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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 22, 2016 2:30pm-3:00pm MST

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mystery on a trail. one hiker goes hissing. a look at the truly frightening place where they found him. >> a reality star does ten-month get that baby out. see all the moves behind an internet hit. the polish people spotted a man in his lake and they are very upset. why this swim struck a national nerve. plus the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini and a sight in the mirror turns to fright. it gets worse. it gets scarier. find out who or what is behind
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>> this looks like my kind of weekend. a whole bunch of guys out in mud. new south wales australia. orthopediced event. a bunch of guys stacked up here on the trail. pretty muddy event this past weekend. couple other guys looking for ways around the slower guys. see them kind of try to squeeze out. even a couple of guys find a route off >> >> pretty much go anywhere you want. >> watch one guy find a fast line off to the left. up and over to the ledge. >> talk to one of his other buddies. that line was not a good line. you better come back. >> you did call it a ledge. how far did it go down. >> kwhach what they discover
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he went. >> oh, gosh. >> holy cow. was that whale? >> a mind shaft. he went and you happen right into that mine shaft. >> let's see if we can hear the guy. >> lucky? are you all right? >> typically australians are a little messed up, but you're okay. >> i mow the go procamera got. he sees the hole, starts to jump off the bike, but can't quite make it. the bike goes in and follows it down. this gets even better. here comes the rider with a smile on his face. it took hours to get him out of there. he's at the bottom of a 50-foot mine shaft. and he survived that with no injuries.
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>> bike is staying down there. >> glad you asked and heck no, it's not staying down there. >> this party solved just about anything. a bad day, it also effective when you're trying to get fa baby out. >> i got the kid. you got my -- >> this is lisa. she's pregnant. you might recognizeer america's next top model. although did no one tell the baby it's only supposed to be in there for nine month. >> full pregnancy is ten months. >> i know, poor mamma is shaking her groove thing nonetheless. >> now, at this point in the video her son has left. he's like all right mom. >> you know, some of us don't have those moves without the belly, without the baby. she not only has the belly.
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obviously until amazing shape. she's making it look good. >> once she has the baby, sh might be her audition for dancing with the stars. >> the best thing you can do is horizontal dancing. >> here it comes. as of right now, there's no baby news. so it hasn't worked thus far, but i'm sure this baby is on the clock. mom is like, you got to get out. i especially love when you go to hawaii and you get instead tied pool and you can swim and enjoy. already does something wrong. arden turns his back to the ocean. what could possibly go wrong? i'll show you, christian, they went in the water during low tide, but mother nature is like
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>> turned water he goes and so does the person with the camera. they said they that were washed into the neighboring tide pool. that's how strong the water was. those rocks can be rough. this isn't a tide pool, but a beautiful pool of water in poland. looks a lot like our guy todd. i cannot resist. >> fine right now, but you wait a couple more. >> that's where no, it doesn't bother him at all. he's so pretty. look at that. the water is gorgeous. here's the problem though, this is a national treasure. they are very upset this russian visitor climbed into the water. the guy said it wasn't their rule to break the country or break laws. the polls say he would have faced a fine of $130 if he had
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this. you know what time it is, time to give away another ipad mini. 21 years of age and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. bus word is coming up in a bit. mini ipad give away. breaking news, turkey is being invaded by aliens. what are they going to do? michael bay, exactly. >> no way! >> do it, do it.
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to see. >> it's happening. is it really? >> check out this other video. live being shot the one time you're going to be okay with it. this was developed by a company in turkey. as it stands up, not only would it transform into a transformer, it is also drivable by remote control. gigantic remote control, fully operational bmw and it's also for grown men going on ten years old like these two. >> get out of here. you can't sit there and pretend you don't think this is one of the coolest things you've ever seen. >> it's all right. >> get out. you must leave now. and let alley and i enjoy this moment. >> i'm enjoying this too.
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>> you can blow minds with this thing. think about it, computers used to be the size of this room. this is where it's starting. give us time. we will be able to drive around in our own transformer. this couple is celebrating a birthday. one of the cool things you can do is enjoy a nice sun set dinner. more memorable. >> lock it up. >> this hang glider needs a break. the pilot has already been flying him for an hour. he's tired. he would like a break. >> watch him come in for the
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we are on a boat. keep an eye out over here. what is that? flying forward. >> sea gull or something. >> but it's that my friends is a hang glider, but the pilot has already been flying him for an hour. he's tired. he would like a break. why not break on the boat. >> no way, this is like, call the ball. maverick, call the ball. >> oh, shut up. >> oh, yes way. >> we see these hang gliders stop landing in a field. i'm sure hang blieding is easier
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boat. i think you're on point with your speculation. still pretty amazing he's able to land back on it. over to the next video. how many times have we been through the drive through when the restaurant closes. you're walking so they tell you to go in and need a motorized vehicle. these guys are like, you know what, give a drone a shot. they call their order in. so what are those hot coffee to go sleeves on the drone a then they send it to starbucks. the baa right knee sta comes out. carefully places the drink in the sleeve and it flies right back to where this dude is waiteding for his coffee. >> all they're doing right there is proving what the biggest companies are testing right now is food and package deliveries by drone. >> i would do that right this minute. i would really like to have a coffee right now.
