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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  September 9, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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crime controversy in san jose tonight. why officers are objecting to a network of cameras the police department is trying to connect. what should the 49ers do about ray mcdonald? new fallout in the bay area tonight from the domestic violence suspension of ray rice. does san francisco really need 7,000 vehicles in its fleet? tonight a new idea for getting city workers for where they need to go. and an adventurous bay area explorer tempts fate by climbing into one of the world's most dangerous volcanos. this policy does nothing to address response times that have doubled, arrests that have gone in half. >> can a network of surveillance cameras like you have at home help address a rising crime problem in san jose?
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good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> san jose police will now have a registry of security cameras in the city to help them fight crime faster and more effectively. fremont was one of the first to start such a program. police were able toee this burglary suspect in surveillance video. san jose's program was passed by the city council this afternoon. vic lee is live at san jose city hall with the story. >> reporter: well, the vote was unanimous, no real opposition here at city hall. of course some privacy groups very concerned about the big brother aspect of this. but the one group most vocal about their concerns is the police union. now, they say this registry is, quote, a distraction from the real issues of crime fighting. it was hard finding opponents among merchants we spoke with in the willow glen business district. michelle matz has eight cameras mounted in her boutique. she's been robbed of jewelry
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before. she thinks the registry is a great idea for police. >> it would help the shop owners feel a little safer. >> reporter: this shop had a camera outside which once identified the person who kept stealing a newspaper stand. owner joe sarony said that camera helped police catch the thief. >> they saw his plate, saw the description of the guy and cornered him. >> reporter: a city council member introduced the measure. property and business owners voluntarily register their security cameras on a new san jose police database. >> when a burglary or robbery occurs in the neighborhood, then the police will know by simply looking at a google map who they can call in the neighborhood to ask for permission to look at videotape. >> reporter: supporters of the registry point to the string of arson attacks that terrorized downtown san jose in january. it was this security camera video that identified and led to the arrest of the suspected
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arsonist. jeff levine is the resident who owns that security system. >> there were many video systems in use. this investigation could have been sped up had the location of these systems been known ahead of time. >> reporter: but the police officers association asks with 400 fewer cops and an exodus of officers, where are the resources to make the arrests quickly once the cameras identify the criminals? >> this policy does nothing to address response times that have doubled, arrests that have gone in half, a solve rate for our crimes that's much less than the national average. >> reporter: san jose joins nearby los gatos which launched similar programs not long ago. breaking news in the east bay. search crews are looking for a t teenager who has been missing since saturday. he was last seen walking into the woods following an argument with his father. abc 7 news reporter alan wong is live from the search command post, which is off culver road.
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alan. >> reporter: yeah, dan. this is the east avenue park area near the parkway and this is who they are looking for. this is 16-year-old min lee who's been missing for four days now. let me show you what the scene looks like out here. at this time we have six search dogs combing the area with more search and rescue team members streaming in. he is a student at monroe catholic high school in hayward. his sister tweeted me a message yesterday asking for help. she said her brother, who is on the swim team and makes straight as has never run away before but he got into an argument with his dad and hasn't been seen since. the sheriff's department launched a search party after monitoring his facebook account. >> a lot of the students at the school started to friend him on facebook. one of those requests was answered and we thought, okay, he's fine. come to find out that that answer was not him. so now we're into day four and that's why you're seeing the response that you do.
