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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 21, 2012 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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empire state building or something? i can't remember. anyway, and there's a chocolate dollar in here but it's been fingered. [laughter] good night, everybody. good night. captioned by the national captioning institute ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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all you hear is gunfire. the girls were shot little boys were shot. everyone was shot. the worst mass shooting in u.s. history and looks like that was on the part of the plan. the carefully timed diversion to lure police the a manager and hundreds of people were in their seats ready to see the new batman movie and a rod colorado. minutes later there in the midst
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of a bloody massacre antoninus 12 people had died. another 70 were hurt most of the shots. others were injured in the chaos of the victims remain in critical condition. one of the injured is a recent university pacific ryan about what happened after the shots rang out. dirichlet's is focused use of live with that reporter from the sack and a sister station was going on and it's easy people running and my first instinct was to get summers saved employees to marseille. ripon
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del record amounts. so far the motive for this massacre was a mystery. and, grey gull is an aurora and has been following this story for us since before dawn. the of weight there is a growing memorial rites behind me this is a cross in the movie theater saying the prayer's and lighting candles were getting close to the 24 hour mark since the shooting started the debt is hair at 87 the third emergency exit. dick winter is the guy is sitting to the far right he steps out to the emergency exit which is unusual. parked outside
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the door was homes car inside an arsenal. he put on the helmets bulletproof vest shannon road guards and armed himself. and there 15 assault rifle a remington 870 shotgun a 12 gauge shotgun and a 40 caliber glock handgun with no capability right now over cattle in that number at their many many rounds fired. in the last 60 days to purchase four guns at local matchup and shops and through the internet he purchased over 6000 rounds of ammunition. and as far as we know it was a pretty rapid the case of a fire that the air. a roughly 1230 the suspect to re- enter the theater nine to the emergency exit door to the right of the murder screen to allow one or two canisters exploded in the audience and it is smoke. summit roxanne just all in black helmets the gas mask
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blacked out they did not see anything but the person dies and is there is a gas canister is the audience behind me. many in the theater were confused they thought the smoke and shooting was part of the movie. juliet and her friends say this as i said nothing as he randomly fired shots in the crowd. the open fire. he started shooting people they're trying to escape. jennifer was near the gunman. steve poisner then read my face is about 3 ft. away from you the gun in my face at that point i was just in a panic. 315 for shooting at century theater 911 is a lot of calls. the equates of the issue in the auditorium hundreds of few people leave for their lives. the police dispatch channels exploded with emergency calls. they're responding to the theater. peppers police officers arrive within 90 seconds. give us some gas masks.
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dirichlet's among growth bull was in the leg. giveaways all over thought i don't ever want to seize on like that again. dirichlet's including a three month old as you saw this fall. did waves is as god watching over us. please buy homes find a theater sitting in his right hand that. he surrendered without a fight. the of ways to the destructive weaponry and stock. the waves there were still getting those details and from police at this time what we do know is the suspect was
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apparently found in his car and there were firearms london there with him. dear equates and investigations like this to preserve finger prints and any evidence that police could find in there. a for the to go and i've been a very long day the apartment where we stand on this booby trapped apartment? not too far with this movie theater apparently tipped off by the suspect himself sent in his apartment was a hazard said to be saved swat teams went in there with the robot in the camera they found plastic containers fell some kind of liquid and some kind of device rigged up to her door possibly even kill someone anyone going to that door also shortly after
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the could been set to a timer police believe that was some kind of distraction maneuver. we try to find out as much as he can with the suspect those who knew this guy say that he was marred run unreasons mr. holmes was in the process of dropping out of the neuroscience ph.d. program at the university of colorado his only brush with the law is a symbol speeding ticket. television crews from all over the country have the senate on this san diego house. it's where he once lived. and never show any signs of violence and
