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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  April 2, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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grim task of bringing out the dead >> we began with mark who is first on the scene this morning >> a very tragic and a very terrifying day here in oakland as police remain on the scene processing evidence. it was a full tactical response for oakland police as officers surrounded the oikos university on edgewater drive. calls came into 911 just before 1030 this morning and for several hours police still did not know what they were dealing with >> a gunman came into the college and fired multiple shots. we do have fatalities as >> as police tried to determine if the suspected shooter was inside the building or if perhaps there were more than one shooting, students ran out of the building under police escort. at one point police could be seen breaking the window with a
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battering ram and after at least some of the dead were brought out, police secured the building to the point where medical crews could get close enough to bring out the wounded on stretchers. minor williams works nearby. were the they fired inside the building? >> inside the building. they went over there and that is when i started to see them drag the bodies out >> how many came out? >> about five. >> for several hours police and swat team members searched the building as nearby office workers were told to stay inside >> i don't know what is going on, fear and concern for people who look like they're injured >> rick wagoner says it the whole scene was very sad >> i saw the gary bodies out of the building with a blanket over him and they carried a bunch of other bodies out and i couldn't tell if they were alive or not >> late this afternoon to a
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county coroner's office was they're covering the bodies of multiple victims. edgewater drive remains closed between rowland way an oak board. no word on how long oakland police will be their processing the crime scene. they have a news conference scheduled at 6:00 to present more details. >> let's go live to gracefully at the university with survivors' accounts. >> what is really amazing about these stories are what emerges, we just heard one of a husband calling his wife a hero. she is a student and when she heard the first shot she turned off the lights and locked the classroom door which may have saved her fellow students because the gunmen knocked on the door and shot at it but did not get inside. the one thing that is clear is from dozens, this was a terrifying day. what started as an ordinary day
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for students at oikos university in oakland erupted into an extraordinary scene of violence. some inside were too shaken to speak. english teacher and lucas garcia was inside during the shooting >> we didn't know what was happening and that was the scary part >> inside his class was debra, a student from china >> i thought someone was joking because i never had been through this kind of thing >> they ran for their lives >> i heard the gunshots, like five or six and after i heard a woman scream and then my teacher ran outside and looked and you heard and said somebody has a gun, run
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>> students say the police were on the scene quickly >> our swat team cleared the building quickly and they discovered additional victims at which time they were rescued from the building and received medical attention >> island hospital says at least five people were rushed in, clearly underdressed when they arrived. a lifetime of repercussions for a crime that only took a few moments. >> it was fast >> not even one or two minutes, it happened really quick >> because the students left so quickly they had to leave behind their possessions including their cars because it is a closed crime scene and will remain one for several hours. students say that in hindsight it seems insignificant knowing how close they came to death. >> we're learning more now about the school. oikos university is a small non-profit christian college
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that offers courses in theology, music, nursing, and asian medicine. it is affiliated with the oakland praise god agree a church and sheppard university of san francisco. less than an hour after the shooting the suspected gunman gave himself up in the south shore center. he told staffers at safeway that he had shot people and needed to be arrested. >> a short while ago of the korean consulate confirm to cbs five the gunman's name, huan ko, police visited with them, the suspected gunman father >> officers escorted the elderly man from the room for further
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questioning. according to staffers the suspected gunman brother died last year in a traffic accident and that he came here often to comfort his father's >> he was a very nice guy. it was always here to support his family, support his parents >> the gunman was arrested at the shopping center in alameda. witnesses say he was nervous and babbling >> he was maybe 5 ft. 9 in., he looked like he was cooperating with police. i thought maybe he could have been under the influence, shoplifting, because he was a little bit sedated just standing there >> employees that safeway are telling reporters the man walked up to the counter and announced he had shot someone. police rushed to the scene and put the man in handcuffs. the shares to pardon says he has not yet been booked into jail as he is still being questioned by police. police source planning on a
