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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  July 24, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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live where you live. this is abc7 news. a stockton family is dealing with a double tragedy tonight. one daughter is dead following a car crash and another is in jail accused of causing that crash. xweerngs thanks for joining us. i'm dan ashley. what is shocking about the crash is that the suspect was
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streaming it all on social media before and after the accident. here's reporter carolyn tyler. >> reporter: ob dulyia sanchez sits in the merced county jail tonight after a horrible crash friday near merced. the 18-year-old was singing and live streaming on instagram with her phone in her hand when she lost control of her car. police say the 14-year-old girls in the back seat, sanchez's sister jacquelin and her friend were not wearing seat belts and were ejected through the window. [ screaming ] >> reporter: the chp says not only was sanchez on instagram, she was understand the influence when she rolled her buick into a barbed wire fence, then into a field. her sister died. the other girl was badly injured. the disturbing video continues with sanchez standing over her sister's body, shocking the thousands who watched it. >> jacquelin? please wake up.
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>> reporter: her family is in disbelief. >> it's happened with who knows why. >> i [ bleeped ] my sister. i know i'm going to jail for life. i understand that. this is the last thing i wanted to happen, okay? all right? i don't [ bleeped ] care. i'm going to hold you down. >> reporter: investigators are checking to see if lu stopped live streaming long enough to call 911. >> she know she do something wrong because she knows. and that's what i feel. she feel bad she killed her own sister. >> reporter: ob dulyia sanchez faces charges of vehicular manslaughter and suspicion of driving under the influence. her sister was supposed to celebrate her confirmation at their church this past weekend. instead, the family is planning her funeral. in the newsroom, carolyn tyler,
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abc7 news. the third girl in the car was manuel la. she only received cuts to her legs during the crash but she was close friends with jacquelin. she talked about how she will remember her friend. >> she wasn't like everybody else. like she was just funny. she would be funny. she didn't even need to try. she would make you smile from the little things she would say. she wouldn't even try and she could make you laugh. she was just like so energetic and she wanted to like travel the world and like do amazing things. >> manuel la had a box filled with letters that jacquelin had given her. we'll have much more on this story ahead at 11:00 over on channel 7. just a shame. a burlingame woman arrested in connection with a stabbing death of the man she lived with. it happened saturday night on myrtle road. abc7 news reporter melanie
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woodrow has details. >> reporter: burlingame police say mia smith stabbed her partner to death saturday night. there's a coroner's seal on the door of the smith shared with the man the neighbors knew as ed. co-workers knew him from a new job and didn't want to be on camera stopped by the house today stunned anyone would hurt him. police say they received the call just before 10:00 saturday night for an unresponsive man. >> it was obvious had he sustained stab wounds. >> reporter: they pronounced the victim dead at the scene. police then arrested 36-year-old smith. she's been books at san mateo county jail on homicide charges. her coworkers declined to speak on camera. the couple was known by employees at sunrise market as well as this independent car dealership. a man who works here says mia and ed were engaged at some point. also he just stopped to talk to ed saturday afternoon. he was shocked to hear police arrested smith. she will be arraigned tuesday
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afternoon. in burlingame melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> firefighters are making progress containing a wildfire that broke out last week in pair poe sa county. the detwiler fire has burned more than 778,000 acres at this point. south of yosemite national park. cal fire says it's northwest and now it's burning that direction, now 60% contained. late today the county sheriff lifted more evacuation orders for several neighborhoods that were under they're the. some families returned to their homes happy to see they are still standing. >> we were just elated when we came back to see our property still there. you know? and but devastated to see others around us that didn't make it. >> firefighters are from santa clara county and san francisco who responded to the fire last week as mutual aid were allowed to return to the bay area today after a job well done. well, someone opened fire on