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anger. unfair laws of music. nice people use a walker on the neighbor said. and sell goldfish and lemonade. the parents are very nice. some men never plater socialized with the neighborhood kids. dirichlet's with a degree and neuroscience. he was an honor student. so academically he was at the top of the top. the airwaves for a while he lived in his apartment while attending uc riverside. to one resident had one trouble believing and mass murder suspect once lived near him. to equate it scary time to think about it even though room
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there out there. holmes assembled a deadly arsenal. the dow for guns legally between may 22nd and july 6th police say three of them are used in the shooting spree. a 40 caliber glock this storm as assault rifle both events which can be fitted with extended clips a 12 gauge remington shotgun was also used. the fourth and another 40 caliber glock was recovered from homes as car holmes also had 6000 rounds of ammunition several large-volume clips and a single magazine that could hold 100 rounds. police say he bought them all on the internet. state senator elin he is using the massacre to call for stronger gun laws in california specifically he wants legislation to pass his bill to close as he says is a loophole
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in california's assault weapons law ease bill would make it harder to quickly reload semi- automatic weapons. you're the bill after watching eusebius five reports and the so-called blue button. is showing up the film dark night rises. while city officials in san jose and oakland and san francisco does expect a similar incident to happen here they want to let moviegoers know they're safe the movie is playing on 4400 screens nationwide tonight to amc theaters say they will not allow anyone wearing costumes and to see the movie. there should be a little bit of concern as far as not making it look like a halloween party. so my view on the whole thing is just as you come and enjoy the movie. movie theater managers have also been going ever say to procedures with their staffs in
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the event of an emergency. one of the victims who died in a massacre had cheated death just a month ago. just the dow recently moved to denver to pursue a career in sports. she is caved in mall shooting in toronto last month when her gut told her to leave the food court jester for a gunman opened fire or other loss nine sent to the scream a dark night rises of the friends. does it was 24 years old. there is much more on cbs as f. dodd, including live streaming coverage from our denver sister station. to equate with as a suicide investigation what these children will no longer be allowed ask you to do. trent to unleash the power within instead more than 20 bay area people or hurts walking over red hot coals the new-age fire walk that
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went awry. i think he was a kidnapper. someone stole the ugly duckling the hunt,,,,,,,,,,
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the students of local and st. andrews panhandling at our stations for years now supposedly it for were the causes. well now bart will not allow children to approach commuters directly aft asking for money. and while this is pat schools pastor is fighting a request from oakland school officials to prove that he's not falsifying in attendance records. grizzly tells us that pastern has been on a recruiting drive. 14 year-old that he csi issue is out and her driver last week when the stranger drove up. he said what is your name and i said a key step. she says he was going door-to-door in her neighborhood. to sandy more students to come to the school he said he was a pastor. this impasse are who has been dodging our cameras for months he is the principal of st. andrew missionary baptist school in west oakland's a school we found has been inflating a roman numbers in
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order to get tens of thousands of federal educational dollars. the school claims to have 195 students are joint investigation with media partner california what sounds and as less than 20. did way to really glad you're out here tonight as a result of our reports will officials once their own investigation and sent a letter to pass a lacy giving him 30 days to verify and that the list of students admitted to the district is accurate. attendance records are not there and the qualifications of the individuals that were providing the instructions are out there. while the investigation is ongoing school board member and well guy zero says they are stopping the cash flow. we're not gonna pass through any funds it freezing andrews' missionary school for the coming year that's the bottom line. the schools leaders don't seem to be giving up. new banners are all over the school gate advertising. as a lazy send
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robert lacey jr. told us that the enrollment of was nothing new. did waves for august. but we walked away before it attacks and about how many students the school really has or his father is a door-to-door recruitment efforts. a caseous says she wouldn't have fallen for it anyway. did we get that was weird he would scary. grizzlies cbs five. and they today st. andrews did respond to the oakland unified the school claims of the district which supplies them with money does not have the authority to make them verify enrollment numbers. medicinal speaker and author tony robins is in san as a this weekend holding events from what he calls the police the power within people pay hundreds even
