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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 12, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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thanks for joining us. dan and amma have the night of off. tomorrow morning investigators are expecting to name cause of the fire in oakland. media partner east pay express reported it was an overloaded electrical system because poorly connected power sources. atf would not cop firm saying it is still an ongoing investigation. tonight first responders pay tribute to the 36 people who
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lost their lives. they rang the bell 36 times and offered prayers. laura anthony has more from oakland. >> gutted ghost ship warehouse has become a gathering place for those touched by the fire that claimed 36 lives. most of them young artists. those who come here include some who lived in the building and narrowly escaped. and families of the victims. including that of sarah a preschool teacher from walnut creek. >> just overwhelm. >>reporter: she's a teacher at lady college. 29-year-old nicole who went by the name here was a student in her jazz piano class. >> the what a talent. she stood out in the class. >> i saw people meandering around here but never knew anybody lived there. >>reporter: photographer betty davis didn't know the victims but she knew of the ghost shim was mecca for artist and now creating ard row of what is left in the wake for a
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documentary she is making about oakland. >> just knowing people lived there and there are so many complaints about it but it seems the city of oakland or the people who were in charge of oakland didn't seem to care. >>reporter: that is the perception of some here about the city of oakland but certainly not all. tomorrow the atf is holding a press conference we hope to get confirmation, reports that the fire may have been started by overloaded electrical systems. we are also hoping to get an update from the city of oakland both the fire and building departments about how much involvement they have with this warehouse before the fire. in oakland, laura anthony abc 7 news. deputy on the look out for shooter who targeted two people in so-cal today. 31-year-old jose ramos of watsonville is a person of interest. two people shot this afternoon
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in north rodeo gulch. both had serious injuries. investigators also looking for white honda sedan. san francisco man faces a number of charges tonight including rape. he's accused of running on line escort service. 43-year-old david car goes by the name joe'sy noble faces a 9g a child. police say he ran the east cort service advertising on craigslist back page and this site. in addition to rape he's also been charged with sodomy, lewd act with a child, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon. investigators believe he was not alone running the service. >> he did use several different web sites so quite possible that there are other people involved. but we won't know the accident until all the victims come forward. >> places believe there are other possible victims and asking for them to come forward. san jose police need your help to find an armed robber who went after man with disabilities. this is surveillance video of
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the september incident police say suspect on the bike deliberately ran over the man on the sidewalk. after helping the victim up, the bicyclist pulled out a gun, stole the man's cell phone and pedalled off after kicking the victim to the ground. the victim who can not speak gave a description of his attacker. he's described as being between 16 and 25, wearing dark beanie and dark shirt. >> some one knows something about it or recognizes the suspect contact us to do follow-up and hopefully take the guy off the streets. police add another lead to strong enough to make an arres arrest. two skiers died this weekend in the tahoe area. one of them a 35-year-old employee of north star died while on a beginner trail. the other man in the 60's was buried in avalanche saturday. emergency workers recover his body sunday near mount rose ski resort. crew trying to shore up a popular trail on esplanade avenue pacifica before it falls further into the ocean.
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sergio has a look at the problem and what's being done. >> truck after truck of cement rolled in to feed a huge pumping rig brought here to fix a portion of the sea wall that washed out during the weekend stors. from sky 7 you can see the lower section of the wall without much sand or rock supporting the base. >> sand went out underneath the wall. so what we do right now is plug that area. fill up with some concrete pumping. >>reporter: the sand behind the sea wall was carved out because of rain run off and drainage pipe that broke. concrete will shore up the business of the wall again and crews will refill the walkway with sand. >> popular walkway is it going to reopen. >> of course. supposed to open hopefully by the end of the week. >>reporter: preparation for the cement stir excitement and concern. workers began installing a chain link fence then two men rappel down the side of the thoyl take a look at how much the base had washed out. one resident said he was concerned for their safety.
