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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5AM  CBS  April 4, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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is at the oakland estuary where the gunman might have ditched his weapon. >> yesterday's search efforts were a joint effort between the san francisco police department and the oakland police department. divers spent hours combing the estuary. along the 7200 block of doolittle drive by shoreline park, they used a police boat and robots are of from the police department and around 5:00 last night sonar equipment detected something metal so more volunteers were called out. divers wanted to get an idea of how deep the ghost of a top a similar size and weight object as the gun. >> to simulate what a person could do so you know your distance of how far out you need to go >> the reason they focused on this particular area is because police say they found fresh footprints on the site.
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the suspect has been cooperative with the investigators with the exception of this search. police say he refuses to tell them where he ditched the gun but what we do know is that he purchased the gun legally in california at a shop in castro valley and we're learning more information about the suspect this morning. for that we are continuing team coverage and we will send things to and who is live in san francisco where the suspect is expected to be in court today. >> he is waking up in jail in dublin and is due here at the superior court this morning. or this afternoon, we have not got a firm time on that but we know he is facing from several charges including seven counts of murder. here is his picture, according to all counts, he was out for vengeance after he had been kicked out of oikos university. he had fought with an
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administrator over his $6,000 tuition. reports paint a picture of a man who had reached the end of his rope. when he moved to california from virginia in 2009. he worked at a korean market in daly city and the manager says that co-workers were afraid of them and he was very unusual. we have also heard that he has had trouble getting along with women in general. 13 months ago, his brother died in a car accident and his mother died soon after but to his neighbors in virginia, nothing seemed out of the ordinary about him >> he was a very friendly guy who would come and talk with us here and there but i never would have thought anything >> on shocked to know that next door used to live a man that killed seven people >> reporters caught up with his brother yesterday in virginia and he did tell them off camera
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that he is ashamed and sorry for the victims' families. as kate mentioned, he has been very cooperative with investigators but they also say he has shown no remorse. >> we have a list of some of the people identified as victims of the oikos university shooting. lydia was one test away from graduating. grace from union city, kathleen from oakland, and the other victims were judith of san jose, so of el cerrito, doris of san leandro and sherry of san francisco. all of them remembered last night in a prayer vigil at the allen temple baptist church in oakland. >> need to search our consciences to see how we react with each other and work with each other. we need to reach out to our
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friends and our families who are in pain or may be angry because we are beginning to hurt each other >> grief counselors and the american red cross were at the service offering to help anyone in need. we will be following this story as it develops throughout the morning. you can find the latest on >> some incredible scenes in the dallas area. some tornadoes were so powerful that they lifted semi truck trailers from the ground and toss them into the air. more than one dozen people were injured but so far there are no reports of death. the national weather service says it appears that 6-12 tornadoes touched down in texas yesterday. >> i went and jumped in the bathtub and put a comforter over us and that was it.
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>> one of the lead it nation's largest airports canceled hundreds of flights chester a.. >> let's go to once to see how our weather will look >> did you hear the raindrops last night? >> no >> you were sleeping! that must be nice. partly cloudy sky showing up right now. we do have raindrops' overnight but we still have the chance of an isolated showers as well. temperatures a little bit chilly in spots. there is the cold front that brought the rain and it has moved on by now. behind that, unstable air at the chance of a shower popping up. the next few days will stay cool in the bay area. breezy out towards the coast line.
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the clouds are starting to gather on easter sunday. let's check in with elizabeth >> overnight we had our usual road work across the bay bridge, highway 4 and the dumbarton bridge. everything is pretty much picked up some your good to go across the bay area. we do have several wind advisories including one for the bay bridge. just be extra careful. so far none of the wind advisories have been cancelled. a were doing some construction on the antioch bridge that was scheduled until 5:00 this morning said that should be picked up. coming up we will get a look at mass transit and the south bay. >> a driver is being treated for injuries after his car slammed into a san jose home causing a gas leak.
