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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  July 21, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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and ended up getting killede c-h-p says it's investigati ist who pull good evening. he stopped to help others and ended up getting killed. the chp says they are
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investigating the deathave motorist who pulled over for an accident early this morning. we are on woodside road on i- 280 where it all happened. >> reporter: he pulled off on the shoulder, that is when he got out on foot. it was dark and that is when he was hit by an oncoming suv. the chp says it happened at 2:40 this morning when a driver of a black honda rear ended a toyota suv going southbound. that sent a toyota crashing into a center divide. both cars blocked the two left lanes and that is when they stopped and crossed the lanes. the man was hit by a young driver, 18 years old, ended up on the right shoulder where chp officers found him ended up dead. >> any time there is a crash on the freeway. we recommend people not to stop on the freeway and help just call 911 and let us know what is going on. if you stop others might not
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see you and you are liable to get struck. >> investigators say the driver who caused the crash, charles miranda junior, 25 years old, has been charged with felony drunk driving. he suffered minor injuries, the passengers who were rear ended also had only minor injuries as l. the driver who hit the good samaritan is 18-year-old kevin from fremont not facing charges just yet. demonstrators in san jose are holding their justice for trayvon rally at this hour. right now people are gathering outside city hall to show their support for the florida teenager. it is just one of dozens of protests across the country in the wake of george zimmerman's acquittal. 100 people demonstrated there a week ago. peaceful protests in oakland this weekend. the police were on high alert, even canceling officer's days off after violence and vandalism last weekend. that scene was not repeated.
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instead, the police say hundreds of people peacefully dem straighted in 3 separate rallies and there were no arrests. well, we now know the name of a man killed during a shootout. an officer witnessed the shootout between two groups of men. the officer fired once but nobody was hit. and eventually he chased one suspect down on foot. the police had their hands full trying to figure out who was involved. >> we don't know if any or all of the victims were actually engaged in the gunfight. and parished and or were injuried in the gunfight or, if, in fact, they were just on the street. >> the medical examiner has identified the man killed as 24- year-old gadoy. two tkpwupbs were found and police are investigating gang connections. a fight on the phone may have contributed to the limo tragedy on the bridge last may. kpix-5 finds out why the
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authorities want to talk to the driver's estranged wife. >> to watch thisling limo engulfed in flames it was just a nightmare. >> reporter: that is undisputable. it is what happened the moment the fire started that is under scrutiny. he has been arguing with her on a cell phone, loud music glaring and he turned the music how'der so the women in the back could not hear their fight. he has already admitted he misunderstood the women as they tried to tell him about the smoke. thinking they were asking him to have a cigarette. >> if hi known she was saying, you know, smoke, instead of okay i want to smoke a cigarette, 30 seconds or 60 seconds would of about spared but everything happened so fast. >> reporter: the 9 passengers on may 4th were women celebrating one of the friend's wedding when the back of the limo began filling with smoke then fire. the new bride and four other women died trying to escape
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through the tiny partition that separates the driver's compartment. four others in the back and the driver lived. brown says he called her several times from the roadside before he called 911. this is what he said at the time. >> seeing the ladies coming through the partition, i am trying to use the phone, i am shaking, nervous. >> reporter: brown's wife says he was upset trying to make amends after a public fight they had had earlier in the day in which the police were called. >> the county district attorney's office says they will follow up with brown's wife to find out how distracted he may have been before she spoke with the paper the police never interviewed her in this case. back to you. >> the chp has not issued the results, but focused on friction from the drive shaft as the cause of the fire. checking bay area headlines. a special ceremony today to remember the sacrifice of contra costy county firefighters. the district has lost 16
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personnel in the line of duty since 1969. the names of the fallen are commemorating on a memorial wall. the reward is rising for information for poisoned meatballs. someone left the treats all over. leading to one pet's death. seagulls are taking over parts ever the bay area. their numbers sored more than 40% in the past two years and by one estimate we are now home to the second largest population of sea gulls in the world. they say the birds are colliding with planes, swarming landfills and killing off endanger d species. rain fell this morning near palm springs helping firecrewses there contain the
