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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 16, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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you don't agree with me, you have started agreeing with me? geoff: that's right. geoff: you're like a complicated appliance that doesn't do much. you're like an iphone. [laughter] geoff: i draw the line there, mister. craig: well, have you got a little icloud floating around you somewhere? geoff: yeah, can't you smell it? sorry. craig: oh, great the robot did a fart joke and the show was so classy up to this point. you know, i meant to say this to you earlier on. when i came out at the start of the show, i noticed the two ladies in lesbian row, right there, when you were waving your arm, they were excited. look, look, he is doing it. yeah, yeah. [laughter] geoff: going to clap for daddy? going to clap for daddy?
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resin and a fire danger is too. conditions that have firefighters of dollars. what cause of the fire near modesto is still not known and why it took them a long time to figure it out. two people arrested for allegedly causing it doubly apartment to an explosion in one year later and it is sad that there unscarred by what they saw. the evening of thinking. let's get right to it. is going to be caught sight days of the year so far. gerber has our
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mouths and read this season to a we had nine degrees tomorrow we're talking about members of lloyd's and 9020 degrees in moscowand even if the low '70's but meanwhile all the way it to 101 degrees bright light tracy oakley antioch the look of the triple digits and danville black hawk and unpleasant send their children, as well in recent round to the north important portion of the bay area 101 degrees in sonoma. honeywell and san francisco the ever to rise around 69 degrees. dan and can. south hot temperatures in and fire crews standing by ready for anything. and if this is any indication it will be a bit the
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weekend for them. dry and windy conditions helped fuel about five this afternoon near sonoma is course 300 a. that deadly steep terrain made it difficult for crews a fun get a handle on those claims. curzon no. they're also on alert as heat and wind creates any dry conditions firefighters are quick to respond to the small fire near a playground in nevada as a hamilton neighbor had. they were able to get it under control before it spread to nearby homes. the fire behavior is far as intensity and the matter of resources that are going to be needed to make those fires they can liken shelburne this morning as a precaution. federal investigators the cause of that massive blaze still unknown the
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don't expect a lot of answers anytime soon. a spectacular fire thursday morning leaves a senior housing complex that was under construction burned to brittle and red tagged by the city. so ruins to reassess the situation and make sense that parts are unsafe. the close look at a complex cmo they block long. it could be several days before clues can assure the structure of to me is safe enough for investigations don't know how the blaze began and and i said cars and. are undetermined.
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commuters caught in the gas in parts of is the shutdown to stamp emerging as a should be. dear ill wait six id the train may not be quite are kansas said be parts of the electorate third well is part of the trend remains closed the officials say there is absolutely no danger to writers. in the meantime there is 20 were seven security any barrier fans here to preserve the scene. in oakland cbs five. the dems turned into suspects. demand woman critically injured in the livermore apartment explosion last year are now facing murder charges. there were striking oil for marijuana and as they show us that after all this timeline neighbors are still shaken.
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uncritically ensure that three people what mall -- made to me first 2000 to 11 glaspell like a bomb and bomb to neighbors like russell. did waves and is hole and was missing. and he was screaming for help. and as we ran over here to see there was a one female that was from had to sell missing clothing completely burnt. did waves now they have arrested a woman survivor 23 alexi has an who suffer severe burns and your boyfriend who was also seriously injured. they're being held on charges of homicide. any can forget. then he brought home after the blast see this money to meet in the camp to the
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ceiling that she was bounced. comfortably off the couch and what end up in the air. he lives in the apartment opposite the blast. did we got outside and saw that her clothes were blown off. she was probably about half the tickets i ran inside to give blanket to cover her up and when i got closer to her i realize how badly she is burned and how to back off. he was worried about her two sons. i could hear her speak scream it's the image got away but i can definitely remember that scream. other parents worry about the impact of the kids fill in the blast is seen as an occur) away and skin and hair leave from her body. italian burning flesh. and from all the kids after a year to usher is moving out. am paranoid now. and looming. i tried to stay here for a year and has been about a year. and i can still is.
