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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 4, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> protestors march tonight in oakland as you see from sky 7 hd. they are chanting blocking traffic and demanding change after the decision not to indict a new york officer for the choke hold death of eric garner. protestors also happening tonight in new york,
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chicago, boston and san francisco. good evening. >> we begin in oakland where 7 news is watching the protest. he joins us by phone from near international boulevard and 22 street. alan? >>reporter: march has come to the a halt at international and 22 street where we are. that's also where police have formed a skirmish line to keep protestors on south from international. the protest is peaceful with demonstrators marching all over downtown oakland and police officers shadow the every move. started from the rally tonight at the plaza at 5:00 o'clock. crowd of 150 quickly swelled to more than 400 protestors. they stop at broadway and 14 shutting down the intersection momentarily before they started back up. so far no property damage or arrest to report. live in oakland, abc 7 news. >> thanks very much. we'll get back to you as things develop there in oakland. in new york
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thousands of demonstrators poured on to the street at one point part of the brooklyn bridge was closed. elsewhere police held back the crowd of protestors in times square detank at least one person. vast majority of the demonstration were peaceful like we are seeing in oakland. many chanting garner final words. i can't breathe. >> protest all stem from this scene on statin island. gaern unarmed black man forced to the ground telling police 11 times he could not breathe. he later died. then yesterday a new york grand jury did he klund to charge the police officer with the crime. more on the case ahead tonight at then:30. move to other things. to the weather after another difficult of scattered showers. there is more wet weather in the bay area tomorrow. >> this is tv the camera atop the exploratorium in san francisco. 7 news meteorologist is in for spencer and live doppler 7hd. >> clouds thickening tonight. lowering to tomorrow morning
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for the morning rush. we did expect fog out there and some of it could be locally dead. we show you we don't have showers. next storm is moving in from the west. cold front that is pushing in over nature tonight. bring us the cloud fog early on then the showers will follow soon. storm risk for your friday once again with the ground already soaked from the rain earlier this week. any more rain could cause more flooding especially on roadway and the small chance could have a couple lightning strike in the next round. work and school a little bit of drizzle 6:00 a.m. the showers will expand inside throughout the morning and midday that front mavs through and will bring 80's of heavy rain by noon. do you notice at the time pop of yellow over the bay area indicating the moderate shower showers. much more about this system and we if await the arrival of a stronger system. >> thanks check back with you. >> throughout the bay area tonight people are still cleaning up after two days of stormy weather. city craw in the mission continue to sanitize and clean flooded business around folsom street.
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other crew busy repairing the massive sink hole that opened on like street in the richmond district. here's tiffany wilson with a look at the progress. sound of heavy machinery druns out casual conversation at like street and sixth avenue. the sink hole isn't the only sewer related set back in san francisco. all along folsom and 17 street you can find evidence of the aging system failure. the warehousemanger spent the day sorting through soggy sweaters. he will clean and donate damage merchandise. >> hopefully somebody can find place for it rather than a land phil. >> flood damage is estimated at 100,000 dollars here. the christmas merchandise destroyed by sewage tainted water. >> p-200 cutting boards gone. >> last time it flooded it tack the city 6 month to pay the claim. >> that's more frustratep than the water the length of time it takes for them to help us recoup our loss e.progress
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evidence. if this store reopened today. the cafe kitchen is much better than before but still no with near ready for customers. fight assistance kling isn't good enough for her. she wants the storm fueled floods to stoychlt the interruption in business is an incredible burden. >>reporter: public utility commission says they offered best as grant to help install back flow pre-convenient terse last yivrment unfortunately nobody really wanted to take us up on it. >>reporter: robertson looked night and asked multiple plumber about installing the preventer. >> they said it wouldn't work. >>reporter: crew in cover all dominate the sidewalk next to destroyed goods. fourth flood in recent years. this row of business owns say only the city can prevent affection n.san francisco, tiffany wilson abc 7 news. >> getting around mill valley has been a real headache. several streets closed again today because of flooding. it was worse for the owner of
