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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News  CBS  March 31, 2012 7:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> baseball bats and gunfire, a big bar fight in the east bay overnight. we will tell you what happened before the fight broke out. more volunteers hit the trail for a missing morgan hill teenager. the youth march set for today in honor of sierra lamar. the dream is over for most mega millions fans. at least one person, actually three people, got a lucky numbers. i did not win which is why i am here. we are starting out the weekend
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windy and it will get wet. it is already a sweat in the north bay. jim joins us now with a look at the showers moving into the area. >> i did win the lottery and i'm still here, go figure. >> i feel like you're lying >> i might be making things up. whether headed our way off the coast and we have some showers that will be with us through the early morning hours. right now, mostly cloudy around the bay. it will be gusty here through the day and we're looking at the leading edge of a frontal system pushing a lot of warm air in front of it but the showers begin to move into the north bay at this time. moderate to heavy at times and this is a very fast moving front so we will be clearing the area through the morning hours, turning to showers by this afternoon. looking for about 1 in. in most
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locations, a high surf advisory up along the coast. caution is advised if you're heading towards the beaches and you want to keep your rain boots on for this morning at least. we will see better weather tomorrow >> first lady michelle obama is stumping for support and funds for the president's reelection campaign. she will make an appearance in the east bay less than three hours from now. live pictures from the coast guard station in alameda. today she will join in the commissioning ceremony for that boat, a coast guard cutters. last night mrs. obama and her daughters had dinner at in chinatown. political analyst says there is a reason the white house is raising the first lady's
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visibility as the campaign intensifies. >> michelle obama, by contrast, is a wonderful asset for the president to have because she's a wonderful smart person, particulate and popular, and she can go out and speak for him but she does not need to speak about policy >> he says mrs. obama is adept at showing her accessibility to ordinary americans and she did on this appearance on david letterman. a violent last night in antioch leaves one person dead and two others hurt. a group of men was kicked out of the cruisers bar only to return with baseball bats. a fight started inside the bar and someone pulled out a gun and began shooting. a 38 year-old man was shot and killed and another man was shot and taken to somerville hospital. another man had it ended up with head wounds. today is cesar chavez day, marking the 85th birthday of the
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civil-rights icon who fought for california's farm workers. the city of oakland celebrated early with a march for peace. a closer look at a proposal to stop crime in some of the city's neighborhoods. >> on cesar chavez day, a march against violence. and in emotional rally for families of lost loved ones on the streets of oakland. >> i hope for you guys to gain what you are trying to accomplish which is peace >> the mayor came to cheer the movement on. she has been touting her own crime-fighting program for months claiming that >> and some of the neighborhoods the violence is definitely down >> there are reports that oakland police chief howard jordan has dedicated no special resources to the plan and
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ultimately has nothing to do with it >> >> she herself is never specified where exactly the 100 blocks are and we astors she eventually stormed off. on the streets of oakland there seems to be little evidence of a comprehensive 100 blocks program. acelot situation unfolded as the rally wound down and police arrested three men on weapons charges >> we have search warrants and arrest warrants that we're serving from various areas of the city >> this is part of a something that is not the 100 lots initiative. the mayor says that it will be action like this one that will empower oakland's of war-weary communities. we wanted to talk to the chief about whether he had been misquoted but he has been out of town for a couple of days and a spokesperson says he is unavailable for comment. >> today's search for a missing
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morgan hill teenager's sierra lamar is once again going to take investigators off the road. she has been missing for more than two weeks now. santa clara county sheriff's off-road unit will search the south coyote creek trail today and cochrane road. on thursday, investigators found suspicious items near her home including an empty box labeled handcuffs and to use condoms. those items are as a client crime lab being tested as potential evidence. >> a law enforcement agency does not want to prematurely, you know, notify me of anything unless they're sure. i appreciate that, i understand >> in march is also planned for 11:00 this morning and it will start at the morgan hill
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community center. the estimated cost for california's high-speed rail project has brought. the price tag is now $68 billion, a relative bargain when it the last figure was $100 billion. the first full section of track is being expanded stretching from merced to the san fernandez valley. there are several meaning mega million tickets sold in maryland kansas and illinois and there might be more out there. it is too early to know any other information about the lucky ticket holders or if others could have been sold elsewhere. the jackpot of $640 million it dwarfs the previous record. the winning numbers were, >> 46, 23, 38, 42, and 23 >> some ticket holders in the bay area came close. tickets sold at five stores had
