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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  December 12, 2011 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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protest. [ chanting ] >> reporter: one truck at a time, protestors are determined to shut down the port of oakland. in part, they are strategy is to convince the workers here that the demonstrators are on their side. the side of the 99%, the working man. >> we want you to get paid. >> we are doing this for you as well. >> well, i don't know, they ain't doing it for me because i don't see nothing out of it. i'm losing work. >> if anything, they are hurting us more than helping us because now we're a day behind in what we need to get accomplished for us to be home. >> reporter: the port protest started around 5:30 a.m. and hundreds of demonstrators blocked the entrances of port berths. as the demonstrations lingered through the morning there were sporadic closures because 200 longshoremen reported to work and 150 got sent home.
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police arrested a couple of demonstrators but the protests were overwhelmingly peaceful. and frustrated for truckers who had spent the day waiting to see if this next wave of demonstrations would also block their ache is. >> the way things are now, i mean it is hard to make a buck. and they are making it hard. but obviously they don't care. you know, i mean -- >> they said they are doing it for you, making a point to the corporations. >> well they should get together with these people and if these people would come and talk to them, maybe things would be different. but this is not the way to go about it. >> reporter: so i mentioned this morning that some 200 longshoremen were called in to work but three quarters had to go home. 200 is about the number they get for a shift. and now we're hearing for the overnight shift a different situation, no longshoremen were called in. and that doesn't mean the port of oakland is shut down according to port officials, but it does mean the work that is done here will not be able
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to be done. we're talking about the loading and unloading of the trucks and getting the material off of the boats and that is the bulk of the work here at port. >> absolutely. and joe, beyond tonight, are they talking about what will happen overnight there, there won't be workers, but what about tomorrow morning? >> reporter: no plan at all for tomorrow morning. but if history is our guide, remember they just did this at the beginning of november, we're going to see a long night. and what they will do, allen, is sit right here on this road, a very busy road, and they will sit and block the entrances and they will try and shame the truckers and tell them to go away and for the most part they are able to block their access. >> we know you will stay with it, joe. thank you. we'll see you later. in long beach police made two arrests as they push protestors away from the nation's second busiest port. hundreds gathered for a predawn march on a marine terminal owned in part by goldman sachs. despite the demonstrations, all port operations in long beach
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continued on schedule. the man who posed as a pga worker and -- pg&e worker and killed kathleen horan was sentenced today. gary scott holland admitted he was high on meth when he killed horan in her russian hill home last year. today hole land was sentenced to 50 -- hole land was sentenced to 50 years to life behind bars. >> the sentence handed down today represents the vicious murder of a wonderful lady and ensures this man will never walk the streets of san francisco again. >> holland waved his right to appeal. u.s. troops serving overseas may be the latest victims of the skimmer scam at lucky stores. the charity that helped the soldiers had their accounts
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drained. how the blue-star moms are scrambling to cover their losses. ann? >> reporter: on november 13th and again on november 22nd. the group came to pick up snacks for the troops overseas. they learned their account had been looted. >> hopefully some day the boxs will be filled again and every one of these should have items in it. >> reporter: south bay blue- star moms just shipped out 600 care packages for troops serving in iraq and afghanistan and their storage facility is depleted and now so is their bank account. they were victim of lucky stores. anna's son has served two tours in iraq. >> how could it happen to our troops and our veterans. so it was disheartening and really sad to us that this happened and it made us angry. >> reporter: a blue star mom used their card twice to buy snacks for the troops and days
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later they started taking out money. >> $2,000 taken out in days. >> reporter: karen's son has been in iraq twice and the bank said it is likely they'll eventually be reimbursed for the losses but the moms can't wait. silverman's car is full of backpacks for homeless veterans. the supplies to fill them is coming out of mom's own pockets. >> so many of our vets are homeless and they have served our country, they don't have jobs, they don't have homes, they are destitute. >> reporter: the next shipment is in march, and they are worried the financial situation is going to set them back. >> this delays us starting the preparation, which takes months to do. >> reporter: lucky's parent company save-mart september me an e-mail saying it contacted the blue star moms and wanted to work with them.
