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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  June 26, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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how many students to have in there? did we did bay area private school getting taxpayer got money for student densest tonight how the state is demanding answers after our undercover investigation. bay area homes selling for way over asking why our house me be worth 5% more than you think it is. mac or pc how could be paying more for the same hotel if you book online. did ways dana and kenner offs nice we have learnt the state is taking action against oakland unified because of a private religious school and that has been taking stock taxpayer money while sending students at the panhandle.
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hopper what happens if you don't make enough money by seven? we would say at another hour. we found the school inflating attendance numbers to get federal funds. we've done multiple stories that there's an added pressure to find out what is happening and st. andrew and well in hand full of let us data and local agencies and now scrambling to find out why their private school is still open and how to cut federal funding our investigation found out that those kids are still out on the street asking for money. there are again at students from st. andrews back-to-school back on the job in handling and oakland's busy bart station. and as usual school principal was in his press you to watching from the shadows that is and sell
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these bought our producer. did wait last time we saw them he and his son did not want to talk to as the their that is after an emotional school board meeting during which an appearance of former st. andrews students last of this church for its lack of action. when you don't do anything about its disgusting. after the complaints of abuse and neglect in the meeting they say will stop funding to santander of wrongdoing is found according to noel bio our investigation found the school was forced to students got panhandling inflated that class size and claims to have 195 students are investigation found that less
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than 20 that has allowed them to receive $50,000 a year for the past 12 years. so how was it possible that this private school has been getting public funding we asked the california department of education's director of communications paul have here. private schools are allowed to get money other than no child was left behind. and how much is determined by the oakland unified school district? by the end of the day the local district is it responsible. much is distributing it they're responsible for monitoring those funds. with regard to eligibility and again deciding who chooses to work with and in allows them to pass the responsibility to the local
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school districts. flynn says that is because the funding for state and true is based on enrollment numbers. information that the state collects from this school of responsibility for managing contracts and in terms of the level of funding that is based on enrollment which is determined by the agency that collects the affidavit from the public schools certifying is the state's most to verify the numbers? not according to up its web site it confirms the information filed in the affidavit is not verify the and the california apartment of education takes no position as its accuracy. but the state and local districts they just learned that the state is to move its regular review the oakland unified school district because of our reports and will
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check of oakland unified is in compliance with federal guidelines. if they hadn't will school districts have to pay this money back? they don't have to pay the money back but there is a finding that the money was spent at compliance the district cannot use its general fund dollars to refund those federal dollars will be used to provide services in oakland. and is not just education officials are concerned now we have since discovered dead a palestinian group kids in the oakland fired upon and is found the school has a number of violations including not having enough smoke detectors are exit signs.
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as a different agencies tried to shut the school down. and basically cbs five. time is ticking before stockton this city has less than one hour to initiate with its creditors to restructure billions of dollars of debt to avoid bankruptcy any deal will have to resolve and sufficient savings to make the city solvent stockton is $26 million in the red. i think you'll see it carried a time when the city maintains well the economy comes back objects of the city's sales and property tax revenues increase. they adopted a special budget stockton's lawyers could file for chapter 9 protection as early as wednesday. the commerce department says the number of newly built single-family homes
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from the month before that is the biggest jump in more than two years. a lot of area homes are selling for more than asking prices. cbs five reporters tension shows us what's called the shuttle beck's. m4 was listed they sold their renovated two-bedroom home with the mental studio. and in the market like this in the inventory is low and thing those. we're pleasantly surprised. bought the san francisco help housing market driven by the shuttle flights. if you're near any kind of a shuttle your house is worth about 5% more than you think. sales soared 45% last year. like this book linked to an incident at. just as she could walk half
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a block to read the satellite heat and is a narrow. on the places within walking distance. did we its cd $45 more than a seller asked. this three-bedroom house on 21st street clothes last week from $1.8 million $460,000 or 32% of the asking price. but unlike the real-estate boom of the '90s not interested in having done this house on the block prints in the house this close to their local bridge to another could be close to the shuttle the market is so competitive this home will be listed for nearly $2.9 million even before construction is
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over. and this is done just blocks from the shuttle stopping by the station and real-estate agents say that as there is now up these homes even before they're listed in many of pink- 11 zebra discuss sharing to insidious 5. a major ruling for the supreme court the justices threw out most of arizona's top immigration laws. the supreme court ruled in favor of the federal government having all to the control over immigration policy. here's the the ruling means police can still ask people at the arizona by the remnants of common security sizable lead his team eagle immigrants with criminal convictions repeat violators are people who've recently crossed the border. today the state of arizona
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and cents was vindicated. there is as governor calls the court's ruling a victory. the vatican to an illegal fight not only arizona but and five other states with similar laws. the oldest grandson of media tycoon william randolph hearst died today at stanford university hospital following a stroke. george randolph hearst jr. was the hearst corporation board chairman came more from the same hotel 11 travel web site to its mac and pc users differently. did we its for moms to be a decision is more popular than ever. what is using midwives about this. when it took was a help for mama bear with the ec ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride. ride it at universal studios hollywood. third eight sentences in weighing the dodgers jersey. but san francisco police officers went to tonight's giants dodger game at&t pac stresses dodger fans. they wanted to minimize potential trouble between rival fans and it all comes more than a year after the brine still attack at dodger stadium. did wait we're intolerance of any level of
