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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6PM  CBS  January 3, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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manslaughter the chance to see freedom much earlier than expected. the man behind bars is a politician's son. that has outraged a father in concord who is still grieving the death of his son. we have the story tonight. are. >> reporter: it sounds like the makings of an arnold schwarzenegger movie. a machine's son is stabbed to death and a politician's son is involved in the crime. hours before the governor leaves office he grants his political apply a favor and reduces the manslaughter sentence. >> all along we were concerned and we knew that this could happen. that, you know, politics could stand in the way of justice. and our nightmare came true. >> in october of 2008 fred santos' son was stabbed to death during a night. two men pleaded guilty. jet who guilt him and munez who stabbed two other men and happens to be the son of fabian. >> he stabbed two people. they could have died.
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how many people do you have to stab before you are eligible or you deserve to be sentenced to what the crime dictates? he pled guilty to voluntary manslaughter. >> reporter: he got 16 years for the deal. and according to santos, a number of appeals have been turned down. but last night governor schwarzenegger announced he was commuting the sentence to seven years meaning he will serve about six. >> you did know this was in the works? >> no, we did not know that this was done. this was a very sneaky way of doing it. they knew it is morally wrong even though as the governor he has the right to do that, they know this is wrong. >> reporter: given the limited role in the death and considering that unlike jet, he had no criminal record prior to this offense, i believe his sentence is excessive. >> well, he has to give some excuse of why made this political favor to one of his
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friends. i don't know she is payback or this is political favours. >> reporter: fabian is apparently a business partner of his at a public affairs firm. what do you guy think of the governor now or the former governor? >> i think he is a dirty politician and he did a favor to another dirty politician that did a back-room deal to circumvent the law. >> reporter: he doesn't like when a politician acts like a judge and a jury. >> we are not taking this laying down. i am exploring what the options are. but for now we will just have to deal with this. i don't know what tomorrow is like. >> reporter: even though the final script isn't written fred santos knows this story can never have a happy holiday ending. former governor
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schwarzenegger also granted clemency to a riverside woman sentenced to life in prison without parole for murdering her pimp. in 1994, sarah cruzan was 16- year-old when she was convicted of shooting george gilbert howard. the ex-governor reduced her sentence to 25 years to life in prison with the possibility of parole partly because her pimp had abused her. >> tonight jerry brown is governor of california again. but unlike his first go-around at the job, the state sits in financial disaster. the first changes you can expect from the new governor. >> reporter: well, dana i believe we will see a bit of a change of tone between arnold schwarzenegger and jerry brown. we won't hear about action, action, action and from jerry brown about blowing up the boxes. they will have a party for his inaugural, rather stark but still had its lighter moments. here is the story.
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>> that i take this obligation freely. >> that i take this obligation freely. >> without any mental reservation. >> without any mental reservation. [ laughter ] >> really, no mental reservation. [ laughter ] >> that was jerry brown having a light moment as he took his third oath of office as governor of the state of california. returning after 28 years to lead a state that many people now think is un governable. but not brown. >> in crisis we system have to learn to work together as californians first, members of a political party sec. >> reporter: introduced by his wife ann and with former governor arnold schwarzenegger and grey davis in attendance swells diane fine stein and nancy pilosi, brown wasted little time in getting to the point. >> it will demand courage and sacrifice. the budget that i have proposed will assume that each of us who are elected to do the family's
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business will rise above ideology and partisan interests and find what's required for the god of california. >> reporter: as if to emphasize the leaner times on the state's $25 budget deficit, the inaugural was followed by a simple hotdog feed on the lawn. >> all go ahead and done, too. >> reporter: but the real test will come later this month when he is expected to unveil his no- nonsense budget which in addition to cutting his own staff by some 25 percent will also likely include deep cuts into education, healthcare and prison and other vital services. plus going to the voters this june and asking them to extend the sales tax, the vehicle license fee and the higher income taxes that were set to expire. plus eliminate new corporate tax benefit. but it is going to be a hard sell. >> to me an increase in taxes is the last thing that voters want. >> and at 72, brown appears more determined than ever. >> as our song says, california here i come, right back where i