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but the blue star moms do say the community is responding. and if you want to contact the blue star moms, go to our website and click on news. president obama is holding events all week to mark the end of the war in iraq. today iraq's prime minister came to washington. tara merge inner reports the two men paid tribute to the men who sacrificed to give that country a new start. >> reporter: president obama and norrie al-maliki stood side by side at arlington national cemetery, laying a wreath at the 4500 military members who died fighting the war in iraq. al-maliki visited washington and president obama is keeping a pledge to the almost 9-year long war by the end of this month. >> a new day is upon us, and let us nav -- never forget
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those who have given us this chance. more than 1 million americans, military and civilian have served in iraq and they are the reason we can stand here today and we owe it to every single one of them, we have a moral obligation to all of them, to build a future worthy of their sacrifice. >> reporter: at a joint news conference, the president and prime minister praised the relationship between the two isn'tries and prom -- countries and promised secure, equipping the iraqi military and fighting terrorism. but some officials are concerned that neighboring iran will step up influence on iraq once american forces leave. president obama is confident that won't be a problem. >> i have absolutely no doubt that these decisions are being made based on what prime minister mal icky -- al-maliki is considering what is best for iraq, not on what iran would like to see. >> reporter: on the
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battlefield, u.s. forces are taking part in what one military officer called the biggest legit cal operation since world war ii. they are handing over control of bases and moving equipment across the border to kuwait. tara merge inner for cbs news, the white house. a toxic mess threatens to seep into the bay. what caused the spill in a bay area college and what is being done to stop it. the incentive in one bay area city for campers to stay off public property. they call it green monday. one of the busiest online shopping days of the year. but why you might want to wait just a little longer before you buy. ,,,,,,
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berkeley today, after a diesel spill on campus. crews spent the weekend containing the spill and cleaning up the toxic mess since discovering it saturday. students were back in class at cal today after a diesel spill on campus. >> they cleaned up the toxic mess since discovering it on
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saturday. but juliette goodrich said there is still lingering concern. >> reporter: stanley hall is now open, but as you can see, crews are still here vacuuming up the more than 1700 gallons of fuel that spilled over the weekend. and believe it or not, today was the first day of final exams. a lot of students were wondering if they had to take the test or not? towels are used to soak up the creek, and warning signs are advisable to all students walking by the creek. uc berkeley student richard wong was more concerned about the environment today than his final exam. >> a 2,000-gallon oil spill is significant. i wasn't concerned about the building, i was more worried about the environment. >> reporter: the environmental protection agency and the coast guard and the cal department of fish and game are working to
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clean up the spill. equipment failure caused a back- up generator to overflow, spilling flew into the basement at stanley hall, the largest student research facility on campus. uc berkeley student nina gonzales got this e-mail from her professor this morning. >> just in case you didn't know, yes the building is open and we'll have exams. >> were you ready to go? >> yeah, i stayed up all night studies. but it's kind of fun, it's a bug class. >> reporter: and this could head into the bay. federal and state and local agencies are monitoring the levels. meantime environmental crews are using specialized trucks and equipment to clean up the diesel in storm drains around campus. there is no report of harm to wildlife. the university said they don't know how this malfunction happened and they are
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investigating that. they have not released an official statement. know real smell here along stanley hall but i can tell you down by the creek there was a lingering smell of the diesel. >> glad to know they are cleaning it up and the test will go on. >> reporter: yes it will. >> thanks. preventing a scandal like the one at penn state. what california teachers are required to do that the coaches are not and the steps underway to change that. how many forces provide been mini horses provide healing in the air. and cold and cloudy and wet around the bay area today. we have brighter weather ahead. we'll talk about that coming up.
