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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 12, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> president obama arriving at sfo this evening. major announcement on how the dangerous on line threats coming from hackers will be handled. >> the president arrived at san francisco international about 5 francisco international about 5:15 tonight. here east greeting supporters who came to welcome him no the bay area. >> tonight the white house confirms that while he's here the president will sign an executive order encouraging the sharing of cybersecurity threat information. >> vic lee has more.
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>> sony pictures hacked. massive breach compromise personal data of executives and employee. the government blamed north korea which depended being behind the hack. another large scale cyberattack on anthem health insurer which affected millions of customers information including social security numbers. before that the victim was retailer target. l 40 million customer records were stolen. is. >> president obama says enough is enough. heighten the country response to cyberattack. earlier this week the president announced the creation of a new government center for cybersecurity to coordinate threat intelligence gathered from the fbi and other federal agency. tomorrow mr. obama will sign an executive order directing the government and the private sector to share more information about cybersecurity threats. ray roth ceo of a security firm is at the president summit tomorrow. he
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says it's a good defense against the breach. >> best way to defeat is to share information as quickly as possible so that the defense can be employed. >>reporter: white house says tomorrow summit at stanford the first of its kind. who is who of corporate leaders planned to seven hour event. manufacture comes while many of the silicon valley giant are hesitant about supporting more information sharing with the government without reforming government surveillance practices. electronic frontier foundation kurt. >> we heard so much about how the government has been gathering our information from the nsa to the dea. fbi. oftentimes without court and without parents. now is the time to the make it easier for the government to obtain information about the american people. >> mr. obama also pushing for limits on any legal liability for company that share too much. white house says only congress can make that happen. >> here's video of the
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president motorcade climbing california street this evening. for security purpose they don't announced where the president is staying but no park signs went up on the street that surround the fairmont hotel and spectator gather there so people figure it out. they keep protestors at bay and the president has no event at the fairmont during the stay. powell street and california street cable car lines have been halted until the president leaves town. >> here's where the president having dinner tomorrow night. home of sand why and gene on russian hill. oldest one in san francisco. ticket to the event going for 10,000 dollars a piece. considerably lower than the president past bay area fundraisers. democratic national committee says the event is sold out. we have more on the president visit tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> vigil are being held throughout the bay area tonight to remember the 3 muslim college students murdered in north carolina. one vigil held
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at san francisco general hospital where the sister of one of the victims works. friends and colleague of dr. seuss an gather to offer condolence. carolyn has more. >> shock sad needs in the muslim community. funeral were held today for 3 college students. newlywed 23-year-old and 21-year-old the and her 19-year-old sister mohammad all shot to death not far from the university of north carolina campus. >> has been rocked by the shooting. >> jamal is the host of arab talk. radio show broadcast on the radio in san francisco. he says the murder come after a rise in racism and islam phobia rise in racism and islam phobia. students neighbor 46-year-old craig stephen hix charged with murder. initial police report say the fatal shooting stems from argument
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over a parking space. but the fbi is now joining in the investigation as many muslim insist it was a hate crime. >> if muslim were to kill 3 white americans would that have been reported an incident over a parking space or was it a terror attack or something else terror attack or something else? we do not believe ncaa and i mean the muslim community that this was anything less but hate crime. >> victim bay area connection including the sister susan. doctor at sf general. even those who don't know the family are arguing vigil including this woman who feels an obligation to honor 3 people who had their whole lives ahead of them. >> as young person as young arab person as young person living in the united states this i think this really hit hard. >> vigil she's organizing begins at 7:30 tonight at union
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square. it's time for the community to unite. in san francisco carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >> it was feel an awful lot like spring across the bay area. did we set records. >> let's bring in drew at live doppler 7hd. >> we set a few records across the bay area. everyone went into the 70's on this afternoon in february. feeling more like spring. we saw record high. 79 in oakland at the museum we tied a record of 73 at moffitt field. santa cruz warm at 80 degrees but shy today new record. san jose came in with high of 72 degrees this afternoon. beach weather but we have hazard to talk about. at local beach until saturday afternoon. we have an increased current of rip current and sneaker wave and large breaker so active ocean current throughout over the next couple days. fv we see a beautiful picture tonight. mild morning tomorrow more
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record high likely on friday. then guy looking at beautiful holiday weekend ahead. the details of the full accu-weather forecast in a few minutes. >> look forward to that. >> raymond pleaded not guilty in federal court to racketeering, conspiracy and other charges. today appearance was at rearraignment because of additional charges added to the original indictment. ciao attorney say he's being depended his constitutional right right to speedy trial held without bail for 10 months and still doesn't have a trail date. >> while president obama is in town he mate want to study up on is what happening at west coast port. dozens of ships have been forced to anchor offshore because!bus offshore bus port from seattle to san diego have virtually close the up shp for the next 4 days. this is a live picture of the port of oakland. you can see hundreds of containers sitting on the dock and absolutely no activity. here's laura anthony. >> work slow down is creating havoc for our export business. >> john is with the san francisco base anchor brewers.