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these considers. they have been stranded since yesterday at the mill valley park and ride lieutenant. high tide threaten 3 more car parked there today and road block people wade through the water to get to work. >> very little shopping today at the cove shopping center in tiburon. several stores spent the day mopping up after the rain from the last storm. sf wayne has a look at the clean up effort. nichlts a security camera designed to catch burglar not a flood. this moving mass of water only the beginning of the troubles here. >> it was unbelievable. just unbelievable. like a swimming pool. >>reporter: today her salon and spa look more like a construction zone. works men ripped up floors and wall rue i said by the surprise flood night before last. >> difference disappointed. i was upset we would be losing a lot ott of business hear. this is our biggest time of the yea
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year. >>reporter: multiply the woe by 7 businesses in tiburon cove shopping center. the owner spent the day cleaning up. mopping up. and estimating daichblingt we estimate over 100 k. >> that's lopez who owns a window treatment business. map with misfortune of having left the computer on the floor when the water came. >> new computer on the way. >>reporter: this is the source of all the problem. county operated pumping station that couldn't handle the inch and quarter rain falling per hour. 2 pump shut down that means the station couldn't putney of that water into the creek and then the bay. county looked around today. doing what it calls failure analysis but nobody would talk on camera. what we have is a big mess and merchant with less faith. >> next time it rinse i'll be down here in a hart beat that's for sure. >>reporter: and she will have sand bag. from tiburon, abc 7 news. >> there is quite a mess to
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clean up in southern california as well in. video from the town of hemet riverside county east of los angeles. rescue craw called in with nrsh flooding overnight trapped 3 dozen people in the cars. nearby mountain areas received more than 14 inches of rain in just the past three days. triggering a massive mud slide in the town of gillman hot springs. rob is there. >> it has been a busy kim of days for tow truck driver chris lewis. >> extremely. the extremely busy. >>reporter: this is one of several cars he's had to dig out today after an hour of digging, success earlier he says the driver of this car described to him what the wall of mud looks like. >> it looked like the universal studio tour ride where the flood of water rushes down that village but just mud. >>reporter: must have been pretty scary. >> i would have been scared. >>reporter: riverside county fire department says they got
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close to 40 calls for rescue this morning from people trapped inside the cars. firefighters also asked several residents on this road to evacuate the homes. have you ever seen anything like this. >> never. never. if this is just unbelievable. >>reporter: the 2 cars are stuck in the mud here. the owners don't know the of the damp and check this out this used to be a drive wait a minute now it's covered in 3 to four feet of mud all the way down to the load. >> like mother nature. live next to a mountain do you know what i mean it ain't malibu but if this is what we do. >>reporter: worst debris flow happened right in front of the golden era production facility part of the church of scientology. >> it was a controlled paining i is a good way to said. in california it's amazing. 10 minutes of written like. that this can happen's amazing what can happen. sfichlt
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reporting from southern california. see what is showing up on live doppler 7 hd any time with the weather app. it's 43 on a el app store or google play. we have more information on our site abc 7 slash app. >> we have a lieutenant more ahead on this thursday night. up next, senseless attack in san francisco. what police are doing to find the killers. >> also. massive clean up under way at one of the largest homeless camp in the country. where can they turn now? >> we track the next wave of showers headed this way. forecast fight 7 n
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let's end this. >> contra costa county deputy have arrested a registered sex offender. they say he broke no a home and molest add chide. they think there may be more victims. deputy say he's listed in the database because of past sex conviction. he's now accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl in her bay point bedroom. officers say a parent caught him in the room and held him
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down until deputy arrived. >> new details out of san leandro tonight. police now arrested a 16-year-old girl from oakland accused of running over an officer this morning. officer is in the hospital with serious injuries but is expected to recover. the incident occurred on broad moore boulevard when officers were checking out a car with two people sleeping inside. 1 19-year-old man from oakland tried to run. he was arrested at the scene. but the girl took off in the car hitting one of the officers. police say they fired at the car in self-defense. vehicle was reported stolen last fall. it was later found abandoned in east oakland. girl turned herself in late this afternoon and now facing charges. she and 19-year-old man now face attempted murder charms. >> police still searching for the 3 men they say beat a homeless person to death last week in san francisco. abc 7 news reporter january thon bloom downtown this evening as officers pleaded with the public for help fight help us find homicide suspect. keep your eye out for homicide suspect please.
