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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  April 25, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight, craig? ♪ [laughter] [burps] craig: that was weird, what happened with that anne rice thing. geoff: yeah. craig: that's what happens when you mess with the beyond. [laughter] geoff: when you dabble in the dark arts. craig: are you talking about carson kressley? geoff: yeah. [laughter] craig: no, because, i thought it was weird that ramin nazer the comedian was standing by just in case there was an opportunity for him to dash out and do four excellent minutes of comedy geoff: that's dedication, man. craig: that's what separates -- i was going to say the men from the boys. it is probably a bad night to talk about that. geoff: why do you smell like mangos? [laughter]
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craig: let's just say i've been dabbling in the dark arts. [laughter] nah, nah -- well, we got to go. good night, everybody. captioned by the national captioning institute [ female announcer ] this is the story of sam,
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who made an unexpected arrival. [ woman ] he was 4 months early, weighing 1 pound, 12 ounces. [ female announcer ] fortunately, sam was born at sutter health's alta bates summit medical center. [ woman ] the staff was remarkable. they made me feel safe, trusting, cared for. [ giggles ] they saved his life. i owe all of them my son. [ female announcer ] alta bates summit medical center and sutter health -- our story is you.
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disease hadn't been seen in california in years why the government says the diagnosis though is good news. a wave unlike anything ever seen the first head count from one of the survivors of that deadly accident and airlines and teenagers found a new way to get drunk the common household products. distilling into a cheap buys. mad cow disease surfaced again in california. it
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was found in a dairy cow the central valley to the good reason why the government says it proves what we're consuming is safe the infected cow a fourth ever in the u.s. was a dead by year-old cow from a rendering plant at hanford in the central valley is owned by bigger commodities it was about to be ground into pet food when random tests discovered the mad cow disease or bse there was never in danger to humans macao's meat or milk the did not enter the food supply any * there was no concern about that night had disease is fatal to cows and can cause a fatal human brain disease in people he's tainted beef the usda says there tests show the disinfected cal had a rare a typical form of the disease and they say there is no real reason for alarm in fact
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they say it is good news because there test their testing is working at caught it. the beef supplies absolutely safe perils weed is a cattle rancher in livermore. so cows their design and grass don't get it. new speaker he says the other countries mad cow was blamed on farmers adding recycle knees and bone meal from infected cows in the cattle feed and he says in the u.s. that diet is banned. usda tests more than 40,000 cows year for the bill brindisi's they're paid to randomly at a certain mature age. somebody once said testing of the cattle for my cat diseases like testing kindergartners for alzheimer's is a refined it according to the usda the four reported cases for aid to local they're working. and having be said for dinner
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and that is no light. and tonight we get a firsthand account of what happens when racing yacht crashed near the fair lawn islands from one of the survivors. as with coke has the story. thank you dana 38 year-old brian chong as low as three crew members who made it out alive and a 4000 word letter to the community he describes how an uneventful day of sailing took a tragic turn. the eight member crew of low-speed chase crashed during a yacht race to the fair lawn 10 days ago five people died and three survived including brian sean of tehran he says the day was an uneventful until they encountered the largest fall the day he writes i've seen largely as before but this is unlike any i've ever seen outside a big way
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serve videos by the time needed there is no escape route the way of crashes on the boat to brine rights i love my right left my right arm to the bottom lifeline increase for the impact he says he soon found himself under water until the boat righted itself he looked around and saw water clear the deck and describes the scene say this shell's sales were shredded the mast snapped an ever flotation device had been ripped off immediately began to try to pull air crew members back into the post a second wave his from behind this one roof me off the boats into breaks down he says he couldn't tell teleview is in the water four minutes or an hour but another crew member says it was just 15 minutes. the scary is 15 minutes of his life. the best way to describe the water in the brakes sound is a washing machine build with boulders. you don't really swim and the water to be where it wanted to take me john
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eventually made it onto the rocks where the coast guard rescue him and to others. to chong says the crew had the required safety equipment and everyone was wearing life jackets but none of them were clipped in when the wave hit to now he says his he's lucky to have a second chance at life with his wife in the week-old son. it was cut cbs five from rap stars to potential rap sheets a popular bay area group has been busted by the fed's therefore they're taking center stage in an international drug ring investigation. rappers associating with his entertainments are considered legends among some young people in northern california. some of the artists and their associates are using rap music as cover for criminal activity. in hamilton agency
