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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  February 26, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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new at 6:00, late word on a plan to remove chimps from the san francisco zoo. abc7 news i team is live with the change of heart. >> did a mofr go too far from removing a passenger from a muni bus? >> how would you like to wake up to this outside of your back door? close ups tonight of a mountain lion on the prowl. >> a case of measles in the bay area. this time, hundreds of peninsula bart riders may have been exposed. >> the chimps at the zoo are staying put. >> tonight following an i team investigation, the director has cancelled plans to move them to another facility.
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the director made the announcement to evening. >> we have made the decision to keep our three aging chimpanzees here. >> the i team told you on tuesday the zoo was building shipping crates for the chimps one option sending them to a florida amusement park. theyarrived 45 years ago after being caught in the wild. the only male had ten years in entertainment before coming to the zoo. he is the oldest male chimp in any american zoo.
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a new exhibit will be big enough to bring in additional chimpanzees. >> this could cost up to $10 million. we do not a lead donor for this facility. >> i'm just excited that we're able to do this for them. they don't have tog to be traumatized and leave. that the zoo is going to step up. >> the i team learned peterson did not discuss this with the plan out of chicago's lincoln park zoo. >> we make decisions about which chimpanzees should breed have babies as well as moving from one zoo to another. >> saying it's important to
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recreate how this live in the wild. >> in a case like san francisco with a small group we're looking to give them social options. >> i confirmed the zoo tried to bring in a fourth chimp but the place is just too old, so they were turned down. >> dan thank you so much. did a san francisco police officer go too far when he kicked a man off a bus? what they show seems to be based on your point of view. >> the end result is not in dispute the homeless man was hit in the leg five times and peppered sprayed. but whether that is an appropriate response is the debate the confrontation started on
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muni captured on bus surveillance cameras. it happened around 11:00 p.m february 11th the driver called police to get a sleeping man off the bus. get off the bus, you. you. >> the officer ends up striking bernard warren five times in the legs and squirting pepper spray in his eyes or resisting arrest. public defender says the injuries reported hospital treatment. >> according to use of force, officers are supposed to diffuse situations. >> officers get training dealing with people that are mentally
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ill. >> police chief greg sur believes the officer responded appropriately to someone threatening to harm him. >> he continues to tell the officer that he's going to beat his behind you can hear of officer say get on the ground. there is no compliance. >> the public defender finds similarities in which a paralyzed man says he tried to dump him from a wheelchair. >> we want to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else. there is a process when someone believes that officers acted other than they should. >> he says the charges of resisting arrest should be
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dismissed. the district attorney tells me evidence is being reviewed for now the officer is still on patrol. >> as the chief says law enforcement officers train for those encounters all the time. and tonight abc7 news attends a session in belmont. >> a despondent young girl calling 911, she wants to kill herself. her boyfriend broke up with her. officers have to talk her out of it. a role-playing scenario is part of the class. >> two officers picked to respond to womens' calls they wake the man then this.
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>> back, back. >> the veteran holds up a tv remote, thinking it's a gun the officers chosen have to neutralize this situation, using what they have learned here. sadly, many of the confrontations end up with force, when they can be resolved by calming the man. >> allow for dialogue. if someone is talking they're not fighting. 35 sheriff deputies have been enrolled in this training program. they've heard from families of those with mental illness. >> and having families here was
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very important. >> at the end of the day air graduation for officers and deputies. now, armed with more tools that may enable them to diffuse phone shally violent situations without lethal force. >> i can tell you this was been a real eye opener. >> new doubts on a woman's claim she was kidnapped and held as a sex slave in santa rosa. she'd escaped from this compound, where she was repeatedly raped two months. another woman who tells us she lives at the compound and is a girlfriend of one suspect says the accusations are a lie. >> was she kidnapped? no. she moved in before christmas her clothes were here.