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a daylong effort to shut it down. the demonstrations started protestors are again marching on the port of oakland tonight as part of a day-long and night-long effort to shut it down. now live pictures from chopper 5 show these demonstrators having started before dawn, when hundreds blocked the entrances to several berths. and now you see where they are. the terminals are open and the trucks are backed up through the day. very few workers to unload them. many longshoremen went home this morning and the shift this
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evening has been called off. and in wake of the sex scandals at penn state and syracuse university, a california state assemblyman is proposing a new law that hopes to prevent abuse in athletic situations. it would require them to report it if they suspect abuse is occurring. roger dickinson said the new law is especially needed in california because teachers are mandated to report abuse, however coaches are not. >> it does seem like it should be obvious, doesn't it? and yet that's what makes the statistic that 88% of sexual abuse cases go unreported to the appropriate authorities. so shocking, but the fact is what seems obvious doesn't occur. >> while coaches would be required to report abuse, the proposed law will not include any sort of a penalty for coaches who don't do that. the city of san jose is extending an olive branch to
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"occupy" protestors. it is offering to drop charges if they agree not to set up tents on city hall plaza for the next two years. the violations include trespassing and illegal use of city property. an attorney representing some of the occupiers said the city's offer is a good deal. >> all that they have to do is agree not to violate the law in the future, as a result of agreeing not to violate the law in the future, the city said we will dismiss your charges from the past. and that is what makes it a excellent offer and i recommended it to the -- my clients. >> the city hasn't said how many people could benefit from the compromise but police made between 25 and 50 arrests during the nearly two-month occupation. well renewed fears over the european debt crisis sent stocks sharply lower today. [ bell ] >> the dow closed down 163
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points after ratings agencies fitch and moodies said europe's pact to ease the regions debt crisis will have little short- term impact. in italy, workers went on strike, saying europe isn't doing enough to help the country's economy. last week italy and every european union country except britain agreed to the new plan to rescue the euro. david cameron said the treaty does not have proper safeguards. first there was black friday and then cyber monday. now it is green monday. on the consumer watch, julie watts explains why the surge in shopping this holiday season translates into a record season for shippers. julie? >> reporter: liz, well green monday is one of the biggest shopping days for online retailers. it is the single biggest shipping day for fedex. and as it turns out, the two are directly related. how much of your holiday shopping have you done online this year? >> i would say 85-90%.
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>> a majority of all of my shopping is online shopping. >> reporter: holiday cyber sales are up 15% totaling more than $25 billion so far and experts say that is the reason fedex is expected to make 17 million deliveries today alone, making it the busiest day in the company's 40-year history. >> consumers are spending more, but fedex having the biggest day ever has more to do with a big increase in online shopping than anything else. >> reporter: and today, green money, is expected to kick off the biggest cyber shopping week of the season. but consumer psychologist kate yarrow said some may wish they haven't waited. >> retailers that trimmed inventory are running out of products and so there are going to be instances where people aren't going to be able to find exactly what they want. >> reporter: and that has some avid online shoppers pounding the pavement as well. >> things are sold out. >> if it is a big price or they are giving a sale on something, it is hard to find. >> it will be there in four
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weeks but that defeats the purpose here. i need it today. >> reporter: even though many shoppers are spending like it is -- spending like it is 2007, stores are reluctant to stock that way. >> in 2007, retailers were lapped over a barrel and they had to clear merchandise out at discounted prices and they made sure that won't happen again. >> reporter: they base stock on preseason estimates but this year they are finding shoppers are spending more than planned and good for the economy. >> everywhere i go, there is no economy problem. people are out buying. >> green monday was coined by e- bay after they saw a bigger online shopping day than cyber monday. green sales have declined over the last couple of years and some analysts attribute that to free shipping friday, which happens later this week. it has many shoppers waiting until friday to make the last-
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minute purchases. >> got to keep them all straight. julie, thanks. some bay area kids got something you can't really get from your doctor. a play date with some miniature horses. sick kids got do play with blacky and windy, two mini horses that regularly visit children with life-limiting illnesses. duo was decked out in holiday gear like santa hats and ribbons while the kids got to pet and play with them. they are two of seven horses that work closely with kids in need. >> i know horse is liking the windy. >> i love the windy shot. >> right up your alley. and we keep seeing light storms out there. >> we are running 50% of normal on rainfall. but we would like to get it going. still outside now, here we go. scattered light showers into the afternoon hours but even that is starting to wind down now. most of that coming up out of the southeast. some wrap-around moisture from the low headed toward southern california. tonight quiet out there.