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6:00 news conference and we will bring you the latest. >> here is what we know right now as we take a live look for you, then people were shot this morning at this school in oakland, seven of those have died. the shooting happened about 1030 this morning at oikos university, a religious school in oakland. police did take a suspect into custody. >> a news conference is expected in the next few hours and we will continue to follow the latest developments on line at >> we're covering several stories including the latest in a rescue at sea. mobile 5 is there as two injured crew members were brought back to land >> a federal raid at the pioneer park school in the state. what dozens of federal agents were after >> skeptics called it,,,,,,,,
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>> it racing yacht gets hit by a massive way of crippling the boat and severely injuring crewmembers. today, two of them were rescued arrived in the bay area. ken is live in alameda where a coast guard cutter carrying two crew members arrived this afternoon >> behind me is the coast guard cutter who pulled up about an hour ago and as you mentioned, offloaded crewmembers from the 68 ft. ship. that is one of the dots that was caught by a 40 ft. waves off the california coast over the weekend. damaged the ship's steering. a 29 year-old suffered a pelvic strain, a 50 year-old woman may have suffered broken ribs. they were brought ashore just
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about an hour ago and transported by the alameda fire department to a local hospital where they will look at those injuries. these are not what you would consider experienced boaters. they are rank amateurs. you pay a company about $65,000 to go on board one of their racing yachts and you can crew any one of the legs that go around the world. and the ship will be here for about two weeks getting repairs to the steering that was damaged and from here they will go down to the panama canal, cross over, and the next on applebee's in new york. they tell us the ship sustained steering damage but nothing that cannot be repaired and they expect that the two crew members will not remain aboard. their injuries are probably too severe. >> dozens of occupy san
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francisco protesters had been evicted from a church own building. they took over last night. police stormed the building this afternoon and began arresting people. so far it is unclear how many. here's a look at some of the damage the occupiers left behind. there are broken doors, graffiti and garbage strewn around. the building is owned by the archdiocese of san francisco. activists wanted to turn it into a community center for the city's homeless. across the bay protesters gathered outside oak street and university in oakland cannabis college. the raid by the irs, d a, and u.s. marshals was one of several apparently aimed at the university's president. agents also visited his home, a
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dispensary he operates in the museum connected to the school >> is an ongoing criminal investigation so i cannot say what it is about >> the raids are part of a continuing federal crackdown on california's medical cannabis operations which remain illegal under law >> police have made two arrests in the 2010 murder of a hayward high school student. he was riding in a car when he was shot by a man standing in the center median of michelin boulevard. police say forensic evidence and witness accounts with them to two people, the suspects were arrested on friday. for the first time in months suspended san francisco sherrif ross mirkarimi is allowed to go to his home. the judge modified to stay away order saying he can live in the home until the 27th of this month. on the 28th his wife is
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expected to return home from venezuela. >> it has been dubbed the train to nowhere. the new changes to high-speed rail that could bring down some costs >> march madness comes to a dramatic end. kentucky and kansas get ready for the national championship. >> good evening everybody, we're looking at a veil of clouds in livermore, rain b,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> skeptics have called it a train to nowhere and now the california high-speed rail project looks to be going somewhere with a lower price tag >> so a big press conference today announced a high-speed rail that is to go from l.a. to san francisco is being scaled back about $30 billion to try to make it more affordable and while questions remain about where the funding will come from it looks like there is the money for san jose to san francisco and people are already starting to build it. take a look. imagine getting on a bullet
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train along the peninsula or in san jose and then whisking up to san francisco, getting off by pac bell park were going under the city avoiding traffic until you pop out at an underground station beneath an out of this world train station on first street. that is one of the biggest selling points of the new $60 billion high-speed rail plan unveiled today. >> this is a chance to really reinvent how we travel, how we live, almost a european-style models >> the idea is to save money by merging local rails with new high-speed rail that will run up and down the central valley >> better cleaner quieter service >> what is good about the deal is that the bay area will get the first shot at the new money. they have already broken ground on the new train station in san francisco >> the opportunity for this area is unbelievable.
