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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 25, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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an act of giving that an east bay family calls a true christmas miracle. the gift they will never forget. taking a stand for free speech by going to the movies. "the interview" opens today on the big screen. how one bay area theater is using it at an opportunity to give back. firefighters come to the rescue in more ways than one during a house fire in san francisco. the whole community's around us. we appreciate it. god bless. merry christmas. >> a christmas greeting and enormous gratitude after a group of easiest bay students learns the true meaning of the season by big a life-changing gift and
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getting this reaction. >> oh my god! oh! >> good evening and merry christmas. i'm dayne ashley. an east bay family is having a merrier christmas than they thought possible thanks to an effort that brought a community together. here's jonathan bloom with a story you'll see only on 7. >> merry christmas! >> reporter: sevanta claus had come and gone -- this was a surprise. >> oh, man! >> reporter: a surprise so big, it took a moment to sink in. >> oh! oh my god! >> reporter: it was quiet literally breathtaking. >> we got an emt out there, don't have a heart attack, okay? come on. >> oh! >> reporter: cora is holding the key to far more than a set of wheels. it's the coto a better life for her twin 6-year-old grandsons. >> oh my god!
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>> reporter: she works the night shift. her daughter works the day shift. >> oh my goodness! >> reporter: together they're caring for justin and jamir sharing a single car. >> it was just really, really hard with the one car. with my daughter picking me up at bart 10:30, 11:00 at night, you know, with the boys. >> reporter: the idea to raise money began in jamir's first grade classroom and quickly spread to the community on facebook. >> people we don't even know were sending money via paypal, dropping off gifts. it's the community of people. it's really the love of god at work. >> reporter: it turns out these christmas elves didn't have to spend all that money they raised to buy the car. they found a nonprofit willing to donate it. meaning all that cash goes into a fund to keep it running and insured for years to come. >> this is your personal service guy. you call scott, he's going to hook you up. >> reporter: grandma got the first turn in the driver's seat. the kids weren't far behind. >> i'm going to drive it all by myself.
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>> trying to get my head around it. how did they plan this? >> reporter: for days they've been hiding the car trying to hide their excitement. >> it's the best christmas gift i can receive is giving to others. it's amazing. >> reporter: giving a life-changing gift and unforgettable christmas. >> truly a christmas miracle that i could have never, never, never imagined. >> after the gifts are opened a lot of people on christmas day flock to the theaters. this year the movie many want to see is "the interview" which has touched off a hacking attack, threats of violence, and an international incident. >> won't they just get another chubby dude with a goofy hair-do to replace him? >> exactly. >> demand to see this movie is so high, a lot of shows are selling out. abc 7 news reporter alisa harrington is live outside the elm wood theater in berkeley where they added extra screenings today. merry christmas. >> reporter: they did. merry christmas to you too. there are five showings today.
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because as you mentioned they're selling out, there's such high demand. a lot of people told me they're only seeing this movie because of the controversy. sony made it available online yesterday, and there are reports it has been illegally downloaded 750,000 times. >> we got here early because we wanted a good seat. >> reporter: diana and greg line up outside berkeley's elm wood theater an hour before showtime to see "the interview." >> i thought it was cool to go to the first show on the first day it's open and prove a point that no one can stop us from seeing the movies we want to see. >> reporter: many in line admit this movie was not at the top of their list until recently. >> i was suckered in by the novelty a little bit. >> hello, north korea! >> reporter: sony pictures canceled the christmas day opening after the company was hacked and the fbi linked threats to north korea. then the company backtracked releasing "the interview" at mostly small and independent venues and online.
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seth rogen, who co-directed and stars in the film, made a surprise appearance at a los angeles premiere. >> we thought this might not happen at all. >> reporter: safety is being taken seriously. at the elm wood, a security guard inspects bags. >> it's been crazy. >> reporter: at the parkway theater in oakland, $2 from every ticket sale will be donated to liberty in north korea, an organization that helps korean refugees. so just what are people saying about this film that ignited so much controversy? >> we got a lot of laughs out of it. it was not politically correct, but i like that stuff. >> way too much was made of this. the movie is simply a movie. >> reporter: north korea is condemning the release of the movie, but a diplomat says they will likely have no physical reaction. a hacking grinch has stolen old and new gamers' christmas. both microsoft's x-box live and sony playstation network have been down all day long.
