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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 24, 2014 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. the skies opened up when a quick storm blew through the bay area this afternoon. >> happy holidays to you. let's take a look outside right now. the skies have cleared up. leaving us with some cooler temperatures out there. >> earlier, it was don your
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umbrellas. some areas saw light brief showers, others with strong, gusty winds. >>80, you can see a thin layer of snow on the highway here at the 5200 foot level. and at castle peak. chains were required. >> let's check in with meteorologist drew tuma. >> dan and indicatedy, we got a lot in a short amount of time. this rain moved in rather quickly. it was out of here by the afternoon. we'll show you on this christmas eve, it is quiet out there. the clouds have departed. let's look at rain totals. not significant compared to the storms we've seen previously in the month of decembe generally less than .10 of an inch. .07 in san francisco. .02 in oakland. .02 in moffit field. it was mild this morning.
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the winds picked up and the cooler air came in. gusty winds from 25 miles per hour in oakland, 35 miles in half moon bay. all coming in from the north, dragging in that cooler air. cool nights ahead of us. we'll detail them in the forecast in just a few minutes. as the rain and wind moved out, a tree came crashing down in the castro district. the tree fell at sanchez and market streets, blocking the sidewalk. it missed a parked car by inches. no one was hurt. happening now in san jose, police are investigating the discovery of a body under an outdoor stairwell at stockton avenue and cinnebar street. there are no details on whether the body is a male or female or if any foul play is suspected. but of course, police have a lot of questions. big news about the movie at the center of a massive hollywood hacking scandal involving north korea. sony delivered a christmas surprise by making "the
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interview" available online today, and in hundreds of theaters across the country at midnight. the president had this reaction. >> i'm relieved. merry christmas, everybody. >> the movie is expected to do very well. abc news reporter reports. >> reporter: the surprise gift from sony pictures on christmas eve. comedy fans now renting the interview on youtube, google play and microsoft xbox, a day before its release in the theaters willing to show the film. sony saying it was essential for our studio to release this movie, especially given the assault upon our business by those who wanted to stop free speech. >> you know what's more destructive than a nuclear bomb? words. >> reporter: the satirical plot to assassinate north korean dictator kim jong-un may be getting mixed reviews from those watching online, but ticket sales ahead of tomorrow's showing, so strong, that some
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theaters are even adding more show times. have you been surprised by the demand? >> i've been pleasantly surprised hour fervent it is. i knew it would be popular, there's a lot of interest because of all the news. but our phone has been ringing off the hook. we've been selling out shows left and right. >> reporter: even free popcorn at this theater in vermont if you bring a copy of the constitution and stand for the freedom of expression. a north korean diplomat tells the associated press that even though his country condemns the film, there will likely be, quote, no physical reaction to it. abc news, washington. if you're tucked in your home watching right now, with any luck you got your shopping done. we're in the final hours of the shopping season. this toys "r" us store in san jose was open and busy tonight with people shopping for the last-minute gifts. some kmart and target stores will be open until 10:00. but few options after that. if your package didn't arrive in
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time, you can't blame u.p.s. or fedex. both companies put a limit on retailers. last christmas an estimated 2 million express packages didn't arrive under the tree in time. and both wanted to avoid a similar situation this year. thanks to the booming economy and good weather, stores have been very busy this week. abc 7 news reporter nick smith reports from bay street in emoryville. >> reporter: finding parking at the target in emoryville is tough. >> merry christmas! >> reporter: consumers are opening their wallets and spending big. with the pro crass ti naters getting some of the best deals. >> you can see what the kids actually want. they always gravitate toward certain things. >> reporter: toys, electronics and the flat screen tvs remain at the top of santa's gift-giving list. >> frozen is hot, costumes, toys. >> reporter: shoppers appear to be looking for deals and shedding some of their anxiety
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about spending. >> i love it. stuff on sale. >> reporter: one reason folks are spending more, gas prices have fallen, for 88 straight days. according to aaa, that's the longest consecutive record on record, more money for americans to spend on other items. >> people have been paying off their credit cards. and the gas price helps people looking forward to say, i'm going to be able to have enough money to pay down this credit card usage i'm doing over this holiday. >> this economy, money is a little down this year, but since i found a lot of sales, i can save more at the last minute. >> reporter: a leader in measuring the digital world said to date, there's been a 15% increase in spending over last year. and to think we still haven't unwrapped those gift cards. nick smith, abc 7 news. the mayor of berkeley, missouri, is urging calm after a
