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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  April 4, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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of do little drive. by shoreline park in oakland by the estuary. they used a police boat and robots borrowed by san fransisco police department. we know it was a joint effort between the two. around 5:00 last night the sonar equipment detected metal out in this area so they called more investigators and volunteers to the area. divers want to get an idea of just how deep they needed to scour the estuary so they threw a similar objects, similar size and weight as the murder weapon. >> to simulate what a person could do. so you know your distance of how far out in the water you have to go to dive. >> the reason police say they focused on this particular area is because they found a fresh set of footprints near the site. we know the suspect has been cooperative with authorities. in terms of this investigation. except for the search for the murder weapon. he has not pinpointed the exact
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location but what we do know about the weapon is that it was legally bought in castro valley, about february. we're learning more information about the suspect and for that let's send things over to m mackovic live in oakland this morning where she has more on the fact that the suspect is it expected to appear in court today? >> he is waking up in jail in dublin today it expected at the alameda county courthouse at some point today. we have not received a firm time on that yet from the court system. obviously a lot of interest in his first court appearance since the shooting on monday morning, he faces several serious charges including seven counts of murder. it looks like one goh was out for vengeance after he had been kicked out of oikos university and then fought with an administrator over his $6,000 tuition. other reports paint a picture of a man that had reached the end of his rope. years of problems with his marriage, career, and family life.
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when you moved to california from virginia in 2007 he worked at the korean market in daly city and the manager says that the workers were afraid of him and that he was very unusual. 30 months ago his brother, an army specialist died in a car accident. his mother died soon after. but to his neighbors back in virginia nothing seemed out of the ordinary about him. >> he was a very friendly guy, he would check with us. you know, a little chat here and there. i would never would have thought anything. >> it is a shock to know that next door used to live a man that killed seven people. >> this is his brother. he lives in centerville virginia and reporters caught up with him yesterday and he said off camera that he is ashamed and sorry for the victims' families. now if he is convicted in this case, of the seven murders, as well as the attempted murders,
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he would be eligible for the death penalty. >> thanks. we have a list of the people identified as the victims of that oikos university shooting. one was just a test away from graduating from college. grace kim from union city. kathleen from oakland was a secretary and a receptionist at that school. the other victims, judas' seymour from san jose. doris from san leandro and sharon from san fransisco. all remembered last night at a prayer vigil at the allen temple baptist church in oakland. >> we need to search our consciences to how we react with each other, how we work with each other. we need to reach out to our friends and our families. who are in pain, or maybe angry. because we're beginning to hurt each other. >> grief counselors and american red cross were at the service last night's offering help to anyone that needed it and of course we have continuing
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coverage our website including the recently released 9 1 1 tapes. you can find it all at >> in san jose homeowner has plenty of damage to assess after a car slammed into a house. the crash caused a gas leak after 10:00 last night. a few neighboring homes were evacuated as utility crews stopped the flow of gas. people were allowed back early this morning but crews are still on the scene. the driver was rushed to hospital but there's no word on her condition or what led to the crash. >> we have incredible scenes and the greater dallas area as their pounded by a series of tornadoes yesterday. >> some so powerful that they lifted semi truck trailers from the ground and threw them into the air. more than a dozen people injured so far there are no reports of deaths and we're getting a live look of the damage. these are live aerial images, you can see all of that devastation there. many roofs taken off of houses, and just a lot of debris on the
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ground there. the national weather service as it appears that between six and 12 tornadoes touched down in north texas yesterday, the lab investigators in the area to assess the damage and determine exactly how many twisters hit. >> i jump in the bathtub and put a comforter over us and that was it. >> dallas international airport cancelled hundreds of flight said yesterday. they're mostly on time today but it will take awhile to get through the backlog of passengers. >> we see a lot of this in oklahoma but not so much in dallas at such a big metropolitan city? >> these were considered level to tornadoes, not the strongest tornadoes that you could see but you conceal the damage. thankfully no one died in a series of storms. and the bay area we have a storm leaving some raindrops. partly cloudy skies in the bay area looking good out over the day but it is a little bit on the chilly side. he will want to bring a warm jacket as the temperatures will
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stay down. '30's and 40's around much of the bay area. 51 degrees in oakland. 48 in san fransisco and 39 in santa rosa. here's the call from bringing the showers last night but things taper off. under that cold and unstable air that could touch off a nice light showers. temperatures noticeably cooler. these numbers stay down over the next couple days. warming up a little bit as we head into friday and much warmer for the first part of the weekend. skies begin to thicken up for easter sunday. >> what is heating upper is the roadways. ok. i tried. here is a live look near the dublin area. you know, the morning commute starting to get under way. it is past 6:00 so headlights are west bound 580. right now, about 70 minutes from the altamont pass up to 680 in the dublin interchange.