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>> the concern 30's you don't go down anywhere by yourself involving the ocean and section of land that slid 50 or 60 fee feet. >>reporter: the fire department was called in as precaution they asked about the contractor action plan then moved on. coast guard environmental team was also here to make sure no contaminant were part of the wash-out. >> so if something does happen and there is a greater incident we are already aware of the issue. >>reporter: because it was closed they you could a kim miles south to get to the beach then walk all the way back again in pacifica, abc 7 news. the cliff side more erosion with large storm headed our wa way. drew joins us now with a look at the forecast. >> we are really focusing on thursday with the next round of rain. late sprinkle moving through tuesday evening into wednesday and chan of rain is this light system and affecting the north
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bay. not a huge issue. thursday time frame the moderate storm moving through along with soaking showers there could be very gusty winds socialed with the system. look terrain fall. 3 fourths to inch and a half in most of the urban area. see heavy downpour in the line. look at this. wonder gust showing you very early thursday wind likely at or over 30 miles per hour and a lot of locations. that's the possibility of some trees coming down. talk about the timing of the rainfall couple in the accu-weather forecast. heavy rain is days away as you say but we already see spotty street flooding in the north bay. now this is actually due to the king tide and people are preparing now to prevent bigger problems during the wet weathe weather. cornell has details. >> flash lights and jump pr cable so i'm set. >> eric getting ready for whatever mother nature dishes out. he works at a smog test shop for the parking lot has
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has flooded this. he took the picture in 2014. >> i worry about whether i can get home to santa rosa or not. >>reporter: king tide now on collision course with winterer storm heading for the bay area. >> time to really be on full alert. >>reporter: he gets ready for rough ride on his sausalito houseboat. >> if you get king tide and strong wind then you have unpredictable situation. >>reporter: not only batening down hatches and houseboat line secured to pilings. >> a little bit of adjustment. rope lines too loose the hearts starts going crazy. >>reporter: king hyde are high flooding some roads in southern may rip. two years ago a winter storm and king tide collided. sky 7 was over the result. shoreline highway was under water. and parts of highway 101 got flood out. creating an epic back up. the fire chief michael saint john is monitoring the weather.
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>> we have a tide over seven feet on wednesday and on thursday we have got a 6.9 tide so few inches less both from experience we know that a good storm surge can easily make up for that. >>reporter: sand bag station are opening. marin county sheriff's $office sending these alert to subscribers warning of heavy rain and possible flooding. be careful of the road item stormy. in mill valley abc 7 news. still ahead on 9:00. president-elect announces big decision is coming as the concern over russia election. controversial administrative into the water in the south bay. what a day on the job for these first responders. the rescue tha
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a. >> woman app newborn recovering in the san francisco hospital after she gave birth overnight in golden gate park. paramedic located the woman at 4 this morning behind the rose garden after receiving an anonymous call that she and her boyfriend had been sleeping in the park. while the baby was in fair condition when transported to the medical center, the temperature outside was below 50 degrees. san jose no longer the largest city in the nation without the fluoride in the drinking water. starting today the natural mineral now in the water supply
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of 230,000 people in east san jose, santa teresa. parts of campbell, milpitas and los gatos are also involved. we see why pediatric dentist are smiling. this doctor shows us dental x-ray. "newsnight"out of 20 teen have cavity. >> when i see that i always this could be prevented. >>reporter: why health advocate work to get fluoride in drinking water in san jose. >> state of mouth health is abysmal and we can do treatment and more treatment and also doing oral health education but that's not enough. fluoride can really make a difference. >>reporter: water district board voted unanimously for fluoride after hearing vocal opposition. >> board has listened and really heard all side of the
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issue over many years and have maintained that maintain the policy. >>reporter: health organization and water rate funneled the upgrade to treatment facilities. starting today fluoride is flowing into the water at the santa teresa water plant. more than 200,000 customers are affected. but you won't notice a difference in taste or appearance at the tap because the fluoride is so diluted. >> the optimal amount is point 7 parts per million. >>reporter: effort to get the rest of the city fluoride are under way n.san jose, abc 7 news. preparation use of marijuana may be legal now in california but business leaders say workers may want to proceed with caution. under the newly passed initiative businesses reserve the trite maintain a drug free workplace. this means voters can reject application from potential higher. pro business group say employers should be up front with the workers. >> employers may see increased
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number of folk testing positive or using marijuana and if they choose to have a policy to maintain drug free workplace they should probably put that in place sooner rather than later. >>reporter: random drug testing is prohibited in california. workplace. except following an accident or under an employer suspicion. california head of air quality promises to keep fighting climate change even if it goes against the rules made by the trump administration. donald trump pick for head of the epa doesn't recognize scientific proof of climate change. air resource board chair nichols said california will continue to tighten restrictions on toxic emission. new federal rules won't dictate the rules made in california. we have a follow-up on stry we did a few months ago. the last commercial farm in san francisco called little city garden was asked to vacate the land it was leasing. neighbors tried unsuccessfully to keep the farm there but now the golden bridge school will take its place.
