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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 1, 2013 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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department is hoping to increase its police force and this week, the city council is set to review that costly plan. they are, woulding to increase staff love vessel by 2018. with this year's second academy under way. with the he can tannings to the city is $67 million and tomorrow they will expands the option. police are looking for three homicides in just one day. here is a look at the first one where it took place on 6th avenue and a another shooting -- and another shooting reported at 70th and hawley street. here is video from the scene.
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they were -- they say multiple casings were found on the sidewalk. we want to show you a shot responder one man was shot through inside the car. million have not released any moatists in either of the three shootings. and a fellow firefighter returns to duty. breakfast celebration after franklin work returns back to work at a heart attack fellow firefighters saved his life on the scene and supported him. they are expect to reach a denttive -- a tentative deal after reaching an agreement on their strike. the musicians went on strike
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over disagreements about salaries and benefits. and a 26 month withhold could happen in the next couple of days. business owners are happy to see that strike end. >> i think it is great, there is a lot of whom and restaurants keeping people out of the area and it will not be approved. starting tomorrow they will look for drivers who text while driving. distracted driving killed more than 3300 people in the united states in 2011 and still too many people surf the web behind the wheel. >> people get fitting those
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people out there who are texting. >> they banned handheld phones last year and officers gave out more than 42 5,000 tickets for that offense. the ticket will cost you at least $159. 4:35 is the time. you will heed the morning if that is even possible. you are always frightened. let's take a look at the commute however we have an accident and there are reports that a third car, the car that caused the crash, california
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highway patrol says people need to slow down. let's go to some live picture and it looks like the rain drop are falling on the lend and also it looks great on 280 but again it's going to be wet. 4:36 let's go to steve. we have some good thunderstorm activity and also bethel island. thunderstorms saturday into sunday and numerous reports. we talked about this coming in and it is over us right now and we are still getting bands of moderate rain and it went over my home and your home. still going to happening back and it could -- bank back. there are some pretty good
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bands. san leandro. there were moderate a tempts. 39 in -- attempts. 39 in reno, 55 in sacramento. one system will soon be with us today and be out of the picture tuesday and wednesday and then we have another group of clouds arriving on thursday. possible afternoon thunder hours eshowers we will her on mostly sunny and then it clouded up thursday into friday, pam. well, yesterday's bad weather caused a cancellation. done for get any time of day you can get all the latest
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information information on the whether or side. coming up, the port of oakland maybe in hot water for spending taxpayer money and the criticalness this time is spending money online. and we will have more news and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather. stay tuned.
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. good morning some showers coming through the low pressure system and we have pretty good pockets of rain and we have a few more showers later this afternoon and 60s on the temperatures. new this morning. prosecutors are expected to decide on whether or not they will seek the death penalty for the accused shooter in
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colorado. they rejected a deal in exchange for taking the death penalty off the table. if they seek legal injection and they will plead not guilty in the shooting that killed seven people willed lat july. three years after a helicopter crashed, it crashed near larson lake 08 miles north of anchorage. a pilot and trooper were picking up a strand dead snowmobiler. they were supposed to pick them up and the wreckage was spotted monday morning and the cause of that investigation is still under investigation. he is accused of killing five family members in a car crash. he will appear in a novato area, he is accused of rear- ending a van 80 miles northeast
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of las vegas. four adults and a seven-year- old girl were called and two other families members were injured . >> and they are being blamed for an accident that killed three people. it happened just after 1:00 in the sudden part of the statement they shut it down backing up for eight miles and at least two people had to be taken in by school buses to the hospital. hillary rodham clinton will give her first paid speech since leaving office. former hillary rodham clinton is scheduled to give her first announcement and she could earn a six figure payment for an appearance former president bill clinton has made $08,000
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since leaving the white house. more than 3 5,000 people are expected in the white house. this foes pack besides the egg role, and live music for some mid-term election fundraising. the president will spend the night in san francisco and on thursday he will attend another one in atmospherer on it. he -- atmosphere they are tonight and he's -- atherton. >> in case you i don't know it, you tube is getting into the spirit. >> after eight amazing years... >> they said it was time to upload the videos and select a
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winner. it went on to say it would delete all the videos and go dark but we checked and you tube's videos are still there. april fools. the man who won $238 million is due in court for unpaid child support payments. he has paid the money he owes and now he is helping neighbors pay their rent. >> he was there to give back especially to this block. pedro is sell his home and he chose to take a lump sum worth $152 million after taxes. today marks the first day that people in three bay area counties will pay some of the highest taxes in the state. coming in, they had a total of 9% and they will pay 8:75 and
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they have bumped up to 8.50%. california is also seeing increases, people in albany are paying 9.5% and they are 30 statewide increases which went into effect january 1st. we have an update after spending public funds. they have finally released copy by the head of their relations. they bought internet dome names which sound like they should objecting by oakland. >> to use money to potentially interrupt or stop a protest that was coming, asocial movement, we are just seeing the use of property funds.