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numbers matching five out of six winning numbers. fox liquors in san francisco, fast and easy in fremont, pallas liquor in san miguel, tobacco and liquor and more in sunnyvale and the 7-eleven on blossom hill road in san jose. today, per our is happening around the world. here is a video from the world wildlife fund that shows the event in previous years. at 8:30 p.m., nonessential lights have been turned off for one hour. it is already happening in australia and asia. the idea is to raise awareness about people's environment impact so tonight in the u.s. flights will be offset many iconic landmarks. the final four games kick off today. wedding plans that might derail some parties for kentucky fans. a legal battle over health care reform. a spokesman for the hemophilia federation is joining us next. the local news at your
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fingertips, bells and whistles behind a new application out for cbs news.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> it is customizable and puts local news at your fingertips. if you're looking for cbs news content in your area there is an application for that. >> a quick check of your days whether, in line view of traffic and a wide listen in to our favorite radio station, there is one application for all of that >> one glance for you to know what your day is like >> your day, as it is called, gives viewers it easy interactive access. cnet is always cowering the internet for separate sites about news whether traffic entertainment and sports. now he has a cbs local digital
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media application which you can customize to prominently feature the section's most important to him >> one of the things we end up doing on line is surfing around trying to find things you want and the idea that with one click you can get the local radio stations is terrific. in quick one button and it will go to l.a. >> there is a drop down menu >> i can choose my city >> allows you to use a steady stream of news and weather in that area >> you can also go in and catch up with the overnight sports which is important to me. also the weather, to know not only with the weather is like today but you push a button and you can get the next few days. you can plan not your day >> an easy way to plan your day and maybe best of all, is free. >> speaking of the weather, we have some news this morning. it sounds like we will all get
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wet today >> the weather cast is also free but probably not on your ipod. we see rain pulling off the north coast and today it will be moving ashore in the next few hours. a fast mover so what will likely rain hard and clear out by this afternoon. we see mostly cloudy with a very warm breezy conditions in and around the bay area this morning. we're looking for wind out of the southwest. we will look for rain to develop over the next couple of hours turning to showers by this afternoon. high and dry for tomorrow as we see the system clear out quickly leaving us with a dry pattern into next week. temperatures in the upper 50s for most locations and this will probably be the high for the day. it will cool off after the front passes and it should be
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through the area by midday. right now we see showers up north beginning to move south. behind it we have cooler air. breezy southwest wind out there this morning and brain is just off the coast. as the cold air arrives we could be looking at some isolated thunderstorm activity with potential for gusty winds and hail here and there. for the most part, the system will be through the area by the middle of the day turning to scattered showers for the rest of the afternoon and pretty much gone by tomorrow morning. dry conditions in to the beginning of the week with another chance of rain in the middle of the week. with this system will expect winter conditions in the high country. up to one or 2 ft. above 6,500 ft. but the main factor will be
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the gusty wind at the ridge tops between 60-100 mi. an hour. we will look for a little less than this, an inch of rain in the north bay, a half inch across the greater bay area and the highs in the upper fifties. for the most part we will look for a little bit warmer tomorrow as we bumped back into the mid to low 60s and the chance of showers shows up in the middle of the week with a brief break through the end of the week and another slight chance of showers for the weekend. the activity should remain on the light side as you would expect for this time of year. some rain for the first thing this morning will be drying out later this afternoon. >>, you can find all of this on the web site and on
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your ipad. important other news, epic legal fight, we've been talking about it all week at the u.s. supreme court. the debate over whether the health-care law is unconstitutional. the justices are divided about that mandate that requires everyone to have health insurance or pay a fine. millions of people are eagerly awaiting the decision including the spokesperson for the hemophilia federation of america joining us live. please explain hemophilia >> it is a genetic disorder you are born with, about 20,000 people have it >> is a bleeding disorder? >> yes, it means that you believe longer. it is mostly internal bleeding >> it is very expensive. it seems odd to me that when you break down and medical's debt issue into dollars and cents but that is what you end up with. you brought us an example >> is one of the most expensive
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chronic diseases to have. this is about $2,000 worth of medicine that i take every day personally. it can easily cost $1 million per year >> $2,000 per day >> yes. >> so obviously want insurance if you have this condition. there been changes that been implemented over the past few years, as the law affected you >> elimination of cap, a hemophiliac and reached a lifetime cap in one year. someone with hemophilia were not qualified. those who are up to the age of 26 cannot stay on their parent'' insurance, before that people who just graduated school will need to find jobs right out of college with good insurance but now they can stay on their parents' insurance until 26.