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today the last crop were pulled and the green house is gone. lee ann has the story. >>reporter: for more than 6 years this old sign told neighbors what extra crops would be available at little city garden farm. today the sign was taken down and the farm gone. >> taken down our green house and continuing to brick down other structures so we are moving off the property. >> offset i felt a lot here. we have become good friends. >>reporter: many neighbors wanted the farm to statement the one acre piece of land located at 2 03 cottage street was not owned by little city garden. two years ago a small school called oakland bridge bought it for 1.2 million dollars with the intent of moving out of its present location and into the wide open space. more than 70% of the parcel would remain open space area with only a few small structures. but neighbors are concerned about the amount of traffic the
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school would bring even though the school will ask parents to drop kids off at near by balboa park and walk in a group from there. >> it's a big unknown so hopefully we are just hoping that the school is going to be a great community member, partner as little city garden has been. >>reporter: the soil here has also helped retain rain water in an area known for flooding. the school could open as early as septeer 2018. >> i really believe our school will be a really beautiful and positive entity on that property. >>reporter: the owner of little city garden is now asking the city to consider purchasing a few vacant lots to allow urban farmers to have speed limit kind of security. in san francisco, lee ann, abc 7 news. all right we talk about the storm coming our way. drew is here with the forecast. >> of course. umbrella will get a work out on thursday. better be sturdy because the winds pick up with the storm system. we have a little bit of green
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off the screen. along the ocean and that's light shower activity that push into the north bay mainly tomorrow afternoon. bring some light sprinkle there but minimal activity golden gate until thursday. we see the beautiful city of san francisco. this picture looks very different on thursday with the rain drop coming down at moderate pace. throughout right now 40's and 50's the name of the game. 45 currently novato. 51 in oakland. same in have been jose. 52 san francisco and 42 in fairfield. so tomorrow a lot of cloud cover. chilly day temperatures mainly in the physician. few spots in the south bay. pal palt at and san jose make it 60 degrees which there is the chance. painly in the north bay of isolated like sprinkle on tuesday. storm impact scale headed into wednesday that system will linger in the north bay so light system north bay storm to half inch of rain in the bort bay isolated sprinkle is possible. future weather notice the
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action really focus wednesday in the north by. go through the early morning hours and into the afternoon do notice the chance of light sprinkle south of the golden gate but the activity in the north bay that's why the total add up there. by thursday the storm is energize. downpour begin to move through the north bay and storm impact scale on thursday this is upgraded. two moderate storm of soaking rain across the entire region. strong gusty wind as well. 3 fourths to as much as inch and a half of rainfall in the urban area and 2"plus along our coast in the hills. future weather will go through your thursday. here comes the cold front moving through the pop of yellow on the screen. downpour. lightly moving through the heart of the bay area right around the lunch time hour on thursday for vallejo, san francisco approaching redwood city and approaching oakland as well. sink into the south by on thursday. 2 o'clock yterday the south bay you see some downpour from san jose even into livermore reduced the heavy rain into the afternoon and then you have the
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rain will end thursday evening from north to south fashion. so in terms of total rainfall with this system look like a really good soaking across the region. over inch of rain. computer model are great with thachl a little bit higher than north bay and with the system as well as winter storm watch also in effect thursday morning 8 to 16 inches of snow very likely over the pasts and what that means we likely see treacherous driving on 80 and on 50. strong gusty winds with white out conditions. here's the 7 day forecast. take in tomorrow and evening light shower in the north bay. 1 on the storm impact scale. south bay is dry. thursday everyone is wet. everybody is windy and stormy packet scale by saturday and sunday we are drying out and thursday is very active around here. >> all right. we still need the rain. >> thanks drew. coming up at 9:00. socking video that has gone
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viral. and bad news for i-phone 7 owners hoping for new head phones this christmas. owners hoping for new head phones this christmas. we'll be right back
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>> google today signed a deal with the cuban government to provide them faster internet service. google says the deal will speed up cuban access to some of the company program and services such as you tube and g mail. but it won't expand access to the internet on the island. cuba has most restricted internet in the hemisphere. initially google offered to improve the internet access but cuba rejected the offer. muni blasting state agency for allowing so many uber lift drivers on san francisco streets. the examiner reports that muni is blasting the california public utilities commission for iling to reasonably limit the