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cbs 5 men. the waves and their crews night for young people here legally president obama's m. and resume work permits is taking your eyes children and teens and law enforcement has limitations mr. obama's says it's not amnesty in mid dinard and passed to citizenship she also concedes it is not a permanent fix to the immigration problem. the weights and the huge deal. it's an amazing announcement. these students haven't been able to drive legally. mark lately. all of these avenues have been closed off for them and so now they have the abilities you that. now to qualify legal immigrants must not have a criminal record. they need to have lived in the u.s. continuously for five years. i arrived before the age of 16 ends under the age of 30 years old currently. they also need a high school degree or have
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served in the military. thousands of people in the days stand to benefit from today's announcement. sanchez and introduces us to a young woman hoping to live the american dream. for this 18 year-old president obama's a migration decision caps a day of celebration. did weight is just a joy because that happens the day of my graduation and is something that i thought will vast today's the day. today is a great day. dick weis her she is graduating from a charter high school in oakland that this call ceremony. many of the students are from undocumented families and become the first to go to college. she says mr. obama's new immigration policy creates new opportunities. i can get this financial help for small inns and i can move to increase the mother came to the u.s. and age for her father worked as a locksmith see plans to attend the american
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college and is leaning toward a career in social work with new hope. everyone tells me about the american dream by its because all my family is undocumented i didn't get to see is. we didn't get the same rights. but now since this has passed this is the american dream. under the president's plan are an estimated 800,000 young illegal immigrants the could be spared deportation says veracruz dean of students at a high school. get away it's amazing that kids can come out of the shadows and actually say i am an american to. and may be documented and undocumented and part of the american continent consonant never hear much about my life in my community. this the young americans hope they don't wind up targets later. there's a sense of if i put myself out there and let people run document can be targeted? bnp will also ask what could happen
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in the order rescinded by another president? the obama's administration says this action is binding and cannot be returned to the next two years. republicans weren't the only ones taking in that president obama's today. a heckler interrupted a news conference. excuse me sir. it's not time for questions. not one speaking. airport for a conservative news websites asks the president wide you favor foreigners over american workers? at the end of his speech president the bombing and said the report is a question. next time member for a let me finish my statement before you ask? is this the right thing to do the american people? i didn't ask for the aga meant answering a question. yet police reporters as he thought the president was closing his remarks and did not intend to interrupt his speech. caltrans
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blasts media reports questioning the foundation of many bay bridge. the through the caltrans says and has the suspension tower is sounds. a balanced budget for california has passed on time but not everyone is happy about it. the reasons some say it is full of gimmicks. he walks across niagara falls in the history the first person ever to cross to the list ♪
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charged with the why. he knew this woman is please contact sam francis said general the police apartment. a california pizza kitchen restaurant has been shot down by health authorities. is because of a merrill virus outbreak. three employees and to customers tested positive for the virus. investigators linked the upper 80 salads their dead but it's your serve their lost theirs in. caltrans fired back at a newspaper reports questioning the foundation of the new bay bridge. citing the agency's own records the second
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to be raised concerns about the integrity of the concrete piles that support the main tower. well this morning caltrans offered an hour longer bottle on the internet engineers adamantly defended their work and rejected any questions about we tested the concrete, which tested the reinforcing steel, and one can have an opinion back setbacks and engineers like to deal facts. today the sacramento bee rejected the agency's call for a retraction the paper says that it stands by its reporting. california lawmakers narrowly met a constitutional deadline to pass a state budget today. the plan balances california's $15.7 billion deficit. the budget makes your cat's welfare and child care by a meeting today's deadline lawmakers can keep life in their paychecks. the cbs five reporter shows as some say this budget is just smoke and
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mirrors. not a moment too soon lawmakers passed a $92.1 billion plan they say is the solution to california's budget crisis. we have an opportunity to put this budget deficit behind us. the airways i think the founding by others with less and said only god. it passed without a single republican vote the chairman of the san francisco has been a republican says this proposal only offer is more problems with no solutions. did we its asset here we go again. another budget with nothing for the people except taxes. and more debt to the private sector. the budget would include cuts to $1 million for metical 540 million from california courts and a 5% cut to workers compensation. did police we have produced the budget here that is balanced in your one and the balance in
