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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  December 25, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PST

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. >> good evening. merry christmas. i'm dan. amma is spending the holiday with her family and i hope you have had a wonderful day with yours. feels like christmas out there doesn't it. chilly evening across the bay area by. morning we could see some frost open the ground. we have the chills and look at live doppler 7hd. >> we are talking about temperatures becoming the col coldest we have seen all far this season. some areas dropping near the freezing mark overnight tonight. live doppler 7hd we don't see moisture. sweep goes around the bay area. we look at clear skies. mostly clear skies are going to help to us cool off rather quickly overnight. we are up to the 70's in san
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rafael. oakland. upward mid 50's across the region, 57 in antioch, 57 santa cruz and 55 in like port and the warmth we attain this afternoon and we get radiated out rather quickl quickly. overnight low plenty of stars and light wind napa falling to 32 degrees. santa rosa 32 and north bay the first fringt of the winter season. thinks even the coldest on the 7 day forecast. show you that with the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thanks. in oakland tonight christmas was no holiday for protestors they attacked the city christmas tree and vandalize property. pl katie is in the newsroom with the story tonight. katie. >> as we typically see with most of the demonstrations there are legitimate protestors and there are vandals. wasn't a large group tonight but they left the mark on the city. group first gavted here. made their move at 6 marching down
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the middle of the street inconvenient few car an transit bus. black lives matter is the message. >> holiday never the same agai again. as we were sitting having dinner with empty chair. >>reporter: today williams brother evans shot and killed by san francisco police officer near at&t park in october. the officer says evans was breaking in cars and pointed a gun at him. oakland police kept the sdan as the protestors circle downtown area but soon found themselves responding to reports of vandalism. every window at these shops were smashed. lights and orpment torn off the christmas tree at jack lon done square. dumpster set on fire at broadway and fourth and we caught this person with face covered tagging the window of a restaurant. protestors inten intended to keep busy on christmas calling the march no time off. demonstration lasted about 90 minutes. katie, abc 7 news. >> fire destroyed 2 homes in
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san francisco portrero hill neighborhood this morning. investigators now searching for the cause. it happened on mississippi street at 6:40 am. family on the upper level got out safely. this couple not home at the time. took crew 4 hours to knock down the fire. >> unfortunately because it was unoccupied it got a good head start. >> shock. terrible way to spend christmas. they have 2 young kids. we have 2 young kids. tough to explain why bad things happen. >>reporter: witness say once firefighters found out young kids were affected they started talking about finding gifts for them. >> 4 people in oakland fortsed out of the homes by fire early this morning. started just after midnight on 56 street. one person actually had to jump to safety and broke a leg. 3 others made it out okay. red cross helped them find temporary housing. >> well after opening gifts this morning a lot of people spent the afternoon and evening at the movies. one of the hottest tickets the interview.
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film that almost didn't get shown at all. movie goers packed bay area theater like the camera 3 cinema in san jose all show sold out today. movie started international incident with north korea which led to sony getting hacked and threats of violence at theaters. before we are open the rush to seat movie north korea tried to kill. >> got here early because we wanted a good seat. >> she and her friend greg line up outside the theater an hour before show time to see the interview. >> i thought it was pretty cool to be able to good to the first show operate first day it optd opened and proof a point that i don't know can stop us from seeing the movie we want to site. many in line admit it was not at the see list until recently. >> i was sucker in by the novelty a little bit. >> sony pictures cancelled the christmas day opening after the company was hacked. then the company back tracked. releasing the interview at
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mostly small independent venue and on line. rogan made a surprise appearance at a los angeles premier. >> we thought this might not happen at all. >>reporter: safety is still being taken seriously. at the elm wood security guard inspect bag >> it has been crazy. >>reporter: at the new parkway theatre in oakland 2 dollars from every ticket sale donateed to liberty in north korea. an organization that helps korean refugee. so just what are people saying about this film that ignited so much controversy. >> we got a lot of laugh of it. it's not politically correct but i like that stuff. >> way too much was made out of this. the movie is simply a movie. >> meanwhile north korea is condemning the reless of the movie but a diplomat says they will likely have no physical reaction. in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> hacking grinch has stolen some old and new gamers christmas fun. both mick soft
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x box live and play station network were down all day long on this christmas. notor us packing group lizard squad has taken to twitter claiming responsibility for the outage on both gaming systems. busy inside report threaten last week to take them down but not yet mostly clear why. both company posted on line that they are aware of the issue and working quickly to get it resolved. fight ride sharing company uber face another hiccup in the plan to expand globe avenue. travis of the app base company is looking at criminal charges in south kore korea. authorities there say uber violated local taxi licenses laws. charged with operating illegal taxi service in the country. maximum fined is 18,000 $or even two years in jail but that seems unlikely. "new york times"reports spokes map for the company would not con official the charges because he is not received the indictment. san jose homeowner plans to