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industry exclusive growth. grave,000 lift uber drivers on the city streets. compared with 1800 taxi cabs. muni says that's why streets are so congested. immune would i like to see more regulation put in place to handle the services. ubler and lift didn't comment on the report. mean time lift teaming with senior care company to transport the elderly. therein for seniors headed to medical appointment or even social events. care link has app that allow users to hire care gives for at that time family members. they have about 170,000 care gives in 50 areas nationwide. lift said the partnership help the 3.6 million americans who miss or are late to appointment because of transportation issues. apple may not have the new wireless head phones in time for christmas. wall street journal reports today they won't be shipped in time. apple introduce the the air pod in september and supposed to be out this fall but were delayed. frustrating for any one who purchased an i-phone 7 because
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the phone can only use wireless head phones it's reported that possible few air pod may be available soon but supply will be extremely limited putting most purchases in the back order. still to come at 9:00. we g into the storm that caused hundreds of wreck in the midwest. plus the tv power couple taking a break after police are called because of a gun incident. and not black friday. it's green monday
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so. so. exxon mobile ceo tiller son as secretary of state, his ties to russia have opponent on both site of the aisle questioning the pick.
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growing momentum will find how russia affected the election. tom has details. >> tonight republican leaders in congress the the president obama will investigate whether russia used hack investigators influence the election. something trump doesn't believe happened. even though the director of national intelligence said it did. >> they have no idea if item russia or china or somebody. it could be somebody sitting in a bed someplace. >>reporter: today trump twee tweeting unless you catch hac hacker item very hard to determine who was doing the hacking. why wasn't this brought up before the election? but it was. in october 17 american government intelligence agencies including the cia released this rare statement saying the u.s. intelligence community is confident that the russian government directed the recent comprome of e-mails. >> when we say we are confident i think it speaks for it self.
9:31 pm
>> trump still revving to blythe. >> it could be russia, i don't really think it is about uh-oh knows. >>reporter: president-elect also disputing reports the cia believes russia goal was to hurt hillary clinton and help trump get elected. >> i think it's ridiculous. i think just another excuse. i don't believe it. >>reporter: today much different take from the white house on mr. trump. >> he called it a russian hack secretary clinton so he certainly had a pretty good sense of whose side this activity was coming down on. >>reporter: russia if you listen i hope you are able to find the 30,000 e-mails that are missing. >>reporter: new focus on russia comes with trump hoisting secretary of state whose ties to russian president putin go back decades. >> i have known him since 1999. i'm very close relationship with him. >>reporter: on gma trump senior advisor kelly conway
9:32 pm
tried to down play tiller son russian connection. >> item not like he's pounding down vodka with putin at local bar. >>reporter: but this video show as champagne toast. putin personally awarding him russia order of friendship in honor of the country gives to foreigners. over the weekend republican senator rubio tweeting being a friend of vladamir is not an attribute i hope for from a secretary of state. >> that was tom reporting. on wednesday tim cook sandberg and page amok the sill von valley tech leaders expected to meet with the president-elect. the meeting notable because most leaders really may disaparagraph of mr. trump campaign very well known and tax code, regulations and trade deals. suspending the involvement with wells fargo bank over new allegations surfacing today. according to multiple reports wells employees signed
9:33 pm
customers low cost life insurance policy without the knowledge or permission. allegations made by three former prudential employee who filed a lawsuit against the insurance giant. claims are similar to allegations that surfaced in september accusing wells employee of creating bank accounts to meet sales goals. police in germ if i looking for man who kicked a woman down a stairwell at train station. warn you some might find this video disturbing. happened in berlin in october. you see the woman walk which heading for the stairs. watch the man with the significant are it holding a beer. kick the woman in the back causing her to tumble down the steep staircase see it again. woman broke her arm. 13,000 reward has been offered for the man's capture. host of one of tv most popular realty show are separating after an incident involving a gun. they are stars of the show flip
9:34 pm
or flop on kg tv married seven years. but after an explosive fight in may orange county deputy were call to the home because of a possible suicide man. he handed over all the guns to police after months of therapy the couple decided to separate. in statement today they said they will continue to work together on their show. new arctic blast hitting east coast midwest as the state's work to dig out from a previous storm. kept kid home from schools an in some areas the wind chill plummet to go 20 degrees below zero. alex has more from chicago. >> tonight that massive storm making for a treacherous commute from the great lakes all the way to the northeast. in maine slick roads turning deadly. at least two dead in separate accidents including a father who was riding in a jeep with his wife as well as three children when the car collided with a dump truck. >> slow down. that's the best advice i can give anybody.