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>> i'm scared he might hurt himsel himself. >> reporter: investigators believe it was actually another family member who accepted a friend on his account. this is what min lee looks like. he's 5'3" tall and weighs 130 pounds. he has brown eyes, brown hair and was last seen wearing a bright teal-colored shirt with khakis and slippers. there are a lot of small canyons in this area, so this search and rescue team definitely has their work cut out for them. i'm alan wong reporting live in hayward, abc 7 news. thank you. another mountain lion has been sighted in a park on the paebz. a mother and its three cubs were spot in wonderlic county park in wood side. authorities issued a reminder, do not approach a big cat and avoid hiking and jogging when they are most active at dusk and dawn. today's encounter happened just before 8:00 a.m. they were spotted less than 20
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miles away from where a child was attacked by a mountain lion sunday. today crews continued their search for that mountain lion near cupertino. they have added an extra live trap and seven tracking dogs trying to pick up its scent. it will be tested for rabies and then put down. the boy was treated and released from the hospital. san mateo county is facing a civil rights lawsuit from the family of a half moon bay teenager who was killed by a sheriff's deputy. the family talked about the lawsuit at the spot where june's fatal shooting took place. they say they called 911 because serano refused to take her medicine for schizophrenia. when a deputy arrived, he found her running toward him. as she held a 10-inch kitchen knife above her head, the deputy shot and killed her. >> there was just no reason to shoot. the only person that was in even remote danger was the deputy that created the circumstances.
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>> the san mateo county district attorney chose not to file any charges against deputy true, who said he feared for his life. late developments in the domestic violence suspension of ray rice. roger goodell tells cbs news they shouldn't have needed to see rice actually hitting his then girlfriend in an elevator to suspend him. but what we saw yesterday was extremely clear, he said. it was extremely graphic and it was sickening and that's why we took the action yesterday. and when asked if rice could return to the nfl, goodell said i don't rule that out, but he would have to make sure that we are fully confident that he is addressing this issue clearly. rice told espn he's trying to stay strong for his wife following his suspension. janay rice said she's hurt and embarrassed by her husband's suspension and woke up this morning feeling like, quote, i'm mourning the death of my closest friend. all this as the 49ers ponder what to do about ray mcdonald
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who's also been arrested on domestic violence charges in san jose. lyanne melendez is live with that. >> reporter: well, you know, jed york today from the 49ers said that ray mcdonald is not ray rice, but he also has to come to terms with all the criticism that he's getting, the 49ers organization is getting from san francisco city hall and from thousands of people on social media. because the video of former ravens running back, ray rice, punching his then fiancee is so disturbing, abc 7 news has decided to show you just a portion of it. so many have seen it and so many are venting. this afternoon san francisco supervisor london breed opened up the debate on another case of domestic violence and the pending charges against 49ers defensive lineman ray mcdonald. >> i believe in innocent until proven guilty, but the niners
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bear our name. >> reporter: 49ers owner jed york was quick to point out the case against rice is different than that of mcdonald. >> i think every instance is very different and it needs to be looked at differently. i think everybody deserves the right to due process, and that's what we've stood by. >> reporter: despite his arrest for domestic violence, the 49ers allowed mcdonald to play last sunday. groups against domestic violence have never seen so many postings or tweets about the issue on social media sites. there's even a few hash tags on twitter, for example, my girls needed a father, #whyistayed. my girls needed a mother, #whyileft. >> it's taken off the field until it's settled. that happens with business, it happens with law enforcement. if an officer is arrested, he gets paid administrative leave. >> reporter: groups working with battered women say the national football league should take a tougher stance against domestic violence. >> michael vick is a great example. he got 23 months for animal