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violence we want everyone to enjoy themselves and so the undercover officers who beat out there in these particular uniforms help in the public keep safe. the chief of police says the department learned a lot about the usefulness of undercover officers. the forty- niners and as the championship game in january. if you ever go online to look to the vest all prices here's something you probably didn't realize shohet any payments of the because of the kind of computer using. or but's has confirmed that an see their new search algorithm shows price of hotel rooms it to do certain amount that mac users are st. helens in cities like batteries in miami beach their 13 to 11% higher orbits says this is all in the first to try to boost sales the company told the wall street journal they're not charging different prices for the same rooms almost fizzy the
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pressrooms furs you can also researched restore the results in north has been targeting users since october and here's why. that users salaries are higher and $98,000 a year vs. pc $74,000 a year i wouldn't book tickets three month end. the wave in they could still see how you could get ripped off a little bent but i think it's worth it. does that make you happy to be pc user? snow. not happy to be a computer user. it's a necessary evil. did way to the story first appeared around 6:00 but it appears now that actor we checked that prices for both pcs and macs are the same so they're d'or restaurant the feature because all this media attention? calls and e-mail's
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would not be returned. did police more moms to be arches' and midwives over doctors. the city presents of babies are being directed delivered by midwives to be taken as these sections which midwives of course still perform the number jumped 12%. order lindi on what is behind the midwest bloom. and very common position to birth the baby in. jane austen as senior prebirth class double in size in the past three years. it's a class of a plea for pregnant women choosing home berth with the help of a midwife. medical anthropologist says it is a natural choice for her. did when i was really interested in disorder having environment and at pelican had it out of control. and where i would be ready with the oilers back to me. midwifery is a growing trend according to numbers home births rose by
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nearly 30% from 2004 to 2009 women who choose this trends tend to be educated and professionals who want the personal time and care that comes with midwives. hospital that is not all over for 48 hours plus part of and then see you in six weeks. in your partner and rights of passage helps deliver about 70 birds a year. we're able to be there for their entire labor and then we do really extensive and home postpartum care. lisa marie's says she started with an ob/gyn that the eight minutes prebirth clinton visits just wasn't enough. the fact is it's more comforting you can relax more and that is really need to do during labor is sit back and relax and its women to choose
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midwives do still see the medical doctors artest and checkups and midwives screen them to make sure their pregnancies are normal and healthy before they step in. but they say hospitals are close by just in case but that is rare. in the cbs five. the quakes when their car was trapped in northern california home his mom came to the rescue. after the automatic door went down. he climbed up the garage door track and started crying out. to the door of the dead but the baby just held on the yelped. sentences go pick them up at 5 snell where there is a baby there there's a mama bear. she was right. climbs down and then ran away. we can see
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that enough. take a look outside right now and not even slaughter
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the weather center good evening and then 66 degrees runner
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microclimate asking where is summer was semblances go on the peninsula at temperatures are too far off the average number. livermore and sandras i wouldn't go in and averaging annuity to 11 and 14 degrees below normal and tonight is another " collette runs had a deepening marine landing will be pushing on shoreham but went away very quickly when after the morning commute to the has an ample sunshine and slightly warmer conditions now meanwhile since and cities in the wind and often the beginning to dial back at the west. the beginning kyanite slightly warmer for your tuesday and what the headline suggests that temperatures will be going up and down all week. all because of this guy did this is the same area of low pressure that brought is a tremendously cool temperatures on thursday
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and it's going nowhere but now finally kicking in as it does so high pressure fills and rapidly. allows at temperatures to go up. 79 in the n.l. lead to 79 degrees in brentwood and tracy. the extended forecast calls for the days of the son and then at temperatures go back down again temperatures go back down again ,,,,,,,,,, but in the
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pink shirt and not really didn't know if you really get through this show tonight. dan quayle returned to show a drop the game is been three accidents on the bay bridge because of that. two giants needed to run their mojos night problems and of the one of the may showdown between the giants and a visiting dodgers walked up to the rivalry to discover the hard way that the ball is always bouncer waves of the guns groundball hit the ground sprint area that's the kind of night it was for the giants. the next one is went into the corner with two runs scored the giants put up of a spot in the fourth inning and drove in four plenty for that there is to go with 17 runs in
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his last 14 innings on cruise control and these the dodgers for the first time since 2009 aid nothing is the final giants to st. two games back a lot senseless. did wheatland in early run. in that it's the great ball game. but said the comments were have is a year ago. this is your look at. and today in seattle and the manner second innings at smith gun that is the anyone of the of the things that the a's scored that is the bus for malone. is the first a's rookie to get eight wins before the all-star break. is out opening day in and five time stamp weemses battling
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an autoimmune disease and once to hear nothing about retirement she says the top five. i might give up just because i always have it hard time the first 56 tournament. once when is the better to call a game from your rear end? adrian johnson gets in the thick of it to save the third base. at no. 3 corey hardware is his sunglasses and 90 by much. worse yet sunglasses and night. you probably haven't had the name and to renew you will be keeps making plays like that in omaha at arizona beat south carolina the first college world series since 1986 when ronald reagan is in the oval office. that is a tricky beyond
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11:00 audience awake. it's a good thing. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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