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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  July 4, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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u.s. would have to end it aid to egypt. that amounts to $1.5 billion annually. don knapp is live at sfo where those students will be landing soon. >> it's been a long day for those students. it's going to be another hour before the air france flight lands. lisa worried about her son alex, watching the events unfold. she learned about the evacuation before her done did. she told him on facebook >> reporter: art military gave mohammed morsi 48 thundershowers get out, she was worried as her son was being evacuated, he got a glimpse of the crisis. >> he called me when he was on the van, going to the airport. and i heard shouting.
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>> reporter: eight students from u c davis, alex from u c santa cruz and a teacher had been planning their trip to egypt since the first of the year to study old egypt and the new. judging from alex's facebook posting, they were having a pretty good times >> before that, they managed to climb a pyramid, ride some camels. go on a boat cruise. >> reporter: she said she was surprised given egypt's instability that u c actually went ahead with the trip. >> reporter: was he at any point frightened for his safety? >> no. >> reporter: were you frightened for his safety? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> reporter: the students apparently were reluctant to leave and u.s. authorities had to prompt them to get out. >> they sent another note that said this evacuation is mandatory. nobody can stay there. >> reporter: students wanted to stay? >> yes, some of the students wanted to say. >> reporter: did your son want to say? >> he was hoping to go to europe and stay there. >> reporter: why not make a summer out of it in europe?
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we'll meet that plane when it arrives and we'll try to talk to some of those u c evacuees. >> yes, don. seems like the students were unconcerned about the political unrest. the situation was that they are on an island out of cairo, to the north of cairo in a safer place. they were watching it all on television, pretty exciting to watch it on television. they didn't have to be in the midst of it until they drove through. after an all-day session, still no deal. that means that the b.a.r.t. strike will enter its eighth day tomorrow. linda yee on the talks that seem to be going nowhere. >> reporter: that's what they say. we talked to union leaders earlier when they broke for lunch. they were not happy. they said they are not any closer to a deal. but the good news that is they are still talk. we saw b.a.r.t. management and some of the union come out. they are taking a dinner break but they say they are going back to negotiations. they were hopeful walking into
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their third bargaining session since the strike started. >> we are working hard to get it done. both sides. >> i'm optimistic. >> reporter: but by lunch break, union netogiate fors negotiators were not optimistic. >> it's not good. b.a.r.t. wants to keep us on strike. they hope that the public will turn. >> we will fight for the rights of working people. will we not? >> yeah. >> reporter: the union chief negotiate for greetepicketers. it's their fourth day without a paycheck and it's starting to hurt. >> thank you for being here, guys. i don't know what we would do if you weren't here on the 4th of july. >> reporter: they say that b.a.r.t. manage. continue to use unfair tactics. >> they say, we are ready to
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walk away from the table, and then impose the terms of the contract. we believe that's what them and their union-busting consultants -- they hired union-busting consultants. >> a b.a.r.t. spokesman denies they are there. >> we are working hard to reach an agreement with our workers whom we appreciate >> reporter: but striking workers are clearly frustrated. >> i want to go back to work. i mean, i'm sure that -- i don't know. that's a mess. this is my fourth contract and this is the worst i've seen. >> reporter: you can clearly see and hear the frustration in most of these workers. a lot of them say they do want to get back to work but they are not close to a deal. >> it's interesting. yesterday, there was this gag order that everybody was abiding by and 24 hours later,
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everybody is talk bit. better for us in the media. we get some clue. but was there a big change? >> reporter: well, actually, they are not giving any specifics about what the bargaining and where they are stuck at. they are not giving any specifics but, yeah, you can clearly see they are tired of this so-called gag order. it's something that state mediators had suggested. it is not like any legal document. >> not binding. thank you for the update, linda. stay with k p i x 5 for continuing coverage of the strike. we'll have more when they come back from their continuer break. and we posted a survival guide for commuters on and transit is adding extra buses this holiday weekend. service will be back tomorrow but a c transit is adding some extra buses saturday. they will add even more buses over the weekend if necessary. the bay area's extreme heat