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a car on highway 242 in concord saturday night near concord avenue. the victim hasn't hurt by a bullet shattered his car's rear window. he says a man in a mercedes was driving erratically, stopped on the shoulder and opened fire when he drove by for some strange reason. people who are turned away from shoreline amphitheater last fryatt friday are upset they can't get a refind from a canceled concert that was featuring matchbox 20 and counting crows. we explain why some people are being denied. >> counting crows. ♪ >> reporter: matchbox 20 will hit the stage at the shoreline amphitheater tuesday night without the counting crows. signs are posted outside the box office. >> when you hear it gets canceled you're like okay, i'll get my money back or we'll make other plans. >> reporter: but hugo had trouble getting a refund. the abc7 news employee bought his tickets from ticket monster and told us the vendor initially refused to refund him because
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the concert was rescheduled. >> $300 i paid for the whole thing. had i can't go on such short notice. >> reporter: the company decide to give him his money back. the concert was canceled because of a problem at the loading docks. the pavement on the docs collapsed. ticketmaster and live nation are offering refunds to people who bought tickets directly through their sites. velasquez and many others bought tickets through third party vendors. a ticketmaster spokesman told us they can't refund the tickets they didn't directly sell to people. >> that's tough. yeah, i could understand their pain. luckily we bought it straight from the box office. they gave us a full refund including the service const today making repairs. live nation tells us the asphalt will be down soon and shoreline should be ready to go tomorrow. in plant view, janine de la vega, abc7 news. 7 on your side has helped several other people get refunds
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from other companies, as well. if you'd like help resolving an issue, their contact information to get hold of michael finney is on our website, abc from skyline to scotland, a group of young actors will take off this saturday for the american high school theater festival. it's an expensive trip for the students from oakland's skyline high school. they've paid about $42,000 and still need to raise another $24,000. today the drama teacher and skyline's principal entered into an agreement with the festival that gives them one more month to get the money together interest free so they can pull this thing off. they have several fund-raising events planned including an auction of warriors related items. help them by going to for a link to their online pund raising page. kids would love to have this once in a lifetime opportunity. stay with us. the faces of facebook you may not think about. up next, a worker struggling to
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make ends meet and how they plan to increase their paycheck. you're going to get on board b.a.r.t.'s new train cars. find out what there has more of and what there is less of. meteorologist drew tuma is here with the forecast. >> wrapping up a cool start to the weekend. we'll have heat relief a lot of people want. not going to stick around for that long. the numbers ahead in the forecast. >> and things are getting greener at apple's new campus. a progress report from the air a progress report from the air as
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more doors, fewer seays. those are some of the noticeable changes in the new b.a.r.t. cars that are being tested. the public won't be riding them for another few months but we got on board today to give you a look. abc7 news reporter laura anthony. [ bell ] >> reporter: they're not quite ready for primetime. b.a.r.t.'s new train cars will be arriving soon. as soon as one more round of testing during normal service hours is completed. >> it's a big step because that means that 90% of the tests are done. and they're through testing. we do have some punch lists items we're still cleaning up. >> reporter: on this test run, there were a couple of rough
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stops. >> whoa. >> reporter: but for the most part, the trains are quieter and smoother than the current fleet of 409-year-old cars. there are fewer seats but only about two less than on the current cars and there are three doors on each side instead of two. >> i think overall the customer experience on these cars is going to be a lot better. i think people are going to appreciate the three doors which means the trains will be able to unload and load quicker. the seats are comfortable. you know, it's a nice car. you know, it's like going from a model d to a tesla really. >> reporter: b.a.r.t. does acknowledge months of delays and glitches prompting 3,000 software modifications since last year. kirk paulsen has been a train operator for 23 years. he says the new cars are a lot different from where he sits. >> just the cab makeup, the windows, lighting, the ventilation. monitoring system.
