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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  December 28, 2014 7:00pm-7:31pm PST

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next at 6:00, it's official. coach harbaugh and the 49ers are parting ways. his final word for fans players, and the organization after leadi his team to one more win. plus an update on a deadly bicycle crash in the east bay that claimed the lifeof a popular assistant principal. we're live in silicon valley for thelast super dished up by a restaurant opened up for nearly six decades. abc7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> his final game will be a victorious game >> a goodbye gatorade splash ends the jim harbaughary a for the san francisco 49ers. the team announced the two will part ways. good evening. coach harbaugh is expected to head to his alma mater, university of michigan and the
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49ers have begun their srch for a any coh. we're joined now by our own former 49er, mike shumann. what now? >> i tell you let's deal with the cuent thing first. 49ers put another a statement after today's game they and jim harbaugh have mutually decided to part ways. this is no surprise for this season of discontent, and no playoff run. but the jim harbaugh era with the 49ers ended with a victory, defeating arizona, ending the season with an 8 record. harbaugh made sure he enjoyed his final game, working closely will off players, who have a lot of respect forhim whether the like him or had. had to be an emotional day for coach harbaugh, knowing this was the first game with the. team he once took to super bowl. we a wait confirmation from jim harbaugh whether he will be coaching at the university of
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michigan. davis off erred him 10 million year. michigan had the advantage to talk to harbaugh without tampering and want to get this done for recruiting purposes. harbaugh was thankful and thoughtful in perhaps his final press conference. >> incredibly close to this team and i'll forever appreciate that. and darn proud. proud to have been part of this. been part of this football team. it's all great. all great to win. feel good about ourselves. the thing is, i count up these wins and that's 49 wins and that seems appropriate, seems pretty darn good. >> amazing run. 49 wins in fou years with the 49s. harbaugh did not talk about the futu but michigan has a press conference scheduled for tuesday, and 49er owner jed york will join the general
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manager tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. for a press conference regarding their futu plans and they better have a plan b. that's all i can say, if they're getting rid of this guy who is pretty good football koch. >> oddly symbolic, 489 wins. >> exactly. >> coach harbaugh had a pretty strong resume with the niners. took over the team in 2011. that year he was named the ap ach of the year as the team made it to the nfc championship gameut lost in overtime in 2012 harbaugheplaced alex smith with collin cap permake led the team to the per bowls but the niners lost in 2013 the team was back in the nfc championship game but lost again and this year the team went 8-8, and did not make it to the playof. we talked with fans at levi' stadium today including a few faces you may recognize. reporter: some fans are still
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trickling out of levi's stadium. a lot of them did not want to see coach harbaugh go. >> well, i'm really sad. sad the season is over, i'm sad the season went the wayed were way it did. >> 49er fans wore sounding off before the game started addressing rumors coach jim harbaugh is expected to sign a six-year deal with the iversity of michigan, his mall matter, for awhopping $48 million. >> i'm hoping it's not true. >> others are hoping it is. michigan fans wring wolf lean gear to levi's stadium. >> a bittersweet moment. enjoyed harbau at michigan and i welcome him back. >> really need a new coach. it's been a really touch last couple of seasons. >> support for the struggling coach filled the stands many waving signeds thanking hmm for his work, and one with his
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motto. >> it says who's got it better than us? michigan. >> nancy pelosi attended are beau's final game of the season. >> it's all about the chemistry of the team, and they know that betterhan the rest of us but he has given us a lot to be proud of. >> tom thomas, whose son chase played for harbaugh at stanford and now forthe 49ers says 's sure he'll have success agn at the college level. >> a heck of an offer his alma mater and everybody is dying to have him genius one fan signed up in a jersey signed by coa harbaugh. >> it was 1:30 in the morning 150 of us took pictures with everne and signed something. >> harbaugh and he 49ers have agreed to part ways. it has not been announced where he'll go nt, but if it is an arbor. >> i'll always root for him.
