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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  June 1, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. police and sheriff's deputies search for at least one and possibly more suspects after two fremont police officers were shot. a shelter in place remains in effect tonight as officers go house to house looking for the gunmen. neighbors are understandably frightened. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. it started as a traffic stop and ended as a gun fight. we were on the scene all afternoon focused around the area of washington and fremont
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boulevards. >> the alameda's sheriff office is leading the hunt. you can see part of the search effort. a drone flying above fremont helping officers see into back yards and other places. >> it started at 1:230 o 30k when an officer stopped a white pickup truck at a shopping center. the truck backed into the police car. >> the gunman took off on foot and exchanged gunfire with a ten-year veteran of the police department. >> the suspect is described as hispanic male, six feet tall with a shaved head, thin mus ash, wearing an orange san francisco giants jersey, gray shorts, about 32, maybe 40 years old. >> both of the injured officers were trachton san jose regional medical center in san jose. >> lilian kim has an update on the officers' conditions. >> reporter: one officer is in stable condition. the ear is in critical. there's been a constant police presence since their arrival here at san jose regional
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medical center. a couple dozen officers are here to offer support. police first arrived with lights and sirens on. they were later joined by officers from other departments including san jose, san leandro, sunnyvale and hayward. officers brought in a friend of one of the officers. she was driven in by police and escorted inside. the officer in critical condition was shot once. the other was shot twice. we spoke to the mayor of fremont as he was leaving the hospital. he's asking everyone to keep these two officers in their thoughts and prayers. >> this is what everywhere mayor dreads when there's an officer involved shooting first. when officers are also victims of the crime. i will tell you we are all praying right now and hope that both officers will be okay. >> reporter: the names of the two officers have not been released. fremont police say the officer in critical condition has been with the department for a year,
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while the detective in stable condition has been with the department for ten years. live in san jose, killian kim, abc7 news. >> thanks. earlier vic lee spoke with witness who's say they saw the shootings that happened near the autozone car parts store. >> we seen the struck come into the parking lot and then they drove into the back. the officer was close behind. told them you know, don't move. stay in the car. the guy ended up getting out of the car. the officer was telling it him, be still, don't move. and they exchanged shots and the officer was hit. >> he went in the back. and then i seen s.w.a.t. come in from the aisle right by the produce department. he came all the way down. i seen another one on aisle 7 where the frozen is. he said duck. we ducked all down and then that's when they held us and all that. >> he was point together guys.
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and then i listened. the gun again, the shots. he's tall. he have like orange shirt with black and he has -- >> he has what? >> he has blood. >> so he was shot maybe? >> yeah, he was shot i think. >> as we mentioned, people in the neighborhood around that area have been told to shelter in place. if there are new developments, we'll bring them to you here and through our abc7 news ap. download it now and enable push alerts so you'll always know what's happening when news breaks where you live. turning now to the race for the white house. >> donald trump appeared tonight at the sacramento airport. >> we're going to make our country great again. greater than ever before. ladies and gentlemen, america first. ♪ >> thousands of people were expected at tonight's rally. many waited for hours in triple digit heat.
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trump stayed true to his political platform telling it the crowd he'll build a wall between the u.s. and mexico. he also said sacramento would be well represented when he becomes president. >> there is growing scrutiny over trump university tonight where staffers were told to encourage students to max out credit cards to pay tuition. >> trump's campaign is standing behind the school. tom llamas tells us how much students paid to go to the university and what they got in return. >> reporter: tonight donald trump in damage control, insisting trump university delivered on its promise to help students succeed. a promise he made himself in this trump u video. >> at trump university, we teach success. that's what it's all about. success. it's going to happen to you. >> reporter: but now by court order, we're getting a glimpse into a trump university pleat playbook revealing hard sell tactics used to get prospective students to pay tens it of thousands of dollars for trump's real estate course.
