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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  March 31, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> we're looking for anything that a 15 year-old might wear whether that be clothing or jewelry or shoes >> doing their best to keep alive butted meeting they have fears. we talk to volunteers two weeks after the disappearance of sierra lamar. >> there is a ray of underway at or zero arena and hopes are high it will not be repeatable last big one at the cow palace >> for those who did not live through it, a rare opportunity to step back in time to a year that changed america. more than two weeks after 15 year-old sierra lamar disappeared, hundreds of people turned up to continue the search for her including forty-niners quarterback alex smith.
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many of those searching our parents in teenager's and the search its own >> the rainy day did not discourage 500 volunteers who gathered for another search for sierra lamar. as many as 700 people showed up on friday >> the community has been extremely supportive of the search and the volunteers are still coming in >> she left her home for school on march 16th and has not been seen since. no one is giving up but some fear the worst >> all my friends are talking about are not coming back and how she could be out of california now >> we don't know what happened to her and it is really scary so we all have our guard up >> even the boys are feeling scared, not wanting to walk alone. the community is upset and angry >> annette, mother of a murdered teenager, says she is here for sierra >> my daughter did not know her
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but she started school one month before my daughter was murdered and i can't imagine. the family needs to have peace and they will not have it unless she is found or comes home and i prayed to my daughter to guide her home, beat her angel >> but for all the effort, little new has turned up. >> there is little evidence in this case so far. we're looking for anything that a 15 year-old might where weather is clothing jewelery horseshoes >> disappointed but not discouraged, volunteers say they will not stop until they bring sierra home. >> former fbi profiler candace long shares the fears of many of the searchers. >> the first thing that they found of course it was that her cellphone was apparently thrown
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on to the ground and that is a bad sign because teenage girls don't easily give up their funds so that told me she had not run away. her purse had some of her clothing folded inside. that actually told me that this was definitely an abduction and that she is in very serious trouble >> she says a predator might see something innocent such as a clothing brand name has provocative or as an invitation. protesters and civil rights leaders are vowing to continue protesting until there is an arrest. civil-rights leaders believe protests like this one will pressure prosecutors to bring charges. >> there needs to be an arrest and there needs to be a fair trial
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>> zimmerman maintains he shot martin in self-defense. the u.s. coast guard is helping four sailors hurt in a storm during a race some 400 mi. off the coast of california. a ship took on a large wave which swept away its steering mountie and some communications equipment. for crewmembers suffered injuries. the yacht is taking part in a round the world yacht race. the coast guard is not expected to get there until tomorrow morning. texas-based ed lee packing co. is recalling more than 26,000 lbs. of chicken and apple sausage products because they might contain plastic. it includes a three pack of artists and fresh all natural chicken and apple sausage with a cell by date of june 23rd in the 36 pack of all natural chicken apple sausage bearing coze 42450
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or p 12303 on the label dreams of becoming instant millionaires have been smashed but there were winners in the state including five in the bay area. tickets bought at the stores match five out of six numbers. each is worth $228,000. a total of 29 tickets were sold in california and one of them was sold at fox liquors in watterson street in the tenderloin district. the owner says the winner has yet to come forward. the owner of the store says will find out on monday how much you'll get for selling the winning ticket. while no one here was able to match all the winning numbers, there are confirmed winners in three other states and they have
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not come forward yet. we do know a little bit about them. >> 3 numbers had so lucky combination. the winner will split the record-setting $640 million jackpot. the tickets are each worth $213 million before taxes. despite mega millions fever, the maryland winner did something amazing >> it was a quick pick and there was only one ticket purchased by the player at that time. >> was ro is the second winter, he is a guatemalan immigrant and says that he and his brothers plan to open a restaurant in their home country. there are 161 second prize winners in each of them takes on a quarter million dollars.
