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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  January 3, 2011 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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for a third term as governor. i am simon perez details coming up. two people shot in front of a bay area grocery store this morning evidence police have to work with. good morning it is monday january 3rd. i am elizabeth we thinker juliette and sydnie have the morning off. a little fog. let's look at traffic and weather first. right to tracy. hey elizabeth. yeah, a little fog out there, but something else that will not be out there this morning or this afternoon. rainfall. the rain has ended? yeah, the rain has ended at least for now. take a look at today's forecast. traffic here is gianna. >> over to the altamonte pass where we are dealing with an accident westbound 580, on the right shoulder causing a bit of a back up details on that coming up in a few minutes. >> thank you. we are following a developing story out of novato a double shooting in a safeway parking
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lot. right now police are still outside the grocery store on nave drive. reports of gunfire came in just after midnight two men in their 20s were found lying in the back of a toyota with multiple gunshot wounds, vick testimonies were taken to a low -- victims were taken to local hospital. police have so far made no arrest and are working with a vague description of suspects. >> changing of the guard at the governor's office. arnold schwarzenegger moving out gerry brown back in. simon perez in sacramento where brown will be sworn in this morning. a little deja vu. >> reporter: here we go again. that's right elizabeth. the theme today in sacramento will be posterity. governor elect, gerry brown has told anyone who will listen his top focus is fixing the state's broken budget. he becomes the oldest governor in the state some 30 years after he became the youngest in the last century. the big problem this time is
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same as the last time money. the strait predicted to spend $28 billion more than it takes in over the next 18 months brown plans to hit the ground running. a budget he has described as a rough ride which will require everyone to fasten their seat belts. >> not money to provide basic services at this point and you can fix that problem in one of two ways, raise faxes or make cuts or a third option do a blend of both. gerry brown is going to do a blend of both now look for him in the next couple days to release his budget proposal but i will tell you, as a little bird told me, he plans to unvail a draconian budget going forward. >> brown has not lead on, what his specific plans are. some insiders expect him to extend temporary income taxes, and vehicle license fees, he promised in the campaign to
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never raise taxes without voter approval first. his swearing in ceremony, 11:00 a.m. this morning, sack ma men toe memorial auditorium, light party at the capital, hot dog and chips followed by invitation only party railroad museum. events all day long. >> cbs 5 will cover it all day long. simon perez live in sacramento. on his last full day in office governor schwarzenegger granted clemency in two cases reduced a prison sentence from 16 years to 7 for the son of former assembly speaker. he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon. it was in connection with a deadly fight near san diego university in 2008. the governor noted he did not deliver the fatal stab wound. governor commuted the sentence of a woman who killed her former pimp as a teenager.
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sarah had been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for shooting howard in 1994. yesterday, schwartz egger called -- schwarzenegger called the punishment excessive and changed the sentence to 25 years the life with possibility of p role. it cited years of abuse. >> history will be made in oakland. jean kwan will become the city's first female and asian american mayor. sharon chin in oakland with more. big day sharon. >> reporter: yes, it is. jean kwan will start her day with her people, she is calling herself the mayor of the people she will start her day with a 2 hour walk through downtown oakland celebrations started last night with a preinaugural party surprise winner of the rank choice voting system says she is ready to lead and has a full plate from tackling crime,
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with dozens fewer police officers to city's budget deficit. >> talked to officers who serve in the city we will talk about public safety. >> she is working with our neighbourhood, working on traffic issues on joaquin miller road very involved and committed to the community. >> she will be able to accomplish a lot. >> yes, and hell yes two answers to the question. >> reporter: this morning kwan and her supporters will walk from china town to her swearing in at the fox theatre it will start at 8:30 a.m. and retrace significant spots in her personal journey the walk ends at the fox theatre where new members of city council, school board and city auditor will be sworn in at 11:00 a.m. kwan says her first order of business, will happen tomorrow morning. she is going to attend the first police line up of the oakland police department tomorrow, start to open the