9:35 pm
once you brake traction no bridging it back. >> snow emergency in minneapolis sunday. 900 car wreck in one, 24 hour period across minnesota this weekend. this sheriff's dash cam capturing the danger on i 35. pickup truck spinning out of control nearly strike a state trooper. many areas recovering from the weekend blast of snow parts of new york slammed with more than 36 inches. this 36 vehicle pile up on i-75 near flint, michigan shutting down the highway for hours. storms snarled air travel to this delta flight skidded off the taxi way sunday at detroit metro after landing in snowing conditions. more than 2000 flights cancelled this weekend. most of them in chicago. cars park at o'hare covered in snow. >> and here's chicago only beginning temperatures expected to plunge and feel well below zero this week which means this slushy men as will freeze
9:36 pm
making conditions even more dangerous. alex, abc news chicago. win in the effort to bring 2024 olympic game to los angeles. lawmakers pass governor brown signed law this year that would reimburse the city of los angeles if the cost of hosting the 2024 olympic game outside pace expectation. bill would provide as much as 250 million dollars to offset unexpected cost. to host the world games. still ahead on 7 news at 9:00. >> so ♪ today hamilton tickets on sale forth musical run in sanrancisco. it's diagnose to be the hottest (man) my dad and i have the same eyes.
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kidney or liver problems, seizures, stomach ulcers, or procedures with anesthesia. serious side effects may occur, including muscle problems if given anesthesia; slow heartbeat, fainting, more stomach acid which may lead to ulcers and bleeding; nausea, vomiting, difficulty urinating, seizures, and worsening of lung problems. most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, dizziness loss of appetite, and bruising. (man) dad and i shared a lot of moments. now we're making the most of each one. (avo) ask about namzaric today.
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that. award season is kicking into high gear with the golden globe nomination. >> ryan gosling la-la land. >> la-la land leads with 7 followed by moonlight with 6. oakland native spoke to good morning america about his nomination for best supporting actor in moonlight. >> 20 yourself ago you had the chance to work for 20 dollars an hour on the dock and now you find yourself nominated for golden globe. what does that kind of feel like. >> just appreciative the time it has taken to get to this moment. >> abc hit show blackish hym nominated best tv series and west actress tracy ross. best actor anthony anderson. go to our web site for completelis of the nominee. the people are waiting. an waiting for the chance to
9:41 pm
seat nation top musical. sky 7 was above san francisco market street as tickets went on sale today for hamilton. earlier this evening the only ticket still available started at 5 $25. those are the premium seats or you had a few single seats here and there but they are gone now too. carolyn has a look. >> some people arrived yesterday to buy tickets that went on sale today. did you sleep in the car. >> slept in chair on market street. >> everybody slept here last night. >>reporter: was it worth that. >> oh, yes. >>reporter: hundreds of people waited for hours to reserve tickets at the box office. they were also available on line and over the phone but this seemed a better shot for those determined to see the multiple toney award winning musical.