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abuse. it's fascinating to me the dichotomy in america about animal abuse and it really gets brought to the forefront. here someone knocked their wife -- or fiancee unconscious. >> reporter: in mcdonald's case the district attorney has yet to file charges against him. in santa clara, lyanne melendez. electronic arts said today ray rice will be removed from their 2015 video game. also nike severed its ties with rice today and the ravens said they would exchange ray rice jerseys at its stadium stores in baltimore. city workers in san francisco could be losing a perk if a supervisor has his way. san francisco has more than 7,000 city-owned cars for employees' use. compare that to san jose, a bigger city with just 1900 cars in its fleet. abc 7 news reporter carolyn tyler takes a look at a new proposal. >> reporter: they're used by social workers going to see clients, by public health
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workers visiting clinics, and building inspectors checking on remodels, to name a few. but the use of city-owned cars may be phased out. today supervisor mark ferrell introduced legislation requiring the city fleet to be cut by 25% every three years. >> save millions of dollars on an annual basis and also significantly reduce our carbon footprint. >> reporter: san francisco has more than 7100 vehicles in its fleet. the supervisor says about 1400 are non-essential. those are the ones his measure would affect. the others, including fire trucks and police cars that are critical to government would be exempt. those passenger cars and trucks deemed non-essential would have gps tracking devices installed, to determine if they're spending wasted time in the parking lot. >> if they're not being utilized, we're not going to buy new ones or replace them when their time is due. as -- in order to compensate for
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that, for the availability of those vehicles, we are going to mandate that when at all possible, city employees are going to use car sharing. >> reporter: the city would contract with car sharing companies like zip car and city car share. there will likely be pushback. several department heads asked for waivers from the 2010 city environmental measure designed to thin the fleet. city administrator naomi kelly supports this latest effort, but believes the devil is in the details. >> and that's where we need to sit down with all of those departments with the big fleets and see how realistic that goal is. but not to say that we shouldn't push towards it. >> reporter: san francisco would not be the first. chicago and new york are already downsizing. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, still coming up tonight here on abc 7 news, what the ceo of apple is wearing, and why it may be the most personal device this company has ever created.
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team coverage is ahead. and we're going to follow up on the air show death of a bay area pilot. it turns out the sky was just one of the many frontiers he enjoyed exploring. i'm spencer christian and we have a wave of heat coming our way. i'll show you when you can expect it to wave in your direction in just a moment. and later, an extraordinary behind-the-scenes look at the new san francisco museum of modern art, only on abc 7 news.
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once again, all eyes are on apple tonight. the company unveiled its newest
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iphone and more. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom is live in cupertino tonight with a look at what apple hopes will take personal technology to a new level. >> reporter: that's right. well, for starters as of today your old iphone is obsolete and it turns out the new one can also replace your wallet. but the one everybody is talking about is apple's bid to replace this, your watch. >> it is great to be back in the flint center. >> reporter: it's the same stage where a young steve jobs unveiled the macintosh 30 years ago. >> today we are launching the biggest advancement in the history of iphones. >> reporter: ceo tim cook took the wraps off iphone 6 and the much bigger 6 plus. it could appeal to samsung galaxy note users. >> it's very big, but most people who have used bigger screens find it hard to go back to something smaller. >> reporter: the new iphones are the first to support something
7:17 pm
else. >> our vision is to replace this. >> reporter: apple pay uses things like the fingerprint sensor. >> your total is $23.78. >> reporter: daring fire ball blogger, calls it a home run. >> if you have an iphone 6 and you start using this to make your payments, you can't believe you lived without it before. >> reporter: and then -- >> we have one more thing. >> reporter: to a standing ovation, cook unveiled apple watch. from lightweight aluminum all the way to 18 cakarat gold -- >> while you're walking, it will give you feedback on each turn so you know whether it's time to turn left or turn right. >> reporter: apple let us try on the watch in that big white cube. although the phones will ship in ten days, the watch comes out next year. >> it will be like the original iphone. people will be lined up around