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staffers told "ceremony never a reason for not enrolling in trump university." if they really believe new and your product, they will find the money. >> action is what trump university is all about. >> reporter: the playbook shows people were instructed to tell students, this is not something we offer to just anyone. and you know who my boss is, right? how much did it all cost? up to $35,000. included in that, students got an unaccredited real estate course involving a series of retre retreats, mentorship sessions with instructors, online curriculum and access to properties being foreclosed and paper certificates of accomplishment like these. if they couldn't afford it, one former trump university employee testified sales people told students, it's okay, just max out your credit card. the playbook also recommending salesmen tell students that regardless of their financial situation, they can benefit from the course saying "see how you might borrow from your own
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retirement account to the finance real estate investments." >> it was clearly a way just to separate people who were desperate to make money during hard economic times from their own cash and to get it into the pockets of mr. trump and his crohnies. >> donald trump now the focus of three separate lawsuits claiming trump university was a fraud. but the billionaire fighting back, blasting the judge who released those records. >> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. a hater. he's a hater. >> reporter: and team trump today providing with us this video, glowing trib bus with former students. >> the courses that i took were outstanding. >> amazing learning experience. >> we never felt pressured to do anything we didn't want to do. >> reporter: but trump's aides refusing to answer any of our questions about trump university and that employee playbook. and tonight, donald trump dealing with another problem, the pga tour will move unof its biggest competitions to mexico city. the pga said this was just about securing a sponsor at the trump
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resort. trump calling there a sad day for miami, the u.s. and the game of golf. and been mexico city saying, "i hope they have kidnapping insurance." tom llamas, abc news, san francisco. a new "wall street journal" poll shows hockey and bernie sanders are neck and neck in california among those likely to vote in the. >> primary, clinton poled at 49% it, slaernds 47%. the california primary is among the last big prizes of the primary season with 546 delegates. clinton needs just 73 to secure the democratic nomination. >> today bernie sanders brought his campaign message to palo alto and brought concerns about gridlocking the city on a day with two graduation ceremonies going on. abc7 news reporter chriswin has the story. >> he in palo alto this afternoon -- >> we're prepared to stay out here for as long as and as hot as it gets. >> reporter: supporters of bernie sanders tried to keep cool despite the heat. >> i have water. at least had i those mini fans and the spray bottle. baby we should have sold those
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here. >> reporter: the fire department on stand by in case someone needed help. >> we did he staff up an ambulance and committed to the event including a engine company, as well. >> reporter: with the field capped at the community center -- >> i'm a huge bernie sanders fan and i won the miss this for the world. in fact, i was supposed to go to work. but here i am. i'm feeling the bern. >> these folks didn't want to miss out. some of them arriving as early as six hours before rally began. >> i have a hat, my water. usually i would be in the pool today. it's worth it to come here to burn for bernie. >> we spoke to the senator one-on-one prior to him taking the stage. >> what inspires me is the kind of superior we're getting from people all over the state of california. i appreciate it very much. >> reporter: traffic impact to the neighborhood was minimal as many found parking on the street ahead of the event. parents at a nearby school were also notified of an alternate pickup site for kids. >> we've shut down a couple of residential neighborhoods and
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blocked them off wither? staffed barricades toids allow the parents to access that area. >> reporter: a worthwhile experience for those who came out to see their candidate. in palo alto, chriswin, abc7 news. warriors forward harrison barnes wants you to do your duty and vote next week. >> a lot of folks are talking about the election. i'm worried we're not focusing on the right thing, making our voices heard. you know, voting. >> the warriors hosted this video on youtube today. in it, barnes encourages people to vote and explains the electoral process. our california primary is just six days away. >> good for him. the weather is warm. it's getting warmer. abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel has a preview. >> it's going to be a summer preview. i'll have the entire temperature spread for the next couple of days coming up. >> and it was a nail biting fight for the sharks and their fans as the game went into
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overtime. then. >> change rings. that's all i'm about. >> all is well as stefan the warriors head back to the finals but there's one thing that an nows the two-time
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welcome back.
