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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 26, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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♪ [laughter] craig: there wasn't any attempt at joke there. the cat farts. if you made it this far on the show, first of all, i'm sorry. and secondly, i probably should translate the conversation i had with kevin. basically what happened is that he came out and said, this place is beautifully lit and i said thank you, kevin. it's the most expensive place cbs has got. i was lying to him. anyway, we got through the show tonight which is something of a miracle like every other -- uh-oh -- day. however, i would like to apologize for swearing this evening. i'd like to but i'm not going
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-- crikey dingo -- to. i feel like i was provoked beyond any reasonable behavior by the complete contempt by my friend over there michael who said please try not to swear so much. it's really pissing them upstairs. i said you've got it, my friend. or words to that effect. good night, everybody. w-
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first in the history of the state to outsource it's fire department. you're watching cbs "eyewitness news" in high definition. >> poised to be the first in the history of the state to outsource its fire department. the decision tonight. >> well i'm glad they are going to test it. i don't want to be at home when they do it. >> it's the first safety test since the big san bruno fire and explosion. how it will determine if a high- risk natural gas pipeline can take the pressure. critics call it a training ground for violent criminals but we played it and it's not exactly vicious. the phone app that even michael vick is calling outrageous. good evening, i'm democratic party a king. >> i'm ken bastida. >> it came down to the wire. >> a bay area city has just decided whether to hire a
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company in florida to run its fire department. elizabeth cook shows us people lined up to give city leaders in san carlos a piece of their mind. elizabeth. >> reporter: the city couple meeting wrapped up moments ago and they voted unanimously to go with the redwood city hybrid option which essentially would be similar the program they have going on right now and the arrangement they have with the city of belmont which would essentially combine city services. they voted not to go with the independent contractor wackenhut and, instead, go with the redwood city hybrid option. the real option, should public fire safety be in public or private hands. the city council chambers overflowed with passion. >> fire to a contractor? a low-bid contractor? what happens if they fail? >> if we go with wackenhut, people will burn, businesses will burn, and people will die. >> reporter: they had two
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primary proposals one from redwood city which would combine city resources, the other from wackenhut, a private contractor. the wackenhut proposal could potentially save the city up to $6.6 million. >> we actually had proposed to put four firefighters at each station versus three firefighters at each station and put them on different types of apparatus that are more in tune to the types of things that are ran in the city of san carlos. >> reporter: but many voiced concerns that for-profit contractors would jeopardize public safety. >> they are gonna work their employees 72 hours a week. it's not a safe schedule. >> reporter: the redwood city proposal would save san carlos lows up to $3.5 million. it would be a joint hybrid system. >> when you look at the track record of the redwood city department as opposed to wackenhut it's night and day. they have no experience in municipal firefighting, they did it one time in 1997 in florida, it didn't end well. >> reporter: dana this issue
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isn't over with yet. san carlos has a lot of negotiating to do with redwood city to make sure that program is up and running and even today they voiced some concern that in the redwood city hybrid option was approved, which it was tonight, it may not be up and running by october. they still have a lot of work to do. >> elizabeth cook in san carlos, thank you. pg an e getting ready to conduct safety test of 150 miles of its natural gas pipelines in the aftermath of the san bruno gas line explosion. the first test is set for mountainview. mark sayier with what people had to say living there tonight. >> reporter: the san bruno explosion which killed 8 people and destroyed dozens of homes occurred online 132, in mountainview 132a connects 132 with another major gas pipeline running up the peninsula and that short mile and a half section of pipe will be the first to undergo what is called
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a hydrostatic pressure test. >> it's a safe, proven method to, throughout the industry, to verify and validate a safe operating pressure for the pipeline. >> reporter: they'll remove all natural gas from the line and fill it with water to 150% of its current maximum operating pressure and hold it for 8 hours. a similar test will be conducted on a four-mile stretch of pipe in antioch. >> any pipe that doesn't meet acceptable standards during the test, we'll cut out that section and replace it with new pipe. >> reporter: tonight pg&e held the first of a series of open houses to explain the process to residents. >> i live right on top of the gas line to be tested. >> mary is very concerned about the line and the upcoming test. >> i'm glad they are going to test it. i don't want to be at home when they do it. >> reporter: resident chris winter says she supports the testing but wonders why it was not done sooner. >> i don't want another san bruno. i watched the entire events of san bruno and i'm very afraid of that. >> reporter: the line being
