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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at Noon  CBS  April 4, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> you were watching cbs five eyewitness news in high- definition. >> good afternoon everyone. >> today we are learning more about this week's mass shooting
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that killed seven people at an open university. >> this is the suspect, a 43 year-old south korean national and into hours he will make his first court appearance in the city and oakland. we are live outside of the courthouse with more on the shooters troubled past. >> he will appear here at the alameda county superior courthouse in oakland at 2:00 p.m. for his arraignment. facing very serious charges. as well as seven counts of murder. >> this is a oikos university this morning, still a crime scene with a small memorial growing outside. notes and candles and flowers for the people whose lives were taken on monday. police say that one goh was out for revengvengeance after he was kicked out of which was university. he appears to have reached the end of his rope with career and
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anger management issues. when he moved from virginia in 2009 he worked at the korean market in daly city, co-workers were afraid of him. >> he was a little bit strange act. that kind that act caused this tragedy. we don't know. he is kind mentally, or some other problem. >> reporters caught up with his brother yesterday in virginia, he said off camera that he is ashamed and sorry for the victims' families. 13 months ago his other brother, an army specialist forces treaty died in a car accident, his mother died soon after. but to his virginia neighbors, nothing seemed out of the ordinary about him. >> he was a very friendly guy, he would check with us. a little chat here and there. i would never have thought anything. >> we have also heard reports that he has had a lot of problems getting along with
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women in particular. in fact six out of his seven victims according to police were women. but that was also largely the makeup of that school. >> any way of telling whether a number of the victims' families might be on hand today for the first court appearance? >> i am not sure. they're certainly more than welcome but it is very early to be facing someone killer. so it will really depend on the family. >> thank you. and this is a live look at the oakland estuary where investigators are continuing to search for that murder weapon. police tell us that divers have been pulled back, a sonar boat is being used to search the murky floor. crime scene investigators are still searching the crime scene at the university for any additional clues. >> here's a list of people identified as victims of the oikos university shooting. lydia some of hayward was one test away from graduating.
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graced him from union city, kathleen ping from oakton was a secretary and receptionist at the school. a nursing student from ulcer rio, other victims include chorus from san leandro, and sharon from san fransisco and judas see more of san jose. kate spoke with his fiancee today. >> my friends, co-workers, when they met her, they told me what a wonderful person she was. and, you know, how have i found an angel like her. >> judith brown was his fiancee. he says that he does not focus on her desk, but on how she lived and who she lived for. >> the joy of her life was her two children. and, she did everything for them. she sacrificed everything for them.
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>> she was from guyana and went back to school recently to become a nurse. >> you should not go to school, and die for an education. >> when the memory of the tragic event faith for the public, for the love of the victim's it will never be forgotten. >> i'm going to miss her forever. but i'm going to keep her in my heart, and i know that she will be by my side in spirit to help me get through this time. >> her family said she was a private person and prefer not to share any photographs. they did want to mention that all she wanted to do was see her kids graduate from college. she was set to graduate in june. >> we will be following this story as it develops throughout the day. you can always find the latest on our website @ >> many lost everything, residents in dallas-fort worth's surveying the damage after 12 tornadoes touched down in texas
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yesterday. susan mcginnis has more on the cleanup efforts from texas. >> home after home in the dallas-fort worth area is ripped to shreds. one tornado picked up a pair of cars and slam them into the living room of a house. more than 500 homes are damaged or destroyed. despite all the destruction, especially in hard hit thorny, there are only a handful of injuries and no deaths. >> the fact that everyone that woke up yesterday morning to still alive today, that is a real blessing. zero fatalities. >> the national weather service estimates as many as a dozen twisters touched down in north texas. >> the roar of a tornado, i will never forget that. >> twisters cut paths of destruction that are often cruel and indiscriminate. this home was largely destroyed while the one right next door and others nearby suffered far less damage.
