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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  July 29, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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them were returned to nordstrom's. our victim is well known in nordstrom's apparently. nordstrom's contacted her. they identified items going back and forth and it was determined that the person who returned them had no association with the victim. >> reporter: in other words, the female suspect allegedly tried to return some stolen items from the bags. but they belonged to a popular shopper at the stoneridge mall and clerks knew something was wrong. the pair never made a planned getaway. >> we arrested him at the gate leaving for a flight to hawaii with the girlfriend and two children. >> that's disgusting. >> reporter: people couldn't believe the insensitivity of the crimes. >> why would somebody want to do anything like that? considering the fact that some people lost their lives, and they have a guy going after their guys? that's unspeakable. >> reporter: airport officials now saying they can't be sure there was a crime of opportunity because of the crash or it just happened
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around the crash and the two have bailed themselves now out of jail. mike sugerman kpix 5. >> san francisco police have a division dedicated to stopping baggage theft at the airport. we are just a week away from another bay area commuting nightmare. the bart strike deadline is sunday. no signs of compromise today. phil matier on how union workers ambushed a bart leader. [ chanting ] >> reporter: this was the scene this morning when bart workers shouted down bart general manager grace as she was giving a speech before the american public transportation association. it also gives you a good idea of the tone. bart negotiations. >> workers are angry. >> shows how much is at stake in labor negotiations. emotions are high for everyone. >> reporter: with another strike looming the two sides
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are still far apart on key issues. >> mark had a laid back approach to it which makes us suspicious of bart's intentions. >> reporter: according to a recent analysis by the bay area news group a bart union worker earned on average about $76,000. bart has offered a 5 to 8% raise on that. but only if the workers agree to pick up more of their healthcare and pension costs. unions have countered with a call for a 20% hike over the next three years to bring the average pay to $92,000 or more by 2016. >> that's going to cost our riders 18% fare increase. >> reporter: stuck in the crossfire are the daily commuters who rely on the system. >> i think that i'm more with bart rather than the union because they are well paid. >> they should come to a deal, man. >> reporter: do you know about another strike?
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>> definitely worried because it's going to just disrupt everything. >> reporter: that's the purpose of a strike. bart may add service including a ferry and a line to concord in the bus shuttle service but if there is a strike it's going to be like the last time only probably worse. >> phil, bart playing up the numbers. >> reporter: i think you will see more of that this week. both sides will be playing up the numbers. we are trying to get the public sympathy. if this thing goes to a strike, it's a nightmare. the public will be angry and they want to be sure it's the other guys at least perceived fault. >> anticipate it. thank you. fbi and local cops rescued a dozen children working as prostitutes in the bay area. fbi video shows how the takedowns happened nationwide. here in the bay area, 21 alleged pimps were arrested. that's the highest number of child prostitutes and the most
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pimps taken into custody. fbi agents say the sexual exploitation of children is happening in our own neighborhoods. >> no child is for sale and we're going to do our best to hopefully stop this terrible crime here in our backyard. >> nationwide, 105 children were rescued. 150 suspected pimps were arrested in the massive sweep. a stunning statement by pope francis caught reporters and catholics off guard. on the papal plane as he returned to the vatican from rio, the pope held an impromptu news conference. and in a dramatic shift of tone, the pontiff reached out to gays. when it comes to pope francis, what could possibly top a seven- day tour deforce appearance in brazil? try the flight home. on board the papal plane, the pope drew a press conference. one surprise, his remarks on gay priests and homosexuality. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: if a person is gay, the pope is saying, and seeks god and has good will, who am i to judge him?