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still clouds in our skies. temperatures beginning to cool off. 51 degrees in concord right now. 51 in oakland. 49 in livermore. and 50 degrees in san jose. if you are traveling to southern california, be very careful, especially over the grapevine. i-5 is expecting snow there tonight at 2500 feet so that could cause trouble over the grapevine. and a lot of snow on the mountains of southern california but you can get the trend here. the system winding to the south and moving out of the bay area. so it looks like things will begin to come to an end as far as the rain is concerned and even the clouds becoming partly cloudy overnight. and tomorrow mostly sunny and hazy sunshine and cool temperatures again. and it looks like a return to some dry weather ahead. for tomorrow, we're planning on 50s outside. maybe sneaking close to 60 degrees in the warmer spots by the afternoon. did you cool air in place. high pressure will start to build into the bay area behind the low, ever so slowly as it kicks eastward but it is till a
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cold night tonight. 29-degree in santa rosa. 34 in napa valley. 35 degrees in livermore and 38 in san jose. so waking up to frosty conditions. early on tomorrow morning, temperatures by midday, 50s in san jose. 56 in pacifica. east bay temperatures moving well into 50s by the afternoon. and notice some blue on the screen, mountain tops only seeing highs in the 40s. so chilly across the mountain tops but otherwise not bad down below. next couple of days, it looks like we are going to see some partly cloudy skies into thursday. it looks like we will keep things high and dry right into the weekend. that is a look at weather. we'll have more news when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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children. now researchers are looking into their eyes for answers. dr. kim mulvihill explains. doctors have long struggled to understand the minds of autistic children. >> now researchers have looking into their eyes for answers. dr. kim mulvihill explains. >> reporter: mike and laura's 7- year-old triplets keep them on
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the go. two of them, michael and francesco have autism. both have trouble identifying emotions in others. they are more likely to focus on objects. >> there is a difference in the way they focus compared to my son that doesn't have autism and there is a difference in what they are focused on and interested in. >> reporter: now scientists believe the blink of an eye may help explain why. >> the less the child blinks, the more they are paying attention to what is happening. >> reporter: in a study researchers studied the blink rate of a video of kids playing. the rate for typical children slowed down while autistic children blinked normally. that changed when the autistic kids spotted movement. >> they stopped blinking when they were looking at objects and objects in motion. >> reporter: this new insight into how the autistic mind works could help develop improved therapy. >> what this research gives us is a new tool for essentially understanding what might be capturing the attention of children with autism. >> reporter: knowing what interests autistic children could help identify and treat
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those with the disorder earlier. >> therapy is incredibly important. children who receive early intervention for symptoms of autism are reported to have the greatest gains in function. >> reporter: the new study gives the family a better understanding of how michael and fran chessco see the world. cbs 5 health watch. ,,,,,,,,
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we're working on for eyewitness news at 6. one of the biggest employers in northern californi up, and moving o i'm dana king. here is what we are working on for the 6:00 news. one of the biggest employers in northern california is packing up and moving out.
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why the ceo said it has gotten too difficult to do business in the golden state. and it's business is entertaining kids. why some bay area chuck e chooses are doing something to put kids at risk. we'll have that and more at 6:00. and we are keeping an eye on the protestors who are marching on the port of oakland this hour. part of their day-long effort to shut it down, demonstrations starting before dawn when hundreds blocked entrances to several berths. >> all terminals remain open but trucks have been backing up with few workers to unload them. many longshoremen went home this morning after expressing safety concerns and the shift beginning at 7:00 this evening has been called off. joe vasquez is there. we'll get a live report from him at 6:00. until then, cbs evening news with scott pelley


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