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tested goes right near crittendon middle cool where mag delean a cas tarina is concerned about her son. >> i just feel i have to come and see and ask a lot of my questions. >> reporter: do you feel better about this test they are gonna do now or are you still nervous about it? >> no, i feel very confident now. >> reporter: now pg&e says it will have crews standing by in the event there is a failure during the test and they say there is a rupture in the neighborhood. they will be ready for that. they do not expect any customers here in mountainview to lose their gas during the tests, they'll feed them during the test from other gas lines. ken? >> mark sayier, thank you. other headlines making news around the area. pg&e says an equipment failure caused a gas leak which shut down the highway on the pen sin sue la. they shut down the highway just
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before 5:00. the piece of equipment that failed is a regulator that lowers the pressure so gas can be distributed to customers. the san jose police department is facing two auts alleging excessive force and racial profiling. according to the mercury news an hispanic man says officers damaged his eye during a 2008 traffic stop. the man eventually pleaded guilty to drunk driving. and in a second case from 2009 another man, also hispanic, says he was run over by a patrol car. that man later pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace. so far, the department is not commenting. oakland police are searching for a man who gunned down 6 people at a jack london square bar. two people died and two others are in critical condition. the shooting reported he started as a street robbery just before 1:00 in the morning. police say the gunman fled with thee other men in a white dodge
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avenger similar to that one, during the investigation another man was shot and wounded in an unrelated shooting just around the corner. the family of a german tourist killed in san francisco last summer are returning to the city this week. macteal shearer was caught in the crosse fire when two rival groups, teens, started firing outside a union square club. she was in san francisco with her husband celebrating her wedding anniversary and birthday. her husband and two sons will hold a private memorial and meet with the district attorney. >> the district attorney tries as much as possible to meet directly with family members or at least have a conversation by phone in cases where a homocide has occurred. >> police initially arrested an 18-year-old suspect but released him for lack of evidence. but now they have recommended charges against at least one suspect. the da's office would not comment on the charges and has
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not yet acted on them. muammar gaddafi appeared in public today just hours after nato war planes pounded buildings near his compound. high was showing his supporters and his enemies he was unhurt. as danielle nottingham shows us the airstrike came after bloody weekend battles between gaddafi's forces and rebel fighters. >> reporter: libyan leader muammar gaddafi shook hand with community leaders and showed his supporters and enemies he is alive and well after nato air strikes leveled part of his compound. early monday morning bombs destroyed a library and a reception hall where he hosted visiting dignitaries. 3 people were killed and 45 injured in the blast. the airstrike came after bloody weekend battles between gaddafi forces and rebel fighters. this amateur video shows some of the filing in misrata. at least 32 people were killed there over the weekend. the streets were left virtual
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tee empty and lined with destroyed buildings. 10 more were killed in new fighting there monday. the non-stop battle for control of misrata has some in washington stepping up their calls for nato nations to remove gaddafi from power. a spokesman for the president says that will not happen. >> it is not the policy of this administration to effect regime changes through force. >> but the white house says it wants gaddafi to go and there appears little chance of that happening unless the rebels get help. the opposition is disorganized and made up of untrained fighters. in the city of benghazi they are fixing and rebuilding weapons from the 1970s, the rebels have said they are working on deals to buy more modern weapons from other countries to even the odds on the battlefield but, so far, there is no sign that happening. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the state department. gabrielle giffords is cleared to travel to florida to watch her hundred dollar's shuttle launch on friday.
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doctors at the arizona congresswoman's houston rehab hospital set that as a goal for their patient. astronaut mark kelly, her husband, tells cbs that his wife said "awesome" and then pumped her fist when she got the okay. kelly will command the space shuttle endeavor when it makes its final flight. there are no plans for giffords to make any public appearance on friday. a smart phone app that has an mallovers and law enforcement outraged. why the creators say they now are fearing for their lives. >> it's being called the wedding of the century. how police are preparing for the royal nuptials. >> you have to go back to march 29th to find 8 straight dry days here in the bay area. now the seven-day forecast, ,,,,
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you just click it and bam... [ male announcer ] netflix. unlimited streaming to your tv over the internet. for only eight bucks a month. netflix lets me watch what i want when i want. i can guarantee that once you start it, you're gonna love it! [ male announcer ] go to to start your netflix free trial today. "eyewitness news" is brought to you by kaiser permanente. we want you to live well, be well and thrive. the makers of a game that features dog fighting say they fear for their safety. the free smart phone app has some animal lovers and police furious, but the creators insist they are simply misunderstood. >> reporter: it's called dog wars, a free android app that allows you to fight pit bulls. you can teach it to bite. you can force it to drag a tire to gain strength an then you go head to head with other players. >> i'm actually hoping that it was a prank. it's -- my visceral reaction is how horrendous this is.