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sluggish. and then a little slow once you get closer to the dublin interchange. elsewhere we will take a outside with a live look at the time saver traffic cameras. we have several wind advisory is in effect. the golden gate is not one of them. the marin county commuters not to bad. east and west bridges the issue then around midnight. here's a live look at the south bay, we're still picking up top speeds of 101 and 280 and the guadalupe parkway. a quick check of the bay bridge where there is a wind advisory and defects on the upper and lower decks between oakland and san francisco. back to you guys. >> the time now is 6:00 07 a.m.. massive layoffs at yahoo today. >> the census and intestines had
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[ male announcer ] with all your car does for you, he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car. >> they came, they protested, and they were pepper sprayed by police in southern california.
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this happened at santa monica college where about 30 people were sprayed as they tried to push their way into a board of trustees meeting. they were protesting fee hikes for some of the class's, two of those that were sprayed were taken to hospital. >> 6:11 a.m., we could get the official word that silicon valley giant will lay off a whole lot of workers. 2000 jobs could be cut at yahoo, that is 40 percent of their total work force. the wall street journal reports the layoffs will cover all departments. yahoo is expected to announce a reorganization sometime next week, and and may sell off their assets as well. mitt romney is on a roll for the republican presidential nomination. he had a clean sweep winning all of yesterday's cocontest. rick santorum did not appear on the ballot in washington dc.
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ron paul and newt gingrich finished far behind in all free contest. mitt romney will address the newspaper association of america today. cnn estimates show that mitt romney has 640 delegates, more than halfway to receive the nomination. political analysts will be here at 6:45 a.m. to talk about the upcoming contest in the presidential race. it is 6:12 a.m., the power of green, vegetables that could help women be breast cancer. >> 8 $2 million boat goes up and slams in malibu. we have an update on the damage. >> showers around the bay area last night including the high country this weekend. partly cloudy skies. 116 in. at boreal. 91 in. at squaw valley with partly sunny skies. bring the chains,,,,,,,,,
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>> let's take a look at some of the top stories on this wednesday. divers searching the oakland estuary for the gun used in monday's murder at that school in oakland. the suspect is expected to be arraigned later today on charges that he killed seven people.
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and a lot damage but no reports of deaths or major injuries after a powerful storm pelted north texas. these are live aerial shots of the greater dallas area as you can see some of the devastation down there in the neighborhoods. some rooms are gone and debris out there. 150 homes were destroyed in arlington alone. and president barack obama is ready to sign some legislation banning insider trading by members of congress. the bill bans insider-trading for thousands of other federal workers as well as the president himself. >> a suspected serial killer joseph naso returns to marin county court this morning. the appearance today is to set a trial date for the 70 year-old reno man charged with killing four prostitutes in northern california in the 1970's and 1990's. he is acting as his own attorney but he will have advisory council at his side in court. the san fransisco naacp is leading a rally on city hall steps at 11:30 a.m. this
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morning. civil rights and labor leaders will be part of the occupied the dream rally, to pay tribute to the rev. martin luther king jr. was assassinated on the state back in 1968. the rally will call for justice in the florida killings of unarmed teenager trayvon martin. >> time for weather now, let's find out what is cooking in the bay area. >> things are settling down right now. still a chance, as light showers in the bay area. most of us just a couple of clouds, and sunshine but still it will be cooler outside. passengers will be down and the wind will be blowing a little bit so it will feel very cool as you approach the coastline. a chance of an isolated shower popping up over the mountain tops and then a chilly night tonight with a frosted guys are expected to go up in most of the north bay later on tonight. as we start you off through the day, the cold front has gone by and that means we will start drying things out a little bit. cool air making its way in from the gulf of alaska keeping things on settled and brisk and
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breezy as you approach the coastline. computer models trying to show light scattered showers in the bay area. they will be isolated. it will not be much. the rest of us just have passing clouds and cool temperatures outside to read highs will struggle to get to the low 60s. numbers look like this. 62 in san jose, 55, cool and breezy in pacifica with 56 in half moon bay. the state senators only in the fifties and low 60s today and inside the day you will feel that influence of the sea breeze as the wind will be kicking up. 50 degrees in severance go but chilly outside. bring an extra jacket. temperatures tinkle over the next several days. warming up as we head into friday. the weakened as a split between the ice on saturday and computer models bringing in a few more clouds on easter sunday. we keep our fingers crossed hoping it will not bring us raindrops. more and settle for the beginning of next week. >> can you give me a hug? >> this is the special day to