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take surveillance video evidence to police tomorrow showing the man walking right up to his door and stealing a package. happens a lot this time of year this case happened wednesday morning not long after the carrier delivered the panel to the evergreen neighborhood house. watch. white car pulls up at the same time man walks up the the porch. take the package then just takes off. i hope the package a christmas gift for the man's daughter. >> tell big emotional valley. if don't steal other people package or joy. >> they plan to file a complaint with the u.s. postal service because the video show the carrier tossing the package on the porch and it's roped to the ground. >> 2 people arrested on suspicion of stealing packages from porches. police called to
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the area of lexington way and trinity hills lane after receiving calls from neighbors concerned. they found jose ruiz and kristen a rodriguez hiding in the bushes. police located the vehicle parked not far away full of stolen gifts from livermore pleasanton brent wad lafayette and orinda. authorities say they were out and about stealing the gifts. >> still ahead. on 7 news at 11:00 this christmas night. thousands of toys handed out to deserving children on christmas day. organizers say it's about more than just giving a child something to play with. >> oh, my god. had. >> bay area woman just floored bay generous act of holiday spirit. great story. wringing smiles to the faces of people who don't celebrate the holida who don't celebrate the holida holiday. stay right here
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>> san francisco memorial church kept off a month of holiday events with song and sup tear. more than 5000 people gather at the church to celebrate the christmas holiday and share a meal with all the trimmings too. marked 50 years of service to the tenderloin community offering meals, health care and housing assistance to those in need. >> restaurant in oakland jack london square open the doors to those in need on christmas day. the center of hope church team one chicken and waffle to serve between 2 and 300 meals. the church took care of the food. leaders work with different
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restaurant each year to host the holiday meal. well there were a lot of toys to go around after lefty last minute christmas eve toy drive in downtown san francisco. the union square area restaurant collected more than 15,000 toys for needy kid kids. that's well over the goal of 10,000 and more than last year total of 11 200. they did just grit because of the generosity of so many people. christmas concert before 3000 toy were his distributed. at the community center. >> really great to offer some hope to folks who are often impacted by crime and violence you and give them the sense of being able to change the community and i think one toy if it keeps one child from living in poverty or i hope expires that hope of change then that's why we do it. >> volunteers sorted toy to hand out to the kids along with fad for their family. san francisco firefighters deliver the remaining 2000 last minute toys today. east bay family having a
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merrier christmas than they ever thought possible. group of community members came together to bring them a gift they desperately needed. here's january thon plume now with a story only on abc 7. >> santa clause had already come and gone. this visit was a surprise. >> i wanted to get dressed. >> surprise so big took a moment to sink in. was quite literally breath taking. >> we have an emt out there. don't have a heart attack. >> holding the key to far more than a set of wheels. the key to better life for her twin grandsons. the she works the night shift. daughter works the day shift. the together they have been caring for junk justin and gentleman mere shiring a single car. >> just really, really hard is
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with my daughter picking me up at night with the boys. >>reporter: idea to raise money began in the first grade classroom and quickly spread to the community on facebook. >> pl some don't even know are sending money by pay pal and dropping off gifts and it's the community of people. it's really the love of god at work. >>reporter: bit turns out the christmas elf didn't have to spend the money they wristed to buy the car. they found non-profit willing to donate it meaning all the cash goes into a fund to keep it running and insured for years to come. >> personal service guy. you call scott and he can hook you up. >> got the first turn in the driver seat t.kid in the far hyped. >> i'll drive it all by myself. >> i'll get my head around it to figure out how did they plan this. >> for days hiding cart while trying to hide the excitement. >> best christmas gift that i ever 7 is giving toers 0. it's
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amazing. >> life changing gift and unforgettable christmas. >> truly christmas miracle that i could have never never never i emergencyed. >> in san ramone 7 news. >> very is in. how about a little kosher comedy and cuisine for christmas. annual comedy show has come to san francisco china town for the 22nd year. hundreds of people gather at the new asia restaurant on pacific avenue for some laughs and a lot of great chinese food. show jew he shall creator and producer wanted to give those who don't celebrate christmas alternative entertainment. >> i came up with the idea of doing jew he shall comedy on christmas in a chinese restaurant to give jews and other people something to did on christmas so we provide alternative to christmas and sense of belonging. community. people don't have anything to do that night. >> personal proceed this year will benefit san francisco suicide prevention in honor of late comedian robin williams
