pepperoni or plain cheese. >> mission success. >> any last words, josh? >> all it takes. >> pizza hut's largest order. >> right now so far, yeah. >> the problem now is i want to eat pizza. >> anybody else want pizza? >> that's the end of our show
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>> alarming new video. terrified little kids, as young as nine, thrown to the wolves. behind bars, into the arms of hardened and to their own parents put them here. >> parents have gone to appoint or they say, i need help. today, the georgia judge who denies it's the new scared straight. on the hot seat with our michelle sigona. >> they were screaming into the 14-year-olds face calling her a. >> then, a selfie leads to traverse today.


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