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it happened just after 10:00 last night in the cambrian area of san jose. neighboring homes had to be evacuated as utility crews stopped the flow of gas and made sure the area was safe. no word on the driver's condition or what may have led to that crash. >> a shake-up at yahoo! >> a big announcement expected today >> an unlikely way to defeat breast cancer, the types of vegetables and improve survival rates >> how does,,,,,,,,
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it's complete luxury in a class full of compromises. see your lexus dealer. >> welcome back, here is a live look at some of the centers across the south bay. a lot of top speeds this
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morning. we do have chain requirements the coming up we will show you a live look at the conditions there. another peppers brain. this happened at santa monica college. about 30 people were sprayed as they tried to push their way into a board of trustees meeting. they were protesting proposed fee hikes for some of the class's. >> mitt romney is on a role in the race for the republican presidential nomination. he won all three of yesterday's contests. rick santorum finish second in wisconsin and maryland but did not appear on the ballot in the nation's capital. today, romney will address the newspaper association of america. the latest cnn estimates show romney has 648 delegates, well over half of those he needs to
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win the nomination. >> word is expected this morning that a silicon valley giant will lay off a lot of workers. 2000 jobs could be cut at yahoo!, about 14 percent of the total work force. yahoo! is expected to announce a reorganization next week and it might sell some of its assets >> coming up, the surprise delivery at 36,000 ft. >> evidence that caffeine and exercise might protect against skin cancer >> around the bay area today, looking good, a chance of isolated showers in the high country. partly cloudy skies with more snow. kirkwood looking at 176 in. on the ground. ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> here is a look at this morning's top stories, divers are searching the oakland estuary for the gun used in monday's murders. the suspect is said to have been fighting with the school over tuition money he wanted back. new york city officials say the boom of the train came crashing down killing one person and injuring four others during
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construction of a subway line extension yesterday. the cause is under investigation. president obama is ready to sign legislation banning insider trading by members of congress and other members of its allows to see more of government officials financial dealings >> easter weather is supposed to be beautiful >> it may still turn out to be wonderful but right now today we have some more clouds. it looks like things are changing in the long-range forecast but we have cool and breezy conditions showing up around the coast line. temperatures in the '30's and 40's outside. we're going to look at these numbers running much cooler than the past few days. highs only in the mid-50s. it should be mostly sunny although there is an isolated chance of a shower in the bay area. the main cold front moved
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through yesterday evening being nice rainfall across the bay area. behind that we have cold air coming out of the gulf of alaska. some of the moisture is moving through bringing an occasional isolated showers outside. otherwise it looks like things are drying out just a bit and it looks like some nice days ahead as we will see more sunshine on the way although it will stay cooler. 57 degrees in hayward today. as you get inside the day you will find temperatures on the cool side. 57 degrees in camp field. the next few days we will keep the temperature's down. much warmer as we head toward saturday but easter sunday we have a few more clouds, norway and some changes after that. i keep waiting for you to drop off the other side there
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>> i know you'll be there to save me >> there is a seat belt back here that we can set up >> i promised you a live look at the sierra. some snow fell overnight and there are a chain requirements. on interstate 80 will fine chain requirements in effect. a little bit closer to home, we have high wind advisories. i think you can actually see it on the caltrans camera. here is a live look at conditions across the upper deck and at the lower deck. so far, not too bad.
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no delay behind the eight gates. they did wrap up some road work so it is a nice drive right out into the city. no major incidents out there. here is a live look at our sensors coming out of the altamont pass. we're seeing a little bit of change in color on the sensors. so far is not too bad heading out towards the dublin area. a similar story to antioch were they wrapped up some earlier road work across the bridge. right now it looks great all the way out towards concord. >> children in san francisco will not get to ride muni for free yet. the transit agency consider giving them free transit passes but last night's vote ended in a deadlock. they plan to take up the issue again in a couple of weeks
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>> in new mother is recovering after her surprise delivery over africa. a passenger in a flight attendant section started screaming during the flight from africa to lana and they figured out that the woman was actually having a baby. her crew found gloves, lubricant, and scissors sterilized in vodka. they also found an obstetrician gynecologist tuesday took over as other passengers watched >> i held him up and said it is a boy and everyone clapped and there was laughter and it was really fun and exciting and she was so happy. >> the ear plan actually made an emergency landing in senegal after the birth. there are now psittacine issues because the baby was born over the african continent >> but it is healthy and there was a doctor on the plane. >> how lucky is that? >> i would probably find a plumber or something.