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he's the head coach. >> in santa clara, abc7 news. >> stay with abc7 news for any updates on coach harbaugh's future. follow us on air, online are or twitter. we're now learning more about the bicyclist who died after being hit bay fluke contra costa county. 40-year-old hermanhum died at the scene yesterday. shum served as viceprincipal in berkly and just been appoint as the principal of napas justin siena high school for the next school year. highway patrol investigators say he was riding with a group of 50 to 60 other cyclists. they believe he tried to avoid a bike collision ahead of him and was thrown from his bicycle and into the path of an oncoming water tanker two other cyclists were hurt friends describe him as an avid cyclist who grew up in san francisco and played
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football at sacred heart cathedral prep. >> protesters interrupting sunday brunch to share their message. >> to general request powell 25. tyro west, 44. >> diners heard slowing ganz like, i can't breathe, being cant in the valley. protest oanizers call their march, black brunch. they also read the names of people who have been killed by police including michael brown and eric garner. >> we like to think those incidents are isolated specifically in new york and also in st. louis missouri where, as in san francisco, we have issues with police brutality here, too. >> they wanted to make tt be heard, think it should be maybe in city hall. >> organizers claim an african-american do is evy 28 hours at the hands of police. security guards or vigilantes. tonight a popular restaurant serving the silicon valley for
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nearly six decade will close its doors. right frow they're dishing up its last meal. lillian kim is there live for us. report: i.d. began about a half hour ago and last we checked five minutes ago the diningoom was packed. lots of regulars showed up who wanted to be here and enjoy this place one last time. workers the kitchen have been busy all day preparing dim sum. they're being served on a cart, not something that is usually done during dinnertime. more of a brunch, lunch type thing, but because ming's is popular for dim sum, they're breaking tradition on this last day. good news for customers who have come to love the restaurant's long-time favorite which includes the chinese chicken salad. ming's has been around for 58 years and customers are sad this fixture is closing temporarily. ming's is being reincarnated into a smaller version of itself
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which will leave customer without the restaurant for at ast 18 months. >> such a distinct flavor, when i heard they were going to tear it down, said, can't tear it down. >> hard to lose an established restaurant like this. we like it. and looking forward to see what comes from it. >> people are coming back and share stories' when they got married and had childr and then children had other children. wehave three generations of people at many tables. >> ming's is being torn down because the owner is going t build a hotel at this site. the restaurant wille in it but instead of a dining capacity of 500 people ill witness hold to 150 people. just less than three hours until closing time. then the restaurant will be saying goodbye for now. live in palo alto, lillian kim, abc7 news. >> for now, thank you lillian.
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still ahead at 6:00, stormy weather could be to blame for a missing flight near indonesia. a look at the conditions search and rescue crews are now facing in their searchfor survivors. >> the one toxic san francisco bay is showing signs of an incredible recovery. >> i'm abc7 meorologist drew tuma i'm tracking changes that include gusty winds and a frosty conclusion to 2014.
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>> the search from the care and watefor a missing airasia flight. 12 navy ships five anes and three helps are scouring an area of the java sea where the flight 51 vanished more than 24 hours ago. had 162 crews and passenger on boards. the jetliner hit tuulence just before air traffic control lost contact. nervous relatives now waiting for any word on what happened. fish and birds in the bay area are healthier than they were ten years ago, accding to a new study published today. the san francisco estuary institute found a dramatic decrease in toxic flame retardant chemicals in wildlife in the san francisco bay. california banned the chemicals in 1994. >> these chemicals come out consumer goods like sofas and
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chairs and the dust from these articles. these dust can get into the treatment plants and will escape into the bay and wildlife gets contaminated. >> california was the first state to ban the two forms of those chemicals. most manufacturers stopped using them ahead of the ban. coming up next on abc7 news at 6:00, itself is a beautiful day in the bay area. a lovely night but will it last through the new year? meteorologist drew tuma that's forecast. >> the 49ers win one for the gipper. coach harbaugh in his final game as the head coach and it's finally official, and
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ny said today the playstation network service is back online, thoughs' players e still having problems logging in. sony and microsoft xbox live networks went down on christmas day. a spokesperson for sony said it was an attack using artifially high levels of traffic designed to disrupt the services. xbox live was back up a few days ago the network outage meant millions of americans could not play new games this
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holiday. surely disappointing but at least the weather has been nice if youhad to go outsi. heaven rbid. >> remember back in the day? live doppler 7hd will show you itwas a beautiful weend, sunshine both saturday and day. live doppler 7hd right now showing you no issues in terms of precipitation, mainly clear skies. so we'll take you outside on this sunday eveng. a live look from the exploratorium camera the financial district and the light wind. notice the flag on the bottom right of the screen waving just a little bit with a gentle breeze, and that breeze is going to picks up the next couple of days and usher in cool temperatures. the forecast calls for fog developing tonight specifically in the bay and in the valley. the strong, brisk winds are on the way the winds will bring widespread cold temperatures to round out 2014. we do have a "spare the air" in effect once again for monday, specifically ithe north bay and the santa clara valley where air quality is on the poor side so no wood burning or the next
