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tv   KPIX 5 News at 530pm  CBS  July 27, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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how the 8-hour hostage drama > >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald. i heard about 15 to 20 shots. >> an altercation between a tenant and a property manager ends in bloodshed. how the eight-hour hostage drama ended with 7 people dead. >> tragedy in the water. a prewedding party ends in a horrific boat crash. the bride-to-be is dead. the groom's best man is missing. >> and growing fears that oakland police can't take care of the people so the people are taking matters into their own hands. good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. kpix 5's da lin is in the maxwell park neighborhood of oakland where residents are looking at hiring their own private security. da? >> reporter: ann a lot of people in this enabled feel like they have to fend for
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themselves. that's why they met at this park behind me today to talk about private security. now, that popular dog walker judy salamon was killed just a few blocks away from here. no one knows if private security would have made a difference in her case, but they say private security would at least prevent break-ins if nothing else. reporter: fbi statistics show oakland has some of the highest burglary and robbery rates in the country. this man's house was broken into twice in one year. >> they cut and run or stay in sight and they urge to stay in sight went out. >> reporter: but staying means pace because the oakland police department is stretched extremely thin. bill and his maxwell park neighbors are planning to pay into a pool and hire private security patrols. judy salamon advocated it for
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it before her death. the plan was on the fast track. they met with first alarm security company. >> great detender. presence is everybody everything everything. bad guys don't like the target. >> reporter: unarmed security guards would patrol the neighborhood and check the houses during the day which is when most burglaries happen. you don't know when our security car will be driving by a certain street, it's going to deter your attempts to move into this area. >> reporter: but not everyone planned to sign up. some say private security is a waste of money. >> they will say the coast is clear. >> reporter: this councilwoman supports it. >> it's not a replacement for an adequately staffed police department which is what oakland does but it's a supplement. >> reporter: the plan is for each family to pay $15 a month.
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>> we are optimistic is will make a difference. >> reporter: so far 10 families have signed the contract in the neighborhood and they would like to have private security patrols to move forward in a month. >> da, we have heard a lot of oakland communities talking about maybe hiring private security. do you know if any have done that yet? >> reporter: yes. some neighborhoods like parts of uptown oakland, also parts of oakmore neighborhood also have signed up for it recently and they said they have had some good results so far. some of those folks, though, are paying up to $65 a month. >> wow, all righty, da lin, thank you. and that was the end to an hours-long standoff in florida between a s.w.a.t. team and gunman who killed six people. the gunman, 42-year-old pedro vargas, was killed by officers
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this morning in an apartment complex near miami. police say it started when vargas started a fire in his apartment and the couple who managed the building ran over, there was the confrontation and then bullets flew. >> i heard about 15 to 20 shots. and so i went outside and my neighbors were streaming back, my parents had been shot. >> police say vargas also shot and killed three people in another apartment as well as a man walking into a building across the street. vargas then ran to another apartment and barricaded himself with two hostages. he was killed after negotiations broke down. the hostages are safe. police and neighbors say vargas may have been facing eviction. and the driver of a speedboat carrying a bride-to- be and four others that crashed on the hudson river has been arrested for vehicular manslaughter and vehicular assault. the boat smashed into a construction barge last night.