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>> reporter: b.a.r.t. plans to introduce the new cars to the public in september. the ten pilot cars will run as a single train, not mixed in with the old ones. laura anthony, abc7 news. well, late night muni metro riders will face delays tonight and every weeknight the next month because of subway closures. starting at 9:00, the metro subway will close between embarcadero and west stations. the tracks are closed at night and all day on the weekends. shuttles will be provided. 500 cafeteria workers at facebook voted to join a union, part of a growing movement among low wage workers to get higher pay and more benefits. here's david louie. >> reporter: the numbers keep growing, 500 cafeteria an workers at facebook joined nearly 5,000 other who's voted to unionize in the past three years. jackie says the process is
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empowering. she has worked as a barista at andy sisco for three years. she and her coworkers organized last fall. >> once the union did come in, we did have a voice. our managers were hearing us, everything that we had to say. that was very cool. >> reporter: these are photos from a number of organizing rallies since silicon valley rising started three years ago. it has paved the way for 3,000 security officers to joint united service workers west and 1,000 shuttle drivers to become teamsters. almost 1,000 workers are now members of unite local 19 getting health coverage along with an average raise of $3 an hour from $12 to $17.4 plus sabbaticals for workers. >> it's largely because income inequality in silicon valley has gotten so extreme the workers clearly see their interests in getting together and organizing in order to get better wages and benefits. >> reporter: jackie espinosa continues to live with her
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family. they pool their wages to pay rent and buy food. some of her coworkers work two or three jobs to raise children. campaign director maria believes the unionization of silicon valley is going to improve the workers' quality of life. >> our hope is these workers can be able to go home to their families in the afternoon, they can do homework with their daughters and sons, that they can go to baseball practice and everything. >> reporter: in menlo park, david louie, abc7 news. google's parent company alphabet beat wall street expectations but the company said its costs were rising faster than sales. it warned that as more searches shift to mobile devices, the expense would remain high. shares of the company got hammered in after hours tradings. the stock down as much as 30 points. and we have some new drone footage of the new apple campus in cupertino. it shows a lot of the progress on the landscaping. you can see a large grove of trees ha is been planned on the.
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the drone pilot duncan sinfield shot this footage over the weekend. some staff members are already working there but a full transition could take months. but it is a very prim esive as you can see. so is the temperatures that are coming. meteorologist drew tuma is here with heat on the way. >> yeah, dan. we're enjoying a brief relief from the heat. quick transition to cooler weather today. it's not lasting too much longer. live doppler 7 along with satellite coastal clouds make their way back inland tonight. a beautiful shot from our east bay hills camera showing you a gorgeous crescent moon tonight and you see that low cloud cover will make its presence known moving inland over the next couple hours. we're calling for coastal clouds. it will be breezy tonight. your tuesday if you like the cool weather, that's the pick of the week for you because tuesday will be the coolest day of the week because thursday, that heat is going to return big-time and going to last for several days.
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current temperatures out there right now, it's pretty comfortable in the fist and 60s across the board. 63 that current number in oakland. 58 in san francisco. look at san jose, the lone spot in the 70s at 70 degrees. 65 in danville and concord. right now sitting at a temperature of 62. here's the call. >> overnight tonight the coastal cloud cover. that will move inland. you notice a lot of fog. mainly in the north bay. we'll have a nice wind in the south pumping that fog into the north bay. temperature wise, mainly holding in empty 50s. probably see more in the way of stars in the south bay. san jose drops to 59 overnight tonight. your 12 hour planner on your tuesday. morning clouds by 7:00 in the morning. by noon the clouds pulling back to the coast. a lot of sunshine away from the coast. the big take away tomorrow afternoon, it's nice for july. temperatures either at or even just slightly below normal for where they should be this time of the year. taking the highs on your tuesday, it will be breezy along the coast.
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63 for half moon bay. 66 for san francisco. comfortable 72 tomorrow in oakland. 81. that number in san jose, 78 the high in napa. antioch our warm spot not too bad at 88. the beach forecast tuesday, a lot of cloud cover. late day breaks of sunshine. we'll notice a sea breeze 10 to 15 miles per hour. will keep our coastal communities mainly in the 60s. only exception santa cruz with an afternoon high of 70 degrees. future tracker temperatures everything will change by thursday. thursday temperatures get warm to hot for many. we see temperatures going well into the 90s inland, even a few spots could hit the century mark. here's the seven-day forecast. the next seven days for you. tomorrow it's much like today. temperatures very comfortable for this time of the year. they're steady if not slightly below normal for this time of year. by wednesday, we're calling it a midweek warmup. those numbers will start to climb. i think you'll notice it on