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she'd been living here. we became friends. >> the woman showed this picture she says it shows the victim smiling and cozying up to one suspect. >> authorities in ventura county are holding off on filing charges against a driver whose truck was hit by a metrolink train in oxnard. >> he says he got stuck. 28 people were injured and three, in critical condition. >> woodside residents on the look out after two sightings of mountain lions prowling through the neighborhood. one woman sensed something peering through a glass door. she locked the door and called
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deputies. >> just seemed like it was curious. and which kind of scared me. >> deputy arrived six minutes later but the lion was walking back into the woods the sheriff believes this could have be a cub of a mother lion spotted four days ago. residents say they see mountain lions time to time but will be extra cautious. mountain lion attacks on humans are rare. >> it's happened again. hundreds of people who rode bart might have been exposed to measles. we're live tonight with the story. leanne? >> well, the affected person got on board a train at this station, the millbrae bart station. and he got the person got off at san francisco civic center
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station. as we know the virus stays behind for longer. bart directors say the people got off the train. knowing the virus stay as live two hours, bart recorded number of passengers for a longer period of time. >> because, like you said, it was a reverse commute, the number of people on that line is much lower. >> this month a linkedn employee traveled from february 4th-six. family members of the patient have been notified and so has the person's employer. commuters reacted to the latest case. >> i did have measles as a kid.
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and if that means i'm immune then i don't know. >> people should make sure kids are healthy. >> a lawmaker passed a bill to ban the exemption that exists. san francisco unified school board is considering doing the same. >> there sdoont seem to be a lot of science behind the fact it's a good thing. >> they're urging anyone on that train to get tested. in millbrae abc7 news. >> still ahead a big decision on net neutrality. find out how they can fuel new innovations in the bay area. >> clouds thicken, showers continuing to move closer.
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when we can expect to see showers coming up. >> and that reporting from afghanistan continue was a look at how silicon valley is being asked to help out. >> satellite tv tells a customer recycle an old receiver then sends her a
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sky 7 hd is live right now over breaking news on the north side of the san francisco bridge. >> two vandalism suspects were trapped on the side of a cliff. a helicopter and motor boat are on the way but doesn't look tail be needed to get these
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people vandals and suspects in custody. >> today activists are applauding a vote by regulators that affects how we use the internet. abc7 news has been following this story and joins us now live. >> this is a a bill they never thought would happen the fcc has come to agree on what is known as net neutrality. >> the ayes have it. >> applause filled a hearing heard around the world. >> i cannot support this unlawful power grab. >> the commission voted to regulate broad band internet providers under the law that's govern phone companies.
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they want to demand a company can't stream in high quality but demand a competitor pay extra. >> this is no more a plan to regulate the innet as the first amendment is a plan to regulate free speech. >> i was in washington, d.c. two weeks ago, helping to promote my opinion and our position. >> the start up analyzes data for competitors. >> when they can pay to keep you from disrupting their business that is a scary situation. >> net flex spent $4 million on lobbying. . >> i was happy they're excited to hear from some of the smaller companies out there. >> the group says it gives them
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a fighting chance. >> a small difference is going to put this at a huge disadvantage. >> to protect net neutrality for everyone. >> is this the holy grail? >> this is what advocates have been asking for >> the fight is far from over. tele-comm companies will likely challenge the rules in court. and there could be attempts to overturn them. >> shuttle bus drivers taking apple employees to and from work could be close to unionizing. the goal was to improve wages for 125 drivers.
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>> it could improve things by raising people up that do work for them to have decent benefits for their family. >> abc7 news reached out to employees. >> another nice day, but there are changes. >> yes. a little rain we need more than. that >> this is more than just a tease, i hope, i hope it's here to please. showers and rainfall along coastal areas are moving generally in our direction.
