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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 6, 2013 9:00pm-9:31pm PDT

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it came down and flipped or something like that. i'm not sure. it hit the ground. >> dan: two killed, more than 100 in the hospital. a ten hour flight across the pacific ends in a crash landing at sfo. >> cheryl: i'm cheryl jennings. >> dan: i'm dan ashley. everyone is accounted for
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and no more missing passengers. >> cheryl: 307 people were on board from south korea when it crash landed around 11:30 this morning. >> moments after it struck the ground and moments before it completely burst into flames, but as you can see it was burning pretty ferociously. two people were killed. >> 182 were taken to the hospital. amy hollyfield begins our live team coverage with the latest briefing at sfo. amy? >> reporter: we have learned much more about the moments after the crash. fire chief tells us it was a difficult scene at first. the two bodies were found outside the plane. she says on board there were people that needed rescuing. there were passengers in the water at the water's edge. she says she doesn't think they were ejected but they
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were dousing themselves from the fire. fire chief told us that the tail of the plane was separated by several hundred feet. there were copious amounts of smoke and confusion and chaos. she and mayor expressed gratitude and some shock there were so many survivors. >> i would like to say at this time, with the help of so many people. we have accounted all 307 passengers and crew. having said that, we have two fatalities that are confirmed and quite a number of passengers that are still in critical condition. >> there was a lot collapsed seats. a lot was on fire. quite a bit of damage to that plane. again, it's amazing. >> reporter: of course, so many people want to know why this plane crashed. authorities say they don't
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know at this time. they don't think terrorism is to blame. they don't think a crime was committed but they won't comment beyond. that we asked several questions about the cause. some asked whether the pilot made a mistake. no comment. they just don't know right now. the chief of the ntsb is set to arrive around midnight. there lab jointed press conference in the morning with federal and local officials but we expected to learn much more. we asked about the two who passed away,ere they crew members or children or adults. they said they just don't know and couldn't answer those questions. amy hollyfield, "abc 7 news". >> cheryl: the plane burned for quite a while. it was about 45 minutes. crews used foam and water to put out flames to stop any flare-ups. passengers waded around the foam as they got off the plane. katie marzullo is live now
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from the international terminal where she spoke with some of the crash survivors tonight. katie? >> reporter: we have a video of a survivor. take a look shows up. it's not clear he was on on with her, but she did have an abrasion on her face and on her cheek she was wearing a hospital wristband. i was not able to interview her. she did not speak any english so i don't have an account. and we talked to a person from india. his arm was in sling. he said he had a broken collarbone. he and teenage boy described what it was like when the plane crashed. >> it was a loud bang. we knew something had gone
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wrong. >> did you see fire? >> the fire started as people leaving. >> the plane hit the ground and flipped, i'm not sure. it hit the ground. yeah, so.... >> i was sitting next to them. >> reporter: i don't have that young man man's nai78 what you shall about to see, a police officer removing from his media. you need to come with me. police were guarding this area, called the reflection room where family members and passengers were being held that would normally be a public area. police standing guard to make sure no one got in there who didn't belong there. everyone has left and room
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is empty. we know also in the room earlier were members of the salvation army. they were brought in to help with translation by the translators. they also were providing supplies in the initial moments. passengers, they were freezing cold and so scared providing blankets as well as shoes for some of the survivors who left their shoes. some were completely barefoot and some were only wearing one shoe. >> dan: above stanford hospital you can see an ambulance and several journey west side injured passengers. hospital staff are surrounding them. >> cheryl: altogether, 45 passengers were taken to stanford. hospital officials held a news conference and here is what they had to say. >> we can't get into specifics about patients for privacy purposes. yes, patients were serious
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injuries, several patients with life-threatening injuries. then a number of patients who are obviously with varying degrees of injuries. they came by ambulance. >> dan: trauma surgeons at sfan stanford where injured passengers were several hospitals, mills hospital took in 12 passengers. >> 26 children were among the 53 passengers admitted to san francisco general hospital. lisa amin gulezian joins us from that location where she talked to a survivor. >> reporter: we did speak with him as he left. he did el fell us, benjamin levy said he was sitting in the middle of the plane when it went down. >> hit on his head and
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unconscious. for myself i was hurting but not too bad opened the door. it was cracked on the right-hand side but we managed to open the door and push out. no slides. i could see debris but it looked like a piece of wing. >> reporter: he was returning from a work trip to korea. he lives in san francisco. he was released after being treated for bruised cartilage in his chest. father of two says there was no fire on board the plane and it did not flip over as other witnesses reported, but there was smoke. a lot of people are still being treated here. >> we have 53 patients, 26 children, 27 adults. six are in critical condition. seven have been discharged. the remaining group are in serious or fair or good
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condition. >> and patients were taken to 11 bay area hospitals. most critical were brought here. live in san francisco, lisa amin gulezian, "abc 7 news." >> dan: wayne freedman is live at sfo where he is talking with stranded passengers and there were many of them. >> reporter: there were. we are in the park south of sfo. it's surreal looking across the bay at the wreckage the asiana flight 214. it was a tragedy for those two people killed and others aboard. it's been a major inconvenience for anyone else using the airport today. here is video and passengers at the international terminal waiting on flights had not yet arrived yet. many. larger flights were
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diverted to seattle. they begin arriving two or three hours. here are two passengers. they were bewildered and in limbo. let's begin with a gentleman from germany. >> they decided to put me on british airways flight. i'm not sure. >> so you were supposed to be out of here by now, right? >> by now, yes. >> when do you think you will get out of here? >> i have no idea. >> sat for two hours on the phone. >> are you going to get home tonight? >> no, not until monday. >> two more days? >> two more days. >> who is paying for the airline ticket? >> they didn't charge us anything but we have to stay at a hotel. >> what are you going to do in san francisco? >> have fun. >> are were you able to find a room? >> it was very difficult. we had to go to oakland. >> how are you going to get