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intensified. this fire in los altos. extra firefight hers to be called in. the house caught fire this afternoon and flames were quickly spread in. >> we had to call additional resources for an extra alarm to rotate crews because most of the crews are probably good for about 20 to 25 minutes of work and then get them out, recycle them and get them back in. >> reporter: 45 firefighters were able to contain the damage to one home. no one was injured. when you combine this, stream heat with illegal fireworks, you have a recipe for disaster. kpix 5's mark sayers is live in gilroy where there are strict rules. mark? >> reporter: gilroy is the only city in the county and very few where you can actually buy safe and sane fireworks. it's been very busy here all day. we happen to have people in
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action but police will be on the lookout for violators. >> give me a pyro pack bag and one family fun fair. >> okay. >> reporter: the fireworks are flying off the stands in gilroy. >> the big one and -- >> reporter: customers like legend mall say that you can never have too much fire power on the 4th of july. >> a thrill just to see it right in front of the your eyes, and explode. >> you guys see something explode, fire something up. >> reporter: can you give me sparklers? but those are serious business. all stands must display these signs which makes it clear that any fireworks purchased in gilroy must be used in gilroy and are illegal elsewhere in the county. do you have your id with you? >> yes >> reporter: merchants say they get plenty of questions but not much they can do about where somebody uses the fireworks after the sale. >> we get people, can we take them to the beach, to ?oadges and we say. no we have limits.
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you have to do it within the city limits. >> reporter: with the brush extremely dry due to lorraine fall this past winter, combined with the heat long heat wave, cal fire is very concerned about fireworks. >> everything is dry. very receptive to starting fires. >> battalion chief says that it does not take much to ignite a serious and potentially deadly fire. >> with the shortage of rainfall that we had, the likely hood of fire starting due to careless acts with fireworks, whether they are safe and sane fireworks or not, are highly probable. >> reporter: but those who plan to use their fireworks legally are looking forward to tonight's celebration. >> you see the real fireworks and then you'll have your own fireworks. >> yes. >> reporter: two fireworks celebration. >> yes >> reporter: back here live in gilroy, they are trying to drum up business from the sale. this is very serious business. gilroy police along with the
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cal fire will be out tonight with volunteer patrols looking for illegal violators. you can be fined or can be sent to county jail if they catch you. >> that can be very dangerous as well. if the sale ends today, how long account fireworks actually be used? >> well, interestingly, state law does regulate when you can buy the fireworks but does not specify when you can use them. however, that is regulated by city ordinance. we checked with a few cities. gilroy and san bruno, midnight tonight. union and pacifica, 11 tonight. it depend on where you live as to how long you can legally use them but people who don't care about the law, they'll use them pretty much any time they want, i had guess. >> thank you, mark. ♪ happy birthday to us >> pomp and parade all over the bay area to celebrate independence day. in alameda, a military scene parade set a new record. 192 untris led by the u.s.
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military color guard and band. cars, bands, floats of all kinds were there. but for one character on the sideline, we were wonders if he was getting. >> you can hug, you can see everything pretty much. >> reporter: add media has wucht longest 4th of july parades in --alameda has one of the long els 4th of july parades in the nation. and the two-hour long parade stretched nearly two miles. a day long festival was held at the end of the pa ray route. danville is one of the oldest 4th of july events in the country. this parade has been around since the 1860s. nearly 40,000 people attend every year. where will you watch the fireworks tonight? you can find a full hills of 4th of july festivities on our website, i almost fainted when i saw
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my dog go into seizures. >> someone poisoned her pet. and he is not the own target. coming up, how toxic treats are being planted in bay area neighborhoods. on this 4th of july, how a bay area policeman risked his own life and became a holiday hero and it could be a first. a first time of seeing the fireworks in the city tonight without the fog and low clouds. this is the scene right now looking out over the city of san francisco. clear skies. we'll have the pinpoint forecast of this 4th of july. why your favorite ice cream may not really be ice cream anymore. ,,,,
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dogs in several bay area neighborhoods .. leaving "toxin- laced meatb" on the ground. kpix-5's da lin talked with one dog own, dog owners, beware.