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he says ongoing work slow down and congestion at the port of oakland is causing huge backlog for his business. >> should be going on ship to europe is stuck in our warehouse which is reducing the space for the beer we would produce and package for domestic business. >> u.s. secretary of commerce penny says the administration is watching development closely is watching development closely. but the situation doesn't warrant use of the tap act that allow the president to intervene in labor dispute threaten the national interest. >> hartley is a very complicated and long process. so it is much better if the party at the negotiating table were to come to resolution. >> while the west coast port were mostly still today negotiations between the union and the pacific maritime association are ongoing. >> the president has made it clear that he wants everyone to resolve this in the negotiating table. they have made available a federal mediator.
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>> men time truckers at the port don't know how much longer they can wait. while the lots fill up with shipping container that can't be moved. >> do you think it's time for the federal government to get involved. >> definitely. they should have gotten involved a long time ago. this is like little kids fighting back and forth and we are just sitting on the side line while our economy is being destroyed. >>reporter: many truck remembers from southern california. stuck in oakland. >> right now i'm waiting here to get my box about terminal but it's close sod how can i get it. >>reporter: port is to reopen tomorrow with limited activity. but then close again for the remainder of the long holiday weekend. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> we have much more ahead for you on this thursday night. coming up. scientist now know what sicken and killed hundreds of bird in the east bay. >> also. no rain here. not much snow in the sierra how tahoe reports deal with the look of snow and record high
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pressure right in the middle of ski season. >> is there any chance of snow or rain in the forecast. 7 news meteorologist
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sawz is jeans is sz. >> finally it look like state fish wild life officials get closer to identify finding the mystery goo that soiled several hundred birds along the bay. they still don't know exactly what it was. but they say it was a mixture of non-petroleum fat and oil possibly some kind of resin or maybe feed oil. whatever it was it got no a sticky goo difficult to remove from bird feathers. they died result 2 others contaminated. >> batch of survivors was released back in the wild today released back in the wild today. but nearly 100 are still being rehabilitated after 3 week. >> there is no denying that the sierra needs more snow. the ski resort are open on just inches of snow instead of feet. they see record high pressure. george warren was at the like today. >> it was spectacular day to take a walk at like tahoe. open the dry like bed. is although last weekend storms added 16 bill gallons and
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brought the like level up 5 inches. tahoe is still below its natural rim. the truckee river at tahoe city is dry. >> we expected water in here. >> it's amazing. not only is the tahoe basin extremely dry. it's also freakishly warm. >> after 3 record breaking high pressure at the end of january new record were set at south like tahoe on february 1st. third. fourth. fifth. sixth. yesterday. and now today. >> last year up here at this time and had to have a 4 wheel drive vehicle to get around so much snow on the ground >> last weekend brought a couple of feet of new snow to tahoe area resorts but since then too warm to add to the total with machine made snow. >> after being shut down for two week home wood ski area will reopen tomorrow don't be fooled by the bare slope at like level. the sign says
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great skiing on top. general manager insisted on giving us a ride up to prove it. >> a lot of the resorts that are up higher have done really well and been great snow up high but down low it has been a little bit more challenging thiser 82. >> given the record bricking temperatures so far this month just having any snow is probably a blessing. but with more record expected to fall in the coming week. hanging on to it will be a challenge. at like tahoe george warren abc 7 news. >> that could look like fabulous day if tahoe if these prediction are correct. scientist say the drought conditions we have seen so far are nothing compared to what is coming. between the years 2050 and 2100 the south west great plains will face a persistent mega drought worse than anything seen in the past 1,000 years. nasa posted video today on you tube. they say dry conscious will be driven primarily by global warming and there is an 80 percent chance