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>> jennifer scarlet from the san francisco sp chr a says it promotes real life dog fighting. she has seen how it affects them whether they win or lose. >> they are in a tremendous amount of pain, they have multiple fractures and multiple lacerations and bruising. >> reporter: they even allow you to buy knives and guns in case of a police raid. >> it's basically a how-to guide on dog fighting. >> reporter: that has the los angeles police protective league up in arms. >> gang members are involved in that type of activity. theyre develop in the violence. >> reporter: even eagles quarterback mikeling vick is denouncing the app saying it is inappropriate. he served 20 months for a dog fighting conviction vicks. but the make ore tv game says people are entirely missing the point. they we are in fact animal lovers ourselves. we cannot reveal much about ourselves for fear of our
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safety. we have received real and extremely violent threats. we tried to app out and you never see the dogs fight. it is less violent than we expected. we'll also noticed it kept shutting down. cage games pointed out they are still developing it and the app is a satire and they hope to educate people about the real- life horrors of dog fighting. they say from the very beginning they wanted to give money to certain animal rights groups. >> you said you make contact with them, are you buying their explanation or are they just embarrassed now they got caught with this thing. >> i don't think they are coming out saying anything that they don't believe in. i think this is the very beginning of it. they haven't even marketd it yet. we will see where they go from here on out and whether they actually do give money to animal rights groups. >> keep us updated. thanks grace. more leg room, more room to spread out your stuff in these are some of the changes b.a.r.t. could be make to go its aging
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fleet. the transit agency is looking for feedback on improving its seat designs. so it's rolling out a new seat lab where writers can give input on seat height, which hadth and leg room. while those are important initial comments are on what covers the seat. >> actually, if they would have maybe made plastic seats or something that's not cloth that could be cleaned more often. >> i think cleaner seats, the fabric is not very appealing. >> the lab opened today with groups of seniors, disabled passengers, and others giving their feedback. the lab will be coming soon to a community center, public event or a b.a.r.t. station near you. >> al queda, anarchists, radical irish republicans, these are just some of the groups that police believe pose the biggest threat of an attack on friday's royal wedding. helicopters already in the skies scanning for unusual activity on the wedding route.
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friday there will be snipers on the rooftops, a total of 5,000 police officers will be on duty, most of them unarmed. just last december you'll remember demonstrators attacked prince charles' and camilla's car in on done. and you can watch the royal wedding live right here on cbs5. our cbs news live coverage will begin at 1:30 a.m. right after the late late show. no need to go to bed. >> no, exactly. roberta will have scones and tea ready and -- >> i'm ready. i've got it all planned out. just don't go to bedsh because at the time you get home you turn it on. ivan watching the weather forecasts, they have been having record heat and records shattering all weekend long. looks like cooler conditions, on a slight chance of rain in the uk. as of us, look at that. today we had over a quarter inch of rain in napa, a trace in livermore, tonight overnight
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partly cloudy skies temperature- wise into the 40s, 50 overnight in san jose, the morning commute, go ahead and stash that umbrella. no need for it. in fact if you go back to march 29th we had 8 consecutive days with no rain. i'm looking at right now eight days precipitation free. that's because we now have high pressure building in with the path of this disintegrating area of low pressure. getting applause in the peanut gallery. we have dry conditions under the influence of high pressure. thursday a little glitch in the forecast. but first things with you. your pollen report suggests a lots of us suffering due to the tree count on the medium to high side, grasses coming in to play as well. here in the bay area, a couple degrees warmer, 60 in san francisco, forecasting 62, that's still down from the average high of 65. east of the bay, northwest wind 5 to 10, here is your extended forecast, additional warming takes place wednesday, then partly cloudy conditions as an air of low pressure knicks the northwestern section of the