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a body matching the description of the 30-year-old bride-to-be was pulled from the water late today. the best man who was also thrown from the boat is still missing. four others including the groom were badly injured. the bride's mother says it was dark when they left. >> friends came to pick them up by boat. i don't know where they were going. it was 9:30, 10:00. the fiancees they hit something. >> it's difficult to see barges in the water and last night was dark. >> the bride and groom were to be married august 10. police believe the driver of the boat was drunk. >> in egypt today at least 70 people who support ousted president mohamed morsi were killed at a rally today. it's a struggle to see who will lead egypt and calls into
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question the future of democracy in the country. thousandses answered the call to confront violence unleashed by the overthrow of former president mohamed morsi three weeks ago. the army supporters who believe the military will protect them filled the streets in cairo. at the same time, those islammists who back morrissey are becoming more assertive trying to win public opinion. the response to the army's call for help which mobilized millions nationwide yesterday escalated the violence. today egyptian security forces opened fire on morsi supporters. one doctor at a morgue says the security forces were apparently shooting to kill. aljazeera's egypt television station reports some 4500 people were injured, but state authorities have not explained what happened. u.s. secretary of state john kerry said today egypt is at a pivotal moment more than two years after the arab spring
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ousted president hosni mubarak. and u.s. is not taking sides in this clash but is calling for peaceful protests and calm responses. the driver of that train that crashed in spain killing 78 people is now being held on suspicion of negligent homicide. francisco jose garzon is due to appear before a judge by tomorrow evening. spain's railway agency says it was his responsibility to brake before going into the high risk curve where the train smashed into a wall on wednesday. it's still not clear whether the brakes failed or they were never used. officials say that in the moments after the crash, garzon admitted to driving too fast. it is known as the forgotten war but we'll take some time to honor the sacrifice of american servicemembers 60 years after the end of the korean war. >> more than 1,000 gas line punctures in california causing evacuations and none of them had to happen. the simple step pg&e is urging you to do before you dig. >> hi, i'm meteorologist
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lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. low clouds and fog keeping temperatures cooler a good part of the bay area. how long will that last? we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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served as the grand finale north korea's celebration oe 60th anniversary of the korn war armistice. the country calls it "victory da a huge fireworks display was the grand finale to north korea's celebration of the 60th anniversary of the korean warm armistice. the country -- war armistice. the country calls it victory day although there was only a truce. the countries have yet to negotiate a peace treaty. ceremonies in the u.s. and south korea were more somber. cbs reporter marlie hall on how the tens of thousands of troops killed or still missing were remembered. >> reporter: president obama and korean war veterans laid wreaths in washington, d.c. for the more than 36,000 americans killed defending south korea. to mark the 60-year anniversary of the end of the fighting, the president asked americans to honor the sacrifices of american servicemembers in the so- called forgotten war. >> when 50 million south koreans live in freedom a vibrant democracy, one of the
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world's most dynamic economies, in stark contrast to the repression and poverty of the north, that is a victory and that is your legacy. [ bells ] >> reporter: bells rang for the approximately 8,000 u.s. soldiers still missing including david's brother frank. >> for many of you, the number of missing in action from the korean war is just another cold clinical statistic. but these numbers represent fathers, husbands, brothers. >> reporter: some americans attended ceremonies south korea. >> i'm very glad i had the opportunity to go back and revisit this country. [ crying ] >> reporter: the korean war ended after three years when both sides signed a truce to end hostilities. north korea marked the anniversary parading its weapons through the streets and denouncing u.s. military presence in south korea. in washington, it was a more somber occasion as president obama told veterans they
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deserve more credit than they received. marlie hall, cbs news. >> a ceremony in san francisco this morning to dedicate the future site of a korean war memorial in the presidio. the memorial will include 8- foot-high stonewalls with details on the war and those who fought as well as benches for reflection. it will open in the summer of 2015. the future of golf carts is here. the space age vehicles carting golfers and their bags through water hazards an sand traps. [ indistinct conversations ]