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of a mega drought if climate change continues. nasa scientist studied tree ring to determine how much rain fell hundreds even thousands of years ago to make these prediction. study published in the journal of science. that is comforting. >> nothing in the forecast to come for rain. >> we are going in the other direction unfortunately. staying dry. staying warm. look like for the next week or so guys. >> the next 100 years. >> extended forecast. >> live doppler 7hd show you we are dry with partly cloudy skies out there. so talk temperature right now. it's mild. it's been a warm day and temperatures still well above normal for this time of night and year. 63 right now downtown san francisco. 55 in napa. 62 in fairfield. 63 in fremont, antioch currently 58 degrees. satellite radar will show you we had high clouds streaming throughout the bay area thrust the afternoon today. the reason why we have a stalled front just off the coast and that's going to stay there so our afternoon will be
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filled with filtered sunshine once again and dray conditions. thanks to high pressure still in control and much warmer than average day over the next couple of days. their storms on the horizon. they are building. but they can't break through this barrier unfortunately so these storms once against well north of the area and we remain dry. look at the long range forecast for any sorts of moisture we go 10 days out and this thing looks bone dry. by february 22 10 days from now there is no rain in sight unfortunately. so where is all the winter weather. where is the precipitation. on the east coast. go to boston they had the snowiest february on record. only 12th day of february and picked up from.2 inches of snow beating 2003 for the snowing february on record. and they have more winter weather to come. take a look at this blizzard watch up in effect for coast lane storm watch in effect and another storm saturday evening 11:00
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o'clock this turns in a blizzard and it dumps inches of snow boston likely seeing another foot again. just to the north and north shore. in new hampshire 2 feet of snow. even half foot to foot of snow for much of the rest of new england. combine that with brutal wind chill. look at this. 50 miles per hour wind 14 below in philadelphia. 10 below in new york city. going to feel like 34 degrees below zero in burlington. come monday morning. so if you want winter you have to head to new england. over tonight low upper 40 to lower 50's. 54 san francisco dropping to 52 in oakland. 47 in san jose. under partly cloudy skies then once again tomorrow well above normal likely setting few records in some spots. up to 70 in san francisco up to 74 in san jose. 72 in nap a.69 in richmond. we get 71 degree ins antioch. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. record warmth again on friday. valentine's day looking great. we are dry. we are sunny and temperatures in the low to mid 70's. still
9:19 pm
sprinkling warmth on the way for sunday. weekend lacking fantastic. even in the holiday. on monday it's sunny it's mild still in the 70's for dry. alingts little in the way of change. touch cooler on tuesday. but still wednesday and thursday steady pattern of dry sunny weather so ahead to the east coast want storms. they get it this year. >> goodness. >> don't make it sound very appealing. >> do you want 30 below, move there. >> thank you drew. >> still to come 7 news at 9 >> still to come 7 news at 9:00. some day the home security camera could capture evidence of a crime. >> find out how to joint san
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jeans the. >> the bay area toll authority approved the spend to go draw up plans for third lane of the
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san rafael bridge. leif picture of the approach to the bridge which carries only 2 lanes of traffic in each direction. and it has become one of the bay area worst bottle neck. in addition people will be able to walk and bike across the upper deck. bicycle advocate first proposed bike path across the bridge in 1978. the final design must still be approved by cal-trans f.all goes as planned it should be ready to go by 2018. >> the city of san jose launch ago new crime fighting tool that relies heavily on the cooperation of its residents. it's called security camera registry. it allows residents to good on line and notify police that they have security camera on the property if crime occurs investigators would be able to tap into the system to look for video evidence. >> it will not allow any police officers to view live feed so no big brother going on here. this is volume up tear program people willing to offer videotape of past event. >>reporter: idea is to arm police with readily accessible