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thursday. it's mild to warm out there with temperatures going well into the 90s inland, even 80s around the bay. that pattern will continue friday into saturday with little change. summer range on sunday and even monday the warmth holds on. right now probably the warmest day is likely coming on thursday. >> thanks very much. appreciate it. coming up next, how fremont became the safest community in the bay area. and the war over comic-con souvenirs. why the tsa and united airlines are squaring off about it. are squaring off about it. more to co food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. the bay area's fourth largest city may also be the safest. the "san francisco chronicle" reports there hasn't been a homicide in fremont since 2015. back in 199 , the city had nine
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killings. police and people who live there say it's a combination of people staying hyper vigilant to what's going on and the city's abundance of both public and private security cameras. the city of sunnyvale spent nearly $100,000 on a new logo. this was the old logo for 46 years, a cone shape playing heavily on the v in sunnyvale. some people are wondering if the new logo looks like too much like a pott leaf or a pac-man. it may symbolized a sun coming over a valley appropriate for the name of the city. comic-con fans were told they could take their comic books on to airplanes. this started when one fan tweeted a photo of a united airlines sign at the airport that told attendees to remove all books from checked bags. united then tweeted that the restriction was set by the tsa. some fans reacted online asking
9:25 pm
if the tasa was banning comics from flight. tsa then tweeted there were no tsa restrictions on checking comic books. the tsa says it's been screening comic-con fans in san diego for ten years. they do suggest fans ship some items home like replica weapons. don't fry to get on the plane with that. one comic-con stand this weekend displayed a bit of history. sunday press books revived some very old comes some over 100 years old. dick tracey and little nemo. they include rare comic strips from the early 1900s. they're reprinted as close to the original as possible using computer software. some are printed in as many as 11 colors. they're also larger than your average comic book. some are almost two feet to a side by the way. a surprise announcement tonight from senator john mccain. his plans to return to the senate just weeks after being
9:26 pm
diagnosed with brain cancer. also, 50 employees agree to be implanted with a computer chip. wuld you do that? what it does and does not do. and sorry, believers. the tour is over. why
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live where you live. this is abc7 news. and good evening once again. we'll begin this half hour with the return of john mccain to the u.s. senate just a week after being diagnosed with brain cancer. mccain tweeted this tonight. look forward to returning to the senate tomorrow to continue work on health care reform. defense bill and russia sanctions. his return comes just as the senate is expected to take a vote toward repealing and
9:30 pm
replacing the affordable care act, so-called obamacare. tonight, president trump is pressuring senators to act. abc news reporter meghan hughes has details. >> reporter: president trump putting senate republicans on notice. >> any senator who votes against starting debate is telling america that you are fine with the obamacare nightmare which is what it is. >> reporter: gathering a group of people the white house calls obamacare victims ahead of a showdown on tuesday. hours after the white house event, the president raising the issue again at the boy scout jamboree even threatening his health and human services secretary. by the way, you going to get the vote. you better get them. otherwise, i'll say tom, you're fired. i'll get somebody. >> giving majority leader misch mcconnell a potential boost, senator john mccain who was recovering in arizona is now expected to return. but mcconnell can still only lose two republican votes to move the bill forward.
9:31 pm
>> we're here to make sure that the senators hear us loud and clear. we need to kill this bill. >> reporter: at the u.s. capitol, a torrential downpour and outpouring of protests against the obamacare repeal efforts. while inside the capitol, confuse late monday about what measure was even coming up for a vote. >> we haven't even gotten to see the bill. even the republicans haven't seen the bill. so they're going to have it thrown on them tomorrow. >> reporter: vice president mike pence is expected here on capitol hill when the measure comes up in place to cast a tiebreaking vote if necessary. meghan hughes, abc news, capitol hill. >> stay in washington now to president trump's son-in-law jared kushner, the first family member to answer questions about russia on capitol hill. kushner says he did not col include with the russians and put blame on assistant for putting the meetings on a security clearance form. white house correspondent
9:32 pm