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>> stopping commuters at the birth station police volunteers pass out pictures from the nearby scene of bloody killing. >> lacking for homicide suspect that beat a poor homeless guy to death. >> that is putting it nicely. at press conference on tuesday veteran officers described the homicide. >> this is if extremely brutal in nature. this is a really awful attack. probably one of the would get i have ever seep. >> they release photo of the victim 67-year-old lamb be who weighed less than 100 pound used crutches to get around. he was sleeping when they came up and began beating and kicking him. police say he survived the first attack but the suspect came back and firnd the murder. >> satisfy annual the only word that scaibs it. just a brutal assault. >> investigators hope releasing video would help someone recognize the killers. but two days later with no one in custody they took to the street. >> keep an eye out. >> they hope they cap spread the word beyond san francisco. back to the community where the commuters live. >> we believe the suspect
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either came in through bart or muni. >> police say they might have attended flask mob. >> probably thousands of pictures from the event. >> hear anything please call. >> will do. really awful story. >> not the story commuters wanted to hear. >> make me feel uneasy because like i say i'm a many would. i'm not that strong. so i wouldn't want that to happen to me. >> if you have any information please let us know. >>reporter: police hope someone speck up but one was pessimistic. >> people don't want to get involved any more but i see the point. kid are carrying guns now. >>reporter: police said no weapon in the killing and no robbery. they found 1,000 dollars in cash still on the victim apartments body. >> want to make sure we find the people as priority and want to get them off our street. then find out why they did what they did. >>reporter: in san francisco jonathan bloom. >> if by any chance you know anything. >>reporter: 7 news. >> closed did you know and cleared out. now for the clean up at san jose notorious homeless camp called the jungl jungle. it has been deemed unsafe and unsanitary. more
9:17 pm
than 300 people once lived there. the city of san jose helping many of the people who live there with subsidized housing but some still don't know where they are going to g go. >> is i'm just confused. a lot of russ scared and confused we don't know where to go. don't know what to do. >>reporter: the there will be regular police patrol to keep people out of the jungle for good. the full clean up is expected to take about two wee weeks time. >> man who spent 8 years on death row for a murder court ruled he didn't commit has die died. lee was convicted of kill a china town gang member in 1973. but the if he maintained his innocence and the case gallivanize the asian american community in effort to win his freedom. june eventually freed lee and hotel wad movie was made about the case called true believer. he passed away after complication relateed to surgery on tuesday until lewas 62. well more than a third of
9:18 pm
the generation referred to as millennial in california are living with the parents. that is way up from a decade ago. u.s. surhave i found 34 percent of californians ages 18 to 34 were living at home. national average 30 percent. that the is sharply up from 2000 when 22 percent of young duments lived at home. in addition 68 percent of my licenseal never been married. in the year 200054 had, 54 percent had tied the knot. of course one reason it's awfully expense i have to live in the bay area. for young people. >> it's nice lately because we get the rain fight we get more rain time. we are. tomorrow morning commute the fog is the biggest issue. then the evening rush is the rain. so prepare yourself for some extra time on the roadway. as we ran out the work week. we have dry sky up above the issues tonight as we take a live look outside from the roof top camera. the you can see the sky line
9:19 pm
getting obscure. we have some visibility issue and the fog is going to linger overnight tonight and first thing tomorrow morning. look at visibility rather right now. hoof moon bay currently 6 miles visibility down to 4 miles visibility. i think the numbers will drop steadily throughout the overnight hours. we wake up to patches of some dense fog. temperatures right now open the mild side. thanks to a breasts out of the south keeping in that warm air. 57 right now san francisco. 61 still in mountain view. 60 free mont. 56 oakland right now san jose checking in at 58 degrees. satellite rid arrest in the set up we track here comes the next storm city. cold front from the west will tap that a lieutenant of the sub top consolidate moisture. what it disis bring the moisture up and follow along the cold front in the by area. already start to sea some showers popping up off the coast of northern california and for us in the bay area our written chance really i hope cress midday and into the afternoon. time to good overnight and early tomorrow morning 6:00 o'clock in the morning there is some drizzle