9:42 pm
sound track grabbed her attention and hamilton was a must see after recent challenge by the broadway cast to president-elect pence asking him to work for all americans. >> when pence didn't care that raised the ticket prices. >>reporter: tickets are going for 100 dollars to 5 24 at the box office into the thousands on the secondary market. hamilton is the story about alexander one of the nation founding fathers. told through hip-hop music with diverse actor. san francisco chronicle theater critic says that multi-culturalism is what has made this a phenomenon. >> the way that the musical, reimagine our founding father as people of color. >> tapping into a new democrat graph. >>reporter: >> premier ins san francisco in
9:43 pm
march. in san francisco, carolyn tyler abc 7 news. ice rescue in full swing as firefighters g
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♪ with advil, you'll ask what sinus headache? what stiff joints? what time of the month cramps? what nighttime pain? make all your pains a distant memory with advil the world's #1 choice what pain? advil.
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. >> nirts canada break an ice river to rescue the moose there fire department posted this video to facebook. shows crews using a sledge hammer saturday to break the ice creating a path for the moose to weighed back to shovrment mooz successfully led to shore. it does seem rudolph getting smaller these days. new research shows reindeer in the arctic shrinking in size
9:47 pm
over the past two decades. average adult reindeer weighs 12 percent less than it used to. that's more than 100 pounds. the blame lies clearly with climate change. warmer winter mean more rain which freezes the snow preventing reindeer from reaching the food buried below. the babies are just born smaller. >> 13 days from christmas and dozen from hanukkah and saving for last minute shoppers. this is the third biggest day of the season with huge sale and an app that can help get your money back for something you have already bought. lindsay has more. >>reporter: first black frida friday. then cybermonday. and today it's green monday. have you heard of green monday. >> no. >>reporter: turns out the second monday in december is one of the biggest on line shopping days of the year. >> this is another excuse to sell us a different sale.
9:48 pm
>> using this long stretch before christmas. >>reporter: what to buy right now? clothing. te gap. j crew aanana republic. tonight all offering 40 percent off almost the entire sites. best buy was selling this 70 inch monster screen for 1299. tonight just 8 99. and don't worry if you feel you have lost out on a deaeal app track prices after you buy. if it sees a drop it automatically contacts the retailer and gets you a refun. retailers know that shoppers procrastinate so hundreds of stores signed up to make this friday free shipping friday. lindsay, abc news new york. san francisco school today there to deliver holiday cheer. we were at this school as police chief and other officers play the role of santa helpers.
9:49 pm
gave away 350 toys to kids from kindergarten tone second grade. >> so many people pitch in and help out with the event toy give away this time of year. folk stepping up to the plate doing wonderful work in the community. >>reporter: police were able to raise over 3000 dollars from different groups including the outer sunset merchant association and the island forum. more hotel difficult give away plan in the coming days. the hundreds of bay area school kids took part in mexico biggest religious holiday toda today. we were at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco for celebration of our lady of guadalupe. more than 800 children were bay area catholic schools saw the apparition of virgin mary and took part in syncing and dancing. >> open the event with dancing if the plaza and music similar
9:50 pm
to what people would experience on the much larger scale in mexico. >>reporter: event organized by francis in the school 5-year-old program that provides outings for kid to teach them about respect and kindness. before we go one last check of the weather. let's get to drew with the storm coming our way. >> vigorous one on thursday. moderate storm open thursday soaking rain gusty winds. 3 quarter investigators inch and a half of rain in your ban area along the coast higher than that over two inches likely. downpour indicated in the yellow first coming to the north bay in the early morning hours. probably midday the lunch time hour. strong line of storms moving through the heart of the bay area then sink to the south by 2 o'clock in the afternoon. then wrapping up as we go into the evening on thursday. so take a look at the wind gust of this system. as it moves through it will kick up the wind lightly over 30 miles per hour urban spot along the coast.
