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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  July 9, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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we will talk more about a coming up. will have all your traffic hot spots coming up and the morning. time now is for 33rd developing news and oakland heard five people are wounded by gunfire outside a theater in jack london square. we're hearing all the victims are in stable condition. there are being treated for non- life threatening injuries. so far police are have made no rest. the explosion hit an armored vehicle sunday night. my team afghan civilians and seven afghan civilians were killed in afghan attacks.
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the president will cumake me cuts for those making less than 250,000. it's sheer thoughts with us on your facebook or web sites. for those of you who can that connect this morning and do not know why, unfortunately is past the deadline to check and see if you were impacted. the reason your internet is not
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working is because of male where that took over computers about a year ago. the fbi turned off temporary servers that were used as a safety net. your computer will not be able to connect to the internet to even if you have a proper cable connection of the diet officials have been tracking computers that they thought were impacted. your only solution today is to call provider and weight.
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today countering starts still testing a system. the productive system will help tell passengers whether their trade will be on time. a groundbreaking could begin in a few months for a high-speed road line. this is after the state approved the first set of tracks. san francisco international
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airport, mayor ed lee and others will be on hand for the ground- breaking ceremony. the hundred and $2 million project will take two years to finish. we're starting out with some patchy fog. we have seen some drizzle out there, a little damp on the roadways. a big difference in temperatures compared to the coastline and the ballet. '70s and a lower '80s.
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let's check on their roadways with elizabeth. we will take you outside, it's a live look through so far things are looking great. we're following this accident and, if you're coming through there and go through the walnut creek area, just a heads up. it was spun 580, i your drive time is 14 minutes coming out the altamont pass. we have some areas of some overnight wanwork.
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this is called a smart peg. it detects cracks and gaps widespread the tool will be unveiled today. the tool being used will study regents from fremont to san lorenzo. a jury in san jose acquitted will blanch last week. now lynches supporters want the priest, a linder to be prosecuted for perjury. the plan called for a ceasefire. but in the three months since the problem was agreed to, the
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problem has only worsened. the country has been calling for a side to step down. the days are numbered obviously the president shouldn't escape this is a big area father will be among many at a burial of his father during the vietnam war. the crew will be buried in a single casket. and hal a cold front will only
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add insult to injury you just want them to go on tough terms on california's coastline, why california's pelicans are in desperate help ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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on the last chair of the alameda a county fair, a special tribute to the jockey that was killed at the eat their guns last week. jorge are rare and it died after he was thrown from his horse thursday. those horses are big and strong and they're going awful
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fast out there. things happen there are just things you can to account or make plans for food vendors up the fair grounds have raised thousands of dollars for carreras' funeral. led's 85,000 customers were left in the dark. the heatwaveas been blamed for at least hit 45 deaths across the country. they have 90 percent containment of the waldo fighter. the waldo canyon fire has destroyed more than 18,000 a.
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paris it is the most destructive fire in colorado history. and george zimmerman was released after posting bond on friday. he is being protected by a security team in the undisclosed location. he is facing second degree murder charges after he shot martin and is claiming self- defense. eight jordan debate turned into a brawl, one of the men even turned out a weapon. a mediator stepped into separate his guests. in the and no one was here. the new option you may have on your smart phone. and on unusual phenomenon.
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what animal experts think is,,,,
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looking at a warm up around
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the bay today. some nineties showing up and they walked on the weather, we will talk about that more coming up. and an earlier accident in danville, it is now cleared on the lanes, we will look at your timeserver traffic coming up. bloomberg news report reports. sites people of the matter. the phone with likely run on amazons own version of the amazon software. all good things come to an end to and especially for the guest markets. tokyo's nikkei dropped 1%
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could we will give the quarterly report from j.p. morgan basins these bald tire billion dollar loss. dell's prices tech up last week according to aaa print the average price is $3.38 print british airways, i guess they really want to get to know their customers. so much that the company
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has given crewmembers and ipad to look up their frequent fliers. it shows some messages to crew members. they use that to deliver a more personalized service. the next up in a move to restore a national park plans to turn in petitions to put the issue on the november ballot. it will require san francisco to draying a reservoir. the reservoir provides water to
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over 200 million people, most in san francisco. doctors at cincinnati children's hospital say that infections dropped compared to vaccinate it woman. and cuts may actually improve a child's head, it vereins babies who spend more time around a dog or a cat to have fewer respiratory infections. large numbers of starving pelicans are turning up on california beaches. another pelican, was delivered to while the rescue yesterday.
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and at mackovic tells us the growing number of birds under to arrest this stressing rescue workers it's great to have the feeling of you help their bird five years ago only about 25 pelicans and the pure, and this year '95. what we are seeing is that we clarify and them on the beach and they're bigger and for food some birds are not making the cut split of fractures or fishing hook our fishing line
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injuries, they also have to give surgery's each also has to get pass owns of fish per day. but the lead the rescuers have volunteers helping to a happy ending and gets you in the hearts prayed you just want them to go on and go out and breed at a by great the way they're supposed to. if you was like to donate time and money you could donatfd the information on our web sites. board nine also played tough
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guys. the 95 year-old won an oscar for best actor. bar none also showed his comedic side. spider man easily to the peak top spot in the box office. magic mike also rounded up the top five. i think we're looking good
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the next couple of days. if you like it hot, the next few days we're going to see it hot for quite some time prepare. if you head into the bellies today, you will be 30 degrees warmer in some spots. the temperatures are born to crank up outside because of a high ridge of pressure. out toward the coastline
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you aren't going to stay too cloudy, we're going to say mostly clear skies inland. 91 degrees in government more. livermore. 86 degrees in santa rosa could. will take you back up for the bay bridge were traffic is awfully light this morning. if you're on the lower deck of the bay bridge, there are several lanes blocked. the road work is scheduled to wrap up by 6:00 a.m. this
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morning coul. we aren't saying any major problems throw down tell some as it. if you're traveling the nimitz, down 16 and embarcadero you made it find hot spots for road work. in the meantime no major issues coming out of the altered what passed.
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if they think changes, you could find changes at 1 069 fm. it's a different story for the giants. tim led secundus lance stood over three innings yesterday.
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tim once the caroms era is one of the worst era raise of a the starting pitchers right now. the spectacular site for star grazers in the northeast. we actually had a bicyclist spit on our car. it's a common feud between bicyclist in the bay area. how they are stepping in to make sure everyone is obeying the law. we will tell you what oakland police are investigating.
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oakland police are investigating a shooting near jack london square prepared by people were shot. how to shofixer computer ift stichits with a damaging virus. a full look at your morning commute, coming up developing news and oakland this morning, five people or hurts after someone opened


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