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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  November 8, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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the list even before the votes were cast. >> i thought that reforming the "three strikes" law in this way would make the punishment fit the crime. >> reporter: santa clara county has 550 three strikes cases where inmates are serving sentence of 25 years to life in prison. of those 118 cases are eligible for early release under prop 36. there are cases that involve non-violent offenders who have already served as many as 10 years in prison. >> a typical fact pattern being prior burglaries and the new offense being drug possession, petty theft, bad checks. >> reporter: he supports prop 36 because it refocusing three strikes on the violent offenders. >> more fair because sometimes it takes people a while to learn from their mistakes and the last mistake can end up that puts them in jail for life. >> reporter: rosen says prop 36 won't be like a green light to get out. even the cases he says that are
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eligible could be held up by inmate behavior. >> one of the factors a court will consider in deciding whether to resentence someone will be how they behaved while they were in prison so that requires us to get the records from the prison and that will take time. >> reporter: the district attorney has determined that it could take up to six months for the state prison system to get those records together. they expect many inmates to be applying for early release. len ramirez, cbs 5. the weather is a big story this thursday. rain in the bay area then a blast of sunshine helped create this rainbow in marin county. but now cold temperatures are getting people's attention. chief meteorologist paul deanno is in the weather center keeping an eye on it. >> even though we said it was coming and told people it would be chilly and wet, it was abrupt. we got wet and cold quickly. here's where we are on hi-def doppler. strong els radar in the bay area picking up some showers in the south bay. milpitas, san jose, north of palo alto, mountain view with
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heavier showers toward the los altos hills. one heavier cell daly city, south san francisco in the next 20 minutes just now moving onshore. the rain is widespread, cold is everywhere. 53 now for concord. san jose 53. san francisco 54. on monday in san jose, a record high of 84 degrees. today in san jose, we dropped nearly 30 degrees all the way down to the mid-50s. coming up in weather i'll talk about how long this will stick around the rain and the cold and have a weekend preview coming up. a powerful november nor'easter delivered another blow to the northeast. the storm pounded the area with rain, snow and winds gusting up to 60 miles an hour. and it has caused more than $200,000 in additional -- excuse me, 200,000 additional power outages in the same areas hit by superstorm sandy. the new storm is pushing
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residents to the limit. >> everything that i open is here. i'm trying to save it. >> good news is that we have not seen the kind of damage we saw with hurricane sandy and we are confident that we'll be able to move forward in our recovery efforts. >> once again, flight cancellations are piling up. major airlines have scratched about 600 flights across the u.s. a dozen flights to and from sfo have been canceled today. and the area is just getting started on the long recovery effort. people on the east coast still need your help. that's why all day long we have been asking for donations to help the red cross and the sandy relief effort. roberta gonzales and a team of celebrities and volunteers are waiting for your call. how are things going? >> reporter: unbelievable. we have been here for 11 hours strong now since 6 a.m. people have been coming in and out volunteering their day to answer these telephone calls like tony stewart right here from the oakland raiders. what has impressed us the most is how you at home have responded to our appeal for
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west coast to help east coast. we have 49ers here, dennis brown, dana king and all of us have been just moved by your stories. i have $30 in my checking account but i'm still going to give you 10. any amount helps. you can still help by calling 1- 888-5-helps-u. get this. right now, liz and allen, we are up to $93,000 with two more hours to go. >> wow. people's generosity is astounding. thank you. the good news, the election is over. the bad news, now you're going to be hearing a lot about something even more terrifying. >> the so-called "fiscal cliff." >> reporter: the so-called "fiscal cliff." >> looms the so-called "fiscal cliff." >> the looming "fiscal cliff." >> the impending "fiscal cliff." >> what's looming and impending is a term coined by fed chairman ben bernanke. without a budget deal before the end of the year, families will see their taxes go up two to three thousand dollars. and 1200 government programs will see their budgets slashed.