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conversation about crime, tackling crime and how to do it with fewer police officers. first the swearing in ceremony this morning 11:00 a.m., doors open at the fox theatre at 10, and it is first come first served. >> she has a lot to tackle. sharon chin live for us in oakland. thank you. 6:06 a.m. weather and traffic tracy is the sun going the come out today? >> yeah, the sun will come out and we are also expecting sunshine to be with us for most of the workweek. for this morning as you head out the door, plenty of clouds, temperatures a little chilly especially san the rosa. 36 degrees. coldest spot around the bay, 45 san raphael, 49 oakland and as you move inland lower to mid- 40s. fairfield, vallejo, concord, liver more. mountain view and redwood city, san francisco, 48 degrees. a few areas of fog especially
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well inland temperatures this morning, coldest spots, mid-30s inland, upper 40s around the bay and coastment how much sunshine can you expect today or this week. a look at your full forecast. over to the altamonte pass we go, i have good news to report that earlier accident westbound 580, north land completely cleared off the freeway on the right shoulder involving a big rig and vehicle damage is done. starting to back up. as you head tolier more the case as well through antioch westbound, 8th street to summerville, 20 to 22 miles per hour the traffic looks good on the rest of your drive for highway 4. headed to south bay not a bad choice traffic looking good 101. a live look 280 northbound everything clear through downtown san jose. back to you. thank you. time now 6:07 a.m. a headache for bay area commuters, what is being shut down for 6 months. dispointing season for the
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49ers is over. where they have landed on this years draft
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body rested. stress gone. mind sharp. because unisom gave you deep restful sleep all night. morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning. >> antioch, high of 52, san
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francisco 54. half moon bay 54 also, and santa clara, 56 degrees. dry for now, we will take a look at the seven-day forecast and let you know if more rain is on the way. if you are taking the golden gate ferry, it may cost you a little more than usual. ferries between marin county and san francisco charge 10% more if you use clipper card. a one way fare from sausalito is .8 $5. ticket from lark spur costs $5.70. cash fares will remain the same for now, but could increase as well by summer. >> makes me wonder why it is going up makes me wonder if their expenses have gone up or just raising it because it is convenient because everybody else is raising their prices. >> i was surprised how much the two tickets were today but i don't do it very often so if i have visitors herely sty pay the price. >> transit board wanted a higher increase but compromised
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when riders complained. >> california street cable car line in san francisco will be shut down for six months to work crews can renovate the line and install an electrical system under the tracks. they will run the route 6:00 a.m. to midnight during construction. san franciscos golden gate park could soon be declared an historic landmark the park is listed on the national register of historic places. several buildings including conservatory of flowers and beach shall lay are landmarks now -- chalet are landmarks now they are considering giving the entire park landmark status. >> gerry brown taking over a familiar role starting today. the biggest challenges he will face as we preview his first 100 days in office. >> we are back to business on the roadways, slow and go conditions on usual spots highway 4 and 580, details
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coming right up ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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good morn out the door -- good morning out the door. inland temperatures, 35 to 46 degrees. for the bay and coast mid- to upper 40s. mostly cloudy skies. by this afternoon mix of sun and cloud expected. high today lower to mid-50s. i will take that too. here is a look what is going on state of cal california, snow
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showers near the grapevine. winter storm warning in effect until 6:00 p.m. this evening. we have a system off the pacific but it is not going to be off the coastline in the pacific, it is not going to impact our forecast so the rainfall, has ended, yeah, ended for today, and for the bulk of the workweek. speaking of rainfall look at the weekend soaker we had. 1 inch san francisco. close to a half inch in napa, .8 in oakland and close to a quarter inch hayward as well as san jose. all this rainfall is adding up since july 1st, 153% of normal san francisco, more than 18 inches of rainfall santa rosa, more than 10 oakland and 93% of normal san jose. we are doing quite well. okay here we go moving into tomorrow continue to have plenty of sunshine fog will be in the forecast through the
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workweek but no rainfall expected. at least we will have a nice chance to dry out. thank you tracy. usual hot spots, on the roadways, especially through antioch, delays, a street to summerville, 19 miles an hour once you pass antioch, 62 miles an hour. 580, slow and go conditions, earlier accident westbound 580, through the altamonte pass. that has been cleared but 580 stays closed through liver more. in fact, checking our travel times 19 minutes altamonte pass through 680, not bad 80 carcenas bridge to the maze and 880 looking good northbound 238 to the maze. taking a ride through walnut creek, 680, 24, checking in nice speed on the roadway. metering lights are off but traffic starting to stack up. haven't seen this in the last
