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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 10, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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>> take a look. you can see sizeable patches of green moving across the morning bay tonight the leading edge what of promises to be the most pour storm to hit the bay area in years it's almost here. good evening. >> the storm getting closer and school districts in san francisco have cancelled classes for tomorrow. some on friday, as well. for now, take a look at this picture the storm will cause power outages and trigger flooding
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throughout the bay area. >> giving you a good view of the rain, it's been raining there several hours. and this is between santa rosa and sonoma into napa county. we'll give you an image of the storm. you can see this is going to be very powerful. and there is a high risk of flooding at times. notice by 11:00 we'll see more wide spread storminess.
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light rainfall witness hill areas south and east and by 9:00 through san francisco, by 11:00 and continuing south ward by 1:00 in the afternoon. we'll give you more in just a few minutes. >> thank you. >> let turn to laura anthony. and let's start with you. those school closures are unprecedented there. >> they are. that is why many parents are now scrambling to find child care alternatives. >> this isn't an ordinary
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wednesday, but the start of a four-day weekend. >> i'm going to miss my friends and teacher. >> novato unified cancelled classes tomorrow. and parents debated this decision. >> finding day care is going to be rough. grandmas are great. >> the downtown shops have sandbags on sandbags. >> we're getting nervous >> many residents felt the same way. daniel marino managed to fill
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seven. 2 or 3 years ago there was water at his door. >> crews cleared sewers geared up for weather and emergencies. they expect will follow. the chp has advice for everyone in marin tomorrow. >> you don't veg out if it's if there are options to telecommute or you have an understanding employer and have ability not to go in, this may be a situation where it's best to avoid the roads. >> everyone is preparing for the worst but hope for the best. if you look behind me you can see high water marks. it's too early to tell how early the with thor will rise tomorrow. >> thank you.
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and the list of schools includes all schools in marin county and san francisco city college. oakland unified will close and west contra costa unified, hayward unified, new haven district and schools in pacifica. as well as individual schools in sonoma county. >> parents and teachers were surprised. >> i've been here 21 years. it's the first time we've had school cancelled because of weather. >> it's going to be a big storm, biggest in years and you never know. >> it's my first time not going to school on a rainy day, because of the storm. >> there is a list of cloeers as
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well. >> we are live in san francisco tonight where the city has just center. leanne? >> around san francisco, people did what they could to prepare and now, they wait. >> it looked more line fort knox. they're expecting the worst. >> everyone of these garages two feet lower than the street. so everything is ruined. >> as clean up was done, people here worked on ways to best keep the flood waters out. . san francisco public utilities commission brought out vacuum trucks
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big hoses sucking debris out of the storm drain and asking people to do their part. >> big thing is sweep debris and if you sigh it, you can help us get the job done. >> that is what this worker was doing this afternoon. cruise cut down tree was the greatest chance of falling down due to winds and clearing areas with loose vegetation to make it's way to the catch spaces. pg and e are telling surprised if there are power outages >> with winds we might see outages taking place. >> and that is why schools are
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pointing it out as main reasons foreclosing schools tomorrow. i'm live in san francisco, abc7 news. a san francisco intersection closed because of a sink hole reopened. this morning crews have filled in the giant hole with dirt and cement. a storm drain ruptured and crews add to replace water and sewer main. >> folks in napa could get up to a inch of rain. the river is expected to overflow banks late thursday night if the rainfall predictions are on target. and we suspect they are. like many parts of the bay area,
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napa will be under flash flood watch. >> to reduce chances pg and e says crews are in some bay area neighborhoods. the brought has killed dozens of trees in southern california. >> in downtown martinez has been prone to flooding over the years. >> that is right. they do they think have upgraded things. these business owners are aware of the past here on main street. luigi has been down this path before, coming up with his own contraption to keep water away from his deli's front door. >> this is the kind of work and
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this plastic is from home depot. and i used sand tags. >> it's all hands on deck. city crews are doing their part to help residents and local businesses get ready for a big down pour. and to protect their own yards >> we dumped nine yards today. there is no telling how many people are going to get more >> this is one of five sites where almost everyone remembers the storm. >> sonny had five feet of water new year's day, 2006. >> at night we block often
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trance was wood and sandbags so water doesn't enter into the building. >> one family is not too worried about the rain, martinez famous beavers. >> there is a fair amount of flood control work which should help. >> we've done maintenance around the creek. >> here in martinez, etc. not just heavy rains but high tides that factor into the equation. if both happen. tomorrow, to give you expectative is a expecting six feet, they know they're in
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trouble. >> we're keeping an eye on the creeks in the south bay tonight. the creek has a long history of flooding and overflow into neighborhoods. and officials say they've been working to make sure everything is clear. >> they've been removing sediment and have some >> it's better to be safe than sorry. you can track the weather with abc7 news weather app. also, you'll find a check list
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from the red cross >> still ahead a new venue for violent demonstrations. you're going to find out why police didn't make arrests. >> later tonight findings of a coroner inquest into a police shooting in richmond. why the family is calling it one sided. >> an effort to rid themselves of common pests leads to a different problem. i'm michael finney the story is ahead on 7 on your side. >> spencer returns to monito
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>> developing news in livermore, all states of interstate 580 are now opened. sky 7 hd shows the crash scene. all eastbound lanes were closed about 90 minutes. >> the patrol today said it would again take whatever force necessary to keep the freeways free of demonstrators. police confronted violent protestors and the chp arrested 13 people on charges of creating a public nuisance and battery on a peace officer.