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not only that the pope continued, gays should never be marginalized or discriminated against, that they are our brothers. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: the exchange marks the first time a spoke has spoken so openly about the topic. >> i think this is a big step forward. >> reporter: father reese is a jesuit and visiting scholar at santa clara university. he says the pope's remarks show tremendous progress in a church that once denied any of her priests were gay. >> he has made very clear that, no, it doesn't matter whether a person's orientation is homosexual or heterosexual, what matters is that the person is a good priest. a loving priest who is trying to be close to god, close to his people, and practice celibacy. >> reporter: bay area catholics liked it. >> i totally absolutely agree with pope francis. >> i think it's very good for the church. i think he's limited by his position, but it's a clear indication that it's time to
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modernize and move on. >> reporter: while the tone may have shifted, nothing is changed. the church is still opposed to gay marriage and teaches homosexual acts are a grave sin. reporters on the papal plane say that press conference was unprecedented. it last nearly 1 1/2 hours. the pope stood the entire time speaking candidly without any notes. no topic was off limits. and the pope did not dodge a single question. trouble in paradise tonight. tropical storm flossie is bearing down on hawaii threatening to flood the state with more than a foot of rain. paul deanno has the latest. >> when you look at a wide satellite view it doesn't look big but look where exactly it is heading. it is likely going to make landfall right over top of the big island. that there is the tropical storm. many different facets to this. you have the wind of course because that's what makes a storm tropical. we'll see wind gusts especially on the big island 40 to 60 miles per hour but the wider impact will be the very rough
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surf, the very high waves that we're going to see and all the rainfall. some parts of the big island may receive up to 15" of rain over the next 24 hours. for us, look at the hazy skies. this is our dublin cam and visibility now is down to less than two miles. this is because of wildfires burning more than 300 miles away. we'll talk more about that, our strong onshore flow and when the heck we're going to warm up. that's coming up. >> thank you. it's supposed to be a surfing competition but it turned into a massive riot in downtown huntington beach. police say a fight sparked the chaos yesterday and as you can see from this video, two men started fighting, then mobs broke loose and started overturning porta-potties. witnesses say people looted a bicycle shop. there were eight arrests. eight people were hurt when a building exploded and collapsed in philadelphia today including two babies. it happened around 11 a.m.
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no word on what caused it, but a contractor who was working in the building's basement was among the injured. you probably are used to the back and forth by now but today we're told the new easternspan of the bay bridge will not open on labor day and that won't change a caltrans representative saying even if the proposed quick fix to 32 broken bolts could work, it would take weeks to approve and implement. that means we could be driving on the new span sooner than december when the long-term repairs are expected to be finished. actor tom cruise cruised under the bay bridge this weekend aboard an america's cup catamaran. he and his son were among the spectators at sunday's race and when it was over they took a cruise on the emirates new zealand catamaran. they may be struggling on the field but the giants were at the white house today after a pat on the back from the president. >> like something out of a james bond movie a thief stuffs a suitcase full of diamonds and
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strolls out of a fancy french hotel. >> and if you don't usually ensure your packages, you might want to after seeing how this fedex worker loads her truck. ,,,,,,,,
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the team had a chance to fo about their recent struggler a few hours while they once it wasn't the usual day off for the giants this afternoon. >> they needed -- the team got a chance to forget their struggles for a few hours. they were once again celebrating their 2012 world series title. we sent vern glenn to our nation's capital. >> reporter: the giants have lost seven of eight, ten games out of first place and were just swept by the cubs. but leave it up to a chicago native today to help them forget about that for a little while. >> there are some new faces standing behind me, some new nicknames. got the reverend, got blockbuster, we've even got new haircuts. where's tim? [ laughter ]
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>> there he is. >> reporter: the crowd of white house staffers ate it up and it also permeated through the team. >> with what we're going through right now, i hope that this does lift them up a little bit because we really have had a tough time recently and, you know, something like this can pick them up a little bit and remind them that, hey, they're good. >> we think we have pressure in the job that we do, but this guy is the leader of the free world. >> reporter: it was a big november month for the 2012 world series champs but it was quickly pointed out today that it was also a celebratory month for president obama who was re- elected. in washington, at the white house, vern glenn, kpix 5. well, a major automaker wants to zap some of tesla's
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energy. bmw is rolling out its own electric car and the price may shock you. >> reporter: i'm ken bastida in downtown livermore where they are getting ready to host the world series -- world series in livermore. we'll have that story when we come back. >> it's not exactly the loch ness monster. still it's hard to explain, though. strange sight in san francisco bay. ,,