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the notorious hacking group lizard squad has to twitter claiming responsibility for outages on both gaming systems. business insider reports the group threatened last week to take them down but it's not clear why, exactly, other than to make a statement. both companies have posted online that they are aware of the issue and working quickly to get it fixed. there is never a good time for a house to catch fire, but christmas day surely is one of the worst. tonight a family is safe which is the most important thing. they are without a place to live. abc 7 news reporter nick smith is live with a story of loss and also blessings. >> reporter: a loss no one could have predicted but the neighborhood is circling wagons to make sure the family who lost their home have everything that they need. thick, black smoke and bright orange flames lit the sky in this potrero neighborhood forcing at least one family to run out with the clothes on their backs.
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the flames, sirens, and over 100 firefighters pulling hoses at mississippi and mariposa, a sight no one wanted to see. fears heightened at the sounds of explosion. >> like a shotgun pop. then like an explosion. then flames. >> reporter: within minutes, san francisco firefighters raised the threat to three alarms and worked desperately against strong winds and close structures to stop the path of destruction. >> unfortunately, because it was unoccupied, it got a good head start. >> reporter: once the fire was out is the extent of the damage realized, bringing tears and questions. what started this fire? investigators still don't know. we were there as josh called his friends ashley and dave, the owners of the house where investigators say the fire started. the couple and their children are visiting family for the christmas holidays. >> a shock. a terrible way to spend christmas. they've got two young kids. we have two young kids. it's tough to explain why bad
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things happen. >> reporter: their home and the one above it are a complete loss. but if you thought desperation and despair were the only things the fire left behind, not so fast. responding firefighters learned children live in this home and they decided to act in the spirit of the holiday. >> we overheard the firemen immediately talking about finding gifts for the kids. and that's just -- amazing. >> reporter: showing once again that even in the darkest hour, the true meaning of christmas can come when you least expect it. >> every once in a while they push the envelope. today, this morning, they definitely did. >> reporter: investigators will return to the scene first thing tomorrow to continue to search for a cause. neighbors near that fire grabbed smartphones to capture video of this railing fire on christmas day. laurent gave abc 7 news this video. ray knighton took these pictures. he says winds were strong, pushing the flames in the direction of his home just two houses away.
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of course he was worried. ray credits firefighters for quickly containing the flames. four people displaced by a house fire in oakland this morning, just before 12:30 at a home on 56th street. authorities say one was injured when they jumped out of a second story window to escape. firefighters found both floors of the building fully engulfed when they got there. they were able to stop the flames from spreading to nearby houses. it took about 25 minutes to put out the flames. no word yet on what caused this disaster. in oakland, a handful of anti-police protesters decided not to take the holiday off, hitting the streets on this christmas night to keep their message in the news. abc 7 news reporter katie mar zule low is there and joins us by telephone with a report. >> reporter: the corner of broadway and 14th, the last 10, 20 minutes or so, kind of a smallish group, a couple dozen people, fairly quiet seemed like. somebody would try to get a
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chant going or rally cry and it never really took off. but just as you were talking to me, the protests started moving west on 14th street. so at the head of the group, a couple of people are holding a large banner. they have a megaphone. they are chanting and moving west as i said on 14th street. it is christmas. there's not a lot of the cars on the road. but it has seen some ac transit buses wait or be turned around but they didn't have any passengers on them. and a couple of cars doing u-turns at the intersection there. a small confrontation, one of the protesters and the driver who was clearly frustrated and didn't want to have to go around. but again, the protests now moving. so the intersection of broadway and 14th is clear. but 14th is going to be a little hindered as this group makes its way west. >> okay, thanks very much. we appreciate it. katie mar interview low reporting live. san rafael, a portion of lucas valley road, a east-west artery connecting san rafael to
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nick casio and west marin, still closed to traffic right now. pg&e on the scene working to repair a power pole and lines that came down yesterday after they were hit by falling trees. high wind gusts of over 35 miles an hour toppled these pines across the roadway and onto the pole at 2:30 in the afternoon. 27 in the area are still without power. the road is expected to stay closed until midnight. chp may be able to reopen a single lane earlier than that, we'll keep an eye on it. san francisco's glide memorial church capped off a month of special holiday events today. ♪ more than 5,000 people came to take part in the celebrations and enjoy the holiday meal. about 500 volunteers got an early start helping to prepare the christmas dinner of ham and turkey and all the trimmings. glide recently celebrated 50 years of helping people in the
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tenderloin community. it works to break the cycle of poverty by offering meals, health care, and housing assistan assistance. they do good work 365 days a year. somehow especially meaningful on days like christmas. a holiday tradition of giving proved to be an overwhelming success this season. still ahead, one of the biggest toy drives in the area gets even bigger. no christmas carols here. just ahead, we'll take you to the place to go for those in the bay area who don't celebrate the holiday. bright and beautiful on this christmas day. now we're tracking some of the coldest air overnight tonight.