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abc7 news reporter alisa harrington brings us the latest. >> some started looting businesses and vandalized residential neighborhoods. they used chunks of concrete like this to smash windows and there are stores boarded up in case the group comes back tonight. >> do you have insurance? >> i no. i not working. >> protestors marched towards oakland, blocking highway 24. hundreds ventured into emeryville three stores were looted including 7:11 on san pablo avenue. >> we've just been cleaning up glass, cleaning up glass all
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night to open this morning. >> employees had locked doors looters used cans to force their way inside. she says they stole $2,000 worth of merchandise. cigarettes and alcohol. >> loss is coming from our paycheck. store is our livelihood. >> pack and save was looted while customers were still inside today sh several windows were boarded up. some are fed up >> destroying our stores, that is our money going to fix that. >> they're demonstrating something that occurred 2000 miles away. everybody here is feeling the brunt of it. >> there is only 34 officers in emeryville. last night making no arrests but say they're looking at video to try to catch the people. in emeryville, abc7 news.
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>> in oakland a demonstration of white activists staged a peaceful protest, blocking doorways of the federal building in oakland. >> there were more protests in berkeley today. this time, uc berkeley law students held a die in. only students of color laid down on the ground. white students watched and held hands. students say racial injustice caused people to get sicker. >> you can see the storm approaching along the coast. you can see winds crashing across the barrier, ocean beach is seeing 10-15 foot waves.
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and servers took advantage of the waves. >> they get out there. with anything left they'll get there soon. >> it should get where it is safe. rain is spreading across much of the north bay now. the heavier rain is yet to arrive. but it's quite wet. some locations like santa rosa received more than a tenth of rain. winds are gusting across the bay area. 18 miles per hour in sfo. 21 in sfo. here is our wind gust animation. over 30 miles per hour at sfo,
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oakland and half moon bay. and gusts between 41 and 46 miles per hour and about 51 in oakland and half moon bay. beginning to taper off in the north bay. notice in the afternoon, once the front swept through, winds drop but still winds will drop behind that front we have a high wind warning that may see downed trees and power lines and as mentioned earlier, surf is rough. we have a high surf advisory in effect until 10:00 friday
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morning. and looking ahead for rainfall totals, we're projecting by 7:00 friday morning we can see rainfall totals as high as 6 to 10 inches. and flash flood watch is in effect beginning at 9:00 tonight and during this time you may see ponding of water. let's talk about flooding in specific areas now. flood stages 16 feet and rivers to crest at nearly 19 feet. flood stage is 26 feet and we expect it to crest just above 25
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feet. and we're affecting cresting by 38 feet. to the sierra, a blizzard warning is in effect from 7:00 in the morning to 4:00 friday morning. winds gusting up to # 0 miles per hour. passes may close. here is the accu-weather forecast after a very stormy day, we'll see rain giving way to showers friday, then, partial clearing late friday. a dry day saturday. rain sunday night, tapering off to showers tuesday and wednesday. >> thank you, spencer. >> just ahead tonight, updated rendering. what the new arena will look like.
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a morgan hill man faces charges and agreed to serve jail time and probation we've been reporting the story here on abc7 news. animal control officers seized dozens of horses from his property. some are now up for adoption.