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started from. [ applause ] >> thank you. thank you. >> reporter: now, it's interesting to note outgoing governor arnold schwarzenegger says one of his big regrets is he didn't pull the budget problems by the bull horn coming in. he didn't wrestle it to the ground and do what needed to be done in his first month in office. jerry brown appears to have no choice. the state is bankrupt as far as its credit rating goes, it is the lowest in the nation. it has got no money left to spend. it has got to come up with cuts and new money to make it float. and part of that will be am spending more and more responsibility and money back to locals to have them say which way it's going to go. but for right now he has no choice but to cut and to try to work with it. >> it is a difficult position he is in. showing financial restraint at least in his gnawing raul party. that couldn't have cost too much. >> they put a limit on it of $6400 but it is not coming from you or me. coming from people doing their
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donations. some things never change. >> there you go. thank you very much. and another historic moment in sacramento as kamala harris is sworn in as california's attorney general. >> i will well and faithfully. >> discharge the duties. >> discharge the duties. >> upon which i am about to enter. >> upon which i am about to enter. >> harris is the first woman and first person of color to be elected to the state's top law enforcement job. the former san francisco district attorney took the oath of office at the museum for history, women and the arts in sacramento. >> oakland's new mayor jean kwan also made history the first woman and first asian american to hold that office. linda yee in oakland where kwan faces big problems and will hit the ground running, too. >> reporter: she will get right to work, allan. right now i am in the mayor's office right inside a rare look. take a look at the newly sworn in mayor jean kwan is actually
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inviting the public to come in and meet people. they are taking pictures behind the mayor's desk. she really wants this to be the people's office. but i did sit down with her earlier to talk about her very interesting and colourful past and her vision for oakland's future. >> do you solemnly swear? >> it took my family 104 years to get those eight blocks from chinatown from where my great grandfather came after the san francisco earthquake to city hall. >> her place in history is not lost on jean kwan. she is the city's first asian american mayor. and she is ready to work. next week she plans to go into the city's toughest and most crime ridden neighborhoods in east oakland to start the changes she promised. we are going to be knocking on doors and trying to get people to revitalize their neighborhood. and we are going to get them out on martin luther king service day. bringing in trucks and dumpsters to clean up the gosh
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age during martin luther king week and i will be there cleaning up. >> reporter: she calls herself an activist mayor. as she moved into her new office days ago, she talked about how she will get citizens motivated. >> i am planning to recruit 2,000 volunteers to work with oakland's kids who need the most help. and this would be kids on probation, kids who live in foster care. kids who are chronically truant. >> her activism has gotten her in trouble. kwan was accused of interfering with police during the street protests after the verdict in the oscar grant case. but criticism never stopped her. when she was a school board president, she supported the controversial plan to recognize it as part of the english program. she still stands by that decision. >> i think what we said is that there is a black english. the african american vernacular as the academics would call it. and to dis kids, that is to
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disrespect the fact that they bring this language from home and make them feel bad doesn't make them want to learn or to speak standard english. >> to battle crime the new mayor says she wants more officers on the street. last year, 80 were laid off because of budget problems. she will re-visit a solution officers already rejected. >> i am planning in the new year to try to bring a proposal to them where they pay their pension and that we can bring most of the officers back. but it will be up to the union. >> kwan says she respects the power of the office, but she admits she can't do it alone. >> well, we will see how powerful it is. we will be as powerful as the community helps make it. i think that no one person can change an entire city. >> reporter: the mayor says she is also working very hard to bring jobs back into the city. and she says she is committed to a downtown baseball stadium so that she can keep the
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oakland as in town. allan? >> i know everyone wishes her well. lynn, i am just wondering outgoing mayor ron dellome leaves quietly. >> he did leave quietly. he wasn't even at the swearing in ceremony. the mayor did make a reference that she was thankful to him for that smooth transition. but apparently with family issues he could not make it today. as for the situation in san francisco not so clear. gavin new some was not sworn in today as the state's lieutenant governor. he will wait until the weekend. and when the next san francisco board of supervisors is officially sworn in. so what happens between now and then? that's a good question. we will find out when the departing board convenes tomorrow. federal investigators say it could happen again. the changes they are demanding from pg&e and fast. >> the scene of the shooting was odd enough. now an even odder arrest. and with finances deep in
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the red the latest bay area city to come face-to-face with bankruptcy. [ music ] ,, ♪ i may be mud, but i have standards. mops? please. some of them have bacteria. ♪ and they try to pick me up? ew. i'm really hard to get. uh! ♪ what about love?! [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt. used mops can grow bacteria. swiffer wetjet's antibacterial solution eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that mops can spread around. i like your pad! [ male announcer ] swiffer cleans better than a mop or your money back.