7:18 pm
apple stores on day one. >> reporter: almost like they'd line up to see a rock band. >> that band is u2. ♪ everything i ever loved >> reporter: yes, u2 took the stage and launched its new album for free on itunes. it harkens back to bono's friendship with steve jobs. >> this was tim cook's way to show apple is still an innovator. that he and his team can come up with new products now that steve jobs is not around. ♪ >> reporter: now in the race against samsung, today definitely keeps apple in the game. their latest iphone is just a little smaller than the galaxy note. as for the watch, at $350, it is more money for fewer features than samsung, but apple is focusing on making a wearable that's more wearable, with dozens of fashion choices and even two sizes. jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. >> all right, thanks. apple's ceo tim cook gave
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world news anchor -- tonight anchor david muir an exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the company's new product launch today. david was in the crowd as cook introduced the new apple watch. that's his cell phone video from inside the flint center. then he got a close-up look at the apple watch in action, sending the first tweet ever from an apple watch using a voice activated twitter account. >> are you close to your goal? >> very close. right now we only did 50 seconds of running. >> you've burned five calories. you're off to a great start. >> you just hit the microphone here. how fun it is to send the first tweet ever from an apple watch, peri. see you tonight, period. >> david calls apple's offer to come back extraordinary really. he said "world news tonight" immediately jumped at the chance. for those relying on the internet to watch tonight's apple events, there were a few problems. tiffany wilson has this part of the story. >> reporter: the creamery knows
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coffee and many of its patrons know tech. >> i'm one of the original mac fanatics. >> reporter: so it should come as no surprise, steve phillips trying to watch the apple keynote live, tried being the key phrase. the stream started late. then he heard a foreign translator dubbed over tim cook. others simply saw a black screen. >> it was a little ironic that the technological giant was having these technological issues with their live stream. >> reporter: on twitter the reaction wasn't as kind. we live in a world where taylor swift can deliver a more reliable live stream than apple. jeff wrote, quite possibly the worst stream i've ever seen apple produce. this is an absolute train wreck. and from everett, well, in 1969 nasa managed to live stream the moon landing. maybe apple live should have prerecorded. actually nasa used a satellite and apple eventually got its stream working. >> i think people will forget it pretty quickly. >> reporter: brian yeager
7:21 pm
followed a live blog for information on the iphone 6 and, yes, he's planning to upgrade. >> i need a new fan really bad. i just need the next version. >> reporter: that next version is coming soon. the new iphone 6 hits store shelves september 19th. danny dura thinks digital wallet's apple pay is the more important innovation. >> if that's one way to pay more securely, that's something that's going to change everything overnight. >> reporter: and one more thing. his friends eyeing the apple watch. >> we think we have it all and then they come out with a new product like this. i'm sure it's going to do awesome things. >> reporter: consider him sold. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> it says here on my old-fashioned watch time to do weather. it doesn't tell me how many calories i'm burning. >> useless. all right. spencer is here with the weather. >> that's an old school weather coming our way. not a heat wave but certainly a wave of heat.
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here's live doppler 7 hd. sunny skies across the bay area right now. a little low cloudiness and fog at the coast just beginning to push locally beyond the coastline as you can see here from our east bay hills camera looking westward. some clouds showing up there off in the distance with certainly lots of blue sky. it's 61 in san francisco, san jose 71, 82 gilroy, 59 at half moon bay. here's a live view looking out over san francisco. mostly clear right now. just a little finger of fog, hardly a finger, more like a fingernail of fog reaching out over the city. it's 76 up in santa rosa. napa 71, novato 75. low to mid-80s at fairfield, concord and livermore. and a live view from our south beach camera looking eastward along the bay bridge under mainly blue skies. a warming trend wednesday and thursday will carry right on into the weekend. a string of hot days inland will come our way and we'll have a light sea breeze near the coast. if you're looking to get away from the inland heat, go to the
7:23 pm