jonathan carl. >> reporter: the president's son-in-law was all smiles as he arrived on capitol hill. >> anybody with the campaign col include with russia? >> reporter: the behind the scenes power player is now front and center in the investigation. >> mr. kushner, do you regret that meeting at trump tower. >> were you -- >> reporter: jared kushner is the first trump family member and highest ranking white house official to be questioned by congressional investigators. the two and a half hour session was behind closed doors but kushner release add 11-page statement that he said fully account ford his russia contacts during the campaign and the transition. his conversations with the russian ambassador, the russian banker, and that trump tower meeting with the russian lawyer arranged by don junior who in an e-mail chain was told she was a russian government attorney who had dirt on hillary clinton, part of russia and its government's support for mr. trump. don junior forwarded the e-mail chain to kushner with the subject line "russia clinton
9:33 pm
private and confidential." but kushner says he only read the part of the e-mail directed to him listing just the time of the meeting. kushner called the sit down itself a waste of our time saying that a few minutes into it, he e-mailed his assistant, can you please call me on my cell, need excuse to get out of meeting. he was still smiling as he left the capitol. >> jared, how did the testimony go? are you confident? >> very well. it went well. >> you can answer all the questions. >> as many as they have. >> reporter: back at the white house, the private kushner made a rare appearance before the cameras. >> my name is jared kushner. >> reporter: he said all of his actions were proper. >> let me be very clear. i did not col include with russia nor do i know of anyone else in the campaign who did so. i had no improper contacts. i have not relied on russian funds for my businesses. >> reporter: he also insisted whatever happened with russia,
9:34 pm
it had nothing to do with his father-in-law's victory. >> donald trump had a better message and ran a spectacular the of /* smarter message and ran a spectacular campaign and that is why he won. suggesting otherwise ridicules those who vote ford him. >> the new white house communications director predict this had will be the last time kushner talks about the russians. democrats want him back on capitol hill to testify in public. we asked him about that. >> thank you. >> jared, are you willing to testify in public and under oath? >> jonathan karl, abc news, the white house. reports surfaced meantime today that president trump is considering replacing attorney general jeff sessions with rudolph giuliani. giuliani dismissed the report tonight and told cnn sessions made the right decision to recuse himself from the russia investigation. last week, the president expressed frustration that sessions had recused himself and today called him beleaguered. next to the frontlines in
9:35 pm
syria and the battle against isis. it may be, may be the terrorist group's last stand. tonight we're seeing what isis was using to keep going. in pinnell takes you there. >> reporter: tonight o in raqqah, if you want to get to the frontline here, there's just one way. run and zig-zag to avoid isis snipers. we're moving forward. progress is slow and dangerous. we move to the owed city where the war against isis rages. some 3,000 militants trying to hang on to rockka, the defacto capital and their last major stronghold. as you can hear the battle for raqqah is now raging with u.s.-led coalition forces taking the fight on the ground, you can hear the sound, the crackle of gunfire every few minutes. >> reporter: here on the frontline, a volunteer from california. who has come here on his own as a sniper. >> this isn't really a mission
9:36 pm
of vengeance. that's a dirty word but this is more like justice. you know? orlando, paris. >> reporter: and he has bullets to prove it. engraved with terrorist attacks in america and europe. >> you know, what chance did they have, you knows? none. so justice for them. >> reporter: he takes us to a makeshift mosque set up by isis. >> this is the flag of isis here. >> reporter: here we found evidence of drug abuse. you can see the needle there. a sign of the pressure the militants now face and how fiercely they fight. in the battle, some now call the last stand of isis. but the going is slow. the battle could last for months. and the kind of attacks the american sniper says he's here to stop may never end. abc news in northern iraq. >> fascinating. imagine being able to log on to your commuter, enter a
9:37 pm
building and buy snacks from a vending machine with a wave of your hand. more than 50 employees as the a wisconsin vending machine company agreed to receive microchip implants. the chips are optional and the company says it cannot track the employees with them. the implants are about the size of a grain of rice. they cost $300 each and the company is picking up the tab. well, after performing 154 shows over the last 1 months, justin bieber is canceling the remaining dates of his "purpose" world tour. the first six months of the year, it's estimated he's grossed $93 million in ticket sales. the megapop singer will likely face penalties for the con selled u.s. dates which include an august 5th show at the rose bowl. the only reason given for cancellation was unforeseen circumstances. tmz says bieber was just over it. promoters have promised refunds. coming up here, a blind test about the taste of whiskey and
9:38 pm
the effect fds sound. you'll need all your senses for this story. stay with me. back in a moment.
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you know that music is powerful, but is it strong enough to change how something actually tastes? one local maker of craft whiskey thinks the answer to that question is yes.