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>> yes. before i can say anything about this video, unfortunately, i have to turn the mike over. she can do this. are you in the mood to love. ? >> we head over to sandal jamaica. this couple is out there celebrating a birthday. one of the cool things you can do is enjoy a nice sunset dinner. he place add photo bed. she's flicking through the photo album and getting kind of emotional. she's laughing and crying. a bit of a surprise for her because in the book, wait for room service, and they'll take you to where you need to be. >> that's a cool. picture albums are the best. they take you down memory lain. this is great. >> as memorable as those memories may have memory bli been, they're going to create an even more memorable memory
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she's being escorted, little does she know at the end of the deck is captain handsome right there. look at him in his full marine dress uniform waiting for her. it's so beautiful. put together great by the guy at sandals. >> you're beautiful, you're my best friend. we ride motorcycles together. >> lock it up. winner. >> i think that you're perfect. perfect okay almost perfect. >> she's like what? >> one thing i would change about you and that is if you would change your last name. >> he's all choked up. can hardly get it out. >> he got me. >> they notice something was falling from the ceiling.
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i thought my ceiling fan was going to turn off. there was a scorpion walking around on top of it. >> dang, that looks gnarly. he's out to get you. crawl on you and bite. >> he's going go in my fan. there's holes in there. >> this guy, the collector and his lady, notice a scorpion up in the fan. i have to say this 14 minute video shows the many stages of disbelief and things you go through to remove a this is my solution, a boot. a boot. does it every time. >> he's right here. right there. you see him? >> they even break out the black light to see where it is. >> it's moving. gross. >> why do they match the carpet? >> it's matches the karptd in arizona. this is the exact same color as the scorpion. who invented every single house
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>> they do match the carpet. the tan carpet everybody has in their bland homes in arizona. >> oh, my god. it will still mirror the scorpion. i have to comefinally pest cont called. and they have to put the fan back together or pay somebody to do it. >> look what they have here. a science project in a jar. >> when it stings you, let's say it stings you on the foot. you'll limp for a few days. >> everybody get ready. it's body builder versus b boy. they both have quite a few moves. one on the dance floor, one in
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let's see what happens when they go head to head. >> you got fitness on one side. almost gymnastic like. the other one how it looks. >> the b boy is going to start off with the basics. >> next up, i can do that. >> look at cally, he's like, come on. >> now i'm going to beat you up. always got to give it a try. >> been down. kick out. kick out. >> i think you can do this one because looks like a workout right? >> right. >> hit the floor. it's out it is out. >> he did it. >> it's finny he's doing it despite the muscles. having to work around him. the fact they limit his movement. >> i like to point out that
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>> he must feel so easy. >> he got it. >> oh, heck no. way too many steps. >> he does make it look simple. so fluid, so -- body builder for us. picture with some practice pretty good. >> he could totally beat the beat boy out there. >> it's that magical time. the time we give away an ipad mini. all owe need is a buzz word and 21 careers of age and legal u.s. on canadian resident. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter or both. >> now let's reveal thursday's buzz word. throttle. buzz word, throttle, and tomorrow is bonus give away day.
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mini and someone wins a flat screen tv. good luck. time for the contouring two post film interviews. >> just waiting, walks up to
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image that she is sketching so i'm looking forward to seeing that one completed. >> it's important for hollywood studios to really make their money back. on the films they oftentimes, they will conduct post films interviews like they're doing here. in a waiting room waiting to be interviewed. walks up to the mirror to touch up. oh, by the way, did i mention they just finished watching the conjuring 2. a horror film. it gets worse. it gets scarier. oh, no. >> oh, no.
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oh, it's me or you. you choose. that woman could get hurt. that's the second layer of this scare prank when that creepy looking none steps out. this young lady seems to be creeped out by the room. being the victim. he still has the mark to talk about it. >> you go into a good scary movie, you are scared for a while. this whole setup mirrors a scene in the film. that's what makes it even scarier, but my favorite reaction is is this guy. >> he just gets scared, but watch this. oh, my god.
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>> so good. watch. [ laughter ] was that holly water in the water bottle? >> i don't think so. but listen to her. she's a great sport about it. >> are you okay? >> this whole video put out by road show sbramt. promoting the release of this movie blue ray on the conjuring two. that's a look at today's best viral videos. for more go to right this or catch us on the next episode of ri
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>> chris: i'm chris hansen. right now on "crime watch daily." anthony weiner's all new sexy scandal, with a 15-year-old. with her face and voice disguised, the high school student breaks her silence to the daily, handing over all the x-rated texts and half naked selfies he said she t using a new alias. and what he emailed me when i reached out to him. then... busted, it's the new "crime watch daily" video these
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a couple who try to become invisible, but who just found them? questions about a deadly love triangle. >> i did not think this is a random act. >> chris: involving a flirtatious southern gentleman. >> he had at least three affairs. >> chris: his cheerleader turned churchgoing wife. >> my sister had a heart of gold. >> chris: in the nanny they treated like their own doctor. >> a wonderful, sweet person. >> chris: on till. your then, a beautiful little baby. kidnapped, his abductor, his own mother. she may look all innocent, she's not who you think she is. >> are you excited about this? >> chris: right now! speaker jason mattera with


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