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and this could be a tough blow for an economy making a slow recovery. >> it's very, very likely we suffer very deep recession and i don't think that's the way we want to go here. >> of course, congress built this cliff when lawmakers approved budget cuts to reach a deal on the debt ceiling. and that deadline comes just as the bush-era tax cuts are set to expire. washington worries caused stocks to fall extending a slump into a second day. dow down today 121, nasdaq down 42, s&p 500 down 17. these students amount uc- berkeley want their share of the prop 30 pie. the voter-approved tax measure is supposed to raise $6 billion for the state's public schools. those standing out there in the rain today demanded an immediate rollback of tuition. >> the point is not that we
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need to refund education. we need to completely restructure it. and we need to put our priorities in educating students. >> the prop 30 money is not designated for uc funding. it's supposed to prevent more uc cuts. checking other bay area headlines, dueling protests at the chik-fil-a grand opening in walnut creek. both sides of the marriage equality debate were out to voice their opinions on the personal stance of of the ceo of chik-fil-a against same-sex marriage. the protests come after dozens of people camped out overnight to win free chicken for a year. local and state drug enforcement arrests of two people in mountain view turns up guns, marijuana and a drug lab. the multi-agency raid served four search warrants on three apartments on bush street. the drug lab could have been used for making meth or synthetic hallucinogen called dmt. police were tipped off to the apartment by the neighbors.
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mall mad nevertheless. the new bay area shopping designation drawing large crowds. the grand opening headaches it caused for hundreds in the east bay. >> black friday is a whole new ballgame. the changes one major store is making to prevent a shopping stampede. >> as you saw, an amazing day at cbs 5. thank you for helping raise money for the american red cross and hurricane sandy victims. to donate call the number on the screen, 1-888-5-helps-u. or log on to ,,,,,,,,
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outlet mall in livermore is causing quite a back up on interstate 5-80. this was the scene earlier this af the grand opening of the new paragon outlet mall in livermore is causing quite a backup on interstate 580. this was the scene earlier this afternoon bumper to bumper traffic leading to the off-ramp at el charro and to the parking lots. >> cbs 5 reporter mike sugerman is in livermore with some very determined shoppers. >> determined the word. drivers waiting hours in gridlock to get into the
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parking lot. >> reporter: i was among them and getting an email not long ago calling me the worst dressed reporter in television, i didn't realized excitement. this is an outlet mall a high- end store the first one built in a decade and man, are people excited to be here. >> very heavy continues to deliver more valley lots of people headed to the new paragon outlet stores off el charro road. >> reporter: this traffic is for a mall. what do you think? >> usually 30, 35 minutes away but today about an hour and a half. ♪ [ music ] >> we have of the cozy top. she is also wearing our famous cozy. >> reporter: line out of door of prada. this is $1,000. what would it be normally? >> i think about $2,000.
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>> reporter: $2,000. it's a 50% discount. >> females love coats. >> that's free advertising. it's got a big name coach on it. you're paying -- they should be paying you, shouldn't they? >> i hope so one day at least. >> females love coach. >> reporter: do you mind if i take a bite? the line is long. >> delicious. >> i know. that line is so long. >> good. >> that's why i come to a mall. >> would you like to try one for today? >> what's stick ney? >> looking for the wife. >> reporter: you lost your wife? >> yeah. >> reporter: you have figured she would be prada? >> could be. ♪ [ music ] [ groaning ] >> reporter: felt good. $2 million a year for the city of livermore, 2,000 jobs. they are saying today was a
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raging success. in livermore, mike sugerman, cbs 5. >> no more black friday stampedes. the new approach one major store is taking to give you the same deals without the chaos. how it works in tonight's consumerwatch. >> meteorologist paul deanno here in the weather center. now it's cold. check out the lows for tonight. down near 40. perhaps upper 30s in portions of napa, sonoma county, santa rosa 42. guess what. it gets even colder in my extended forecast. ,,
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all of us here at the late show want to express our concern for everyone affected by hurricane sandy and the difficult aftermath. >> sometimes in a situation like this, we can feel helpless but there is a way to make a difference. >> you can call the number at the bottom of your screen and make a donation to the american red cross. >> they are working hard to help our friends and neighbors in need. >> thank you very much for your support. thank you, dave. almost 40 years after the end of the vietnam war, and often overlooked group of veterans gets some recognition. about 100 retired members of the coast guard were in alameda today. many say that when they volunteered in the '70s they were never told which coast they would guard.