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toward peace tonight. they've accepted secretary state john kerry's invitatio break brea e israeli and palestinian negotiators are taking a step toward peace tonight. they have accepted secretary of state john kerry's invitation to dinner. it's the first face-to-face meeting between israeli and palestinian officials in nearly three years. >> just the fact that the secretary of state can not only resume negotiations but sustain them, i think i might have something. >> the two sides are at odds over four major issues, including the building of israeli settlements and sharing the city of jerusalem. a military judge expects to announce a verdict tomorrow in the trial of bradley manning. the 25-year-old soldier is accused of aiding the enemy by giving a trove of documents to wikileaks. aiding the enemy is the most
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serious charge he faces. it could mean a life sentence if convicted. he said he disclosed the documents to spark a debate about america's wartime conduct. much worse than we thought. we now hearing a thief made off with $136 million worth of diamonds and jewels from a swanky french hotel. that's more than double the first estimate. it makes this one of the biggest jewelry heists in europe in recent years. police are scrambling around trying to figure out how it happened. >> this is somebody who has been -- knows what he is doing and knows exactly where the goods are going to go to. >> reporter: witnesses say the robber walked into the hotel's temporary jewelry exhibit and stuffed his suitcase and then vanished into a large crowd. authorities so far have no leads or motives to the crime. big companies doing crisis control and the surprising price tag for the new electric bmw. sue kwon is on the
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consumerwatch. >> reporter: on the consumerwatch, apple is sending auditors from the bay area to china to investigate possible abuse of workers. they assemble the iphones in shanghai and other areas. china labor watch a group out of new york issued a report accusing the company of withholding pay, forcing overtime and discriminating against women. apple says it is investigating the claims and is committed to providing safe and fair working conditions. and federal express issues an apology to customers and fires an employee after this viral video surfaced on youtube showing her hurling boxes into the back of a fedex truck. now, fedex handles 10 million packages a day. this video hit 1 million views in five days. >> the man in the video who appears to be getting a throwing lesson was not an employee. >> move over, tesla. bmw is entering the electric
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car race. today the german carmaker unveiled the i3. it's small but it packs a punch. its battery pack runs 80 to 100 miles per charge which the company says takes up to three hours. bmw stays will go from 0 to 60 in 7 seconds flat. super light at 2700 pounds, the cost, $41,000. about $30,000 less than the tesla model s. got a consumer problem? call us at 888-5-helps-u. on the consumerwatch, sue kwon, kpix 5. >> that new bmw goes on sale next spring. tonight some photographic proof of a very strange creature spotted in san francisco bay. a pink flamingo has been mingling with the usual sea birds off the bay trail in sunnyvale. that's a few thousand miles from the typical tropical home in africa. it's not clear where it came from. the local zoos say all their birds are accounted for. las vegas, florida, too
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hot. >> i'm out of here. >> hurricane season. getting out of miami. let's go to sunnyvale. >> likes the cool weather, in the right place. >> this is chilly. it's cloudy. you couldn't even get sunshine for sunshine today because inland spots which you had sunshine after 10:00, it was hazy. you should see mount diablo if the background there. we are not. the cows are even complaining about it in our dublin cam shot tri-state there. there's a reason why it's hazy outside. several hundred miles to our north in southern oregon two very large wildfires are burning. and in just one thin layer of the atmosphere, we have a north-to-south wind. that smoke is blowing from those fires in southern oregon all the way down the coastline into the bay area. so if you have the sunshine this afternoon, it wasn't that crystal clear blue sky chances are you had kind of a milky white sky. most of you had this which is just cloudy. that's what we have looking back toward emeryville, piedmont and oakland. look at you in concord, 68 degrees right now, 15 degrees
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below average. livermore at 74. san jose 73. downtown san francisco 62. san jose you have been below normal for the past several days by three to five degrees. 79 a popular temperature since friday. that's also today's high 79 degrees. as for what's going on, over the weekend you were chilly, cloudy, because of an area of low pressure down to the south and west. it's still there but not the main weather focus for us now. what is, is a large area of low pressure now getting closer to us from the northwest. this is enhancing the onshore flow and i know we call it june gloom and typically that's what we get in the month of june. it's late july, it will soon be august later on this week. it's going to be june gloom in july and august. it may not be the right month but it certainly will be gloomy for many of us. this is a chilly pattern. more morning drizzle the next several mornings, more widespread fog the next several mornings. saw this on the national weather service discussion, they called it stratus quo, stratus clouds, stratus quo, thanks weather service, for the next several days. back to normal sunday. the next several days will be
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below average and more cloudy. livermore tomorrow 80, normal 87. 73 for sunnyvale. union city 69. redwood city 75. upper 70s a cloudy start for pleasant hill, san ramon and danville. 70 novato. lots of clouds and fog. sonoma 73. lakeport one of the hot spots at 93 degrees tomorrow. well to the north of the bay. we're not going to warm up for a while. friday a little bit warmer. over the weekend it will be pleasant, not hot. i don't see any one day after the next 7 where we'll be above 71 near the bay or in the 90s inland which a lot of folks will say that's fine we don't want the hot stuff. but this will be cooler than average for pretty much the week. >> take a break from sunbathing. >> a little june gloom. >> thank you. sweet dreams are made of this. warren buffett is auctioning off another business lunch at a california candyland.
