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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  September 16, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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ng to stop the car just after midnight at barrington court and mclaughlin avenue. the 31 yeart old suspect was taken to a hospital with non life threatening injuries. a second suspect was arrested. no one else was hurt. also this evening, we are monitoring a police standoff that's underway in vallejo. officers there have surrounded a home on the 400 block of woodrow avenue. witness say it all started around 3:30 when police arrived on scene. no word on exactly who police are looking for. more and more women are becoming the targets of street robberies in oakland. in the most recent crime -- a woman and her three year old were the victims. christin ayers on what the crooks are after -- and how police say you can protect yourself. christin.
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oakland police say the gold
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of reno a plane went down soon after taking off. all the planes have been grounded at this time. we've spoken to our sister station in reno and they say that there are casualties. they're still gathering information. the airport authorities are asking everyone who's at the air races to go home. again, what we know is the plane has crashed into the grand stands during the air races in reno. we'll get you more details as soon as we get them. police searching for a man they describe as extremely dangerous that they say has been on an crime spree.
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an all out effort to get the suspect off the street. >>reporter: absolutely unbelievable. police thought they were dealing with a carjacking suspect.
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your birth control ineffective this month. the packaging mix up that has one company issuing a recall. and the brands affected.
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told to stay out of the classroom until they've had all their shots. the missed vaccine that has schools across the bay area turning away students. and the world would work better, if more women around the world, worked. the message hillary clinton delivered in the bay area today. a birth control pill mix-up could lead to incorrect dosing a plane has crashed into a grandstand just outside of reno just before 4:30. the airport was hosting the national championship air races. it went down soon after taking off at the very beginning of the races. all of the planes have been grounded at this time. they're asking everyone to go home or hotels. a plane has crashed into the grandstand during the air races
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in reno. we'll get you more details. searching for a man they describe as extreme dangerous that has been on an all day crime spree. >> they thought they were dealing with a car jabbing suspect from the very parking lot where i stand at the power plant shopping center. it seems this is escalating into a possible kidnapping of
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the person behind the wheel. as you mentioned, this one man crime spree does not stop here. the police believe he shot a local man just 1 mile away as he tried to buy gas. the shooting happened at the chevron station at lincoln. it is disturbing to police because it took place in broad daylight, and in front of what we're told was scores of witnesses. the witnesses say a man was pumping gas when the suspect approached with a gun in hand demanding money. he fired a single shot into the victim's stomach. >> it was a really loud sound and only one shot, but the noise was so loud in these neighborhoods and echo off the buildings and such. >>reporter: the shooter then race had to monterey, the where
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police say he fired another shot at someone else in the parking lot, then carjacked a white 199054 door toyota camry. >> wore treating it as a worst case scenario. >> san jose police believe this is the suspect. he is described as 5'8", 180 pounds. his ethnicity is unknown, but was last seen in black athletic pants, light blue t shirt and baseball cap with a large white lettered t on the front. back out live at the power plant shopping center we're being told by police that the victim of the shooting from the gas station has been taken to valley medical center, no word yet on his condition, but the hunt continues for that
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carjacking suspect, and again for that vehicle. elizabeth, the concern right now is the person behind the wheel is still unaccounted for, so we don't know right now if this is in fact a kidnapping. >> all right. thank you. a birth control pill mix up could lead to incorrect dosing and unintended pregnancies. the maker issued a recall after it found some of the pills were inserted into the wrong slots in the packaging. some of the brand names we're listing on the screen will have more details for you. the company says the error also caused an obscuring of the lot number and expiration date. only certain lots of those brands are affected. if the company investigating the cause of the error? : california schools sending thousands home because they haven't complied with the new state law that requires whooping cough booster shots.
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>> last year whooping cough cases reached epidemic proportions. ten infants died, and in the classroom kids can pick up this highly contain us disease and spread it like wildfire. the new state law requires that within 30 days of the first day of school all 7-12 graders do one of two things. one, get a whooping cough booster shot or two file a signed exemption. roughly 2,000 students were turned away from school in san francisco. >> they were given direction to various clinics, and some of them, a couple hundred, came here to the central office. we had an all day free clinic, got their shots and went back to school. >> now, many kids had gotten their shots over the summer, but forgotten to file the
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paperwork with the schools. they've made a huge effort to get the word out about the law, now making the effort to get the students up to compliance, including nurses out to to the schools to vac nate kids who brought in parental permission slips. coming up, an update on the breaking news where a plane has crashed into a grandstand at an airship. secretary of state in san francisco with a message for businesses around the world, get women involved. how it helps everyone in business. the last weekend of summer 2011, the areas where you should plan outdoor activities as eyewitness news continues on cbs 5.
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businesses around the world better. that's the message secretary of state hillary clinton sent in san francisco today. she was the keynote ional conference. hillary clinton was in san francisco, the keynote speaker at an international conference. the secretary of stature posed giving women more capital training and access.
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>> a shift in how government makes and enforces laws and policies, how businesses operate, how people make choices in the market place. >>reporter: in the audience an iranian born lawyer. >> if you can actually engage women's voices and economics and what you're doing is moving the society forward. >>reporter: a message that most seem to agree with today. >> it doesn't make sense for us to try and run productive economies with only half the citizens. >>reporter: clinton says it's not only right morally, but makes sound economic sense. >> women spend moreen come on food, healthcare, home improvement and schooling for themselves and their children. in short, they reinvest.