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police say that someone is poisoning dogs. >> that is messed up. >> this 7-year-old dachshund named oscar is fighting for his life at a san francisco hospital. >> it's shocking. he is 16 pounds. >> reporter: dorothy schechter's dog became sick within minutes of eating a poisoned meat ball. >> i was almost in shock when i saw him go into seizure. >> we think he will make it but he has a rough couple of days ahead >> reporter: someone posted the poisoned meat balls in front of his garage and other places. police found them also in twin peak, haze valley >> they are ground beech meat balls that have red and green
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beads. >> reporter: oscars which unof two dogs that ate the meat balls. there may be one or two other cases. donna believes that her dog also ate the bait. her dog is throwing up. >> looked like there was meat there were parts of it. i pulled him away. but i mean it's likely he ate some it. >> reporter: a walk in the diamond heights neighborhood, so far, we have not found any meat balls. neighbors said they picked up all the meat balls they could find yesterday but they are worried there could be more. dorothy and her neighbor collected about 200 meat balls in their neighborhood alone. >> this is absolute insanity. insanity. that's terrible. it's completely heartless. >> reporter: dorothy homes her little guy will hang on. she needs him dorothy's son committed suicide a few years ago and oscar was what kept her going. >> i think if i had not had that little dog by my side, i don't think i would have gotten through it very well. oscar has been my savior.
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>> reporter: in san francisco, kpix 5. >> some symptoms can include seizures, fatigue, troubled breathing. san francisco police are still looking for the person who planted the meat balls. a san francisco police officer is credited for saving the life of a woman whose apartment caught fire. he was responding to a different call when someone flagged him down. he went into the building and rescued the woman and suffered heat exhaustion in the process. boat are expect the to be okay. when beloved koit tower was finished, it was not exactly beloved. listen to jimmy stewart in vertigo if you need some proof. no? imagine how san franciscoans
6:17 pm
responded when the tower appeared >> it's so odd, so weird. >> it's the most visible icon in the bay area. >> there is something undenyably different about the sutro tower. >> long, and instantly the most dominant fixture in the landscape. this was an awkward child. >> the first design of the thing was a more conventional, gee, look at that big communications tower. but this thing is such an odd creature-like presence. >> a monster that could come alive, you know, and traipse through the city. >> reporter: some people are afraid of the tower, afraid it might fall, afraid of waves. >> reporter: in fact, a lot of people just hated it. >> the way that architecture works, it is a real shock to the new component. the sutro tower is so alien to its setting to that half of the city. >> reporter: but then, somehow, all of that changed. >> a little bit of a lightning rod to now being one of the most beloved icons in the city
6:18 pm
>> reporter: don't believe him. just ask amber bowman, the girl with the sutro tattoo. >> everywhere i went, i saw the tower and it becameemblematic of the city to me >> reporter: the awkward child has now become the hipster. there are fan clubs, more t- shirt designs that we can show you. >> there is an odd thing where novelty itself becomes part of the appeal. isn't this crazy? i like the tower. that shows i'm not one of those tourists who likes koit tower >>it's not coyt tower. it does have a vibe to it. >> crank up the turn table. >> it's now long synonymous with being over the hill or maybe a mid-life crisis. this 40-year-old appears to be hitting its prime.
6:19 pm
>> it's almost like, hey, i don't care what you think. i'm me. i'm comfortable with myself. that's the social media age. >> you may not think about it much but it touches just about everyone's life every day, besides being visible to everyone every day. >> that's what makes it so memorable. you can't just blot it out of the landscape after you see it three or four times because it keeps inserting itself in front of you in different ways. >> i love it. it's very self-confident. >> that's a weather marker, too. >> it certainly is. they use it as a barometer. >> it stands 210 feet tall. if it's completely shrouded by that low deck and clouds, we know that the ceiling has lowered considerably. when you can't see the tower, then you know that we're going to have airport delays at sfo because the ceiling is under 600 feet. i just gave all my secrets away. >> great way to look at it. >> we won't tell. >> this is not a secret. this should be fact. we should -- should be able to
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see the fireworks tonight at marina green. let's go outside right now. it is our live mobile weather cam. photographer brandon carr at the helm. clear skies, winds blowing off the coast westerly at six miles per hour. that all-important fireworks forecast. last year, i remember, we went to the roof top, at kpix, looked out, could not see a thing. this year, we will see some cooling at the coast due to the return of the clouds. they will not move on shore, according to computer models until after the fireworks. this is the scene looking towards the bay right now where current air temperature stands at 72 in san francisco. we are still in the mid-80s. san jose, low 80s. mountain view, livermore final hi under the triple digit but check this out. vacaville, 106 degrees at this hour. that's 14 degrees above normal. so far today, they reached a high of 108.