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state on thursday. but high pressure quickly fills in on friday and yet, by saturday, all the way through monday, flirting with nearly 80 degrees, warming spots in the inland area. i opened thump email and it was glorious. this is sent by lamont from oakland airport. he calls it a hole punch. caught either one actually. it happens when an aircraft punches through alto couple louse clouds, not unusual. what is unusual is the dew ration. it was out there for quite some time according to lamont. >> really cool. love it. >> all right. >> we're ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"eyewitness news" is brought to you by southwestern airlines rapid rewards. no blackout dates. super exciting sharks game tonight. kim will have more coming up. if you have ever been to a sharks game you may have this question. how are all the lines and logos painted on the ice at the tank? that's a good question for tonight. i didn't even know you could paint ice but that's exactly how they put down the lines and
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logos at the shark tank. first question i got to ask you is what kind of paint sticks to ice? is this it's kind of like the old testimony pure a you ordered like in grade school. >> yeah, the same stuff you painted with in kindergarten. he has been painting them for 37 years, it starts with a coat of white then the lines go in, all on just a 16th of an inch much thick layer of ice. >> all the goal creases and stuff are hand painted. we used to do the logos, but now we sped up a little bit by putting the cloth ones in. >> they are made of a thin permeated cloth carefully positioned on the ice and sprinkled with water. >> sprinkle a little water on them an squidgy it down and take the air out from underneath. >> then it's layer after layer of clear water until there's an inch of ice on top. think use a trick to make the
2:02 am
colors pop. they run all the water through an ro machine, reverse osmosis, so when it hits the ice it is totally clear. the entire process takes about 30 hours. >> these guys can make a mistake, they drip a little red pain paint, no, it's just blood. >> click on connect to signed me your good questions. the sharks draw first blood in l.a. and a couple of ,, i'm a curious seeker. i am a chemistry aficionado. diphenhydramine. magnesium hydroxide. atheletes foot. yes. i'm a people pleaser. if elected, i promise flu shots for all.
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"eyewitness news" brought to you by verizon. rule the world on the most advanced 4g network. todd mclellan's choice in net tonight, antti niemi. mcclellan going with a guy who won a stanley cup last year. third period tied at 2. heatley knocks one off the post and in. heatley's second goal of the playoffs. seems like a winner but the kings tie it up with just over 8 minutes to go in the final second of the power play trevor lewis scores on a rebound. then came the turning point. jamie mcginn is handed a 5- minute major for this hit on brad richardson. the penalty would carry into overtime. the sharks would kill it off and then this. >> far side, they score. the sharks win the series in overtime. >> less than 3 minutes into overtime, jumbo joe ends it. sharks win 4-3, they'll play either the blackhawks or the red wings. >> everything you had to hear
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and reed from jerks like us that pointed to it. >> you know what, i don't really reed what you -- you know, i just reed playboy and things like that. i don't reed your kind of columns, but -- >> he reads playboy. >> yeah, reads it. that's right. kendrick finds a sting will off gio gonzalez, two runs in the second inning. gave up 5 home runs in 5 innings. if the cy young award was handed out jered weaver would get it. he pitches a straight game shutout, weaver picks up his sixth win of the year and lowers his e.r.a. to 0.99. 49ers hall of fame running back joe the jet perry passed away today at the age of 84 from complication witness dementia. he broke the 49ers color barrier in 1948. the mvp in 1954 he still holds the franchise records for rushing yards and touchdowns.
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roll the top 5. white sox pitcher phil umm better was making his sixth career start against the yankees and took a no-hit near to the seventh. >> back through the middle you can cancel the postgame show. >> thank you hawk. number 4. at la russ a's tony's daughter, bianca, made the 2011 raiderette cheering squad. beats the buzzer from beyond half court, oklahoma city lost by two. erick aybar goes deep in the hole and guns out daric barton who hated the call. >> oh, man. >> brewers and reds, carlos has substance and style. the double summer assault after the shoe string catch. the reds beat the brewers. ozzie smith was famous for his backflips. >> and lewis did not get along
2:08 am
but i hear he back flipped his way into the hall of fame. >> really. >> such a thing as making it look good. you know that. >> you make it look good every night. >> i'm not back flipping for you either,,,,,,,,,,,,
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