coast. a nasa satellite image showing smoke from the fires is continuing to push down into the disagreement valley and into parts of the bay area so smoke advisory is in effect wednesday, thursday and particularly for the east bay which will get most of the smoke from those fires and an increase in particulate matter so bear that in mind if you're outdoors and smell the smoke in the air. might be a good idea to limit your outdoor activity. this as a huge ridge of high pressure that is bringing us this warmer pattern, also circulation around that high is helping push the smoke down into our direction from up north. overnight look for mainly clear skies inland. low temperatures mainly in the mid to upper 50s tomorrow and then -- tomorrow morning, that is, and then tomorrow afternoon we'll see high temperatures in the south bay ranging from mid-80s to mid-90s. about 84 santa clara, 85 in san jose. 84 at redwood city, 85 los
7:24 pm
altos. on the coast mid to upper 60s from pacifica down to half moon bay. 71 will be the high in downtown san francisco tomorrow. up in the north bay 84 at santa rosa, 87 at napa. east bay highs, 78 in oakland up to 81 at union city, 82 at fresno -- at fremont. fresno is going to be a lot higher than that. in the inland east bay we'll see highs in the mid-90s, about 94 at fairfield and livermore. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we'll see high temperatures inland in the mid to upper 90s thursday, friday and saturday, mid-80s around the bay, low 70s on the coast. we'll deal with fresno later. >> thank you, spencer. coming up next, a quick damaged home in napa that may be too costly to fix. and
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another earthquake rattled northern california today, a small one, 3.6 in the mountains between hollister and sole dad at 11:17 this morning. no damage was reported. the napa valley wine industry suffered more than $80 million in damage from the august 24th earthquake there. that's according to a report from the silicon valley bank. the bank estimates that 60% of napa's wineries had some damage. 25% had moderate to severe damage. one had $8 million in damage. included in the $80 million
7:28 pm
total is lots of income from delayed harvesting and the closure of several tasting rooms. a 19th century home damaged in the napa quake may be too costly for its owners to fix. the house was knocked off its foundation by last month's 6.0 quake. engineers told the owners today that it can be saved, but the brothers who own the home don't have quake insurance and that fix is not going to be cheap. >> told us anything is possible, depending upon how much money you want to spend. >> we'll just play one day at a time. if ist' salvageable and isn't going to cost me a million dollars to raise the phoenix from the ashes, i'll consider it. >> this weekend one of the brothers, gary pierce, is going to visit colorado to help rebuild homes damaged in last year's floods. he said spending time helping others who have lost everything might give him some perspective on what he's lost and what he still has. the economy continues to gain steam. job openings in july remained at their highest level in the past
7:29 pm
13 years. that's good news for those attending today's abc 7 job journal hire event in san francisco. more than 500 jobs were being advertised. companies were taking applications for anything from sous chef to chemistry teacher. attendees could also get their resume critiqued by a professional. the next hire event will be october 21st at the hilton garden inn in emeryville. well, there is more to come here tonight. just ahead, the president sits down with leaders of congress to outline a new strategy for dealing with isis in the middle east. more flooding tonight in the desert southwest. a summertime storm forces the closure of 50 miles of nevada interstate. and a bay area pilot whose adventures took him to extraordinary heights and hey pal? you ready?
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political leaders on both sides of the aisle tonight admit that a quick vote is unlikely on the president's plan to defeat the islamic militant group isis. the president outlined his strategy today to congressional leaders.
7:33 pm
his plan includes increasing military aid to groups fighting isis and establishing an international coalition. >> to really do all of the things we have to do to fight against isis, we need countries in the region who are at most direct threat from isis to step up to the plate and join this coalition. >> senior legislators say a vote on it likely will not happen before the november elections because it may be politically dangerous. others argue the president already has the authority to expand attacks on isis under war powers granted more than a decade ago. >> this is so imminent, this is so critical, i want the president to take the action and then i think congress should pass legislation supporting what the president does, but i don't want him to wait until congress acts because i don't know have full faith in congress myself, to be honest with you. >> california congresswoman nancy pelosi attended the briefing and said the meeting provided a valuable opportunity on consultation for advancing stability in the region and beyond. the president will address the
