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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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cash only why some bay area businesses say they were forced to stop the need prepared. she went for a routine medical tests and wound up with $8,000 bill even though she has insurance the mistake we can all learn from. a granma on the hill but it's what this nice to year-old woman did to get their shows she's still a kid at heart. canadian can best tip. people who run bay area medical my one of the sensors tell us tonight that they have been cut off. cut off from credit-card transactions and that means pop buyers have to bring cash and to in some cases a lot of is. all signs point to a widening federal crack down on medical marijuana. juliet's stopped by her medical marijuana credit
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clinic today. the equates the vapor and claims it is committed to go cash only this week on its face-to-face due to increasing federal pleasure these and mastercard are refusing to accept credit-card charges. for attorney general announced the medical marijuana and crack down. this is not sent eight idle threat to the set did not recall calls but americans for is it access to leave without a doubt is the work of the government. it is putting pressure on whether its direct and indirect there are ways of on the cash only conundrums some say it's installing an atm machines why but advocates say that doesn't address the real problem this is the cash could
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become a fresh targets for thieves and soak their cash carrying customers. by forcing these dispensaries to deal with for potentially fairly large sums of cash and increase the danger that completely unnecessary so they say it won't work is going to of a fight said whether they will stay open. kristen theyre cps 50 california's high-speed rail is back on track ceilometer is a final approval $8 billion in state and federal funding today. settled in the 130 mi. of track in the central valley it was a tough when for supporters. that got the bare minimum 21 votes. but we did save what can be seen over many years in saw many decades as a turning point in
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california. they're spending money we simply don't have. a big proponent of high-speed rail and mama said late sign-ins'. in the bay area los angeles theyre expense be ready until 20201 ourselves and a share in japan tells us that can't come fast enough for people are waiting to catch a flight sauce angeles and nice. some passengers are ready to get on board has the veil. will have to the baggage and everything else when 500 lightly here for southern california every week. that is more than the domestic passengers they say he would choose a bullet train in seconds. i don't like dealing with all of the security stuff you have to deal with. and delays and all that kind of thing. but it's so i've traveled
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a lot of change in europe and fund is a great way to travel. a one-way train tickets cost $85 or $170 round-trip according to the california high speed rail authority similar to what you pay for the cheapest united tips terrell promises to get to from san francisco as well a into hours for the minister less a real live right of the current quarter. high-speed rail supporters say of the 33 million plane trips between arkansas and california forecast for the year 2038 december expected to be by how is the rail but it's not for everyone. opponents of a high-speed rail say the project's leaders cannot guarantee the speeds or 2 hour 40 minutes travel deadlines david some brands as those times are read into the voters approved four years ago. we ask
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them for the documentation for that support their documentation says will take three hours and if that is the case that doesn't comply with the requirements of the bond measure and what great to all 10 by like to find their trap by opponents on the pennants clarified in the rail project in court the and collecting souvenirs to put the measure back on the balance share engines cbs five the fbi investigates with a strike son to death linarias then the sfo last night this is live looks like when delays a laser hit the, and aircraft last night in virgin american jet in united sky west jets sell lasers strikes within minutes of each other. both jets landed safely nobody was hurt but airport officials say the situation could have been much worse. dirichlet's to imagine driving a
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dark country road. is the same thing as a public except he can't pull the site of a road so far no rest of the faa and the fbi are both investigating. new protection is on the way for anyone who has they're smart phones stolen at&t launches a stolen phone data base on tuesday and it will cut service for devices reported stolen while maintaining customers over all accounts the earlier this year undercover investigation showed how easy it was for thieves to sell stolen phones the service will eventually be a available to the other top three carriers and u.s.. dirichlet's it's happened for the third time in just the past week per delays breaking into the same bay area charities the historic to know our lady of guadalupe fans and the as a kid delve on what the crooks are looking for. the, for this church they may not have a
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lot believes they have their music. this video shows band members bring them messengers of the best time before there were stolen. you are taking from 6000 people come here once a week the first broke into the building of forcing a loss in the side door. did weeks of december 2nd and 3 the next two times was the had keys to another side door. dot let's say we have these keys. the thieves then kicked and the door to the actual storage room and every time blocks for repair the kick-and again and again over six days they stole the tires and speakers and makes their worth $25,000 its aerostar for father john who took the job six days ago. so the point is will be testing but will be better lock. he's put a lifetime
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of the church for 11 years they can take all speaker is an amplifiers but they're not going state at peace in the paris. kiddos cbs five. the unemployment rate isn't budging but there is one bay area industry that can't hire fast enough and is not high tech. a reality tv crew finding itself in dangerous waters taken into custody by a the russian government. any medical tests that kosti barry area mamey an abortion even with insurance how to make sure the same thing doesn't happen to you. she's 90 fell ball tonight this 92 year- old through the first pitch and the effort that while the crowd,
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described as blake in only be stopped at a 0.2% and they added just 80,000 jobs eight but here in the bay area one industry
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analyst cantar fast enough and as cbs five reporter led america shows us the aren't talking about high tech. scuffle the never had to. glued to and shovels and the grounds a construction boom builds of throughout the bay of the south baby on the way. dirichlet's the silicon valley has more work than anyone else in the country get snow as president of santa clara palette county looks over a long list of eight major projects the new 40 inner-city mother worked as as far as the eye could see and have googol expanding budget and at worst have for hospitals and community college work your school district for analysts goes on in fact the ones hard hit the construction industry in all cases the type film itself to the region's fastest-growing jobs segment. between january and may the industry's work force grew 3.8% to 132,000 jobs