6:21 pm
sun down at 8:35. we cool down. we have a seasonal weather pattern returning right here in the bay area after a high of 75 in san francisco to 103 in livermore. yes, we started the day with a few rain drops. if you see them in did you feel them? we started in contra costa county. we will see the cooling begin as the warning expires. temperatures drop every where. we'll talk about that seven-day forecast coming up. first things first. meanwhile, future cast does indicate that we do have fog returning right here to the bay area. and that is going to signal the cooldown. the extended forecast, 90 tomorrow, under the triple digits. we cool off substantially on saturday and raise the bar again on sunday. >> beautiful. >> should be clear for tonight.
6:22 pm
hope so. breaking news in vacaville, 505 closed in both directions. a car sailed off the road, there, hit a power pole. happened about a half hour ago but the hot lines fell. that set some fires in the dry grass. it's not known when the road will reopen. expect some long delays. for sailing enthusiasts, that's a high like no other. >> i'm addicted to the america's cup. it's like taking heroin. coming up, the latest on the sailing, days before the first round of racing. i'm ryan takeo in richmond. i'll tell you why car sales are the highest they've been since the great recession. ♪
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the ceremony featured pe from >> a celebration of cultures at the opening of the america's cup. it included exhibitions from 14 nations. it marked the official kickoff into the summer of racing in san francisco. kpix 5's mike sugerman was there all day watching the action unfold. are they still hooking forward to the sunday louis vuttn cup race? >> reporter: absolutely. could not be better. thousands came out to check it out. it is the first day of an event that had anything but smooth sailing through the years in preparation. after three years of conflict, complaints, politics and one death -- >> welcome to america's cup park opening day. >> reporter: america's cup park
6:26 pm
opening day. stephen bartley is the face of the cup so he has to put on a face. if you think that there are only but a rich guys, here is mark passek. >> it's like taking heroin. >> reporter: >> you go out, get on the highway, lower your windows down and stick your head ounce the window. feats like you're getting shot by a b b gun >> reporter: rules, first round racing starting sunday pits three challengers against each other to win the right to race the current champ. >> there are two oracle boats. that's the two u.s. teams. >> that's owned by a billionaire. heard the controversy about the rudders. some say that could shut down the race. those in the know say no. >> it's typical. the teams are nervous and anxious and elbowing each other
6:27 pm
to try to kind of competitive. apparently, that's like flopping in soccer. >> this is an event that's slated to bring cheese to a million dollars brought in. >> that's billion dollars with a b for city. >> how much is a turkey sandwich. >> 10.54. >> they may do it one 10.50 turkey sandwich at a time >> reporter: this is supposed to be a much bigger event. 14 challengers, about three, about half a million people a day along the water front. that's not going to happen, but after all these years, it is finally here and most of the people involved could not be happier. on the water front, mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> there are three teams. the italians, the swedish and new zealand, racing each other throughout july and august. now, the winner gets to challenge defending champion oracle in september for the
6:28 pm
america's cup. coming up in our next half hour, a major power shift in egypt. how the conflict in that country is prompting a cautious response from the white house. we figure that we jump on the opportunity now. >> the three reasons why this is the best time in years to buy a car. i thought i was buying ice cream. >> why your favorite ice cream may not really be ice cream anymore. ,,,,,,,,
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president. egypt re now, at 6:30, the military tightening its grip on power one day after ousting egypt's president. egypt remains under the rule of an interim president after the military ousted president mohammed morsi. cbs reporting daniel nottingham with why the u.s. is pushing for a quick return to democracy. >> reporter: fireworks erupted over tahrir square for a second night as egypt celebrated a change in government. earlier, adli mansour was sworn in as interim president.