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tomorrow scattered showers are likely saturday and may start overnight into saturday. there will be weekend snow in the sierra. cooler air than we've had lately. at 11:00 areas of rain around eureka. some pockets of moisture, it's not likely tomorrow will get measurable rain but there could be drops here and there. into saturday a better chance of showers. heavier rainfall will be probably south of the golden
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gate. into saturday night, low pulling away and drying out over night saturday night into sunday. may see a quarter to half an inch but not more than a tenth of an inch in bay level. we're looking at 4 to 8 inches of snow, maybe a foot of snow in higher peaks and travel delays are likely. tonight, cloudy skies, low 50s around the bay and near the coast. tomorrow in parts of the bay area. breezy to windy conditions to low and mid-60s near the bay
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and inland. scattered showers saturday, there could be brief down pours. mainly sunny sunday and into next week. so hope we can squeeze more showers out of the system. >> having a hard time
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a lot of people in san francisco are having trouble getting deliveries because of the area code overlay in the 415. the problem is that many were programmed to dial only seven digits. and reprogramming could be tedious. >> erasing numbers and type in
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11 dick yits. if you have 60 units it can take a while. >> some older inter-coms can't be reprogrammed and have to be replaced. >> some silicon valley girls were part of engineers week. 20 club members from san jose high school scored an invitation to lockheed martin with special access to a facility where solar panels are made for space craft. >> pretty eye opening. i get a good feel of what engineers do. >> engineers encouraged the
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girls to nurture their interest in science and engineering. >> silicon valley is being asked to chip in. a snow ball flight on the floor of the u.s. senate as a lawmaker makes a point about climate change. >> bulldog:g: oooh! mattress discounters' $197 mattress sale! television announcer: get a serta mattress any size for just $197 each piece when you buy the complete set. the $197 mattress sale... bulldog: oh boy! television announcer: on now. ♪ mattress discounters ♪
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and update on our breaking news, a cliff rescue just north of the golden gate bridge. sky 7 is live in golden gate national recreation area. >> this was the scene and you can see firefighters and rangers involved because the two men they rescued from the cliff are suspects in a vandalism case. >> yes. officers say they tried to get way by climbing down a live and got stuck so crews rescued the men and police arrested them for vandalizing a historic
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structure. >> the newly elected president of afghanistan has a request tonight. for silicon valley. >> abc7 news anchor cheryl jennings met the president with a charity. fascinating. >> he's asking the silicon valley to join with him by investing in the economy. . >> i hope >> the president ashrafani met to talk about restoring afghan sdan's agriculture. waits known as garden of central asia. these pictures show what it looked like then, with forests, land and a stable country.
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he believes afghanistan can regain it's glory and be connected to the world >> we had the ability. >> afghanistan is surrounded by india, china, middle east and europe. afghanistan's prized produce is drawing attention to the markets thanks to programs funded by u.s. aid. >> the big goal for us is to make afghanistan one of the exporters for the region. >> president gani wants his country to move away from an aid baesed economy and now asking silicon valley to bring ideas to companies. >> 60% of them are under 30. we're becoming younger. and with young, you know there
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is no sense of a day before yesterday. what they're focused on is the day after tomorrow. >> the president of the san jose state university is the close friend and trusted advisor, college roommates are now collaborating on strategies. >> i was in kab ufrment l from before christmas. first week of january. we talk about water systems and electricity and technology and railroads, higher education. >> when the taliban were kicked out, there were about 800,000 afghan students in school, almost all boys. and now, there are estimated 8.6 million afghan children in school about a third of whom are girls. so that is a huge difference.
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>> he says more people are getting access to electricity. >> in 2002, very few afghans had access to electricity. now, over a quarter of people in afghanistan have access to to electricity. that we help set up. >> in 2002, the country has 64% cell phones now, 89% have access to it. >> none of this would be possible without support of the military coalition. general campbell is leading the mission in afghanistan to train security forces to keep the
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peace. so the president can help the country. >> how to create a lot of jobs and the mining resources. >> the opportunities can be limited by our imagination. >> we're nearing the one-year anniversary of a suicide bombing on the roots of peace building in afghanistan z tomorrow going to give you a preview and show you never before seen video of the blast. and see how it's not going to stop it's work. >> looking forward to that. thank you. >> well a man described as one of the early leaders of al yeahed has been convicted of
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conspiracy. the 52-year-old found guilty of plotting to blow up two embassies in africa. >> sources in washington are confirming the identity of jihadi john, seen executing at least seven western hostages. he is said to be a 26-year-old from london he was identified today by the washington post which says he became radicalized after being detained by authorities on a trip to tanzania in 2009. he last lived in this home in london raised in a well to do family and earn aid degree in computer programming. >> the most-recent video from isis shows soldiers destroying priceless artifacts in a museum
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in iraq. you can see them toppling ancient statues and smashing them with sledge hammers. one isis leader says the antiques were destroyed because they're worship instead of god by people of past centuries. a snow ball fight of sorts today. >> this is a snow ball from outside of here. it's very, very cold out. very unreasonable. mr. president, catch this. >> the senator is a devoted denier of kiemit change, despite last year being the warmest, the weather back east has been unseasonally cold large winter storms have been associated with climate change. >> tonight detectives are looking for a very distinctive
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dress last seen at the oscars. it's the $150,000 dress with pearls worn on sunday. the dress is designed by calvin klein. there are 6,000 pearls on this. waits reported stolen from her west hollywood hotel between 8:00 and 9:00 last night. she wasn't the one who reported the theft. >> hollywood whodunit there. >> tonight an unexpected b
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exactly what happened, a couple in the east end. >> yes they turned to michael finney. >> this was a most frustrating experience the couple bill was a mistake but years later, hard to prove. they were facing a demand to pay hundreds of dollars they didn't owe. >> this time >> margaret saves everything. >> old letter from the civil war. >> her great great grandfather's last letter from the war and a hotel menu from 1965.