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here is a flashback of christmas past. take a look at the young mr. and mrs. obama. the first lady tweeted this photo today wishing everyone a merry christmas. we'd love to see how you're celebrating where you live. you can share your photos of holiday lights and events with us on twitter. #whereyoulive. you can e-mail us at lefty odile's last minute christmas eve toy drive in downtown san francisco was a resounding success. the union square bar and restaurant collected more than 15,000 toys for edie kidi'd nee above their goal of 10,000, more than last year's total of 11,200. today the kids were treated to a christmas concert before 3,000 toys were distributed at ella hill hutch community center. >> it's great to offer hope to folks who are often impacted by crime and violence.
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and gives them a sense of being able to change the community. and i think one toy, fit keeps one child from living in poverty or inspires that hope of change, that's why we do it. >> volunteers sorted the toys to hand out to kids along with food for their families for the holidays. dozens of families finished opening gifts this morning and headed to christmas in the park at plaza de chavez in downtown san jose. the decades-old city tradition provides a carnival-like winter wonderland with games and rides on christmas day. and everybody there had a terrific time on a spectacular day. a restaurant in oakland's jack london square opened its doors to serve meals to those in need on christmas day. >> merry christmas! >> they gave thanks for the food and a welcoming place to go for the holiday. the center of hope search teamed up with the home of chicken and waffles to serve between 200 and 300 meals.
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the restaurant's owner says his reward is giving back to the community. >> joy. nothing but joy. you see me smile all day. it's very, very nice. the beauty is that this is christmas. the least we can do is bless someone with a meal. so he's providing the space and we provide the food. it's a divine intervention. >> isn't that wonderful? the church leaders work with a different restaurant each year to host this holiday meal. ♪ if you don't celebrate christmas, saul's restaurant and dellni berkeley offers an alternative, one of the few businesses open on christmas day with live music and dancing as well as menty of deli food. wait times though can be as much as an hour. but the customers, they don't mind. >> every year we say, are we going to do this again? but we have such good will from people. they're so happy we're open today. they're so grateful we're open today. there's so many different reasons. >> saul's has been celebrating
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the holiday this way for the past six years. you can still enjoy the party, the deli is open until 9:00 tonight. we just had a terrific day for all the kids their toys. a wonderful way to get outside and have some fun. drew tuma is in for spencer with the weather. merry christmas. >> picture perfect, wonderful, great. cool air tonight. get ready. you've got to get the snuggle alert out there. you need blankets, dogs, light a fire, some of the coldest air we've seen in some time. we'll show you we're not tracking any precipitation out there. the sweep across the region, not finding any rain or even snow in the sierra. the cameras captured a beautiful clear christmas day from our exploratorium camera. take a look at this not a cloud to be seen in that sky. blue as far as the eye can see. get used to that sky. we'll see it duplicated for friday around here. expect plenty of sunshine on the seven-day forecast. live outside to golden gate bridge cam, folks are traveling to and from the coast along the
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golden gate bridge. it's a quiet night. it's going to be a cold one overnight. forecast calls for colder nights, especially in the valley. could see frost popping up over the next couple of nights. it will be sunny but cool in the afternoon. this cool pattern includes little in the way of rain through the new year. current temperatures right now 40s and 50s. 48 in napa. 48 fairfield. 53 oakland. 54 san francisco. 53 mountain view. san ramon 51 degrees. so over the next couple of hours your evening planner, need the jacket. stars in the sky but it will be cool. also chilly by 11:00 most locations dropping into the 40s. overnight we'll be dropping into the 30s in spots. satellite and radar, here's what we're tracking. you see not a cloud to be seen over california. it's going to get chilly thanks to a north wind dragging in cool air. the ocean having little influence on our temperatures the next couple of nights. high pressure off the coast brings the cold and dry pattern. that high pressure is not going to budge the next couple of daze. let's talk about morning lows.
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livermore, take a look at the chart. saturday morning, dropping to 32 degrees. the freezing mark. getting up to 40. most of the night the 30s. likely we'll see frost and freeze advisories the next couple of days as temperatures get close to the freezing mark. so overnight lows in the bay area, santa rosa 33. napa dropping to freezing. 39 in richmond. san francisco only dropping to 44. 40 in oakland. 37 in san jose. concord falling to 35 degrees overnight tonight, under plenty of stars. highs for friday, wall-to-wall sunshine as the sun gets up here after 7:00 a.m. 59 san francisco. 58 vallejo. 57 fairfield. san jose 57. oakland one of the warmer spots at 60. santa rosa will duplicate that number at 60 as well. the accuweather seven-day forecast, cold morning to start off in the 30s and 40s. plenty of sunshine. we'll get to 58 inland. 60 around the bay. that's seasonable for this time of year. saturday morning that's going to be the coldest morning in the next seven days. likely we'll see patchy frost.