9:42 pm
news reporter jonathan bloom went to find out in a blind taste test. >> echoing through the spirit works distillery, the sound of whiskey being born. sometimes you'll hear head distiller lauren adding yeast. next door in the barrel room, the sound is much different. you don't often see a barrel of whiskey rocking out to a dance mix but that's what's happening. > we've been pumping music into a few select barrels for a few years now. it's been an interesting experiment for us. >> reporter: there's one listening to michael jackson. >> this one's pure led zeppelin. >> reporter: played on repeat for three years. >> listening to the same play list for these years, you'll go crazy or become a genius. let's hope for a little bit of both. >> reporter: whiskey derives much flavor from the barrels it lives in for years move in and out of the wood as it expands and contracts were changing weather. >> how can we get the interaction between the liquid and wood to behave in a
9:43 pm
different way. we thought we could excite that by using sound vi bragsz. >> reporter: there's one thing that's clear. there is a difference between these barrels and it's one you can taste in a blind taste test. >> here's number one. >> reporter: i found the most flavorful notes in the bluegrass barrel. >> because i picked it it's secretly competition. i'm pleases. >> reporter: the most popular was picked by his wife, a barrel that spent three years hearing nut cracker. >> differen set of beats, classical music is very, very varied. >> reporter: need more proof. >> every time we produce one batch of whiskey we produce two barrels. this is lis nichk to barrel and this is the control. >> reporter: the control barrels are part of the blind test too but the music barrels keep winning. jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> stay here. meteorologist drew tuma is next with a rare weather event involving dancing cyclones. involving dancing cyclones. plus, getting ready for t
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look at these pictures. severe flash flooding hit arizona today after a storm dumped rain in the phoenix area. the flooding washed out roads and a patchy junction. this video was posted by jesse southernson. earlier firefighters rescued a woman trapped in her car but got her out at least. that solar eclipse everyone's been talking about happens four weeks from today. you need to be in oregon or one of 13 other states and along a 70 mile wide path on august 21st. while day won't become night here in the day area, you'll see a partial eclipse with about 75% of the sun obscured by our moon. abc7 news was at the space and science center where they're
9:48 pm
planning a watch party as they often do there. it will start at 9:00 a.m. and it is free. the eclipse peaks at about 11:20. meteorologist drew tuma is back to update the forecast. >> we're tracking one more day of cool temperatures before rather warm air works back into our picture. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing coastal cloud cover. it's a quiet picture. i want to take you down to the tropics where a pretty unique phenomenon is under way. not one but we have a pair of storms that are brewing in the pacific right now. you can see we have tropical storm irwin at this moment and we also have a hurricane. this is hurricane hillary. it's a category 2 storm. winds at about 100 miles per hour. as we take you through the next couple days, what will actually happen, hillary is going to strengthen into a major category 3 storm. look at the proximity between hillary and the weaker storm irwin. what's going to happen, they're going to do a little bit of a
9:49 pm
dance later this week and hillary is actually going to absorb irwin and take all of its moist. this is a phenomenon known as the fuji war effect. it's named after the meteorologist who discovered two storms can orbit each other and one will predominantly prevail and merge into a stronger storm. this typically happens when systems are about 1200 miles or closer to each other. over here tonight, fog developing on the coast moving into the north bay. 50s the name of the game. your highs on tuesday, a comfortable day. it's breezy on the coast. 66 san francisco, 81 in san jose, 7 oakland and 78 the number in napa. the seven-day forecast, nice for july on tuesday. and then everything changes once again. by wednesday, a midweek warmup around here. thursday, we'll keep the trend going. friday, as well.
9:50 pm
little change on saturday and sunday and by monday the warmth will hold on. would not be shocked if thursday inland we see a couple places hit the 100 degree mark. we're kind of over it. >> thanks. what's the weather effect called again? >> fuji wara. >> thanks, drew very much. mr. b is up next. >> you don't want to mess with the fuji wara. >> one will prevail. >> it's going to be a world of hurt when the fuji wara come raining down on you. the a's are in a world of hurt also. they're in rebuilding mode. chappie sparks with the glove. chappie sparks with the glove. oh, look at this
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abc7 sports brought to you by your local toyota dealer. good evening. sonny gray is scheduled to pitch for the a's tomorrow in toronto. the moment clayton kershaw's back locked up yesterday, you had to wonder whether the dodgers might be on the phone to work out a deal for gray.