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thousands of dollars to attends and part of the program includes walking across polls. third half for a summons and as a was an experience all right. deadweight the videos are the scream about the calls were hot it is so-called fire walk and seven day. 21 people suffered minor to set and third degree burns the the law to crackles as hard as 2000 agrees. the of ways not to place on park avenue organizers had about a dozen 10 ft. long. the whole thing was the jets' they had permits from says the fire and even a fire marshal on scene. motivational speaker to robins coaches are
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dissidents and a walk articles which are supposed to restore confidence. now the ma 3 was one of several thousand people from the convention he was about the last night with nothing more than a blister. and now i feel that a kind of did blue lines. other people think it's fake. this can of proves we walked across something really hot. emigres. the organizers had a statement we been providing this experience for the three decades a small number of participants experienced pain or minor injuries we continue to work with local fire and emergency personnel to assure this event is always on the safest way possible with 21 people injured it's unclear if the fire wall permit approved again in san jose. how was it that several thousand people did walk across those goals and not get burned? did weight that's a great question. i don't know. in san jose cbs five. in all points bulletin now for an ugly duckling into the people who still is. not kidding. the
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statue is a fixed your children's fairy land in oakland for years cbs five reporter kristin harris with a bedtime story that is not so nice. once upon a time in the land of folks in a place called children's fairyland at villa still something precious. someone really wanted this bad leges. you notice at first but to the rabbit hole pastor willy the whale atop the canopy of the playground's a stately swann is missing her ugly duckling. who knows why some might want to take away key little duckling from their lands bitter? lucas jackson a veteran part of the children's theater where the duckling was person has his own theories about who stole it. i think it was a kidnapper. and this is the number who would have had to balance anymore stimuli to remove the 3 ft. tall steel duckling from the bar. as ugly as the duckling was it didn't come cheap children's fairy land paid $10,000 for
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another struggling to raise money to rebuild a new one. one way to do it to turn children's fairy land into an adult playgrounds the park partner with t-shirt company owned land is for this very self fund- raiser. dairyland officials say the party will keep the park running that any donations for the duckling are even better if very small landing. think of the kids no questions asked. hoping for a happi,,,,,,,,,,,, the
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news media armstrong july 20, 1969 as a touchdown with just 30 seconds of fuel remaining at the time walter cronkite said even as the planet was reaching for the stars were falling into greater discord on earth. at
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least they're reaching for something in 1969 a few on to compare headlines from july 20, 1969 to today of a 1969. as we look at apollo 11 months into the sky where also got keep weight. since degrees warmer in and today and sonny and even more to mullin and cooling off next week and we've got high pressure is building in the east bay as a result going to be hot inland to head out the door tomorrow went looking for clouds early and plenty of sun later in the day and in the forecast for looking for temperatures in the, thomas
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malone said a new career high with 10 strikeouts by the guiding the decision after robinson can no hit a homer to tie into he extended his hitting streak to 23 games. balloted was set up the a's for another win their final at bat brandon mosses the roads nice in had is that this course the winning run barely best tend walk off one of the year the a's be the yankees' 3 to enter now 12 and 2 in july. mayor ed lee checkey of the giants during his trip to philadelphia bottom of the third tournament comes that is the comeback and throws to first in and to me thinks the is over and had to the dugout before realizing his mistake. it was 11 in the six when the giants blew it opened a branch in crawford at the grandstand um the giants
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beat the phillies at 60 0 t a combat the when it is starting to look like the old tin tin lead to come in his last two starts is only allowed two runs in 15 innings. the second round of the british open their rain that streak is over sniper shots and 60 ford to take a one stroke lead over adams got. as for tiger he ended his them high note. tiger issued by the back 67¢ it was a lawn and third- place tigers quarterback other notables tom watson and john daly both made the cuts while phil nicholson missed the cut and a major for the first time in five years. where like pressed for time so here's your friday night's top three. we're going straight game. warriors won their fourth
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straight to remain undefeated in the summer league harrison barnes led away with 20 points. a number to the the to the coliseum market share of finds out the hard way that you don't run on jos liked. and that number one branded crawford had the big night with the bat and the glove he makes the diamonds [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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