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tv   Mosaic  CBS  September 2, 2012 5:00am-5:30am PDT

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good morning @ we're going to talk about st. today on mosaic. it is kind of the hope of the church the will all work toward holiness. and the church has since and what did it would be an opening dialogue about sainthood about white people it chosen to be since what do think would be a good place to start? since i've been around long before there canonized and
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officially recognized by the church, all called to holiness that is fundamental part of the christian life and the churches seen a value in making these people recognized and breen them to the christian faith as models and people that can be called upon for intercession these are all aspects that will give in to when we talk about it i can't believe it just occurred to me that i've been a catholic for 60 years but it is to be inscribed in the canons of the church. there's a booklet called the roman murder in the g the official books and has of the lessons in the sink to the chechen has a summary of their lives and all have a day on which they are recognized and celebrated in the mass and the
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liturgy of the hours we're even today when recording john the baptist is being celebrated his be heading he appears twice in the church as khaled a first time on his birthday in the second time recognized to be handing his be heading his were called the first murder john the baptist was a murder even before him there's a process of the there's an understanding and perhaps a meth if you are murdered that you are automatically a st. you are in reality he go directly to heaven and all those in heaven are since march for the faith i have two types there's either for hatred of the faith the one who tells him it's
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a faith or for some virtue connected with the faith. those murders certainly go straight to heaven and not always recognize runaway but many of them have in time after an investigation it's an exciting process and it begins on how did they come up with this? there were the murders in the early church christians were persecuted in the early error of era of the church a line christianity practice that in the open there was a cult of murders that built the and people began honoring his men and women murdered for the faith in the and to build a shrine and even basilicas on their tune tombs so there is great honor paid to them and great devotion to these murders and then
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eventually some church control limit the bishops and it to look at the people more carefully to see the they did in fact, the lives of holiness the their reputed to have lived and later came intervention and a greater centralization of the process has the pope always been the one to declare someone the st. greatcoat now with the current process is and has been for many centuries the pope is the one who officially declares somebody to be blessed or st. in his whole congregation rome that works on this bishops and cardinals and other priest workers could do the investigation in rome but also the local investigation the looks in to life of the individual and two people that knew the person so happens and
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multiple levels but there wasn't always centralization of the process until before the 1600's before that happened on a more local level in individual bishops to the local ones. let's just take a break but were there to talk with three stages went first to get introduced to that some point you're declared venerable. and then there's the miracle you're declared blessed another miracle in your canonized and what to talk about all the stages we're going to here on mosaic.
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welcome back today to talk about safe and for here was to rob a canon lawyer with the
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archdiocese of san francisco and another instance story but were talking about st. and want to talk about the church has a process called canonization or at appoint someone who was lifted very holy life is declared a saint and scribed and the roles the canons of the church and how does it begin someone has to pick up the ball and do it some one has to be the person has to be dead a dozen known as canonized in a lifetime but there has to be a reputation of holiness and has to be a consensus among those that knew the person that this person lived a very devout life a very holy life l.f. of heroic virtue but then someone has to push the cause of has some times have to be a religious order particular individual whose cause was a valid religious
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brother or sister or it could be a dialysis the bishopric push across if it was somewhat in his diocese or another organization as well. and it's not an easy thing to begin if to compile volumes contemporary people today whose causes for st. louis are being followed the archbishop fulton just declared venerable but they said the raw volumes and volumes that they had to acquire about his life and the thing city did. and a lot of interviews that had to be done of people living that knew him and also a lot that was written about him as well and in view of his own writings to find out with the quality of those were and whether there was anything in there that would be problematic or opposed to the fate and they haven't found any of that. and that would be with a problem with light would necessary to be human frailties
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that if you was found to be opposed to the church something that person would be difficult to get them up the chain. we do now have miracles to win are involved in the causes who went to cover this briefly and wish we could take calls today to. but the next step after being declared venerable and that takes about the book is very carefully and the vatican does this says your venerable. and then there's a miracle. now how does that all happen? are there lot of people beginning to pray for you or to you or how was that resource? a look a suspect the reputation into the person those who are aware of the life of the person is dead reputed to live a life of great virtue often times prey to the intercession of the
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saint as hispanic catholic faith. asking this person who he believes in heaven to intercede for us with god to seek god's grace and of life and sometimes it could be in dire circumstances where someone could have a great illness from which they're killed miraculously. and i will be invested very carefully by doctors in doing many interviews and if there is no scientific explanation and the and it could be decided are concluded to be a miracle and the recall of course is required in order to first be calling them blessed in the second miracle would be required to ultimately canonize the person. other lot of people that stay in blessed are vulnerable the to make it to state a st. with other are some cases that get stuck in the early stages. we want to talk about the missing and then you move on and
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then the senate continues into life and talking to people in those kinds of things but is that since and have been like tapping got on the shoulder as that that kind of thing? sort of in the catholic faith we believe that everyone in heaven is the st. and they are in god's favor and their close to god in heaven of course but that does not preclude any money here at earth from grain directly to god and asking for god's grace and mercy directly but also prey to the intercession of the blessed virgin mary first and foremost but also all the scenes as well in a believe this benefits us in addition to communicating directly with god. you said there's about how many saints are there do you know? the last addition which was printed by the congregation for divine worship and the
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discipline of sacraments was printed in 2001 and as of that time there were 6538 + it's been since then i guess the venerable as well who had memorials that were observed for masses and rain of the liturgy of the hours they're must be a lot of saying it's sharing days does that happen that is chairman of them are recognized universally around the world and the churches calendar some of them appear only on local calendars or calendar for a particular country or for particular diocese or even one for a particular religious order is going on my sickly calendar are coming back talking about since.