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white police officer shot and killed a black 18-year-old while responding to a theft call late last night. police say gas station surveillance video shows antonio martin pointing a gun at police moments before an officer shoots and kills him. from another angle you see a flash, and then a man standing next to martin, fleeing. another camera appears to show the officer stumbling backwards. investigators did recover a 9 millimeter handgun. the deadly confrontation happened just two miles from ferguson, where michael brown was killed. the police chief said protesters looted and tossed fireworks at police officers right after the shooting. one officer was treated for facial cuts. they used pepper spray but not tear gas. four people were arrested for assaulting officers. in san francisco, dozens of demonstrators blocked access to highway 101 this morning. they were protesting the police killings of unarmed black men in ferguson, missouri, and new york city. but this was the first action organized by the bay area's lgbt
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community. >> transgender, lgbt people are experiencing a lot of fear and anxiety. if black men lives don't matter, we question do our lives matter. >> this event was peaceful. the heads of the san francisco oakland and san jose police unions are worried some of the other recent bay area protests are putting officers at isk. they're asking them to engage in constructive dialogue with police. governor brown kept up with a christmas eve tradition. he pardoned people who had been convicted of minor drug offenses. all of them are posted online. in each notice brown says each person is living an honest and upright life. a pardon does not expunge a conviction from the individual's record, but does restore certain rights such as serving on a jury.
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the governor reversed one pardon after learning he had granted clemency to a man recently disciplined by financial regulators. much more ahead on this christmas eve. coming up, the growing concern over a deadly outbreak in caramel apples. a local man realized his mother might be infected. this is the last day. there's still kids who need toys. >> a big toy giveaway that still needs some help. you can get involved. and holiday slowdown. the weather makes for some slow
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a lawsuit has been filed against safeway after an elderly woman died after eating caramel apples. the candied apples have been tied to a listeria outbreak in ten states. david louie has more from felton. >> reporter: it was a mystery to 81-year-old shirley frye's doctors. how did she succumb to a listeria bacteria infection. her son brad heard about the outbreak of listeria cases scattered across the u.s. from washington state to north carolina. >> i had never heard of listeria until my mom's death on december 2nd. i called my brother and said, that's unusual. there's this outbreak of listeria. and caramel apples.
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and he said, oh, my gosh, mom brought caramel apples to the kids on halloween. >> reporter: shirley frye purchased them at this safeway home near her home in felton. safeway pulled them from sale, but there's a lingering concern because others in the frye family had eaten them. have they had symptoms. >> not that we can see. healthy person isn't necessarily as susceptible. we're obviously keeping our eye on them. >> reporter: a wrongful death suit has been filed by a seattle attorney who specializes in food-borne illness cases. >> it's trying to connect the dots where this came from. and see that it doesn't happen again. >> reporter: safeway said it can't comment about the suit but did tell us, quote, the product was supplied to us by a third party. and we are looking into this matter further. the attorney said listeria should not be present in caramel apples. >> whether or not testing was performed on these products, it clearly didn't work, or maybe it
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was not done at all. you know, and normally what you see in a listeria outbreak, you see some problem in the manufacturing. >> reporter: the cdc is also investigating and recommending consumers not to eat commercially made caramel apples until they pinpoint the source. lefty o'dool's toy drive is under way in san francisco. this morning a children's choir added to the festivities. ♪ look at that jolly old elf dressed in blue. that's san francisco's police chief taking part, trying to get people in the holiday spirit to give. >> reporter: you know it's christmas eve when santa and his elves are at union square collecting gifts. it's been a long-standing
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tradition. people drive or drop by the well-known restaurant to bring toys. >> thank you very much! merry christmas! >> reporter: the goal is 10,000. more if people are feeling generous. >> the spirit of christmas comes alive. it's about giving. they start giving and we start distributing. it's a big distribution center. out, the gifts are put inside m barrels and then on a truck to be delivered to communities in need. >> wait! i got another toy. >> reporter: we went along with santa to drop off toys for kids at the allen chapel church in san francisco's bayview district. >> merry christmas! >> thank you! >> reporter: there, more than 100 kids found what it means to be cared for. >> i'm here with my little brother. he loves legos. i'll give him these for christmas.