7:34 pm
nation on isis tomorrow night at 6:00. you can see it live right here on abc seven news. cnn is reporting tonight that the masked isis soldier who beheaded two american journalists may have been identified. law enforcement sources wouldn't give cnn his name, but they believe he's a british citizen tied to a london-based extremist group. this video shows him with james foley, the reporter who was beheaded last month. authorities are also analyzing video at the execution of steven sotloff to see if the masked man is the same person. twitter issued a brief statement on an isis threat to its employees. twitter shut down an account linked to isis and then started receiving messages calling on lone assassins to assassinate twitter workers in europe and san francisco. twitter tells abc 7 news our security team is investigating the veracity of these threats with relevant law enforcement officials. the storms that washed out the phoenix area yesterday have now flooded the las vegas region. homes are flooded in the town of overton here and 200 people were
7:35 pm
evacuated from an indian reservation north of las vegas that got more than 3 inches of rain in just one hour. a 50-mile stretch of interstate 15 has been closed because of flood damage. some lanes have been washed out and trucks are backed up for miles. many of them trapped in mud. and zion national park in utah has been closed because of flooding there. air quality officials in the bay area have issued a smoke advisory for the next two days because of the wildfires that are burning. this one near half dome in yosemite has now burned 4400 acres and additional fire crews have been brought in to fight it. the smoke is expected to blow through the sacramento valley and into the east bay wednesday and thursday. officials recommend staying indoors, closing your windows and limiting outdoor activities during that period. friends of the bay area pilot who died in the crash at the reno air races are remembering him tonight as not only a pilot but also as an avid explorer. besides being an accomplished
7:36 pm
pilot, those who know lee beal say he also could fly under water. >> the guy was larger than life. trust me, he was larger than life. >> reporter: graham hawks is talking about his fraend colleague, 64-year-old retired air force fighter pilot, lee beal. lee was killed when his plane crashed during a qualifying event for the air races in reno. >> i can tell you he loved that stuff. he was born for that. he was made for it. yeah, he was doing what he wanted to do for sure. >> reporter: graham and lee had a friendship rooted in a shared love of flight and exploration. it was graham that introduced the veteran pilot to the adventure of taking his sky-high flying skills beneath the surface. >> he had signed up to learn to fly under water. >> this is lee at the controls of the deep flight personal submarine designed and built by graham. lee was one of three people trained as pilot in command. graham recalled the moment when student became teacher. >> i designed it and i built it,
7:37 pm
but when lee took the controls, we could see what it could do. >> reporter: the plane piloted by lee beal went down in an area called high g ridge. the cause of the accident is being investigated by the federal aviation administration and the national transportation safety board. lee was the 19th pilot to die in the 51-year history of the air races. >> i mean he couldn't resist just going a bit further. he couldn't resist it. it's a huge loss for so many people. he was a great guy. >> reporter: saying good-bye to a talented aviator who according to friends had a love of life that knew no limits. in point richmond, nick smith, abc 7 news. well, coming up here next, the south pacific adventures of aay area explorer. >> find out what drove him to climb into
7:38 pm
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foster farms chicken gets to the store in 48 hours or less.
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unscathed from a close encounter with a volcano. >> it's one of the most dangerous volcanos in the world. he works in a san francisco startup and cracked the public consciousness with a video. >> reporter: we all love adventure. at least we say we do. rarely does adventure define us. sam costman might be one of those nfew. >> i like to live a little outside of the box. >> reporter: not just outside of the box of this trendy san francisco startup where he works. no, his latest out of the box it rags has gone viral on youtube. >> we just reached two million. >> reporter: two million as in hits. maybe you're among them. this video from the south africa island of vanu atu. it was more than a helicopter ride last week, having flown to the edge of the marm crater, they descended 1200 feet into the fury of an active volcano. >> this was an opportunity to kind of get a glimpse into the center of the earth and really see what created this all.