9:24 pm
database of security camera they can search. fremont has had similar program for two years. they solved burglary if there was security video available. >> 7 on your side investigation has uncovered horrendous customer service for bay area fast track users. officials admit there are flaw in the electronic system on the golden gate bridge. toll tear removed in march of 2013 and since then drivers have been paying the price. >> large number thousands or tens of thousands of people caught up in this. >> tonight the staggering numbers and big surprise exactly who is running the fast track toll collection system on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> stay right here. another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 coming up next as we continue to change u.s. mission in afghanistan. 7 news anchor cheryl jennings goes to kabul for abc 7 news exclusive with general in charge. >> first for the army. imprison soldier request to
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become a woman granted. >> snowmobileer buried up to his neck in snow. you will see an amazing quick thinking rescue. i turned 26, and under my parents' insurance, i just wasn't able to get coverage any more. health insurance through covered california is so affordable, it doesn't make sense not to sign up. i'm in, and i'm making it on my own.
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once i got my health plan through covered california my doctor discovered that i had high blood pressure. we worked on a plan, and now it's under control. now i can take care of myself, and continue to help others. i'm in. open enrollment ends february 15th. visit today. >> general in charge of the nato mission in afghanistan wants more flexibility in keeping u.s. troops there.
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>> rate now there are 10,000 american troops in afghanistan and the president has promised to cut the number in half by the end of the year. >> but general none f campbell told the senate armed service committee today he asked the white house for permission to adjust the time table. >> i believe that we are at critical inflection point in our campaign. many challenges remain before us. as the new afghan government forms. still finding the footing and must do so while contending with security threat. corruption. economic challenges. >> hears foot annual of general campbell in afghanistan meeting with abc 7 news anchor cheryl jennings. >> cheryl returned from afghanistan week ago today. >> yes she wept with the san rafael non-profit called root of peace working with farmer in afghanistan. >> just amazing work they are doing. >> while there got a chance to meet with the country new president and with general campbell as well. >> they talk about the progress taking place.
9:29 pm
>> i would not have said this a couple years ago but i'm excited about the future of afghanistan. they have a government that is about the people that really understands a great vision for afghanistan. >> that big vision for afghanistan comes from newly elected president began i who met with california base non-profit roots of peace founder and me in the presidential palace. his main forecast us developing the agricultural economy. security is equally important general campbell leading the new nato trans mission mission with coalition force as u.s. troops leaving. >> in charge of rest will you tell support told me if afghanistan is fighting hard to build effective security force to protect its own people. >> this last fighting season summer 14 almost all on their own they had the lead for security and quite proud. >> they tip training advising and assisting afghan security
9:30 pm
force. and when they die the memory are honored here at the base. every week. fight saw a member from the after again army and thanked coalition. something you didn't hear a lot with underneath president karzai but the new government they embrace the enter until community. >> general campbell understand importance of im proving the economy and has followed the work of rather of peace in afghanistan working on agricultural development he met with the founder heidi and in 2005 to see a pilot project by roots of peace to remove land mine raise grapevine off the ground and put them on trellis. now the roots of peace program has evolved to link farmers and traitors with the international export market the international export market. >> this program is really helped out afghanistan and agriculture. >> general campbell personal
9:31 pm