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and for some it wasn't the u.s. it was in the south pacific. today they came from all over the country to be honored. >> this is part of our own personal pride first of all and it's part of our legacy or the people that come after us need to know these things, too. it's history. >> it gives you a warm feeling to be part of something really important and big. >> this huey chopper on display flying for the event. every year this luncheon honors veterans of different wars. from online price matching to black friday on thanksgiving, one major chain is offering one more gimmick to get shoppers in the door. >> reporter: walmart announced it will join stores like sears, kmart, target and toys are us by beginning black friday sales on thanksgiving. but this year it's opening two hours earlier and staggering the sales throughout the night. so the first round of items
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will be released at 8 p.m., the next at 10 p.m., a third round beginning at 5 a.m. the next morning. >> that's awesome. that's unique. never heard about that. >> i think it's a good idea. some people don't have time to be in the morning. >> i like it better if it's all at once. everyone fights for everything. >> reporter: a decision to open early and staggered sales is a response to what consumers want. as more stores open early the number of black friday shoppers on thanksgiving has increased by more than 20%. and there is one more walmart game changer destined to catch on. it's a one-hour guarante. from 10 to 11 p.m. they guarantee they won't run out of certain items.
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if they do, they will be shipped by christmas. >> shopping during meal time sounds crazy. what happened to thanksgiving dinner? >> reporter: it's become a new national "holiday." black friday. >> thank you. all day we have asked for your generosity in the hurricane relief efforts. roberta gonzales with how you can help. we had some fun earlier. >> reporter: we have had a lot of fun all day long. it's been truly a blessed day right here at nbc 5 as we have held hands with our cbs radio stations and also with cw and all together we have collectively come together to ask all of you at home to help the people on the east coast after that devastating natural disaster that happened in new york and new jersey. we have invited harold brooks here. he is a ceo of american red cross. and we have had quite a day today. >> it's been amazing.
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the team that you have here at kpix, roberta, your viewers are just amazing. we're getting towards $100,000 raised. that's just fantastic. we're so grateful. >> reporter: we're grateful. we're doing our part and i have been very proud of all of our employees here at cbs for volunteering their time and efforts. but it's the people at home. the east coast has had quite a blow. it could happen here with earthquakes. >> we have had children who have had their lemonade stands brought every penny that they have. there have been so many people who have been amazingly generous those who have, well, the bay area is the most wonderful community on the planet because anytime there's a need they do respond wonderfully. >> reporter: i have to tell you the only time i see all these people in the same room together is when there's a free meal. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but instead they come together to volunteer their time. they came to work early today.
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do we have a total? so far, we are up to -- really? $94,736! but we still have to go to 7:00 tonight so please don't stop now. we're here 1-888-5-helps-u. help us help them. >> we are going to make it. thank you, guys. good effort. >> and from what's happening on the east coast to what's happening here. paul, there's some changes coming our way, a storm. >> yeah. we have changes here. really abrupt changes. when you woke up today it's sunny maybe this rain isn't going to come and then bam, 11 or 11:30 we had a huge change. from the 60s to the 50s. here's the shot right now. look at the beautiful rainbow we caught earlier today. in this particular pattern you will have sun and rain at times often when you combine the two like we have the number of places today you get that a beautiful rainbow. a live picture outside looking north to where the golden gate
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is, we are seeing some showers right now just behind the camera. but looking in this direction we see some sunshine out toward the golden gate bridge. so it's moody weather. you will get some sunshine but certainly will see some showers. a few of those showers right now are right along 280 and 101. heads up burlingame, san mateo, sfo airport showers impacting that drive home in that spot today. tomorrow, the snow level drops. mount st. helena, mount hamilton, mount diablo snow showers tomorrow as the snow level drops down to 3500 heat. a big area of upper-level low pressure usually goes counterclockwise. it will be closer tomorrow giving us more widespread showers and keeping afternoon temperatures only in the 50s the entire day short of 60 degrees. watch where this air is coming
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from. it's coming down from the arctic circle. it modifies by the time it gets here. showery and snow level down to 3500 feet with the slight chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow. don't be surprised if you hear a boom thunder. sunday morning the coldest morning as we clear out. widespread lows in the 30s. tomorrow it's all about the 50s. san jose, livermore, san francisco, mid-50s. that's it. sunnyvale 58. union city 57. 57 for pittsburg, san ramon. dublin 56. only 55 in downtown san francisco tomorrow with scattered showers. we'll clear it out by sunday afternoon veterans day sunday will be the sunny u.s. day. monday dry but showers are bang next tuesday and wednesday. so this is a very wet pattern. two days off of record highs. big change >> thank you. new hope in the fight against aids. the toolkit that's helping treat and prevent the virus. next. >> and let's help the american red cross provide much-needed relief to the victims of hurricane sandy. we are right now standing by to take your calls. 1-888-5-helps-u.