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they're great things that happened to because of the health care reform law that are making big impacts for our community and others >> you were alive well before the health care law passed so what was it like before this for people with your condition? >> is scary. but only for hemophiliacs but it is scary to think that you not only need to find a good job but one with health insurance. that you need to worry about meeting something like a lifetime cap and if you need it, what happens? we need to switch to another job? i know a family personally that their young son met the lifetime cap and a mom and dad had to divorce because they met their lifetime cap so they then had to find a new job and then had to go forth from their >> how closely been watching these hearings? >> we're watching extremely closely as an organization because it would be detrimental
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to our community if anything does change as a result of that >> it wouldn't just go back to the way things were, it is not like something would be taken away that you have had before? >> yes, but what has happened has made a huge impact as a result of reform. the health-care system, regardless of which political side your aunt, is broken. we need to do whatever we can to make sure that our community and others have health care that is affordable and that we are preventing to bring down costs >> one thing with people asking the supreme court to throw it out is that people cannot be asked to buy health insurance >> it is an interesting argument and i think looking at 2014, there are a lot of unknown mandates that will happen but at the end of the day we need to do what is best for the community,
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we need to make sure that health care is provided for those with chronic illnesses >> what happens if you run out of money and you don't have insurance in you need the medication? >> there are programs out there, insurance companies can work with you, but this is saving lives. this is saving lives across the spectrum so we need to do whatever we can to make sure the medication is available. >> we will have a link to the hemophilia federations website later this morning on thanks for being here,,,,,,,,,,
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>> today we will make cedar planks salmon >> you will need only a few ingredients, salmon, spinach, garlic, parsley, and tomatoes. start by seasoning both sides of the fillet. >> the salmon goes on the board in the oven for about 10 minutes >> now we will do the side dish. the show starts with all of oil in a heated pan, garlic, spinach and cherry tomatoes. >> more like wilted spinach then sauteed spinach.