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>> warriors unveiled an updated design for their arena and entertainment center. the new images show the arena flanked by office and retail space as well as a park. the building is shorter after neighbors complained it was just too tall. the project being built with private money and scheduled to open in fall, 2018. >> bay area toll authority today agreed to make the led light show a permanent fixture. sponsors must raise $4 million by the end of the month. to install lighting equipment. the lights went up two years ago, and the toll authority will
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use bridge toll revenues. >> all right. >> in just a moment storm watch coverage here at 6:00. and coming up what affects of the storm could be in southern california. >> also ahead, findings of a coroner's inquest into a shooting in richmond. why the family is calling it one sided >> colon kaper dk snick speaking to
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all right here is an updated look at live doppler seven hd. a big storm is moving into the pacific and marin county could get up to 12 inches of rain. >> all schools will be closed tomorrow in marin county as will schools in oakland, san francisco, west contra costa and others there is a list on abc7 >> you can monitor the storm by down loading abc7 news weather
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app which is free from the app store or google play. >> we found people stocking up true, today at ace hardware store in san jose. it's a long line of people dropped in today, store managers say they counted 200 people by 3:00 p.m . and >> just mainly batteries >> we're going to take it in stride and enjoy it. >> if much of southern california is making storm preparations we are. weather service issued a beach hazard statement for now through saturday here at seal beach in orange county, high surfs are pounding the shore and sandbags are in place in case low lying homes get flooded.
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leo stallworth picks up our coverage. >> surfers say that it was a good day to catch waves they expect the storm to bring in waves as big as 12 feet as soon as tomorrow. >> looks good today tomorrow supposed pob bigger but messier. >> it's a good-sized wave. it's very humbling. have fun >> ventura county is staffing an ocean rescue team. >> team is equipped to get out and affect a rescue in the ocean several of them can deploy from the helicopters. >> crews are ready to respond to any flooding in communities affected by the fire. >> we're looking at loaders behind me here and we are going to have teams full of -- dump
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trucks full of sand, sandbags. >> more than a dozen people evacuated homes, crews used bulldozers. this home was red tagged in october. captain says fire crews will be looking for trouble. >> you can have such a better affect when you have people out there, moving and ready to go. >> despite problems people say we need the rain so we've got to take good from the bad. in ventura, abc 7 news >> pg and e says the storm could brutalize the power lines. the command center in fremont is moving tons of equipment into place to respond quickly. that includes hundreds of poll vaults and n transformers as seen here that rb used to repair
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damage. >> our equipment is going out to needed locations. and be sure to charge your cell phone. >> a rare coroner's inquest held today in a police shooting of an unarmed suspect. vic lee has the story. >> we dispute one that he reached for a gun that had was a basis to shoot him at the time. >> the attorney that represents the family. the 4-year-old shot and killed by officer wallace jenson it occurred in front of this liquor store. officer jenson encountered perez
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ininside of the store. a scuffle ensued and ended with a fatal shooting the jury concluded perez was shot not by accident but intentionally. buress and family question is the accuracy of the officer's testimony on how the shooting went down. jenson was a star witness at the hearing and says perez was drunk and yelling profanities he told them to sit down outside of the store. he says the struggle began. >> he was tugging on the officer's gun the officer got separation. and pulled his gun out and had
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it close. >> two of the three shots were fatal. he says a storm video shows struggle but not shooting. >> one sided. it's like they're just hiding something. >> it did not allow cross examination of officer jenson or the other witnesses. nor did it make any conclusions about whether this shooting was justified. burress says that will come when you sighs the city of richmond. >> coming up next, a bay area couple with a pest control problem. and $700 apology they got thanks to michael fin
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>> some pest control into one home turned nie long ordeal for one family. >> they called for help. michael is here with the story. and sprang into action. >> yes. it started out as minor and turned into a bigger one the homeowners say the company stopped returning phone calls that is when police stepped in to help.