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the sharks dropped an overtime thriller in pittsburg as conor sheary netted the game-winnin goal. the penguins now have 2-0 series lead in the stanley cup final. game three takes place sated in san jose. abc7 news sports director larry beil will have more ahead in sports. >> kind of a tough hole in the final. abc7 on channel 7 is the only place you can watch every game after the nba finals. >> this year's series features the same two teams as last year but stars from both sides scoffed at the idea this is a true rivalry. >> news reporter laura anthony has the story. >> curry gets away. shoots inside again. left-handed. banks it in. >> reporter: if there's a rivlgry brewing between stefan lebron, the warriors and cavs somebody forgot to tell it the two superstars. >> steph curry bristled at comparisons between himself and james. >> that's not what i'm playing for to be this or that or to take lebron's throne or whatever. >> talk about rivalries, you
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talk about carolina, duke did, ohio state/michigan. it's lard to stay lebron and steph. >> reporter: the situation the warriors say feels right at home. >> everybody is a little more relax this had time. you know what to expect now. so it's exciting to have that experience of last year. this isn't our first go round. >> reporter: this time the warriors have anderson var squlu spent 12 years in cleveland. >> i know there's going to be guys that think i'm a traitor. it's not that i -- i said i want to be a warrior. they wanted me, as well. so and it's part of the business. >> reporter: then there's mathieu della dove va who spent his time at st. mary's. >> driving in and out feels like enemy territory. i was heading ought a bit more east, i would feel more like my american home. >> reporter: so this is no time for sen mentality, or rivalry as
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both sides keep their eyes squarely on the prize. at oracle, abc7 news. >> your home for the nba finals. our coverage begins tomorrow with news at 4:00, followed by world news tonight"ing with special warriors pre-game. then at 5:30, abc's coverage of game one begins here on abc 7 with the warriors and cavaliers in oakland. tipoff is at 6:00 p.m. if you're not planning to be at oracle, abc7 is the only place to see the game. then sports director larry beil and sports and core mike shumann live from oracle after the game with analysis. all of that for you, game one of the nba finals coming up tomorrow over on channel 7. a fun day. >> a lot to look forward to. what can we look forward to weatherwise? >> maybe. >> sandhya patel is here. >> you'll have to wait for the cooldown till sunday.
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today we had a brief cooldown. now all we're going to see is turning up the heat. not near the coast. live doppler 7 hd is socked in along the coast, parts of the bay. also seeing fog right now. here is your temperature fred. 55 in half moon bay. 30 degrees warmer in antioch where it's 85 degrees. these are the kinds cuff microclimates we see around this time of year. it's not uncommon. in case you want to go and get relief from the heat and don't want to deal with hot weather, you head to the coach. watch out. a higher risk of strong rip currents. current wave heights 4 to 6 feet. it's the rip currents that we're concerned about. golden gate bridge camera showing a lovely ru right now. tomorrow morning foggy areas again for the commute. temperatures will rebound tomorrow. triple digit heat inland friday and sated. a live look from our roof camera. with the heat comes
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deterioration of the air quality. spare the air alert has been issued for tomorrow. the first one of the season. we're looking at poor quality for the inland east bay tomorrow. friday, poor air quality for not only the inland east bay but. the santa clara valley. i wouldn't be surprise fundamental they issue another alert for friday. by sunday, we get good air quality as the sea breeze takes those temperatures down. tomorrow morning when you get going, watch out for the fog. temperatures in the 50s and then as we head throughout the day, watch what happens to the fog. in the morning it's around. it may be dense in patches. the afternoon hours, a little bit of fog will linger near the coast. most areas will be seeing sunshine. it is going to be a warmer day in the south bay. 90 degrees in san jose. 91 gilroy. 87 sunnyvale. 74 in santa cruz. mid 80s around menlo park. redwood city. 87 in los altos. half moon bay in the 60s. you have enough of a sea breeze
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to keep your temperatures in check. downtown san francisco 72. you need the sunscreen in the north bay and the shades. it's going to be warm and sunny. 9 in san ha rosa. 38 in san tap rafael. 77 berkeley, 78 oakland. castro valley, fremont, mid 80s. inland this is where it's going to be on the hot side. 99 in antioch. a lot like today. 9 livermore. 93 walnut creek. 94 in concord. on friday, you'll see the triple digits inland. this will be the hottest day as we head toward saturday, still hot inland but you will notice that the temperatures begin to come down as we head towards your sunday. the heat retreats. we get the low 90s inland, 60s along the coastline. seven-day forecast, our entire summer microclimate or summer spread for tomorrow. low 60s to upper 90s. 70s to 100 friday and saturday and then we'll see those temperatures coming down. it will be a nice change of pace with the 80s returning inland
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monday through wednesday of next week. >> that will be a welcome change. thanks so much. still to come on abc 7 news at 9:00, the huge investment that turned uber into a billion dollar company. >> and the reported fa
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plaintiff santa clara, san francisco, east bay, and all the bay area. this is abc7 news. san francisco based uber confirms tonight it raised $3.5 billion. that's the single largest round of funding ever raised for a private american company. the money comes from saudi arabia's public investment fund which is eager to diversify its investments amid the falling price of oil.