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california leads the pack with 29. >> one of those 12 people actually checked the mega play and which is one extra dollar and because they did that the 1 $1 million >> with so many tickets sold their arms mega losers >> we still don't know the identity of the trio who will claim the world's largest jackpot and we might never know. in illinois and the lucky player has to agree to make a public appearance to collect all those millions. >> among those not so lucky, lucky, yahoo! is expected to lay off thousands of employees starting next week. it will lay off staff in product research and marketing. it will then announce its
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restructuring plans. michelle obama wrapped up hurt. visit at co-star rylan in alameda. she honor did pioneering member of the military branch while commissioning a new ship into service. firstly michele obama address to the shivering crowd of a few hundred people this morning. she formerly commissioned a u.s. coast guard cutter into active duty >> today we commissioned the ship as a tribute not just to dorothy but to all of the women who served with her >> the 418 ship honors capt. dorothy stratton, she served as director of the coast guard women's reserve during world war two. mrs. obama thinker and other women who broke barriers in the 1940's. >> they help build a world where young women all across america
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like my daughter's can know that they can become anything they can imagine >> the captain died five years ago but her family members were among the events honor guest >> to have this beautiful cover with her name on it, she would be extremely pleased but more than that, for herself, she would be particularly impressed with the women of the crew >> the crew of a hundred 29 will likely begin its deployment in the eastern pacific. it will do what they can but ultimately it may not be enough, organizers of a party that has already been linked to drug overdoses make a return to the bay area. a nation ready to explode in a polyester revolution. >> our cbs five high-definition doppler radar has been green for
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>> ravers are raging right now, pop 2012 is under way at the oracle irina. it skipped the bay area last year after being linked to deaths and injuries. >> for those who love the really big events, the drought has ended but can the producers pull this off and still keep it safe? tonight is the test. the deaths of two young men were tied to a cow palace party called pop 2010. a 23 year-old died and eight days later a 25 year-old died. another eight were sickened and 70 arrests on drug-related charges. dr. david goldsmith was one of the physicians who took care of
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people back in 2010 >> they're actually fragile and the drugs are quite dangerous and they do terrible things >> another cow palace brave in october sent more to hospitals. the cow palace and did them and the councilman proposed a ban at public facilities statewide >> it is not acceptable if one person dies >> is senator proposed legislation to give authorities more control but it failed. he responded to the oakland oracle 12 in e-mail to cbs five writing ads in major changes i fear oakland will be dealt the same set of problems we had in daly city and lives will be unnecessarily put at risk. the oracle told the newspaper they provide water, cooling-off areas and medical care and a new text system. while the city has to take every possible safeguard it also have to maximize use of the
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facility adding it is the only way the county can afford the bill. a big turnout tonight by a lot of people hoping to have a good time. let's hope it will also be a safe time. >> today at the time of cultural and political unrest of the '60s was opened at the bay area museum. >> in 1968 you really needed to know where you stood >> is a flashback >> the exhibit is called 1968 and it makes an impact as soon as you enter with a real key wheat medical helicopter in a mock middle-class helicopter living room. the chopper was built this week by actual vietnam vets bringing back memories of their days at war. >> i was frightened the whole time. but i learned something about myself and my brothers and that
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is something you don't learn anywhere else. >> protesting and burning my draft card >> there were protests against the war, shows a black power from the black panthers, and feminist demonstrations. here is a so-called freedom trash cans filled with bras in curlers. and then there were the assassinations of martin luther king jr. and senator robert kennedy. 1968 was not all doom and gloom. laugh in was the no. 1 show on tv and johnny cash gave a performance at folsom prison. there are some interactive aspects to this exhibit and you could even vote for your favorite candidate and since the exhibit has move to oakland robert f. kennedy has been in
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the league >> 1968 in general impacts every living human being not to mention all those who gave their lives so we can have the lives we have now. >> the exhibit runs through august 19th. >> we have a little bit of rain and windy and a little bit of time that was peaceful >> it was a mixture of everything. the east bay even saw some hail earlier this evening. you can see rain in high- definition doppler radar so it will be scattered showers throughout the night. it looks like we have a cell moving into the south bay. you will need an umbrella by daybreak tomorrow it looks like it should clear. the rest of the bay area pretty
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much saw under 1 in.. for tonight we're keeping that chance of rain in the forecast in the overnight hours. it will slowly petered out as we approach sunrise. temperatures will mostly be in the low to mid-40s. the sunshine is making a comeback in we will have a slightly warmer day tomorrow we do have a high surf warning in effect so potentially dangerous waves throughout the rest of the weekend starting at 5:00 tonight. that is a high surf warning
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along the coast. overnight lows mostly in the 40's. 47 in san francisco, 44 degrees in fremont. we will warm things up a bit tomorrow and even warmer on monday. 63 in oakland, 60 in san rafael. here is the forecast over the next couple of days. sunny skies on sunday with temperatures in the upper fifties to low 60s but then the temperatures climb a bit dry and cool on friday and saturday. >> sharks fans are on edge right now >> it has been given that they have made the playoffs with 14 appearances in their history and
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now we're just hoping they can get in. they have a chance to move ahead of the stars for the final playoff,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> there are a lot of news in sports today. >> the cats are in the show and the sharks caught a break with the schedule tonight. the stars had only one once all season on the second night of back-to-back games. these teams are duking it out for the final playoff spot in the west.