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>> gas prices keep going up but there was a pleasant surprise that a gas station last night. >> 39¢ per gallon, word spread quickly and it was a mistake. the owner found out quickly and he corrected it but not before customers lined up. >> it is 520 right now, up next, donald trump's trans gender,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] can't get to sleep? can't stay asleep? clinically proven unisom helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep so you wake rested. unisom. fall asleep faster. sleep longer. >> eating certain vegetables to improve survival rates for breast cancer patients. thousands of women were followed in china and found better survival rates among women who meet certain vegetables including cabbage cauliflower and broccoli and brussels sprouts. researchers say those foods have by no active compounds that are good for fighting cancer. there is evidence that caffeine and exercise could protect against skin cancer. researchers gave mice a dose of caffeine. those mice experience 62% more
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of your skin tumors when exposed to skip some light. >> donald trump has had a change of heart about a transgendered beauty contest and entering the miss universe contest. it was two weeks ago that organizers forced a woman out of the contest, they discovered that she was once a boy. the contest requires each contestant to be born as a woman >> i am a woman. i was devastated and i felt that excluding me for the reason that they gave up was on just. >> now donald trump is overturning his decision and says that she can enter as long as canada recognizes her gender now as a woman. she is calling on trump to get rid of rules that it banned transgendered contestants. liberal tv personality keith doberman is making it clear it
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was a big mistake to join the san francisco-based current tv. the networks abruptly canceled his show last week. he appeared on the late show with david letterman explaining he should have given the offer a little bit more thought before agreeing to do it >> i didn't say, if you buy a $10 million chandelier, you should have a house to put a dent. just walking around with a $10 million chandelier will not do anyone a lot of good and it will not do any good to the chandelier and then it turned out we did not have a lot to put the house and to put the chandelier and or a building permit. i should have known that. >> he is known for frequently changing jobs so letterman gave him a custom-made business card with a revolving wheel of employers. >> pack light, the airline that
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wants to charge passengers $35 for carry-on. >> big rigs tossed around like footballs. hundreds of flights canceled, the stunning damage from all of the tornadoes in texas. >> we are live by the oakland estuary where divers spent the day combing the area for a murder weapon. >> debt, failed marriages and a lack of a career, we're learning >> debt, failed marriages and a lthey have names like idle timeg books and smash records
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>> it is a shock to know that next door used to live in an that killed seven people >> clues emerging about the suspect in an oakland college rampage. his anger at women and where police think he stashed the gun >> still a chance of an isolated showers and cool breezes conditions. >> no major hot spots to start you off on the morning commute. we do have several wind advisories in effect and we will tell you where coming up >> nearly 530 now on this wednesday and this is the man that police say carry out a
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deadly shooting in california history, school shooting. he is accused of shooting 10 people at oikos university. >> and as live in oakland where the suspect will face a judge for the first time today but first, kate is at the oakland estuary where divers spent hours overnight searching for the weapon. >> we do know that they spent hours scouring the area but we don't know if they recovered the murder weapon yet. this was divers yesterday spanning the entire day looking for out the area. it was part of a joint effort between san francisco and oakland police. diving team spent the day starring the estuary using borrowed sonar equipment and a police boat. yesterday the sonar equipment detected something metal so volunteers were called to the area. they tossed out an object with the similar size and weight of the murder weapon
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>> to simulate what a person could do so you know your distance of how far out in the water you need to go >> the search area found out about 100 ft.. the focus here because of fresh footprints they found and what we know about the murder weapon is that it was legally bought from a shop in castro valley in february. the suspect has been cooperative with authorities with the exception of this search. he has not pinpointed the exact location but we understand we're learning more about the suspect. we send things over to and who is live in oakland where the suspect is expected to appear in court today >> kia is waking up in dublin this morning and will be sent here to the alameda county court house in oakland for his arraignment. he is facing several serious charges including seven counts
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of murder. by all accounts she was out for vengeance after he had been kicked out of oikos university and had fought with an administrator over his $6,000 tuition. reports paint a picture of a man who reached the end of his rope. problems with his marriage career and family life. he moved here from virginia. he worked in the korean market in daly city and the manager says co-workers were afraid of him and he was very unusual. 13 months ago, his brother died in a car accident. his mother died soon after. police say he had paint or management issues and sodas one woman we spoke with you met him briefly >> he was a little bit strange acting. that kind of act caused this tragedy. we don't know if he is, and it mentally, or some other problem
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>> reporters caught up with his brother in virginia yesterday and he told them that he is ashamed and it sorry for the victims' families. we heard specifically that he had a lot of trouble getting along with women. six of the seven people he is accused of killing women but that, you also have to take into consideration the majority of the students there at oikos university. >> here is a list of some of the people identified as victims.