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that investment now puts the value of uber and more than $62 billion. >> san francisco based airbnb is launching a new feature where neighbors can complain about airbnb hosts in their community. the neighbor he's site allows neighbors of hosts to contact the company about problems caused by the rentals including noise, parking and criminal activity. they treat cases can of bad behavior by guests did seriously. >> muni will let riders rate their trip and fellow passengers. it's part of an expansion of muni mobile. their ticketing it ap. the review feature will bundle into an upcongratulateder there summer and works with buses, trains, caval cars and vehicles. the whole system muni says with a simple click you can rate your trip time, vehicle conditions, even the etiquette of fellow riders. coming up next, an update on the situation in fremont that sent two police officers to the
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month and -- >> we have had an on cam mus shooting in morning. >> plus, you're going to hear from students like that at ucla today when a deadly shooting put the campus into lockdown. and the 911 call from a frantic mother after her son before earning enough cash back from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time. 2% back at grocery stores and now at wholesale clubs. and 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them. that's the excitement of rewarding connections. apply online or at a bank of america near you.
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we have an update on breaking news. a tactical search is under way with doiptz going house to house in fremont searching for at least one man accused of shooting and wounding two fremont police officers. a shelter in place is in effect. tonight, both officers underwent surgery, one is in critical condition, the other in stable. police say it all began during a track stop when a man backed his pickup truck into a patrol car,
9:29 pm
then exchanged gunfire with police. >> the suspect ran off, confronted another officer and shot him twice before taking off again. is he still on the loose. >> we'll continue up to have updates on the manhunt on abc 7 news over on channel 7. >> and the abc news ap. >> now to break news that dominate this had morning's headlines. two people shot dead on the ulca campus. >> the target was a professor. the gunman shot and killed william klug. he taught mechanical and aerospace engineering and let a biomechanics lab. >> both shootings happened in the engineering 4 building about 10:00 a.m. here's news reporter brandi hitt in los angelesing. > we've learn ied the victim of this shooting is a professor here at ucla. lapd continues to try to figure out a motive. s.w.a.t. teams moving in guns gron after shots are fired on cam bus. >> conducting a search. >> reporter: thousands of
9:30 pm
students and staff taking cover. gunfire erupting inside an engineering building. >> i heard somebody yell everybody run, escape, run. there's -- i heard commotion in the crowd. >> reporter: lapd confirm two people are dead, a murder/suicide taking place inside an office. the victim identified as professor william klug. early on, officers revealing a note found at the scene. >> there's a note. i don't know if it's a suicide note. i don't know if it's a confession, if it's -- i don't know what it is. >> reporter: students barricaded themselves inside classrooming propping tables up against doors can, even tyg door handles anything to protect themselves. >> in the bathroom for like an hour and a half. we tied the bathroom door hinges with belts. >> the locks on the doors and any security sniper the goal is to make campus as secure as possible. >> reporter: the entire city put on alert as officers seen here on surveillance moved from room to room making sure there were
9:31 pm
no other threats, searching students and faculty one by one, tharnds up till the campus was deemed secure. all engineering classes here at ucla will be canceled for the rest of the week. all other classes resume thursday with final schedules next week. brandi hitt, abc news, los angeles. now to the search for a fourth suspect in the murder of a novato high school student last week. >> authorities are looking for 19-year-old javier guevara. he is a gang membering. > we have more on his alleged connection to the case. >> reporter: 19-year-old javier guevara faces a first degree murder ch machete was used in t course of this attack that took place last wednesday. not only a machete but a handgun was used. we have no reason to believe that he won the take extreme steps to try to protect himself or avoid arrest. >> reporter: his 16-year-old
9:32 pm
cousin ed wayne guerra appeared in court today along with juan carle knows martinez enrick gez arrested last week at an apartment complex and a home near the murder. another classmate is accused of driving one suspect home from the murder seen. >> we now have three defendant who are charged with first degree murder with special circumstances. and the fourth defendant is charged with accessory. >> reporter: this defense attorney said he did not know whether the attack was a retaliation for a previous sexual assault. edwin guerra died in a brutal may 25th stabbing and shooting on a trail near novato high. another victim survived and called 911. he his dad said his gravely injured son is doing better. >> both directions of i-5 are now closed south of tracy after a sinkhole opened yesterday morning. started out on the shoulder only a food wide.