roots trace back to the san francisco bay area. >> i grew up as an air force brat. my brad stationed in marin county and then we moved over to fairfield just up interstate 80. so i went to elementary ask and a little bit of junior high school in novato california. >> he wants to come back for a visit especially to the napa valley but his nato mission has a lot to do to help afghanistan move into the future. >> people here of afghanistan really deserve this. want the same things we do with jobs for the family. russo with the family. living quarters. they want to be able to have education for their kid. i think with continued support from the coalition continue support with people like gary and heidi that the future for afghanistan is bright. >> cheryl jennings reporting. u.s. aid and new president began i also promises to work closely with roots of peace to
9:32 pm
promote afghanistan agriculture promote afghanistan agriculture. you see cheryl exclusivinterview with him in the next few days. >> convicted of leaking national security secret has been approved for hormone therapy to unable the transition to become a woman. the first for the army. chelsea is still a soldier serving 35 year sentence at the fort leavenworth problem. soldier convicted of sending classified documents to wikileke. erica nelson the come man didn't at fort leavenworth called it medically appropriate and necessary. >> tonight the incredible image of a snowmobile rider swept away in avalanche in an instant n.seconds friends jump in the rest cue as wall of snow heading rate for them. all caught on camera. tvl clayton with really remarkable pictures with really remarkable pictures. >> it happens in seconds. as snowmobileer near wyoming speeds up this mountain. the
9:33 pm
mountain comes crashing down. >> fellow snowmobileer watch below race to get out of the way. trying not to lose sight of their friend sam robinson. >> luckily a clue. right there >> luckily a clue. right there. just part of the snowmobile is exposed. robinson is buried. his rescuers desperately trying to dig him out. all the fluffy snow a solid trap. >> this advertise like create almost. exactly like concrete. about when the snow starts to avalanche it starts getting khurpd up. heat. pressure. everything bond together really tight. >> last 5 years one third of u.s. avalanche death involve a snowmobile amazingly robinson made it through with only bruises and tonight is thankful for few quick thinking friends. >> i kept swimming up.
9:34 pm
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>> tell worried about what to do for your loved one this valentine's day. >> can't top this marin county. wayne found a love story with a life changing twist. >> does this resemble your desk >> does this resemble your desk? ones with pictures of the once you love and notes to remind. if so you might begin to relate to sarah brewster of marin county. we count down to most romantic of holiday. >> i know what i get for mine. >>reporter: he knows too. when they married in 2005 they
9:38 pm
did it for better or worse trusting they had a perfect match. and never knowing how prophetic or miraculous. romantic transplant. >> i think it is yes. >>reporter: which complains why sarah won't return to work for 6 week. next tuesday she will donate her kidney to jessie. the only solution to 20-year battle against if kidney disease. >> not so much even about if doing something for him as it is diagnose something for me and for our family because i wouldn't want to do our family without him. >>reporter: kidney disease is the second most common hereditary disease in the world hereditary disease in the world. if your parents have it world. if your parents have it, you stand 50% chance of getting it as well. jessie father had it. his brother died of it and if he didn't have this operation now. >> i probably would have started die sal situations later this yishtion it has been said when you trawl love someone you give of yourself. this the would be the ultimate
9:39 pm
valentine's twist. >> first she gave me her heart now kidney. >> to be a living organ donor is something amazing. >> when it is for your spouse. >> that much more special. >>reporter: from san rafael wayne friedman abc 7 news. >> fabulous story. >> we have update on the forecast for you coming up next forecast for you coming up next. >> montana lawmaker wants to ban yoga p
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>> lawmaker in montana wants to ban yoga pants. representative david moore wants to strength ep the state indecent exposure law to include tight fitting clothing. that includes anything that reveals too much in public. or mention yoga pants specifically saying they
9:43 pm