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nick recalls pulling into a driveway. he and his wife noticed something wasn't right. his wife saw a roof tile and looked up. iet was broken several feet on the end. >> they called terminix. this is a video from the company. nilda assumed they would agree to fix the damage. they agreed to send an inspector. >> i got upset they were ignoring me. >> her husband noticed more damage. >> in all, they felt pressed for
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time. >> they said it's if i did not fix it, then, if it rained i will damage my roof. >> they fixed the roof, along with photos of the damage. >> we wasted another month, there is no response. my husband said let's try seven on your side. terminex agreed to pay the full bill for the roof repair. . >> i feel happy about it. you know? you've done something for us. >> if you have an issue, that is what i'm all about. contact me here. you can reach me going to abc7 and then, select seven on your side. >> thank you. >> sure. >> it's a new spin on a tv
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classic. >> it's a holiday version of the golden
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>> google of mountain view has been crowned by glass has the best place in the country to work. google attracts top pay and perks. other bay area companies include chevron, facebook, adobe, and apple. but twitter is not. >> seeing the nut worker may be on a list of traditions thousands of making less conventional choices. >> yes. it's a hit and looking into what is behind the success. >> it still lives on today in
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reruns, telling a story of rose, dorothy, sophia and blanch, facing life after marriage, death, and kids living together in miami. >> he said he had a great time with me the night before he left. >> then it's got to be anybody. >> this is a live reenactment of the hit show. >> it's just amazing in those roles. >> in this version, the cast is played by well known san francisco drag performers. it started in a living room. >> first time just 50 seats with 30 shows >> nine years hater the show is
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selling out theaters most nights. >> reason why i thought it would work well is when i first moved to san francisco there are great campy productions to go to. and there is all kinds of stuff then, those stopped happening. i think people want to come to something fun around christmas. >> for that reason, many people keep coming back. >> they have been telling us they come every year since it started. >> it's great the way they interpret it, it is amazing. >> for others, it might just be the makings of a new tradition. >> it's amazing it's verbatim. i thought there might be license but it's right on.
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>> golden girls christmas episodes run now in san francisco. >> time to get back to weather. >> yes. it is coming big time. >> okay. the storm is arriving as you know now in the north bay. you can see here, it's only going to get more intense oaf the next few hours the stormiest elements have not yet arrive bud here in parts of marin county we're showing moderate rainfall. just west and northwest of novato. we have airline delays in oakland. 45 minutes at sfo two and a quarter hour delays. no delays in san jose, not yet. here is a larger view of the storm. and stormiest period will be between 2:00 a.m and noon tomorrow.
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and then, south bay, stormiest period between noon at 4:00 p.m . speaking of tomorrow, here is how stormy tuesday will look from 61-64 degrees this is our accu-weather forecast. partly cloudy day saturday, morning arrives through sunday and monday, showers, tuesday, wednesday is what we call an active period of weather. >> right but a break there. >> right. >> a break on saturday. sunday we'll begin as a dry day and several inches of rain and ten inches of rain in next two days >> abc7 morning news team will be in early tomorrow because of the storm. we'll have up to the minute weather and traffic where you
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live at 4:00 a.m . be sure to tune in. >> now, we turn to larry for sports. >> yes. >> kap? >> a lot to talk about. >> happy kap. chatty kap. he changed his approach. actually completing sentences now, can he complete passes
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good evening, after being blasted locally and nationally for a series of answers in the news conference there is a new collin kapernick today talking about the rematch with the seahawks, niners win last games to maintain a slim hope of making playoffs. now, picked off two passes on thanksgiving night. today, asked if he is the toughest corner he's faced. i'd say he's one of. i mean, he does a good job there. and makes it tough on receivers
7:55 pm
and quarterbacks and has high expectations for everything i do. i expect myself to make every play when i don't it is frustrating. so, to me, it's something that i have to be able to use that frustration in a different way. >> raiders fresh off of their win against niners are now prepping for another team that was beat this season the chiefs interesting last time, october 28, 2012, and kansas city. >> chiefs are realing and have lost three straight but fighting for a spot. they're so tough to beat at arrowhead. and said you have to flush the last meeting. >> we've got to swing with everything we've got. i know they're going to swing with everything they've got. >> i'm looking forward to tho one we played them. you know? i know i i felt after that game. and what to expect.
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>> it's a same injury tony romo suffered this season. >> like he's letting everybody down just thank goodness it wasn't serious. we'll worry about him getting healthy. >> how about pop warner football? >> look at this guy. look at the cuts and juice
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he's running through the team. two seconds left in the half. going three defenders, they could not find the end zone. there is a 15 year veteran played his career with the phillys. abc7 sports brought to you by orchard supply, hardware. he's not going to play. >> yes. >> how about that? >> yes. >> a new man? maybe? >> just call me he wants to talk more. >> yes.
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>> thanks larry. >> yes. >> join us for abc7 news at 9:00. and at 11:00 here on abc7. impact the storm is being felt and just getting started. >> yes. you can expect updates on the storm with live doppler 7 and in prime time tonight we abc7 news at 11:00. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. our coverage continues on twitter. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time as always, we'll see you again at 9:00 and 11:00. >> have a good evening. female announcer: get three years interest-free financing
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