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couple weeks. back to business, 18 minutes from the carcenas bridge, slow and go in cash lanes. 101 looking good no troubles toward sfo. don't forget to check with our laid owe partners, 7:40 a.m., and 106.9 fm. now back to you elizabeth. >> they may turn the metering lights on today. today marks a new chapter for california. we will have a new governor in just a few hours. joe is here, all right well, good morning joe thank you for joining us. what can we expect from gerry brown. >> well, i would like to say all smilegiggles but the truth is lots of frowns and furrowed brows he has a 28 boil i don't know dollars service deficit he has to -- billion dollars service deficit he has to severe republican cooperation
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in the legislature. what he has to do is convince them he will do sufficient cuts in programs including public education and at the same time he has to secure their support to go to the be ballot to ask voters for permission to extend taxes we will get a blend of cuts and taxes to secure the solution to our budget deficit that is not a fun process but necessary. >> yeah, obviously he is facing a lot of obstacles. the wordiest torety is being used. >> you will see it with hot dogs, chips and water he is setting the tone he knows it would be inappropriate to have a lavish celebration it is difficult work but he campaigned for it and someone has to do this. >> right gerry brown, governor moon beam from the 19 p 0s is the the same gerry brown from back then? >> no, a different gerry brown. you are who you are in the end but people evolve and gerry brown has evolved in the last
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30 years. and he is someone who has come a little more to the center depending upon the issue. than he was before. he is not an idealist he is a pragmatist. there is something being over 70 if you know people like that, they say what they thing without filtering it because it is the truth. he is less politic more honst i think this way and better for it. >> my grandfather for example. >> yes. >> speaks his mind. >> yes. >> how will his leadership style be different than the out going current governor? >> well, the way i mentioned before, first of all he is older so he doesn't tolerate things he will tell you what he thinks the state needs to hear that with a budget crisis but another way significant politically is that gerry brown, doesn't have arnold schwarzeneggers handicap he has a party that will back him. i can't recall thing inners
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biggest failing -- jarring inners biggest fault is that he had a political party that didn't support him. gerry brown won't have that problem. that is why i think he will probably have more success. >> cbs 5s. political analyst joe thank you forgetting up so earl will with us >> -- early with us. count on cbs 5 for continuing coverage throughout the day. 6:21 a.m. a piece of history back in the bay area where you can see the world series trophy this week. plus snow in southern california, a live report on how it has snarled traffic and disrupted plans for many families ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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metering lights off at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic starting to back up in the cash lanes. details coming up in minutes. giants world series trophy is making an encore appearance at san francisco city hall. it will be on display tomorrow and wednesday from 4 to 6:00 p.m. viewing will be on a first come first served basis after wednesday it will be moved to sacramento and around the nation before returning just in time for opening day. soul searching begins for 49ers management the team ended the season yesterday with a win against the cardinals they will get the number 7 pick in this
6:25 am
year's draft the highest pick since 2006 after the game quarterback alex smith reflected on the dispointing season. >> i think for me and this whole team when you have been through so much you almost get numb to some of it if that makes sense as crazy as this year has been we have been through a lot and some of it stop phasing you. >>s unclear if smith will stay with the team. passengers across the bay area just getting home from the holidays after winter weather caused havoc at airports across the country. this morning we are hearing their travel nightmares one man just touched down yesterday after a snow storm stranded him in ireland. another family had to find a different way to get to their grandma's birthday party when their flight to new york was cancelled. >> instead of flying san francisco to jfk we flew to lax
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then philadelphia and then got in a car and drove to new york. and got there at 2:00 a.m. two days later. number of flights at sfo were cancelled yesterday due to wet weather up and down the state. right now no delays reported. 6:26 a.m. coming up super market shooting under imvest gas this morning, grim discovery -- investigation this morning grim discovery bay area place made. simon perez live in sacramento. governor schwarzenegger won't be back but gerry brown will be. oakland will make history this morning swearing in a new mayor her first order of business coming up. pgh >> our forecast today, sunshine. yeah, expecting a mix of sun and clouds, redwood city high of 55. palo alto expecting 55 degrees. milpitas, 56 and san jose 56,
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sunshine for today, how long will it stick around we will take a look at your seven-day forecast coming up [ male announcer ] enjoy an amazing usda choice steak and succulent lobster dinner at sizzler for just $15.99.