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welcome back to mosaic today talking about saints with rob a man that is about sainthood about canon law and the catholic church and he is a canon lawyer talking about since. we talked about the process there declared venerable placid and it is a long process and people that way to be a saint have to do a lot of work for you to get there and wants to
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declared a saint there are relics now tell us about that. relics are various classe'' the first-class record actual body parts of the st. bone hair and things like that and believe it or not these things register read it two churches and their health and relic reliquaries things to display them. there's there is no magic involved with rolex but it is a reminder to st. and the virtues the years she lived in his life and it's a way of being physically closer to what was once the body of the st. program demotion and also second-class relicts and third class relics that and not the body parts that things the sink may have used could be a pen or their clothing and other things the man touched some people hold
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these things close as well as the critic connection to the sense that they're devoted to in earlier times when i lived in philadelphia an opportunity to be close to the cause of st. john neumann who was a bishop and a very holy man but that said, i we had a friend in the family who was near death and summoned him and placed relicts on the person hoping for that intersection but i think it's telling us to which is a beautiful thing is that these are substantial acts of the fate this is not magic or superstition these are watched over people who are have become close to god we as humans have ascertained that as best we can
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to make them available as you say as models and as people who we can live life after but it's as a practical dimension to it to one of them is gathering the relics as a there something that has to be done on the bodies exhumed to and that's the time of course when the relics are created and there can be sold that is prohibited by canon law and never times in church history with there were abuses with that but it is clear that they cannot be sold the thicken the passalong and transferred but not strictly for sale. we have st. jude shrine in their they have relict and the interesting thing st. jude was
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christ's cousin and we're talking about 2000 years ago and it at the actually have a relic a part of an arm from st. jude which is really remarkable. are talking about flex and when a final assembly person my mother was a sick mother is the st. stay close to the person the personal ruboff on you. that's a good person to keep company with its the at the said avoid apparent tellus of bad company but ultimately in terms of declaring the person the st. are any the processes and happen till after death which is the communion of saints? the communion of saints is the great union that all the faithful have been earth with the saints in heaven and we have a tremendous spiritual
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connection with them we christians and catholics believe that we're all part of the body of christ the will make up one to this place into the theology of intercession calling upon the saints for their assistance in heaven because of our connected to them by this bond the spiritual bond. when my favorite scenes is every single test passed every sinner has a future since don't all come from being great people of the lives. there are some people even the st. paul story has some details of that. were coming back after the break.
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welcome back. to date with a canon lawyer and the archdiocese talking about sainthood becoming a saint and the in the life of the st. are scenes all saints catholic to be canonized saint is sustained and we don't presume that only catholics sinan catholics can live lives of great virtue heroic virtue and great loves of devotion to god so in the loose sense of the terms think everybody could be a saint if you want to take strict definition of a canonized saint on the catholics can be can rest greta the church as when a
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child was baptized the the where the grand have a sense name is that still confirmation names christian name should be taken at the time of baptism in confirmation and becker's to remain the name of a saint or is the name that's not completely foreign to christian sensibilities and oftentimes people of their birth name is the name of the st. the might stick with it to which was my case and it my baptismal and confirmation domestic with my name robert i set out home sister lost a lot state were named after new quebec and say you're not named after any sink in named after me. cyber until in the star for 50 years.
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angels are not beans and recall michael the arch into the st. that i human beings with their spiritual beans but we do cobham's st. the beginning of time according to a catholic theology is the angels on a fundamental choice either to be obedient to god or rebellious and those who are obedient stayed in heaven and serve god we consider them to be the holy angels in heaven and the son or rebellious with lucifer and are the demons of called and that since those in heaven made the fundamental choice for our holy angels and the roar of holy comes from song to switch is related to the words sink in english word saint. they can't away from at the church has brand items have a buddy knows about sense among them but about brand name since like joseph n. benedict and john the baptist.
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for the how did you folks to become friends say it's like death earth in the case of st. joseph is fairly obvious to the foster father of jesus and the husband of the blessed virgin mary to the church will come up and the very highest regard among the saints and other saints are national st. st. patrick he is the patron of ireland and the irish of spread out to north america and populated that so his devotion has carried much further than just ireland itself. about st. joseph statues be buried upside-down in your and your some in-house i sold my house with all these bad mortgages and the you should carry the right side up what about that? i don't see a problem with
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it goes back to when i said before we have to be careful about the idea of superstition but there's nothing superstitious in itself and during c. joseph upset them provided that your home seller really calling upon the help of an assistance of st. joseph also my neighbor i came home or right to surprised to find my entire record redone was so wonderful woman that did that forming unbeknownst to me the came and took care of me. and when asked go state robert other men doctor of the church is my favorite saint and st. thomas pixar this tour resources there are tons of ways to
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learn more about this since a good start for free by going online and many catholic web sites with descriptions of the sinks and tons of books up they're thanks for joining us it's been a great time we hope beef tendon have a great day.
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