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it has a multiplier effect. >>reporter: today's meeting was the largest gathering of foreign diplomats in san francisco since the un was founded years ago. republican presidential candidate mitt romney spent some time fundraising in the south bay, attending a 500- dollar per plate fundraiser lunch at the home of lit airy agent who's a romney supporter, saying his experience is exactly what the country needs. >> i like his background and what he's been able to do turning around companies and helping people in massachusetts. it's place that's difficult, and he made sense out of it and was able to get people back to work. >> the latest poll shows romney with an eight-point lead over perry this republican voters in california. house republican leaders came out swinging today against
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president obama's job creation plan. in a memo gop leader said cutting payroll taxes for next year would lead to a tax increase in 2013. republicans say it's only portions of the president's plan they disagree with, but say they have a different vision of getting americans back to work. a little cooler. >> 10 degrees below average, considering we're just seven days away from summer coming to an end. it feels more like autumn. take a look right now. these are windswept blue skies in dublin where the temperatures today has not gone above 77 degrees. notice the trees waiverring a bit. the winds quite robust out of the west 16, gusts to 23 miles
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per hour. blue skies in the san francisco. the skies will cloud over with the deck of low clouds and fog inching their way towards the city. current conditions, 60 miles to the south of san francisco, we should be right around 83 degrees for this time of year. east bay numbers all stuck in the low 70s. when you factor in that sea breeze, it feels cooler when you're heading out the do on this friday night. playing you're heading out to the game. becoming cloudy at 60. overnight tonight, everybody's overcast with numbers in the 50s. here's the setup for your last weekend of summer. tonight's overcast and breezy, down right chilly, and then tomorrow we'll be a tad warmer for this last weekend, additionally warmer on sunday. so that's going to be the warmest of the weekend. here's your saturday. notice the clouds wipe away.
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sunshine to the beaches and do you east. we're pinpointing your forecast with 50s and 60s at the coast. meanwhile north bay numbers into the 60s and 70s. this weekend hope to see you a mild swim. here the extended forecast. the warmest sunday, and it's going to be summer's last hurrah all the way until the first day of autumn, which does arrive on friday. that's your forecast. we have a lot to hurrah about. the spot where the? : was ripped open by the pipeline explosion will be filled in next week. that blast left a large hole, caser really. it's been there while the investigation has been going
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on. the pipeline blew and killed eight people. much a part of the scenery as the scenery itself, but they may have to pack up and move. why they may be getting the boot.
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along san francisco's waterfront are gearing up for a fight. they fear they're b hundreds of street artists along the waterfront are gearing up for a fight, fearing they're being shoved aside to make way for the upcoming america's cup. >> not so says the is it, but the expansion of a popular project. >> the city wants to expand the line. the transit station might take up an amount of space. we don't know how many. they claim 12. other people claim 30 to 40.
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>>reporter: they've known about the expansion since 2006, but what they didn't know is. >> we didn't know that they were planning to put transit shelters here. >>reporter: they'd go up right where they've made their living for years. >> my business would be ruined. i'm afraid i'm going to lose 20 or 30 spaces that come down the sidewalk and i'll be forced to sell in an area less desirable. >> we need to work together with the park service and art commission. the city says they want to play fair, to find a solution that allows us to extend the line while maintaining space for their work. >> i knew it was going to be a bad idea. >>reporter: some are skeptical of the timing. some of these artists have been here since the 70s. if they're forced to move out, they're not only going to lose their income, but a place
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they've called home for decades. >> the national park service says commencing are being removed and nothing gears forward until there's an environmental impact report that will be followed by a 30 day public comment. we continue to follow breaking news out of reno. >> a plane has crashed at least near the grand stands. you've been to that race. >> i know you have been too. it's an amazing site. this apparently involves a prop driven mustang. for those of you that don't know, they can go 500 miles an hour through this course of pylons, being called a mass casualty situation. the first video coming in, the crash happened less than an hour ago. witnesses say this p-51 literally turned to the right shortly after takeoff and went
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nose into the ground near the boxed seats. that's all we're hearing. we don't know if it hit it directly or in front of it. pieces blew up and into the crowd. we do noah half-dozen ambulances have been dispatched. there are injuries. we don't know if there are any fatalities. you can see how low they are to the ground and how quickly they move around the course. in a split second you can run into trouble. some of the pilots have ejection seats, some don't. >> this obviously someone's home video taken from the grand stands. you get an idea how close the plane was, and then it switches over. >> this is a huge show that occurs every fall. they have military planes that come in and do shows, the thunderbirds from the air force scheduled to perform. obviously the races have been cancelled the remainder of the day and they're asking people in the crowd to leave and clear
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the area so emergency vehicles can come in. not clear at this point if those races will continue tomorrow. they're scheduled to go through the 18th. also right now you can see the debris going up in the air there after the aircraft hit the ground. >> i've been told six ambulances have left there. we don't know how many people, but six ambulances have gone to the hospital. >> the air races started yesterday. today was a huge day. there were several demonstration events and the actual racing, again a p-51 mustang that went into the ground near the stands there, and there are casualties. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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we're working on for eyewitness news at 6. it could be a very costly casualty, in an earthquake. now - the major makeover, to keep a it could be a very costly casualty in an earthquake. the major makeover to keep a bay area dam from collapsing. virtually eliminating graffiti, can leave their mark without touching a wall. that and the latest from reno coming up at 6. >> we'll see you then. of course we're getting more details. we'll have them for you at
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6:00. it was a p-51 mustang plane that crashed near the grand stands at the national championship air races. this is home video that was shot in reno. we're getting more details from reno and will have a full report coming up. the pilot apparently lost control. you see how close it is to the grand stands there. the air races have been cancelled for the afternoon. we'll have more details coming up at 6. >> >> pelley: tonight, rarely have we seen voters so angry. in a cbs news poll just released, job approval ratings for congress and the president fall to all-time lows. bob schieffer, norah o'donnell, and nancy cordes are covering. one town fed up with unemployment found a way to


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