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sydnie have the morning off. time is 6- this morning police in novato continue to examine evidence at >> good morning, monday january 3rd, i am elizabeth wenger. police in novato continue to examine evidence at the scene of a double shooting. reports of gunfire came in just before midnight two men in
6:30 am
their 20s were found lying in the back of a toyota with multiple gunshot wounds they were taken to local hospital. >> police have made no arrests so far and they are just working with a vague description of the suspects. rather big story a new administration takes over at the state capital today. we have simon perez in sacramento where former governor gets another go around. actually his third hey simon. >> good mornling elizabeth. what goes around comes around definitely the theme here in sacramento as gerry brown gets sworn in as governor 36 years after he did it the first time. swearing in ceremony scheduled for 11:00 a.m. this morning, sacramento auditorium. brown sold himself in the campaign as a seasoned politician with know how to solve the states budget problems what problems they are over the next year and a half state governor will spend more than it will take in. brown has already warned fellow democrats and republicans and unions the fix will require
6:31 am
what he calls shared sacrifice. many analysts take that to mean combination of tax increases and severe budget cuts, we will find out soon if brown will submit his first budget next week. i didn't create this mess i haven't been here 28 yearsly do what i can to make it better. >> gerry has always been viewed as being on the cheap side. he has always been viewed as being really tough with the money. he doesn't do anything excessive in terms of spending. >> brown has not made a lot of waves so far as he prepares the take over he is keeping high level cabinet members on from schwarzenegger administration this is a remarkable political achievement to return to the states top job 30 years after he held it the first time what is different between now and then. statistics, state population has grown by 75%, now costs 17
6:32 am
times more to go to school in the uc system and state budget is 10 times bigger than the last full-time gerry brown was here in the governor's mansion in sacramento. i was here in 2003 during governor schwarzeneggers inauguration, very stately affair, this is supposed to be more subdued here at the auditorium, he will have a small party outside the capital with hot dog and chips and then something later. austere. hot dog and chips. >> thank you. during his final hours in office governor schwarzenegger commuted the manslaughter sentence of nunez son of the former assembly speaker. he pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon it was in
6:33 am
connection with a deadly fight inner san diego state university in 2008. yesterday, the governor noted he did not deliver the fatal stab wound and cut his sentence from 16 years to 7. in just a few hours, oakland will have a new leader, jean kwan will be sworn in as the city's first female and asian american mayor. sharon chin joins us in oakland with a look at what is at the top of her agenda. >> reporter: tomorrow morning, jean will attend the oakland police department's first lineup of the day today it is all about celebration for the city councilmember who pulled up a surprised victory in oakland's rank choice voting system festivities started last night with a preinaugural party. mayor elect jean kwan says she is ready to tackle crime and police layoffs to city's budget
6:34 am
deficits. it is a different time, different place i think that when you involve people different things happen i don't think a mayor, one person does it i think when we are moving together you do, and so i know that from the work i have already done. >> and at 8:30 a.m. kwan and supporters will walk from china town to fox theatre for her swearing in, the woman who calls herself the mayor of the people will retrace her personal journey in a 2 hour walk, 9th between franklin and webster. children's and cultural performances will happen along the way. new members of city council, school board and city auditor will also be sworn in and then tonight, kwan will host an open house at city hall from 5 to 9:00 p.m., it will feature tours of the mayors office and more importantly, a chance for volunteers to sign up for
6:35 am
everything from places working at schools to librarypang she said she started out adds a community ac vest and wants thousands of people to -- activist and wants thousands of people to sign up to take part in their city. >> sounds like she plans to hit the ground running. shank you sharon. arson investigators in martinez are hoping surveillance video will help catch the person behind the fire at an rv storage center saturday night fire destroyed a motor home. someone with what appears to be a gas can just before it burst into flames. the same person is suspected of breaking a window on a travel trailer parked nearby. >> san francisco's fire department will be closing seven fire stations starting next year they will be temporary closures for seismic renovations. the examiner reports the projects are part of a $412 million bond measure.