should be banned t.female legislator told him he's being a little prejudiced against women. >> try this at home. ask your kids to give up all the tech for just an evening. see what response you get. students at one san francisco school l have actually pledgeed to put away their smart phones and stay off the internet for three days. 7 news reporter showing news reporter shows you what it means to mindfully disconnect. >> this is what down time look like at the school of the sacred heart in san francisco today. students played card games. others were finally able to see the inside of an encyclopedia. you may ask yourself what is this world coming to. >> a lot of us are so object says with our phone and it's too much. we need a break. >>reporter: at 8:00 o'clock this morning the unthinkable happened. students fourth grade through high school were asked to put away their smart phones in a sealed envelope
9:44 pm
with a tamper proof sticker attached. >> all right. >> kind of frightening at first. i just kind of used to having it in my pocket or wherever. i kind of look back and think it will benefit me. >>reporter: what will they miss. >> my instagram feed and all that stuff. texting and face time. >>reporter: the students newtown phones in a secure place and made a pledge to take a tech time out for 72 hours. >> we have conversations in person. which is different. >>reporter: at home they were expecting several eye opening moments. >> we are allowed to use home phone line too so we can call each other and use the phone book. >>reporter: ucla study showed kids are spending more screen time than ever and that may be affecting their personal growth affecting their personal growth. she heard that from students. >> i no that he when i feel socially awkward if i'm at a table and maybe i don't feel connected to the conversation
9:45 pm
or i'm not sure who issued sit at lunch with all i have to do is pull out my phone and i have an excuse. to not be connected an excuse. to not be connected. >>reporter: having some down time without electronic device is necessary for the brain to process information. some parents also took the pledge to disconnect. >> i personally opted to say that i will disconnect beyond my working hours. >>reporter: most here are betting on the kids. in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. >> all right. let's update the warm weather forecast one more time. >> drew has all the details. >> track ago dry mild overnight period. we will show you tracking partly cloudy skies out there. update on our drought here we go one weak ago 40 percent exceptional drought status. little has changed in a week. exceptional drought at 40 percent but there has been improvement from recent rain in
9:46 pm
northern california many spots drop out of the extreme drought category into moderate drought. push more inland but improvement nonetheless in some location. nothing but sunshine out there mild temperature up to 72 in monterey. 74 in fresno. 71 in yosemite. l.a. once again nice and warm in the 80's at 85 and san diego also in the 80's and temperature of 80 degrees. bay area lots of 70's on the board if you record likely being either tied or broken for your friday. 70 for san francisco. 73 oakland. 74 in san jose. 70 vallejo and livermore up to 74 degrees. accu-weather 7 day forecast. tomorrow record warmth on the way in the mid 70's. saturday for valentine's day we look warm in the mid 70's still at spring lining warmth on sunday. holiday on monday. plenty of sunshine little change in the forecast touch cooler on thursday. wednesday thursday sunny steady pattern back in the low 70's. early april.
9:47 pm
>> yes. oh, yes. >> and no rain. >> still couple week in february and can't have a rainy march. >> storm door doesn't close end of may so opportunity to get rain but rate now. >> thanks drew. >> new video shows president obama isn't above making fun of him stovl drive a message home. >> this is fun. he remind american that the annual deadline to sign up for obama care is this sunday february faichbility in it the president and man posing as presidential aid take turns mugging in the mirror. searching for perfect selfie angle and thanking the president for inconsequential problem. >> thanks obama. thanks obama. >> this is not the first time the president has used humor to promote the health care plan. >> previous video. we say
9:48 pm
something similar around here thanks collin. >> what do you have? >> nice weather. miserable down this had time of year. >> it rained hard last year if you remember. >> that's right. >> nasty to be there today. fan favorite intertop of the leader board at pebble. 5 local college hoop team in action. tomorrow he will talk to the nation. details on
9:49 pm
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9:51 pm
>> coming up tonight at 11:00. real life scandal. local cop in trouble after badge and gun were stolen by a prostitute. tonight the community wants to know why the officer was left on duty. >> plus big problems for the golden gate bridge's new electronic toll collection. 7 on your side michael finney investigates the flaw and why drivers are paying the price. >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7 >> all right. collin here. >> you have a lot to talk about >> you have a lot to talk about. >> college hoop tonight. >> that's right. >> a lot of college high temperature many on the road. cal bear similar to austin powers. they like to live dangerously. last 3 games won