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day. tell them what it is. it is " hug a news anchor today ". >> this is so romantic here on the morning show. thank you. >> let's go outside. show you what is gone on now we're feeling warm and fuzzy. it is not too bad. on bay area roadways and if you're heading out of town, maybe you are getting a long weekend or maybe you are on spring break. we know a lot of people are out of town this weekend. well, you will need to bring your chains if you're heading into the sierra. chain requirements in a spectator state 80 between kingvale and truckee. chain requirements between twin bridges and highway 89. closer to home we do not have too many incidents on the roadways. i think because so many people may be out of town or school is out for some people, just traffic patterns lighter than normal.
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they did turn on the meager lights at the bay bridge. so we will see some slight delays at the tapes. again, around 611 m, you can see a nice steady flow. a beautiful picture of the sun coming up from the san fransisco side of the span. it looks pretty good. a little crowded along the inclined but no major slowing. a different story from antioch west bound and eastbound highway 4 pretty slow going all the way past the antioch exits. speeds improve quite a bit at his word into concord. let's get a check of your west bound 580 ride. that unfortunate the drive time continues to grow. but not to bad as far as incidents. you can see to slow through livermore and sluggish once you get closer to the dublin interchange. coming up we will check mass transit and in the meantime back to you guys. >> thank you for the hugged by the way. let's take a look at health news now.
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>> eating certain vegetables can improve survival rates for breast cancer patients. a study presented to the american association for cancer research followed thousands of women in china and found a better survival rates among women who ate certain vegetables including cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, and brussels sprouts. researchers say those foods have compounds that are good for fighting cancer. and there is evidence that caffeine and exercise may protect against skin cancer. researchers gave mice a dose of caffeine and had them exercise on a running we'll to read those mice experienced 62 percent fewer skin tumors. doctors hope those findings can eventually be applied to humans. >> there is a race to save the $2 million sailboat burning in malibu.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> check out this amazing video off of the malibu coast, that is a $2 million boat up in flames. luckily no one was hurt last night when the 65 ft. boat caught fire. it took firefighters and the coast guard and our to put out the flames but unfortunately the boat did sink. because of the fire is unknown. a got battered by a monstrous wave during and around the world race could be repaired in time to get back into that race. to remembers injured in that accident and had to be rescued by the coast guard. the ship is expected to be fixed by the end of the month. >> children in san francisco will not get to ride muni for
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free after all. the transit agency considered giving the use free transit passes but a vote last night ended up in a deadlock, they plan to take up the issue in two weeks. fans of david letterman and greg ferguson on cbs will be laughing for least a couple more years to come .. >> cb acbs announced that they're both sticking with their gains through 2014. letterman celebrates his 60th birthday next week. the new deal means he would become the longest-running late- night talk-show host in tv history. surpassing johnny carson record of 30 years. the duke and duchess of cambridge are all waxy. a pivotal moment in their relationship has been immortalized in this new exhibit at this wax museum. the wax statues cost 300,000 u.s. dollars each. prince william and kathryn celebrate their one year
6:26 am
anniversary april 29th. a total six wax sculptures are on display in london, new york, and amsterdam. >> that is cute. the women's as well team of baylor made history last night, led by brittany greener, all 6 ft. 8 in.. they won their first title since 2005 to become the first team in n.c.a.a. history, both men or women, to finish the season with a perfect 40/0 record. she is something else and coming back for her senior year. >> 6 ft. 8 in.? >> she is head and shoulders above most of the other girls and she can dunk. she is good. >> it is 6:26 a.m., homeowners in san jose evacuate. a car crash and gas leak and all the damage coming up. >> twisters touching down in texas. we have a live report from one
6:27 am
of the hardest-hit areas. >> oakland police may be closer to a motive but they still have not found that murder weapon in the oikos shooting. we will bring you the latest in that search effort. >> and the suspect in that case, one of the most despised men in the bay area right now, due to make his first court appearance today. we have a live report coming up. >> skies parting after raindrops
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>> good morning everyone, it is wednesday april 4th. i in michele griego. >> it is 6:30 a.m. and we have new details about the man the police say carry out the most deadly school shooting in california history, 43 world one goh accused of shooting 10 people at oikos university on monday in oakland. >> and mackovic is live in oakland where the suspect will face a judge for the first time today but first. we are at the oakland estuary where divers spent hours last night searching for the weapon. good morning. >> as far as we know they still have not recovered that murder weapon from the oikos shooting. they are closer to that motive though. they still have no results in last night's search effort. take a look, this is what i've teams were doing all yesterday afternoon into the late evening hours.
