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tv   ABC15 News at 430AM  ABC  October 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MST

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several people caught in the crosshairs. and tracking several different investigations right now from the live desk. it was supposed to be a beautiful condo complex where people were going to live. now it is charred and ef flames ripped through it. we will tell you what is new today. good morning. this is abc 15 mornings. let's talk weather. nice right now. warmer later. >> what? >> a lot warmer. tomorrow closer to triple digits. let's talk about today. enjoy the 60s with clear skies
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44 degrees dew point. humidity 42% warming back up quickly. by 10:00 in the low 80s headed into the 90s. once again we are expecting above average. we will talk about the full forecast in a couple of minutes. let's start off with breaking news. several shootings overnight. multiple people in bad shape. a man shot in the torso according to phoenix police investigators. outside a barbecue restaurant in phoenix. katie conner is at the scene near the i-17 outside barbecues. >> reporter: we know police are looking for the shooter. a man was shot at the restaurant. this is a popular restaurant but it night it turns into a very popular bar. there are a lot of people inside when one man, a 26-year- old, was shot in the lower back.
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condition. police are still looking for the shooter. we know is the -- we know he is a black male wearing a red shirt and got away in a red pontiac. that is all the description we have right now. when we hear more we will let you know. you can see security is standing outside. they have tried the entire morning since shots were fired to keep the media back. they were even flashing lights in our camera. get a closer shot and figure out what exactly lead up to the shots being fired we will pass that along. >> employees didn't want us there but we will get much closer to the scene. also in phoenix, quite a scene at this range market. a man shot several times. he is an extremely critical condition. that is the last update we have received. a man was in the store parking lot when the shooting occurred.
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on the scene. that means this could be a lengthy investigation. >> we are watching another overnight shooting in phoenix. a man and a woman in critical condition after they were shot at an apartment complex. the phoenix police department had investigators at the same complex yesterday near 19th avenue. and glendale for another shooting. we don't know if they are related. a man in the hospital, shot during what a witness described as an all-out shootout. police got the call to some of in buckeye last night. all we know right now is the victim is 18 years old. police held several people for questioning. one witness told us lids were skipping off the ground. >> i see the kid walking across with a gun. he was shooting that way. he was just shooting and they started shooting at him. you can see the bullets hit the
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. >> the car is connected to that shooting. there was a man in the back of a police car next to it at one point. no word on the name of that victim. who could big -- who could forget this video? it is being called a suspicious and now we are getting an idea of who investigators want to talk to. allison rodriguez is joining us with the latest. >> reporter: i want to show you what is left of this condo complex. they are supposed to be in the middle of construction. a huge chunk is just gone completely. charred by flames. the investigation is picking up today. this one tore through that condo complex, flames were shooting into the air. we had pictures and the calls from airplanes flying over who could see the smoke in the flames. it took roughly 150 firefighters more than an hour to get control. investigators are looking for a
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area just before the blaze started. a white male between 16 and 22. 5'7" wearing a moron asu hoodie sweatshirt with dark gym shorts. he had on long socks with vans shoes and long shaggy brown hair. it's important to talk to this man. if you have any information on who he might be for anything pertinent police need to talk to you. batf is out here and want to just hours from now we are talking politics. hillary clinton, donald trump facing off in the final presidential debate. >> candidates are in preparation lineup. >> the last one will likely spark talk of controversies from both campaigns including hillary clinton's emails and
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the election is being rigged. >> don't forget you can watch clinton and trump in the final presidential debate tonight. fay fredricks fully -- will bring us live coverage leading up to the showdown. clinton's campaign is making a big push in arizona. chelsea clinton will be at the asu main campus at 12:30. tomorrow tim kaine and michelle obama will speak at the phoenix convention center at 2:30. we have all of abc yesterday clinton's former opponents, bernie sanders, he rallied on her behalf in arizona. in flagstaff he spoke for 40 minutes in front of a capacity crowd does crowd. he reminded the crowd arizona is a battleground state this election. donald trump is dropping cash on cbs.