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. four months after the deadly pipeline blast in san brown, the sanbruno the feds now have recommendations for pg&e. and why inspectors say they need to be done as soon as possible. >> reporter: the upshot from the ntsb is over concern that poor record keeping on the part of pg&e means that some pipelines are actually operating at higher pressures than they are designed to withstand. the sanbruno gas line explosion killed 3 people and destroyed 37 homes. now in a ears sow of safety recommendations, six of them classified as urgent, the national transportation safety board is calling on pg&e to aggressively and diligently search for all pipeline records. only once those records are
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considered verifiable and complete pg&e must set pipeline pressures. where they can want be verified they have to do a test where high pressure water is put through the lines. >> pipelines should not be land mines. >> reporter: jackie spear says the ntsb recommendations make it clear that there are still many questions about the safety of pg&e lines. >> pg&e in my book has lost a great deal of credibility. the most jarring element of this newest disclosure is that the documents that pg&e provided to the ntsb, the actual drawings, assert that the pipeline was seamless. we all know now that it is a seamed pipe. >> the ntsb is also calling on the california public utilities commission to oversee pg&e's
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efforts in reviewing documents and testing lines. >> and the question really becomes, in this whole region, how much of the pipeline system that pg&e operates is indeed seamed and how much of that pipeline system has never, ever been inspected? >> the safe and reliable operation of our natural gas system is of the utmost importance to us. we take all of this very seriously. >> reporter: and pg&e also points out that it has already undertaken a comprehensive review of documents and pipelines on its own even before these ntsb safety recommendations. they announce they will hold hearings for two days on this pipeline explosion in washington, d.c. in the first week of march. back to you. >> mark, the ntsb is asking for these recommendations to be undertaken immediately. but what kind of timeframe are we speaking of? was that made known? >> it was not made known. we did ask congresswoman spear
6:17 pm
that question. she said that the recommendation speaks for itself. immediate means immediate. the ntsb can't force anything, all they can do is make recommendations to the regulators to pg&e to get this done. the consequences are huge liability down the road if you simply ignore an ntsb recommendation. >> rick sayer, thank you. tonight a woman is in police custody accused in an early morning shooting that put two men in the hospital. just after midnight officers were called to the safeway parking lot at the hamilton marketplace shopping center. they found two men who had been shot. a short time later, police arrested 22-year-old coil. but police think other people may also be involved and investigators say they know the motive. >> witness interviews and evidence collection have revealed that this incident was a gang related incident. >> police won't say whether coil was the actual shooter. and they haven't identified the
6:18 pm
other suspects. but both victims are in serious condition. >> one driver said it took two hours to go five miles for almost 24 hours, heavy snow shut down a 30-mile stretch of i-5 north of la. the interstate was re-opened just before noon today. the highway patrol is escorting cars and groups of about 500. all of the snow and freezing temperatures comes right after days of record rain in the southland. last month was one of the wettest decembers on record. the weather is expected to improve though later in the week. and snow also fell today in las vegas. temporarily closing i-15. >> all right. let's check with roberta to see how many dry days we will get. >> that is so cool because i received a phone call from mom and dad in barstow. some snow out. there that low pressure has traversed across the high desert of southern california. allan, you were referring to our dry conditions. yes, there you have it. you can't tell but it is actually clear out.