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sting operation 25 people at arrested for large-scale drug distribution and money- laundering across the u.s.. the allegedly had operations as far away as new york and oklahoma city and had a strong presence in southern and northern california. federal agents say they seized about $75,000.30 money and $8 million in property. assembly of the they are personally this entertainment has deep roots in vallejo and police say some of their associates also have deep, pass dating back to the 1980's involving violence takeover robberies and murders. some are asking people not to rush to judgment if you're doing wrong he deserved to the time but if you're being unjustly charged then that is unfair associates it with his and tim or not available for comment however some of them tweeted that they want to see their friends released a preliminary hearing a
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hearing is set for may 4th in fairfield and juan jones for cbs five. the merit touts it as a success is called the 100 blocks program and is supposedly can take a bite out of crime in some of oakland's worst neighborhoods as robert glass learned fighting crime in one area and has actually fueled violence in several others. i want to commend to what they've done i've seen it in little girl at guy shot sell i am forever the block. 91% every speaker the public safety hearing agree the 100 block crime-prevention program should remain in place everyone but councilman larry reed. we ask you thunder plot by the plan is going to work note stuck with the work is not it's not sustainable why isn't the 100 block sustainable? considered chief joint chief jordan statement. to the when
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people down nearly two dozen cops were polls last october. sources tell cbs 5100 burglar calls go unanswered everyday so where the top step up patrols what streets to make up the 100 blocks? they cannot be revealed. sources deep within of the revealing to cbs five. since the law to launch a 100 blocks of violent crimes from the open border to 35th avenue and have it spiked at least 30%. from the for delta the san leandro board of violent crimes increased 20%. still mayor kwan city manager dan santana and police chief jordan went on a media blitz today calling 100 blocks its success. how you ask.
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has been showing increasing in some of the violent crimes we haven't seen before. saturated patrols and west and east oakland sale these sources say criminals are looking so burglaries' spike in the hills street robberies and shootings skyrocketed at lake merits as a much as 21% say sources. but there is more the mayor says the it is a tracks the oikos murders and domestic violence and violent crime in oakland is a near record low live in oakland
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i'm robert lyles cbs five amount of debt and nothing but a plan to show for it. the stood alone delayed my wedding in the student loans will delaney ever buying a house. and it's about to get worse. to skyrocket. the common products that they're turning into a clean high. and her date cancelled on her a week before prom and it got worse,,,,
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were arrested today in the process that wells fargo. the waves thousands of protesters filled san francisco as finance of this sheriff's and return to disrupt the bank's annual shareholder meeting customers said they want the big 1/2 to stop foreclosures. the won their first battle and gathered enough signatures to put a minimum wage initiative on the ballot but there are red flags being raised about employees to make more money. for the campaign volunteers get in the petition signatures certify was not a question of if but when. we have
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people here tried to make a change is possible. police as a full-time student and single mother who also works as a cashier is that as a is minimal wages from eight to $10 an hour could mean an extra 20 to $30 a week. money into the gas tank and honor to take the bus all the time those of it things that 20 to $30 extra that is almost a thousand dollars of increasing my check long-term loss one is a business owners cannot raise prices only of workers. if you're a small business the five employees at $8 an hour for as much as you could afford your overhead and a half and $10 an hour instead of having five employees maybe now you can only afford four. labor leaders disagree and say workers will put the extra income red bentley economy back to the matter is he making it 10 mi. an hour he will not be set
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you'll be spending the city council will debate the topic next tuesday and could but it into law or put on the ballot skip those cbs five. also today we learn something surprising about president obama's as to begin a tour of some college campuses. check this out. and the president of united states. really finished paying off by student loans about eight years ago. i was not long ago. knows the president speaking at the university of north carolina this and loan crisis is being called a dead tsunami. today the president urged congress to keep the interest rate on federally guaranteed student loans at 3.4% and set to double on july 1st as a league record for some graduates the debt is become a life changing lesson. ray and rocca graduated from ohio
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northern university five years ago with $70,000 in student loans added interest and your balance is now $106,000. and you think about that figure $106,000 what does that mean to you? most people who owe $106,000 in debt have a house were a couple of cars. or a few houses. and i don't have that. i have the basic necessities they need to survive. at 28 georgetown public relations in washington d.c. 25 percent of her monthly income goes toward her loan debts. the system was delayed by wetting the student loans will probably delay any ever buying a house with my fiancee will probably delay my fiancee and i having children because these are things these are luxuries we cannot afford. the average cost for a 4 year college degree was more than $22,000 in 2010. that is 67% higher than in 1990. and set is a member of the
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class of 2012 at george washington university in the slow realization that says he won't be able to take that kind of job you really want to rebuild the traveler the earliest available to pay off the first-ever six loans will be in the year 2022. been keen on a cbs news arlington virginia. did way to leave her kids down and cough syrup to get drunk and even vanilla but this is something new. dr. campbell held on the common household products that teenagers are distilling into a clean high. parents' job and a kid to school is always a lot to