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>> so far the feds have only kick in $3.6 billion >> they're looking at 65 billion rather than 96 billion before so that is a little better >> it is a lot better for us because we already have the start money for our end of the rail. what happens in the central valley remains to be seen. also in l.a.. it is a big project but if it gets even part of the funding caltrans will get electrified, we will get a better commuter system and possibly that ride into downtown san francisco. >> a state ban prohibiting affirmative-action and public university admissions has been upheld by a federal appeals court. today's ruling confirms proposition 209 passed in 1996. opponents of the ban say that it has decrease diversity at
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major universities. since the issue was by a three judge panel. >> march storms helped the sierra snowpack but water content is still only 55 percent of normal. today's survey is considered the most important of the year because snowpack is usually at its peak in early april. officials say the dry winter means that we should prepare for a dry 20 13¢ reservoirs' will be depleted. >> maybe a tough fire season as well >> absolutely. we do have gusty wind out there trying out the atmosphere. this is the gilroy area. actually this is double in towards mt. diablo. you can see the trees wavering in the wind. current air temperature 59.
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we currently are in the '60s pretty much across the board. futurecast does illustrate that we will be mainly clear tonight. a starry night and then for the morning commute we will see some cloud cover becoming mostly cloudy across the district. we do have a little bit of light rain towards the santa rosa area. any type of precipitation we see should measure up in less than a 10th of an inch of rain. then we have another chance of rain on wednesday and early thursday morning before we clear out in time for easter. we're just sitting on the back side of this as it moves across the bay area. that is where we will see the increasing clouds from tomorrow and once the cold front passes it will turn much cooler on wednesday and thursday. officials sundown is at 733. we will call it unsettled
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tomorrow with increasing cloud cover and the chance of a spotty showers. tomorrow, topping off in the upper 50's and low '60's at the coast all the way up to 71 degrees in morgan hill. 70 in santa clara. today we were 4-8 degrees warmer than yesterday. the warming trend continues in the eastern bay area. 65 in vallejo. 60 degrees in santa rosa. a shower on tuesday, a slight chance of a shower on wednesday. notice the cooler temperatures. on friday high pressure begins to settle in and look at
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>> college basketball, kansas and kentucky tipping off for the championship later tonight >> dennis o'donnell is there in new orleans with more >> it is a good thing the game is inside, we are in the middle of a major storm in new orleans. you can probably see some of the lightning taking place. kentucky has won seven championships and kansas has three. after tonight one of them will get one more but it is not much of a tossup if you listen to the experts. kentucky boasts one of the most talented rosters in recent history including national player of the year freshman anthony davis. some people say this team can be an nba team. practically everyone has them winning this game except the men in the jayhawks locker room >> davis is a great player but he is not superman so we just
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need to do what we do best >> should kentucky be favored on paper? >> they probably should but i've never known a game to be played on paper. like thomas said, have you guys watched tv right now? i have not seen anyone pick us. if anybody did pick us it would be bigger and that would be the kiss of death. >> bigger phelps is the espn analyst. we have kansas, kentucky, starting at the top of the hour right here on cbs five. we will see you for the post- game show right after. this is getting out of control out here. >> thanks very much. >> some talented dogs showed off
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their skills at the incredible bought challenge eastern regionals. the annual event is sort of an olympics for dogs. ordinary dogs having been trained by their owners compete in events such as agility, diving, and flying disc challenges. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> we want to return to our top
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story, a deadly mass shooting at a small christian college in oakland >> oikos university remains a massive crime scene at this hour >> the shooting occurred about 1030 this morning and here we are close to 530. take a look at live pictures from chopper 5, still very much an act of crime scene. we see evidence technicians looking with surveying devices to presumably take a look at the gunfire and exactly what happened. witnesses say a man simply walked into the school at 1030 and began shooting. the cree and disconsolate has identified him and they say he was the only shooter. some published reports say that he was a former student at the university but oakland police have not confirmed any specific connection he has to the university. it is a private christian university with degrees in music and nursing fields. class is were in session this
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morning when the shooter burst in. apparently the suspect walked into a safeway store several miles away and told the staff, i have just shot some people and i need to be arrested at which point the alameda police arrest him. oakland police are trying to put this all together and they have scheduled a news conference for 6:00 this evening where presumably some of the pieces of the puzzle that are missing and it perhaps a motive might come to light. why would somebody do this? nobody has any answers at this point. >> at one point they thought he was actually in class attending class and then stood up and shot but no longer do they believe that to be the theory? >> we have heard all sorts of different theories. when we hear more often as he was some sort of former nursing student, not currently enrolled. >> we will continue


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