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>> christmas means to me happy holidays for children. >> a very needed time, too. it's brought at the right time. >> an opportunity to say number one somebody loves you, and number two, you have value. >> reporter: lefty's wasn't the only one giving out gifts. the firefighters union held a toy drive near union square to make sure no kid in san francisco wakes up on christmas morning without a gift. the elves that left the o'dool's will be here until 11:00 this evening. any extra gifts will be delivered tomorrow morning in the western edition neighborhood of san francisco. abc 7 news. an update just off the press. we've just got word from lefty's that they were able to meet their goal of collecting 10,000 toys. that is a lot of happy kids this christmas. and this holiday season, we invite you to join us and give where you live.
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abc 7's parent company disney recently donated $10,000 to toys for tots to deserving bay area children have a brighter holiday. find out how to help toys for tots, go to the link on our website in marin county, two major roads were closed because of fallen trees. lucas valley road is currently blocked near sky walker ranch. here's why. high winds brought down this tree. around 2:45 this afternoon. it took power lines with it. the tree is now blocking the whole road. county officials say it could reopen by midnight at the earliest. tomorrow morning at the latest. this is the primary road connecting san rafael and nacasio and point ridge station. strong gusts also took down a tree north of point reyes. it's set to open later this evening. it will be windy and wet across much of the country, and that is slowing down holiday travel. more than 200 flights have been canceled today, according to flight tracking service flight
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aware. nearly half of the cancellations were chicago's o'hare airport. a storm forecasters fear could bring sevel inches of snow to illinois is expected to track further to the east. they issued a winter storm watch for the chicago area with the heaviest snow possible in northwest indiana, and southwest michigan. the weather delayed some flights at san francisco international airport. at least 119 flights were delayed earlier today by an average of about 40 minutes. right now, there are no major delays. tsa lines in terminal three were crowded this morning. most flight delays were for regional jets going on short haul trips. san jose's airport reports just a few minor delays of about 15 minutes or so. no big deal. while oakland airport officials report no weather related issues. >> boy, holiday travel can always be troublesome. we can't do anything about the weather. >> it's not too bad.
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>> christmas miracle. >> right. >> silver lining. >> we're talking about not rain, but sunshine. not just one day, but long stretch of it for the next seven days. we'll see a quiet pattern around what is a soggy month of december. we'll show you nothing but skies out there. the sweep goes around the bay area. not finding anything but clear skies. we'll take you to this afternoon where a front moved through. this is a pretty cool time we got from the emoryville cam. you see the wind shifts as the front moves through. the rain comes toward the camera and then goes away. the front moved through, cleared the clouds out, brought in a north wind. that north wind is going to keep us on the cool side throughout the day, and rather chilly throughout the overnight for the next couple of days. live outside from the emoryville camera showing it is bouncing that camera. so the winds are gusting at times over 25 miles per hour. a cool and breezy christmas day on the way.