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>> in arlington sandi cooper is walking the streets, collecting photographs that are scattered everywhere. >> i am gathering members of the people that may not be able to find them. >> many homeowners are not allowed to return home because of safety issues but crews are beginning to clean up debris, a process that could take weeks. >> officials at the national weather service said that april is typically the worst month in tornado season and that yesterday's outburst suggest that this year's torrid pace will be above average. >> big layoffs in the silicon valley. 2000 employees being laid off at got to. the cuts announced this morning representing 14% of the more than 14,000 workers at the sunnyvale based company. the sixth mass layoffs under three different ceos. in the meantime facebook is striking back at yahoo, the social networking site filing their own lawsuit against the sunnyvale based internet company
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is using yahoo of violating 10 of their patents. the lawsuit comes weeks after yacht who accused facebook of infringing on 10 of their patents. both companies denied the allegations. >> president barack obama signed legislation banning insider trading by members of congress. >> this act makes it clear that if members of congress use nonpublic information to gain an unfair advantage in the market, and they're breaking a law. it creates new disclosure requirements and new measures of accountability and transparency for thousands of federal employees. >> the bill bans insider trading for thousands of other federal workers as well as the president himself. >> on to the campaign trail, mitt romney took another major step toward securing his party's presidential nomination. last night the former massachusetts gov. swept primaries in wisconsin, md., and the district of columbia. he now has more than half of the
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delegates needed to wrap up the nomination and has begun looking towards taking on the president. >> join me, in the next effort cords that destination of november 6th. when across america we can give a sigh of relief and a lot of promise of america has been capped. >> arizona senator john mccain is now calling for rick santorum to make a graceful exit. but rick santorum has pledged to stay in the race. the latest estimate shows mitt romney has 654 gop delegates, rick santorum has a little more than a third of that with 270, more than 1100 total delegates are needed to officially wrap up the nomination. >> to u.s. troops killed in a suicide bombing in afghanistan today. police say that the bomber drove a motor bike into a crowded market in northern afghanistan. at least eight others were killed. this is the second last this week. nato says it is unclear who is
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behind the assaults on foreign troops. u.s.-led nato forces hope to complete afghan security string by 2014. >> suspected serial killer joseph naso back in court. a judge set a trial date of november fest for the 70 year- old reno man. he is charged with killing four northern california women in the 1970's and 1990's. he is acting as his own attorney but he will have advisory chemicacouncil by his side. a car slammed into a house. the crash caused a gas leak after 10:00 p.m. on melrose avenue. a few neighboring homes were evacuated as utility crews stopped the flow of gas and people were allowed back early this morning. the driver was rushed to a hospital but there's no word on what led to the crash. a giant boost to the city. the $1.6 billion plan for at&t park. >> another setback, who is dropping out of the america's cup yacht race?
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>> a multimillion-dollar boat goes up in flames in malibu. a look at this dramatic video coming up after the break. >> i am in the cbs 5 weather center, it is cool and brisk and breezy around the bay area.,,,,,
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>> >> some pretty wild video off of the malibu coast last night. that is a $2 million boat up in flames. no one was hurt family. the man on the boat got away. a 65 ft. yacht epic copper firefighters and the coast guard about an hour to put out the flames and unfortunately the boat did sink, the cause is unknown at this hour. >> the america's cup yacht race losing some luster as it comes to san fransisco.