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>> the official sunset was at 5:03. by the time it comes up at 7:25 the skies will be clear. take a look at the rainfall stats from july 1st through today. anywhere to 150% of average of normal in san francisco with over 12 inches of rain in the bucket. now we are entering a mid- winter dry spell. and with the lack of cloud cover tonight it will get so cold. currently you have numbers anywhere from 45 degrees along the immediate sea shore to 53 degrees in sonoma. tonight overnight below freezing. it will be cold and freezing in throughout the valley. because of these temperatures be very mindful of the possibility of black ice tomorrow as you head on out for your morning commute for some of the areas very slow to drive because of the recent rains. but this now is a blocking ridge of high pressure keeping the storm track to the north of
6:20 pm
the bay area. there is a dry weather pattern for at least one full week. tomorrow morning mostly sunny skies. temperatures going up from 50 today in livermore to 55 degrees there. otherwise it was only 44 degrees in sonoma and tomorrow's high temperatures in the 50s. look at that 60-degree mark. doesn't that sound sweet? temperatures upper 60s each and every day through this time next year. talk about this mid-winter dry spell. coming up next time around. >> a budget crisis so dire the entire police and fire departments are at risk. that's coming up in two minutes. edge ,,,,,,,,
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the national average. now, let's review. capital one interestplus savings... at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? . all right. we are right in the middle of the evening rush hour. we have a traffic alert for the south bay. three right-hand lanes at southbound 101 are shout down just north of 880.
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now, this is because of an overturned garbage truck. chp and emergency crews are on the scene. we have no word on injuries at this time. we are going to keep an eye on this. but it's going to be a mess for quite a while because of the cleanup. so that's three right lanes of southbound 101 right north of 880 shut down. so keep an eye out there. all right. we found that just about every bay area community is facing budget problems. however half moon bay is on the edge of financial ruin. lynn ramirez on who may lay ahead for the city and the people live there. >> reporter: the signs leading into half moon bay say blooming. but how long will it stay a blooming city? >> i am a half moon bay resident. >> reporter: he is sad his friends are starting to leave town. >> i have friends that get paid through the city. i know a few of them are actually looking for jobs right
6:24 pm
now out of town because they are aware of the situation. >> reporter: the situation is a budget crisis so bad many city services have been contracted out like building inspection. most of planning and now even the city cops may be disbanding. >> given the current budget projections, it appears that the city 6 -- of half moon bay will not be able to sustain the police department. >> reporter: his main job is to find another department to replace his small force most likely the san mateo county sheriff. >> in terms of emergency response to 911 calls you wouldn't see any difference because i don't believe the staffing levels get that dangerously low. but it may take longer to get to non-urgent calls for service. >> reporter: lots of cities and the bay area are facing tough financial times right now. but what sent half moon bay over the edge is losing a lawsuit to a developer in a dispute over this land on the edge of town. the developer sued after the city tried to block a housing project by declaring the property a wetlands. the developer won an $18
6:25 pm
million settlement that's cleaning out the city's reserves. >> mistakes were made by making bad decisions over land use cases. >> reporter: john mueller and the rest of the city council have to lay-off staff, shut down services or face bankruptcy. >> when you have already cut 15- 17 positions you don't have much more to cut. expenses are really about personnel. and good personnel. people that breaks your heart that have to remove these positions. >> reporter: but mueller says he will fight to keep the city incorporated, something many merchants also want. >> we would love to point fingers. but now we are in a situation. so now we just have to make the best of it that we can. it's a small town. we do pull together. >> reporter: later this month, the city will be holding a series of town hall meeting to do something unusual in this beautiful coastside city. choosing between bad and worse. in half moon bay, cbs 5. >> it was his third inaugural. but just a few decades passing
6:26 pm
since the first one, who has changed and what has stayed the same since jerry brown was first sworn in as governor. >> and what about the task at hand? how the challenges faced by the governor now stack up against what he faced 36 years ago. and more and more babies are getting scheduled to be before before they are actually due. what some doctors are doing about it. [ music ] ,,,,,,,,,,
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[ music ] >> governor jerry brown says no more smoke and mirrors. he wants a real budget. but as mike lurry shows us that to get whatever he wants brown may need to find some magic up his sleeve. >> no new taxes unless the people vote for them. >> reporter: jerry brown says he will ask voters for the green light to extend california's higher sales tax and vehicle license fees. now due to expire july 1st. but to do so he must have a measure on the ballot by june and a signed budget by march. >> it would be phenomenal to be able to get a budget done by march. >> reporter: even the speaker knows it is an uphill fight and even their colleagues in the assembly. >> it was anyone other than jerry brown i would say no.