9:33 pm
now it spans the entire lane. it's grown. the sinkhole is between highways 132 and 33. caltrans has been evacuating the area and has an idea what caused this road to collapse. >> we actually believe that it's possibly an abandoned irrigation pipeline that is underneath the freeway here. it's about a 40-year-old pipeline. so we're still excavating at this time to determine what caused possibly the sinkhole. crews doing routine spotted the hole as it developed yesterday morning. caltrans now says the highway will not reopen till friday afternoon. now to the little boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo. tonight you'll hear the mother's desperate call to 911 begging for help. news reporter alex perez is in cincinnati. >> reporter: tonight, for the first time, we are hearing the frantic calls to 911 in the moments after that boy fell into the gorilla exhibit. >> oh, god. oh, god. it's got his pants, he's taking the baby -- >> ma'am, listen to me. >> he's taking the baby into the cave.
9:34 pm
oh, my god. >> reporter: the 3-year-old's mother calling in as he was being dragged. >> my son fell in with the gorilla. there's a male gorilla standing over him. i need someone to contact the zoo, please. >> reporter: his mother trying to comfort him while talking to the operator. >> be calm, be calm. he's dragging my son. i can't watch this. >> reporter: until the zoo's emergency response team made the decision to shoot and kill the 17-year-old endangered silverback to save the boy. >> it's a terrible thing for the gorilla, no doubt about it. i can understand why people don't understand why the gorilla wasn't saved. >> reporter: in a statement today, the child's mother says her son is doing well. she thanked the zoo and asked any well-wishers to donate money directly to the zoo in the gorilla's name. cincinnati police investigating the circumstances that led to the fall, while in a separate, federal investigation, standard when incidents like this occur, the usda is reviewing safety measures at the cincinnati zoo. and our affiliate here in cincinnati is reporting they have talked to the prosecutor handling this case and he could have an update on possible
9:35 pm
charges by the end of the week. alex perez, abc news, cincinnati. a dramatic fall for the founder of a palo alto biotech company facing several federal investigations. forbes magazine is reporting elizabeth shoems now estimated to have a net worth of zero. she led vice president biden on a tour of her company last july. today's report comes a year after she topped the list of america's richest self-made women. it was hit with allegations an its blood testing it devices are inaccurate. >> researchers say they have found the gene mutation related to ms. the discovery has huge potential for a developing new treatments that can tack tal the underlying cause of the disease. not just the symptoms. ms affects about 2 million people worldwide. no eve treatment is currently
9:36 pm
available. coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, meet the san francisco billionaire who says it's the little guy hozzle make the biggest difference when it
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santa rowsa, berkeley, san jose, and all the bay area. this is abc7 news. san francisco today, energy ministers and policymakers from around the world gathered to discuss climate change. abc7 news was there as the governors of california, oregon, and washington sign add agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. it's day one of the seventh clean energy ministerial meeting. one man isn't a state leader but a billionaire climate activist using his own fortune to advance the dialogue on climate change.
9:40 pm
news reporter jonathan bloom explains why is tom steyer thinks the bay area will play a key role. >> reporter: it began last december in paris where world leaders set goals. >> now we have to figure out how to reach them, how to work together, how to actually accomplish the technological changes. >> reporter: tom steyer has been there every step of the way, a billionaire who made his fortune. banking and finance. now he's investing in the planet. >> i strongly believe that climate change is going to turn out to be the challenge of our generation. >> reporter: a challenge being tackled head on here at the clean energy ministerial in san francisco, but not everywhere. >> we're talking about changing the energy industry at large. and that's the biggest industry in the history of the world. so the thing that's going to stand in our way is incumbent players with great money and great power who are determined to change nothing. >> reporter: steyer thinks it's only fitting the meeting happened here in california could play a role in addressing
9:41 pm
climate change. with a lot of innovative startups like these. >> i think innovation is required to save the planet, all of us together. >> sun folding keeps solar panels facing the sun. >> if you have a small piece of land, we can pit more efficiently. >> reporter: work on batteries to make batteries last longer. >> 70% of the evs are leased because people don't trust it's still going to run in ten years. we can resolve that problem. >> reporter: universities are lepping with research. uc fact are all but required to help startups. >> part of your evaluation towards promotion is in fact how many jobs have you created. >> reporter: jobs at companies like 75 f. >> we look at the data and the forecast and we predict how the building is going to bay bridge. >> making air inside restaurants more comfortable and cutting energy usage in half. >> american invent tubness will win every time. when i hear people say we can't do it, i think why not. we do this. >> reporter: in san francisco,
9:42 pm
jonathan bloornlgs abc7 news. >> a special lady is celebrating nearly 60 years on the job which she leaves makes her the nation's longest serving flight attend. that's not the only reason betty nash is all smiles. she is 80 years young and has flown for the same company her entire career. after more than half a century, why does she still work for american airlines? >> being here is just my social life. that's what i say. you know. the people. let me help you out. >> thank you. >> reporter: good for her. nash is now a celebrity of sorts taking selfies, signing autographs and accepting gifts and notes from the people she meets on the job. >> i want to fly on her plane. >> coming up next on abc 7 news at 9:00, sandhya patel updates the forecast. >> the water is cold and currents strong. what you need to know before heading to the beach. >> the abc7 news ap on the go on your schedule on one screen.