9:20 pm
around patches of that but the fog the bigger issue. late morning early afternoon watch how the rain increase in the coverage and intensity. by friday afternoon 1:00 o'clock we see heavy pockets of rain developing. i think bit evening rush we are on the tail end of a lot of the moisture by 7:00 p.m. a little bit of a break but overnight into saturday we see another round of white showers manufacture through and wake up saturday morning to watches of drizzle but saturday afternoon we start to see some peek of sunshine. rainfall for the next round of rain. lower elevation from a quarter to about 3 quarters of an fch of rain but the higher elevation in the mountain especially in the north bay we see up to three inches of rain by saturday afternoon. overnight low in the bay area not falling too far from where we are right now only mid 50's with chance of sprinkle with mainly cloudy sky and fog the first part of the day. in the afternoon we track the downpour midday in the evening commute with tempts topping out right in the mid 60's across the renal. so accu-weather 7
9:21 pm
difficult forecast calls for the rape tomorrow. perhaps could be an isolated thunderstorm but nothing wide spread. light showers to start off saturday. dry saturday afternoon and into the evening. sunday fears part is dray but the second part into the evening on sunday. we have to put some showers in the forecast and into monday morning. also tracking wednesday into thursday. this could be our next round of very strong storms. soaker like we saw earlier this week could bring couple inches of rain. first thing tomorrow morning mike is tracking all the did you know pour on our web site. >> perfect thank you drew. >> still to come tonight on 7 news at 9. christmas comes to the nation capitol in grand style. we give you a look at tonight fits activities. >> scientist discovered the tonight fits activities. >> scientist discovered the world and the doctor saw a i weblemish on my cheek.ter, he told me it was skin cancer. i was in shock.
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>> nasa plans to try again tomorrow to get the newest mission off the ground. >> we are scrubbed for today. we will proceed in operation 8 80. scrub tank operation. >> orion space capsule delayed twice once by gusty winds and once by accidental security breach before it was scrubbed because of malfunctioning valve. orion is designed to take astronaut to mars and explore asteroids. when it launch the 4 and half hour unmanned test plate will send the capsule 3600 miles into space. >> with simple flip of the switch the president and his family kicked off the 2014 holiday season in washington. >> the president the first lady and the daughter lit the national christmas tree on the white house lawn. two hour ceremony hosted by tom hanks and his wife rita wilson include add performance by
9:26 pm
patty labelle. >> this is the 92 year of the great tradition. date back to president coolidge. >> outrage on the streets. thousands out protesting tonight after the choke hold death of unarmed black man. up next. changes coming to the new york police department. >> also a flu alert vaccine you got may not have been for nothing after all. >> and the man who figure out one way to game popular dating app. one way to game popular dating app. >> another
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>> out remain. protest continue around the country did over the decision by a new york grand jury not indict a police
9:30 pm
officer in the choke hold death of a black man. crowd of 400 people is marching through the streets of oakland right now protest also held in berkeley and san francisco. >> all of this after african american man died when the white officer put him in a head lock last july. >> fatal scuffle was caught on video with many accusing the officer of using a forbidden choke hold. >> about we see the report now from police headquarters in manhattan. >> outrage in new york city. the crowding streets crossing bridges and generations. >> thinks injustice. >> grand jury decision not to indict the officer shown in this video bringing garner to the ground before he died fueling wide spread call for change. >> there's something really wrong with this system when unarmed black person can be killed and nothing happens. we
9:31 pm