9:51 pm
could see win gust higher than 40 miles per hour. that means isolated power outages are possible. talk about the accu-weather 7 day forecast. light shower tomorrow but mainly north bay event on wednesday. light system. but moderate storm on thursday then we dry out friday afternoon nice weekend on the way on saturday and sunday. >> thanks. larry you are back. >> you are happy to see me. >> so happy to see you. >> stop talking. >> this is long. >> give you a nice break. 49ers last victory came exactly three months ago. seems like eternity doesn't it. who pays the price. seems like eternity doesn't it. who pays the price. sports is next
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this is my park. i'm like the mayor here. i know every bench, every tree, every squirrel -- -hey, what's up, andy. -andy: hey! same with my banking. with my bank of america mobile banking app, i can see my accounts all in one place. i can easily manage them and if something doesn't look right, i'm going to know. plus, i can set up alerts to help detect unusual activity. so i feel secure. in other words, no surprises. morning. hey, abby. like i said. the mayor.
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hey, abby. >> good evening. the only question from the 49ers right now is who are you firing? niners trapped franchise record 12 in a row. loss to bad jets team yesterda yesterday. gm and coach under the microscope.
9:55 pm
owner jed york may be as well. the only person safe in that organization is join in payrol payroll. jason of cbs reports that jets parents may consider putting an experienced football person in charge of the club and try to lift the niners out of the depth of the titanic like state that would be replacing jed now the name mike shanahan came up publicly most likely leaked by mike himself but who can fix this mess and how many years will it take? i don't know. niners continue to find way to just give away games. they got off to good start yesterday but blew a fourth quarter lead. they show positive sign carlos hide had a career high of 193 rushing yards then gets stuffed with game on the line late fourth quarter. can't finish people off. cap threw 4 yard in the second half. despite the record the coach says the film shows they have not given up.
9:56 pm
>> just have to stand up and fight again. that's the one thing wheu lock at the tape they played with great effort. they give you everything that they have that's the one thing that i think they can control and what they bring to it that's what they d.i thought they did play hard. i thought they did give a good effort. and we have to find a way to make another play. >>reporter: raiders have had few day to digest the loss to the chiefs last thursday night. that was a loss that could cost them the afc west and first round by. raiders three games left. need some help to win the division. derek car was sick to his stomach struggling in the loss. 117 yards passing. cold was a factor but receivers you have to hang on to some of these balls. raiders final three games at san diego home against indy then home against the broncos. jack has faith in had his quarterback. >> he'll bounce back.
9:57 pm
i'm not worried about derek. for us i felt like i would have like to see more big boy ball in the game. with the weather. the fact that he was having an off night. got the big line. i would have liked to see us hand the ball off a few more times. >> raiders loss to kc gave new england the top seed in the afc. trying to hold on to monday night football and talk about fired up. at age 39 let's go. patriots in the third. brady. bennett. 19 yard touch down. patriots up by 20. then game over. not quite. after two special team turn over joe flacco to dixon 23-17. brady threw for here with the dagger here. 79 yard touch down to chris hogan. pats win and stay on top of the afc. man was to guide the transitions
9:58 pm
just been fired. ram fisher following the 42-14 loss with the falcons yesterday. whole season just a train wreck for the ram. 4 and 9. fisher has been an nfl head coach for 22 years. winning record in only 6 of them. baseball news closer cashing if big time off season dodgers reliever jansen agreed to a 5 year 80 million dollar contract. second largest contract ever for a reliever. jansen reported 71 saves last year for l.a. chapman. mark. jansen combined to rack up 228 million in contracts. this off season in contrast rivera 1 skype million to during his entire career. loss to memphis playing in the fourth game in 5 nights the warriors streak of 110 games without a back-to-back defeat in jeopardy last tonight and took a late fourth quarter come back to keep the streak alive. they had a run.
9:59 pm
they turned a deficit no an 8 point win. thompson brilliant down the stretch with 14 point in the fourth. doves gone 111 in a row in regular season without back-to-back losses. this is a resilient team. >> impressive i was telling mike brown it's most impressive streak that i have ever seen to go that long. that's a lot of games. schedule catches up to you of in this league. >> warriors and new orleans tomorrow. 7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> thanks larry. coming up tonight at 11:00. armed robber targets a man with a disability and it's caught on camera. the police plea made to the public. for all of us here thanks for wa
10:00 pm
announcer: this program contains material that may be disturbing to some audience members. viewer discretion is advised. today on "corrupt crimes," from whiz kid to rogue broker, how one scamming financier plays roulette with the stock market and single-handedly takes down britain's oldest bank. southers: as long as he's not getting caught, he's not gonna stop


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