6:31 am
they searched the area, the 7200 block of do little drives. this was a joint effort between san francisco and oakland police departments. oakland borrowed sonar equipment and a police boat from san francisco police and yesterday afternoon that sonar equipment detected something metal. so they called out more volunteers. and to give you an idea of how deep diver should go to get that murder weapon, a throughout an object with a similar weight and size. >> to simulate what a person can do, so that you know your distance of how far out in the water you have to go to dies. >> the search area send out 100 ft. and the reason they focused on this area is because of the fresh footprints that they saw around the site. what we do know about that murder weapon is that it was legally purchased from a shop in castro valley. back in february. the suspect on call has been cooperative with police with the exception of the search effort but we understand we're learning
6:32 am
more about him and for that lets and things over to an mackovic live in oakland where she says that the suspect is expected to appear in court today. >> he is waking up at the jail in dublin this morning and is expected here at the alameda county courthouse. at some point today, to face several very serious charges including seven counts of murder. it looks like one goh was out for vengeance after he had been kicked out of oikos university and has fought with an administrator over his $6,000 tuition. the reports are painting a picture of a man that had reached the end of his rope. problems with his marriage, career, and family life. when he moved to california from virginia in 2009 he worked at the korean market in daly city. the manager there says co- workers were afraid of him and that he was " very unusual ". 13 months ago his brother, an army specialist forces treaty died in a car accident, his mother died soon after. police say that he had some
6:33 am
serious anger management issues. and so does one man that met him briefly. >> he was a little bit strange act. that kind of act caused this tragedy. we don't know. he was kind mentally, or some other problem. >> this is his brother. he lives in centerville virginia and reporters caught up with him yesterday. he told them off camera that he is ashamed and sorry for the victims' families. we also heard that he had a lot of problems getting along with women in general. in fact six out of the seven people he's accused of killing were women. but that is also the major makeup of the school that he was attending. back to you guys. >> thank you. here's a list of people identified as the victims of the mass shooting. lydia some of hayward was one test away from graduating.
6:34 am
grace kim was from union city, kathleen ping from oak lawn was a secretary and receptionist at the school. the other victims were judas' see more of san jose, doris chu vue go from san leandro, and sherry from san fransisco. all were remembered at a prayer vigil at allen temple baptist church in oakland. >> we need to search our consciences, to how react with each other, how we work with each other. we need to reach out to our friends and families. who are in pain or who may be angry. because, we're beginning to hurt each other. >> grief counselors and american red cross were at the service offering help to anyone needing it. we have continuing coverage on our website including the recently released 9 1 1 tapes. you can find it all at >> it is 6:34 a.m., a san jose homeowner has plenty of damage to assess after a car slammed right into their house.
6:35 am
these are live pictures, the crash caused a gas leak just after 10:00 a.m. last night in the cambrian area there. a few neighboring homes actually had to be evacuated. crews stop the gas flow there to make sure everything was safe. people were allowed back early this morning although the crews, as you can see, are still on the scene. the driver was rushed to hospital, no word on her condition or what may have led to that crash but a cause a domino effect on the number of homes in san jose. >> hopefully she is ok. the 60 5:00 a.m. let's check on weather and traffic. >> we had some rain overnight and it looks like things are settling down. right now but still a chance to conceal an isolated showers but i think it is more about the cold temperatures. numbers outside if you're headed out the door, on the chilly site in the valley. 41 degrees in fairfield. 39 in santa rosa. a few clouds floating through. the main culprit has gone by.