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we're in a dry pattern well into the new year. current temperatures right now, 40s and 50s. 52 right now in oakland. the same in san francisco. 45 in hayward. 49 in fremont. los gatos with a temperature of 50 degrees. satellite and radar, here comes the cold front moving through midday, got out of here late in the evening. behind it, you notice clearing skies. north wind now, cool. it's breezy, thanks to high pressure just off the coast. this high pressure not going anywhere anytime soon. that dry pattern is with us for the next several days. look at the wind gusts. it will be breezy throughout the next 24 hours. as we go throughout early tomorrow morning, san francisco wind gusts around 30 miles per hour. oakland coming in at 23 miles per hour. then the winds will begin to subside and weaken by the afternoon on thursday, 1:00, winds generally less than 20 miles per hour. morning lows, though, with that breezy north wind, keeping it rather cool, look at santa rosa for example. both friday and saturday morning, temperatures getting
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very close to the freezing mark. so likely we will see some patchy fog developing in some of our north bay and even inland valley locations. we're tracking santa. very close to the united states. last stop was at about 9:20 p.m., toronto, canada. he's right on our doorstep, kidos. he'll be here in the next couple of hours. get ready, he's on his way to the bay area. 35 in santa rosa, 34 in napa. 40 in san jose. 42 the overnight low in fremont under plenty of stars. tomorrow, bright, but breezy out there. the wind gusts around 20 miles per hour. a high of 58 in richmond. 59 in oakland. 56 in livermore. san francisco 58 degrees in the afternoon. the accuweather seven-day forecast, cool on friday with tons of sunshine, even a bit frosty saturday morning. we keep the cool temperatures through sunday. and then early next week, not a drop is to be found. monday, tuesday and wednesday,
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plenty of sunshine to ring in the new year, guys. >> tricky sunshine, when it's freezing. >> need layers. >> thanks very much, drew. still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00, a christmas eve test of whether to be good for goodness sake. >> the
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we have pictures to show you. hong kong police are warning police to return the nearly $2 million scooped up after a truck dropped three containers of cash out its rear door. traffic came to a stand still as drivers jumped out of their vehicles to grab as much money as they could, each worth 500
9:26 pm
u.s. dollars. they were scrambling for the cash. one woman loaded up an armful of money bricks and just disappeared. people warn anyone using that money is committing a serious offense. is chinese food more popular on christmas? looking at the numbers from grub hub for last year, we're getting our answers. slate magazine found the percentage of all orders for chinese food increased by 152%. by comparison, the fraction of orders from restaurants listed on the site as american pizza or mexican, all declined by at least 30% last christmas. so now you know. >> we're having chinese food around here tomorrow for those of us working. we like it. leah strong, the young cancer patient's christmas wish comes true and her father is right by her side. also, an update on former president bush, spending this christmas eve in the hospital. christmas comes to australia. how people there be celebrating
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good evening. a christmas wish has come true for 4-year-old leah still, the daughter of cincinnati bengals devin still. >> earlier this year she was diagnosed with a rare form of pediatric cancer. christmas wish was a chance to meet a disney princess. so she and her dad went to disney world. >> espn joined them on their trip to florida. >> i think that we try to take everything day by day and try to create as many memories as possible that we can hold on to. ready? do this. >> december 8th, 2014, just outside of philadelphia, devin still and his daughter, leah, are getting their holiday pictures taken. an annual tradition for the
9:31 pm
still family, but this year's photo shoot takes on a whole new meaning. >> it was pretty special for me, because a week before we took the pictures, she had one of her bad days. she had a breakdown and she was crying. it was a great feeling just to know that she felt like she was beautiful, even though i always feel like she is. >> after you guys went and took pictures, then you wrote letters to santa. what was at the top of her christmas wish list this year? >> princess jasmine. we went to disney world before everything happened. and she got to meet the princess and fell in love with her. the one that always stuck out to her was princess jasmine. >> j-a-s-m-i-n-e. ooh! >> we dropped her letter in santa's mailbox. then devin and good old st. nick went to work on fulfilling her
9:32 pm
christmas wish. >> maybe she comes when everybody's sleeping. we had to do a great job of keeping a surprise for her. she's a great detective and tries to figure out things. >> after a long day of checkups and blood work, leah, devin and devin's fiancee board eed a pla to orlando. >> the one thing we did at disney world that -- i mean, i got really emotional with, is she had a princess makeover. and she got to go in a room and take off her dress and get her makeup done, something that she loves. i know just watching that, i started crying when i saw her. it was really emotional for me. it's definitely something i never want to forget. come around this way. you look beautiful, right?