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years to three and four with your for having a significant surplus. after a week of debating democratic lawmakers and the governor still don't agree on spending of a few hundred million dollars in social services. specifically tied the work requirements and reducing benefits. and a proposal to raise the grade point average acquirements for college students to get financial aid. this will go broke and all the services of a loss because ran not creating jobs and we're not growing. the governor has 12 days to veto signed into law or send it back to the legislature. piqua's college an amazing spectacle or a historic event. the very least it was a border crossing like no other. when the teams and has the international high wire during the of nick. he called the king of the high wire stepped onto a 2 in. cable and stuck to the history. the first
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person to cross across the horseshoe falls and the ice is to canada. the impossible is not that impossibilities such a mind to if among the demands of the wires spectators for spellbound. did ways i would just drop kind of iffy fell. to these their doubles tons this takes the cake. this is a big thing. there 1800's the danger the mist rising from the look gorge but will and said he was prepared it was very focused the wind was definitely something they could not train for it was coming from every which way. he was on the cable alone. but his family was behind every move. his father and uncle in gaea the equipment has mother design issues. taking rest is in his family's dna. his great- grandfather lead the flying belinda's until as death from a high wire fall in 1978. it is a honor to raise a family that is known around the
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world for what we do. when a new record under his belt and it is focused on his next goal. walking across the 4,500 ft. stretch of the grand canyon. mantelpiece and cbs news nagger falls and york. as you go ahead and take a look outside the city by the look outside the city by the defense did is,,,,,,,,,,
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that wouldn't keep them up all night? if so, you'll be happy to know, our newest nook now comes with glow. introducing nook simple touch with glowlight, the only e-reader made for bedtime reading. find your nook at your neighborhood barnes & noble. official arrival of summer time and it's starting to feel like that today 65 half moon bay in and also a redwood city and now we have a red flag warning in effect for the north bay until 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning but to not be surprised its extended well into the eastern portion of the bay area as this area of high pressure continues to bubble and to build and keep in mind to the wind flow around a core of the center of the era of high pressure is always in a clockwise fashion so therefore
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we and the recipient of an offshore flow. the winds are out of the areas to the coesite end to their dry winds to is going to lower the relative humidity into the teens and meanwhile it comes to the prices of all this heat have latin skidding nearly stuck in the atmosphere has north go especially around the santa clara valley and the east bay because of the yellow mountain range chapman as pollutants meanwhile tomorrow with the sunshine make sure you grab the sunblock if you're heading out to the baseball action they're on fire. 87 degrees tomorrow at a baseball game meanwhile statewide we have a whole handful of temperatures and a triple digits ukiah 1 1/6 tonight tonight very modest kickoff that extra blanket into the fifties and low sixties mar with the offshore winds in number is going out '60s at the beaches to ride around the '70s during the '80s into the '90s director of the peninsula 94
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degrees in redwood city a couple degrees warmer than today 99 and moscow's and in saratoga meanwhile check out friend when all the way through chase tracy and oakley 100 in danville and black caucus held pleasanton. and then is to head toward the mouth and sonoma up to it to the digits 73 degrees and san francisco the extended forecast 10 degrees cooler in and by sunday all because of the return on the sublease surge referred to as the marine layer and then at this late we have some are riding on wednesday father is,,,
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finally get that list of 15 grand slam title he is on the lost once in his career when he has the lead through 36 holes in the major. former cal star m. rogers part of the sons crack at the olympics jim the advantage of this morning's third time his tee shot and 15 stops he said a 69 and is tied to leave last year's open winner and were mcelroy did not have much left defending his crown u.s. turnover and missed the cut for the fourth time with his last five tournament. motta is wrapped up his junior high school his summer vacation is awfully his starts. the 17 year- old really had the lead and is only four strokes back. michael thompson shot at 75 but did finish with a birdie leaving him
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to back as for tagger he recovered after three straight bogeys on the front nine and six debris on 13 to get their money under a tighter ship this seventy in is tied to the lead with your candid times. it was not easy. that of course was some kind of quick. achondrite oust the wind was rolling and it was tough. it was very tough and we had the same as patient as possible. and then they're really good at last. did waste chemicals and a seven hour but didn't because the same can be said about what then top- ranked donald and casey martin its place of his first tournament since 2006. many will be in many mama's in dublin. these lists of all time all-star he had only three extra base hits in 17 games during his minor-league rehab at the river cats. but he needs him when you have grandma's? he went deep for
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the first straight day and now has six homers in nine games since being called up the a's scored five runs in the first ended the padre's dentsu judges backlit digs up his first win since 2004. not everything was parked wednesday night at at&t park audrey it auburn have injured his knee during the celebration and was placed on the disabled list. the giants' mini red jetta seattle home of each roll and molly live for us topologies bought the lands of tell you what it's a spicy salmon roll. in the eighth homer in the air for opposing the giants win four to two bubbles on improves says 62 entertainment comes birthday today he turned 28 and will take that amount ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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