5:34 am
all of them remembered last night at a prayer vigil at the allen temple baptist church in oakland. >> we need to search our consciences to see how we react with each other and work with each other. we need to reach out to our friends and our families who are in pain or who may be angry because we are beginning to hurt each other >> grief counselors and the american red cross were at the service offering any help to people who might need it. we will have continuing coverage on the web site including the recently released 911 tapes on >> a woman is hospitalized after her car slammed into a san jose home causing a gas leak. a few neighboring homes were evacuated as a precaution. they were allowed back early this morning although crews are still on the scene. the woman was driving alone, no one in the house was injured.
5:35 am
no word on the driver's condition or what led to the crash >> let's get a look at weather and traffic. >> we had some showers last night but you slept through that. we have a chance of isolated showers around the bay area for today. 39 degrees in fairfield, 49 in san jose and 40 degrees in santa rosa. things are settling down a bit but we still have cold unstable air on the backside so temperatures will be cold and it will be breezy. the temperatures are really starting to drop. four-six degrees cooler than what we had yesterday. temperatures will stay down over the next few days. by saturday temperatures start to warm up and on easter sunday,
5:36 am
a few more clouds coming our way >> with these dry morning commutes, so far we don't see as many incidents on bay area roadways. it is also spring break week for a lot of kids. overall, traffic patterns are a little bit lighter. those headlights, that is traffic moving south down towards a word and so far it is a nice move ride between a word and downtown oakland. we do have a couple wind advisories in effect. no major issues so far. we do see a lot of slowing through in antioch. once you get past those exit's everything looks good. the golden gate bridge, one of the few bridges that does not have a wind advisory in effect.
5:37 am
a quick check of mass transit which remains on time. >> there is extensive damage in north texas after powerful storms pelted the region. the national weather service will survey the area to determine exactly how many tornadoes touched down yesterday. no reports of deaths or serious injuries which is amazing to think when you see this video of a semi truck sit weighing several tons being tossed around like tonka trucks. april is the peak of the tornado season that runs from march until june. at least 150 homes were destroyed in arlington alone >> i jump in the bathtub and put a comfort over us and that was it >> dallas-fort worth international canceled hundreds of flights yesterday. flights are mostly on time today but it will take a while to clear the backlog of passengers. listen to that, that is the
5:38 am
sound of pale hitting the outside of an airplane at the airport. a passenger recorded this from inside the plane and he says it lasted about 10 minutes. >> students furious over the price of college get pepper sprayed by police in southern california. a fire captain says about 30 people at santa monica college were sprayed as they tried to push their way into a board of trustees meeting. two of them were taken to hospitals >> people were running around, i had to help my friend get up because he could not even see >> this is supposed to be a public forum where students can speak and let their voices be heard but they are in a room that will only seat 60 students >> students are upset about a proposal to increase fees for class is to compensate for the state budget cuts.
5:39 am
so rights, religious, and labor leaders plan a rally in san francisco that will happen this morning. the naacp is leading the rally on city hall steps. it is to pay tribute to the rev. martin luther king jr. who was assassinated on this day in memphis back in 1968. the rally will also call for justice in the florida killings of an unarmed black teenager trayvon martin >> yahoo! is expected to give more than 2000 employees pinks lips. that is about 14% of its total work force. the layoffs will cover all of the departments. yahoo! is expected to announce a reorganization next week and it might sell some of its assets. facebook is striking back at yahoo! filing its own lawsuit against the sunnyvale based internet company. it accuses yahoo! of violating 10 of its patents.
5:40 am
the lawsuit comes just weeks after yahoo! accused facebook of infringing on 10 of its patents. both companies denied the allegations. >> why some americans may be fatter than you think >> mitt romney has his eye on the general election but is his ,, k9 advantix ii. not only kills fleas and ticks it repels most ticks before they can attach and snack on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel and a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii.