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i wish i was made of money. i wish you were too. chances are, you're not made of money. so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico motorcycle. see how much you could save. load the bases for the local economy.
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15:45:25:0 ery ken bastida live in livermore where a little league world series tournament to load the bases for the local economy. >> reporter: this is good news for the city of livermore, allen. they are going to be hosting a big parade within the hour to kick off the little legal world series being played here. you say, wait a minute, williamsport, pennsylvania, isn't that where they play it? well, they do. but this is a new division in little league. same little league, new division, called the intermediate division. as you know, in little league you can play until you're 12. this division allows you to play until you're 13, a year later. they also moved the bases out a little bit. they're 70 feet as opposed to 60 feet in regular little league and they moved the mound back a little bit so it's for older kids and they are really excited here in livermore. dave wetmore the world series tournament director says they hope to put the city on the map. >> we're very excited about the tri-valley and the city of
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livermore. there's 10 teams coming into this event. and four of them are international from japan, from ecuador, from puerto rico, from canada. and our six regional winners from the united states. so if you start to take a look at economics in regards to the hotels, the transportation, the restaurants, the shopping, we're very excited about what this is going to bring into the town over the next 10 days. >> reporter: they put $100,000 into approving max baer, the old boxer, they named a baseball field after him. and they will be playing those games beginning tomorrow. they run for the next week or so, august 5 they will have the championship game. espn is coming out here. the great hope for livermore, they can play this little league world series division game here every year like williamsport so you start talking about hotel rooms, restaurants, in fact i ran into a group of mothers here from osaka, japan, just a little while ago and they're looking for hot dogs and hamburgers. >> the all american food. it bridges the gap, ken,
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between the end of little league and when these young men get into high school. they are looking like young men, no longer kids. >> reporter: yeah. exactly. it's a good transitional division that gets them up to 90-foot bases and where they will start playing, you know, high school and college ball and that stuff. so yeah, it's the intermediate division going off in livermore this week. live in livermore, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >> enjoy the parade. thanks, ken. well, how much would you pay to eat some chocolate with billionaire warren buffett? some people say it's worth tens of thousands of dollars. he is auctioning off an all-you- can-eat tour of the sees candy factory in los angeles. bidding has already reached $35,000. the money will go to an education nonprofit group in los angeles. buffett has owned sees candy since 1972. >> better than willy wonka. for a look ahead what's on the evening news, bob schieffer
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is in for scott pelley. >> pope francis says he won't judge anyone based on sexual orientation. we'll explain what that means for gay catholics. plus, gas prices are heading for the roof. are wall street investors to blame? those stories and much more tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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type of crime. why she says criminals are so drawn to h she blames the new at 6:00 tonight, the
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warning from a bay area police chief of a spike in a certain type of crime and why she says criminals are so drawn to her community. why she blames the prison realignment plan. >> also, how fine dining chefs in the bay area are tricking our tastebuds and changing the nation's fast food scene. that and more at 6:00. paul is going to have the latest on tropical storm flossie and also our kind of cool seven-day forecast. >> this is has been a chilly pattern for us and it's not going away anytime soon. maybe you like it, if you don't wondering where the heat is maybe we'll find some in august because we're wrapping up july as we look at the extended forecast. that's chilly when inland highs are only around 80 you know the bay is going to be chilly, 60s until friday. cloudy at the coast until thursday even inland with the fog in the morning. and it's going to be hazy, too, because of the fires burning up in oregon. what else is coming? don't ask that question so we won't. >> thank you. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. bob schieffer in for scott pelley.
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captions by: caption colorado >> schieffer: is the pope taking the church in a new direction? francis says he won't judge eryone based on sexual 't judation. dean reynolds on what this means for gay catholics. gas prices are heading through rhe roof. are wall street investors to wall s ben tracy is on the story. is it cancer or not? dr. jon lapook tells us top researchers want to change the definition of cancer. and it's not the usual fishing tournament. chip reid on why they let the sharks off the hook. >> it was nice to watch them aim away. hopefully catch him again tomorrow. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> schieffer: good evening. scott's on assignment, i'm bob schieffer.


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