6:30 pm
he will cut his own budget by 25 percent. he says california needs to create new jobs. >> in nanotechnology and green technology so that's nigh passion. >> reporter: in the meantime jerry brown is showcasing himself as the people's governor offering a free lunch consisting of hotdogs, chips and water. a no frills meal for a no nonsense governor who must now convince a skeptical public that changes are coming. >> jerry brown has an idea on the problems of california and where we are today. it will be tough. but this is california. we have the opportunity just digging deep to pull the state back together and continue on. >> reporter: the next big step for jerry brown comes next monday when he is expected to unveil his new budget. a budget that he promises will be very painful with plenty of sacrifice for everyone. in sacramento, mike lurry, cbs 5. >> so how much has changed
6:31 pm
since jerry brown first took office? well, let's start with california's population. in 1975 there were about 22 million californians. today we are closing in on 40 million. and then there is the state budget. in 1975, it was about $21 billion. since then, it has ballooned ten fold to about $216 billion. and think about this, the current projected deficit of $28 billion is larger than the entire state budget when jerry brown was inaugurated 36 years ago this week. >> joining us for some perspective this evening, cbs 5 political analyst joe tuman. happy new year and god to have you back. >> nice to be back. >> dana mentioned some of the things that have changed since 1975. let's talk about things that have stayed the same. in his first inaugural address jerry brown as governor said.
6:32 pm
so now we will play the sound bite governor brown speaking in sacramento this morning. >> speak the truth, no more smoke and mirrors on the budget, no empty promises. [ applause ] >> second, no new taxes unless the people vote for them. >> the more things change the more they say the same some would say. but things are different. how do you compare the two? >> well, the state is obviously much larger now. but the budget is not double the size. like the population is double the size. the budget is exponentially more than it was before. the deficit is exponentially more than he faced before. so note the subtlety he said before and after. before he said i will try to get through the year with what we had. today he said no new taxes but listen to the end of the sentences. unless the voters approve it. in the next couple of days he
6:33 pm
will come to the public with a very a u.s. ear budget and say you will have to live with these cuts or else i am going to have to ask you to extend the taxes. he is doing that because he needs republican support in the legislature in order to put new tax extensions on the bolt later on in the spring. that's the difference. >> that is going to be a tough fight between the governor and the legislature. >> well, it will be defendant live. not with the democrats. they will go along with him. the republicans he has to convince on this because they have the ability to keep him from putting it on the ballot if they don't cooperate. >> the unemployment rate is astronomical. >> another quote more than half the people who could have voted refused apparently believing what we do here has so little impact on their lives they need not pass judgment on it. the biggest vote of all in november was a vote of no- confidence. so the first order of business is to regain the trust and confidence of the people we serve. that was then. here again now jerry brown
6:34 pm
speaking this morning. >> our two political parties can't come close to agreeing on what the right path forward is. they remain in their receptive comfort zones, rehearsing and rehashing old political positions. perhaps that's the reason why the public holds the state government in such lowest steam -- low esteem. >> well, let's take a slightly different approach. this is a different jerry brown that we are seeing today. actually the comparisons should not be from when he was governor but being mayor of oakland. something i know a little bit about having lived in oakland when jerry brown was mayor. brown became a lot more pragmatic. he has always been his own best counsel. but remember now today the experience he took from that. he is also 72. and one of the things that happens when you are a little bit older is you tend to sort of say what you think. this isn't something that he did when he was 36-year-old. he is a little bit more idealistic about things and willing to try new approaches.