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if you have sensitive convenientlytation, cover it up, bring in the pets. sunday a cold morning. a sunny afternoon with plenty of sunshine leading into monday as well. a few clouds out there. temperatures in the 50s. by tuesday, another cold morning. you see the pattern repeating itself. wednesday, new year's eve, dry and sunny and cold. the new year, 2015, starting temperatures below normal. a couple of clouds. a little rain in the next seven days. >> we need the dry-out period and we need more rain. larry is off. rick kwon is here. merry christmas to you. a great day for basketball. >> if your christmas wish was to watch basketball today, you got it. santa filled the sport department's stocking with nba basketball, including the return of lebron james to miami. and the wizards' john wall
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the warriors are spending christmas in los angeles. taking on the clippers in about an hour. golden state will be without center festus is zilly because of a strained ankle. no festus for the rest of us. lebron james returned to miami for the first time since leaving for cleveland. a nice reception from fans and former teammate dwyane wade. on the court, wade not so friendly. he had 24 of 31 in the first half. after trailing by 17, the cavs rallied to take a one-point lead. former st. mary's gale gets it
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to james for the dunk. lebron scored 30. on the break he leaps over into the stands. he did have to heave for a time. the heat got hot late to put the game away. luol deng somehow gets it to danny granger who knocked down the three. 101-91 was the final. the cavs drop to 17-11. spurs were in a giving mood taking on oklahoma city. kevin durant out with an ankle injury, russell westbrook scoring the game high 34. the defending champs kept it close thanks to tim duncan, he drops in two of his 15. westbrook, pretty play, splits two defenders en route to the basket in a rematch of last year's western conference final. the thunder pull away to win 114-106. the spurs have lost five of their last six. >> just happy. we got a win on christmas, a great win for us. we came out with the victory. >> pitiful performance. and the sad part that is tim
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duncan comes out and plays every night and he can't find a group around him to consistently compete and execute. the knicks are having a terrible season but fans were feeling the holiday spirit. the with zards got a big game from john wall. he draws the defense before dishing to butler who nails the three. now check out this drive by wall. he does a 360 and lays it up and in. he had 24 points and 11 assists. frustrated by wall, quincy acy later knocks him down. they nearly come to clowes. acy was ejected. washington wins 102-91. the knicks have lost 16 of their last 17. college football bowl games will resume tomorrow with illinois and louisiana tech, dallas bowl at 10:00. rutgers versus north carolina followed by north carolina state versus central florida in the st. petersburg bowl. don't forget watch college
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football's first final four on espn new year's day at 2:00, second-ranked oregon playing massachusetts state in the rose bowl. at 5:30, number one alabama takes on fourth ranked ohio state in the sugar bowl. it all leads up to the national championship game january 12th on espn. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by orchard supply hardware. be fun to see that playoff. finally, a few thoughts about what really matters. i hope that you've had an absolutely wonderful day with your family on this beautiful christmas day. i would like to be home with mine? sure but we share chores on holidays and i choose to work on christmas because there's something meaningful to mebout sharing this day with you at home. in important ways so much what was we celebrate and enjoy on this day transcends its religious significance. there is something deeply touching and bonding about the christmas season and what it represents. peace on efforarth, good will t
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men. people are just a little kinder to one another in the rush to shop and travel. we're more charitable donating money, toys and food to help those less fortunate as we awe on the news cast tonight. is christmas too commercial? of course. but at least much of that commercialism is focused on spending money on others. what really matters is that regardless of your religious affiliation, that we all enjoy the special time of year and this wonderful day. thank you for spending some of it with us. from all of my colleagues here at abc 7, merry christmas. and that is this edition of abc 7 news. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00, a bay area homeowner not just upset at the burglar who stole his holiday delivery but also the post office. we'll tell you why. we're also keeping an eye on that protest which is very small in downtown oakland. we'll update it for you coming up at 11:00. that is it for all of us here, for drew tuma, rick kwon, i'm dan ashley, appreciate you being rid us.
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merry christmas, see you at 11:00. female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic, even tempur-pedic mattress sets at low clearance prices. save even more on floor samples, demonstrators, and closeout inventory. the year end clearance sale is on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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