6:36 am
firefighters will reportedly be sent to nearby stations which will answer calls for stations that are closed. >> time 6:36 a.m. let's get another update on your forecast over to tracy. good morning tracy. >> good morning elizabeth happy new year. forecast today, does not include something we had a whole lot of late last year, plenty of rainfall. today we are rain free a system just off the coastline will not impact our forecast. for today, sunshine expected, also a few clouds and also, not as cold. take a look. san jose's high yesterday. 53, san francisco 50 as well and santa rosa s 48 concord, today temperatures are not going up that much but hey, every bit counts, 3 to 4 to 5 degrees warmer than yesterday's high. here is gianna. >> bay bridge, back up in the cash lanes as you approach the plaza.
6:37 am
just checking with chp metering lights still not on traffic starting to back a bit but looking good on most approaches coming off 880, westbound highway 14, a bit of a back up 14 miles per hour through antioch looks better once you pass through antioch, westbound 580 sluggish as you work your way through liver more earlier accident altamonte pass now clear, bart not too bad. 52 trains running on time ace trains, 1 in 3 no delays, muni and cal trans checking in problem free. a new infusion of capital for facebook totaling $500 million. matt is on the phone now with what it means for the social networking site, mark zucker burg we should mention. >> well, goldman sachs and a russian investment firm have jointly paid $500 million for private shares of facebook, which according to the new york times now values the palo alto company at $50 billion. that is more than other high
6:38 am
tech giants including ebay and yahoo!. the editor and chief of vd net does not think it is being over valued. >> google before it went public had pretty heady evaluations and then it went public and did pretty well i kind of expect the same for facebook. >> the question is when will facebook go public ceo mark zucker [burg put the kibosh on it last month. >> a lot of people who build start ups or companies think selling the company or going public is the end point. that is just not how i see it. >> they may be forced to go public soon now the securities and trade commission has launched a probe into the selling of private shares on the public market. all right thank you matt. time 6:38 a.m. they were supposed to be on
6:39 am
snow duty how new york sanitation workers were busted for slacking off during the massive blizzard. plus bells were not ringing for iphone users, the glitch that caused many people to over sleep. ,,,, the next, you start one feeling a bit the moment you feel run down or achy, nip flu-like symptoms in the bud, with oscillococcinum. get oscillo and feel like yourself again.
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while the city was buried in snow last week. the new york post claims... that instead four new york city sanitation supervisors accused of slacking off while the city was buried if snow last week. instead of cleaning up they bought beer and sat in a car for hours monday night after the blizzard hit. the supervisors later told their bosses they ran out of gas. oops. all right. don't get caught on interstate 5 if you to drive to southern california. kirk is where the grapevine is closed right now a mess for commuters. hey kirk. >> reporter: hey elizabeth, good morning we are live right now where we are all waiting for word from chp to hear when they will reopen grapevine it could come at some point within the next half hour they are waiting for first light i want to show you what is going on here. it is literally a parking lot a lot of people have spent the night in the parking lot of this truck stop this is a
6:43 am
family trying to catch some shut eye they have been sleeping here since 8, just next to them another family i think we woke them up a short time ago. i haven't had a chance to talk to them beyond where they are sitting looks like the windows are fogged up as that family is trying to stay warm after spending the night in the cold. hundreds of drivers were stranded overnight after that closure on the 5 freeway the closure overnight here after heavy snow and strong winds prompted california highway patrol to shut down the freeway. we just talked to two caregivers trying to transport a nursing home patient back to sacramento >> i hope it opens up i know it will be crazy a lot of people are stranded out here it will be a minute before we get back this way. >> i just pray hurry up and open up, daylight hopefully everything they said it stopped snowing hopefully we be out of here soon it is cold.