6:36 am
some call their behind the system with a chance you could squeeze out some isolated showers but it will be cool and brisk and breezy especially as you approached the coastline. temperatures was cooler than yesterday. 46 degrees cooler than what we had yesterday afternoon. and with the wind will feel much cooler. we will keep those temperatures down. warming up on friday and saturday. some of those temperatures approaching near 70 degrees. cooler temperatures and a few more clouds coming our way on easter sunday. >> we have been super quiet so far this morning. what we have is a high wind advisory in fact by chp. these are chp issued wind advisory. you can see caltrans is putting their warning signs up on the bridge was down 92. still only a 14 minute drive time out of a word. heading to foster city. those east out lines are looking pretty good. but a check of the altamont pass. the drive time unfortunately continues to grow. no major incidents but it looks like we just have a continuous
6:37 am
line of a brake lights from the altamont pass all of up to the dublin interchange. speeds are for the most part _ m.p.h. heading into the dublin/pleasanton area. richmond and san rafael bridge. a live look of traffic. not to bad as he passed san quentin. southern 101 looking great. no delays all the way to the golden gate. your drive time for the stake coming down the shore freeway, in the green. westlawn 243 walnut creek. but there is a slow drive time on less than 580. coming up a check of mass transit. back to you. >> severe weather experts in north texas to determine how many tornadoes actually hit the dallas metro area. >> karen brown joins us live from the town in texas. thank you for being with us. where is this town in relation to dallas and what have you seen today? >> well, good morning to you. it is east of dallas.
6:38 am
but it took us about half an hour to get here so that gives you an idea of how close it was to the center of dallas. they have just listed the curfew in this subdivision. it was severely damaged. i just spoke to one man that saw his house for the first time after his route was completely ripped off, he had stopped tears streaming down his face and he said how it just said in how much they lost. if you look behind you can get an idea of what that has gone through. this pile of debris was what they were able to scoop out of the streets so that crews could get here behind this area is what is left of a two-story home but what is absolutely incredible is in this area, no major injuries reported. people tell me that they survived in their bathtubs. another man tells me he survived in his closet. and the mayor of dallas has this incredible story. we have all seen the video of the tractor-trailer being thrown around in the tornado like toys. he said there was a young couple
6:39 am
that was on their way to work, they left their house and five minutes after the last one of those tractor-trailer's landed on their home, completely destroying it. but that couple was absolutely on skates. >> many survival stories there. you know, we have been watching that video all morning long. as you said it is amazing that there are no reports of any deaths or major injuries. but could that change? >> the at this point authorities to believe that have accounted for everyone. there are not any missing person reports. they are going through and searching for people. so just some incredible stories of survival. and locked. truly just a few minutes and made the difference of a life or death situation there. an elementary school just one block away from where the roof was ripped off with the children inside. one mother had just gone inside to get her daughter, and a car that she was in was picked up
6:40 am
and thrown 700 ft. from where she was. so, just one story after another after another. but of course many people lost a lot of material things, and the cleanup process begins today. >> the fact that there are no injuries is mind-boggling just even looking at the home behind you. unreel. thank you for joining us. we appreciate it. >> and two people were treated at the hospital after being pepper sprayed on the southern california campus. >> a fire capt. says about 30 people at santa monica college or sprayed as they disrupted a board of trustees meeting. students are upset over a proposed increase to fees to compensate for state cuts. >> if you pack your bags you'll pay more money. >> the airline now charging you $35 for a carry on. >> mitt romney is three steps
6:41 am
closer to the party's nomination. but will his rivals finally give in? political analyst standing by in the green room, he will weigh and. >> the market opened up 10 minutes ago. let's ta,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> good morning, it looks like we're mostly dry in the bay area. some pretty good rain fall making its way overnight but things are settling down. if you're heading out we do have passing clouds and the temperatures running on the chilly side. still a slight chance of an isolated showers today. most of that over the mountain tops. cool and breezy in the afternoon, frost advisories in the north bay going up late tonight. a high-pressure trying to build in but you have a trough camping out on the west coast. that will usher in cold air out of the gulf of alaska at keeping the some pitchers down. a little breezy and windy. computer models picking up on the clouds rolling by with a chance of isolated showers pushing by. most of it will just see passing clouds and cool temperatures outside and then things began to settle down as we head into tonight and tomorrow. with that in mind, but the badgers struggling to get the low 60s. 62 degrees in san jose and 61,
6:45 am