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is the scene right now from chopper five. 580 is not much former congresswoman gabby giffords came face to face today with loughner. the man who tried to assassinate her. we'll have a report on his sentencing tonight on the "cbs evening news." ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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580 is not much better at ts hour. the mall traffic is doing nothing to help the live pictures now from chopper 5. interstate 580 all this being caused by the grand opening of the new paragon outlet mall in livermore. mall traffic just a mess. this is the off-ramp at el charro so beware of that as you head home tonight. today we're hearing from a top doctor who says the end of the aids pandemic could be within reach. dr. kim mulvihill has the exclusive television interview tonight. reporter: more than 30 years ago, scientists identified the signs of a strange new virus in a handful of men in california. that was hiv. in the early days, an infection
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was a death sentence. millions have died. now one of the world's leading aids experts sees light at the and of the tunnel. >> back in the 1980s, when we were struggling desperately, i never would have imagined that we would have a day when we could say, it is quite feasible that we may be able to end the aids pandemic. >> the actual protection -- >> reporter: dr. anthony fauci spoke today to scientists and researchers and then spoke to me. >> we have the toolkit in our hands to make it happen. >> reporter: he says one way to get rid of hiv for good is to slowly choke it out of existence. 44% of u.s. infections are in 12 cities including san francisco. >> 20% of them do not know that they are infected. >> reporter: a massive federal project is under way that targets these 12 cities. the aggressive push includes
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testing, counseling an treating high risk individuals. the doctor says treatment is key. new hiv drugs do more than just prolong life. >> when you take an infected person and you treat them and bring down the level of virus in their bodies to a very, very low level, it is extremely unlikely that they will infect another person. >> reporter: now, in order to keep the viral loads so low that you won't infect others, it means getting linked in, tested, early treatment and having ongoing care. >> testing so important. >> so important. everybody should get tested. >> okay. thank you. we have been here all day taking your calls and your donations. thank you for all of your support for the victims of hurricane sandy. phones are open until 7:00.
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roberta gonzales back at the hurricane relief funneled telethon joined with dennis brown from the 49ers. got right over here tony stewart from the raiders, what do you have to say? >> i would say just to my 49er faithful, my challenge goes out to you and the raider nation or empi -- raider nation. >> step up, call in. donate to the hurricane relief fund and it's for a worthy cause. >> i need at least $25 more by 6:00 tonight. 1-888-5-helps-u. so far we're up to $97,000. please, this is your chance to call. we're on the air until 7:00.
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roberta gonzales at the hurricane relief fund. back to you. >> thank you. i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. life-saving information at the fingertips of firefighters. how new ipads allow a bay area fire department to do what it could never do before. >> and you could save money if you shop right now. the five things that are better to buy in november. we'll have that and much more at 6:00. >> all right. we'll see you in 30 minutes. until then, get to the phones. >> that's right. >> watch "cbs evening news with scott pelley." >> the latest news and weather are always on see you in 30 minutes. captions by: caption colorado 1-888-5-helps-u 1-888-5-helps-u >> pelley: tonight, fapelley: tonight, he faced the death penalty, now a judge has


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