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42 square mile mountain fire. the blaze is is now almost 50% contained and firefighters are hoping for more wet weather in the days ahead. >> there is a slight chance for thunderstorms probably through early next week that could change things on the fire. estimated full containment on the fire will be july 26th. more than 2600 firefighters are battling the blaze today using bulldozers, helicopters and other equipment. the authorities listed it forcing thousands from their homes. 23 structures were lost including 7 houses. death threats and hate mail, why politics has become a dangerous business. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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landscape are known for the easygoing approach to governance. but now... over a couple of people and politics making up the landscape are known for their easy going approach to government. now, passion over a couple key issues are spilling over to the
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meetings with ugly results. don knapp is there. >> reporter: we have not seen fist fights or violence but residents who's lives are touched they are so angry they are bringing the redric and sometimes that is threatening. >> reporter: here at the creek, everyone knows marin as the mellow county where people and nature all just get along or they used to. [everyone talking at once] >> it is not discrimination. >> reporter: this video was posted of a meeting held by adams. the subject, affordable housing. >> for some people it is -- i think they believe if they scream and yell loudly enough and interrupt that they win the argument. >> reporter: adams, an obgyn was upset to talk about the pictures of dead fetuses that
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were sent to her. >> the level of discourse in our community right now has e involved to a place that i have not seen it before. >> reporter: as the county has it lost its mellow? a visitor from new york helped her see it. >> what she found was all of these individuals that feel like they are laid-back that try to act like they are laid- back but there is this tension in&this anger. >> reporter: others here in mill valley. >> here it is relaxed but inside they are tightly sprung. >> reporter: people's attitudes the way they talk to each other. they are rude, they don't skphreufpb they are impatient. >> the county known for the laid-back attitudes may be a reflection for the rest of the country, people struckelling to protect what they have. >> a big investment here. they made a lot of money and there are more driven people. >> now, residents are so upset about the issue they threatened the recall, they are trying to
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recall the supervisor with the recall elect that will cost a quarter of a million two months before the term is up. >> what is the biggest sticking point that is getting people upset? >> reporter: here is the problem. the state wants all of the counties to set aside land designate land for affordable housing. they have a lot of the land outside of the cities that is unincorporated so the folks don't feel like they have a say over what the state is doing with their neighborhoods, that is the big issue. >> okay. thank you, for explaining that don knapp. today's aids walk, $2.5 million was raised. the money benefits the aids foundation and 28 other organizations helping people with the disease. since the walk began in 1987 more than $80 million has been raised for life-saving programs. later on 6 minutes, a rare
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city. the pwoft lost boys of sudan? >> reporter: thousands were allowed to travel to america to make new homes. >> i would say this is one of the most successful reset elements in u.s. history. >> wow. >> they come to a new world never imagining things that we have had all our lives. the story of survival and hope tonight on "secretary minutes" right here on kpix-5. well, a re-- "60 minutes" right here on kpix-5. and doppler radar. it is in search for thunderstorms. we will pinpoint the days we could expect them. as the news continues ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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trapped in a window grate - floors above the ground. a er cries and a rescue in china this weekend. a 5-year-old girl became trapped in a window grate 24 floors above the ground. a neighbor hearded her cries and called the police for help. rescuers were puzzled when they found the front door locked? a neighbor next door climbed out of his window to hold the girl while firefighters cut her free. her mother left her home alone. fortunately she was not hurt. >> that is horrifying video as a mom you think oh my goodness. >> disturbing. >> it is. so you have a little bit of everything for people this week. >> i got a little excited. yes, i d. i got a fire, live tkop phrar radar. good evening, everybody. let's go right to it at this time. we are in search of showers and thunderstorms and nothing here yet. we do have mist and a little drizzle right there at the
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golden gate bridge in the areas of low clouds and patchy fog at this hour. notice the temperatures span. microclimate-like. very typical for this in san fran in the upper 50s. burr. livermore, 89 degrees, after realizing a high today of 93 degrees, basically a degree cooler than yesterday. right now, 89 degrees as we take a look at the blue skies, clear for now. but, we will notice them increase in clouds. for everybody. that is what we all have in common for tonight. mostly cloudy. patchy fog. then, tomorrow, feeling the difference. mostly cloudy skies, a bit on the muggy side and then we have the possibility of a thunderstorm. not only tomorrow but on tuesday. tonight, with the blanket of clouds into the 50s and the low 60s. that right there. thunderstorm activity. flash flood warning in effect