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>> it will continue to cook when you take it out of the pan. next we construct the plate starting with this beautiful spinach. the salmon is cooked and as it absorbs the aroma and smokiness of the plank, it is ready to be plated. it is topped with hot sauce to give it smokey sweetness. this is tony stable. now for the hard part. you want this recipe. >> the battle of kentucky will be fought in new orleans today but top-rated wildcats faced the in-state rival louisville for the n.c.a.a. final four. ohio state will take on the kansas jayhawks. the winners of today's games will face off in the championship. pour wedding planning on a bright spark could make for some grumpy guest today. and a sports theme wedding and
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picked today so would not interfere with baseball but she didn't realize she picked the same day as the final four. she is optimistic that her guests will get to see most of the game. well, i thought we would hear from her but not so much. no word yet on whether she and her future husband are rooting for the same team. the warriors get a strong performance from the badly but is it enough to hold a comeback attempt by the new jersey nets and in baseball, a starting pitcher for the giants those on the disabled list. >> giants pitcher brian global song was placed on the 15 day disabled list but he is only expected to miss one start. david lee had 22 points in the first half against the nets. he gets an easy way out of the
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no look pass. the warriors led by 14 after three quarters but new jersey dominated the final 12 minutes outscoring golden state 32-16. the first major of the year for the lpga. rainfall, mark greenville threw him seven more touchdowns giving him 21 in three games. kings forward mike richards scored on a breakaway to give l.a. for good, they beat l.a. and move in, they beat the oilers and move into first place which means the sharks are one point away from the final playoff spot with four games to go. coverage of the final four begins at 3:00 p.m. and stay tuned after word for the post- game show. >> coming up, a legendary
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british thespian on stage in the bay area. mavericks' celebrates its best surfers at today's festival. the movie starring questions and debates about human rights,,
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>> a big bar brawl in the east bay overnight. one man is dead. what happened before patrons started swinging baseball bats. the first lady's campaign for president obama in the east bay this weekend. the dream is over for most mega million fans. three people did hit the jackpot and we will tell you where people bought the lucky tickets and even some people in the bay area it did hit a miniature jackpot. thanks for being with us. we're starting out the weekend in a wet manner. jim is joining us with more on what we can expect today. >> radar is lighting up this morning and we are about to enter the wet. here. even as we speak for the
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greater bay area is more clouds and breezy conditions with relatively warm temperatures out there. we're looking at the frontal boundary to cross the region in the next couple of hours. moderate to heavy showers, the tail end of a front that has been passing to the north for a couple of days. it is a fast mover and the shower activity should clear the area by noon. possibilities of an isolated thunderstorm is not out of the question by later today. big surf is building off the coast, swells 15-22 ft.. >> in less than three hours first lady michelle obama will be making an appearance in alameda. live pictures from the coast
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guard station, and that is the book she will be on. she will be joining the commissioning ceremony for the cutter. a short time ago we took some pictures of the preparations with bomb sniffing dogs hard at work. this is all ahead of that ceremony for the cutter that mrs. obama will attend in the next couple of hours. bomb sniffing dogs are looking for anything suspicious were dangerous. last night mrs. obama and her daughters had dinner in san francisco's chinatown. those are some of the many appearances she is making to raise her visibility during the 2012 campaign. here are some of the poll numbers that show why she is an asset. a poll taken last october found 63 percent of americans have a positive impression of her and only 21% view her unfavorably. today's search for the missing
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morgan hill teenager will once again take investigators off road. sierra lamar has been missing since march 16th. santa clara county sheriff's deputies off-road unit will search of the south coyote creek trail and the cochrane road area. on thursday, some volunteers found suspicious items near the home including an empty box labeled handcuffs and to use condoms. volunteers alerted authorities in those items are at a crime lab being tested. also this morning there is a youth march planned that will start at the morgan hill community center at 11:00. new this morning, a final night in antioch leaves one person dead and two others hurt. a group of men was kicked out of cruisers bar and then they came back with baseball bats.
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a fight started inside the bar and someone pulled out a gun and began shooting. a 38 year-old man was shot and killed, another was taken to hospital and another ended up with head injuries. vacaville police trying to determine what caused a pair of explosions at a shooting range. no sign of foul play but was still a real shock for customers >> gunfire replaced by something even louder at this vacaville shooting range >> it was more shocking than anything >> started around 4:00 when shooters at the center mass shooting range reported trouble on the range >> we heard a couple of pots and you could look right there in see that the flame was burning >> customers like charles and drop their firearms to get an employee >> it just blew up >> it was a big explosion that made you close your eyes and you could feel it in your chest >> something inside the range
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had cause to separate blasts putting eight people in the nearly 1 ft. thick cement floor inside. firefighters and a bomb squad responded to the scene treating one person hit with flying debris. >> gunpowder had seeped into the cracks or something >> according to police they're not sure what happened >> the bomb squad people are hesitant to say that gunpowder had anything to do with it. they are investigating >> pg&e crews responded to the scene which ruled out a gas leak and no comment from the range itself. investigation is now on into what caused a huge unintended explosion >> you could feel the concussion of the explosion shaking inside of your body >> one worker is in serious condition after what looks like a carbon dioxide leak at a food processing plant in vallejo. it happened yesterday afternoon.