9:54 pm
trade deadline one week away. bob melvin looking for career win number 1,000. roin goins two-out bases loaded knock off. jays take a 3-1 lead. matt chapman next inning, that is obliterated to the second deck out in center field. chapman has homered in three straight games. brilliant defensively. bases loaded in the seventh. chan man fires to rob tulowitzki and starts an inning-ending double play. that is fantastic. not a lot of guys that can do that. roberto osuna struck out the side in the ninth. ryon healy to end it 4-2 jays your final score. the giants 30 games out of first. look, a skate boarding dog at the park. 3-0 pirates in the second. mccutchen, aloha off of matt cain. 6-zip bucks. cain and chris conroy jawing at
9:55 pm
each other. enter bruce bochy, exit bruce tossed for arguing about balls and strikes. 6-1 in the fifth. buster posey singles. mccutchen dove and pretended he made the case. that confused brandon belt who got a late break for third. he was out by a mile. two down bottom seven. buster clutch. scores denard span to make it 6-3 but the giants are losing yet again in the eighth inning right now. it is 9-3 pirate prfz keep the baseball theme for three straight years. the danville aces made it to the little league immediate world series. the coaches pull this had streak off with three completely different rosters. this year it took extra magic for this group of 13-year-old sluggers to get it done. >> let's go, club, big hit. follow through. sit back on it. drive it. >> bases loaded, two outs, bottom of the seventh and we were down by one. those situations that you dream of as a kid growing up, you put yourself in that situation and
9:56 pm
you visualize coming through. >> cole came up. he had this big smile on his face. you could tell he was ready for it. >> he wanted it so bad. >> it was super tense. i was on first base. >> when i stepped up to the plate, two strikes, boom, hit, i was like oh, my gosh. >> yea! >> go, go, go! >> yeah! >> filled with joy. i was like oh, my gosh. like little league world series here we come. >> i went crazy. even our parents were climbing the fences. >> a couple more inches and could have been over for us. >> now the team representing district 57 in danville has a chance to shine on the world stage in the little league intermediate word series in livermore. >> you're looking at 11 teams, 150 or so of the best baseball players in the world that come here. >> we'll acknowledge there is a lot of people there. we'll acknowledge how cool this is and by the time we get the first pitch, hopefully we've got the bugs out and we're ready to
9:57 pm
go. >> being that it's in our hometown, it's cool. >> we know everything around us. we know the town. we know a lot of people that live here. >> reporter: the team was afforded the opportunity for much needed perspective when oakland coliseum head grounds keeper the father of aces catcher tyler wood invited the team to play on a big deal field. >> it doesn't get better. the dirt is perfect. >> you can almost see all the greats playing there before. so magical. >> we thought what we played in livermore was going to be big. this is a lot bigger than that. >> reporter: on sunday, danville will be the host team as five international champions and five u.s. regional champs begin play. the championship rounds were air on espn. >> imagine being a 13-year-old kid taking swings at the coliseum. >> after china clay captivated social media, steph curry now making a splash across the globe. a more subdued fashion on his
9:58 pm
third consecutive promotional tour. year after year he goes back with underarmor in china. spent the day in sheng du. curry has one more city to visit in china before jetting off to south korea. he tries to make the most of every stop. >> going to a different city or trying to hit different cities every time we come and get different experiences and reach as many fans as possible. it's been a really cool experience. they are quick trips but we try to do a better job of understanding the chinese culture and understanding what that means. >> meanwhile, kevin durant in new york has part of his charity. his initiative called it build it and they will ball which renovates and refurbishes basketball courts in underserved communities. this is his first one in new york. >> i'm trying to get out and let people know how much the game of basketball has meant to me and the values it taught me as a young man. you know, to get the energy from
9:59 pm
the kids, enthusiasm. it's goods it's being recognized. >> warriors getting it done all over the world. abc7 sports brought to you by toyota. >> very cool. thanks very much. coming up tonight on abc7 news at 11:00, hero in hawaii. a bay area woman talks how she helped save a man from a near fatal wp attack during her island vacation. you're looking at a kitty that fell victim to an increase in coyotes roaming a south bay neighborhood. join us for abc7 news on 11:00 on channel 7 for those stories and a good deal more. that is all for now. for drew tuma, larry beil, all of us, i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. hope you enjoy the rest of your evening. bye for now.
10:00 pm
narrator: today on corrupt crimes... christmas eve, 2008. a family's annual holiday gathering turns tragic. it coincides with the arrival of kids' all time christmas favorite,


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