50 degrees in san mateo. 50's along the coastline but it will be breezy and cool as you approached the coast. 50's and low 60s in the east bay. keeping temperatures down. 587 cisco and 58 in petaluma. the next couple of days those temperatures will be running below normal. then warming up a little bit on friday. warmer weather especially the first part of the weekend. let's check with the roadways. >> let's go outside to show you what conditions are like out there. here's a look at the golden gate bridge as you can see it is nice and dry. no major problems across the span. we do have several chp issued wind advisory. these are different than the national weather service. there is a wind advisory in effect for the bay bridge. a lot of east and west bridges have them. still moving pretty steady flow of traffic but the metering lights are on now so it is jammed solid to the 880 over crossing. 15 minutes to get you onto the
6:46 am
bridge and then it gets busy along the incline. here's a live look of sensors three antioch. pretty slow this morning. all the way through those antioch spots and and once you get into pittsburgh and conquered you can see the sensors turning green. so speeds over there are more than 40 mi. per hour. the rest of the south bay, north down 101, this is where racine slow traffic coming into san jose but 280 looks pretty good. the guadalupe parkway starting to get sluggish as well. here are some drive times, northbound 101 between 28237 a 16 minute drive. obviously very sluggish along the parkway. but 280 in the green so far. >> thank you. 6:46 a.m., big news for the silicon valley. the guy who is laying off 14% of their work force, about 2000 employees from all sectors of the company and here now is ashley morris and with cbs money watch .com to talk about that. >> on wall street investors
6:47 am
remain cautious this morning after the fed says they are concerned over a slowdown in hiring. it has been dragging stocks lower. we head to wall street and as you can see the dow is plunging down 107 points already so far. the nasdaq also in the red territory down 20 points. at the white house today president barack obama will sign the stock act into law preventing members of congress or their staff from using inside information to make stock deals. the bill was passed with bipartisan support following a report by 60 minutes. yahoo is laying off 2000 employees as new ceo scott thompson cuts jobs that don't fit into his plan for turning the company around. the cuts represent 14 percent of the 14,000 workers employed by yacht which is based in sunnyvale california. this is the sixth mass layoff in four years under three different ceos. this week and microsoft will
6:48 am
make its biggest push yet into the smart-phone market. nokia releases their latest windows phone. it will cost about $100. and also, starting today, allegiant airlines passengers will deal with new baggage fees. the airline charging between 10 and $30 for carry-on luggage store the overhead bins. the passengers that want to wait at the airports and to it will be charged $35, personal items that fit under the seats will still be free. and starting to get nervous here because i'm pretty sure the next that will be charging to sit in a seats. >> it is national hug a newsperson today. so she did not know that, a whole lot of hogs going on here in san fransisco. >> i am alone in my studio, no one is hugging me. >> and george your day. >> onto the race for the
6:49 am
republican presidential nomination, you can at wisconsin, md., and washington d.c. to the mitt romney, as he swept all three conte's last night. joining us now is cbs five political analyst. >> does he have it? does he have the nominee? >> no, not yet, he is more than halfway through but there is about 500 more delegates that he needs to gather. april will be a good month for him because there are still a number of states that he will do very well in including new york and connecticut and rhode island, delaware, he'll be competitive in the reason for the state of pennsylvania as well. more than 200 delegates up for grabs there. if mitt romney takes the lion's share of those it will be very difficult for him to avoid winning the nomination in the end because he will extend himself so much that rick santorum is going to have to run the table to catch up to him numerically and that will be difficult. >> it seems like bricks santorum chances are slipping away, is realistic for him to state in
6:50 am
the phrase? >> realistically, yes. there are many states in the south where his conservative politics will play well in north carolina and kentucky and texas. but here is the rental for rick santorum. the gop has purposely spread out the schedule here so that all of these races will be more competitive. some of the state's are a portion, not always winner-take- all. so even if he wins these places. if he's not getting every delegate is very difficult for him to make up ground on mitt romney who is also " trickling away some of those states as well. by the end of may it could be the case before we even get to california that mitt romney has a lead that is 2/1 over rick santorum or maybe even 3/1. it becomes almost impossible for rick santorum to do anything except to go to a brokered convention. i don't think the gop wants that. >> it may be early to think about this but you think that rick santorum is adamant about
6:51 am
staying in the race because he is positioning himself for maybe four years down the road or eight years down the road? >> or perhaps a serious consideration as vice-president. i think all those things are true. the one thing that rick santorum has gotten out of this is that there is still a hunkering within the republican party for someone to sort of, ... you know how the democrats re-enacted the persona of jfk by picking bill clinton in the 90's and barack obama. a charismatic leader. the republicans are searching for someone that can channel the essence of ronald reagan and rick santorum keep saying that he is that person because he has the same social conservative credentials. but what he lacks is the executive this year is as a governor and even though ronald reagan was small government and no new taxes kind of guy, he did a little bit of both as a moderate leader in terms of the government politics. rick santorum does not have those credentials and it remains to be seen if that will play this year.