6:35 pm
today i think he is a lot more sensible and pragmatic and centered. and the consequence of that, allan, is that he can speak the truth. and that means speaking the truth to his own party as well about how we have to come to the center and work out a compromise. >> older and wiser. >> that's part of the reason why the voters put him in at the end he has that sense but also is pragmatic about what needs to be done. >> also seems to follow an actor t first ronald reagan and now arnold schwarzenegger. >> the typical pregnancy is only 39 weeks. nice for an uncomfortable mom. but what about the baby? why that extra week is so crucial. this was her 7th birthday party. several years later she would be raising her siblings. rising above. >> and one raider makes it
6:36 pm
perfectly clear who he wants to coach the team next season. the latest from alameda is coming up in sports. ,,
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6:38 pm
. beginning today doctors across the nation and here in the bay area are joining forces to urge moms not to schedule their deliveries too early. and how early is too early may surprise you. dr. kim is here to explain all of this. >> well, the way i would describe it is to say over the passed 10-15 years we have kind of been on a slippery sleep. more and more babies are being scheduled for delivery before their due dates. but that extra week or two in the womb -- can be crucial for the baby. moms need to be patient. >> moms always remember when it happened. >> i was 39 weeks. >> she was exactly on her due date. so 40 weeks. >> she was 40 weeks and three days. >> she was actually four weeks early. she came at 36 weeks. >> and how they were feeling.
6:39 pm
>> i was big. i was all belly. yes, i felt big. >> i was exhausted. it was hard to move. >> i felt done. >> the day i went into labor i went for acupuncture and i was eating chocolate cake. what can i do? >> those last few weeks can get pretty uncomfortable. so why not have the baby a little early? >> the why not is that we have now found out at 37, 38 weeks the complication rate is actually quite a bit higher than at 39 or 40 weeks. >> leading the way, breathing problems, infections and jaundice. dr. elliot main, head of obstetrics say there are two main organs still developing at the end of pregnancy. >> the lung and the brain. the 37-38 weekers are not quite ready for prime time yet. >> that may meantime to grow in the neonatal icu, a place that cynthia knows very well. >> last week on december 27th i noticed that my eye was beginning to blur. and i started losing my vision on my right side.
6:40 pm
>> she had severe rpreclampsia. she was born by c-section at 38 weeks. when there is a medical reason we need to being a. but when there is not. >> a time we need to learn that the baby is in charge. >> it's what they want and what our bodies want, i think so. >> worth the wait? >> yes, absolutely. even though it is difficult. >> all mothers should just enjoy their time. because once the baby comes out, they will be as tired all the time. >> true. >> now these early scheduled inductions may, in part, account for some of the jump in c-sections that we have been seeing. if if it is not time on the cervix is not ready the odds of a c-section go way up. statewide of the 250 hospitals where babies are delivered, 100 are already onboard with this new program. >> the baby is in charge. >> the babesia in -- baby is in charge. >> thanks, kim. >> the epic wet weather here in the bay area comes to an end.
6:41 pm
new the number of dry days you can expect. pinpoint forecast as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ♪ i may be mud, but i have standards. mops? please. some of them have bacteria. ♪ and they try to pick me up? ew. i'm really hard to get. uh! ♪ what about love?! [ male announcer ] swiffer attracts dirt. used mops can grow bacteria. swiffer wetjet's antibacterial solution eliminates 99.9% of bacteria that mops can spread around. i like your pad! [ male announcer ] swiffer cleans better than a mop or your money back.