can't even have a trial for this cop. >> officer received tevd before the grand jury for 2 hours saying this wasn't a choke hold which the nypd bans but a take down he was trained to do. the police union says his actions that july day on staten island were justified. >> he made a chase to help in the arrest. >> theory training the officers and using body camera. garner children tell katie couric they will never understand why this video and the 3 others shown to the grand jury weren't enough for an indictment. >> why? if you see him die on national tv like everybody else. why? >> garner family says they are suing officer and nypd and now of course anxiously awaiting the out come of the federal investigation. this is abc news new york. >> men time attorney general holder had harsh words for
9:32 pm
cleveland police today following the shooting death of boy with a pellet guchbility video shows rice moments before rookie officer shot and killed the 12-year-old in a park last month. someone had called police complaining about a boy point ago gun at people. the attorney general met with community and police leaders in cleveland today. >> we have determined that there is reason cause to believe that the cleveland division of public police engaged in a pattern and practice of using excessive force and as a result systemic deefficiency inadequate training. >> investigators say this is the toy weapon the boy he was holding. grand jury will decide if charges will be filed against the officer who shot and killed the boy. officer previously worked for the independent the, ohio police force but resigned after 6 month when evaluation show he broke down emotionally when handling a live gun. >> the woman is under arrest for yesterday murder of an american teacher inside a bath
9:33 pm
room at up scale shopping mall in day beat. authorities release the joyed today of the raid where they took the 3 30-year-old woman into custody. she's also suspected of plant ago hand made bomb outside the home of a muslim american doctor. bomb did not go off. police say the teacher identified as ryan was stabbed to death by an attacker wearing this. the killer walked that the bathroom and leaving afterward. yesterday attack comes just week after posting on jihad web site encouraging attack against teachers in american schools in the middle east. >> major new concern about the flu season and whether flu vaccine will work. tonight the cdc says the vaccine does in the appear to be a good match to circulating strain. ted has more. >> with flu season under way. bad news this year vaccine isn't working as well as expected. cdc sending an
9:34 pm
advisory to doctors and clinic warning them that 52 percent of flu sample were not a good match for the current vaccine. this year strain is especially bad. this strain that is in the community this year tends to be one that ladies to more hospitalization much more severe than some of the other strains. >> the virus mutated or drifted make the flu vaccine less effective and it's too late to make any adjustment to the vaccine. those at highest risk children under 2 people over 65 and people with heart or lung disease doctors being told to immediately put them on anti-viral medication if they show any symptoms of the flu. >> i think this is the year where people have to take extra care. you want to wash your hand regularly. you want to make sure you are covering coughs and sneezes. >> good a good year the vaccine is effective 60 percent of the time and even though this is an especially poor year the cdc is
9:35 pm
recommending that everybody still get the vaccine abc news los angeles. >> china has just passed the united states as the largely east economy in the world. this is huge change. the fund recently released the number that measure the world economy by the amount of good and services proud. china beat out the united states by 200 billion dollars. u.s. had been the world biggest economic power since grant was president. >> group of international scientist believe it discovered the earliest known piece of ar art. team from the university netherlands release ancient taking a shark tooth and carved a pattern on to the shell. the shell was original nationally found on the island of indonesian believed to be 5 40,000 years old. that is at a time when scientist didn't think this was creative.
9:36 pm
>> the when user swipes his or her smart phone to the right it's indicating that the user is i wanted right. well so java programmer james built a robot that endlessly swipes right. no word on whether he's had any success. a for effort. >> birth scel for men. new technology developed right here in the bay area. >> tonight we show you how it in the bay area. >> tona remote that livesw it on your phone.
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more wi-fi in more places. a movie library you can take wherever you go. internet speeds that have gotten faster 13 times in 12 years. the innovators and inventors at comcast labs are creating more possibilities for more people every day. comcast nbcuniversal. bringing media and technology together for you.