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that was plenty for anti niemi who saved all 22 shots for his sixth shutout of the season. the sharks beat the stars 3-0. san jose moves one point ahead of the stars with three games to go. it will meet again in dallas on tuesday. the kings and the coyotes are tied for the lead in the pacific division. rick bettino knows better than anyone how intense kentucky fans can be >> there will be people in kentucky will have a nervous breakdown if they lose to us, they will. they need to put fences on bridges. >> fortunately kentucky had freshman anthony davis. a player of the year where a takeover and hits another shot out of bounds, one of five
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blocks. louisville pulled even at 49. kentucky regroups and holds off their in-state rivals. davis hammers home the!! in the other semifinal, a pair of no. 2 seeds, ohio state and kansas. the jayhawks were the better team in the second half. jeff whitney with one of seven blocks and johnson takes the the length of the floor. kansas comes back from 13 down to beat ohio state 64-62. >> kansas is a great second half basketball team to be sure but
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they will need to they had better stay off the french quarter >> we won't get back to the hotel until after midnight and we will have dinner and we will go straight for rooms. unless they have some sheets that they can tie together and drop them from the 14th floor it will not go anywhere tonight >> the key for the jayhawks will be to try to slow down anthony davis. here is what would bill head coach rick pitino had to say about the big man >> the difference is quite frankly just anthony davis is the number-one player picked in the draft. when you're playing against bill russell at the pro level you realize why the celtics won 11 world championships. when you see this young man at the collegiate level you realize why there this could. he has played like this all year. you think it was better than other games? it is how he has been. >> as for now i am headed back
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to the french quarter for an appointment at the house of blues and we will see you tomorrow night >> now to the women's final four, on eco chose to go to stanford over nearby baylor. four years later she has no regrets. >> i have met so many people. i can say that i'm friends with andrew bloch. >> stanford will take, and defeated baylor tomorrow night. the bears are led by a six- foot eight player. >> i go to the huddle or something or someone might have made a mistake and it will look at each other and someone will start say something and the other one is like, i know. there is a little silent conversation
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>> jeremy lynn will likely miss the rest of the season with a knee injury. he is scheduled to have surgery next week. buster posey getting a start at first base after catching eight innings last night. a soft line drive to left and compare it comes up empty on the dive. it rolls all the way to the wall. a kraft nabisco championship lpga. choi makes it look so easy. that is a hole in one. finally, the earthquakes in seattle, in the 24th minute san
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jose gets the lead on a penalty kick. the earthquake speak seattle 1- 0. dennis will be in new orleans all week giving us updates from the final four. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the end of her story. [ joycelin ] the doctor told me i had two brain aneurysms and that one of them had ruptured. [ female announcer ] fortunately, she was treated at sutter health's california pacific medical center. [ joycelin ] the nurses and doctors were amazing, and they were like a second family to me. and now i'm back to doing what i love. [ female announcer ] california pacific medical center and sutter health. >> recapped on display in the
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bay area this weekend. the day of was the first day of hay all agreed cat show in san mateo. more than 200 cats are competing. proceeds from the event support northern california rescue efforts. let's get back to the wildcats. who'd you think? >> definitely kentucky because they did not even play well tonight and they still wind so i definitely think kentucky. ,,,,,,,,
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