6:32 pm
he replaced democratically elected mohammed morsi after just one year in office. he is under arrest. his islamist supporters are calling it a military coup. but egypt's current former minister disagrees. >> he didn't stop by the action. no it was the people who insisted that they cannot afford to have another year of failure. >> reporter: president obama met with his national security team on thursday. he has not called a change of power a coup but has ordered the u.s. government to review its $1.5 billion in aid to egypt. the white house says that calls were made to officials in egypt and other countries in the region to search the importance of returning to a free and open dell civil senator john mccain is visiting u.s. troops in afghanistan. he says that cairo is under global scrutiny. >> the prime minister and the military have to show us and
6:33 pm
the world that they are making a rapid transition back to democracy. >> reporter: morsi's supporters are calling for a national day of protest on saturday. it was a sudden end to a study abroad trip in egypt for some u c students after the state department urged all americans to leave that country 10 students and a professor, eight of them from u c davis, were studying in cairo. they left just two weeks ago. tonight, families are already welcoming them back home after the military overthrow. parents of one of the students say that their son really wasn't ready to leave. >> he didn't have a sense of being in danger and his sense was that the people there were pretty joyful and, like, celebrating. >> reporter: some of those students will be landing at sfo within the next hour. here is some live pictures of the 4th of july fireworks over the hudson river. the sun has gone down in new
6:34 pm
york city and the fireworks have gone up. glorious. watch that there. guys here in the bay area will look pretty similar here in a few hours. >> pretty similar there. >> spectacular. so much fun. happy 4th of july if you are thinking about buying a new car, there might be no better time than right now. the auto industry's recovery has hit a new high. kpix's ryan takeo has the three reasons for the surge in car sales. >> we thought we might get a good deal if we came and looked around >> reporter: if you are looking to buy a new ride like john stott, the timing is not buy. take this u c merced student. >> i'm pretty excited. it's going to be my first car >> reporter: if she had left school a couple of years ago, her mom may not have bought her a new car. >> maybe not >> reporter: now that's a different story. so you do get a car? >> yes. >> reporter: the strongest
6:35 pm
numbers since 2007. you can call it a comeback. the sale on mercy jones' face is back. >> it's rewarding for me because i have seen the good times i've seen the bad times and now i see good again >> reporter: there are three main reasons for the uptick. new products, consumer demands and more financing available. >> for the banks, you know, they have opened back up again and their buying deals. >> our other car is old and run down. >> reporter: scott's family is looking to replace. >> we are looking to jump on the opportunity now. >> it's something that he wants to do now. >> i'm in a position where i can afford to buy a car. that's an exciting pillar in our life. >> for him and his family, the timing is right. and the time, industry sales seem to be lined up. kpix 5. >> since there is demand all over from pickups to fuel efficient cars, strip analysts suggest that sales numbers could keep getting better until at least the end of this year.
6:36 pm
well, it's one of the sweetest ways to beat the heat but don't call it ice cream. why your favorite brand might not be ice cream anymore. it's $8000. what if i needed that to pay my port payment. >> how a simple decimal error caused this woman so much stress. >> first, a look at the new span of the east bay bridge. ,,,, look at them kids... they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet. yeah, you couldn't just stream movies to a device like that.
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. it's perfect ice cream weather but susan copeland shows us your favorite ice cream may not be what it used to be. >> reporter: bring years has breyers has been making ice cream since 1866 but ice cream is not ice cream anymore >> reporter: mary has been buying the butter pecan for years. last time she bought it? >> i fed it to family members who said immediatelyings something is wrong. >> reporter: they have cookies and creams, chocolate chip cookie dough. they are now called frozen dairy dessert because now they can no longer call them ice cream.