6:44 am
>> parking is hard to come by all over the small town right now. restaurants are packed and no room at local motels either. the 101 is the only way into and out of southern california right now. and back out here live we now have one half hour to go until they make a decision at first light whether or not they will reopen the grapevine they will assess conditionchp says they probably won't reopen until well after 7:00 a.m. this morning. now back to you. >> looks cold. all right thank you. kirk hawkins on the grapevine this morning. all right well, the markets. >> the weather market. how is everything going. stocks are looking quite well in the weather department it is going to be sunny today. trying my best. cloudy start this morning. inland for the bay as well for the coastline and a few areas of fog expected this morning. especially well inland and
6:45 am
valleys temperatures, coldest spots ins land, mid-30s. upper 40s along the coast as well as around the bay. this afternoon, sunshine, sun and clouds expected high today and lower to mid-50s. here is what is left of that storm system that impacted the grapevine area, winter storm warning until 6:00 p.m. this evening as far as we are concerned we just had this one system off the coastline, it is expected to cob tin you to die -- continue to dive down toward the south. the rain has ended? yes, for today, as well as the workweek. speaking of the rain, boy, we got dumped on over the course of the holiday weekend. one inch of rainfall more than that, san francisco, .8 inches of rainfall, oakland, a half inch sfo quarter inch down near hayward and san jose, .68 into the rainfall and concord and picking up the most 1.8 1 inches of rainfall. so, with the weekend all the
6:46 am
way through the beginning of july, that is when our official season began how are we doing? looking pretty good up to 139% with 10 inches of rainfall. santa rosa, 144% of normal. 153% of normal san francisco and san jose 93% of normal. well below the mark because everyone else is doing so nicely this time of year. tuesday, wednesday, thursday friday expecting fog no rainfall in the forecast, through the weekend. that is a look at your weather this morning for your traffic here is gianna. >> let's start off with the bay bridge at the toll plaza, slight delays as you approach the cash lanes, traffic still light metering lights still not on yet, haven't turned them on in a couple weeks. elsewhere working your way through oakland, 880, southbound clear, oakland into
6:47 am
hayward, no problems traffic actually looks pretty good into the maze. elsewhere, mass transit you want the use bart, good choice, on time, ace, muni, cal train, now 25-cents more per ride in all areas. stop and go conditions highway 4, usual through antioch, 12 miles per hour gets better as you work your way through pittsburgh. sluggish, westbound 580, altamonte pass. livermore, slow and go, westbound 580, as you approach the 680, south bay, problem free, 680 through downtown san jose no problems to report 11 minutes, 101 to highway 85. cruising along the peninsula, you are cruising, 6 a miles per hour. -- 65 miles per hour. everything clear 101 into san francisco. kcbs, 7:40 a.m. and 10:6 a.m. all right thank you. a new year a new team at the
6:48 am
early show, chris raggi and erica hill join us from new york with a look at what is coming up good morning big day for you guys. >> where should we start? >> good morning happy new year. great to be with you this morning we are really excited about this. we are busy on the first day. >> better busy than bored. >> a top officer on the u.s. aircraft carrier being investigated after broadcasting lewd video to officers on the ship. video he was in as well including sexually suggestive scenes also some gay slurs and the navy is calling all this inappropriate. >> troubled actress dress lyndsey lohan getting out of rehab. we will talk with her father. also ahead, on this the first monday of 2011 we know wall street had a great year in 2010. what about the overall health
6:49 am
of the economy what are we seeing as we move into the new year, housing market most importantly, jobs market we will take a look at the financial outlook. >> so nice to ring in the new year with good news all that and more on the early show back to you. >> great to see you happy new year to you guys good luck. >> you too. >> early show starts in just a few minutes. market opened 15 minutes ago a live look at the big board, dow up more than 100 pointnasdaq 34. >> wall street will get the latest numbers on construction spending and iphone glitch that left many people sleeping in through the new year. over to ashley morrison with today's money watch report. >> asian markets started out 2011 with a boost the hengseng gained 11 points, nikkei was closed. friday stocks closed out the year with a mixed session, dow
6:50 am
almost 8 points, nasdaq gave back 10. for the year major indexes all produced double digit gains, dow rose 11%, s&p 500 gained almost 13% and tech heavy nasdaq, 201s big winner with return of 16.9%. your iphone alarm should go off today, but there are no guarantees, the alarms failed for many customers after a new years glitch the problem effected only alarms set for a single wake up as opposed to recurring kind. apple says alarms should not have a problem today and software fix is in the works. that is your money watch for more stay with cbs money in new york, ashley morrison. if you have an opinion who should replace gavin newsom you can tweet your pick he is about to become lieutenant governor anyone -- lieutenant governor anyone can tweet their pick.