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>> a crane came crashing down killing one person and injuring four others. and 80 ft. section and a 40 ft. section fell during construction of a subway line extension. the cause is still under investigation. 10 people are dead after a
5:43 am
suicide bombing in northern afghanistan. three nato service members and four police officers are among the victims in the province. authorities say the bomber was riding a motorcycle when he detonated explosives at the gate of the park. >> another big night for mitt romney in the race for the republican presidential nomination. he won all three of yesterday's contest in wisconsin and maryland and in the nation's capital. he's spending less time talking about republican rivals and instead focusing in on his likely november match up with the president. today >> join me in the deck step towards that destination of november 6th. when across america we can give a sigh of relief and know that a promise of america has been capped. >> rick santorum finished second in wisconsin and maryland but did not appear on the ballot washington d.c.. ron paul and newt gingrich
5:44 am
finished far behind. but all three indicate they are continuing their campaigns. here's the latest estimates show mitt romney has 48 will over half of the delegates he needs for the nomination. his total is dumbesdouble his ct rival rick santorum. >> president barack obama is ready to sign legislation banning insider trading by members of congress. the bill bans insider-trading for thousands of other federal workers and the president himself. it allows the public to see more of government officials financial dealings. >> it is 5:44 a.m., >> we had a full moon last night, it was pretty to drive to work today. >> 5:44 a.m. already? this day is flying by. in the bay area we have partly cloudy skies. the amateurs and little chilly, mainly in the '40's right now.
5:45 am
at the upper '30's near fairfield. by the afternoon it will be cool, brisk outside with breezy conditions and to the afternoon. highs will struggle to get out of the '50s. there is still a chance of an isolated shower in the bay area as a cold front has moved through. a lot of that unstable air sweeping across the pacific headed away so a slight chance that we will see sprinkles over the mountain tops. you can see just some isolated showers moving through otherwise it is just going to be one of those days where we will see a lot of sunshine and partly cloudy skies and cool temperatures continued throughout the day. even a frost advisory in the north bay valley. with that in mind, enjoy the day, it should be beautiful with 62 degrees in san jose and 58 in san mateo. breezy and cool in pacifica temperatures in the fifties and low 60s and much of the east bay and as you speak inside the bay the image is running up 59 in alameda and oakland and 57 degrees in san rafael. we'll keep those tempters down
5:46 am
for the next couple of days but as we head into friday we will warm up with more sunshine and beautiful start to the weekend. it's questionable for easter sunday. unsettled is the best way to put it. on settled is a code word for we're not sure what will happen. we'll have to wait and see. >> friday and saturday look good. family is coming in this weekend. >> they may never leave. >> that is awesome. >> we will take you outside, heading up to the sierra where we have chain requirements in the fax. we have some snow in the sierra, chain requirements on interstate 80. between kingvale and truckee will be those chains on highway 50 between twin bridges and highway 89. closer to home we have wind advisory is in effect. one for the venetian bridge and one for the bay bridge. not one for the quirkiness bridge but this is a live look
5:47 am
at traffic on was down 80 headed towards richmond. all the way from hercules, everything looks pretty good. about an 18 minute drive time across that stretch. all we down to the macarthur maze. state 80 through oakland as he passed the coliseum, had less of a southbound toward a word, if 50 minute drive from that stretch. those taillights moving northbound towards the downtown oakland exits. no major road work and we have not seen too many incidents on the roadway. the continue to check chp reports and there's nothing going on right now. except for your usual congestion as you can see 3 antioch. west on highway 4 seeing a lot of speeds under 25 mi. per hour and then once you get past antioch it looks pretty good. pittsburg, concord, no problems across that stretch. marin county commuters, no wind advisories as he crossed the golden gate bridge. looks great. no major delays through san
5:48 am
rafael. that is a nice to meet so far. everything is still on time for parts, part, ferris, all moving. tune in to cbs t >> the new board seats are here. >> i am very excited. >> a refreshing change for bay area commuters, getting a first look at the new seats planned for bart trains. the old ones are being replaced with vinyl ones which is much easier to clean. it has been one of the longest complaints for passengers. >> i notice that you're standing, why is that? >> i don't feel comfortable sitting on those seats. >> are they that bad? >> the candy. >> old and tired, workers are installing vinyl at one car per
5:49 am
day. as part will survey riders and if they like it will buy more. here is something i don't think many will like. >> this airline will charge passengers up to $35 for carry- on bags that are placed in the overhead bin and too big to fit under the seats. the new fee starts with flights booked on and after today. spirit airlines has had the fee for most years in u.s. airways, american airlines and southwest airlines say they have no plans to charge for carry-on. >> i like the way you handle it, you buy new stuff were ever you go. >> americans may be more fat than they think. a new study shows the body mass index may lead more to underestimate their obesity. some researchers call the the bologna mass index. the use the new standard to detect a person's a ratio of fat to muscle mass. more people end up in the applebee's column.