9:33 pm
we took her to this field and have her focus on the cameras. because princess jasmine was walking up behind us. remember what you told santa you wanted? have you been a good girl? do you think santa will give it to you? look who it is. she just looked over, like froze. when she saw princess jasmine, i guess she was so shocked that princess jasmine was finally there, that she didn't really know what to say. just to be able to see her christmas wish come true, and where it came true at, the fact that she saw is at disney world, it made it ten times better. that was cool right there. >> i understand that you shared a very special dance with your daughter? >> oh, yeah.
9:34 pm
they had a parade there. just being able to hold my daughter and spend that time with her, i really can't explain the feeling. that moment i wasn't thinking about my daughter having cancer. it was like nothing else that was going on really mattered. >> what have you learned from leah during this? >> that there's no definition of beauty. a lot of people think that you have to have a pretty face, long hair. but my daughter doesn't have any hair. she's still the most beautiful girl i've ever looked at. she's taught me so much about strength. i didn't quite understand what strength was. you know, i thought it was how much you could lift in a weight room, what you can do on the football field. but strength is fighting for your life and being able to keep a smile on your face. >> you said that for you, it was too difficult to write a letter. >> mm-hmm. >> if you would have written that letter to santa, what would
9:35 pm
you have asked for? >> just for time. the only thing i want from santa, from god, from anybody, is just time with my daughter. >> what a story. >> devin said leah is feeling good for christmas, on sunday, still in the cincinnati bengals wrap up their regular season in pittsburgh. >> a wonderful story. when we come back, pope francis' christmas eve message to the world's 1.1. no matter who you are, if you have type 2 diabetes, you know it can be a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine ... what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers.
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the centers for disease
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control is monitoring a lab technician who may have accidently been exposed to the ebola virus. cdc officials say that technician was working in a secure atlanta lab, and may have come into contact with a small amount of the live virus as part of an experiment. other people who entered the lab are being assessed. a coalition pilot from jordan is being held hostage by islamic extremists. his f-16 went down while conducting air strikes against isis in syria. the family of the man is pleading with the militants to release him. it is the first time since a u.s.-led coalition began air strikes against isis in syria that a pilot has been captured. isis claims heat-seeking missiles brought down the jet. jordan is one of the arab nations taking part in the u.s.-led coalition. south korean prosecutors have brought charges against the popular san francisco based ride sharing service uber. prosecutors today indicted the
9:40 pm
company's ceo, accusing him of violating a transportation law. south korea's capital seoul may ban uber on grounds that it's unsafe and competes with licensed taxi services. the government will also reward more than $900 to people who provide information on uber's services. uber will fully cooperate with the government's investigation. however, the ride-sharing service believes its service is legal. george h.w. bush is still in the hospitaltonight, as a precaution he's being kept there. the 90-year-old former president is spending christmas eve under observation in a houston hospital. he was admitted yesterday after experiencing shortness of breath. a family spokesman said tonight the former president had a good day and his prognosis remains positive. pope francis celebrated christmas eve with mass at st. peter's basilica, just days after taking his staff to task for a laundry list of sins.
9:41 pm
he told the faithful that the world needs some tenderness and warmth. the service launches the 72-weeks for the pontiff. he gives the christmas day speech, followed by new year's eve in the 2015 greetings. in january he traveled to sri lanka and the philippines for a week. australians began their christmas day celebrations at the beach. this is in sydney where there was about 78 degrees. crowds of people sunned themselves on the beach in sydney, others began with a mass at st. mary's cathedral. the animals at the zoo in the southwest area were not forgotten, as they, too, received special christmas treats today. of course, it is warm this time of year in australia, down under. >> that beach sure looked nice. the spirit of christmas, one mark at a time. >> coming up, old do
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abc 7 wants to see how you're celebrating the holidays where you live. share your photos on twitter, use the hash tag where you live so we can find your pictures. e-mail photos or videos to us. we are getting some great pictures lately, too. >> a lot of cute ones. police officers were in the spirit of giving this holiday season. >> here is abc news reporter david wright. >> got all your christmas shopping done? >> no. >> reporter: santa has never pulled anyone over. but in lowell, michigan -- >> just the one? >> reporter: -- there were helpers who do. police officers backed up by some friendly elves in a nearby target store. the driver was expecting a ticket. instead, she gets -- >> something like this?