9:43 pm
all the weather, bloom.
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o the brazos river in texas is on the rise. dozens of animals must fend for themselves. our sister station in houston received this video showing cows stranded in deep floodwater. barely able to keep their heads bob water. the sheriff says some of these cows did make it to higher ground. with this week's heat wave, hazardous ocean conditions and a rash of recent near drownings have happened. san francisco firefighters spent the day urging beachgoers to be extra careful. here's abc7 news reporter elissa harrington. >> today was a just up to your ankles day. clearly, they're not listening
9:47 pm
that, as well. >> reporter: jim's son plays in the water at ocean beach. they liveable in san francisco and know the dangers that lurk along this coastal stretch. >> somebody's got a close eye and they're paying attention and they're reminded to pay attention to what the waves are doing. i'm pretty confident. >> reporter: the national park service has lifeguards keeping a close eye on the waves during the day. beach patrols with the fire department do the community outreach. >> our department has been training. we have over 200 rescue swimmers in our department. >> reporter: they're warning people about hazardous conditions over the next couple days. this includes sneaker waves and strong rip currents. >> so if you get knocked down by a large wave and you're already borderline hypothermic, you might be too weak to get out of the water and become a victim or end up drowning. >> reporter: this past weekend, there were close calls. a 13-year-old girl was rescue from the surf. firefighters helped save another victim who fell off a pier.
9:48 pm
each stair well at ocean beach is marked with numbers large enough to see from the water. if you need to call for help, you can tell responders exactly where are you which should speed up response time. elissa harrington, abc7 news. >> want to update the weather forecast. whether heal the heat go away. >> sandhya patel has the answer for us. >> how about this upcoming sunday. if you don't like hot weather, ha here's the deal. the fog you're looking at from our camera rolling in this evening, basically obscuring san francisco will keep you comfortable tomorrow. it's not going to be hot near the coastline or in san francisco. you pretty much have to go well inland to feel the heat. here's a look at live doppler hd. the fog will be with us first thing tomorrow morning. thursday, definitely on the hot side in the deserts. 111 in palm springs. 100 in sacramento.
9:49 pm
you have to get away from the inland areas to enjoy some comfortable weather. 72 in san francisco tomorrow. 62 half moon bay. 90s around santa rosa. 83 san rafael. 78 oakland. here's where the heat will be confined. mid to upper 90s. antioch, 90 in san jose. livermore 90s and 1 hundreds the next several days. a look at the seven-day forecast. it is a spare the air tomorrow. triple digits inland, friday, sated. cooling begins on sunday. you you drop down to more comfortable levels into the next weekend. second half of the weekend into next week. >> thanks. >> facebook bound to beer mark zuckerberg got facetime with a crew board the international space station. >> please call station for voice check. >> all right. station, this is mark zuckerberg at facebook. can you hear m okay? >> hey, mark, read you loud and
9:50 pm
clear. as the a pleasure to talk with you today. >> zuckerberg spent about 20 minutes asking them questions using facebook live to stream the conversation. zuckerberg hopes to some day use the power of light to you say a spacecraft to the alpha century star system is, the closest star system to our sun. >> if only he would think bigger. you can send steph curry emojis to your friends now. >> and step posted a tweet about the new emojis today. you can download the ap for your android or apple address. there are several emojis feature is his daughter rielly and his i've aisha, as well. you know you've made it big. >> larry beil is here with more on sports. not just the warriors. >> the sharks in action tonight in the final. not what we hoped. >> i was just doing a little -- i have emoji potential.