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to oakland? >> by bart. >> we heard a lot of stories. if we heard it once, heard it ten times. a few fortunate travelers had travelers insurance and trying to book hotels and wondering thousand get to the airport from alameda. there were many reasons to stranded in strange city and this is tragic and unique. as we come out live. what remains to of the plane and sound of another airliner taking off. the planes that are taking off and landing from the airport tonight are passing nowhere near the wreckage. they are using the perpendicular runway. much of the time they are approaching over the bay and they are taking off across highway 101. the passengers come in, ther not seeing that which is probably good for anyone
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on an airliner tonight. wayne freedman, "abc 7 news." >> dan: the airlines involved really has an excellent safety record since the company was formed. asiana airlines begin in 1988. >> it was named airline of the year for four consecutive years. it served 15 million passengers to 89 airports in 23 countries. >> the plane came down at 11:30 this morning after a 10 1/2 hour flight from south korea. here a where it landed, longest runway at sfo designed to handle these long haul flights. >> most of the time, it's one of the two runways used for arrivals and departures. >> two shortest runways have reopened. situation is described as ever changing but the
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airport hopes to have longest runway open again tonight or perhaps tomorrow. >> federal aviation authorities administration reports delays averaging more than two and a half hours because of that crash. >> mark matthews has a look at chaos at sfo by what happened there today. >> reporter: i can tell you the line behind me is three hour's long. let me show you. as far as you can see in that direction. we have not seen until just a little bit ago is what is happening downstairs and baggage claim area. there are bags piled up for miles down there. hundreds and hundreds of bags, some of them looped together with wire and chains in order to keep them all in one place. because the passengers who belong to those bags, you are not getting your bags and now they are sitting down there locked up while
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united airlines figure out how to sort it out. this mess is going to be here all night before they get it cleared up. they are hoping in the baggage claim area that ran into jamie bose of scotland. >> trying to get a hotel -- >> you don't have a cellphone on you. tell me how long you have been waiting here? >> i've been in four different cues. we are to be booked on flight tomorrow. severe lack of information. >> reporter: i went to my cellphone and he was able to contact a hotel. this is what the airline handing out. here is the number to call if you need a hotel room. i called the number. they have no hotel rooms. they are telling passengers as they told me, you are
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pretty much on your own which when you think about it, all these people if line looking for a hotel room -- mighty slim picking. >> cheryl: the flight was packed with 291 passengers. >> it's not clear which were killed but stay with us. we have much more about the at farmers we make you smarter about insurance, because what you dont know can hurt you. what if you didn't know that it's smart to replace washing-machine hoses every five years? what if you didn't know that you might need extra coverage for more expensive items? and what if you didn't know that teen drivers are four times more likely to get into an accident?
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>> cheryl: we continue to follow breaking news after a plane crashes at sfo. all passengers and crew members have been accounted for. >> two people were killed and 182 injured. remarkable news, 124
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passengers got off this plane without being injured. >> cheryl: air traffic control towers will shed some light on what led to the crash. >> listen to the conversation between the pilot and controllers. >> 214 we have an emergency, everybody is so their way. >> it's hard to make out but tower telling the pilot that the emergency vehicles were on the way. those conversations happened literally in the moments after the crash. >> we want to show you the runway and how widespread the wreckage was. >> dan: it came in on runway 28 left. that is the runway you see closest to the photo. you can see the landing gear -- the tailpiece is lying on the end of the runway. >> the nose gear a little farther up. we don't have that picture.
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the plane came to rest on the west side of the runway. >> tail section had broke off and the plane carted wheeled and slammed into the runway, slid across the runway to the area left. flames broke out and gave passengers time to get out of the plane. >> the emergency chutes were deployed. 305 people survived. >> stay with us. look at 'em.
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>> dan: continuing coverage of the crash at eleven thirst this morning. >> cheryl: these are many survivors of the crash that left a burned out shell of a plane on the tarmac of san francisco international airport.
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>> n.t.s.b. is taking the lead on the investigation into this crash. >> here is n.t.s.b. chairperson earlier today. >> we have a number of investigators who are launching with us from headquarters. they are being led by investigator in charge bill english. we have number of experts that will be leading specific teams. those teams will be focused on operations, human performance, survival factors. the airport, airport operations and they will be focusing on the aircraft, systems the structures and power plants. we are going to be supported by a number of team members here in washington, d.c. they are in the process of collecting information on air traffic control operations, on weather and on maintenance issues. >> cheryl: san francisco
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mayor tells us that she will be leading this investigation and expected to arrive around midnight tonight. the plane involved in this accident is a boeing triple 7. >> it was delivered new back about seven years ago. the first flight was in 2006. it's a relatively new plane. >> they had 310 passengers and economy and business class. >> boeing line is considered to be very safe airplane. there was only one accident involving them in london. similar story the plane came up short of the runway. >> there has never been a fatality involving this type of plane. >> dan: stay
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>> cheryl: quick update on breaking news. the asiana airplane crash. >> two confirmed deaths, both victims were found outside the plane. all people have been accounted for and no one is missing. >> cheryl: a spokesman tell us 182 people were taken to local hospitals. it originated in shanghai and stopped in sshg and crash landed around 11:30. >> dan: top of plane's fuselage was burned away and entire hail was gone. one engine appeared to have broken away. >> cheryl: they are continuing investigation, f.b.i. says it does not believe terrorism was involved. >> dan: the coverage on the crash continues at 11:00 over on channel 7. be sure and join us with that. and online at you can also follow us on twitter.
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