7:41 pm
this came in handy the other day. . >> i was stunned and caught off guard. >> she and her husband got a collection notice from dish network saying they had to pay $355 or their credit would take a hit. >> that is scary. >> it's coming out to bite you, again. >> began five years ago the couple cancelled dish service. they had to 70-sevener return their receivers. they only wanted some sent back. right here it says the couple only return receiver was following numbers receivers not listed should be disposed of in a responsible
7:42 pm
manner. the couple returned two, and the third is the one thing margaret didn't save. >> so we destroyed it. >> just like instructions said. and yet weeks later dish sent them a bill for the third receiver. margaret told dish they recycled it. she never heard from them until now, four years notice. . >> i watched seven on your side. >> we contacted dish and the company called margaret. >> said your balance now is 0. because we got a call from 7 on your side. >> dish erased the charge saying we cannot disclose private details we take summer satisfaction seriously. >> i'm thankful.
7:43 pm
>> if you have to return leased equipment, keep documents model numbers and photos, just might need them. even years later. >> reward some l
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>> we may never know what the slimy goo was that injured birds along the bay. >> at most schools, kids dealt with reading, writing and arithmetic. a happy twist on. goo that killed 200 birds in
7:47 pm
january. . >> i nef got a good glimpse at it. never smelled it. >> now, the source, what it's made of remains a mystery. but for the kids it become a teach lg opportunity. >> one level is empowerment. >> the children responded by raising $600 to help the birds. >> $607.30. >> does that coral yat with with -- correlate with your numbers? >> yes. >> they were invited to watch a release. these birds were not goo victims but represent the same commitment. a day at the beach. a lesson to last life times. >> this is better than going to class? >> yes.
7:48 pm
yes. >> do you want to go back to school later? >> kids, guess what? you never left. >> you can see a nice day today. >> gorgeous. >> right. >> yes. >> thanks to clouds, you can see outline of a few clouds around overnight and into tomorrow. percentage of average rainfall today, most locations around the bay area looking good. and there is a close to average. if you don't get more rainfall we're going to sink below
7:49 pm
average. we're not likely to get shower activity overnight into saturday. scattered showers on saturday but not heavy rain we need. then, a dry pattern continues through all of next week. enjoy. >> that is right f you like high-nba, it's going on now. that match up was buried on nba schedule, now, it's finals preview material. they continue to introduce us to the
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last year the mets david wright beat out eric sogard as the face of mlb this evening. is there anything buster can't do? >> well, buster has been the face of major league baseball for five years let's face it. >> that is the face of major
7:53 pm
league baseball? >> when you're voted on by fans it's special. >> the manager wasn't aware it's a contest. >> something to be proud of. i do. you know? to get this, it's cool. >> he was in that? >> good representation of major league baseball. i think he's clean cut. facial hair is for losers.
7:54 pm
>> it's a face he has, a golden child >> you can't see his face. >> yes. >> he's doing us a favor. you know? >> this is flawed. >> leave it to teammates to keep you in check. i'm sure she's found out now. tune in tonight reporting live in scottsdale, abc7 sports. >> thank you. potential nba finals preview
7:55 pm
tonight. tempo with a word of favor early. 14 points at the half. now, at 16. on this play he has to get back up on the floor. he has 15, lebron james in attack mode and won. 33 right now. in off season, warriors consider trading clay thompson. this is a race to the bathroom. sorry, guys.
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flash, two double bogeys. long birdie putt on 18. this sports report brought to you by bank of the west. >> yes. >> they need to rally down 16. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 9:00, the fda in the hot seat. one doctor says the agency should have anticipated a super bug outbreak like the one in a l.a. hospital. >> and the dress caughtsing the internet to melt down. what do you see? >> and tonight it's tgit. >> that will do it for this
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edition of abc7 news. i'm ama daetz. >> and we appreciate your time. >> we'll see you later tonight at 9:00 and 11:00. lowe's presents: how to use the greek gods to update your deck. wow, i can't believe you did this deck yourself. well me, lowe's and zeus and apollo. now get 10% off in-stock composite decking at lowe's.
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