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and children services food president obama as well. also the beneficiary of tonight's performance. >> sandhya is enjoying christmas off but drew is here with a look at the forecast. what a great day we had. bit is chilly. >> chilly overnight tonight. if you like the sunshine we have today the 7 day forecast you thoroughly enjoyment not much rain in the next 7 days. we were track ago lot of rain the month of december. more than 10 inches in some location but now it look like live doppler gets the week off. precipitation forecast. leif outside on the exploratorium camera on the christmas evening. coyote tower lit up all nice and glowing exploratium currently right now sitting at cool 52 degrees. 50 san carlos. 45 in sap jos jose. morgan hill grave. half mp bay at 52 degrees. future tower cam a little bit light breasts out there. north from 10 to 15 miles per hour. certainly cooling off location in the north bay. santa rosa at 44 right now. napa at 40
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degrees. novato 48. fairfield 46. 43 in livermore a cool 48 degrees. take a look at the forecast future call for on the roof top camera. embarcadero lit you up looking great. colder night frost forecast for the valley not just tonight but specifically tomorrow night. tomorrow night the coldest night we see in kuwait some time. sunny in the afternoon but cool and dray pattern in the new take a look at the 25th day of december for san francisco in the almanacs. up to fwechlt one better than normal of 56. morning low 47. 2 better than normal low of 45 degrees. sunset this evening at 4:57 p.m. radar showing you high pressure just off the coast look at the void of cloud cover over much of california thanks to the high pressure and north breeze will tip over the next 24 to 48 hours. bring us the cooler breeze and high pressure out in the pacific. not going anywhere any time soon so look at the cold dry pattern dominate our forecast well into the weekend. look at
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temperatures. tomorrow very similar day to what we experience today. temperatures once again in the mid up 50's. some spots 60 degrees again but the morning hours early on saturday. temperatures really tumble in some election. oakland temperature of 38 degrees on saturday morning. livermore 36 antioch 35. santa rosa 39 and morgan hill waking up with temperatures right at 36 degrees. frost developing in some of the bay area in the next 48 hours. high for friday look at this high pressure in control. plenty of sunshine out there. 60 in santa rosa. again in san francisco. 58 in fremont. up to 57 in the afternoon and san jose. same fire field antioch 56 degrees. 7 day forecast cold morning tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. duplicate the forecast on saturday. but saturday more in the which of proingt early on with temperatures wide spread in the 30's. sunday cool morning, more sunshine on the way in the afternoon. that's the pattern to track. no rain in the next 7 days even into
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monday. few clouds throughout but temperatures staying in the mid 50's tuesday another cold outbreak win land only 50 degrees. freezing cold in the morning on wednesday new year's eve and welcome 2015 on thursday. bright. breezy. the staying in the mid 50's. >> it's about to be 2015. where did the year ago. >> 6 days to good. >> larry is off. wreck is here and if you like the christmas with fba basketball some nice offerings. >> drew talking about company. describe the war dwror shooting a trying not to lose in l.a. second time in 3 day but former teammate crawford did his best to make (vo) nourished.
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rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. skaz.
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>> after getting stung by the lakers on tuesday at the staple center warriors hope to rebound against the clippers. you have heard of ugly christmas sweater how about an ugly christmas suit. spencer has the violation. things started off well for golden state. the tomahawk slam. l.a. miss 16 straight shots early on but former warrior kept them in it. drops down the rainbow. the answer. around the defense. throws it down but this time with wide open lane. misses. led golden state with 15 points here. turn around here warriors led by 1 at the half. clippers began to heat up in the third. this to jordan. this time paul will do it himself scoring with the scoop shot. he finished with 22. l.a. takes over in the fourth. crawford with a deep 3. he scored game high 24 as clippers win 100-86. golden still has
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best record. kobe bryant sat out second state game derek rose healthy again floater to fall for 2 of the 20. paul had big game against this former team with 23 points and 13 rebounds. the bull also got a boost from the bench. 3 hear and chicago wins by 20 if the season high fifth state victor victory. >> spurs and thunder met in rematch ofless yearerence finals returns for the first time
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>> first time since going back to the cavalier james returned to miami. james with heat with pair of title. his friend wade
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if the friendly open the court. jam for 2 of the game high 31. after is is this dunk he scored 30. but it wasn't enough as the heat pull away. staying and finds granger who noox -- knocks down the 3. 101-91 the final. spurs giving mood before taking on oklahoma city. west brook took over. splits the defense for 2 of the game high 34. rematch ofless year western conference final the thunder pull away to win t.champ now lost 5 of theless 6. college football bowl season resumes tomorrow on espn with ill any and louisiana tech in the dallas bowl at 10:00 o'clock. then rutgers versus north carolina in the quick lane bowl followed by north caroline state versus central florida in the st. petersburg bowl. >> don't forget can't watch college football first final 4 new year's day up to the national championship game
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january 12 on espn. sports report brought to you by ebay the. >> thanks very much rick. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter facebook all the mobile device was our 7 news app. it works wonderfully. next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow mor


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