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>> bay area group is hoping to begin clinical trial in
9:40 pm
technology they believe could revolutionize birth coychlt as cheryl reports it's aimed at men. >> for millions of men condom or surgical virginia secretary tome the two choices for male birth control. but now bay area group believes it could be close to offering alternative. >> it just seemed crazy that here was sit ago better method and nobody was developing it. >>reporter: birth control advocate elaine heads up the foundation that is spear heading the development of this gel. kind of injectible sperm stopper. >> this gel is like a gel vasectomy. it it block sperm filter them out. >> this animation provided by the group the gel is invebingted into the tube that sperm swim to. it works like a filter once in place allowing fluid to pass but not the largelyer sperm. researchers say it's proofen effective in animal testing. but the gel has one more intriguing
9:41 pm
advantage according to developers. unlike vasectomy this gel is designed to be easily reverse i believe. >> she says a second injection is used to dissolve the polymer allowing men to become fertile again. her group east recently received a grant and is raising additional money with the gel of conducting human trials as early as next year. if approved advocate believe the gel could revolutionize birth control for men. >> it's kind of reproductive rights issue in a which for the men. they want to have relabel long-term controlling over their own fertility. >> 7 news. >> listener says early testing has shown no side effects. we have a link to the project at 7 >> check it out. fog moving in quickly tonight and another check on the weather next. >> young man makes a wish and sees it come true. you see his >> young man makes a wish and sees it come true. you see his
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you too can enjoy quality health coverage. to enroll, or find free in-person help, go to . >> fog is behind us. >> thick blanket out there and we have rain coming too. oneless check on the weather and drew is here. >> the fog is definitely going to linger the morning rush. starting to seat issue overnight tonight. live doppler in the tracking rain. we are tracking the dropping numbers in visibility. the airport down talf moon bay at 5 miles but it's the north bay that is seeing the dense fog. napa half mail. petaluma quarter mile visibility and i expect the numbers especially around the bay with mild south breeze on
9:46 pm
the moisture we have on the ground tonight a.lot will condense in the form of fog. morning rush could have the thick fog once again. in the afternoon high on friday mid 60's. we have a cold front manufacturing in it and means rain. friday morning along with the fog could see drizzle. 6:00 a.m. this drizzle will intense if i as the day wears on. by friday 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon. rain already moving into moderate heavy pocket. the yellow moderate written across the bay area and will continue and linger in the evening. so high this friday. 65 in san francisco. see 63 for santa rosa. 66 free mont. 66 san jose. and oakland high of 67 tomorrow afternoon. accu-weather 7 day forecast calls for the chance of a lightning in wide spread. rain lingers into saturday morning. saturday afternoon and sunday morning our dry but then sunday afternoon guys we bring back the chance of sprivbing el into monday morning. >> all right thanks drew. >> sure. >> dream has come true for young man whose had some life
9:47 pm
threatening medical changes. >> make a wish foundation in hometown reached out to the organization here and to the golden state warriors. >> carolyn has the story. >> if you have ever had the life long wishful filled, then you know how trent frost feels. >> this is amazing. >> 20-year-old is a basketball fanatic from melbourne, australia. and he's hanging out with his favorite player. fellow aussie golden state warrior star andrew. >> we met about a year back in melbourne. then he said come out one day and we'll look after you. so that was my wish. mick a wish. >> 3 years ago trent was diagnosed with a rare form of lymphoma a and given just two week to live. his mother showed thus face back picture. bone marrow transplant from his sister and playing basketball on his x box kept him going. today thanks to the make a wish
9:48 pm
foundation he will attend his first nba game. you promised him a winning game tonight. >> yes i promise. >> other warriors took time this morning to meet trent and his family. he will get to see how golden state is indeed golden so far this season. for the players and the fans. the winning streak is attracting attention like never before. >> i don't look at it as band wagon. i look at this as people have been coming for 20 years and good or bad win or lose they still show up. now they have a little more to cher for it's exciting. >> excitement for this fan sign ago one day contract with the team. >> make sure that he gets enough gear and shake enough player hands and make sure he talks about this for the rest of his life. >> trent learned just last month he's in remission. a miracle. in oakland, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> update the breaking news we
9:49 pm
follow protest in oakland over the decision today involving the new york city police officer. >> fruitvale bart station shut down because of the protest. can't get on or off at that station. >> other than that there have been no real problems no violence but hundreds of people march in the streets of locate land we'll stay on top of it. now to sports. >> larry is here. >> the young man trent is certainly enjoying tonight highlights. court side i praw prawm. warriors trying to tie the all time franchise record for consecutive win. of test from legitimate mvp