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more than 70 workers were sent to local hospitals. people were treated for nausea, dizziness inbreeding issues. doctors are monitoring one man who has continuing symptoms. hours after the evacuation some employees did return to work despite the fact that plan managers and the fire department have not identified the source of the leak yet. electronic dance party pop 2012 will be held at oracle arena in oakland next saturday. it is the first major electronic party there in two years. in 2010 to young man died after taking ecstasy at of 2010 at the cow palace. promoters took a hiatus last year but say they are taking precautions to prevent drug related problems. big waves are not the festival will go on after failing to deliver ideal conditions for the mavericks are competition.
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forecasters are predicting steady rain and gusty wind for today's festival. the festival will be held in place of the contest at the ocean on a hotel in princeton by the sea. ironically, they will have very big waves that they will party instead the gods and humans clash in the next big box office hit in we have a preview. also, age and the enthusiasm of youth. how this bay area band came together, we will,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> and east bay musician is bringing seniors and students together with jazz. this week's jefferson award winner and it will be getting all of the right notes. ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> under the direction of maurice, musician's young and old make magic side by side. >> their seven years apart but
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there on the same page at the same time. it is the most beautiful thing you can imagine >> they are known as the big band of ross more. 15 years ago when maurice was asked to direct a senior citizens, they didn't have enough members to be recruited middle school students >> when people play music together, everybody grows and its unite to and brings community together >> at first this college freshmen feared it would hit a sour note when she joined the band at age 12 >> i will be sitting with some old geezer over here, i have no idea what they're like or how they can play and i will probably be bored out of my mind and i sat down and by the end of the rehearsal i was blown away. >> the band performs up to 18 concerts' per year including this one in walnut creek. offstage students keep seniors in tune with today's culture and the old-timers become music mentors >> they have the most amazing
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life story is from war veterans to people who played with outstanding jazz musicians >> 90 year-old frank used of work with lionel hampton and leonard bernstein. he now arranges the band's music alongside more reeks >> it's something that keeps us both young >> 10 years ago maurice co- founded generations in jazz, a nonprofit foundation to encourage them to worship and support underserved kids with music programs and instruments. >> every year the foundation puts on a summer workshop where of one-on-one training is provided by a professional jazz instructors. 7 >> 17 year-old stiles says that music is now one of his favorite things >> it was definitely an awesome moment in my life >> the joy for me is to see
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everyone collaborate in such a positive way >> for bringing thousands of students and seniors together to make music, this week's jefferson ward goes to maurice. >> it is official, the winning mega millions ticket is out there and there are three of them. what officials said that a record-breaking $640 million jackpot really brought out the hopeful and winning tickets were sold in maryland, kan., and illinois. still too early to know any information about the lucky ticket holders. last night's jackpot was one of the biggest on record. the winning numbers were >> 46, 23, 38, 42, 23 >> some ticket holders in the bay area did come close. tickets sold at five stores had
7:43 am
numbers matching five out of six and numbers. as far as the forecast goes, not quite a winning forecast if you're trying to do anything outside because it will be wet. >> rain over the next couple of hours will turn to showers by this afternoon so i don't think it will be a total washout but for the next few hours we're looking at strong rain and wind across the bay area. mostly cloudy right now with rain moving north to south. we will look for showers to peak out in the mid morning hours. breezy conditions this morning. rain turning to showers by this afternoon. high and dry for tomorrow as we see the system move through the area quickly. this is probably going to be the high temperature for the day for many locations as we will
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get the final passage in the next few hours. pretty heavy rain on the north coast. the tail end of that activity is moving through this morning. cold air behind it will start some thunderstorm activity or the potential for some. after the rain moves into the area we will look for cooler air and rain in turning to showers through the day drawing out by late tonight into tomorrow. it will be a fast-moving system. you prepare for moderate to heavy rain to take this into the afternoon hours. we see the energy winding down by later tonight into tomorrow with just a few scattered showers possible.