6:40 pm
>> reporter: we found connell supers voicing outrage. frozen dairy dessert is the scourge of the ice cream aisle. why did breyers make the change on so many of it flavors? the company says it's blended in a whole new way to create a smoother texture. it tends to have less fat than ice cream. and the company says in a national side by side taste test, our fans like the new recipe just as much as the original. we set up our own taste test with five college students. when we put dairy dessert against real ice cream huge difference. this looks so much better. i want the real stuff. >> reporter: the new frozen dairy dessert costs just as much as real ice cream. >> demand the real deal. >> i know. nothing replaces the real stuff. >> homemade ice cream, even better. you know what's going in there. imagine being owed thousands of dollars and thinking that you lost it all. >> i was beside myself.
6:41 pm
>> why this bay area woman faced such a stressful mission to get her money, all because of a simple decimal error. from the kpix weather center, good evening, everybody. happy 4th of july. let's head on to sutro tower, climbing at 990 tall, looking over san francisco in search of fog. lit affect the fireworks? the detail details when we come back. straight ahead, a developing story. the warriors, and what they are doing at this hour. will they get a shot at free agent howard? and the giants, no win for them and no loss either. and a local product top dog again. on coney island. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
on the consumerwatch, sue kn ed to one when making a bank deposit, it is really important you put the decimal in the right place. on our consumer watch, sue kwan explained what happened to one customer when she made a
6:45 pm
mistake. >> i was beside myself. >> reporter: mary made an error so many of us do. she hit the wrong decimal point when she entered the deposit information on her is refund check bringing the amount down from 8000 to 800. >> this is $8000. >> city bank said they caught the mistake but there was a problem but could only cancel the deposit and mail the check back to her. >> i will came home to see if there was a check in the mail and not. this is 10 days. >> after two weeks of phone calls and letters to city bank with no checks and nothing. she contacted us. a volunteer contacted citi bank. we got a provisional correction
6:46 pm
almost immediately. citi bank put $8000 back into the account, a move that they say was already in the works when we con tamghted them. >> from now on, she'll be a lots more careful with her atm deposit. >> i don't think i would have gotten as quick of a fix as i got because kpix stepped in. >> in a statement to consume err -- to consumer watch, citi bank says that customer satisfaction is of prime importance and regrets the in convenience. there is a 4th of july celebration crackdown at fort mason in san francisco tonight after last year's trashy debacle. glass containers and kegs are not allowed at fort mason. that's because revelers left
6:47 pm
trash, and even furniture. the statue of liberty is back open just in time for 4th of july ville tors. hundreds attended today's ribbon cutting ceremony in new york to celebrate. we showed you the fireworks over the hudson celebration tonight. this marks the end of a year- long renovation restoration. of course, it was closed of a super storm sandy. yes, earlier. we are seeing those fireworks look like perfect weather. sound like we're going to have some perfect weather. >> all three of us were here last year, remember? >> you were in oakland reporting on fireworks. >> i was. i remember that we were trying to watch the fireworks on top -- >> key word, trying. >> looked like big stance in the sky. looks like we'll get a little bit lucky tonight. >> good evening, everybody. let's go to marina green. mobile weather is set up and waiting for the weather. we have grant here. he is my wing man, our photographer. he reports 66 degrees so far. wind picked up with gusts to 14. can you see the flag there but
6:48 pm
people are camped out ready to watch tonight's fire work. try to find the favorite location. we will have the coastal fog but it's supposed to remain offshore until after the tail end of the fireworks displays. 78 degrees in san jose. this is the scene looking out toward the bay waters. if you look carefully, you can see people streaming across the embarcadero making their way to watch the fireworks as well. clear skies at this hour in san francisco now at 72 degrees after a high today of 75. mountain view in the low 80s. live more finally tumbling on to the triple digits. currently in vacaville, at this hour, it's 106 degrees, 14 degrees above normal. southwest winds at 14, humidity at 21%. official sundown at 8:35. friday much cooler. this is not a weather pattern. it's working its way this way. how hot was it today?