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>> they refused to meet with us for an on camera interview. they hired three outside firms to advice them on pr than report came out or hour report. -- our report. one man is facing charges after driving into a san jose wal-mart and attacking shoppers. a oldsmobile, he drove his car into the place and drove into the street. once inside he got out of the car and grabbed a blunt object. he then started hitting customers and workers and some were able to take him down. nobody what hit and two people
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were taken to the hospital, two in serious condition. the driver is facing an assault with a deadly weapon. keeping an eye on the east bay, is it still wet out there, sal? >> it sure is and drying this morning give yourself an extra few minutes, it is a tall order but it will help you out. give yourself some extra time and wet roads may cause more crashesp this is a look as you drive out to the bay bridge toll plaza and if you are driving on north bay 280s let's go to steve. >> you know the dangerous thing with you, it is those concert videos you get lost, it is a
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beautiful thing. especially those who remember winter. you can see it on the backside, this looks like it will come back and rain light to heavy, clouds and sun, hit and miss rain and the system is moving north moving out and -- and .44 and dryest march of, only 2. 31 dropped and we set a record, a dubious record of having the dry over the months january february and march beating out 1881. and in san jose they also ran a
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.04. relatively wrapping up towards santa clara valley, san mateo and also along highway 101 you can see stretching and there are some pockets to heavy rain stretching from the east bay. 50s on the temperatures, 30s up in the mountains and we have a warm system and there is not a lot of snow out of this. we will take anything we can get at this stage. >> 50s and 60s out of southern california and we may have rain by the end of the week. possible thunderstorms in the afternoon, a little bit of heating would not surprise me. wednesday looks good, low 70s and we cloud it up thursday into friday going into saturday. pam la? they backed up traffic for hours. and it is opening day, a's
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start their season and we will tell you how giants fans are still getting a chance to get close to their team. 97
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. we are following breaking news out of detroit and we
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understand a suspicious package was found in a carry on bag. police evacuated one of the terminals and a couple of explosive device teams are working to resolve this situation. we will continue to follow this and bring you the very latest. this is a suspicious bag in detroit. police have detained people in a shooting. officers went looking for suspects after a 24-year-old went walking into an emergency room. three more suspects a few blocks away, police also recovered a handgun and they have not confirmed if they are looking for more suspects. chp is investigating a tour bus which backed up traffic for hours in vallejo. it happened at 7:00 near redwood parkway and the driver
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said he pulled over and got out after smelling smoke. take a look at the flames, unfortunately nobody was on the bus when it went up in flames. the flames threatened some homes and they were evacuated as a precaution. >> it can be explosive and they took off quickly. they took off before we got there. >> the fire was put out before it could spread to any homes and the bus driver was checked for smoke inhalation. they open at the coliseum and they will take on the seattle mariners. they will start and the as take the field at 7:05. giants are opening against the dodgers in l.a. and matt cain will take the mound and it will be open for opening day and you can watch the game on the ballpark's big screen for free.
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that is kind of fun. getting closer to 5:00 and let's check in with sal for traffic. traffic is moving along well, it is wet out there, we are just waking up and it is wet and you might want to grab an umbrella. also the morning drive is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza and it is light getting into sin fran. 555 -- 4:55 let's go to steve. most of the thunderstorm activity is associated with the low which is starting to push north and east and it should be out of the picture but it is moving. rainfall is not bad. they picked up an inch or an inch and a half. one line is stretching from
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interstate 880 vacaville fairfield, highway 4 and from san jose to the santa clara valley, we are seeing some palo alto, back over to half-moon bay, not everybody is in on the rain. they are really mild because the system came up and it looks like we will to the exact thing and mild temperatures. upper 50s near the coast and the as open home opener, i would not worry about any rain. looks good until the end of the week and then we have more rain, pam. we have a big decision a judge could make later this morning and the reason it could clear up the city's financial problems. doctors have new information about notifying
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patients about breast cancer and we will tell you why some people are not happy with the new policy.
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. we are live in oakland where police face a violent easter sunday and we will tell you what they have to make the streets safer. they are getting ready to launch a new app how it is designed to solve problems, it is all ahead in the bay area. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> thank you for joining us, it is april 1st, no fooling. >> let's check weather and traffic, steve is here and there were raindrops falling. >> i heard it, quite a bit. well rain anyway. >> generally, pockets are moderate to heavy and some will clear out and highs are in the
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60s to near 70s. good morning. traffic is moving well but it is wet out there and also it could be raining but traffic is going to be moving well. at 5:00 let's go back to dave and pam. a crash happened in bodega bay after a woman crashed her car into a ditch. it happened as it ran alongside the road and the woman was trapped for a while but it is still not clear why she crashed. >> we had rained earlier and the roads were wet but certainly not slick. >> two friends riding in that same car were treated for injuries. the area was closed for several hours as they ran an investigation. and also in lafayette, this is
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new video, we caught two carlsbadly damaged in the middle -- two cars badly damaged in the middle of the scene. chp is warning everybody, drive he slowly out there. a bus ended in gunfire now police are searching for the gunman. here is more on what paul is getting from police. >> reporter: police have very little to go on and we can tell you this that incident happened on mission street. just after 10:00 last night, the bus was stationery here when two people were shot. one was a 25-year-old female who was shot in the torso and a 25-year-old male who was shot in


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