9:46 pm
>> oh, my god. >> reporter: everything on her kids' christmas list. this fun idea dreamed up to show the friendly side of the lowell pd. in florida, two police officers bought this christmas tree on their own dime. and delivered it to a house they knew didn't have one. that little girl smiled captured on the police officer's body camera, all the thanks they were looking for. >> you like that, huh? >> reporter: in warren county kentucky -- >> i thought i'd give her a warning. >> reporter: on the warning, he writes, merry christmas. inside it, a crisp $100 bill. >> i want to give you a little extra christmas spending money. >> reporter: he handed out 50 of them this week. the gift of an anonymous donor. >> can i hug you? >> reporter: to protect and serve, and sometimes spread joy. >> can i have that? >> you can have that. >> reporter: santa's little helpers in blue.
9:47 pm
>> we have magic elves. >> reporter: david wright, abc news, new york. >> that's nice. one last check on the weather forecast which looks unlike those pictures around here. >> sunny and bright, drew? >> no form of precipitation in our forecast. not only tomorrow, but really the next seven days. the next week off. a bright but breezy christmas day on the way here in the bay area. nationwide, pretty quiet forecast. we're tracking mainly sunny skies in the mid-section of america, especially on the east coast where they got soaked with rain today. snow around wyoming, but light in nature. in california, look at this, lots of sunshine. a little bit of snow perhaps in the sierra. but nothing really accumulating. 57 in monterey tomorrow. 63 in los angeles. fresno getting to a high of about 52 degrees. locally in the bay area, it will be very sunny tomorrow. but we still have the breeze out of the north, from 15 to 25 miles per hour. it will feel cool out there thanks to the north wind.
9:48 pm
getting up to 58 in san francisco. 58 in santa rosa. 58 in palo alto. concord getting to a high of 57 degrees tomorrow afternoon. chilly on friday morning. even some frost possible saturday morning. temperatures drop close to freezing, especially in the north bay. but other wiz, guys, we're tracking lots of sunshine through midweek next week and seasonably cool in the 50s. the skateboard i'm getting in the morning. >> get pictures of this. >> tracking santa and sunshine. >> thank you. these are busy days at san francisco's glide memorial, expected to serve 8,000 meals between today and tomorrow to the homeless, seniors and other people in need. it got help from the house of prime rib today. the restaurant donated more than 2,000 pounds of prime rib for the christmas eve luncheon. the owner and family helped serve the meal. this is the 23rd year the house of prime rib has donated a day's
9:49 pm
worth of holiday meals at glide. lucky dogs don't have to spend christmas alone in an animal shelter. >> muttville dog rescue visited the animal services shelter to look for older dogs. >> the group specializes in rescuing dogs that are at least seven years old. the director said more of these dogs are abandoned during the holiday season. >> a lot of people leave for the holidays, so when they can't find anybody to take care of their dog, they just give them up to the shelters. >> it's taking in 14 dogs this christmas. this year, the group will rescue 750 senior dogs. >> good for them. that's a lot of dogs. great work. we're a little irritated here, because did you hear about this? the bahamas bowl? this is an outrage.