6:51 am
so far former supervisor matt gonzalez is in the lead. not clear how much that is influencing the board of supervisors in their final choice. survivors of 9/11 attacks and first responders to ground zero will get more help from the government. president obama sign add bill to provide $4.2 billion in aid. the measure will be paid for with a tea on some foreign companies that get american government contracts. >> lyndsey lohan will be a free woman today, the actress is scheduled to be released from betty ford rehab. she has spent the last 3 months there. lohan is trying to shake off a drunken driving case that resulted in jail and rehab she remains under investigation for the alleged assault on a betty ford worker. 6:51 a.m. california getting a blast from the past. preparations under way for gerry brown's inauguration in just a few hours we are live in
6:52 am
sacramento with his plan to lead the state through the cash crisis. and if you have a story idea, or a comment you would like to share with us, e-mail that guy, brian at very busy. ,, if you've got pain? you need the patch. (announcer) icy hot patches. targeted no-mess relief. icy to dull pain. hot to relax it away. pain's no match for the icy hot patch.
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schwarzenegger is in his final hours of being governor of california. gerry brown getting ready the take over at the state capitol. arnold schwarzenegger in his final hours being governor of california. brown will be sworn in later this morning good morning simon. >> reporter: hi elizabeth. austerity is the word of the day here in sacramento as gerry brown takes over the governor's mansion pledging to fix the state's broken budget. brown takes office 11:00 a.m. this morning at sacramento's memorial auditorium he becomes the oldest governor of the state some years after he became the youngest. it was the same problem as last time, the biggest problem, is money. now brown plans to hit the ground running presenting his budget a week from now and it
6:56 am
is a budget brown described as a rough ride going to require everyone to fasten nary seat belts once again, swearing in ceremony 11:00 a.m. this morning then what you might call an austere celebration at the capital, potato chips and hotdogs and then finally an invitation only party railroad museum sacramento. >> much different governor than the out going one thank you simon perez live in sacramento. >> also a historic day in oakland. jean kwan will become the first city's asian female mayor. kwan celebrated last night with her supporters at the space and science center. she said she is confident she can get thousands of volunteers to help make changes to the city. >> police in novato examining a toyota corolla in the parking lot of a safeway grocery store where two men were shot overnight. the car has its rear windows
6:57 am
blown out, two men were found lying in the backseat with multiple gunshot wounds, the victims are now being treated at hospital. time now 6:57 a.m. a quick check of weather. good morning tracy. >> good morning liz. forecast for today, sunshine, no rainfall, mix of sun and clouds expected high today mid- 50s. more sunshine, and even some fog are possible, tuesday, wednesday, thursday and friday, and a mix of sun and clouds saturday and sunday. also, just forgot to mention, some fog well inland this morning, especially in our valley. my pix photo, san jose sunset taken near santana road by meisha. if you have a photo you would like to send us, please send it i would love to put it on send it to my pix at >> travel advisory still in
6:58 am
effect for i-5, headed to southern california, grapevine area still shut down due to snow you saw on a live report lots going on over there use 101 instead they are not sure when they will have that reopened. closer to home won't need your chains 80 or 50. traffic looking pretty good. 88, chain restrictions through there, elsewhere, westbound highway 4, sluggish through antioch usual stuck looks good as you hit the pittsburgh area, not too bad traffic pretty nice out of marin county bay bridge metering lights on official we are starting to see slower speeds as you past the plaza up the incline clear across the upper deck into san francisco and a live look at san mateo bridge if you want to use this instead of the bay bridge. hay wood over to foster city. still not a bad looking morning commute. the holidays are over, and you are probably looking for somewhere to put that christmas
6:59 am
tree. tree recycling starts today in san francisco, christmas trees will be picked up curb side this week and next week monday through friday they will be shipped and sent to tracy where they will serve as biomass in a waste to energy facility. >> giants world series trophy making an encore appearance san francisco city hall, it will be on display tomorrow and wednesday 4 to 6:00 p.m., if you want to check it out viewing will be on a first come first served basis. after wednesday the trophy will be moved to sacramento and around the nation before returning to san francisco just in time for opening day. going to get big crowds i am sure. see you back here bright and early tomorrow morning 4:30 a.m. have a great day discrep:


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