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worry about at nottingham sanitize the list will be that has three teenagers in the use a lot of hand sanitizer but now she is rethinking their families during defense. a lot of alcohol content so it's not going to be like sleeping for my children how officials have issued a warning in sanitizer certainly can be dangerous eight teenagers have visited emergency rooms after distilling are drinking the gel in the last few weeks. read the label most can sanitizers is now 60%: to four shots of vodka. and with intent as a readily available for just a couple of bucks it's become the in the drug. taking your recipes of the
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internet as well so it's very easy to deal in mid they don't do that some of them will district hand sanitizers they're asking parents to be observant and proactive rowena's says that starts with talking to our kids. we have to advise them and tell them what is going on. instead of gels sanitizer parents of teenagers might want to buy the phone kind since it is harder to stilly alcohol. alcohol free sanitizers another option. dirichlet's doctor can cbs five. well as bad enough saturday canceled on her now when 17 year-old is being told she can't go to the prom because he canceled on her. matador tuesday for the junior prom suddenly backed out under this week then her catholic high school in philadelphia told her she can't go without a date. for them to say that not get enough to go on as we have a guy standing next to us. it's this kind of sickening. did waves she is all about her dress
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you can see shoes and prompted price had about a thousand dollars she says she's still trying to convince the school to let her attend. it's fired up and ready to go there live have doppler radar in search of raindrops.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, live at the weather
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center good evening its is by degrees in of monday to 80 degrees in morgan hill in whenever it wants to know about is pleasanton 73 degrees mostly cloudy the wind subsided but actually what the big question on everybody's mind is when will it rain? thursday morning commute for wednesday keep the umbrella handy mostly cloudy skies clouds continue to the bulk of the rain now looks like it will arrive on thursday morning that the cold front the sending of the gulf of alaska and will begin to see things being settled down by thursday afternoon into friday morning as we head toward another bombing
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trends in time to the weekend but first of this area of low pressure is out of the gulf of alaska first one is going to push through then will be slight chance of thunderstorms tonight. sitter whether hemlines are airing in all of rio becoming crowded nights remaining milds to mollify the brain develops towards the evening hours and there is that slight chance of a thunderstorm with the cooling nicholas day this workweek will be on thursday meanwhile tamara's vase and highest coming down considerably in comparison to did today which was morgan hill 6777 degrees in san is a but instead the upper 60s auletta 69 east of the day north the numbers that get in the lead to mid-60s the extended forecast in a " broad day forecast in a " broad day thursday but [ female announcer ] laughing cow cheese infuses creamy mozzarella with the mediterranean flavors of sun-dried tomatoes and basil. at 35 tiny calories a wedge, you're free to indulge in every last bit. the laughing cow cheese.
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have promoted bob myers to be their new general manager level larry bradley will remain the the team is the director of scouting the 37 year-old grew up in danville and as a player agent for joining the front office. it's great dad's mad love for the nba start with this team. and so for me it is more than just a job. it is a key way to get started. he has plenty of work to do the final seconds tied and 81 vazquez pushes up for new orleans and fines marcus allen nellie and chris wright is
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called the goaltending in less than a second of the warriors will wrap of the season thursday night against the spurs. kentucky basketball coach gives dusty baker a few pointers. that came 18th inning scoreless streak came to an ending in the to run homer from brandon phillips gained about three runs in 6 and 1/3 innings valley is designed baseball's iss when he was on the padre's a mistake and that within the cincinnati he tosses seven shut earnings for its first win of the year and the reds to the opener rickey henderson of the ferruzzi to check out the a's latest he is not only allowed six runs occur with a pinch-hit double derek
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martin scores the a's beat the white sox to nothing improves to 31. it is time for the tuesday night top five and #five ron artest we have a different name but not much else is changed the world peace was suspended seven games for james hardened in the back of the had at no. 4 they're back in new york for the first time since signing with miami to look and back of the amazing canzonets cuts the marlins and the three new jersey's gets a face full of grass at the devils' lead the panthers to game 7. and over in europe on monday skill level chases down the lifted his ball into the sedan and his back up from #one lucky warriors fans hit the shot from halfcourt to win $25,000
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from halfcourt to win $25,000 the will of the need,, [ female announcer ] laughing cow cheese infuses creamy mozzarella with the mediterranean flavors of sun-dried tomatoes and basil. at 35 tiny calories a wedge, you're free to indulge in every last bit. the laughing cow cheese. have you laughed today? ooh! little black dress meet 50 calorie tasty snack! awesome! wonder if they have that in my size! which is size awesome. mini babybel cheese from the laughing cow.
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