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otherwise we will look for conditions to improve and rainfall totals will look something like this. daytime highs looking pretty close to the current temperatures has the wind will o'clock this afternoon out of the south back to the west and northwest and in the mountains, things are pretty blessed 3 in the high country. tapering off to buy into tomorrow and another round of potential rain headed our way for late tuesday and wednesday. you'll see a repeat performance late in the week into the weekend with a slight chance of showers but it looks
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like the most productive system is the one we will see here for today with a chance of isolated thunderstorm activity. >> is a really good day to see a movie. humans and greek gods clashing and a legendary british thespian take center stage in san francisco. >> greetings, if you love greek gods and titans going at each other, you'll love the wrath of the titans, the follow-up to the clash of the titans. it is one big in-your-face battle from beginning to end with little sign of a plot, i am afraid. sam worthington is solid in the lead role. liam neeson is speller wrath of
7:47 am
the titans is now playing, see it if you have absolutely nothing else going on this weekend. next up, the caretaker now playing in san francisco. a four week run. in the lead role this time around, the brilliant jonathan pryce from movies like brazil, pirates of the caribbean, but to see him on stage is a real treat. i met up with him at the theater where he first played mike but now he is in the role of davis >> de feel more comfortable in his shoes? >> i could not get into mixed trousers anymore, he wears a rather tighter trouser that i wear. i am loving playing him, he is
7:48 am
one of the most extraordinary characters in the english theater and i'm having a great time doing it. he is a very tragic figure but he is also very funny because he is a tramp and yet here's to nobody's rules and it you can kind of do that on stage. >> next up, music and lionel richie has gone country. he he has appeared with some of country's biggest cars including willie nelson. ♪ ♪ >> they sound good together. kenny rogers is also on the makeover. it features a line of popular
7:49 am
songs. the cd is out now on itunes and in stores. you can have my full list on twitter and you can see me and lionel lane out at his last release party. >> we will talk about films highlighting the people who are fighting for human rights around the world. a free festival going on in san francisco,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> playing this weekend, films that export challenges to human- rights. the 10th annual human-rights film festival at the university of san francisco.
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thanks for being here this morning. tell us about the festival. >> it is a special occasion for us. we have been able to put the festival on for 10 years now. it is free and open to the public and it is a really wonderful event that revives the mission in all lot of ways. usf is committed to social justice and embodies the culture of service so these films allowance dialogue and inspire audience members to create change upon leaving the theater. >> the medium of a film, people are seeing the sights and sounds of what is really happening. >> films are a really incredible tool. it allows people to visually see what is going on in places that they normally would not be able to travel to or get access that filmmakers have. we have a number of films where the film makers are day to day
7:54 am
with their subjects in the film. the director who came on thursday has spent 10 years looking at human trafficking and working with eastern european women trapped in sex trafficking. >> let's talk about some of the films specifically. education under fire, about iran >> this from looks at a faith in iran and access to education as well as religious persecution. and we can see some clips right now >> the other film, tell us about that >> is set in rwanda in the 1994 genocide where 800,000 people were killed. we have the producer coming to speak about the film and it is really a unique feature of the festival.
7:55 am
after most of the films we have discussions so there is a chance to process the material you witness. it is a story based on a rwandan stories of that moment and it actually won at sundance last year along with other wards in 2011. >> with a whole cony 2012 thing, people are maybe raising their awareness to watching things like this. even looking at these clips, it looks depressing or sad. when you go to this film festival be walk away feeling empowered? >> we would like to hope so. our intent is to network with local bay area organizations. we invite organizations to come and speak with the audience members before and after they're leaving the films. i think this is really the
7:56 am
place where change begins. we cannot create change without education and being that we are a university, rather than sign a petition or give $20, this is the place where you begin to let these ideas foment and go out and speak with people. >> ,,,,,,,,
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>> live pictures right now in alameda, a coast guard cutter where michele obama will be showing up within the next couple of hours for the commissi
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