7:42 pm
and it was, you know, kind of an awe-inspiring moment. >> reporter: and why not, from a 33-year-old who has dived with sail fish, explored antarctica, plunged over watery cliffs and goodness knows what else. >> i think it's just the way i've been wired. the dream was to discover the world's most unique experiences and try to do as many as i can before my time here is up. >> reporter: as the video shows, sam and his partners were within 20 meters of the churning 2,000-degree lava. close enough for globs of molten earth to burn thank you sections of their suits. all of us live on this planet. now here's a 5'9", 140-pound man who confronted it at the end of a lifeline. >> did you tell your mother you were doing this? >> yeah. she thinks i'm crazy. and was fearful that i might become a human s'more. >> reporter: clearly he didn't. scratch one more off the bucket list, at two million hits and
7:43 pm
counting. >> i sense a company field trip. >> wow. all right. only on abc 7 news tonight, we're going to show you what soon will be the new sf
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if the sleek new apple watch that was unveiled today is still too big for you, an engineering team at stanford has built a radio the size of an ant. it's just a fraction of the size of a penny and gets all the energy it needs from radio waves. it will allow remote control access through the internet to appliances in your home. tomorrow steel workers will put the last beam into place on a massive expansion of the san francisco museum of modern art. only abc 7 news can show you what's going on inside and what you're about to see really can only be summed up as extraordinary. here's abc 7 news reporter, leila. >> reporter: the new addition is taking shape. now rising 20 stories above the
7:47 pm
street. >> very exciting after years of work and preparation to finally see the building coming up. >> reporter: only abc 7 news was there when the museum director checked out the progress on the $305 million expansion. it is desperately needed. since the current museum opened in 1995, the collection has grown in size and popularity. exploding from 12,000 pieces to roughly 32,000 works of art. that includes 1100 works from don and doris fisher, co-founders of the gap. 23 million people have visited the museum since it was founded in 1935. more than half of them have come just since the museum moved south of market. >> this is going to be one of the finest museums not just in the united states but in the world. >> reporter: from sky 7 hd, you can see the building rising near yerba buena gardens. when completed, it will be as cutting edge as the art it will hold. the expansion was designed by a renowned architectural firm.
7:48 pm
>> it houses great works of art, so as you approach the building from a distance, you should recognize it has a unique function in the city. >> reporter: the expansion is going up behind the existing landmark building designed by famed architect mariobota. it will add 35,000 square feet, a huge new space for exhibitions and installations. >> it's a very calm experience. the rooms are designed to allow the art to move forward in your consciousness so it has less sculptural identity on the interior. >> reporter: last year crowds lined up outside the museum to get a final look before it closed for construction. the museum provided us with this video of the staff packing up many of the museum's priceless works, now being stored in an undisclosed location. but not everything is tucked away. the museum loaned some of its collection to other museums around the state. at the asian art museum here in san francisco, gorgeous takes a look at our perception of what is beautiful over 2,000 years.
7:49 pm
the exhibit runs until september 14. >> and then we've got an exhibition opening in a couple of weeks at the oakland museum of california. >> reporter: it will be just a peek of what will be on display when the expanded museum of modern art reopens in 2016. in san francisco, leyla gulen, abc 7 news. >> the cost of the museum is being funded entirely by private donations. >> including a major contribution from the fisher family of the gap clothing chain. >> it will be cool when it's done. let's update the forecast for you. >> spencer christian is here with that. hi, spencer. >> we'll start with a look back. a lovely picture of yesterday evening's moon rise sent to us. a moon rise occurred at 7:13 yesterday evening. the full moon actually occurred at 6:38, so the moon filled up before it rose. some low clouds at the coast right now, sunny skies inland tomorrow. look for really warm conditions. we'll see sunny skies and highs of 97 in fresno -- 97 at
7:50 pm
sacramento -- i've got fresno on my mind today. 100 at fresno, 102 at palm springs, 100 at fresno, and here in the bay area we'll see high temperatures under sunny skies ranging from 60s at the coast to upper 70s and low 80s around the bay to mid-90s inland. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it's really going to warm up on thursday, friday and saturday. inland highs in the mid to upper 90s. mid-80s around the bay and low 70s on the coast. you know we have a sister station in fresno. >> we do. >> yeah. that's going to be one hot sister over the next couple of days. >> good one, spencer. all right, thank you so much. >> a lot to talk about in sports. of course football. >> larry is here with the latest. >> fresno's reaction -- no, no. seriously, more from the nfl on the ray rice video that they somehow, some way couldn't get their hands on. plus, what is the future for ray rice? what about a possible return to football? that's next.