5:50 am
researchers are calling for more measurements to analyze the united states obesity rates. >> it is 549 right now, the father of the grandchild of sarah palin has a surprise. >> a surfer bit twice, battle scars from the fears and counter with a shark. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> a surfer and a shark fight, and a surfer actually live to talk about it. the 28 year-old man has surgery today after paddling on the north shore of hawaii main island when he felt something on his foot. it was a shark that did his foot. he said the shark started swimming towards the front of his surfboard. >> survival mode kick in and i
5:53 am
punched a really hard place. i did not want to panic or go into shock. >> you have to go for something vulnerable like the eyes or the gills. and that usually does the trick. >> he was able to paddle to shore and get help and now there are warning signs up at certain spots on the north shore. check out this amazing video off of malibu. a $2 million boat just up in flames. no one was hurt last night when the 65 ft. boat caught fire. it took firefighters and the coast guard about an hour to put out the flames but unfortunately the boat did sink, the cause is still unknown. a yacht battered by a monstrous wave during and around the world race could be repaired in time to get back in that race. two crew members were injured in accidents, they had to be rescued by the coast guard. the ship is expected to be fixed by the end of the month. >> the san jose sharks seem to be turning it up a notch when it matters the most.
5:54 am
>> san jose beat plus stores in dallas, they are among several teams battling for just a handful of a playoff spots. it will play los angeles tomorrow in another game that they have to win. baylor's women basketball team making history last night and that woman especially. the all-star jr.. won their first title since 2005 with 26 points. she is 6 ft. 8 in., to become the first team to finish with a perfect record with 40 wins. >> the father of sarah palin's grandchild calls this an unexpected surprise. >> levi johnston will be a father again. he says that he is looking forward to starting a new family
5:55 am
with his 20 year-old girlfriend, a preschool teacher. he told tmz that he has not been able to see brazil pailin and his son because of his rocky relationship with the former governor of alaska. >> so he just got another religion should apparently. >> new questions about a baby's birth place this morning after a very surprising special delivery. 37,000 ft. above the continent of africa. airline and flight attendants said it happened last night from a flight from africa to atlanta. they found and ob/gyn on the airplane who took over as other passengers watched. >> i just held him up and i said " it is a boy ". and everyone clapped, and there was laughter. it was really fun and exciting. >> the airplane made an emergency landing in senegal after the births, the mother and baby are doing just fine.
5:56 am
>> what a story to tell. >> and to have an ob/gyn, she was lucky. >> 5:55 a.m., in the next half- hour, vegetables that could fight off breast cancer. >> a string of tornadoes tear through texas and in tractor- trailer's flying. >> divers spent yesterday afternoon, and the oakland estuary looking for a murder weapon used in the oikos shooting. we'll tell you what a focused on this specific area. >> and the man accused of killing those seven people,, [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam, who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center.
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>> you are watching cbs five eyewitness news in high- definition. >> is there something that you would want to say on your brother's behalf? >> the family of a mass murder suspect avoids the cameras. new details on what may have
5:59 am
fueled his anger. >> investigation ships under water, the search for the gun that killed seven people. >> if you raindrops overnight and partly cloudy skies, a chance of showers coming up. >> several wind advisory is in effect this morning. how this will impact tore morning commute? we'll tell you coming up. >> it is wednesday april 4th. >> nearly 6:00 on your wednesday, the man the police say carried out the deadliest school shooting in california history will face a judge. one goh accused of shooting 10 people monday in oakland. >> we are live in open where the suspects could be charged today but first we are at the oakland estuary where divers have been searching for that weapon. >> we know that they have been searching for hours but we do not know if that actually recovered that murder weapon yet. take a look at what they were doing yesterday. divers spend our scare or in


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