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clinton $10 million. this is the first time in the general election that he has outspent clinton and tv ads. according to data from cans are media. this is new video of curt schilling campaigning in new hampshire. he asked the crowd to take a chance on trump pick the hall of famer said he might want to run for a republican senate seat in massachusetts fo 2018 and he would be going head- to-head with senator. elizabeth warren . sweetie owner of discount tire is not letting a little so shia -- social media change his stance on prop 205. discount tire made a $1 million donation to arizona's for responsible drug policy. that is the most prominent group against that initiative to legalize recreational marijuana. this is not the change first
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august several latino community organizations staged a boycott when the owner supported joe arpaio. firefighters have their hands full battling a new brush fire. this will be near los angeles. these are brand-new images. burning at least 15 acres in the hills of porter ranch. no homes are currently in the fire path as of this moment. crews are taking care to protect the natural gas fields in the area. out of the bay area a man in a wheelchair died when he set off what appear to be a pipe bomb at a health clinic late yesterday in oakland. nobody else was injured. it is under investigation. may be labeled as a suicide. a valley man has pleaded not guilty to charges he helped a new york college student join
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arrested last year but new paperwork shows the student in question eventually died while fighting for the terror group. it also shows the student made a video trying to clear his name. a 14-year-old girl helping landon accused predator behind bars all because she had the courage. she told a school resource officer about this glendale man. 21-year-old steven madden. he threatened to kill her if she told anyone about their sexual encounters. he is now behind bars without bond. stealing bad enough but breaking into their hotel room while they are asleep in bed? that's another level. investigators say that hotel security worker in tempe, he did just that, when into a one months is a woman's room at the doubletree hotel. she woke up, screamed and he took off. heading outside on the cool side.
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morning. warming quickly. 75 at 9 am. 87 at noon. highs today in the low 90s. the air quality forecast could have a little dust. in the moderate category for today. let's have a look at the roads. nice and light in the valley including i-17. a seven minute desert drive time southbound on the 17 from the i-10 stack to split. on the 10 in the west valley still light with no crashes this is 51st avenue. and it is slightly building traveling eastbound. we have a crash on the i-40 that has shut down a portion of the freeway. i will map that out next. i couldn't believe it. watch this. violence erupting in the philippines. there is a us connection because this bloody scene is happening outside the us embassy.
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>> a good samaritan risking his life to save people from a burning car. this isn't his first time in the spotlight. are the feds keeping tabs on your face? the letter going out in hopes up
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good morning. we have a live look outside. the lights are still parking on the bell avenue bridge. 68 degrees. laura thomas is in today and has the most accurate forecasting moments. first, was going on chris? >> talk about intense practices the situation developing the philippines. this police van will ran the crowd of anti-american protesters outside the us embassy in manila bay. the white van ramming protesters over and over. we
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because it is so intense and disturbing. >> the officers charged activists who started surrounding the van and started hitting the van with batons taken from the officers. >> a couple in florida thinking good samaritans this morning who pulled them from that burning car. this is from sunday. it showed an explosion at a gas station in miami. a man and a woman were stuck inside. a lot of people were concerned at any moment the entire station could blow. the group of guys, including herbert tarpon took action. >> when i saw that i knew it would be on my conscience like a have to go over there and do something and i hope other people get rewarded for that to. not only me. it was just the right thing to do. >> he has made national headlines before.
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from an armored truck that had rolled over. we should have known he was destined for good things. this is not supposed to be a parking spot. an suv slamming into the living room of a home near san diego. just barely missing the family inside. have not been asleep in different rooms that could have been seriously hurt firefighters had to pull them out of the windows to get them out of the house. policing the driver in this accident was drunk. frontier. police making an arrest after one a shot in alaska. anthony alexy accused of pulling the trigger on saturday in fairbanks. police say this is him crossing in front of a patrol car with a gun. shots were fired and then the patrol car was stolen. sergeant. alan branch is recovering. he was shot five times.