6:52 am
perhaps it will play in four more years. >> good stuff .. thank you. time for a quick look at what is coming up later on cbs this morning with dale king joining us now live from new york with the very latest. >> live from new york and in color, thank you, did the president cross the line by warning the supreme court over health care? and senator john mccain over the controversy. what does he think the outcome will be? >> the case involving a kennedy, a newborn, and an altercation, all caught on tape. only on cbs this morning the attorney for robert f. kennedy's son reveals a big new developments. director james cameron on the new titanic in 3 d, what was it like to go 7 mi. deep into the water? those stories and more when you see you at 7:00. >> see you soon. the time now is 60 2:00,,,,,,,,,
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[ male announcer ] with all your car does for you, he really wants to hear those three little words: chevron with techron. care for your car. in monday's massacre in oakland is expected to make his first court appearance today.
6:56 am
the 43 world one goh is facing murder charges and scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon. he was upset about his treatment at oikos university and $6,000 in tuition that he wanted back. divers searched overnight for the weapon and that university killing spree. the black water dive team dumpejumped into the estuary searching. >> as far as we now have still not turn up with the murder weapon. this is what divers were doing yesterday afternoon, scourings the estuary here in oakland along the 7200 block of too little drive. it was a joint effort between san francisco and oakland police. the oakland police department borrowed a boat and sonar from that department. that sonar equipment detected something metal so the call that more volunteers to scour the area and divers combed throughout the entire estuary
6:57 am
trying to get an idea of how deep to go, to look for a potential murder weapon. the reason that the focus on this particular area is because oakland police say that they found fresh footprints on this site. that suspect has been cooperative with police, in terms of this investigation however the one thing he has not been is helpful in pinpointing the murder weapon. we do not know when or if investigators will be back on site today but again, as we get more information we will bring you the latest. >> thank you. >> lets a check on whether, a small earthquake this morning? >> a small earthquake. this one was too far away in morgan hill, the had an earthquake of 2.3 at 6:39 a.m., a small earthquake. that is the way that we like them. do not worry, if you were here long enough you will get one. people in the bay area have chilly temperatures. 35 now in santa rosa and 30 in fairfield and 42 in livermore.
6:58 am
partly cloudy skies outside and it will be a cool brisk day outside as we will see a good sea breeze kicking in with temperatures only in the mid 50's along the coastline. on high and willonly low 60s. warm things up on friday and saturday looks like those temperatures could reach near 70 degrees by the afternoon. more clouds on the way, and unsettle us to get into sunday and monday of next week. >> a little breezy outside. chp would have issued several wind advisory and we still have that in effect for the san mateo bridge. so far it is a nice smooth ride all the way across the span of the san mateo bridge. very chilly in the studio. >> here is a live look at the upper deck and the lower deck of the bay bridge. there is a back up behind the . pay gates. the slowest freeway is 101
6:59 am
heading into san jose. mass-transit continues to run on time with no problems all morning. so far. >> a game between all mess and southern miss was in a two-hour rain delay before being postponed. >> but during the delay both teams sound interesting entertainment for fans waiting in the rain. why not? including a dance contest. we're not sure which mississippi team won but i like that one. >> they're pretty good dancers. >> that is youtube father now. >> to do know that it is national hug a news anchor day? so it started back in 2009. i love this day. some bankers in new york set up a hugging boost in midtown manhattan.


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