7:51 pm
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7:53 pm
good evening. faced with overwhelming criticism and an explanation that's filled with holds, nfl commissioner roger goodell went
7:54 pm
on the air today claiming once again that to the best of his nl nobody in the nfl had seen that second ray rice video. goodell said the league did ask authorities in new jersey for video, but they were never granted the opportunity. keep in mind here the nfl works very closely with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies on everything from providing security for teams at different stadiums to ensuring the public's safety during games at stadiums. last year's super bowl, oh, by the way, was played in new jersey. if goodell really wanted to see that video, he makes one phone call and he has it. how tmz gets the tape and the nfl does not leaves so many unanswered questions. now, goodell did say today he would not rule out the possibility of ray rice returning to play in the nfl at some point. no timetable. for now the ravens have lost one of their best players and they're trying to get past this controversy. >> you know, obviously it doesn't paint a good picture of who ray is as a person, but i've played with ray.
7:55 pm
this would have been the seventh year. sometimes good people make bad decisions and put themselves in a bad light. you know, really my heart just impo goes out to him and his family. i hope they get through this as best as they can. >> rice's wife, janay, released a statement today supporting her husband and blaming the media for much of this. quoting, to make us relive a moment in our lives that we regret every day is a horrible thing. this is our life. if your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you've succeeded on so many levels. onto the field now to college football. cal off to a nice start at 2-0. the bears have a bye this week and begin pac-12 play in arizona against the wildcats. the bears starting true freshman at quarterback last year and this year sonny dikes is experimenting, a two-headed quarterback, goff sharing time
7:56 pm
with luke rubbingzer. >> you never know what you're getting completely. we thought he had a chance to be a good player but he ended up being a little better runner than we anticipated him. he went through the same thing. we felt he was the second best quarterback and as a result of that we needed to get him ready to play in case something happened to jared. we got him more reps, made him live and when we did that, we realized this guy might give us something a little different so we started to tweak our game plan a little bit. team usa started slowly but poured it on in the second half so it's on to the semifinals. steph curry missed four shots in the first half. third quarter, here he comes. nice scoop to the hoop with the left hand. kyrie irving the steal, saves it behind the back and ahead to curry and the lead is 11. then anthony davis off the inbounds with authority. the rout is now on officially. derrick rose in the passing
7:57 pm
lane. leave it behind the back for demarcus cousins of the kings. klay thompson led the u.s. with 20, with rose almost hitting his head on the rim. i hate when that happens. team usa rolls 119-76. they'll meet lithuania thursday in the semifinals. a's and white sox, oakland getting john lester some early run support. this should have been out number three but former cal product marcus simeon a bad throw. that made it 2-0 and that's -- oh, look at craig gentry colliding with carlos sanchez, full speed. face to shoulder there. and gentry really shook up. had to leave the game. right now a's are up 4-0 and they're in the fifth. giants will host arizona later tonight. abc 7 sports brought to you by orchard supply hardware. >> that hit. >> that was nasty. >> but he's up, shaken, but that
7:58 pm
was quite an impact. >> thank you, larry. join us tonight at 9:00 on cable channel 13. lava that's inching ever closer to a small hawaiian village. the latest on the people and homes standing in its path. >> then at 11:00, if you think your internet is slow now, just wait. why the information superhighway may move at a snail's pace tomorrow. and here's the new abc 7 daytime lineup starting this week. actor terry cruz is the host of "who wants to be a millionaire" at 1:00 p.m. >> that is followed by jeopardy at 1:30. "general hospital" at 2:00 and we welcome rachael ray every weekday at 3:00. and that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. our coverage of breaking news continues on twitter. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. we'll see you at 9:00 and 11:00.
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