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and-e reminding people to cl before they dig. one gas line busted in rich a pair of gas leaks caused by construction crews has pg&e reminding people to call before they dig. one gas line busted in richmond yesterday by third party contractors, another was ruptured in alamo on wednesday by east bay municipal utilities district crew. both caused neighborhood evacuations. pg&e says more than 1,000 gas lines have been ruptured by digging in california so far this year. the utility urges everyone to call 811 before they dig and crews will come out and mark the lines so crews know where not to dig. you have to see this. getting around a golf course just got more interesting. golfers in springfield, ohio, can now buzz around the course
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in a hovercraft. the vehicles that travel 9" above ground and as fast as 50 miles an hour were unveiled today. they cost $58,000 apiece. one golfing legend calls it a unique experience. >> i think it's a great thing to do. it's something different. everybody wants to go do something different so you come here, you get to ride in it, play golf, it's an experience that you'll be able to talk about for a long time. >> the cost to play a round with a hovercraft will be $175 per person, that includes the pilot. you should have seen lawrence. >> wait a minute. you have to have a pilot? i want to drive that thing. >> i know. you get your ticket to ohio to play a round of golf. >> coming soon to a bay area golf course near you, i hope. we have low clouds and fog sweeping onshore this morning. and slow to break up today, so the temperatures staying a little bit cooler. still seeing some of that patchy fog outside as we look toward downtown oakland. clouds out there now and likely
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to see more into the fight time hours and into early tomorrow morning. in fact, as you look out over the bay right now, we have some partly cloudy skies. the temperatures a little cool as you approach the coastline but as you head to the valleys still warm 85 livermore, 81 concord, 74 san jose, 66 breezy into san francisco. looks like the weather as you head out tonight may be a little drizzly along the coastline late tonight. partly cloudy into the bay, and then clouds moving in late in some of the interior valleys. it looks like the numbers mainly in the 50s and then tomorrow, drizzly at the coastline, i think a few more clouds coming our way. partial clearing into the afternoon inside of the bay but comfortable and mostly sunny mid-80s in the warmer spots well inland. high pressure trying to build in but you have this low that's passing over to the north keeping our temperatures below average for this time of year so keeping them down a few degrees and probably going to stay that way at least through tomorrow. then just going to bounce around a little bit. if you are headed around the state though you will find hot
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temperatures. 101 degrees today in fresno. watch out there's still a chance of thunderstorms toward yosemite, 95 there in the afternoon. patchy fog at the coastline overnight tonight shooting inside the bay into the mountain passes and valleys but tomorrow afternoon, it will start to clear out in spots at least inside the bay along the coastline. but that strong sea breeze will keep temperatures down. overnight lows into the 50s in most spots. about 57 overnight low in san jose, 54 in fremont and about 54 degrees also in san francisco. around the bay you will see about 74 degrees tomorrow in san jose. 83 morgan. 73 fremont. east bay temperatures running up to the mid-80s in the warmest spots well inland. low 80s toward the tri-valley and livermore. about 78 degrees in walnut creek and 75 degrees in the napa valley mostly sunny in the afternoon. 66 degrees in oakland and about 62 degrees in san francisco. next couple of days, we are going to watch those temperatures drop off a little through monday then slowly start to warm up toward wednesday and thursday. then maybe we'll see some low 90s by the end of next week but
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really a whole lot of cloud cover coming the next couple of days but the good news, hey, you know what, if you want to go to the gilroy garlic festival, and i was there yesterday, it was a great time, we did our weather live down there yesterday morning, it looks like the weather is going to be very nice. it can get very hot in gilroy at this time of the year. temperatures only expected to be in the low 80s there. >> year after year i have bypassed it because it's too hot. this is the perfect week to go. >> go tomorrow morning. >> all right. thank you. kim is in. all right. as, giants, today is one day that you could have taken in the game as a fan but unfortunately we're here. an mlb expert breaks down the giants struggles and the as are doing anything but struggling although joan rivers may take issue with their uniform choice. ,, ,,