9:50 pm
what happened? >> first year. they're there for the next six years. >> a great finish tonight. >> fantastic finish. on the night before christmas, the college football world was stirring with two bowl games. one of them featured one of the wildest finishes ever. the only thi
9:51 pm
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coming up tonight at 11:00, high winds topple power lines after taking down a tree. the families spending christmas eve in the dark. the road that could be closed until sometime tomorrow. a local community paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to build a special tunnel under a highway just for animals. >> those stories and a lot more at 11:00 over on channel 7. this sports report is brought to you by your local toyota dealer. we're putting in the coverage request. we're going to the bahamas. >> get your reservations in. the first-ever popeye's bahamas bowl between western kentucky and central michigan did not to
9:54 pm
be considered must-see tv but it turned out to be one of the most entertaining bowl games ever. western kentucky appeared to be heading to an easy win. this one to willie mcneal. the hilltoppers led 49-14. the chipper was rallied for 34 unanswered points. anthony garland scores a point. just one second left, central michigan is looking for a miracle, and they got it. puts up a hail mary who makes the catch. laterals to butler. who gets it to williams. who then laterals to davis. and he will just get in for the touchdown. are you kidding me? instead of kicking the extra point, though, the chippewas decided to go for the win. incomplete. so western kentucky hangs on for
9:55 pm
a 49-48 victory. the school's first ever bowl win. after the game, all the talk was about the crazy play. >> i saw a very good catch, a lot of laterals, and they scored the touchdown. the chance of that happening, as you guys know, i think the last one was the stanford one that everyone knows about, and this may have been even better. they did a great job of executing. they kept lateraling it. a tremendous effort by them to find a way to make that play with one second on the clock. in honolulu, santa was making music before going to work. only fitting, rice was in a bowl. fresno state in the hawaii bowl. jackson to taylor for that score. the bulldogs offense could not get much going. burrell tries to go this ball is going to be intercepted. burrell threw a pair of picks. rice strikes with a big play. a 69-yard touchdown for mario.
9:56 pm
owls win 30-6. it earns the coach a gatorade bath. the national championship will be decided by a playoff on new year's day on espn. number two oregon takes on number three florida state at the rose bowl. 2:00. at 5:30, alabama plays ohio state in the sugar bowl. the two winners will play for the national title january 12th on espn. 49ers head coach harbaugh may not be the only one saying good-bye after the finale against arizona. several 49ers become free agents. michael crabtree is among them. he's not been the same since tearing his achilles tendon last season. he was asked about his future with the team. >> i feel like the sky's the limit for me. i'm taking one day at a time. i can't wait to see what's next, you know. the next chapter in my career. i'm going to go hard every day. i'm going to go hard every year.
9:57 pm
try to get better. try to maximize on my talents, my youth. the oakland raiders wrap up their season on sunday at denver. they have not won on the road this year. the silver and black appear to have finally turned a corner, thanks in large part to quarterback derrick carr. he started every game this season. and all rookies in completions, passing yards and touchdowns. >> actually, i haven't been a rookie in a long time. they told me, i guess i had one or two games, but now it's time to grow up. they still treat me like a rookie now and then. i think the rookie thing, i think that was thrown out the door. we had to be called on to play. john scott has been suspended for four games without pay for punching and knocking out tim jackman. it happened monday night in anaheim. scott was also banned two games in october for coming onto the ice to fight jackman. the suspension will cost him
9:58 pm
more than $34,000. jarkman did eventually leave the ice on his own power. this abc 7 sports report has been brought to you by toyota. i've already made our plane reservations for next year. >> okay. >> that was awesome. thank you. >> appreciate it. for all of us here, the entire abc 7 news team, we appreciate your time. we'll see you coming up in one hour over on the big 7. abc 7 news continues now, though, online, on twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our abc 7 news app. hope you're having a wonderful christmas eve with your family. we'll see you again in one hour. -- captions by vitac --
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hey, who wants to do something fun? i do! me! great. we're gonna go to my dad's house and help him find his glasses. i thought if i said it in a happy tone, you'd be excited. did not work. ellie, are you okay? you seem wiped out. i was book mom at stan's class yesterday, so i had to get up at 8:00 a.m. what am i, a coal miner? and it's flu season. most of those little brats were snotty, whiny messes.


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