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members, friends, colleagues sharing touching memories for -- slain police officers. gil vega and leslie's arachne were gunned down. and ex- convict open fire with an ar-15 rival through the screen door of his family's home. a big up was months away from retirement. no one likes to get interrupted during dinner, especially by a guy on the run from police. robert gerardo ste broke into a home where he mom was making dinner for her kids. he held them there and took the woman's car. officers eventually tracked them down. there are a lot of signs posted in people's yards. this one has nothing to do with the election. instead, a plea for help. this man needs a kidney so he posted a sign. semple. there's also a website and a phone number included. he has been waiting for transplants
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help. >> obviously my first hope is to find a kidney for myself that i am hoping in some way in what we're doing here that we are raising awareness and maybe we can help somebody else get a kidney also. >> this isn't the only sign. beach says there are 125 of them scattered all around different parts of the us. have you ever seen minority report? is your face in a government database? a report revealing half of all americans are now in facial recognition systems. 52 agencies confirming they are using the software, which is legal. one is -- deputies on patrol do not use the software but they couldn't exactly tell us how it is used. yesterday 50 civil rights groups signed a letter asking the doj to investigate databases. they argue it disproportionally
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happy wednesday. 68 degrees outside. a gorgeous start to the day. it will be another nice warm day . current temperature's outside our 63. maybe a light sweater for a couple of hours. by noon in the upper 80s with low 90s in the forecast today. high pressure building means we will be close to triple digits more on that and a couple of minutes. below freezing right now at the grand canyon. 31 flagstaff. 37 window rock. 70s bullhead city. 54 basin. wind speed has been pretty breezy across the high country. we will continue today with the breeze. a light northwest wind at 5-10 miles an hour today. a little bit stronger across northern arizona. still some gusts up to 20 miles an hour possible in and around
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the storm systems will be staying well north of us. that means no rain chances in the valley forecast or across the high country. we will look for a high pressure building. our temperatures are going to be above average. not reaching records but close to triple digits into tomorrow. forecast today of 92. average high 87. up to 97 tomorrow. still in the mid-90s about 10 degrees above average as compared to where we should be for this time of year. no rain outside. it has been a couple of weeks since we have seen any. dry through the weekend as well. valley wide upper 80s in cave creek. 93 in peoria. 91 ahwatukee. low 90s in maricopa. 64 flagstaff today. 70s along the rim. 80s and 90s west. tonight not
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the map is window rock. we will have 60s across the valley. breezes picking up for the valley tomorrow. in the forecast through friday. we gusts at 15-20 miles an hour. warm highs with no rain chances for us through sunday. maybe some slight changes early next week. we will watch that. slim rain chances monday and tuesday. very quiet. we have a traffic alert north of us. we will fly to i-40 we're we have a closure. both directions of i-40 eastbound and westbound closed near parks because of a crash. you will also see a closure and eastbound direction. east of kingman from a crash as well. the detours are very long. if you can delete travel that will be the best option. i will keep you updated when it reopens and we will have a
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few minutes. every wednesday is we care wednesday at the state fair pierk ring four canned food items and get one free admission from noon until 6 pm. coming up, new hope for women who might want to put off starting a family. how one entrepreneur is looking to keep your biological clock from taking. homecoming season. students are vying to be king or queen. we will outstanding teenager just crowned by her classmates and why she is especially proud.
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everything you think you know about your age, career, fertility is about to change. that's a goal of one entrepreneur. a company called prelude aims to stop your biological clock. the fountain of youth? they offer a package help women and couples have healthy babies when they are ready. they're targeting women in their 20s they will. you grand a year to make the balancing act between career and family not as difficult. lancet start at $199 a month. as we moment from one highschooler with down syndrome. she was just crowned homecoming queen. she and the boats of the student body.
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joy. becoming charlottesville high school's homecoming queen. >> it was a really big thing for me. i am truly honored to be a homecoming queen. this is a big year for me. >> a huge congratulations to her. she manages her schools cheer team during football games and her parents experience of raising her was the subject of a book congratulations. 60s now but hundreds could be returning. we will talk about that right up triple digits. more breaking news. we are on the scene, this is a parking lot of a ranch market and what we are just now learning about this shooting situation. a couple of hours folks will line up at asu. is not to sign up for class. they want to get up close to
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happening right now, we are on the scene up several breaking stories. this one is a shooting investigation at a popular restaurant. what they didn't want you to see, next. this charred frame was supposed to be a condo complex.
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to look out for. senior debt lying on the ground. his face is blue. >> a 911 call takes a sudden turn for one valley firefighter when he realizes it's his dad that needs rescued. now he will get a hero's honor. temperatures have dropped a couple of degrees in the last couple of minutes. 66 now with clear skies. is going to be warm. in the low 90s even warmer weather in the full forecast. we have a new 17 northbound just north of indian school blocking the left lanes. hov lane is blocked right now. stay right to get by on i-17 northbound or take state route 51 instead. on the i-40 we have a crash that has closed a portion of the freeway. i will map that out next. good morning.


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