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the clock day at the coliseum.... and one of the things similar between todad 1969 is the an >> what did you think about the retro uniform? >> i like the old school uniforms. it's fun and good way to sell jerseys. it was turn back the clock day at the coliseum and one of the few things similar between today and 1 the 69 is the angels are once again looking up at the as in the standings. vita blue looked back in 1969, the current as trying to do the same. josh hamilton struck out to end the game last night a different story in his first at bat today. he sends one into the right field seats off tommy milone hamilton's 15th of the year 1-0
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angels. mill loan shut down the halos from there. the as finally get on the board in the 7th. derek norris picks a great time to get his first career pinch hit a two-run shot to left. 7th home run puts the as up 2- 1. weren't done there. jed lowrie goes the opposite way over colin cow gill. coco crisp from first. 3-1 as and as usual the reliable bullpen came in and shut the door. ryan cook gets mark trumbo in the 8th and then the right field, grant balfour who pitches a 1-2-3-9 for his 28th save of the year. 3-1 as the final. tommy milone is 9-8 on the season. oakland is 4.5 games over the rangers in the american league
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west. on the ground, i don't believe it. >> yeah. nobody believes it. the giants are just finding different ways to lose these days after last night's defeat to the cubs, they fell a season low 10 games below .500 and 8 back in the west. the numbers don't lie. their e.r.a. is tied for second worst in the nl. they have also committed the moser. >> reporter: in the league and only the brewers and padres have allowed more runs. and when angel pagan hit his inside-the-park homerun the angels were above .500. since he went out with an injury they are 19-34. former giants pitcher and current reds broadcaster brantly attributes it to them missing the key piece at the top of the order. >> i think a lot of the giants issue right now is putting runs on the board. and they had a difficult time last year doing that up until really the last month, month and a half of the season and they made that big run. and with no pagan in center field he seemed to be the --
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seemed to be the fire starter. you know? the guy that would get things going. and you don't really think of that, that much until you have a guy like shin soo-choo on your side who is so good at getting rallies started and seeps like the reds offensively go the way of soo-choo similar to the way of the giants with angel pagan. the nhra is up in sonoma this weekend including jack beckman, a stage 3 cancer survivor. beckman says this sport isn't for everyone. but it is definitely the right fit for him. >> the other day i was watching drag boat racing on tv and i'm thinking those guys are nuts. i watched pro stock motorcycles. i think those people are nuts. they look at what we do and think we're nuts. you get in all that safety equipment and get strapped in the car and that alone would turn a lot of people pale white. they would want to pass out. would you have to drag them out -- you would have to drag them
5:56 pm
out of the car. then they start the car, 10,000 horsepower. they accelerate from 0 to 320 miles an hour in less than 4 seconds. i'm telling you the power they make is astronomical. if there was a passenger seat in one of these cars, people would pay $1,000 to ride in it and it would be the coolest thing on the planet. what people don't realize is when you're holding the steering wheel, when you're in charge of that car and you have two parachute levers here and a brake handle here there's no time to enjoy it. it's fun once you get out of the car on the other end. talk about arriving in style, no limo for reggi wayne. he spent time with matt who was saved in an accident.
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>> he is a showboater definitely -- interesting assessment of the giants. and the value of pagan. >> right. well, it does. one player can change an organization especially a guy at the top of your line-up and, you know, it really affected the giants when he went down. you got guys like lincecum hitting the no pitcher before the break is going to inject a spark into them and help them but we haven't seen that so far in this second half. >> all righty. very interesting. thank you. all right. flames near homes leaving neighbors on edge. >> just look at that. what if it had gone up there? these homes would have been in danger and no fire station. >> the ironic situation that made matters worse. that story and more tonight at 6:30. and that's it for us at 5:30. we'll see you back here in half hour and our news updates are on good night. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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>> axelrod: tonight, massacre in cairo. dozens of protesters died during violent street clashes. clarissa ward on the military's crackdown. >> no war should ever be forgotten. no veteran should ever be overlooked. >> axelrod: president obama honors korean war veterans on teransth anniversary of the conflict's end, while seth doane reports from inside north korea. why they keep hanging on. kwn dailier on politicians who olst the public's patience. and terrell brown on proposed cuts to your mail service. to save the post office, you may not believe what washington may be willing to drop. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news." >> axelrod: good evening.


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