9:50 pm
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>> come up tonight at 11:00 o'clock we follow developing news. protest manufacturing through oakland right now as we mention. the fraught veil bart station is closed. the 12th street station is back open but the crowd is still marching. we have late breaking details. >> plus the american dream in denim. one local woman went from struggling to make ends meet to fashion design queen. >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00
9:53 pm
>> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel >> quite a showing by the warriors tonight. >> not bad at all. larry has the highlights. >> the warriors are continuing to open eyes all throughout the nba. they are playing great basketball right now. warriors put the 10 game winning streak on the line tonight against new orleans. flash of mvp candidate seth curry against monster that is anthony davis of the pelicans. davis and curry can argue top 2 players in the league so far this year. they both show why early. first quarter at the time jumper nails a 3. 19 points and 11 assist. minute later davis. taking green off the dribble. finishing with the 30 points 15 board for if seth and barns throwing it down. but the warriors trail by 6 after one quarter. second quarter. holiday whooping with davis look out below. throwing it down hard. warriors the outlet
9:54 pm
pass. resulting in thompson basket. 20 at last check. barns with authority. if warriors up by 19. and frolicking. right now 107-85 late in the fourth. about in the dressing room. botching bog heads before they pwovrng the bruins. game tied 2 with the deplex off the shot. 9th of the year. bruins answer 5 minutes later f.ties in the third. kennedy gets a stick on. if that goes in. right now in the third. shark clinging to a 5-4 lead. when the 49ers visit the raiders on sunday it will mark the first meeting between kaepernick and car. here's something to think about. if you had fu had a chance to draft either one today which would you take. not long ago it would seem like a crazy question now it's
9:55 pm
unclear really who has the better future. brighter upsid upside. car and kaepernick both selectd with 36 pick in the respective draft. car on not great receiver but more accurate arm. cap rocket arm but on the play maker with trouble scoring. 2 quarterback similar statistics this season. cap with slate advantage in yardage and completion percentage has thrown one more touch down 3 fewer pick but cap has been sacked somentsd. more than twice as many. as car. cap more dangerous as runner and that's a concern for raider line man definitely don't want him to get out of the pocket when you have qui ins man to man coverage by the time they turn around there's beside him. that mobile that quick. so has to be a team effort dealing with him. i immanuel our rush coverage and try to disguise some things where he can't go to his first read and
9:56 pm
he has to sit there and hold it a little bit longer. >> 49ers offensive coordinator roman met media for the first time since the gm daughter criticized him on twitter after the thanksgiving loss to seattle. suggesting that roman take a i'm tweet is part of the job when euro fence is not producing. >> i have children. i understand. and we talked about it briefly and it's over. and period. really not an issue. >> didn't really react in an emotional manner. matter of fact manner. i understand they do horsepower and we talked about it cleared it up and it's over. >> the my old neighbor and chicago bears taking on the cow boys. chilly soldier field. got even colder for the bears. murray on fourth and 1. dallas up 7 nothing. 179 yards rushing. romo on the run. sling it down field to beasley. 20 of 26 for 205 yards and 3
9:57 pm
td. how about the about 41-28 and now at 9 and 4. huge college game. at levi stadium tomorrow night. no. 2 oregon versus seventh rank arizona pack 12 championship game. duck led by likely heismann trophy winner marcus. the loan loss was to arizona. wildcat head coach rodriguez on facing the dangerous mayor yot 8. talking about a gay that won a trophy and first round pick and i don't know if he can maybe declare it now and get out before friday but he's been a phenomenal player. he has been really good against us. >> saturday going to be a big day for college football over on abc 7. start things off bright and early 9:00 a.m. third rank tcu nation iowa state then at 5:00 o'clock number 4 florida state and no. 11 georgia tech in the acc championship game of course the seminole of florida state. the only undefeated team left in
9:58 pm
major college football but drop down to 4 so big game for them. wrap it up on after the game with gary our special guest the executive director of the foster farms bowl at levi stadium and nobody understands the bowl landscape better than gary. abc 7 sports brought to you by toyota. it's a fichbility warriors beat the pelican 107-85. so 11 straight wins. >> awesome. >> for golden state. they continue to build on what is the league best record now. 16 and 2. >> that is a great start for the warriors. >> great they did it with the make a wish. >> with trent there. that's true. >> we need the raiders to rebound. >> l don't wait on that. thanks for joining us. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. see you >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. see you again at 11
9:59 pm
10:00 pm
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