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as of now only four teams are signed up to compete after a french team decided to drop out. the deadline for more teams to register is only two months away. san fransisco modifying their hotel tax to include some rental services like air bed and breakfast .com. 15 percent fee will be charged to people that temporarily ran out private homes. the chronicle reports yesterday that the city treasurer issued a new regulations clarifying the tax. the company says that they should not be subject to the 40 year-old hotel tax. today the giant unveiled a plan to convert to land next to at&t park into one of san fransiscans biggest development projects. >> the team president and ceo, announced the $1.6 billion proposal today. the plan calls for a parking lot and a pure owned by the port of san fransisco to be converted into apartments, shops, and offices. the giants hope to work out a deal with the port by the end of the year. the giants and the a's played
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oneach other last night. the giants win 3/2 after taking first two of the bay bridge series. it is startling for keeps opening day is friday night. >> the power of green. vegetables that could help women beat breast cancer. >> and this little bundle of joy that could not wait for a landing. >> a bit chilly around the bay area, we could be headed for a,,
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>> >> you go out for breakfast in san fransisco, you bring a jacket. but i did not have anything this morning. i was fine. it was just like denver. that cool feeling outside. it is, chilly out there right now with all that air coming out of the gulf of alaska making for my sites outside but it is a bit cold in spots. you can see the camels clouds building out there. still a slight chance of scattered light showers as the on stable air mass begins to move over head. temperatures 55 degrees, only 52 in oakland. 53 in san fransisco and 58 in san jose. starting to see the breeze is kicking up to 23 m.p.h. in the bay area so it feels much cooler. there's a possibility of an isolated showers today but tonight it is a cold night in the north bay with a frost
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advisory. dimeters expected to drop down to the '30's. maybe isolated areas of 20s. and cool days ahead. frontal system moving by bringing the rainfall overnight last night. still a chance of scattered isolated showers and cold air sitting overhead will be the main story as we had throughout the afternoon. and looking at a computer model showing you a slight chance of wondering showers moving by, otherwise cold temperatures and breezy conditions as we head through the rest of the day and into tomorrow morning. a cold start to the day with temperatures expected this afternoon only in the fifties and low 60s. in the beach is only in the mid 50's for the highs and wind blowing there. tonight 33 degrees in santa rosa and 35 in the napa valley. 37 degrees in livermore and even inside of the day that the murders may drop down to the upper '30's. a cold might indeed on tap for the bay area. the next couple days will be rather chilly outside, keeping the image is running below the average and we warm things up friday. over the weekend we have a few more clouds but wants images on
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saturday. some it is interesting and speaking of sunday, that is easter sunday and we are not meaning to pump a forecast of right now computer models are jumping all over the map. yesterday they were dry and warm and today the show the possibility of showers of just call it unsettled and so we can fine-tune the forecast. if you are headed to heavenly resort, lots of snow and high country with partly cloudy skies. kirkwood partly cloudy skies 176 in. on the ground. and how about north star? 88 in.. partly cloudy skies again this weekend. could get interesting for the latter half. not done with the rainfall yet, staying on settled into the beginning of next week. >> easter egg hunt on saturday? >> early morning. if you want to. the latter part of the day gets a decade policy. >> the bay area is home to three of the top five most healthy counties in california. a national survey ranks orange county as the most healthy in
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the state for the third year in a row. santa clara county is no. 2 and third is just south of the bay area. the study based the rankings on factors including how long people live, how healthy they are, and availability of medical care. >> on the health watch, eating certain vegetables could improve survival rates for breast cancer patients. the study presented to the american association for cancer research followed thousands of women in china and found a better survival rates among women that ate certain vegetables including cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli and brussels sprouts. researchers say those foods have by no active compounds that are good for fighting cancer. there is evidence that caffeine and exercise may protect against skin cancer. researchers gave mice a dose of caffeine and had them exercise on a running we'll. those mice experienced 62 percent fewer skin tumors from exposure to sunlight. doctors hope those findings will eventually be applied to humans. >> fans of david letterman and greg ferguson will be laughing
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for least a couple more years to come. cbs announced both hosts are sticking with their respective jobs on the late show and the late late show for 2014. david letterman celebrates his 65th birthday next week and this means he would become a longest- running late-night talk-show host in tv history even surpassing johnny carson's record of 30 years. just as funny as ever. coming up, move over maciver. how a,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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just happen to be on board. >> i just held him up and i said " it is a boy ". and everyone clapped and if there was laughter, it was really fun and exciting. she was so happy. it was great. >> one big party. they used clubs and scissors a bat or sterilized in a cup of vodka to deliver the baby. mom and the baby are doing just fine. >> that will be a great story to put in that baby book. it is hug a newsperson day. we have been hogging all day long. go to college.
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mom: what are you saying? you've got to go to college. son: well, they offered me a job and... mom: son, college is much more important. son: no. mom: yes. son: no, mom. mom: yes. son: anyway, it's my decision. mom: ok, well, then, decide what degree you are going to get, because you will go to college. announcer: their tomorrow depends on your words today.


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