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according to the bay area council of economic institute. but it's not just the big projects. it's not just the dining room. it is also a rebound in construction and remodeling. the face of influence has been the local economy the bay area has been excited about a large influx of local cash. but in addition it's given people outside of that industry at that the company added confidence that things really are on the move local builders say they said the upward swing in that it works by isn't passed boom times in of new projects like the apple headquarters and partisan as a on the horizon. by this time next year will be at least 100 not over 100 percent opposed the law to start importing is such workers from other states just meet the demands. in san as
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eight clematis cbs five. six friends involved in deals with reality show challenge found themselves facing a real-life drama. you take into the custody by armed guards and russia the matter from folsom and they're taking part in the reality tv show called dangerous waters the show follows a group of jet skiers from alaska to russia of they had planned to spend 65 days unless the but they ran into trouble on day five that's when the russian authorities to them into custody even though they had these says in sacramento just heard from other men's wives and she says the men had just been released and their parent papers are in order it although it is unclear whether or detained. and they were asking a lot of questions. is going to come home. the crew member told his wife and i
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expect this year lease for at least another day. it twists in the natalie wood case the late actress is cause of death has been changed now from accidents to undetermined to detectives tell and tim the web site teams the that vrieses found the body and not consistent with death by drowning investigation is now reopens her body was found floating near catalina island in 1981 after an alcohol fuel yachts party with their husband. they're just what the doctor ordered of lab tests can end up costing a fortune even if you have insurance reporter julie watch on the questions you should ask first to avoid paying extra later. he's a happy help the kids but last year mr. campbell needed some blood tests. there confirming that there weren't any issues with either his thyroid or parasites his pediatrician give his mother a choice get them down at
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oakland's children's or an independent lab downtown is it was convenient. she's the one who felt the little sec officials customer understands blood test came to almost $1,800 and campbell's out of pocket expense was more than 8000 of that's the ask my pediatrician but you do. i saw of the bulls
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coming out and looked out and said no gosh that's going to get right down my hand so i moved over and just not automatically put a hand outs ended his felony and. duck for cover and you didn't. why not? she says she has always played a lot of sports like golf and bowling in bought the ball she thinks that held their grab a foul ball. waw house but i just toss this one out at you. five days in the '90s album with the hottest day coming up with a pinpoint ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the bread of
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innocence and the income side of human disease advances in our set down as against the lions closed at 89 east shuttle brennan said the and the state church line is only operate
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between bobble park station and the market streets it closes a part it track improvements server should be back up and running by monday. dirichlet's from the letter sent to get evening we were warmer today than yesterday by a good 13 degrees in many bar in the inland locations notable members in the upper 50s along the seashore '60s and '70s across the central they all the way to 90 and fairfield's and concord is the scene of the golden gate bridge record leigh anne numbers are stacking up to the 57 and when they're finally diminishing and we have the clear skies future past caring illustrating and standing in the marine layer for the first time this week notice its javelin the coast in hang offshore unloading high-pressure to basket of our interior valleys simplism the tomorrow and on sunday of days and the alameda county fair smile pans out to be warmer for
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most as high pressure continues in its retrograde action moving from the east to west and expanding in fact women up the interior valleys lie sacramento to the triple digits 99 fresno merced modesto and looks like a diesel, sierra's dad is 6 in moderate and cool air and cooling in eureka 64 degrees above partisan motive lows just a thin veil of clouds 91 morgan hill 92 n brent lead units with in the bay the '80s and '90s are common and then the '60s and '70s around such a bay 72 degrees in davis said the and a pair of eights in sonoma at the extended forecast check that out 1234 ashleys' six days in the '90s and m&m s everybody applauds had a great weekend
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avernus his sports. the waves hamas as a fall follow that up. and what to extra innings get through the oakland coliseum ♪[linkin park "burn it down"] ♪[rock] ♪ [narrator] can't wait for the honda civic tour featuring linkin park? neither can we. go to for details.
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seems like this and deliveries every weekend another titanic come-from-behind snipes and thousand 819 the coliseum tonight ramps tamale six singles brennan hicks scored the tying runs of van allows just gets hatred for memphis. blocks south,. the bread with city and cris carter comes off the bench as a pinch hitter and crushes the game where the a's won their fifth straight set to get back to a 500 records. the giants and jets burned into the kind of
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lesson of all just being a couple of kids with a mask that giant step control things to tie up five runs in the fourth cabrera went and got it to run shots and serve zero mall got the call to 9 to 78 thelma and was unavailable it is a 123 and named to pick up his fifth save the giant the pirates 65. dot you can't miss john daly. obvious tiger woods is the bird team with too little to lace tire and fell until sen. no. uso women are webs in san thought west virginia. he is willing boss's job and miami's big dream alan alda and the same team to eliminate the celtics from the playoffs tigers'
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manager isn't a big lenticels the media now there is ken. and he gives us the friday night top five dot in the country could but the money day. from member for michelle we were the at the round of the day involved ebersol take a look at that. von his way again firing is six and a 66 for one-shots' susan patterson no. 3. member to rise to state and patrick this is a race she said she would win. now that that one. 31st and #one any marry charged with retinas kitchen. bob murray trying to become the fifth british to wimbledon since 1936. puffed that made my knees
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