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24 hours. outside this evening, 49 in san mateo. 51 in mountain view. san francisco 53. 50 in san jose. ght now napa, 45. satellite d radar showing you high preure in control right over us bring us generally clear skies. you look off to the west here comes the chan in the form of a kole front. the cold front women not bring moisture. i it will switch our winds and pick up gusts heading into tuesday afternoon. show to forecast calls for nday morning some early morning g around the bay and in the valley. watch as it quicklyurns off. mid-day, total sunshine across the region, the tuesday-here comes the cold front. no rain, just patchy cloud cover, and then mid-morning tuesday into the afternoon on wednesday in the wake of the cold front, winds pick up out of theorth and could be bezy. so a high wind watch in effect tuesday afternoon into webs specifically for the north bay
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mountains and east bay hills where sustained winds could get as high as 40 miles-per-hour and gusts even higher than that nearing 65 miles-per-hour. for that fact that means cool temperatures onhe way,. specifically north bay. by thursday morning temperatures dropping below freezing and even urban areas will not be immune to this cold, specifically oakland will drop into the 30s aga. wednesday, thursday, and friday. overnight lows, 36 thursday morning, dropping t37 on friday morning. so overnight lows, temperatures in t 30s in the north bay 44, san francisco, 37 in morgan hill, dropping to 40 in concord. highs on monday, sunshine, early morning fog, seasonal mid-50s. 55 in oakland, 56, san francisco. 57, san jose. so the accuweather seven-day forecast showsou tomorrow it is nice after some fog some sunshine on the way. tuesday, though, a a dip in temperatures as the winds pick up. wednesday, new year's eve col breezy. look at the inland spots in the
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40 bright and brisk on thursday, and thenfriday saturday sunday, if you don't like cold temperatures, we rebound nicely. mild air 60s by next weekend. >> sounds good. thank you drew. >> sure. >> all right to sports now and shu and the story of the day. >> well, one part of it's official. jim harbaugh era is over with the 49ers. they put out a statement after today's game. they have mute tilely -- mutuly decided to part ways, at least ending with a victory, end a roller coaster season. the coach hyping up his quarterback, hand-picked one last time in levi's stadium and kap was fired up. findsolden over the middle. 76-yard touchdown. me tied at 7. cardinals retake the lead in the second. lindley to floyd. cardinals up 17-13. what could be frank gore's last game in red and gold, ran for
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144 yards, over 1,000-yards for the eighth time in his ceer. a miller touchdown gave the niners the lead, and an interception sells the deal. niners win 20-17. harbaugh gets the game ball and a minor soaking, and afterwards he was nostalgic along with h players. >> best time of my life. a lot of great memories, great moments. >> jim the next coach at michigan? >> there will be announcements made concerning those things. >> take my hat off to coach harbaugh. a great coach. and that was my best time here. >> harbaugh was a geat coach. he is awesome. we love him. you look at the stats. but you got to do wha you go to do. >> it is bittersweet. happy we got the win happy we were able to get frank and anquan to eir milestones and get this win but coach harbaugh is the coach that drafted me,
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the coach that chose to start me. the coach that stood behind me through everything. >> it's tough. like losing your father figure. raiders and broncos at mile highly. c.j. anderson first quarter handoff, 2 or denver. th raiders get onhe board. that's a fumble. mcgill picks it up. 10-7 denver. in the third, denver in control. derek carr with the pass and raiders have some positives going into next year but with the 47-14 loss they end the year 3-13. seahawks claim homefield advantage throughout with a win against the rams. tied at six in t fourth. besomed, marshawn lynch. nine-yard touchdown run. seattle's season with ten minutes left. the pass deflected owen with the pick. hawks win 20-6.
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now goes to the 12th man in seattle. packerhosting the lions in the battle for the nfc north title. in the second rodgers going down with a calf injury, carried off the field but comes back in the one-third. packers win 30-20, take the nfc north nor fourth straightear, lions become the wild card. >> nfc south winner of -- matt ryan picked off, panthers win the game 34-3, win the division with a 7-8-1 record. ravens need a win wednesday the browns to stay alive. bruns with the lead o this west two-yard scour in the fourth, fact co to smith, touchdown puts the ravens up. they win 20-10. with the chargers logs baltimore grands the final playoff spot in the afc of. this sports record brought to you by orchard supply hardware.
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jed york and trent baalke with a press conference tomorrow. >> next at 6:00, "the interview" nearly didn't make it to theaters after a cyber attack and threats to moviegoers, but on christmas day it opened. we'll tell you how
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join us tonight f abc7 news on kofy tv 20. a shack attack on the central coast. we'll tell you what happened when a great white encounted a group of people in the water.
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then at 11:00, a mother who gave birth to her child while in a coma is finally back home. how she is doing, and what her family is saying tonight at 11:00. the final movie in the hobbit trilogyeld on to the top spot at the box office despite two strong new debuts. "the battle of the five armies" wraps up the series. earning $41 million in north america this weekend. angelina joe lie's director die br unbroken, earn more than 41 million. disney's "into the woods" was 31 millionnow, ever for a broadway musical adan take night at the museum and annie round out the top five. "the interview," the movie that caused an international incident with north korea earned $2.8 million and is availle for rental and purchase online.
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of course a lot of people illegally downloaded tt movie. so priceot exactly right. that's it f abc7 news at 6:00. thank you for watching. see you at 9:00 and 110. . coming up today on intelligence for your life. sleep experts say a key to a great night's sleep is the same as sticking your foot out of the
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covers. we'll tell you how that will cool down your body and produce more sleep hormones unless you're afraid there's a monster under your bed. also we'll share a list from body expert language on the ways we could be more likeable. simple as wearing just the right amount of cologne and always bringing a dog along. our baby boomer


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