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for san diego at this hour and all of that monsoonal moisture wants to work up. if that happens the question mark is will we see enough instability of the possibility of the thunderstorms? >> it will be cooler. 78 degrees in oakland. 89 in livermore. you will notice that humid factor. 64 degrees in pacificca. 80 degrees in campbell. upper 70s in san diego, willow glen and campbell. the warm spot, brentwood at 90. tracy, and otherwise we drift around the central bay you will notice 60s are common and from the 60s through the 70s north of the golden gate bridge, as we go upstream that is when we will find the warmest conditions. low 80s. okay, unsettled. that is a key weather word for monday and tuesday. most he cloudy both days. daily chances of showers and
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thunderstorm activity. high pressure comes in. subtrop cal moves out. drier conditions, less mugginess oned with all of the way through sunday and seasonal temperatures, if i was a betting person i would say a 20% chance of a shower or a thunderstorm. there is still that possibility. >> you what did you bet for british open? >> nothing. well, it was something. but, local baseball teams, giants have got fast out of the break after the all-star break. could they go for the sweep? an a's pitcher might be going for the cy young. it was, indeed, one of the most dominant plays in golf history, next ,,
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playoff..then came one of t most incredible finishes inf history.. it was no walk in the park r at one point it appeared a star-studded field of contenders might end up in a 5- man playoff. it was no walk in the park for tiger woods who never won a major with trailing going into the final round. tiger said he could not read the green. that was not all. [beep] >> tiger falls to a 3 over 74. settling for a tie over 6. gone 17 majors without winning. westwood appears to be the man to beat. a 2-shot lead quickly disappeared. hitting on the gallery. could not get out on the number 7. shooting a 75. phil mickelson's charge began with a birdo 13 and then this even longer birdie putt on 14 to get within 1 shot of the
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lead. adam scott heard the footsteps, for the second year in a row, goes down the stretch. scott, bogey down. tied for 3rd. sunday, though, belongs to phil mickelson. came from 5 shots down. best shot closing in a major. birdieing 4 of the final 6 holes. winning the first jug. >> this is a win they never knew in my career if i would be equipped, if i would have the shots or opportunity to win a tournament here. and to do it, to play some of the best golf, the best round of my career and breakthrough and capture this jug it is some of the most fulfilling, probably the most fulfilling moment of my career. it is -- it was something they was not sure i would be able to do. mickelson was the only player under par for the tournament. tiger has to settle for his 9th top 6 finish in a major since
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he last won a major in 2008. curry working on the other game at the celebrity tournament in tahoe. everyone trying to avoid a collapse down the stretch including that man. curry had a strong showing leading heading into the final round. he finished 4th. retired quarterback,toliver. he wins the american century championship. madison on the hill, the giant his a chance to sweep the division-leading diamond backs and move within 4 games of the division lead. he did not pitch in the all- star game so he was good to go. first inning, prado drives it deep to left. they can not make the catch. prado gets to 3rd. down 1-0. ropes one in the gaps, nobody out. buster posey tries to score from 1st base. look at the great relay from cliff pennington.
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he is out. the third base coach gambled and it did not pay off. 9th inning, threatening. representing the tying run. chops it. breaking up the play. with the ball getting away, they come into score. then he takes off for 2nd. a critical base-running error at the wrong time. a rough day for him and the giants. they can not finish the sweep. finishing 3-1. they are 5.5 back. no panic from the a's after losing 2 straight. he wanted to make sure the fans in attendance went home with a souvenir. 2-run shot. 2nd homer of the year. oakland would take advantage of 3 errors committed by the angels. trying to make the tough play on the bunt. poco, throws it down-the-line. he forced all of the way from 1st base on the bunt. he got into a little trouble but he was left in and finishes off the league best 3rd
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shutout. the a's getting the angel's 6- 0. overshadow the ferris wheel. joining the tour de france. thumer run last year, crosses it armed with his teammate as he sell pwraeuts his first title. team usa dominated up 2-1, a great one for johnson. americans go on to win 5-1. advancing to the finals of the gold cup. a lot of baseball to talk about including more on mickelson's win. that will be on tonight's show. are they buyers or sellers, we will find out. >> they are going to be buyers, they are in contention, they underachieved in the first half. they will make a trade. >> all right, thank you, dennis. there are questions about
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how horses are being treated. we are going to go undercover to see for ourselves, that story and more tonight. that will will do it for this edition of kpix5 news, "60 minutes" is next. your news and weather is always on good night ,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford-- built for the road ahead. >> logan: nothing can detect a bomb better than the nose of a working dog. and ever since 9/11, dogs are being used more and more. what can these dogs do on the streets of america? >> the very same thing that they do for our boys overseas. they detect explosives. they are a fantastic deterrent. >> logan: mike ritland knows about dogs. he trains some of america's finest. and he gave us a rare glimpse inside the secretive world of the most elite dogs.


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