6:49 pm
take look at pleasanton. 103. lake port at 102. with 101 degrees and the mountain. today's high across the area, in the mid-70s in san francisco, 90 in san jose, 84 degrees the mountain view. this is the future cast. see this right here in this is what will put a big dent in our forecast, finally cooling us down. looks like the layer of low clouds and fog will have a lot of cool air aloft and that will lead to much cooler air right here in the bay area. high pressure is staying put but that air is drifting in with the cloud deck. temperature trend for livermore, take a look at this. below average on saturday, wow. tonight, more refreshing, dipping down into the low 70s east of the bay. we will be in the 50s and 60s with starry skies until the fog moves onshore. anticipate tomorrow, to the south, 81 degrees in santa clara. 86 in more gain hill. east of the bay, 70s, 80s, up
6:50 pm
to the low 90s85 degrees at zerona park. coming out of of trip-the- digits here. here is a look at the forecast. below average on saturday treanding up again sunday through tuesday. that's your pin point forecast. right now, let's head due east. let's head to the northeast. let's head to boston where the fireworks are now being viewed. look at 'em.
6:51 pm
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. dwight howard does not have any insecurity complex going on. >> and this throws dynamics into a slow 4th of july day. rapidly developing story, kids. warriors are attempting to clear salary cap space to sign free agents star dwight howard outright. to get the big man, the with a yors are trying to trade andrew bogut, andrei bieich, the three biggest expiring contracts that would create a $20 million hole to land howard. a decision from howard could
6:54 pm
come as early as tomorrow. stay tuned for that one. segue to baseball. giants, they didn't win. they didn't lose either. rain, rain and more rain dashed out. you can see barry zito and tim lincecum playing in the rain. so the giants are on the plane home. they hope host the dodgers fry day six games under .500. barry zito, can't say he is not generous this 4th of july. his strikeout for truth foundation is donating 500 bucks for every strikeout in every major league baseball game today. there were 15 games scheduled. the money goes to the welcome back veteran fund. he says this is all a tri bought to his late father who passed away last month. way to go. guess which big league team is the fourth this year to get
6:55 pm
to 50 wins? as cardinals matt carpenter says, the best team nobody knows, close quotes. the oakland a's. 26,957. dan strialey called up to start. he gave up only one hit, right here. plate time. watch cespedes gun down a slow running starling castro. later on, it would be derek norris standing at third. here comes the pitch and the ball gets away. norris rolls in and slid home safe. 1-0, folks. ryan cook in relief and, hello. right back in the glove. i'm going to go on board and say this is a kpix 5 top 5 nominee. yeah. so 1-0 in the 9th. 1 on, two out. and grand balfour gets soriano
6:56 pm
to fly out to left. the a's win 1-0. balfour one save shy of the record of consecutive saves held by dennis eckersley at 39. oakland impresses. sabin lisicki taking on -- this will be the point of the match. this is exhausting to watch. the two split the first two sets. came down to the tie breaker. and on match point, lisicki with the serve. she took the tie breaker 9-7. the 23rd seed advances to saturday's final. she will take on marion bartoli of france. she had an easy time defeating kirsten flickens. you might see these women play
6:57 pm
in stanford on jewel lie 22nd. meantime, winner and still champ. >> from san jose, joey chestnut. >> yeah. joey chestnut going for his 7th straight hot dog crown and they are off. how many dogs can they down in 10 minutes? matt the mega stone had a brief lead but in the end, it is the master, joey chestnut downing 69 dogs in 10 minutes. a new world record, shattering his old mark of 62 that he set last year. >> i was hungry. >> how does the cookout feeling right now? >> that's dinner now. >> good for him. local boy. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive.
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>> announcer: fourth of july fallout... >> judge judy: you were shooting off fireworks in a publi street. >> yes, ma'am. >> announcer: ...and the rockets' red glare... >> i said, "the embers from your fireworks are clearing the trees and are landing on our vehicles." >> announcer: ...was too much to bear. >> my son replied, "it's just ash, and we have a tarp. would you like it?" mr. quintana said, "expletive no." >> judge judy: did you continue to light fireworks? >> yes. oh, yes, ma'am. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution alex quintana and his girlfriend, emily eaddy, are suing neighbors brenda and michael tsao for damage to their jeep caused by fireworks. >> byrd: order! all rise!


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