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. >> pinpoint weather is sponsored by mancini sleepworld. . most of our students rising
6:44 pm
above are growing up without parents. a lot of them have lost their parents to drugs. and while that is devastating, a young woman in oakland has a story of hope. wendy takuda introduces her. >> she is an honor student and will be the first in her family to go to college. but her biggest accomplishment, at least so far, may have been at home. [ music ] >> reporter: the video shows a little girl on her 7th birthday. >> make a wish. >> reporter: it seemed like a perfect time. but charleen craneer was already beginning to see changes not apparent in the idyllic home video. the drugs were creeping into the home and would eventually destroy her parents. >> well, my dad was on drugs he didn't want her anymore. so when she realized that she didn't have that family anymore, that's when she got hooked on heroin. and for her i know it's been --
6:45 pm
that took away her whole life. >> reporter: the family moved from place to place. and then fell apart. her father left. her mom was shot twice on the street. sometimes she is there, mostly not. now the kids live with their grandfather. charleen is in charge. >> it started when i was 9 just getting them up for school. making sure they got their clothes on for school. cooking dinner for them. >> she is in charge of running a household. she has to be on top of her siblings and make sure they not only get their work done but that they are fed. in addition to mothering them essentially takes care of her older grandfather. >> teacher michelle vargas says charleen's situation is not unusual at oakland high. >> there are kids walking these halls everywhere around you who can speak to domestic violence, rape, abuse, drugs, all of that. but they use it as an excuse. >> reporter: but charleen does not. >> when is the ap exam?
6:46 pm
>> she has a 3.7gpa. and in a school district with a 40% drop-out rate, her teacher says charleen makes smart look cool. after school she and her sister catch the bus and head to a college preparatory tutoring program called college track. making sure her sister and brother are on track is key. >> i consider them my kids in a sense. getting them out of oakland and, like, into college is something that's really, really important to me. >> she has decided to be the mother that her brother and sister don't have. she is stepping up to give them some semblance of hope for the possible families that they could have one day. >> the control center of your life is your attitude. >> it is possible for kids without parents to find support, says charleen. and some day she hopes that support and an education will help her bring happiness back
6:47 pm
into her own home again. >> thank you. >> and make moments like these more than just a memory. >> charleen will not be able to go to college without financial aid. the students rising above scholarship fund will help her and kids like her get an education. and if you want to help go to students rising above, one word,.org to find out more. >> boy, she has worked very hard. >> yes, every day she works hard. >> with bless her heart. >> well, let's get her to college. she is one of the good ones. >> give her a chance. >> she will use it well. >> absolutely. >> thanks, you guys. >> did you meet her brother and sister? >> yes. >> wendy, thank you. >> let's get another look at the weather. roberta is ready to go. >> with a lack of cloud cover the clouds earlier today with the high temperature in the vacaville area. only near 50 degrees. wow. clouds and the passage of yesterday's area of low
6:48 pm
pressure. tonight with the lack of those clouds number wise dipping into the 40s and 50s if you are out and about for the next 30 minutes. otherwise temperatures below freezing. also freezing numbers around the tri valley. 40 in san jose through willow glen and 40s across the central bay. we now have this huge ridge of high pressure. we refer to it as a blocking ridge. it diverted the storm track well to the north of the bay area. taking the precipitation well into b.c. keeping us with a mid-winter dry spell which is not that unusual for this time of the year. in fact, the duration of a mid- winter dry spell averages 10-19 days. the longest spell on record is 42 days. yikes. that was back in the 60s. otherwise the shortest spell was eight full days in the 90s. and then again also earlier than that through 1957 through that winter of 1958.