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but not the popularity. >> the sharks, they're in need of what their coach calls puck luck. and be careful how you say that. the men in teal found the post early and o
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coming up tonight at 11:00, continuing coverage of that breaking news. we're on top of it fremont. >> a s.w.a.t. team is going door to door searching for the gunman who shot two police officers. live team coverage on this man minute plus the officers condition. >> a lot more coming up at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> this sports report brought to you by your local toyota dealer,. >> sharks in a real bind. >> larry beil is here with that into it took 25 years for the sharks to make it the stanley cup final. after two games, they find themselves where they did not want to be, down 0-2. another really tight game in pittsburg decided in overtime. joe thornton with a hockey hello for crosby. i'm going to whack you up side
9:55 pm
of the head. bow anyone know to phil kessel. the penguins take a 1-0 lead. sharks had a lot of scoring chances. they kept come up an inch shy. chris tierney there. finally late in the third, four minutes left, justin braun hit the post. it ricocheted in. in overtime it, letanging to sheary. drive home safely. 2-1, penguins in o.t. they take a 2-0 series lead. sharks coming up for critical game three saturday in the tank. >> yeah, game one was decided in the last two minutes. tonight's an overtime game. i think we'll hold off on the funeral we've got a lot of hockey left to play. >> i think those guys, they're feeling it right now. they have that chemistry. i think they believe in one
9:56 pm
another. they have -- their confidence is at an all-time high into penguins that much better. now to the warriors who host the cab ms. game one tomorrow night. 6:00 oracle arena. this showcases can the best two players on the planet. steph curry and lebron james. there's the subplot on going. >> after curry was named unanimous mvp, james called curry's credentials into question saying he thinks stats don't necessarily make a player the most valuable. it's hard to tell who is more valuable. today, king james complimented curry and said that whole story was really a media creation. >> first of all, i made the mistake by even answering the question. i knew where it was going to go. i guarantee that how it was phrased to step wasn't how i answered the question. obviously his reaction was what it was. and i've been there before, as well. so steph was definitely the mvp of our league and the mvp of our
9:57 pm
league and is a great basketball player. what he does for this league is amazing. >> it's really annoying for me to kind of be -- that's not what i'm playing for to be the face of the nba to be there or that or take lebron's throne or whatever. you know, i'm trying to chase rings and that's all i'm about. so that's where the conversation stops for me. >> abc's coverage of game one begins can tomorrow night on abc 7. be sure to join us early at 5:00. we'll have a special edition of abc7 news and "after the game," we'll follow the contest. two losses for the giants tonight. they're in atlanta and lose in extra innings that they probably should have won. they lose hunter pence again. it's another hamstring injury. the lady brought her finest giraffe motif. that's a good look. she would be happy right here because brandon belt connected on a two-run homer.
9:58 pm
the giants up 2-zip. hunter pence pulling up lame as he tries to leg out a single. aggravating a previous injury. mri tomorrow. 4-3 giants in the ninth. a wild pitch allows the tying run. bottom 11, uh-oh. hang them and bang them. freddie free man takes a breaking ball that broke over the heart of the plate. walk-off win for the braves, 5-4 atlanta. a's and twins, is the unicorn oakland's lucky charm? or maybe it's pure power. in the fourth, smolinski with his first home run of the season. the bottom of the fifth, runners at second and third. chris davis pop-up in foul territory. a long fly ball. look at the great catch. he slams into the side of the wall allowing jed lowry to score from third. if he had-to-do it over, he would let the ball drop. the a's win 5-1. how do you watch the game in the
9:59 pm
unicorn hat there? not sure how that works out. abc7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> you don't watch the game, larry. the game watches you. >> well, yeah. by the way, i don't know if you saw in the comments by lebron there. his arms are like pythons. >> you think he works out? >> maybe. maybe. he might. >> thanks, larry. all right. well, we want to thank you for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. for all of us, we appreciate your time. hope to see you again in one hour over on channel 7. >> for now, abc7 news continues online, on twitter, facebook and all your mobile devices with our abc7 news ap.
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