9:52 pm
by of 5 points. tj anderson and former bears running back great years with the broncos. most of the game. close. colorado scott big. can dunk. matthews. team high 19. the lead here. back come the team. booker. you can book that. the lead down to 2. less than 30 second left. wallace hesitation. of create space. if there's the 4 at the other end some help from singer. wallace judgments on to the staechlt state like a blow out for the bears. the cal now won 5 straight. u sign. stanford salt like taking on the u. allen anticipation. and the flush. a little 2 man game. getting nasty. utah down and beating the buzzer to theen the half. up 6. wright one of the best
9:53 pm
country. floater n.traffic had 15 t.pull away. jordan leverage launching from park city. ball still in the hands. if hoops st. mary's and home team hitting everything including ban from half court. byu the run in first half. where is waldo. right here. 12 at the break. 85 game. skyler acrobatic. third conference loss this season. usf hosting santa clara. shooting in the first half. high percentage. broncos take control in the second half. clark. right now 56-50 broncos few minutes to play. women hoop cal host ucla. arizona state over the weekend. fellow
9:54 pm
senior picking up the slack then green wearing pink. cal up. late in the second half. we know you 7 more votes all star game than lebron james you become a man in key mandy. that's curry. thoughts about all star weekend? tune in. good morning america tomorrow. >> fellow back court starter bounce bouncing from one interview to another. competitor saturday tonight maybe he can work out some nerve then. video provided to us by the warrior. starting all star game huge deal. >> nervous on sundance. nervous for basketball game but example of how big the stage is example of how big the stage is. sharing it with curry that's awesome. my favorite part and coaching staff. i can't wait. i want to go out there and put on a show and hit
9:55 pm
3. surreal moment for me. >> sports director beall heading to new york. then again i saw the forecast. 15 degrees. take your coat larry. yes. in new york with the slash brother and the report beginning tomorrow tonight at 11:00 o'clock. >> tiger woods world golf rank >> tiger woods world golf ranking falling to 62. john daly 8 39. but it's daly would has the game in order and tiger taking self imposed break from the game. 48-year-old daly turning back the clock in the first round of the pro am today first round of the pro am today. perfect scoring conditions. look at that. fishing conditions. sun bathing conditions. whale watching conditions and surfing conditions. then he bites it. bill murray back this year and up to usual antic. just pulling it from the foot. get down here. short game not very good. life long cubs man you know. if murray playing
9:56 pm
monterey peninsula country club and buster and the giants. this is going in for birdie. know it's not. sorry buster. cain on 11. how you get up and down. dan knows how to do this very well. chipping in for par. why not. to the pro. the first year with the tour card playing well. putt on 17. 6 under after shooting 66. 2 off the pace here's daily. one back. 7 under skechlt i entered a fantasy golf league last natur true story. pick this week is holmes. 8 under tied for the lead true story. justin hicks. 40 years old. lottery numbers. that's my next thing. that's justin hicks he shot 8 underscore as well. hicks and holmes a top the leader board. including daly. jim and past champion
9:57 pm
but everyone is talking about john daly best opening round of the career. >> play pebble like this. about long time since i played that well first of the week of this tournament. >> so fun to see. so unexpected. sports report brought by toyota. see round 2 ichltd back it up. >> hope he does. >> people always rat for him. >> they do. >> cut from pebbles since 1991. >> that's a long time. >> 11 times. only made the cut once. >> that's only one more. >> thanks very much. >> all right thanks so much for joining us tonight. i'm amma. >> i'm dan the for drew and all of us here we pressure time. >> see you at 11:00 o'clock over on channel 7
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i love you. i love you, too. i'm feeling good about jayson-- that is half jules and half grayson. see, i combined our names the way they do with the celebrity couples. "jayson" sucks. it's a real name. what about, um, "grules"? it sounds like something orphans eat. (imitates british accent) "please, sir, may i have some grules?" (imitates british accent) no! you get back in your spaceship! (normal voice) wh
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