6:49 pm
we are looking at least seven days of dry conditions which means the mould count begins to lower after the recent rains. and now we have the drier air mass. if you suffer from allergies the allegeder and juniper and ash trees are causing some problems for you. temperatures into the 50s. only 50 today in livermore. with a forecast high of a 55 degrees. the extended forecast calling for 60 degrees. also 60 on wednesday. the low 60s in throughout your thursday. and then the dry weather pattern right now looks like it is forecast to last at least 7- 9 days. might be a nice time to head on out to point reyes lighthouse. dennis oliver took this photograph for us. thank you, sir. that is glorious with the sea of low clouds and patchy fog there. that is 30 miles to the west, southwest of san francisco. lovely in our own backyard. keep the photos coming to my
6:50 pm
pics at cbs 5. >> thank you, roberta. >> and where his brother will coach next season. and why the 9ers wish their season were a video game. that's up next in sports. ,, ♪ [ female announcer ] with cable's bundle choices, there's not much to see. with at&t u-verse tv, you can record up to four shows at once on a single dvr. hey. yeah. on my way home. [ female announcer ] you can even choose wireless voice service. he can't do that with cable. now you have your choice of offers. call today to get u-verse tv and internet plus choose home phone or wireless voice service starting at $99 a month. or choose to get $300 back via promotion cards with other qualifying bundles. bundle the services that fit your life. with u-verse tv, record and play back your shows
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. the raiders had their best
6:53 pm
season since 2002. and went 6-0 in the division for the first time in 34 years. you would assume that would be enough to save tom cable's job. >> he is honest with all of the players. he is a great motivational guy. i mean i don't see why he wouldn't be. >> the raiders have to let cable know by january 18th if they intend to pick up the option on his contract. but multiple reports say his return is unlikely. a move that won't go over well in the raider's locker-room. >> i can't go through another coach, man. i just can't. i have been through too many of them. they all come in here and say the same thing. i am going to turn this around. no, you are not. >> i know what we have done. everybody knows football knows what we have done. whoever knows football knows what we have done. >> he is not going to, excuse my french he is not going to (bleep) and he is a straight shooter. hopefully he is here for a while.
6:54 pm
but i really do seriously think he is the main reason we got this thing headed in the right direction. >> well said. mike holmgren isn't as patient as al davis. he fired the man once dubbed the man genius has now been fired by two teams in the last three years. the 9ers made interim coach tim tomsula winner but he knows it is a one-shot deal. >> are you still the head coach as of we talk to you? >> well, i just finished. there is a search. [ laughter ] >> the 9ers looked a lot looser with tomsula blowing out the cardinals 38-7 leading us to wonder how things would have played out if they made the coaching switch sooner. >> the guys, you know, were just a little scared, i should say. they were scared. more worried about coach singletarry getting on us instead of playing football. >> like a video game you just
6:55 pm
press re-set and it just started all over again. it is what it is. we can't change what happened now. >> stanford's jim harbaugh remains on top of the 49ers head coach wish list but also linked to a potential opening at michigan. and while most reports say he will leave stanford after tonight's game, his brother john isn't so sure. >> i think there is a chance he will stay in stanford. i think there is a good chance he will stay there. i don't know that for a fact but i know this, he loves those players. loves them. and he loves the university. so i wouldn't be surprised at all if he stays at stanford. somebody told him he had to leave the magic kingdom and head to the arena. he looks so sad. he tips it back to him. and he is not missing two in a row. the warriors led by 9 at the half. but orlando answered with a huge second half. gilbert arenas to dwight howard for the dunk. 22 points and 17 rebounds for howard. and then it is arenas calling his own number. and hitting it from the m in
6:56 pm
magic. one of 15 orlando threes. they outscore the warriors by 29 in the second half and win 110-90. [ music ] stanford is back in the top five after their impressive week. the cardinals blew out xavier and the yukon's 90 game winning streak and beat cal by 33 in their pack ten opener. with the huskies finally losing bailor takes over the top spot. if you were busy getting heckled at in and out burger at co-eds here is what you missed. celtic stars returned to the lineup. and i am sure the raptors weren't too happy to see him as boston beats toronto. colt throws it right through the hands of hillis but it reflects right to ryan for the first down. north carolina beat st. francis by 49.
6:57 pm
so maybe they could get 50 points for shooting it over the back boards. of course you can't show the top plays without rookie blake griffin. i think we have our favorite for next month dunk contest. and roger federer and nadal have played all over the world. the two played in the bay in qatar. they also played on a magic carpet elevated above people. >> a magic carpet? >> yes. they will play anywhere. >> for a cause. >> one of our producers is getting heckled for wearing his stanford jersey at in and out burgers. >> i am sure he hated that. >> he did. >> every minute. >> double double. >> that's right. >> thanks so much for joining us. we are coming back at 10 and 11. we will see you then. >> have a good one. switching to progressive could mean hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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